The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 2, 1957 · Page 24
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 24

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 2, 1957
Page 24
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Weidenhoff One of First In Motor Test Equipment Field m. » J _ . .' " '~~. !-*•• i n—-1 i ,ii i i i m , n l _^ ff— ^ f ^^^^^.^^^^^ _ A ; .*. ii <fc A ^. .K . ^^ ^^ S-Alpdno (Id.) Upper De» Moines Thursday, May 2, 195? F/rsf Snap-On Tool Set Shown above is one of the original sets of Snap-on wrencht'- manufactured back in 1920, the year the company was founded. The set consisted of five different size wrench handles and ten sizes of interchangeable sockets, and well served the needs of auto mechanics of almost 40 years ago. At present, there are approxi- mately 4,000 items of tool equip nient listed in the Snap-on cata log, and the company has a pro duction and distribution .staff o more than 2,000 people in thre domestic factories and two for eign plants. There are branch offices in 50 cities in the U.S. anc Canada. (Snap-on foto - UD1V engraving). Today's Snap-On Tool Set .The large Snap-on set shown above typifies the wrench and hand tool equipment required by individual mechanics today for standard service operations on modern cars and trucks. New tools are constantly being born pn the Snap-on engineering drawing boards. »One of the more glamorous uses for Snap-on wrenches is on racing cars in the Indianapolis 500 mile classic. The company is right in step with the sports car trend, too, producing wrenches today in metric and Whitworth sizes to service foreign makes. Ww.C. Marty Service Held Friday/Apr. Lu Verne .—.,. Funeral services for Edward C. Marty, 69, were held 2 p.m. Monday} April 22, in the Evangelical United^ Brethren Church with the Rev. J. Paul Stevens officiating. Burial took place in the Lu Verne Cemetery With the Blake funeral Owne in charge of arrangements. v . Organ- its was Mrs J. Paul Stevens and soloist, Miss Jean Hefti. Attendants were nephews, And-; rew Marty, Kenneth Marty, Mel- vm Majity, Wayne Marty and the Rev. Howard Marty and Joe Guy. Edward Conrad Marty, son qi Catherine Steussy Marty and Dietriech Marty, was born at Lu. Verne, Iowa, February 21, 1888 at Jus farm home east of Lu Verne, Wfljeh was his residence throughout, his .entire life. He passed aw»y at the Lutheran hospital, in Fort Dodge, Good Friday morn- flis death came quite unexpect- ly as he had been working up the time of leaving for the and on entering it, his i was not considered egrious. "" J8J5, he was united in mar- to Anna Msgdalena Elmer ?nwick. TO th'is union two were born, Lawrence of and Donald at the farm 'Ing his childhood days he OBjjtized in and later joined gvangeUcal United Brethren l$h of which he was an active UT until the time of his He served his church as School Superintendent, and trustee, a position be the tjme of his passing, ipthe was a mem- rnpn Consolidates ,. having served as, „ „_ »ome time. He was if the Humboldt Mutual •" Association for 35 Mtivs ia Us work until his passing. He is survived by his wife, the two sons, three grandchildren, one sister, Emma Marty of Lu- Verne, seven brothers, Otto, Matt, Adam, William and Henry of LuVerne, George of Mason City and Fred of Cliquot, Minn., and a host of relatives and fi-iends. : Preceding him' in death were his mother and father, one brother, John, and three sisters, Mary, Maggie and Ella. COUNCIL MINUTES The City Council met in regular session March 27, 1957, with Mayor Cameron C. Shierk, in