The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 16, 1957 · Page 24
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 24

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 16, 1957
Page 24
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t- AljOTn 5« M»|HM , Moy tS, Lions Club At Swea City Picks New Officers Cit? — At their annual election Thursday evening Lions Club elected Gerald Swalve, president; Wm. Boland, secretary- treasurer; A. .1. Hatten. tail- twister; and Harvey Larson, lion tamer. There will be one more meeting in May. and one in June. after which the group will hold no further meetings until September. Adolph flatten might almost be considered the perennial tailtwisler of the club, since he has held that office for seven years out of the past ten. He i.« also retiring president. Mrs Fern Peterson and Mrs- Curtis Kluger attended the unit meeting of American Legion Auxiliary in Wesley, Thursday evening. Mrs Peterson, county chairman of the Auxiliary, ap peered on the program. The Laff-a-Lot Club met Friday evening at the home of Mrs Edwin Schwartz with Mrs Alvin Ewing and Mrs Ed Aschenbren- fter assisting as co-hostesses. Other members present were Mr? Monford Peterson, Mrs Curtis Kluger, Mrs George Selzer, Mrs Ora Simmons, Mrs Ed Montgomery. Mrs Earl Mullarkey, Mrs Eddie Kollasch, Mrs Jean Taguc, Mrs Morris Lein, Mrs Maurice Kollasch, Mrs Alan Montgomery. end Mrs Len Swaitevn. Each members had been asked to brin t i a home made Easter hat and model it at the meeting, which provided much merriment. Mrs Tague won a prize for the prettiest hat, and Mrs Lien for the craziest hat. Iowa State Teachers College won the Beloit Relays Saturday with seventeen schools competing. Jim Gardner, son of Mr and Mrs Clarence Gardner, ran on the Teacher mile rfelay team .which won its event in 3:24.9. A local league of four teams was organized at a softball meeting held here Saturday evening. with Alvin Beck being named aa manager. Two out-of-town teams are wanted to expand the league to six teams, and interested teams are invited to contact manager Beck. Howard Roalson was re-elected district treasurer at the Luther League convention Sunday R. Funk, materials _ t 43.56 Prntt Electric Co., repairs Swart* Hardware, mdse. ft 60 Ky's Oil Co.. gas .. " 2J12( «- c -.?TS v r Sl> pp'y Co - »«>»• M^OO Kossuth Motor Co., repairs 12 V Gibbs-Cook Equipment Co..""" repairs ...... ............. 5146 Sohiilt* Bros., wrecker serv' ..... SW HiHon's Super Serv.. repairs ... 175 Kent Motor Co.. repairs ____ J30J Russ A Ky's Super Serv., battery chge. ___________________ __ j 0j Norton Machine Works, repairs 46<)i Dan's Garage, repairs ........ 843 Greenberg Auto Supply, repairs 8 15 Algona Welding Works, repairs 9886 Bradley Bros., repairs . ....... 375 Algona Ma. Shop, repairs 1279 Stomac Motor Express, freight 882 la. Public Employees Ret. Svs- tern, retirement tpx _____ '. . 34105 la. Employ Sec. Comm., soc. Sec. ----------- . 310 n* Public ...... A , „ Al Boekelman, salary ...... 201 11 Richard Oroen, salary ..... . 184'l3 Ernest Hutchison, salary ____ 183 '60 Peter Jorgenson, salary ...... 15390 A -— 135.86 Ankenbauer, salary 13945 James Volgt, salary ... ....... loe'.il Tra Kohl, salary ----- ........ 20.00 Iowa State Bank, withholding tax ....... . ........ .. 11040 Advance Publ. Co.. legal pub and supp .................... J 16 r )5 Hutzelrs. supp. .. 