The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 10, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 10, 1930
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, BECKIIBKU 10, 10.10 JH.YTHEVILLF:, (AKK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents a word for firsl Insertion and one cent n word for each subsequent InEcrUon. Ko advertisement t'iken ;or less lhan 50;. Count the words and send the cash. I'hono 30G © /9so LyW.\ ^EOVICG.INC... ANNE AUSTIN au&HrtsO/' 'TIIE DUCK PIGEON' "itlE AVENGING Pr>W?OT "MURDER BACKSTAIRS' OUR BOARDING HOUSE FOR SALE TOll SALE—Two Walker hounds, i-vo and five yeau olei. One (rained on dicr. other iiaril/ train. cu. Both lor 515. W. M. Taylor Keiscr, Ark. 2P-K11I FOR SALE—1-Hre insurance ajency, I pays $200 to Sl^O n:o-.:th!y. UU-L-1 CLI company in world. Terms if | dciircd. "IV, '.( Courier! News. . -IP-K1! car. 203 West! SP-KH I 1'Olc. SALE — Modern »!ne-room homo en \\'est Main street, fur- j nac; lieat, garage. All modem; conveniences. '1 his place v;as [:rac- | lically ic'Diiiir in Ji'snraty, 19S1. :u«l | icprcsi-nts an i live Mm cut in ex-1 eocs of 515,000. Will be sold at a bargain, either for cash o: on easy terms to responsible perron. This is one of the most dcsira'o'; plricei in Ulvthmlie ar.ei touicl coiruim. :i a haudsonte psicc under normal t:i:i:i\ IIKHK ro 1 1. xv Jl \MT.X MII.MI li HI !:rIO|ii-. i:i'i:l:i)lnu ,)f III? ".li-ulli l::in:l" *!m\v< Mini ilu- lulliin IIIK li-nl -ipi.iirn-!-t[} (tir iiiurJvri (I. Ill: Ill'.rvilMI mid IMI.I.V . M-i-iru-r In I la- Mitnilu.iu >lll::>i. In Mln'i , lu.rt :uir uriil In Mt-i ivMi'li It fniiit IUT liliilj::iliJ l i:i'-.!.|-. I-'UKl.V quickly roiucil his yluoiu. Caplaln fussy wife—was si vice iircdldenl! Kirawn was loo iltrcct.In his mcth-1 Another liny fact lo bo tucked ads. tco afraid o( antagonizing Hie lawny. . . . Slie luid opened her nc- win i^lrl'!, mid did mil hrnr M1IS III M.AI 1 . in (In- dining numi >ilt!l •ll'.-U KV ••lll.i:s, rlrii: Inr Urn .111:1:;: il P .:ISIIAI.I ,:nj JIKI\ I.'HV;;!':. I'l-uih:;: lu ki-.i:ir-i:.-:> :MII| FOR SALE—HGUEC Davis. nl'Cl.'.Cl I-:, ^iio hr:it Mta :u:il irl:o v:ntK< mil! \\rjil hilii Iho v.itii .1 xxivr in\i!« ri:.s.\x C;:M.\. K tti mm- rich and Influential, to liave per- uilttcil even a "*pednl Investigator" fiom tlie district altorney's oliice to tormonl thoss 12 people needlessly, jl'iotiatjly Strawn, feeling u Mule I hurt at having played second flilille 'nil evening. ]r»0 simply wanted to him lus:.t'il. was even now lillug mt>r MIC effect of his us boast. . . . I Mni'li clircreel, Duruleo llngoieil itn tin; illnlii; toiim wlinse windows lie tr.ii made against any in- 'triislon, so Hint Ma task ol euarJ- | Ins the liouse alone might he sis.xi.i. As lie glanced nt ' M.MI- jtable, v.Itli Us silver plates tlie < -.UOI.YN immi: lirhl;;--. KAl.l'll llAll-.HIMl laiicllttvy pa> willi tiny :.:ir,dwlclics of caviar anil Its liny sliver boats •of olives anil sweet pickles, ho dls- .al location. Address Edgar G. Harris, West Point, XUss., or see N'itk Thomas. QC-K1G FCH KENT UnJ u-,)ii:)i'luitl ly ri l lca-rs ilie frllnr.l llir i.Arr.S[\ I::- IN In l)O^ 'ssl<ln ol FOB RENT—Furnished apartment, garage. 