The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 2, 1957 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 2, 1957
Page 7
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BASEBALL FIELD NARROWS Alflona (let.) Hpf)»r fitf Molne»-7 fhursefdy, M«iy 2, MHTING FISHING * by CLEM ERLANDER TIP.GF.fHE«WEEK : When take pictures of those strings of fish y6u Will catch this coming season try ham- thing It up. Instead of mugging the camera while holding a itfing of fifth across your chest, try holding the string above your head, look proudly up at it — and laugh wide Op»nl And very important, have the picture- taker get up as close as possible with the camera. * * » . A friend of a friend of mine recently returned from the faraway country of India, whore I understand he tried some fishing. On his return, he explained that over there it isn't unusual to see a woman and a mule hitched together. My friend observed that it's not so unusual over here, either, come to think about it. though I knew how to use it. An attendant walked up and asked: "What streams have you been plying lately, Mister?" Astonished, thinking I had a trolling rod in my hands, I carefully ptlt it back on the rack and then asked the price. He replied: $48.50." If all you've got is a $2.95 prewar metal rod, how in the world do you 'graduate' to something like that? * * •• I also saw a boat — made from glass, the man said — that was capable of speeds up to 90 mile; per hour on water. I saw fish baits totally unlike anything 1 aver thought existed, such as a pork rind EEL with hinged parts, designed to catch the monstrous marita rays of the Pacific Ocean. One thing I loved, however, was the 15-minute conversation held with if- representative of "Canoe Trips In Canada." What a wonderful vacation — and what A wonderful way to acquire a hernia! We Can't Catch 'Em For U When Hugo Gade talks aboui bast'oall or fishing, I generally believe what he has to say. In the case of baseball, Hugo's preseason remarks about the Milwaukee Braves nnd their success thus far in the early season have- been pretty well borne out. So When he called me over to take the picture above, showing himself and a 3 or 4 pound Northern, J believed-it-sure enough, b*t I mu;;t admit I was a "oft dumfounded. Hugo said: "Take the picture", which I did, but in a case like this, since the season is not yet open, one has to worry about the game warden, Frank Tellicr. But We'll Help U Do It This Coming Season From Our COMPLETE TACKLE STOCK Try "Coast" For What U Needl RIFLES — SHOTGUNS SHELLS OUTDOOR SUPPLIES , Always at Typical "Coast" Lower .Prices COAST-TO-COAST Store Ed Wolf, Owner , Algeria's Sports "Spot" It's BECKER'S Sporting Goods Store Big Fish Days Coming Up Soon! Get the Habit of Dropping in at BECKER'S To See What's New. UP-TO-DATE FISHING & OUTDOOR INFORMATION AT — BECKER'S I questioned Hugo about this, and he had a ready answer. It seems to me, somehow, that baseball and fishing must go together — lucky in one, lucky in the other. Anyhpw, Mr Gade salemrj- ed stated that he was down by. the river looking over the prospects of good bullhead fishing when, as he leaned down closer to the water Jo get a good look, this Northern rushed, up } and with a big jump tore out of the water and landed in one of his real- overall pockets. No tackle, no hook was being used, and apparently no game laws were broken. Seemingly, it is just on.