The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 28, 1966 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 28, 1966
Page 2
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Page Two - Blythevllle (Ark.) Courier News -. Thursday, April M, 19M iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiaiiiiiiiiiiiii^ tJuear -STooy .... 'See That Guy? He's My Husband 7 Uan UJ (McNaught Syndicate lac.) iiiiiiiuniniiiiiininiiiiiniiiininiiiuuittiin don't know what you ran d6, but thought I'd try fOr an answer. Thank you. RED-FACED DEAR RED-FACED: You have no reason to be embarrassed. Your family is small and you are not the type of people t- invite casual acquaintances to your son's wedding, for which you should be commended. Since the bride's people are paying for it, I am willing to bet you will not be laughed at. DEAR ABBY: Two years ago my sister gave us a washing machine that had been given to .her by a neighbor. The neighbor got a new one as the old one needed too much work. Well, this washing machine has been out on our patio for over two years. My husband looked at it and decided it needed more work than he could give it right now. Rather than let it stan I put it up for sale. (I asked 35 dollars). When my sister heard about it she flew over here and raised the roof. She said SHE could have sold it, and she wanted it back. I told her I was sorry about the whoje thing, but I didn't think I had done anything wrong. She wasn't out a dime on the deal. So what's her beef? CONFUSED DEAR CONFUSED: Technically your sister has no grounds for complaint. She DEAR ABBY: I am a cOck- tail waitress with a small problem. I am not married, but am not interested in dating because I have a boy friend overseas I'm trying to be true to. Well, you kn6w how some men are. Some of them just won't take no for an answer. I don't like to get nasty about it, but it's pretty hard to turn them down without telling them off. Besides, it's rough on a girl's tips when she has to put a guy in his place. Any suggestions? SAVING MYSELF DEAR »AVING: Just point out the huskies, bartender in the place and tell the wolves that HE'S your husband. DEAR ABBY: Our son is to be married soon. It will be a large wedding in a fairly large church. Here is the problem: We really have no family. I was an only child My mother was an orphan. My husband is from a distant part of the country from a poor family. What is left of his family cannot attend the wedding. We do not have many friends and our side of the church will look very empty. We are terribly embarrassed as there will be only a handful on our side and the bride's family and friends will number nearly 200. We're red- faced and sick about it, and fear we will be laughed at. I Astrological * Forecast * . By CARROU. RIGHTER „ To determine y«lt f, paragraph opposite dates, wnlcn laclude your birth datt. . There It » trem*rid6i» amount of nervous nergy released today but it can take j' • a adverse angles as good ones unless yftu '-Ty intelligently plan each month -so you are not carried away by every new breeze that blows or every new thought that presents itself in your mind. Be careful of yov hands and fingers. Get .'enty of rest. ARIES ;Mar 21 to Apr. 19) Your finest aims toda, can be gained through the .--ispices of very fine friends - t io have your interests at heart. f>6 not permit any per .nal prtblim to keep you from accomplishing. Aid t'..6se who are dbwri arid out. GAVE yon the machine, therefore It's yours U use, sell, give away Or throw away. (Her "beef" isn't kosher.) DEAR AB8Y: Someone should tell Mary C. that New England housewives certainly DO hang their clothes outside in freezing weather. I often have to shovel a pa:h to my clothesline, and the clothes are frozen stiff as boards before I even get the second pin In them. NEW ENGLANDBR Troubled? Write to Abby, Box 69700, Los Angeles, Cal. For a personal reply, inclose a stemped, self - addressed envelope. «yn4letU, lac.) TAUR"'" '. "Mo 'y20) If you show th you ha\ i *x- ceiient money sense, Big-wigs can f.ssist you < put your " talents forth In th« best channels. Increase your earning power. far-- quit* easy tonight and be pp> w' mate. GEMINI (May 21 to JIF- 21) Strty into ir pafier, other periodicals f6r the data -ou require at 'his time. Avoid that new contact who talks a jjoo<J