The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 18, 1957 · Page 37
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 37

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 18, 1957
Page 37
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iv' „„..*,,„ , * v - feufc April 18, $ V£i th .<v fc d Mr, lohrf parents . surprise to Mrs ISMSVS a W M a ann«i n K^fe^i^^S is ted last week i _ :t of Ridgewpod, "N, f~ room- e of Her daughter Alice who accompanied home by Miss t To^ a ira/ir>4tjt»4 —* _. • IVelp Is 33 New Vehicles *— Sold, Two Weeks S^v.lfliffltSB.jgg ^12S^SSf tttt l 1 *Si^ spenua ac with the former's parents Mrs 0. Joseph Srf The ^' with I -«»•«'= . were at, Cedar Rapids Sunday and attended'the batiflshi was in Mtefirauon of'the"™ °{ ffi^i MrS .*& nk Su " j ™ birthday of the daughter Pattv l« latte 11 ] 6 js Citing her son-1 an ~d~th7£ ^"i^T"," 8 '"""mita as^dteii*^ fl r fl w* &' I S£* ^ u ** f ' :M * ahd ^ a? s^ff^wjM: ^ffiTf.te'^.^xs Mr and Mrs'. Elmer =«S^*^ I Sttsj RAISE FUNDS ten Mr and Mrs" "Ed'TBo"wman •fffi W* * lth Mr' and Mrs Liennis Elsbecker. Mrs Elsbecker I \r~ '" * is another rfn,, B v,i«; "j ™ the —' a "A welp, son of Quickly Easily With Guaranteed Plan The. tajnous Raising plan' „„. thousands of 1 organisations, with a "n" * 27 '°°° boxe * °« Kiicn6Ji»r rosh QUBliiv many repeat sales. New 40% profit plan assures even bigger profits than before. FREE Folder -and «t>elails. Write :• Todajr for our NO-RISK NO' ***«""""••—-~—^' ,, , —•— —"» ",m«um i^auoen- n^lrr^^PP. 61 ; ? ue3ts . Sunday of the ^. v/eber, Bancroft; G M CMC gona. Robinson Produce, ,'Al- Chevrolet" — ^-Merlin tt«Lu vea Cltv -R r, ^tf m HaWt, ""w me nine Michael.. who ther .« .-.WWMJ^C camtc I «,V<»k j-"" """."' Ridgely street which is occupied by Mr and Mrs 10. D.. Burndage. Possession be given about May 1 It is . r ._ jable Mr and Mrs Bnindage wSr? 0 ^'^ 0 Litt1 ^ Rock - Arl! J^ews, a member rit f*it£ i «i ? ^nevroiet -» -Marlin MaU* The V.P.W Aiiv)H Q ^ Bulct — ^u--"'' . ~ - mo raftri^^Wi kfr X^l? 0 fi la ' '^"^'rfs w Ap«; S *-. Mrs Eugene Schneider A »- 1 -- - 8 r e Che: - - w ,if Whittemore, medical; M -hjrles Brown, LuVerne,' me At . 13 ye ar old Fran cine Monson has a talking Pom* f^p'aft dog. The girl noticed that Princess, the dog, was making sounds which were almost human and.pnly a little training Was -required to teach her to say 'I Want," which is perhaps as good as phrase as any* •---"""' ""'lurolK *n T^ »,« receivea a prize of ?5, and his essay will be entered m district competition. emer ? d an/'E f A t o<^ L. Otis, Studebaker New Arrivals „_, ssssn^^^aB Weslr. Wesley; Motors, daughter ] Charles LawsOn P * Candies Since 1932 ' TA V tnua in tni ' is Douglas, seven. An-1 w^7"""j *'" w ' nour ™^_j-u.-i j • . , I woodward were ""!« 111 Jjy J^Jj, - . - - and Wava ited Sunday Ave. EASTER was •"• *****lAiCCl Clayton -„.