- of those incidents that happen to fishermen. Quoting Hugo: "When I looked back up after hearing this 'plunk', I happened to t'oel this Northern in my back pocket. Here I was just examining the possibilities of bullhead fishing and a fish jumped in my pocket. I looked at him, just a small Northern, and he loolu-ii so lona- some 1 thought I'd curry him home, and 1 don't im\m home plate." (I't'i'sonally, I'm betting that the Milwaukee Braves, even if they're a pennant winner, won't bring home the World Series bacon they just have toy many crazy fans). * • « I attended the Minneapolis Sportsnu'Ms Show a few woeks ago, the first of such rvi'iils 1 ever witnessed, and I must say I came away wit*, an utterly new and awesome respect for sportsmen of whom with some imagination I '-'lass myself a member. I sauntered up to 'a booth wher«> ti\ey Wfc'i'f displaying about 200 fishing rods, seleeted one and bcijari whipping it around iu..t a* As the "Zero Hour" — May 15th — approaches, there is surprisingly little real fishing news aVSiljSble, Evei"ywhere *in Algona, and throughout the county, fisherman are getting their gear in shape, getting their wives in in shape, getting their wives calm, nnd oiling up for the much talking. So in the absence of real spot fishing news, 1 thought a little Questionnaire feu- fishermen might be in order. This set of questions, which I have prepared, is guaranteed to prove you're a real educated fisherman, and for all who send me their answers I have a special "certificate" that admits you to membership in a new exclusive fishermen's organization. Here are the questions: (1) What fish, besides his real name, is also known by the name "Linesides,?" (2) In what state was the world's record Smallmouih. Bass taken? %. (3) Why is a Perch unlike a Sunfish? (4) What fish, if you were on a northern lake, would you rather catch for its sporting qualities, but would rather noi eat? (5) When fishing *or Bluegills, what type of bait is best: Small minnows, worms, grasshoppers, crickets, pork, bread crumbs, piece of wei- ner? (6) If invited to a Canadian outpost camp in August to fish for lake trout, what kind of line would you take, and how much? (?) What fish is most easily caught by letting the bait sink to the very bottom (of a mud-bottomed river) . >. . and what same fish is Actually an eating delicacy? MAY AND JUNE FISHING At Its Very Beit On Lpke-Qf-The-Woods, Canada WE INVITE YOU TO WHITE PINE LODGE, 9A Lake of The Woods, a completely up-to-date fishing camp nestled among tbe pines on Snake Bay. Fish are really hungry here in May and June. Walleyes, northerns, bass* muskies, crappies. Outpost camp on Highwind and Porcus lakes for lake frout fishermen. Lt. hskpg. cabins, boats, motors, top guides of area. For details write now tft Wyatt N. Peck, Box 2236 N. 0., Springfield, Mo. Summer address' Sioux Narrows, Ont. WHITE PINE LODGE on Lake-Of-The-Woads (8) What town In Nebraska has the same name a» one of the fiercest-striking and fastest of all fish? (9) If you were alone and , lo*j in the noithexn wilds, . wh&h of thtse ifems would you rather have: Ten*, first aid kit, cOrtipaSs, axe, bug spray, rain parka, waier- pfTS&f ftife*ttlis, Canoe, hunting k«tte, rDlft, map? (10) What besides fishing plugs are the Kaultky's of FoH Dodge initially famous fof? Take a poslc&rd, shingle, piece of pfeper or bifchbark or what have you — put down the question numbers and your answers and see what happens. Address your entry to 'Fishing Editor.' They all know me here. Remember a special "token for all who send me their .answers." S6me "fishing e6tt»mnis!s" have all the luck! ... they're actually going to be on the lakes when season opens May 15. Bob Brown, Fort Dodge Messenger, will open the season at Ely, Minn., and Reis Tuttle, will fish at Mille Lacs, .Gull and Leech Lakes up there for the opening. The fishing columnists are having a bi£ whing-ding at Mille Lacs just before the opening. Even Forrest EyashevSki and Bud Wilkinson will be there. Yours truly will be casting off the bridge below town. • * • A couple of last minute tips for season-opener fishermen, (i) A 5 to 6 foot monofilament leade; lied directly to the lure gets fish better than any other hook-up. (2) Just for a change, try fishing with a barbless hook. May surprise you. Swea City 9-8 Victor; Lakota Swea City — Swea City's diamond squad won its first game in three starts this season by topping Lakota 9-8 in an exlra- inning ball game here Thursday. Sophomore-liurler Gary Johnson led the Trojan nine by fanning ten batters while allowing six hits, and further