the chair, and the following Councilmen present: ..Leon H, Ljsird, Arnold W. Elbert, John Dreesman, V. M. Parsons, Byron P. Richardson. . Absent: Eugene H. Furet. The rninutes of the last meeting were read and approved. Resolution directing public notice of hearing on the Uniform Building Cod* was passed and adopted. ,- Special "meeting of the Council was moved and passed for April 4, 1957. Chief of Police was instructed to get aids- on a new Police car and present them to the Council to act on. Following build permits were granted: to Lloyd Pool, Fred LgpKes, S & C stores, John Seamens, Lillian Cook, Thomas & Georgia Lee, & A. M. Lemkee. Chief of Police will attend school at owa City. Beer &. cigarette permit was granted to the Central States Hotel «)ba Hbtel Al- gcna. Following claims granted. ^ ity i«y nc " J" 10 * '" *P e « :| a | s«sion Ap. A, 1957, and the Mayor and all Coun- ci'men were present. Cigarette permit was granted to Luc 'J. le « Cafe end a Beer permit was granted .to Diagonal Grocery. FBIv MAY 3rd AWDY DOU.8 JUDGE RIDERS TUBS,, MAY~7H» Teem Dance Coming Sunday. May 12 Mercury Recording Staff THi DIAMONDS wttb Al ffovet"* Jos. Weidenhoff Originated Ideas For Firm In 1919 The history of the "Weiden- hoff" name* as related to automotive testing equipment, stretches back about the same length 01 time as the "Snap-on" name, as related to special tools. Jos. Weidenhoff was one of the first in the field with electronically-based equipment for testing such auto items as generators, igntion systems, etc., although in those earlier days such systems were far from being as complex as they are today. The first Wei- denhoff equipment was introduced in 1919, and it was manufactured in unbroken line since then. Because of its prestige in the automotive field, the name has been retained in the Weidenhoff Corporation, now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Snap-on" Tools. In turn, Weidenhoff products maJe here are finding a complete new scope of outlet in national and world markets, through the 54 branch sales offices maintained; by Snap-on Tools Corporation. 41 of these branches are in the U.S., 10 in Canada, the rest in Ha\vaii, Puerto Rico and Mexico. In these branches there are a total of 925 men involved in market and sales operations. This represents an addition of 6 new branches since 1955, and others are contemplated. To serve the special require ments of Railroad and other large industrial accounts, and for Government orders, the company maintains a special Industrial Division in Kenpsha, Wise. The increase in business in foreign markets has necessitated the establishment of the International Division, also. Appointment of Art Schweppe to tha airport commission was approved. Building permits were granted to John Zeller, K. I. Forbes, Chris Miller, Lenora Hiltz. Building permit submitted by Earl Sprague was rejected. Uniform Building Code was discussed at length. General Government Fund Javid A. Smith, Salary J135.36 3r. Cameron C. Shierk, Salary 150.00 Chester H. Schultz, Salary 301.55 Albert Boekelman, Salary 337.70 owa State Bank, withholding tax _ 52.90 :ity Clerk,, advance cash 6.72 Collins, Thompson & Willis, Engineering service 15.00 H. 0. Hutchirx, .appraisal fee 5.00 Allen K. Buchanan, appraisal fee 5.00 >aul M. Seeley. appraisal fee 5.00 Upper Des Moirics Publishing Co., legal publications 5.3.66 Northwestern Bell Telephone Co., services 8.00 Street- Fund Jess Lashbrook, salary 137.97 Albert Pergande, salary 11545 Glenn F. Burtis, salary _. 