„„,„„ Tuesday for her. i '"- -vhose seventh celebrated. rs George Johnson ov er the weeS ' ituiuparents. fn.", ^rp^sa/ffifis^ «^viiK^SSg * oz. and will 1 'be named Patri^'lr' James. Mr -- J '" — - -"TICK ii California Dies w en of thls area afl ^ r p^ ei S? erSen ' son of Dick and Eva Wermersen, was bm-n June 6 1916 at Corwith and lived most, of hisjife ih thi. area X 8 ? P lu , mber a nd' was IOWA TURKEY NOW AND OFTEN • of LEG/ON BANCROFF SUN., APRIL 21 • 1" l f I ^'^™ • ' ' frank Jonas and His Orchestra WED., MAY i KXEL Presents •. Tfie Mid-West] Caravan For Booths Call ^_ 4101 I THE iFRr^APRIL SAT.. APHIlTaOih^T ^^QHCH^ *^f** ^^ APHIIj 21i IV .. Easter Sunday.. , Ladies wear :ydui r>totiv ****** B ?«ne?*8- War buy '^Wawa-^ .,"" •""«> «irs cud Elbert i JMrAnS^. at; RapfisfBfbfe School Choir To Appear April 20 the s and lunch was served by the hos bv anV K-=; """^ariyie Engle^^*^*a .P^SSfW^ZST; ia Baptist Bible Cockier, Swea City Mr anH Mr= •cfl * ean wianer wi anrt r & i p f.° gram; « sacred a. na -testimony at-the R* ra*^* Chure h, located at and Wooster, 'Algona'' Iowa P-m., Saturday, Iprn'20 a> Lm i f- y °" e is invl ted'to hear the soul-stirring 'Singing of these animated, happy, young people )?r en m J wiU P resen t a varie 'gram; or sacred music inrinr I sev e S^. Ch0l : al W0rk ^^ 3" I erjsi.,-^ •ari«"i«r^, weu Known ar _ f. Melius Christ- X-Rdy Checks ForT-BEnd On April 30 • date 30 - has been set _u "ecu bet a of older com program will be several lv Ronald Hutchings, graduate on! i f'r 3 Hlgl ? Scho^Tig'sO), one of the members of this cho been recommended for x-rays bv their family physician. Only ner be" »"•">> incuicai; ivi Algona, medical. hn«f*' ^ ~ ^ rs Home r Lind&i s 'e'^°^- acddent ' M ^ Mar. Algona, ... w .,. a ,. Mar. 31 _ Euth Fox, Aleona appendectomy; " Mrs Gwen Me' Donald, Algona, surgery- " George Wichteridahl, Welt medical, .?. All PriI 1 1- Mrs Leo J - Cassel, Algona, medical; Mrs Rose S(" m A h r e u' W ^ ittem . ore . medical . , ~ Mrs Duane-Shep, Algona, girl, 7-% April 4 — Lynn C. McGee, Algona, medical; Mrs Daryl Gaed- Your Family Depends on YOU M*,"kffe,3vt*™«^ with another who had an have' shn 6 ° f TB and 'hose who nave shown signs nf TR f. taking a tuber£ test TBafter Persons r ' x-rays Ap ril disease u j lliWfl Happy expression of your own good taste **- K °° a taste "t UH ANNIVERSARY P&, ESCAPED ' «*4W * ^'<«^'WTW»WH^J 1 *;. ,*'£Mjj^P ARNIE J. RICKLEFS Financial security for you anH your family is my fob/Let me help your plan for their securUy and your peace of mind. . Phone CY 4-4529 State & Thorington Sts. Representing WOODMEN ACCIDENT AND LIFE COMPANY MINERAL Mn your reach right now... A glamorous new extension phone in color I 1™^S_COCA-COLA WNWJVM M OF GOOD TASTE ^M^rHUMBOlDT, ,OWA ATTENTION POULTRYM Modern living is yours with FIOCKOWNERS REPORT OVER $3 PER HEN PROFIT PER YEAR If Interested, Call or Write Us company IOWA BROILER EGGS 8URT, IOWA PHONE 167 (9tf) L ___ • Hiiilli!! 1 _ ?u.,]!;r B f"-ftsssis-aft.«-: =»'«.;.,'— • EASY ro OWN i f^M'v « • ^^ **" » C IIM *• ^^^"•^'••^ ! *-Lrfl » LTIVITnv ? rm.'^ LOW <<»A A^.. F«r F«ll, Complete Details CONilR, CO,

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