helped himself by belting a homer with one on in the first inning. Vince Pavik, who later relieved Johnson on the mound, also homered, and accounted for the winning run with a bases-loaded triple in the bottom pf the eighth. Pitcher:-; for Lakota were Rippentrop and Junketneier. Junkeineier and Brack homered for the losers. Sweti City's next contest will be the sectional opener with St. John's of Bancroft Ht 8 p.m. Mon-' day at Bancroft Memorial Park. Mixed Doubles Tourney Opens Plans for a city mixed doubles handicap bo w 1 i n g tournament were announced last weekend by Larry Knoll, operator of Larry's Lanes. Entries can be inade now with one in every four entrants assured of a prize. Keglers may bowl only once with the same partner, but can compete with another as a separate team in the event. Action will get underway this Friday and Saturday, May 3-4, and continue next week, May 8-910. Paul Hasse Hits 212 Pin Line Paul -Hasse was top kegler ai •Hawkeye Lanes this week with a 212 lino. Other men fiver 200 were Clayt Pittman 210, 203, 208, Ken Roney 210, Red Steeker 200, John Hike 204, Merle Baker |Q4,"WaLb r Erdman 205, Jack Fraser 2T)1 and Jake Thilges 204. Studer's Stork Farm and Seven- Up retained their comfortable leads in the American and National leagues respectively. Briggs Hits 215 Soup Briggs was top man at Larry's Lanes this week with a 215 line. £eke Winkel was right behind with a 214 total. Seneca, Tyke, St. Johns Are Early Victors Seneca, St. John's of Bancroft nnd Titonka advancecT'while five other county teams fell in first round sectional games at seven sites Monday afternoon and evening. Here are the results: At Bancroft Seneca 22, Grant 1 St. John's 11, Swea City 0 At Bode West Bend 20, Gilmore City 3 At Coroith Corwilh 10, Wesley 0 At Graellinger Graettinger 6, Ringsted 5 At Kanawha Kanawha 4, Boone Valley 2 At Rodman . Rodman 13, Whittemore Presentation 3 At Thompson Woden 19, Lakota 0 Titonka 16, Rake 3 Fourteen games were played yesterday afternoon and evening (May 1) and winners of those contests will meet in finals at all sites Friday for sectional titles nnd the right to advance to disv trict competition. Wednesday's slate found Lone Rock vs. Hurt -and St. John's vs. Seneca at Bancroft; Twin Rivers vs. St. Cecelia at Corwith; Gruver vs. Dolliver and Armstrong va Graeltinger at Graettinger; Belmond vs Kanawha and Meservey vs. Britt at Ka'nawha; Cylinder vs. Rodman and -Whittc- morc vs. Fenlon at Rodman; and Thompson vs. Ledyard and Woden vs. Tilonka at Thompson. A total of 11 county teams were still in the running up 'to Wed^ nesday's semi-final round activity. Hudson & Winke! Share Pin Honor Andy Hudson and Zeke Winkel shared top bowling honors at Larry's Lanes this week with lines of 203. Ed Mittag was right behind with tf 201 count. The KCs and ZendeVs assured themselves of titles in the Mon- dny and Tuesday night loops-. With one week to go, both hold commanding leads and cannot be overtaken. Seneca Wins 2 Baseball Tilts Seneca — • The Seneca Indians chalked up two wins in baseball this past week. They downed Grant 13-3 and on " Thursday afternoon they overpowered Whittemore, 12-8* In the Grant game Seneca collected 13 runs on 7 hits. Grant collected their 3 runs on 5 hits. In the Seneca - Whittemore game Seneca scored 8 runs on 7 hits in the bottom of the sixth KOSSUTH COUNTY PORTS Discuss New State Line League, 6 To 10 Teams City — Representatives of the Stale Line conference schools met at Swea City, Tuesday evening, with several non-member schools in the area to discuss the possibility of enlarging the conference, not only in number of member schools but also in regard to handling more extra-curricular activities through the conference. Slate Line schools represented were Armstrong, Ledyard, Lakota, Burl, Thompson, and Tilonka. Non-member schools invited to the meeting to consider the possibility of joining the conference were Ringsted, Sentral, Rake, and Swea CJly. High school enrollment in the above