The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 9, 1957 · Page 23
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 23

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 9, 1957
Page 23
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Mofhet'« Day i* next Sunday. Everybody will be saying nice things and thinking kind thoughts about the woman who gave them birth and we who are mothers ourselves will simply glow at having one entire day when everybody honors us. Personally, I mean to get all the attention I can from my family on Mother's Day because the occasion comes but once a year. On Sunday, Mother will be the Queen of Hearts but on Monday she'll be back in her usual place in the deck—working like the Deuce. I really am not complaining about my lot as a mother because the privilege of having and rearing children is the finest thing that has ever happened to me. If necessary, I'd die for any one of our three youngsters and I don't know of any parents who wouldn't do the same thing. But living for and with them, is not only more necessary, it sometime? seems a little harder to accomplish. * * * When the youngsters are growing up, Mother may not be noticed as much as she'd like to be bui there is very little danger that she will feel she is not needed And to each one *h the family, Mother means something different. Although the idea for the- following is swiped, the application of it to what Mother means to the people at our house, is original. To Bill, aged 13, Mother is a person who: Manages to iron the creases wrong in my Ivy Leagues. Overeats, overtalks and gets overtired. Tries to jitterbug with me but can't get the steps. Hands me my allowance; then borrows it back. Expects me to laugh at her corny jokes. Really is pretty handy to havt around at mealtimo. * » * To Maty Ann, aged 10, Mother is a person who: Makes me tidy my room. Overdoes the "when I Was your _ age" stuff. tells me to stop using her hairbrush. Helps me with my Arithmetic and does it wrong. Expects me to eat my vege* •tables before dessert. Really loves me even when I'm ornery. * ' * * To Jean, aged 8, Mother is 8 person who: Makes me go to bed when.I'm not sleepy. Overdoes it in tattling on me in her column. Tells me to put on a clean dress when she doesn't have it ironed. Kelps rne find my other shoe. Expects me to , act grown up and then says I'm too little. Really is easy to get around when I turn on the charm. * » * To Daddy, at the age "when life begins", Mother is a person who: Makes too many of those leftover casseroles. Overworks at outside interests then complains of housework. •Tells me she doesn't want a gift; is peeved when she doesn't get it. Holds out her hand for money Expects me to put on screens when I'm going fishing. Really would be a lot of bother to trade in on a new model. * * * I am. Mother, age undisclosed, the person who: Manages'tempting meals on a Reason No. 3 One Pushbutton Control to WASH and DRY! EASY combination WASHER-DRYER . . . and that's just one of the many reasons why the EASY Combination answers every washday problem you ever had! It's the Most For The Leastl For fytt Home Washingl VISIT OUR STORI AND WATCH IT PERFORM! Small Down Payment Budget Monthly Payments LANE APPLIANCES .The Wildest Trader In Town" very low budget. Overworks entirely in the family's interests. Takes everything tfith unwavering cheerfulness. Hardly ever gets a new outfit. Expects to get the ironing done someday. Really wouldn't trade the people at our house for any other family ift the whole, wide world! . * * * the mothers of the Juniors and Seniors of the local high school, and the fathers too, have been busy for weeks now planning the all night party to be held after the Prom this coming Friday The purpose of the affair is to keep the youngsters entertained and off the highways and to prevent the heartbreaking accidents that could result. » * * The party after the Prom is not school-sponsored — all the planning and work comes entire« iy from the parents. From all reports, they are doing a bang-up job. There's to be a premier showing at the local theater, dancing at the VFW with some surprise entertainment that promises to be super, finished off by breakfast served by some very sleepy parents. Algona merchants are cooperating by furnishing a couple of hundred dollars worth of prizes. It should really be a night to be remembered. 