5 oo Federal Labs. Inc.. beacon light 7651 Tavlor Impl. Co., repairs ____ 76.73 Ky's Oil Co., gas ......... ... m.35 Lvnn Forshee. repairs ____ 1745 Jack's OK Tire Serv., repairs .. 22 50 Or-oree's Body Shoo, repairs ... 10925 Gene's Radio & TV, repairs .. 4355 Algona Fire Co., services ...... 30700 Upper Des Moines Pub. Co , supplies . ..................... 15.00 Ploctron Corp., lubes .. ...... 21 47 Hilton's Super Service, gas 422 la. Public Employ. Retire. System, retirement tax ....... 355 45 la. Employ Sec. Comm., soc, sec. 25701 Sanitation Fund Chester Schultz, salary ..... 224 68 Reakus Helmers, labor ...... 15.08 Reiner Helmers, labor ........ 15 08 George Weig, Jr., labor ........ James Egll, salary ..... ______ 14805 Fred Gronbach, salary , ........ Iowa State Bank, withholding tax --------------------------- 4800 Zep Mfg. Corp., mdse. ...,-11111 278 16 ' supplies ........ n 25 . Thuente's. Norton Machines, supp. Kossuth Oil Co.. fut«l oil la. Public Employ Ret. System. * **nt tt^nmnM t 4«*t in Dayton, Iowa. . Other young people attending were Ronald Kaltved, Allen Claussen, Reta and Janet Walker, Karen Johansenj Karen Madsen, and Joanne Johnson. Mr and Mrs Reuben Ho|," comb and -Mrs Merton Roalson accompanied the group. Plans are being made for the . annual Vacation Bible School at Immanuel Lutheran Church the week of June 3-7. Teachers ft* the school will be Mrs Morris Johnson, Mrs Monford Peterson. Mrs Cecil Thoreson, Mrs Roy Valvick, Mrs June Ewing, Mrs Albert Swanson, Mrs Edward Peterson, Mrs Gregor Deim, Mrs John Nyman and Pastor Leroy Pillman. • 1.25 78.00 retirement fix" .V™.?*."".'"'" 27320 la. Employ Sec. .Commi., soc. see. — -- 177.17 Recreation Fund L. C. Nichols, repairs 350 Airport Fund Jakes Auto & Tractor Repair, ••ppnlrs _____ Miller Lumber, Co., supp. .Ill Parking Fund Ravmond J. Krebs, salary ... "ancy Sands, salary Iowa State Bank, w'holdlng tax Magee-Hale Park-O-Meter Co., supplies . v la. Public Employ. Ret. System. 59.40 165.88 76.05 41,10 10.25 retirement tax* '.I'.".".!*.™."!: 113.10 ...... la. Employ. Sec. Comm.. soc. sec. (Published May, 16, 1957 In Algona (Iowa) Upper Des Moines). 72 71 The , Municipal Utilities ' UTIUtJES PROCEEDINGS A special meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Algona Municipal mil- Hies was held in the City Hall, City Present were:' Allen K. Buchanan, C. R. McQuiston, and M. Joseph Brad- Absent were: None. Present also were: T. James Palmer fupt. of Utilities. Ira Kohl SefretTr y ; W. W. Daniel, Pres. and K Pierce representing the Weidenhoff Corp ; Wm. F. Steffle, Richard M. Carr A F Agena and Wm. Finn representing 'the Algona Industrial Development Corpo- was called to discuss /S/ Ira Kohl BURT NEWS Burt Firemen answered an early morning call at the Ray Devine farm home Tuesday about 5:30. An oil burner caused the alarm, but damage was slight. •Thirteen Cub Scouts with tvvi 'Pen Mothers and psvents were on the KGLO television show from Mason City, Friday afternoon, May 3. Furnishing transportation were the Qlenn Blacks •Ronald Ortmans, Lawrence Presthus and Robert Lovstads. Den Mothers were Lillian Lavrer»2 and Nettie Giddings. Cubs were Douglas BJaek, Roger Bullock, Danny Castor, Joel Chipman, Roger Giddings, El win Hein, Harold Layrenz, Bobby Loystad, Henry Meier, Robert Ortman, Clint Patterson, Roland Presthus and Raymond Spry. Jimmy Baer also went. A number of relatives and friends of Mr and Mrs Henry' Lauck Sr. helped Mrs Lauck cele- btpte her birthday Wednesday evening.. Council Minutes sf^if »--—•—w, »0r April 10, 1957 The Council met 1 in adjourned seg. |Jon April 10. 