schools. all of which are in Kossuth and adjoining counties, ranges from 75 to 180. The group discussed various sports, including boys' basketball, girls' basketball, football, etc., some of which are not offered by all the schools. White no definite dedsloiis were reached. It Was fell thai the meettng served as a basis upon Which the varidUs schools can eventually work out a mutually advantage, ous organization for the area. The six State Line schools will meet later to determine whether ft, formally invite Rmgstcd, Raks. Sentral, and Swea City to join the conference. wate ....,' borne by (he purchaser. Certified check payable to the Sentral Community School District, in the Counties of Kossuth and Palo Alto, State of Iowa, for Two Per Cent <2'»,) of the principal amount of the bonds is required with enrh bid. The right is ro- served to reject any and all Bids. 7 Published by order of tho Board of Directors and dated April 29, 1957. /s/ Marjorie Countryman Secretary (Published Mny 2 and May 9, 1957. in Tho Algona (Iowa) Upper DCS Molnes ) NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF ETTA M BENEDICT, Deceased. IN PROBATE Notice of Appointment of Administrator IN THE DISTRICT COURT OP IOWA IN AND FOR KOSSUTH COUNTY TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has been appointed and has qualified ns Administrator of the estate of EHa M. Benedict late of Kossulh County, Iowa, Deceased. AH persons in any manner indebted to said Deceased or his estate will make payment to the undersigned; and those having claims against sold deceased or his estate will present them in like manner and form as by law required, for allowance and payment. Dated this 30lh clay of April, A.D., 1957. Russell G. Buchanan Administrator of said Estate. Russell G. Buchanan. Attorney (Published May 2, 1957, in The Algona (Iowa) Upper Des Molnes) Shea Hug Sheep again fms Year. Clyde BrHtow Phone 6 Btifftf , IOWA 16-22* L. S. BOHANNON A friend's outboard motor was replaced when it fell over- boa|d. Another's hunting and fishing^ equipment was insured when it burned in a cabin. Is it true that one all-risk insurance policy can be written to* Include all types of sporting goods? For the answers to your insurance questions, feel free to call me at the Boharmnn Insurance Agency. Phone CY4- 4443. inning to come from an 8-6 deficit to put the game on ice foil the Indians. Seneca collected 11 hits while Whittemore had 7. Looft had 15 strikeouts and the Whittemore pitchers, W. Smith and G. Meyer, had 6. Battery for Grant was Woods and Tokheim; for Whittemorei Smith nnd Meyer with Bill be-, 'hind the plate. The Seneca battery for both •games was Looft and Kauffman. 14 Burt teachers Plan To Return -Burl — The Board of Education Of the Burt Sc-hool announces that the following teachers have signed contracts for the 1957-58 school year: Mrs Sybil Dangelser, Miss Jean Nolan, Mrs Christina Christen, Mrs Myrle Button, Mrs Neona Thompson, Mrs Beulah Lee, Mrs flprtha Newbrough, Mr Larry Beckley, Mr Russell Castor, Mr :Keith Culbertson, Mr Ray Inner, Mr Everett Lockhart, Miss Erna Baars, Mrs Mary Petersen. •Mrs"Marlene Stenzel, present third grade teacher, has resigned and plans to remain out of teaching next year; Mr Roy Vanderhoff, present shop and Math, teacher, has resigned and plans to remain out of teaching; Miss Nadine Fortna has not returnee her contract and is awjiitint! developrrients from Colorado Springs, Colo., where she is being considered for a position in 'that school svstem. IF IT'S NEWS — WE WANT IT KIDS! You're Invited To Take Part In The V.F.W. MARBLE TOURNEY Saturday, May 4 MAPLE PARK - STRATS 1 P.M. , Age Classes — Prize To Winners COOK'S RADIATOR REPAIR k-. B 5 SERVICE The First To Introduce INLAND FLO-TEST SERVICE IN ALGONA •••••••••••M We Give Inland Flo-Test To Our Customers Inland Recommends $1.50 Charge No Charge For This Service To Our Customers NOTICE OF SALE OF BONDS Scaled bids will be received by the undersigned Secretary of the Board of Directors ol the Sentral Community School District, in the Counties of •W ?'