4 • • Now. I realise it is much easier for a parent whose own children have not yet reached the ages for either dating or driving to say what should be done about teenagers after the Prom. So much of our hopes and dreams are wrapped up in those kids that we wouldn't want a single one or them, our own or any others, to meet with an -accident. And I realize that the Junior-Senior Prom is an occasion that the youngsters want to remember with a thrill for the rest of their lives. But I also wonder if it hasn't grown to be a case of the tail wagging the dog. » • * During the Junior year in high school the kids, and their faculty sponsors wofk all year long • raising money to fete the Seniors at the banquet and the Prom. From hiy knowledge of the affairs, they were indeed lovely — the meal and speeches" good, the decorations beautiful and there's dancing to an orches tra uritil 12 or 1 o'clock. Three years from now, I suppose Father and I will be working hard on a committee for an all night party after the Prom. But I expect that we will also be wondering, as- we are now, -^ why -can't the kids go to the affair at the high school, gather at somebody's house afterward for a sandwich, and then go home to bed? * * * The rhubarb patch at our house' is of the late variety su we'il probably be eating rhubarb after your's is all gone. But we have had' some donations of the early-type fruit and a .rhubarb pie tastes mighty good right now. This Rhubarb Cream Pie is this week's recipe. 1 tablsp. butter 4 cups rhubarb cut finely 1% cups sugar ] 2 tablsp. cornstarch < 1/8 teasp. salt 2 egg yolks, beaten . Vi cup cream Melt butter in a heavy pan Add rhubarb cup sugar and cook until rhubarb is tender. Add remaining % cup sugar, salt, cornstarch, egg yolks end cream Add to rhubarb and cook unti thick, stirring constantly. Cool Turn into 9 inch baked pie shell. Top with meringue made of tht two whites to which '/4 cup of sugar has been added. Bake in 350 degree oven until meringue is browned. —GRACE. "PENCILS Leland Lewis, Independence, began collecting pencils as a hob; by some two years a,go. He now has 445. A prize item is one given him by his father, which the elder Mr Lewis carried for 34 vears while working on the railroad. Graduation At Wesley High On May 22 Wesley--Graduation exerciser in the public school held Wednesday t evening, May 22 with Merwin Coad of Boont a.s speaker. Graduates are Patrici;. Becker, Robert Becker, Sharlene Downs, Willis Erdman, Ear! Goetz, Grace Goetz, Kathryh Goetz, Marlys Goetz, Mary Lou Hanig, Joan Krieps, Sharlen^ Martin, Edward Otis, Beverly Penning, William Price and Thomas Root. Joan Krieps *is valedictorian and Edward Otis, salutatorian. Rev. Edmond Adams of Bancroft will give the class sermon. Sunday evening, May 19, at the auditorium. Has Narrow Escape Rodney Alexander Jr., 15, escaped serious injury Sunday, April 28, when the pick-up truck went into the ditch and turned over. W.S.C.S. Units Elect The W.S.C.S. met May 1 in the church parlors with Mesdames Al Wagner, Halvor Flom Jr., Carl Johnson, J. C. Haynes as hostesses. A party was planned for four young people who will graduate May 22. They are Beverly Penning, Bill Price from Wesley and Wayne Fox and Bob Rhinehard from Prairie Center. The two circles were rearranged into t^iree groups to meet in July to elect their officers. An election of officers was held: Shirley Bruns, president; Olive Erdman, vice president; Vernelda Hansen, secretary; Loras Price, treasurer; Opal Nygaard, secretary of the youth work; Gladys Detmering, in charge of children's work; Fern Paulson, the student work; Jeanne Kraus, Missions; Mildred Baylor, Status of Women; Nyla Newbrough, Spiritual Life; Cora Smith, Social Relations; Marvel Nygaard, Literature; Anna Haynes, Supply work; Mary Hem-j mingsen, Church Activities; Florence Hansen, Promotion. These officers will be installed by Rev F. A. Webb, June 5. Mrs Maud Studer, Mrs Minnie Bleich and Mrs Elaine Downs and the letter's daughter, Sylvte Ann, attended the C. D. * Mothers-Daughters banquet at St. Benedict Wednesday evening, May 1. Sylvia Ann appeared on the program, and 'sarig "Mom" and "I'm A Problem Child." Mr and Mrs Herman BoqlQ. report a new granddaughter born to Mr and Mrs Mark Bode '67 Omaha, Thursday, May 2. They also have a 14-months old daughter Diana. Mfs Herman Bode went to Omaha to spend the WP°'X with her son and'family. Mr J36de and Marlene will spend the May 12th weekend there ana bring Mrs Bode home. Names drawn for petit jury in Garner in May included Esther Sfrfrld. Gladys Perkins ana Genevieve Goetz. Boy Scouts camped overnight Monday, April 29 in the Foertsch Grove and enjoyed 2 cook-out nieals. A clHughter was born April 25 to Mr and Mrs Harlan Eckhoff iri the Britt hospital. Mrs Ruth Sparks and Dean. Mr and Mrs Myrwin Dimond and ffimily, Mr and Mrs Guy Dimortu aftd other relatives enjoyed a family dinner parly Sunday, Apr. 28, in the Howard Sparks home ih Burt. The party honored Jimmy Sparks who was confirmed that morning in the Burt Methodist Church. Mr and Mrs John Lickteig attended a family dinner party Sunday, April 28, at the home of their son, Mr and Mrs Dennis Lickteig and family near St Benedict. The family party honored Eugene Lickteig, who made his first communion that morning. 