The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 16, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 16, 1930
Page 5
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ISpk'^O 1 FOR RENT—I-'urnishcd apartment ! 108 Kentucky, Phone 083. 13pk21 J FOR RENT—Sept. 1st. store building now occupied by The Doot- cry. Mis. J. G. Sudbury, I j licue 1.1 !Gpk23 ; WANTED M(>IU<IM>.\ m n i-\irn K-lrlK. Kvn Ii ruthcr 1»1 tlfr. Mir ilm-.x mil yet i-miu^li work In make it living, nrnl Mini fctl.ilirrl* lL:ii ihr> nuiv | JL - xume *«r( ,.( iruxi-ily in (n-r life. Ii \IM1V SI.II.VN. f.i it llully- liiKTfM In \nnt- \Vliitvr. nl- u;irr;ini nny high linpt-M. I Inn iluodf iLdf vriu- inui-li ftir Moriiu In.' it nn :uluilrrr» 1nn\rvrr. of .ll\lt- Tirs COl.1,1 VS. furmrrly «>t Cou- CnllhiK Iniilrs tiEm lo n limi-u-- W;L r MI I n ft ti I h i* Ii in n i-, n n it h i- lirEn^.s Amir tilling. MMV r;o n:, 1 WITH run sronv CIIAPTKU XVII pOlUMKH i-L-coKiuxed amuim the ^ faces lie smv in tho patio a tvvt l!i:it lie l:n<i licliehl more than oi:co on (he screen. There \vas an executive from Amalgamated, too, nr.<l a director, rjnl lesser folk. Me lire-sen I ly found hi ins-elf Inside ;i' ibz/ling lifnnd ynuug Indy who, Collins informcil him. wns playing a lead in the picture IIQ \\as nt pro^om directing. Farce 11 Vi:is lier n;ime, ami M,<vis rarrell wanted to know immediately If Koritncr was "in pi tin res.' 1 "I ln-avrt Mr. Collins say ynu were at Continental," Dan ^inilin^ly hsfoi'inuil her that lie dHu'i net fti then;, "I'm trying lo write, tlicm, that's all." .Miss Far rull. lunhhiK at him. cril- k-ally hone;ith niiiyfarttcd t>yc- lusiie^, saitl she saw no reason why he .shouldn't da a lit lie ot Loth, and he laughed. "What a friend you turned out to lie: I think I'll st;iy nil evening." "That would be just, fine." Marls Far roil assured him with a Hash of brilliant iccili. "Mity I have n eEgarcL? Someone is ^oinj; to sing, -j and I'll have to do something if 1 can't lull;." S/! R told Collins sfic iCoulJ Ion lie onse ttil/i /lini. sniil I]i3 wouldn't surprised If'slic iliil. .Miiris got up .it once and loo I think j Uorlinov'a arm, hut on tlio \vay ii I'.iut Collier UUO\VH nearly every- side sho i-aiil, "There's .1 phoin ono In Hollywood." 1 !;r:i|ili tlicrc. If wo gel bored UL "Paul Collier! Uo you live with | firms \ve ci'.n come down anil Jane Paul Cullier? Why, of course I WANTED — Family Washings.; Washed and ironed, by coni]>c- | tent white woman. Mrs. Brown, [ 104 S. Lake St. nck-tf | AGEN TS—Mcd allion Balesman— LOOK! -jiibt. out. A complete framed medallion 49c. Sells for S1.98. Write us for further iufor- nK\t«!n-.: --Chattanooga Mcdalllc:n Co., Cliattanooga, Tenu. iGpklS SELL YOUR PROPERTY, farm, business or residence quickly for cash. No matter wb?re located. •Small commission when deal is closed. For free description blanks and particulars \vri:c J. 1). Baker, First National Bank BUI;;., Dallas, j Tex. ICpklB.! in tho piitio." Anne Whiter an Mnury were Etlll in tho pal: when they left. Anne said. "\Ve seem to lio tl only oil'. 1 .; left out here. Don't yo ihiiik we'd hotter so In? "I'm perfectly batisficd onl licre ^laiuy told her, lc:insng unncce Thc-rc v.