305- Douean. 5p-kl3 FOR REN'T—Furnished apartment all nc\v!y furnished. Five rooms and bath. .Can give possession December 15th. Located 1032 West Walnut Street. Phone L. L. Ward, (J50-W3. SCK-TP FOR RENT—SO acres, fine land in! Flat Lake, for 'i cotton or j money rent. Address Sir?. Oeo.: Tucker. Pace, Miss. PP-K12 | FOR RENT—Six room modern res- I Mence, furnished or unfurnished.! Will rent cheap to ]:crmatu:u: ptnty. Aiio five rccm frame buikl- ir.?. Dr. Suliba, Plione 410. 10C-K17 MI\V t:o II.N \vrr:i 'r;:t-: s'i'oiiv CilAPTEK XIX A I.TIKIL'GM LouLie Hind;-? had /-/, taUc-n L';ii:;r:in Strav.n's nniic- loo-:;i!it!o IM:-||[!^ gib= willi uood Eiaee, it wns ;i very thoiistitiul yonns detective who set about lock- ln.1 liiiuscli" in the hoiue in wlile'i Xil:i S.'lilM I:. nl bc;'ti tnnu'evcil. anil :covered that lie waj very hungry | iudccil. . . . I ,48 !:? iniuiclic;: l!'<? drying sand! wicl.os ai::! s!r.;:cii charged j water-tire various iinuois (or trails on tire sideboard offered : temptation which ho sternly re!.' !LI!—Dundee's thoughts boiled iu;;3 churned, throwing up picture after picture ot Nila Sellm, alive and (lien dead; of Penny Grain— Ijless her!—helping him ot the pc-iiso of her loyalty lo lifeloni, friends; ot Flora Miles, lying des P'jrately and llien confessing to a shameful llieft; of Karvn Marshall saltanlly playing out the '.'death llrand"; ot Karen's stricken,'childby: face when she learned that her elderly husband had met and at leribt tlirled with Nila Seliui at a eliorus girls' party. . . . Al that last picture Dundee flushed. Had he niado a fool ol him- roiurr, niiparcutly, on April 21, Mm ilay vt her arrival In Hamilton— Ilio finest .'mil employe ot Mrs. 1'elcr Dimlan. Probably !x>ls Uunlnu had advanced lier the ?200 as llrst nay- lueiil for lier vrosnocllvo work In organizing ti Little Tliealcr move- ueut iu lliimilioii. Turning rapidly throusli Blubs, Dundee, slopped twlco, whistling ofily with aiua/.eiiiciil caoli lime, 'or on April i!S, and nealn on May i, Nlla Seiim Inul deposited SGflOO! iVIiero had she sol Ilio money! iVere Iho sums, possibly, trntiBicrH from accountB lu New York hanks? lUrdljj -likely, that -ft. lllllcv liroad ivay hanger-on had hail so much haul cash on deposit. Tlieu where had die got 11—5501)0 al n lliuo, here in Hamilton? 