4 1 Mr and Mrs Rayrnond Hansen and Mrs Orville Smith weht to Marshalltown Thursday where Mrs Hansen went for eye care. All visited the Jim Kuchen- reuthers in the afternoon. Mrs Carson Simpson was brought home Wednesday by ambulance from the Britt hospital where she had been several weeks following a heart attack. Charles FroehlSch was brought home Wednesday from St. Ann hospital, Algona, where he had been a week following a slight stroke. Mrs Marie Froehlich Ricke of Williams had been slaying with her mother and will assist the couple now. The Catholic Missionary Society will meet Wednesday afternoon, May 8. The C. D. A. will meet that evening. On the serving committee are Rita Youngwirth, Phyllis Walker, Clara Erdmarq Clara Goetz and Erma Kunz and Mary K. Studer. On the entertainment committee are Katherine Seller, Bernadine Hamilton, Ruth Schrouth, Hazel Studer and Mildred Studer. Anyone having candidates for membership should bring the names to the meeting or contact Maud Studer. Mr and Mrs Leo Hanig, Bill and Mary Lou were guests at a large family dinner at the George Kunkle home at St. Benedict in honor of Barbara Ann Kunkle who made her 1st Holy Coin- iriunion that morning. The gathering also honored the 1st birthday of Jplene Kunkle. - Marion Robinson, eldest son x>f Mr and Mrs Clair Robinson of DCS Moines, formerly of.Wesley, visited friends and relatives here the fore part of last week. This is his 9th year in army service d he plans to leave soon> for pan to join his wife and 5 year ,d spn and hopes to bring then^ ack w'iih'hirh. ""' "" I Mrs Ivan'Johnson resumed her school duties as home economics teacher in the public school Mon- ciay, April 29. '•' Cliff Anfinson suffered cuts on Susan Lowe Says: I Think There Is Nothing Better Than My NTIAC STATION WAGON Susan Lowe and her co-workers are sively equipped with Pontiac cars for their cooking school traveling. / "I travel thousands of miles all over the United State* in my Pontiac station wagon. I have found that it is America's great all-around performer. Pontiac is *o big and roomy with the ©0 power you ne4td," See The 1957 Pontiacs On Display to Ovr Showroom ERNIE WILLIAMS Algona/ Iowa PONTIAC-CAOIUAC Phone CV Best Protection You Can Get? Income protection, that's best! Guard your earning power and you assure your future. Let me show you how. Call me today. Phone CY 4-4529 State & Thorington Sts. Representing WOODMEN ACCIDENT ANQ LIFE COMPANY three fingers of his right hand Tuesday ftrhile repaifinJ a power mower at his hotne. He went to the Britt hospital where he had it dressed. Mr and Mrs Elmer Doughan and Audra spent April 28 in Waterloo with their daughten Sister Mary DamSan teaches in Waterloo and Sister Mary Kevin who teaches in Cedar Rapids joined them in Waterloo. Bernard Erdman of Cedar Rapids spent Monday and Tuesday nights with his sister, Mr? Donelle Devereaux and family. Mesdames Wilford Ward, Charles Prioe, Oliver Young, Richard Smith and Paul Erdman attended a Rebekah convention in Lake Mills Tuesday, April 30. Messers Price, Smith and Ward attended the evening session. Rev. and Mrs F. A. Webb went to LuVerne Monday, April 29 tc attend a church meeting at the Methodist parsonage. On Tuesday they attended a meeting in Thursday, May 9, 1957 Algeria (la.) Upper DM Fenton. Mr aftd Mrs Robert Yohn of Minneapolis returned to their home Monday following several days visit in the parental August German home, Demonstration and Personal Showing Algona Hotel TUBS., MAY 14 9 A.M. to 12 NOON Batteries and service for most makes — You are invited to come in. IOWA AUDIPHONE CO. 611 Fleming Bldg. 6th & Walnut Sts. Des Moines Authorized Zenith Hearing Aid Dealer The Indian Medicine Man . . . Early settlers found the "medicine man" to be both doctor and druggist to the Indians of North America . . . and there was one in every tribe. Nine out of ten of the "medicine man's" strange mixtures were guesswork, largely based on superstition. Today, there is no "guesswork in the preparation of your doctor's prescription at Thuente Pharmacy. Your prescription is compounded here precisely to your doctor's directions as listed by him on the RX blank. THUENTE PHARMACY Phone CY 4-2528 OUR BUSINESS IS PROTECTING YOUR MALTH &l!llllllllllllllllll!llllllllllllllllllllllillllll!IIN ARN1E J. RICKLEFS MAY IS IOWA BEEF MONTH While we hear a lot about the need lor reducing, there are still many people in this land of plenty who need to gain weight. One of the best ways to PUUd your body is by eating plenty of beef — without the fat removed. Many people do not rpalije it, but the fat at well &s the lean meat is essential,to 9904 Health. Can you think of a more pleasant way of gaining weight than by eating a good portion of mouth-watering/ juicy, tender beef at every meal? 5PQN50RIO BY Kossuth County Beef Producers LUVERNE HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF 1957 Dwayne ,Tobey Carol Kinne Carl Kinne Kay Richardson Chart Miller Ronnie Dorine PreiiichJ Ronnie Rosenmeyer Janice Heine Jfw DorwtUer We Wish To Extend Best Wishes To LuVerne's Seniors of 1957 * FARMER'S STATE BANK LUY6RNE, IOWA

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