\ cl l! alo ,AHo. State 51 Iowa. il 2 °,Sl ock PJW - of «"e 23rd day May, 1057, for Four Hundred FHtv n anU D° llars ($«0,000LOO) School PV d J"£ nonds ' o£ SAM District, at rvrri e f 11 ^ W , 1U bo P««*nted to tha Board of Directors of said School hofri St M 1 its nce , iln S to be then Held at the gymnasium of the nubile school building in FentoA. Iowa, and in: said School District, and after lh° receipt of open bids the bonds will b <? sold to the highest bidder for cash u,*7 ald rb ° nc| s will be dated May ". 1S5?, of the denomination of $1000.00 S? C l\\ «J?«r IU 'S atufe ln InBtaTlmSnS 2* $15.000.00 on November 1, 1938, and 830.000.00. on November 1 of each of "14- years J!)59 to 1003 inclusive, and S25.000.00 on November 1 of each of &S't3*M* 1DG i to *P lnclus ive. and $30,000.00 on November : of each of iJnn&'nn 5 •""*, to ^ '"elusive, and $10,000.00 on November 1. 1976 The School District will furnish the approving opinion of Messrs. Chapman and Cutler, lawyers.. Chicago, tlflnols. he -purctfasert to furnish the pffiited bonds and all bids must be so conditioned. Expense of delivery at any point other than at Fenton, Iowa, to CITY MIXED DOUBLES BOWLING TOURNAMENT May 3,4,8,9,10 HANDICAP BOWLING, COMBINED AVERAGE ENTRY FEE - $2.05 Per Person $1.05 Bowling Expense $1 For Prizes. 1 Prize Every Four Entries. Bowl Once With Same Partner, Again With Another '-,-•?'• Call CY 4-4238 For Appointments * LARRY'S RECREATION Algorm, Iowa "TP B" •••••••••••••••it, (••••••••••••••••••••••••••'l Diamond's Surplus Brings You TACKL Zebco — South Bend Shakespear — Airex Pflueger — Langley — Trimline Longfellow —. Conlon , Wright & McGill Nationally-Adverted/Brand Name' Tackle That Every Fisherman Knovysl ,.'.-. The Most Noted Names in Fishmgl . . , I n One Big Piamond's SuVplHS Special Offering .Now a* Wholesale Prices! AH right in Manufacturers' Original Boxes! Check Below For Items You Want for Season Opening! . . . Come To Diamond's Surplus For First Pickings This Weekend! Casting Reels ZEBCO Casting -, N4t. Adv. Price — $12,50, Dia- mend's Wholesale Price 7.99 SOUTH BKNP Casting — Nat. Adv. Price—$6,50. Diamond's Wholesale Price 4.71 SHAKESPEARE Casting — Nat. Adv. Price—$12,001 — Diamond's Wholesale Prico 7.77 PFLUEGER Casting — Nat. Adv. Price — f 12,0Q, Diamond's Wholesale Price 7,77 J. A. COXE Casting — Nat. Adv. Price — $9.85. Diamond's Wholesale Price .......„-..-._,.„,,..., 6.88 Wholesale Prices! TACKLE BOXES — Single tray — Nat. Adv. Price -r- $1,98. Diamond's Wholesale Price , „ 1.43 TACKLE BOXES — double cant, tray -^ list &dv, Price — $2,79. pllmood's Wholesale Prise — 2.QQ TACKLE BOXES - Nat. Adv. Price — $1459. Disc mood's Wholesale Price 8ftc FISHING RODS , (Casting) ACTION ,Gl«f» Casting—Nat. Adv. Price—$12.95. Diamond's Wholesale Price —- 7,71 GLASS CASTINQ—Nat, Adv. Price — $8,95. Diamond's Wholesale Price , „__ 4.27 (Many, Many Others „ Too Numerous To Mention) Bullseye Special MM Rod & Reel Set For Kids, Ladies. Beginners 2.99 FISHING RODS (Spinning) LONGFELLOW oiass — Nat, A4v. Prfce — Jf .95. Diamo^l's w Price -- IIOHT & v. Prlce~-$14.95. Dl '* W W A Wholesale Price ...... : 19,87 SPIN-CASTING POPS i,owe«t Prices In All lowal ilat. Adv, Frice— $1,85, DU, mood's Wholesale Price M? FISHING LINE* -, Prices Id Low Cannot Mention Here CHQICI OF ANY FISHING LEADE \ m Spinning Reels ZEBCO Spinning ~~* Nat. Adv. Price -, $fp.5U, Pia- mond's Wholesale Price - U.77 ^ANGUSY.Bplnflci — Wat. Adv. Price — *J7,W. pi* mond'B Wholesale Price „ _____ „„ ........ ,-,- 10.88 TRIMMNf; — Nat, tfiiwttini* *-*• *«**• rtviT, Price -T $7.9$. Diamond's !, Wholesale Price 4.73 5 ARIEX Spinster — Nat. S Adv. Price — 512.95. Pla» 5 mend's WholPsale Price J; 8.77 Wholesale Prices I FIBRE SET U»E — 15-lb. test, Wat. Ady, Price—$145. Diamond's Wholesale m Price , 144 m Guwd AKgrov. Nat, ^rice *•" §7,95. Diamond's Wholesale Price ----- 5.98

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