1DI.ACKMAILT . . . Hastily hill thoronslily Dinidco ran Ibroiisli tho remaining died: stubs. . . , N'o record at all of a ciieci; for rent n:a<ij out to Judge Huso Sl»:-3liall! bi:t there was a stub that Inter etlei! him. Cheek No. 17—N'lta bad spent her money lavishly—was filled in aa follows, lu Nila'e pretty liackhaud: No. 57—5HOOO. May 0, 1930. . To Trust flept. • For Inveslmcdt. lind John C. Drake, who us Tlco president 111 charge of trusts and investments had doubtless bandied ihc check, wondered at nil where ilio SOOOO bad come from? One. other revelation came out ot the 23 fllled-ln otubs. On every Mon- self, or was ho right In his iiail promised to guard !|::ciim thai Hugo terbhall ] 1: , ilay Nita Scllm had drawn a clicck 11 for ?10, to her mahl, Lydla Carr. 11:1:11 iui(!r.i;,::l. C:ipt;:in Si;a\vn hail beaten !i!ci lo tha juh tb:it cveiiing by r,t least ?.') inliiiitcj. Hail the olil detective s'i:sri!:lcd uvun something which N'lla Scllm this collage rent Acatn Dundco whistled. Forty fn:o? That point should be easily settled, nl auy rate. . . . Ruefully reflecting tbat appe- tlzeis do not make a satisfactory mc-al ho betook himself to Ihe liead liis spcc' . v.-oman's Iiofiroom. . . . Yes. Ills thcrou FOK RENT—Two rooaxs and bath. [ furnished or unfurnished, close [ in. 700 West Ash St. 1CG-TF I jOR RENT—Alodcrn'9-room home on West Main street. Furnace heat, easage. Possetsien January. 1. Address Edgar G. Harris, West j Point, Miss., or see Nick Thomas, j 3C-Klfil WANTED li.-.d b;on unable lo tuin up because Strawu had supprcsEeil it? Only bis opliiuistic faith In tho old detective's willingness to co-operate will) Iriiii, now that lie was no lougir a member ot Strawn's Iroiaiciile £<iuad, bad kept him from askiu;! Strawn pointblanlc if Iho "dentil ciianibcr." as the newsuapera wouhl i)o calling it, had yielded up some crloc -cd. or i 1 " clnol 'y ilarl s was her desk WANTED — Washed and ironed tent white lion: V04 S. Lake St. unmistakable clue. What it Strawu'B jiarting boast Family Washings, j wa? nit an idle one. and ho really Mr: conipe- 1*3. Brov.r., i 17CK-TF b.vl "the goods" on Ralph ir.oud? Hud tbo old chief been WANTED-To Iradc Olds mobile Sedan for goccl radio. Hobcrts Gaiajc, Broadway. 5C-K12 laucliing up his sleeve durir.s the farce ot playing out the "death hai:d at bridge," and during the quizzing of old Judge 1 WANT to trade a iifv: $110 Sing- i er Maciiine for car, incdel | "T" Ford preferred. Cal! at Kufus Ulc-s, 203 West Davis. OP-KU Jiarsi-all? Uut his nallvo comrarnsrnse him well. Here a small, feuiiniue affair of rosewood, set in tho corner ol tho room nearest the porch door. The was not locked. As Dundee let down the Elauci'is ltd, tlollars a week ivas, he wagered to himself, moro money lhan any ether maid in Hamilton was lucky enough to receive! Nlta In a new light—an over-generous Nlla! Or —was Nila herself payluu liluck- mail o;i a small scale! He reached iuto a piseon-hole whose couteuUi—a thick packet of unused envelopes—had not been illsturlicd by Strawn, auc! FM about to remove an envelops fa -which to '!elil Hutu lie to open II? \V;M ho not the icproscnlallvo o( iho titloriiKy? . . . Ami he inihi'i,iKiM\ iho enveln[ie. It