-;is :i .Mexican, with Ijrond- i oiipoi-tuiiily lo oljpervo Anno W'in-'t*!!- 5 ^'^ l ° ' 1Cr ' ""^ " "° U 3:> liriiniiicd lint aii'l liri^ht s.ibh nml j Itr nml lo remark that tho man jacket, and LIK'UI lilliiii; yrecn timi-'wlili !:cr WAS lioliiy very alteulive. Al!l1 Almc '' 0;;c ' aml llc ! ' 11(1 sers with hniioins like lielln. nnd j l-'ranlc Jlaury. Collins had said his fo "" v ''he sans for lLic-»i for a wliilo and 1 name was. :tml D;ui reincinliercd playcil an ncamlion. The .lupa-j tliat Paul Collier liail found occa- ncse lintlsr mnvcd nnoljlriiaively I yion to mention him once or twice . islit here | know ]liln , ,, e llLlri ]]ad lf:1 .„„, lunuhcoji with mo lots ot You must act Tanl lo bring you over sonic time," she added. Someone came over to spcflk to Marls l-'avrell juit then and tiovi- iner was left alone tor a minute or two witli Ills thoughts, and he lind nnioui; {lie quests, ticavin^ \vith tli'iiik;:. ami llorimur . l]t!fiirp._4Ci-y \»y.;; l!i;it lio She was i;bd when Ecmcono c En on them after n while and to her away. It was Collins, and iray j of laic in liis column. Collier luiil : Anne funiiil h\i [vicmlly, ;imUa!ng found said that Jb.ury. who was n fren- chatter iamc|l;mco n.ctor, \va3 rilling on a sr.d- crn'inul unite oficn. Anil .Miss Tar-j due wave o£ fc-miuiuo popularity, roll waiitcr 1.1 !ii:r,v in a slUlilly jaml (wo ot the laisn- stiidios \v t rc hiisliy whisptr i[ D;in diiln't think rrying lo get him it would IK; mnch more sensible if tlie ^[as=es v,-erc alnat t\vice as lall. KO liiat the liutki 1 could £avo himself a lot ot trips. m[] It would lie an admirable idea,'the to sign a contract. Maiiry hail ilaik, curling h:;ir. whk .|, ,).,„ Ulol , K!lt „-.,,.. in i, cc ,,] 0 [ inmiMm:.;. au.l he was Lronzcil lo color of an Jllilian. Hut he Big Ohio Corporation seeks manager for open territory. Opportunity to earn $3.5CO-S5.000 and ' more yearly. We furnish everything. | Existence unnecessary. Fyr-Fytcr | Co., 1085 Fyr-Fyter Bldg , Dayton, O. . Jtorinicr lliou^lit. ami she asktil : Inokcil like a youiiK Mod, n:nl Dan liim if he had ever been liivlU:<] In I fmind it easy to Iwlicvc that he Ira at the home of a certain black- j iniuht have found m'eai favor Imirctl siar \vhoi;i sho imr.cil, ami i ainonc; uuiucn screen devotees, lie lohl him ' and Anne were siltin:; logclher on thero he nrccious v.-hcu D;.IL taiil no. she Iliac if lie ever went vi-onld see the "most a relict troni ^laury'a ira- She w.iy Jlaury held (laiiccil, Ji?.J sti:u against his lou-tiy ilidn't like tlic her when :LL(! her b' ;t cmhrace. he /"'OIJ-1NS inquired Ulictlicr slic ^-* w:ir, keeping husy, and sho lohl him uhout Iho forthc^miuL; proiluc- tioii ai Uiand United atul the part she !:uped to merit. "It's iiothius very Impressive, really, hut it's rather wonderful to me." "Rut it's not (he fatness ot U-.c highball a little bench, and IMnry was talk- i nail. Miss Winter; It's what you animatoilly and Kttturing flu- do with It." And Collins told her WANTED— Room Uaih or tniall X, Courier News. with prtvrxe j aiurtment. Box I !Cpk20 j WANTED— A settled woman, work- I iiijj Iionsekeeir2r, apply to Mrs. , A. Driver. Osccola Inn, O.