1957, with Mayor C. C Swerk, in the chair, and the following councilman present: Eugene H. Fursf Leon H. Laird, Arnold W. Elbert, Johr greesman. V. M. Parsons, Byron P Richardson. Minutes of the last meeting were read and approved. ( No official action was taken on the Uniform Building Code. Builders permits were granted to the {ojlowlng: Don Nelson. Homer Dodds Mike" Arends, Skelly Oil Co., Phil Diamond, Cletus Elberts, Henry Furst J?w*ine Lighter, J. T. Roberts. Kossuth Motors bid for the Police S»r was the lowest and accepted. , Beer permit was granted to the M°0»e Lodge and the V.F.W. Letter from John Gisph asking per- "Kfiilon to tap on the City Sanitary awer at manhole number so was next to the Sewage Treatment v<ta leased to John Gisch. m was glve» to the City to attend a meeting at D !, Iowa. owing dates were approved. /S/ Allen K. Buchanan President of the Board May, 16, 1957 Secretary The (jruonsned May, 16, 1957 in Tl' Algona (Iowa) Upper Des Moines). _, UTILITIES PROCEEDINGS The Board of Trustees of the AlKona Municipal Utilities met in regular ses° sion at the City Hall, City of Algona Iowa., April 16. 1857, at 7:30 , -_..-..-. I 1 . James Palmer, Supt of Utilities and Ira Kohl, Secretary Absent was: C. R. McQuiston y •> T .he minutes of the meeting of Apr. 1 »i -.7' w ?. re read a " d approved. Motion by Buchanan, seconded by ?££?£,*£& "?« vouch..,. Payable be i- _» ir and authorized paid as audited. Motion carried. All voting "Aye _,, Light Fund CM, St. P. & P. R.R. Co.. frgt. 1.23933 Iowa Pub. Employees' Retire. ment System, soc. sec. tax 555 OB low* Employment Security Com- ,ir m ,f, si?n ' S0 °- 8ec - tax ; 35684 W, W Sullivan. P.M.. postagell SHUB Pay Roll, pay roll —,-—!... 1,649 n Mjjton BUyeu. labor .. ... imxo Edwin Weishaar, labor 16123 Mervfn Hentges, labor ..,. Iowa State Bank, withholding Social Security"Fundr"socrsec" Treasurer oY"the "state'of" Iowa! sales tax 1,50714 Treasurer of the State of Iowa, use tax . Paul J. Ostwinkle, matefiaTand labpr .. Water Fund " Iowa Pub. Employee's Retirement System, soc. sec. tax !o\va Employment Sec. Comm., soo. sec. tax 256.70 1S9.79 21.53 688.71 137.85 "ay Roll, pay roTf'IIIIIIIIII 45j'oi Reakus Helmers, labor — 5089 Heiner Helmers, labor 5089 George Weig, labor Iowa State Bank, withholding tax , 2650 Spc. See. Fund, soc, sec. tax 39^07 North Central Pub. Ser, Co.. gas „„ 8939 Luther Fairbanks Jr., services 2200 Treasurer of the State of Iowa, sales tax , 276.9 Social Security Fund Iowa Pub. Employees' Retirement System, soc. sec. tax — 692.9 Iowa Employment Sec, Comm., "" " ' -v---- 452.74 James WalHer et al, refund— 145.0C A resolution with respect to widen ing of the Intersection at State and Jones Sts., relocation of a Fire Hy drant and Street Light Pole at the expense of the Algona Municipal Util•ties was approved and adopted. R. G Buchanan, attorney for the Board, was •iirected to forward a copy of the res- oluUon }o the State Highway Commis- Meeting adjourned. /S/ Ira Kohl _. .,, ... . Secretary S/ Allen K. Buchanan * , President of the Board (Published May, 15.' 