115.45 Raymond W. Metzen Jr., salary _ 98.45 Richard Frambach, salary 99.65 DonaldI Prew,. salary 113.4? Dick Helmera, Labor. . 29.46 George Weig Jr., Labor 29.46 Iowa State Bank, withholding tax . 50.00 Dr. Cameron C. Shierk, expense 13 80 Northwestern. Bell Telephone Co., services ._ 970 F.-S. Norton & Son, materials'" s'.M Kohlhaas Hardware,, supplies 105.46 V. M. Parsons, expense 8.11, Botsford Lumber Co., materials __ 9.46 H. J. Cowan Contractor & Bid., service. _, 3000 Perclval Motors, service & repairs 30.13 Algona Machine Shop, repairs 9.65 Chrischilles Store, repairs 7 52 Public Safety Fund Albert Boekelman, salary 14597 Richard H. Groen, salary 13837 Ernest W. Hutchison, salary 141.37 Peter C. Jorgenson. salary 124 37 5?,n? eth . J -A McB '' i< ' e ' salarv " 6 '35 William I. Ankenbauer, salary ._ 1U12 James A. Voigt, salary _ 108.67 {,"». Kohl, Salary 20.00 Ralph Elbert, salary ]000 Iowa State Bank, withholding tax 74.30 City Clerk, advance cash 613 Northwestern Bell Telephone Co., services _ _ 34.25 Botsford Lumber Co., materials .. 6.91 Star Reloading Co., materials _.._ 31.00 Upper Des Molnes Publishing Co,, supplies & legal notice .50.60 Sanitation Fund James A. Egll, salary 148.95 Fred Gronbach,. salary 99 65 Albert Baas, salary 163.63 Teresa Norton, salary , 6597 George Weig Jr., labor !' 24.74 Reakus R, Helmers, labor 28.27 Reiner Helmers, labor 3204 Iowa State Bank, withholding tax . 16.60 Dr. r. E. Sawyer, rent . „__ 35.00 Nor»hwestern Bell Telephone Co., services 18 . 85 Wastes Engineering, subscription _ 3.00 Upper Pes Moines Publishing Co., Ord. No, 387 & reprints 15.10 W. C. Brown Supply Co., supplies 24.97 Zep Manufacturing Corp., supplies 33.21 Debt ScfvjcAr Icwa State Bank, interest „ 382.50 .. .. Airport Fund Northwestern Bell Telephone, Co., .Service ,. 1050 Algdfia Municipal Utilitles7"Wa"ter 300 Parking Meter Fund lancy Sands, Salary •„ 76.05 Raymond J. Krebs, Salary 13238 Ipwa State Bank, W'Holdina Tax - 31 90 PLANTATION BALLROOM WHITTEMORE. Friday, May 3 HARD TIME DANCE Prwesl Come As You Are Frank Bohr _0rch. Sunday, May 5 TONYBRAPUY Sunday, May 12 BOBBY LINDEMAN Sunday, May 19 RONNIE BARTLEY Friday, May 24 Teen-age Dance DON DEAN ORCH. No Advonte Booth BewrvtiHoni . Door* at 8:30 HOSPITALS Aptil 10 — Mrs Eldon Maahs, Whittemore, medical; William Boldridge. Sr., Irvington, medical (expired); Mrs Fred Qrei- nert, Ringste'd, boy, 7-12; Mrs Clair Flogstad, ' Algona, girl, 7-4%. April 11 — Mrs Leo Morman. Whittemore, girl, 7-1; Mrs Vern Reding, Woden ,boy, 7; Mrs William Madsen, Jr., Burt, girl, 7-14V&. April 12 — Mrs Paul Schrauth, Bancroft, boy, 10-2; Ed Blumer, Algona, medical; Mrs Victor Parsons, Algona, surgery; Edwafd Stoll, Algona, medical; Jane Wibben, Algona. accident; David Hankins, Corwith, accident, April 13 — Mrs William Me- Guire, West Bend, boy, 7-1 Hfe; Tom Schuller, Whittemore, medical; Mrs Kathenne Skilling, Al- pona, medical; Mrs Marvin Cal- noun, Algona, boy, 9-2'^; Richard Phillips, Algona, medical. April 14 — Mrs Ed Foertsch Burt, boy, 8-15; Mrs Wilfred Radig. Lone Rock, boy, 7-1. April 15 — Mrs Wilbur Knecht, Whittemore, maternity; Mrs Harold Bormann, Bode, maternity; L. R. Steinman, Algona, medical; Nick Wagner, Jr., Algona, medical. April 16 — Jane Germann, Whittemore, medical; Mrs Frances Fandel, Bode, maternity; Mrs Edward Blocker. Bancroft, maternity; Mrs Lawrence Winkel, Algona, medical; Mrs Richard McAlpine, Algona, medical; Roy Hutzfll, Algona, medical; Mrs Virgil Shackelford, Algona, medical. April 16 — Frank Tague, Algona, surgery; Mrs Ted Herbst, Algona, girl, 6-15; Judy Newbrough, Lone