-moln, Ark. 1Ci>k20 "I-Jijch one iinhl^ a pi::t, or very noni-iy. rind is aiwiit a :,jr,t hish." bile aiiik-d tliat siie would Ket a sol jn^l like ihein. on!\- site iirui^- iued liiey were friKlUfnlly cxpcn- iivc. "Tney can-.c Ironi Kuropc." "I'm FOITV I missed them," nan in Hollywood, enlly with his hnr.rt;. Rnriu\cr caught Anne's eye once, ami she smikd. hat Maris FruTcH'i low :;oi:;e Ihinss that soundcil vciy comforting; and set her lo tingling with hop?. "There's Jlaris l-'ar- voice hesidc him lironglit iiini tack.rell, for instance; sho just, about to her. The Mexican finished "Ramona." and hnwed and made a sniil- exil, n:-.d present ly l!-,cro was For Rent Two stores on Sccoml street, also cotton office up .stairs with norlli skylight. Grand Ijcmlcr biiikliiiK- Apply on premises. I. ROSENTHAL paid. "I .don't j;ct around very \ (lie souml of na orclicsha frnni the much. thotiKh. I leave thu Eocial honors to the man who lives with me." "And who is lie? Do I know him'" and Mrs. Collins paused for a iMoinent fo (ell Maris anil Dan that tticro was dancing for those who felt ambitious for it. stole a picture away frnm a wine with a. few lines." Marls I'arrcll, he midcd. was a "comer." "She'll ho a slur sosuc day if the keeps oa Ihc way she's sning. . . . You incl her, didn't you'.' Siie'.-i Iho iilrl that !nd hnlil o: I3an Horimcr for a while. 1- while," ho said, and Itnghcd. Mis oyoa roved (ho room, nud ho d, "I ilou't KCO them now. Mayho iris has kldiini>cd him. Uou't i"l lier too far, Miss Whiter. iu you, she's dangerous," r\in:o threw hack her head and iked up al him and tanglicd. "I ink flic's beautiful," Ehe eald. "I n't ultimo J)au If lio fulls under •r si:ell. Whero la aho from?" "Minis? Sho's a comparatlro wi'Diuer to tho screen. Shu was orllk-il hy Xiesteld." Mails, ho conllnued, was the kind iit would "set along." "Klic's n 'iy amhitlons sir), and £ho h.ia •u l.nack of helng lovely mid Kreealilo lo ororyouo sho meets." II* added, Jokingly, thai ho woii- icd it tlinl wasn't ouo way ot ItivalinK a lovely and aerceaMo i.~oi!ality for tlio screen. "Nolh- <; lil;o working at It all tho lime, OH Know." Tlii'lr dauco ended, and Collins asiU'd lo know if sho would llko look around Iho houso nnd rounds. "Helen"—Hint was lil.s wife— and 1 arc like r. couplo ot kids illi u new toy, and we lovo lo how on'." 1'iank Manvy was coming toward linn, walking a littlo unslcailily, .ml 1 Anno hastily nurecd. Slio huddcrcd a Htllo to Ihluk ot bolus flim-rcd by Maury and huvliif to islen to his heavy llalteiy. espc- ially since il had heen Rcaioncd •y liis freiiucnt trips lo tho punch -KJW]. So Bho tuld Collins Blio would uvu to explore tho house wilh Lini, mil ho said that il sho would prom- fo lo bo very iiiiict about II ho would even let her tiploo Inlo lli» children's hedrooms. • * . ''•I'LL promise," Anno said Rally, and she loak bis arm. "I v.'iii't make a iionnd." And sho •krd him to lell Iier aboul his children. "A Icadiuf; man ot five," lie told or, "nud a seven-year-old vamp with hair almosl as black aa yours. Klic's not iiulto ns pretty, thouRh." iio andcd, and he drew away for a ;:rcciml and looked at her In Binll- iu;; appraisal; "but 1 have hopes." Ho took- her. Ihen, lo Iho bed- moms where Ilio children lay