1967 in The Algona (Jowa) Upper Des Moin»s), A A meeting of the Board of Trustees g f , the Algona Municipal Utilities was held In the City Hall, City of Algona, Iowa, May 2, 1957, at 7:80 o'clock PM Present were: Allen V BuchanalS ,'/T f^S?' J' Ja P ies Pa ln >er, Supt. Ira Kohl, Secretary. of *,^ e meeting of April ff 9d , 8nd approved. ft&tey- ?? c onded by at the vouchers payable 8' d «! votin| A e" -M. St. P. ahl Irgt. §60.94 Klf»- S ,i f ~ »* r - «*•*• vfl..i irgr. etw.94 "«y. BflU, pay roll ...—„,_"„ 1,777.61 jlifton % aUy«u, Iftbor .—„ „ M& "- 1 -- 1 - " r - r - u -ar, labor „„ 15332 - ' ' or .„.„.. 113.33 Jervin Srasi State B«nk, , ...... ---Sue, fund, we. t*« Diesel Service Co.. oil 4.SWUS C.M. St. P. & P. R.R. Co., /r|*t. 33071 North Central P'.ib. Scr. Co . , (tas bill _5.257.34 Indiana Commercial Filters Corp supp . si 48 General Electric Supply Co.. supplies ii.os Midway Motor Co.. Inc.. repairs 13200 Graybar Electric Co., sxipp. 6m 56 Northland Electric Supply Co.. supp. ! 401.68 Iowa Electric Supply Co.. svjpp. 120 89 Electrical Enjj. A Eqpt. Co., supp. _ 15.!)5 Schultz Bros., truck 1,741.04 Trupke Motor Service, serv. .. 43.CO Pratt Elec. Const. Co., supp. ... 12.32 H. J. Funk, supp 1995 Sieg Fort Dodge Co., supp. ... 164 Greenberg Auto Supply, supp. 2.40 Gene's Radio St TV, siipp. .. 2 !)2 Advance Pub. Co., supp. 79.70 Hilton's Super Service, supp. ... 3.72 Algona Impl. Co., supp 16.25 Percival Motors, supp. 34.52 George's Body Shop, supp. _.. 4.00 Algona Flour & Feed Co., supp. 8.P7 Algona Floor Service, repDirs.. 14S 35 V.W. Bell Tele. Co., bill 6135 Upper Des Motnes Pub. Co.. supp. and legols i 48 B5 fetty Cash. misc. 7.39 Socony Mobil Oil Co.. supp. .. 2158 Algona Machine Shop. supp. .. 16.00 Industrial Towel, supp. 10.56 •!. A. Pedersen Co.. Inc., supp. 2BG5 Rendy Mix Co.. supp 4 C!) Wafer Pond Pay Roll, pny roll Edward Johnson, labor Frank Ostrtim, labor Martin Monsoti. labor Walter Pctrrsen. labor V Ernst Thlcl. labor 33841 3.42 129.42 3.4S 148.80 Rrakus Helmers. labor"" loon Reiner Helmers. labor .. loan Cloorffc Weig, labor ___ 1733 Tons State Bank, wlthhofdfng tnx . ------- _____________ £650 Soc. Sec Fund, soc: sec. tax " Leigliton Supply Co.. supp. A. V. McDonald Mfg. Co., water pipe ...... _____________ 4 C M. St. P. & P. R.R. Co.. frgf. H. J. Cowan Contractor, serv Willis Canvas Shop, service Hopkins Sup. Ser.. service ._ Kossuth Motor Co.. service State Hygienic I.ab., service .1 Kohlhaas Hardware, supp. ____ d 1390 j'sn J7B e'00 505 , Deposit Fun George Palmer et al. refund.. 3000 The salaries of Jerry Puffer and Floyd weishaar were set at $25000 per month. The purchase of a semi-automatic calculator was approved by the Board Next meeting date was sot for Mav 16, H67. at 7:,-!0 orlock P.M. Meeting adjourned. /S/ Ira Kohl /S/ Allen K. Buchanan Scc retary President of the Board (Published May, 16, 1957 in The AlKotia dowai Upper Des Moines). ^^^^^^ ^™ ^^fc ^^^M^^ I^IH^H m ES I piHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit That Tell A Bitter Story FOR THOSE WHO APPRECIATE REFINEMENT... the fullest measure of satisfaction comes from flawless quality = = Rear Tire Blows; Car Rolls Twice Killed As Tire Blows Local Family Saddened By Blowout Crash Skids Cause Crash i • « ^ IIIIM «'™^ .. v/isismmE WITH BijILT-IN PEACE OF MIND wLYT-ALL FLOWING FLAT . . .superb, velvety-smooth, alkyd flat enamel for walls and ceilings. t VITRALITE, THEUONG.LIFE INAMEL •.. elegant.and durable, in harmonizing colors for woodwork and trim. "61" FLOOR VARNISH «•. Clear Gloss, Satin or Dull—for rich- looking, safe, carefree floors. flO East State Building Supply Co. 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