mil opened very i-.islly imlecit-lis 'lap luid yiddeil liislantly lo lih li'.nnhnall, . , . Walt! It had lieeu foo c.isy. I!;, 'oio unfulilliiB l>ie hlter or \,l :it- •vcr It wan. Diimlri) examliKil il:c Inn of ilio eiivi'loji?. . . . Yef! !!u wna not the llrst to open It siix-o Us orlylunl BealliiB. t!od Riant hu liartu't dcslroyeil any Irll-ialc liu«,.r- learn nuy secret Hun ,Nita s.ilm liail rcconlcil herd . , . I'ciliu|i3 Nlla liersell hail unsealed Hie letter to mako an iidilltluu or u iMrirc- llun? I, whatever il.iiiuii;c hrnl i..,.ji ilune was iluiio nuw, ami ho uilRlit as well read. . . . i-'lvo mttmlca Inter IViunlo Drni- iliu wrig rr.clni; Uirniijfli the ilinii;;; Vl'W.I. IIUsllIlIB 0[H'II I he HWlll!;llli; iloi-r that led Into Iho Imili'r'a | Iiy. Where tbo devil weie Ibe sio|i:i thst led down lulo Iho Imsciiieiri? A precious mluulo was \ail liulmo h'j illscDvercil that a iln;ir In HID dark back liall ciieucil UIIDU tbu ilccp slalru. . . . AN iiiishndcd licht, datiBlliiB finio tire ceiling, revealed the f-.rrnan u one comer of Hie Uls liaseiiivnl, sundry equipment lu another. Ho •>lungea on. ... That must bo iho ainld's room, behind that closed door. . . . God! What It slin Im-l CF.'aiieil, while lie bad been tnuiu'li- caviar and iinrhoiy s-aml- wiclies? A fne guard he'd br:n. And it wasn't ns It he hadn't had a dim suspicion ot the trulh. . . . The knoh turned easily. He fiwi upcm the door. And then his kuoi-s nearly gave way. si> tremendous Ills relict. For there, on tho PAGE FIVB By Ahern F6AD, fsv'UOS I IT PLEASES To UM/G N'OU SWING- INTO CHRISTMAS IDEA AND, MARK'YOU, IT WILL BE UKE.A BOOMERANG' THE QUICKEST WAY To MAKE YOUR- • SELF HAPPY, is -TO MAKE SOMEONE ELSE HAPPY.-IT ISN'T WHAT You GIUE, BUT TO MOM YOU 6|l/E IT THIS- YEAR-CHRISTMAS DAY IS GOWG, TO BE A- MERRY ONE THE UNFORTUNATE AMD UUEAtPLOYED ! WE "" 1-lELP SEE TO polish was nianv, wilh place tbo all-Important checkbook many fingerprint, he saw that its contents ware in a hopeless jumble. Se Strawn had beaten him to this, too! Had lie found au all-important cluo In one of the many little pigeon-holes and drawers, stuffing It into his pocket Just before a bump- lions youus "special Invest!Rotor" arrived? ...... But Dundee's reluraiiiK gloom was ir.slr.ucly dispelled. Here was Nita's checkbook, a flutter of filled- In stubs attached to only one remaining hlauk check. So Nita bad banked with Hie Hamilton N'alional liank, of which John C. Drake— who auoarenllv haled bis fallish. wlicu he ncticetl something sltglitly jiecnliar. An envelope In the middle of Ihe packel looked rather thicker Ibau an euiply CHSO should. .. . . But It was not empty. And across the faco ot tho expensive, cream-colored linen p^ncr was written, in that fame nrctty, very legible backhand: TO DE OPENED IN CASE OF MY DEATH —Juanlla Lelgli Selim. His heart liammcrinr, and his fingers trembliui;, Dundee- urev.