The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 2, 1957 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 2, 1957
Page 11
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Wifehood, motherhood and homemaking sre the very best, careers a woman can choose. At least I've read, written and talked this philosophy so long that 1 have begun to 'believe it myself. The hours are long, the financial compensation short but the satisfaction that comes with doing something worthwhile rannot be matched. But in practicing these lofty ideals in the course of day-to-day living a person runs into lots of the more- grubby type of duty. In fact, I've found many things about wifehood, motherhood and home- mnking that arc downright unladylike! * » * When a girl becomes a wife, ii is taken for granted that her husband considers her a lady, or why else would he honor her with his name? But it doesn't take long for Lady to find out that the honor 4 also includes washing her Knight's dirty socks, scratching his back when it itches whore he can't reach it. and listening to certain words from him that were certainly never designed for the ears of a lady. Another duty of wifehood that seems to me a little less than ladylike is laying hubby in a strangle hold across your lap while you dig out those pesky ingrown hairs from his neck. * • • If anyone shoud be a lady it should be a mother.-Through the years, motherhood has been exalted so much that many of us who have produced offspring feel that we are running a little short of our obligations if we don't climb up on a pedestal and stay there. This, besides being highly impractical, is a very uncomfortable position so we compromise by trying to convince our youngsters that although Mama isn't a Saint at least she is a lady. But what's so ladylike about washing diapers, cleaning up spilled, oatmeal or separating young combatants to keep them from killing each other? » * w When I became a mother^ I knew I'd have to do lots of" things both 1 inspiring and utilitarian, that I had never done before. But I hardly dreamed that I would have to be on such intimate terms with worms as I am now. You see, I didn't reckon with the possibility that our fam- v ! ily would go into the bait business. It started for the season again this week and although blacksmiths are admonished to ftrike while the iron is hot, night- crawler salesmen are advised to hunt while the worms arc creeping. The rains cooperated by bringing out the worms and Mama cooperated by scooting around the neighborhood on her poor old hands and knees. We were soaked to the skin and the crouch I developed threatens tc become permanent. I fully realize that worm hunting is an undignified .occupation but what really brands me as unlady-like is the fact that I have so much fun doing it! * • • Homemaking is an honorable profession for a woman. It includes receiving guests with genuine hospitality, attempting to make the home a haven of rest and relaxation and making the kids keep their feet off the table at mealtime so that there's sjme semblance of gracious living. These jobs are right up her alley, for a lady but one of the less palatable facts of life is that homemiyung also includes housekeeping and some of the scrubbing and rubbing and lifting thereof are no life for a lady. « » • Take the other evening at our house, (you can take it, too, because I was sick of it shortly after it started). It was the night of the Charity Ball and most local ladies were out cutting a graceful swath on the dance floor. And where, was I? Well, I wan having a ball of my own cleaning up the downstairs bathroom, the dressing closet and part of our bedroom after the w. c. became clogged and flooded the place. Those thoughts I war, thinking while I frantically mopped and the words I muttered certainly didn't come from a lady' The whole process took me the better part of an hour and it was so tiring that Daddy had to lay down for a thirty-minute nap just from watching me. * * * I did gain some valuable information from the experience when I told one of my readers of my tribulations. She said if you ! have a similar deluge at your house and you want to clean it up quick, sweep the moisture into ;i dust pan and then empty it into a bucket. Now she tells me! * * * I also found that I am not alone in my catastrophe. At the Wc> Bartlett home recently, the kids went up to wash for suoper. Thev turned all three faucets on in the lavatory and then couldn't shut them off. It was Father who cleaned UD the resulting mess in this case, but he did it with a pile of freshly laundered bath towels And at the Dr. John Schutters the automatic wn5«er turned itself on in the middle of the nlghf and the two or three inches of moisture was not discovered until morning. But coping with bath of these experiences seems to me more ladylike than having a toilet overflow. Especially in a household that has a built-in plumber! • * • The quality of being a lady has always seemed to me to apply to someone who is charming, serene and gracious tw. nevertheless, someone who is sort of remote from the life