Rock, surgery; Robin Reding, Algona, medical; Arthur Olsen, Sexton, medical; Mrs Amos Meyer, Algona, boy, 8-1. April 17 — Mrs Aloysius Thilges, Algona, girl, 8-11^; Vernon Kollasch, Whittemore, T & A. Raymond Menke. Bancroft, med icai; Mrs Gerald Hollodrf, Al- gonn, medical; Mrs Theodore Evanson, Algona, medical (expired). April 18 — Mrs Palmer Jensen, Bancroft, boy, 7-10; Jan Nowcl, Fenton, medical; Mrs Earl Loss, Irvington, boy, 8-12V4. April 19 — Jason Bleuef, West Bend, medical; Mrs Don Prieskorn, Algona, medical. April 20—Mrs Notbert Knecht, West Bend, girl, 8-10V4; Peter Looft, Algona, medical; Mrs Fred Traub, Ottosen, medical. April 21 — Chris JBolie, Hurt, medical. April 22 — Joseph Klemm, Al- gona, medical; Baby Edward 3\ Jensen, Bancroft, boarder; Sister Mary Hilarion, Wesley, x* rays; Mrs H. £>. ttutchins, Algona, medical; Mrs Richard McAlpiKiej Algona, medical. April 23 — Mary, Algona, medical. M. Zteugg, IT IT'S KfiWS WE WAJft If Reason No. Washes and dries up to a 10 POUND LOAD! combination WASHER-DRYER The Lewis and Clark Journals, descriptions of their explorations, were not published until 1903. . . . and that's just one of the many reasons why the EASY Combination answers every washday problem you ever had! It's the Most For the Least! For All Home Washingl newspaper . . . then VISIT OUR STORE AND WATCH IT PERFORM! Small Down Payment Payments HER LANE APPLIANCES /The Wildest Trader In Town" A MODERN HYBRID—G-38 A Here is a new addition to the great line of Funk's G Hybrids. G-38 A is earlier than G-5A. It has great standability, high yields and a very high shelling percentage. G-38A is the new medium maturity hybrid you have heard about that Is made to order for picker shellers. Try G-38A in 1957. Plant it along with G-24A and G-75A. Weigh and compare next fall. You will see why Funk's G a r e America's greatest hybrids. DOUGLAS MECHLER - TITONKA JIM CHRISTENSEN - BURT Q. A. BJUSTROM - BURT BLAINE SAXTON - LONE ROCK B. FRANK MISHLER - WEST BEND BOB DALL-OTTOSEN A. H. ERPELDING - BODE MAGNUjS RAHM - ALGONA VINCENT EISENBACHER - WESLEY ELMER KUBLY - CORWITH WE SELL ISO TOX SEED TREATER The best paving buy for cities and towns Modern Aiphall toil* leu le build— the money saved can give you more paved streets. And it lasts as long and stands up well or better than other types of paving. For example, the street pictured, a section of North Federal Ave. in Mason City, carries an approximate average of 10,000 vehicles a day and it's io perfect shape. If repairs are ever needed, the simple addition of a new layer of Asphalt is all that's needed. Again, money saved for more miles of dust-free paving. Safety, comfort, durability, economy — all in all modern Asphalt is your best paving buy for cities and towns. ASPHALT PAVING ASSOCIATION OF IOWA WO Croud Av»nu», Dt» Main** SALES HIT NEW HIGH IN LAWRENCE WELK 30-DAY SELLING SPREE! WHAT SAVINGS! "I hope all my friends will stop in and join the swing to Swept-Wing!" There's still lime to get in on the sensational savings at your Dodge dealer's during the big Lawrence Welk Selling Spree. Values have never been so great! People by tb§ thousands are taking advantage of volume selling 4eaU to join the swing to Swept-Wing, You'll want to get in on the greatest car buy of the year, Come in andi see it! Drive it! Price it! * Wonderful buys... all models! * Volume sales, volume savings) * Now is tbe time to buy! SIE, STUB, STOP SAFIIY! HAVE YOUR CAB SAFETY-CHECKED TOOAYI PERCIVAL MOTORS - 800 So. Phillips

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