- out two close-written sheets of creamy uoleoaner. Alter all. who bad bet- thin mattress of R iron bed, lay tbo woman ho so ardently desired lo see. She had hccn nsleeii, ami tl:o noise lio had uuule Blarllcil her into panicky wnkefiiliicss. Inslliulivcly her hand flew lo the rulued Icfl side of her lace. "What—? Who—r- Lydla Carr gaspsu, struggling lo a slllliij; iiosi- lioa, only to fall back aa uri'.iscR swept over her. 'Von remember mo?" Duu p l n a panted. "Uuinlcs o! tho dbtiif. »t- toruey'3 ofliee. I question^ yo'J (bis aflernoon—" The woman cloaeil Ihc ciugle eye Ll;at liad eErriUid Ihe accident vrhkh had iimrrCL tiei so hideously. "I—remembp;-. . . . I'm bick. . . . 1 told you all I know—" "Lydia, why didn't yoil tell ma it was your mistress, MM. Sellm, who dill—that?" Diimleo dc- rr.aud'jd £ten:ly, iioititini; lo 11.o woman'H sightless left eye, a:i'.l BOO r fS AND HER BUDDIES A TRICK PLAY GONE WRQNG! I HW By Martin {To lie Cnnlhuic:!) New York Cotton NEW YORfi. D?;. 10 (UP) POULTHY \VANTED-Market ;)ri- cc=. any quantity. Marilyn Hat- j tou'cioscu"barely'steady" cnery. 210 S. Fm:ri!i SI. ac-TF j PERSONAL Dec "'" new) (o:d) Open High Lr NOTICE !o whom it m.iv concern, i : I have posted my farm, NV/hj: cf Src(io:i r,. Township 15. Rar.-o i ' 13 East, Mississippi Cciinty. Ark.! : Tres];assers will be i):o.=ceiUe;i. i SP-iCllj 10?.2 1012 1032 1C23 1C8'1 1101 1107 1053 1013 1033 10.12 1058 1084 1102 1120 hereby declared and tins ordinance , | shall be in full force from and °°-"| tftcr its passage, Passed December 0. 1930. NEIIJ, REED, 1003 1031 1057 1077 100(i 1032 HOT 1C09 103-1 1070 Attest: a. C. Craia. City Ck-r'k. Mayer. ! Tlis Coliseum and Live Stock , Pf.vilion at Toronto, Canada, is said ' Spots closed" emfeV"at ibis, ofFlo. to . bc U !° inl = cst ' show building of SEXIOES. GIlKATi:ST S.11OKKKS NORTHAMPTON, Mass., (UP) — Tliu Icngor a yirl stays in colics: Ncw Orleans Cotton lyp^'in Ihe '.vorld. It covers six- a half acres under one the mnre .she smoke";," according lol Ctllcn cloied steady. NEW ORLEANS. Dec. 10 (UP)— Icen and ; roof ami lions for 12,000 persons. Unemployment Blamed For Prison Conditions GARY, Hid. ' IUP)— Unemployment, not prohibition, causes overcrowded prison conditions. Waller H. Daly. 'warden of the Indiana slate rvrnitrntinrv said. He exported the situation to be remedied within the next decade. "Lake County, Indiana, its laige foreign poptilalion ancl prosi- mily to Chicago, has only four out of 208 prisoners in tile state peni- has sealing acconnnoda- i tentiary on liquor conviction?." ; Daly said. "The same ratio Irue in every oilier cnunlry in Indiana, desiiitc Ihc fajt that thc- Jloosler dry b'.vs are Ihe most stringent, in the country." Long prison terms arc cause of the overcrowded lion, lie snicl. anotli^r condi- WMX ,SlS — \1 VOOKfe U\Ct IS BUMPS.; RATS WALK TIGHT ItOl'E NORTH ST. PAUL. Minn., (UP) —Thrive crey raU put. un