around her. I'd like to be a lady under all circumstances but. I can't see how it can be done when a woman is thoroughly involved in being a wife, a mother and a nomemakor. Maybe we should just concentrate on being women. The tas of woman isn't as genteel sounding as, lady, but it has a good earthy ring to it. And I would not be a bit surprised if when we add up all the facets of a woman's world, we would find quite a few of the kindly, courteous and understanding qualities usually included in being a ladv » * * Maybe you will remember that recently I -wrote a column about television advertising and I closed with the idea that if disntis- f action with TV advertiser's claims were as immediate as it is with newspaper readers, the hucksters wouldn't be quite so extravagant. Today, I had an experience that may prove my point. * * * I purchased a bottle of furniture polish made by a very reputable company and one whos* products I have found heretofore to be excellent. I heard about the stuff on a TV commercial and the qualities of removing old dirt, soft drink stains and minor scratches seemed to me to be just what I needed for my furniture. And it was supposed to require no rubbing at all. Well, I applied the stuff according to tli2 directions and I waited the required minutes. On the coffee table were rings that hadn't shown up for months with my usual treatment and on my pride- and-joy, my antique chest were deposits that couldn't be removed without scraping and washing with soap and water. I finally got the furniture back to its usual state of decrepancy but it required a lot of rubbing. 1 checked with a couple of other homemakcrs and they said they had the same experience. Believe ,ffiQ, the company is going to get a letter and it will not be a testimonial. We shall see if there are any results. This week's recipe is for a different kind of pie crust. It came from Shirley Pratt of Clear Lake and although I have not yet made it, I had a chance to sample it when my sister brought me a piece of blueberry pie *vith this crust on it. It was very good and it is said to be easy to work with. 3 cups flour IVi cups lard or vegetable shortening I tsp. salt 1 tsp. vinegar 5 tfiblsp. water 3 egg Blend the flour with the short- pning in the usual manner. Beat up the egg. cHVnbinc it witn trie vinegar and water and blend into the flour and shortening mixture. This makes enough for two double crust, pies and if you arc careful you can also get an additional sin.elc shell from it. —GRACE. New Coach Only Teacher Signed With the exception of the appointment of a new basketball coach, no contracts have been returned to the Algona Community School District bt>ard by other possible new teachers for next year. George Duvall, 29. who has been coaching basketball at Belle Plaine. where his teams i have won 27 and lost 16 during his two-year tenure, was named by the board at a meeting Monday night to take over here. He will conch basketball and baseball and will assist in football and track. The new coach is a native of Ames, where ho played on the stale championship basketball team in 1945 and received a position on the all-slate first tcanv He is a graduate of Utah University and has coached at New Market. Stratford and Belle Plaint since graduation from college In 19!SO. Duvall will replace Warren Morris who came here late last fall following his release from the army. Morris plans to return to Maryland University where he will complete work on his master's degree. Morris served as assistant in football and basketball and is head baseball coach. Harold Shugart handled football and basketball as head coach during the present year. He is also head I Want to Help You ARNIE J. RICKLEFS Phone CY 4-4529 State & Thorington Sts. Your income is the vital link in planning for your future. Let me •how you how to safeguard your income in case of accident or sickness. Call me today. Representing WOODMEN ACCIDENT AND LIFE,COMPANY ALL WELCOME To MULLIGAN - HAYES WEDDING DANCE MAY 7, 1957 AT PLANTATION LYNN KERNS ORCHESTRA 13 Good times ahead! KOPAK Brownie Cameras •Miniature Cameras H . 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Ro'-'einary IK >f Mr and Mrs- Kenneth If IT'S NEWS — Wfi WANT tl PHONE CY 4-448S~ YOUft MtWSPAPtft Fun Ahead COMPLETE BOATING OUTFIT DOWN Balance on Easy Terms Dreamed of owning your own boating outfit? Let Gambles;show you how easy it is to make your dream a reality. Outfit has everything—-power* packed 16 H.P. Hiawatha outboard, high-flying aluminum runabout, deluxe trailer—just everything you need! For excitement and thrills, put your money down on the Hiawatha boating outfit. It's tops I Save $305! Deluxe Aluminum Hiawatha Runabout Hiawatha Outboard 995 Some outfit with 30 H.P. Motor RUNABOUT WINDSHIELD MARINE HARDWARE Glass Casting Rod and Famous ZEBCO REEL $25.48 spinning re^J-rod perfect thumb control^ bronze gears. Designed for r retrieve. 150 yards of lint. T«t*l Price US D*wn FLINT CASTING LINE Regularly 75^. 18 Ib. test, waterproof medium braided black nylon. 50 yds. 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