The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 16, 1957 · Page 23
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 23

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 16, 1957
Page 23
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f Win Cooking School Prizes slm """ 1 "" Dozens arid dozens of Cooking School awards went to the fortunate women attending the Upper Des Moines presentation held at the Armory here last Friday and Saturday. The attendance award winners were as follows, w"hh prize, donor and winner in that order: (All are Algona unless otherwise designated): Old Home Bread Sample Box, Mrs Louis Reidel, Burt; Free Shampoo & Hair Set, Twin-co Beauty Shop, Mrs Harold Hobson; 2-Lb. Carnation Cottage Cheese, Brown's' Dairy, Mrs Erwin Schwietert, Burt; Lawn Sprin- kler'Soaker, Rusk Drug, Mrs Wll* lis D. Fischer; 10 QtS. Free Milk Delivered, Winter's Dairy, Mrs Robert Leninger, Ryan; Peeled Cane Waste Basket, Bjustrorh's Furniture, Mrs John Waldron: Free 50-Lb. Bag Potatoes, Council Oak Store, Jane Goche, Bancroft; Foam Sofa Pillow, Chrischilles Store, Mrs Peter Kirsch, Bode. Gallon Ice Cream, Algona Creamery, Mrs Douglas Wildin: $75.00 Credit on Freezer, Algona Implement, Mrs Clarence Priebe; Free Shampoo St Hair Set, Twin- co Beauty Shop, Mrs Geo. Scuff- ham; $9.00 Grease Book, Ernie Williams Pontiac-Cadillac, Alice Weig; Plastic Bowl Set, Strueck- er's Conoco Serv., Mrs Cleo Black; Dolt-Yourself Briquet Set, Koenig's Variety, Mrs C. H. Beardsley, Metal Lawn Table, Foster Furniture, Mrs Berneice Bunksofske; Grocery Bag, Hood's Super-Valu, Mrs Clara Walker. Amana Cook Books, Taylor Implement, Mrs Geo. McVay, Mrs «Phil Kohlhaas and Mrs Henry Johannsen, Algona; 2-Lb. Carnation Cottage Cheese, ' Brown's Dairy, Audrey Frye; Potatoe Shredder, Hall-Strahorn, Mrs Wayne E. Smith, WestJBend; $9.00 Grease Book, Ernie Williams P-C, Mrs Dan Engesser; Free Shampoo & Hair Set, Twin- co Beauty Shop, Mrs J. N. Me- Farland; Fruit Basket, Sorensen Grocery, Florence Cunningham; 10 Qts. Free Milk Delivered, Winter's Dairy, Mrs Marvin Reding, Livermore; , Free Gloves, Handbag,. j( Hose,' Fowlers, Mrs Geot Jet-gens; Camp Stool, Coast- to-Coast, Mrs Duane Sheppard; Gallon Ice Cream, Algona Creamery, Mrs Fred Wegener; Old Home Bread Sample Box, Mrs W. R. Clawson; Wilson Canned Ham, Ray's Market, Mrs Leo Bullock; Amana Cook Books, Taylor Implement, Mrs Harold Colwell, Mrs A. V. Larson. Ladies Elec. Shaver (Sunbeam), Beecher Lane, Mrs Martha Sherman; $3.98 House Dress, Graham's Dept. Store, Mrs L. J. Malueg; Flower Table Centerpiece, Algona Greenhouses, Mrs Ardyth Thomasen; Train iCase v Diamond's Surplus, Mrs Laurence Hansen, Wesley; Measuring Cup Set, Harrison's, Mrs Icla Chism; Table Lamp, Richaro*S*Jfi Furniture ,Mrs Clifford Riebhoff, West Bend; GE Mixer, North Iowa Appliance Center, Mrs Bernard Capesius, LuVerne. Plastic Bowl Set, Struecker's Conoco, Mrs A. V. Larson; Lawn Sprinkler-Soaker, Rusk Drug, Mrs J. V. Evans; Grocery Gift, Fare- way Store, Mrs Fred Habeger, Burt; Grocery Gift, Hood's Super- Valu, Mrs H. M. Colwell; $9.00 Free Grease Book, Ernie Williams Pontiac-Cadillac, Mrs Wm. Weiner. Brown's Dairy, Mrs Carl Humphrey; Coast-to-Coast Store, Mrs Dan Engesser; Council Oak Store, Mrs R. A. Behnke; Algona Creamery, Mrs James Esser; Algona Implement Co., Mrs Orlan Rutlcdge; Chrischilles Store, Mrs Frank Foley, Whittemore; Bjustrom Furniture, Mrs Reese Martin, Wesley; Winter's Dairy, Mrs Rosetta Johannsen; Ernie Williams Pontiac - Cadillac, Hattie Burlingame. Twin-co Beauty Shop, Mrs A. A. Sterling;'Ray's Market, Mrs Genevieve M. Spry, Burt; Taylor Implement, Mrs Frank Cunningham, Kate Stephenson and Mrs D. P. Smith; Brown's Dairy. Mrs Joe Cogley; Fowlers, Mrs R. J. Welp, Bancroft; Ernie Williams Pontiac - Cadillac, Mrs Martin Griese, Burt; Foster Furn., Mrs Howard M. Long; Harrison's, Mrs John Waldron; Graham's Dept. Store, Mrs John Foth; Algona Creamery, Mrs Loyala O'Brien, Burt; Taylor Implement, Agnes Grandgenett and Mrs Ed McGuire; Diamond's Surplus Store, Mrs Sophia Hiidman, Wesley; Old Home Bread ,Mrs Kelvin Bode; Ernie Williams Pontiac-Cadillac, Mrs Ervin Ulses, Burt; Winter's Dairy, Mrs Henry Engstrom: Sorensen Grocery, Mrs Regina Baas; Consumer's Market, Mrs Roy A. Sarchett; Koenig's Variety, Mrs Glen Gabrielson, Sexton; Richardson's, Mrs John Kohlhaas; Beecher Lane, Mrs L; R. Riedinger. Robin Hood Flour — 5 lb. bags, Mrs G. W. Naylpr; Mrs Carl Dahlhauser, Mrs Erwin Malueg, Mrs Ann Presthus, Lone Rock, Mrs Glen J. Shore, Mrs Russell Cook, Mrs Dorothy E. Reiken, Burt, Mrs Dick Lavrenz, Burt, Mrs Ray Wessel, Mrs Lena Uhlmann, Mrs Ray Braun, Mrs P. W. Kollasch, Mrs Ed McGuire, Mrs Don Smith, Jr., Mrs Geo. Jentz, Fenton, Mrs Walter Bahr, Mrs Orlan Rutledge and Mrs Kalph Markla. Upper Des Moines Grocery Bags, Mrs Clarence Reibhoff, Mrs Fred Bentele, Wesley, Mrs Will Dray ton,, Mrs Chas. Redemske, Mrs J. P. Hauptman, Jr., Wesley, Edna M. Kleinpeter, Wesley, Mrs J. M. Elmore, Mrs Earl Sheppard, Mrs Clarence Kennedy, Irvington, Mrs W. A. Barry, Mrs Phil J. Kohlhaas, Darlcne Bentele, Wesley, Mrs Warren Andreason, Mrs Clarence Metzger, Mrs Lewis Ersking, Titonka, Mrs Russ Waller; Mrs Mary Gebken, Burt, Mrs , G. B. Johnson, Jfenton, Parjiene -Wesley,-Mrs;Otto Har- lan, Sadie Ffankl, Linda Pardons, McEnroe, Jessie Sheridan, Wesley, Mrs " Flora Bradley, Bancroft, Mrs Andy Deiterihg, Bancroft, Mrs C. E. Detfick, Mrs&obeft Dodd, MfS Frank fievitt and ArdiS fhitgei, Bode. Gallon Hilex, Mrs Nettie Rich, Mrs Herbert Marking, Evelyn Schmitt and-Violet-Hanseii. FOOD: Friday *- Mrs Earl Lati- Htzen, Burt, Lois L. Bentele, Wesley, Mrt John Cftspfefsftn, Mrs George Kohl, Mrs Mabel Ruble, Barnam, Emma CroUch, Helen Cogley, Bancroft, Mrs Leo Thil* ges and Mrs Wallace MeArthur, Bancroft. FOOD: Saturday — Mar|aret Crahan, West Bend, Mrs John , Mrs Harvey Finley, Henrietta Cunningham, Helen Dihgley, Mrs Ethel Gilles, Mrs Eric Willrett, Mrs Bridgett M. Smith and Mrs Olen Main. TttfifT Authorities are investigating a recent theft of a $565 corn stalk chopper %tolen trom tne Albert Olson farm near Osage. It was a Vehicle drawn machine just purchased twd weeks before the theft. Mrs Ophelia Stream, Greene County'* oldest resident died recently at the home of her daughter In Jefferson, at the age of 101. Bride Of May 13 At St, Benedict 81. Benedict -~ A pre-nuptial shower was held at St. Benedict school hall in honor of Rose Marie Kunkel. The honofee Was the recipient of many useful gifts. On May 13 she became the bfide of fid Schiltz at a 9:00 o'clock Mass-In St.<Benedfct. They will make their home in Swea City. On the afterfioon of Friday, May 10, the St. Benedict card club met at the home of Mrs «fbhh Thill. Mrs Ben Dorr was the hostess and Aggie Rosenmeyer was high in 500. She was the winnef last week, too, in the home of Mrs Lawrence Cihk in Aigona. Mrs Julius Seiler ftftd daughter, Linda accompanied Mfel Perry Lowman to Cedar Falls the Weekend of Mi? 4 and 5 for a Mother's & Daughter's Tea held at the college -campus. The Lowman daughter is finishing her senior year and Marilyn Seiler her freshman year. Mr and Mrs Julian Arndorfer and family came Saturday p.m. and spent the night With the Philip Arndorfer family. They Came to attend the 1st Holy Commuhioft efcetcises in Algona bf Vicki, the yoUfiger daughter of Mr and Mrs Clarence Siemer. She was among a class of 77. They enjoyed communion dinner in the Siemer home and went home late Sunday afternoon. Mr and Mrs Dean Hoffman, Pam and Debbie were visitors Sunday in the home of MM Bernard Cftpesius. Mtfthw'8 Day wti ed by thfe Philip Arftdotte* fMtt- ily at the home of Mr and Mrs M. H. McEnroe. The fh*rftbefs of these two families spent the previous Sunday at J«weli, loWa Visiting relatives. Mr and Mrs Harley Will are so very happy to welcome a little boy into their home. He weighed over 7 Ibs. and is their first child. Hoffman's parents, Mr and Mrs painting it. TRUCKER Russell Nelson, a Cufroll trucker, escaped With minor burns when he drove a flaming propane gas truck out of town to a rural road, recently. The truck Was loaded with 500 gallons of propane gas and apparently fire broke out as Nelson was sand' ing the truck preparatory tr YOU SAW THESE NATIONALLY ADVERTISED BRANDS USED AT THE COOKING SCHOOL THEY'RE AVAILABLE NOW AT YOUR LOCAL GROCERS . . . 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