slccpr.K: but iirst ho had to win Iho cnn- Fc-nt ot the Hinlling lilllo Japanese uirdd who walchcd nearby. "Tsiiika, do you suppose, ynu wild open Ihe door fnr just a liny little pn'k?" lie held n fiustr lo liU lips, and Tsuika considered a "uilc and then nodded. -Collins ?nid, "Tsuika'a very strict with mo abo'.it tins. Aren't you. Tsniku; ii's quiie aauiust. her rules. Well, we'll just bo a BCC- oud." And alltr Anno had seen tho children and admired them, ho strolled with her through the upstairs, and then ho lold her E!IO must ECC the i'.vlininins pool. Only a few guests wore dancing ns they passed the ballroom. Collins said he supposed lliat bis wlfo was coEiiincliii;; anrillier tour somo place. "MaylH; they're over In the dressing rooms hy the pool, picking out their hathiiiK suiia. Von knew we were goius swimming later on, didn't you'.'" "Why, KO," Auuc sairT, Collins said, "Oh, yrs; il wmildu't ho a real honscwarmtng If Ihey didn'l Iry out tho pool. And vouio of Iho fovercil brows," ho added, his smile crinkling Ihe corners of his eyes and slrelchins his litllo mustaciie, "will want a lilllo cool- Ing before (ho uarly'a over. They always do." (To He Continued) OUR BOARDING HOUSE Hf\5 •HTAPED FROM A SAV.FC.R -fti 1 \\ ~ fr , A -TIME -r DEEM 0,0 -TH" 1 vT IS.SATURDAV IF Vot-i BOOTS AM) HER BUDDIES Wf|IK|*H- II' IT WKRE ONLY TKUB! By Martin kiK-Ob TO BOK \T OOt\>M>'. P6«»sV> 11 Wrt COOVD HtVV 'EM'. so wixft -iWttoottu i »». M, tAm «fe MiVt To A\\ ' MI«. ZKK. CNW'T TO XO ! '! Vto.WW 1 . MOW \.<XM. IkiVT, ' NOTICE From May 1 to Seplcmuer 1 3u r dental offices will be closed Mdi Thursday afternoon. Dr. I- H. Moore. Dr. H. A- Taylor, Dr- II. S. Oavis- V. R. WASIIAM—Transfer Daily trips to Memphis. Will pick up and deliver freight and packages - anywhere. Special rates on carload lots. Local Phono 851 Memphis Phone 3-9315 WERT ; He Makes 'Em Set Royal C. Mills Public Accountant and Auditor Specializing In Income Tax, Bookkeeping Systems Vlionc 52 fngram Bids. Blyfneville, Ark FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS HINKLEY TRICK! New York Cotton THAT'S W£ TIWiE COOLOUT DC^JN.UE'U. B£ DO\tJ(sl All 1 TVtAT 8S NEW . YORK. Aug. Gotten closed easy. Open Hii'h Ijjiv O02 VJIE'LL BE LUCliy . IP DOESfOT ro os .'.' Pf-LLA Tooz A AT TUIMX. SO, L *? Spots closed quiet at 1160. off 30. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Anq. 10. (UPl — Open Hi;:h Lmv Cln<;f' 115-1 1154 IU5 1135 1170 1153 115(1 11B3 1200 12Hb HER S.MALI- TART MOAI'N I'OI' KOUD STILL 1 . Spits closed ipiiet at 1112, on YOU BCT-EKCE.PT COMBING IT. VWIsT SlPtDO XOUPKBT IT Closing Stock P' VSO SOliT VJMST TO GO TO THE COM3 \OUR h>40 PMT IT tuct: TE.LL A BUTCH BO3 BUT IT HURTS V/HEV1 YOO OH'" THE MEXT.TO THC ' ' 42 3- G9 3-8 41 1-8 1-1 41 1-P, 1-2 133-8 SHTi-R 2-1 1 -I 3-1 5-8 A. T. and T. Aviation Chry.=ler Ci'.ir.s Service .. Coca Cola Fox Cicr.ern] Electric General Motors . Gris.shv Ciriinou- I. T. and T. ... Montcomcry Tackanl — Rndio Siininnsii ... United . U. S. Si eel At rr.e tur.e Hollanri a:id , oxiiriicnerd a \rri(:ib 1 .e mania fnr I s-prnilntins in tu-ii 1 bulbs. Gani| hiing in '.arc bulbs took hold of all I classes.

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