line but is really interested in your assets. Be practical - keijj your eye On th' financial. rOON CHIU. N (June .23 to July 21) If -u Closet yourself with experts and Civic, government big-wigs and listen to their advice, you find that your affairs g much beth'. Advisor cbuld also hel you with ]***- sOnai problems. Be happier with mate. LEO (July 22 to Aug. 21) A partner who may disagree with you is still an excellent friend, so follow through OA advice for re • viewing, re ar-anging, etc. Consider recrea'.ion that als pleases associates. Come to full meeting Of minds. VIRGO (Aug. 21 to Sept. 22) Try to use more up-to-date methods that make work easier and also please allies very much. Show consideration. Profits also increase and more than pay fOr any mechanisms you may buy. Be sensible. LIBRA (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22) Be sure you use that fascinating smile i ore 1 v -'nstead ef picking on others to the point of distraction. Look On the sun- ny sld* of life. Get good results Instead of the other kind. Be gentle. SCORPIO (Oct. ^ to Nov. il) Look to that 'amily tie who analyses all matters accurately or the advice you need at this particular time Forget drib- aling at the > -'-portant. Tiink and act constructively and all is fine. S\GITTARIUf (Nov. 22 to Dec. 21) 'ou are more to get greater benefits from the business world than you are at home just hOw. Get aw?.y early and bring home the bacon, ^hen they stop harassing you to the nth degree. CAPRICORN (6ec. 22 to Jan. 20) If yto 1 go to banker Or bust- rieSs person wh* has the know- how, ybu are Me to gc' the advice and ideas you need at this time. Stop going around in circles. This Only confuses you more and gets others equally AQUARIUS (Jin. 21 to "eh. It) Rely on the favorable experiences y*u have had in the pas' instead Of trying to get disinterested advisors to tell you what to do. Some ovtlet you have already started can be taken up again' with success. Keep busy! PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) You ure able to get all that work done that is ahea of you if you get at time schedule and follow through seriously and methodically. Don't bother wi'.h the social. Others are not in a very good mood, anyway. IF YOUR CHILD IS BORN TODAY....he, or she, will be a product of tfie New Ag4, but will require proof first that ideas are workable, profitable before adopting them. Take care not to ' list that y ur . geny go to work at sornething for which there has been little preparation or you ruin an oth- trwlM potentially powerful • reer, nature, ^ive fine spiritual training early so that clear mind will do its best for mankind in general. Long Island Sound's famtui, oysters and a menhaden fishery';; take second place to its pleas- f ure b o a t i n g and commercial shipping. Air Conditioner Check Chickasaw Pontiac Co. Continued By Popular Demand! CUSTOM DRAPERY SALE (For A Limited Time Only) LABOR FREE! A beautiful selection ef Waverly Print* »i and Solids . . . from Fabrics in Stock . . . plus a fabulous selection of special order solids. Pay Only For Fabric & Supplies You Receive Our Professional Assistance Plus Our Work Room Services FREE! Prices Per Yard As Low As $1.98 Bring your measurements so we can figure your yardage. We will take final measurements if you prefer Furniture . . . temps . . . Original Painting* . . . Groupings of Fin* Art Reproductions .... A Complete Decorating Service Use Our Easy Pay Plan! DEAL'S 2> ecora tori 113 South Division PO 3-9481 JCBDQLB Penney's quick-care Arnel* knits go more places more often! acetate knits are popping up in a bevy of the freihett new looks of the season! You already know how easy Amel* is to care for— just dip and drip dry, don't iron —they're set to go island-hopping, cross-town shopping! Com* SM this front-peg* collection in fresh, summer-y pastels. Practical Penney prices, tool , A. Misses' Vib' sheath, 10-1810.96 B. Petites' pleat skimmy, 5-1110.98 C.WomenVcheck«r'shiftUtt.24tt. 11.98 D. Juniors' flounced shift, 7-15 18.98 B. Petites' pleat skimmy, 5-1110.98 D. Juniors' flounced shift, 7-15 18.98 Our fashions never say how much... just how right! Ill 220 W. Main—UythtVilU, Ark.—PhoiU PO 2-226J dmC II! Mo«.,Tut.,W«d.,Prl.,9»«S;ThHn..iSot.9to8 Charge

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