a tialit- rcpe cxliibillC'ii hiph aijovc the city' streets while citizens applauded.! The rodents climlied a telephone i pc^ an started cut across thei street on the cable. Finally they! toak a "dealh dive" lo the ilrcetj and .scamiK'rcd away uninjured. | a survey of Smith C:l : e;e stu-1 dents' finokini; habi!,-,. Of a to::ii. Dfc of (520 friY>n:e;i, 2--n do not sincl-.c.J ^ nn while .of a total of 460 i._'i::ors, eiuy' Mar 117 do not smoke Open Hiyh I/ v. Clure 1-HECKLKS ANJ) IMS FRIKN'DS THE MYSTERY KIDER AGAIN PAVING TAX Time lo pay I'.-iving Taxes is ;r(tii]|; slmrl. Tbc penalty is ;DD high for a:iyonr to neglect ?a.vins before the iicoks Close— ISi'lli-i- I'ay Xow— C. .1. EVUAIll). !)n nut delay lo ply I'AVING AND S1CWKH TANKS IXc. :ilit is tiie last Day. I'ay loiiay nnd avoid the ms'.i. G. <J. CALDlI.i,, Coilcitor. May Juf Oct IU7 !030 1123 1627 1030 1057 1032 1101 Spcss c:r?s::i :tcady 1003 1CM 1035 1057 1077 1094 1033 073, off H. 1C01 1007 •030 1C3C 1074 OKDiN/iXcs r:o. 372. AN O!;L::::ANCS KrouLA'tiKc; LCCAIIOX C : -' TAXI ANi> OTi'EK CARS !-'O!l !::RE. FIXING !^\ALTY. AND OTHEi: PUIii'CS;:.- BL: IT c:':'JAiNEn p.r TISE CIT'/' COCXCIL Cr THE CTiY OI' WALPOLK Kleclric Work i'lioni; 311 i BLTIIiLViLLE ARK.: :::;•:. .1 1. Al! iivrcon;;. n:;;is c; l cci'pOi.ilioiu c.]:.ii»'.iu; or niniii- lliat s'jcti'-n of the City desicnalcti as I!K f:.--: ilMiict of in? Ciiy cl ..." (.ciiMictin:; t!i<-i.' Liuincss r.iiti' in j:vev;'.le n ]:i:.ce lo p?rk tliclrj \.'lik:c', vh::i 1:0: i-.iriv;:-,^ pa;-i TM.S OMIY GG:T CUT OF TUlS VALLEY IS To CO THRCtlS WASH TUHUS By^BIpsper KAY Oil!- b.-ile nr a train lend. HAH COHN. shuck- tn. S^c b:i. Sniick oil, CGc pc: Su.. in car lots. Cullon Shirs Sales Co., inc. Uiylheviilc. Ark. Plicr.e I7i or LD 1E05. Sfc;:o:: '2. I: sh.'.ii bc unluv-ru! ;s keep, or.:r,'.!e o.' ir.aintain it taxi blar.ri or service car .stand vh:rc cars 'are kept to:- hire on the streets or alleys wilriiu the fsr,' <:i;'.ii<' J In 1 Hie pavkui;, of HM r.nd cars portins; Section in: hire while no*. i;,in?U. Any pcrsm. firm c. 1 corpc.'aUon vio'.r.lir.^ the piovi:-in:i: of liiis eic!ii;a::ce shall i:? isncd. •ipr.ii tor..-:i-'ir,:i. in any s':ns nc,' i less Ihau $25.00 and not more liuiu • $100.00 i Section 4. Wlv.-fcas drivers ol .MM and o:.'.'v cr.r, lor ii'.;c ih\\c I'ay > I'rics For JACKSON 202(1 .Mnm Than H;ilf Auto Paris'.' UTO PARTS I'!K,!!<; (ili I^SERVONt (5 BWEWrtLESSLy WWTiNG FOR THt " U PP.OPeSSOR.To PROP TH.6 BOM?,. Wr\RW ME MtXCWNE - AN ai'.d l;«:co:ne « i;ii:>..i:ire iir.el \}:c prc.-cnl p.irkiri. ?.:i<i ope:-.u;r,ii of •.3\i .iiui K^virc era's ir.U'iUrc '.uiiti ' t^ fii-M' 1 ' i i -i:!.1i!.>n a' lijfll: ,<;:cl i.aikin;. tiii.; ordinance h'. i:cei^a:y !or i!is p!iij!:c ])..ia'.' 10U, BEFORE V. 8LDV) SER. BRWNSQUT'/ 1NTKKHUPTION! f By.' Crane ' Tt) STEM. OOR TOR WlEEKS. WtTWOU&VVT VJE'P UOST 'EM.

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