The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 12, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 12, 1939
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS Till? TV"i\*TMAVlT xil^uron Arnr>vi /-»vt im.Ai.n.m, n.n * ._ •^fc^W V f ^^^^ TUB DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHBADr 'ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI XXXVI— NO. SO. Blylhevllle Courier Blylhovllle Herald Mississippi Vnlley Ixwler Blylhevjllo Dully News Rioting Breaks Out In 'Bloody Harlan' County;^)neKilled IARLAI t' l f y ;'. Jul >' !2 ' (UP)-Two riots in Woody ' J ; Mw f en u "'°" nild 110 »-"'>io» mfnci-s mid ™ i U8 " lsmen twlny resulte(i iu ono miner >> oi »S sllot ho mh ,?. 1 V Pa '',?" s 1wound «l ""'1 « munbor of others serve rmlcr ' " ^lanlsmen who attempted to pro- The first melee broke out at n fr- _ - _ __ mine in stanflll. .Ounrdsnu'ii and: pickets exchanged shols and Docj Caldwell was fatally wounded. Capt, J. I,. Hasberry of (lie national gimrd was shot through the cliest and his condition was reported critical. One other guardsman was slugged awKfom- pickets were wounded by rifle nre. After guardsmen got (lie situation under control at Stanmi they arrested approximately 100 pickets nnd marched them to Harlan. ARKANSAS, \VKDNKSHAY, JULY 12, 1939 Grand Jury Listens To Smith, Requests TiOTEfiSLeches Appearance swung against guardsmen order ' As the miners, under guard of the troops, marched Into the city the men broke rants and rioted more than « shots were fired After a. general battle In which rifle butts were skulls by (he was restored. Reports persisted that several other persons had been wounded by tlie shots that were fired by both sides. Meantime Major Joe Kelly, act- Ing commander of the Kentucky national guard, announced that he had ordered 150 lo 200 additional troops lo Harlan at once to preserve order. Urges Indictment ASHLAND, Ky., July 12: (DPI Gov. Chandler said here today that he Intended to ask the Harlan county grand jury to Indict William Turndlazer, president of District No. 19 of the United Mine Workers of America, in connection with Ihe coal miners riots today. ,. Oov. Chandler gave a telephone order to Assistant Adjutant General Joe Kelley to send two tanks and machine gun units into Harlan county to re-enforce national guard groups already stationed there. No Action On Issue New York Cotton NEW YOnK, July 12 (UP)-Cotton closed steady, _.__ open high low close JiiT" 962 965 957 al $- °cl- 892 898 891 894 Dec 87S 881 874 87G •'an 863 8G6 863 B63n Mar. ....... 856 858 852 852 May 846-848 840 840 Spots closed nominal at S89, off New Orleans Cotton NE YVORLEANS. July 12 (UP) — Cotton futures closed steady today, off ten to 65 cents a bale. open high low close 971 • fl'7S 970 002 88(1 .III). ... Oct. .. Dec. .. Jan. .. Mar 81 May 8: Spots closed changed. 907 890 873 889 857 901 884 873 862 850 miiet at 955, S73 5103 HUG 873 862 850 Stock Prices This Term; Committee, Shelves Matter WASHINGTON, July 12. (UP)- Thc house ways and means committee today' delayed action on tne administration sponsored proposal to remove tax exemptions on government securities by deciding lo postpone committee consideration until next session, The subject was. referred (o the tax sub-committee headed by Representative Cooper (Dem., Tenn.), for study this summer along with the general tax revision program. Meanwhile Secretary of Agriculture Henry Wallace praised President Roosevelt's suggestions for loans totalling $500,000,000 for rural security projects as a "prudent and economic policy." '. ' Wallace contended that such a program would reduce relief expenditures and Increase wealth among the nation's lowest Income group. Asks Assignment Of Smal Amounts Due Imliviclua Properly Owners A drive to secure assignment' ir the Lions Club of what mieht br termed a palcnllal "turnback" to taxpayers of Paving District Number One nnd Sewer District Number One or Dlytlievlllc will tomorrow. Bplh districts Imve retired llieli bonded Indebtedness in fun mu the Lions Club will seek iisslgn- ment to It of (lie claim of each taxpayer '» the districts lo a share In the approximately $2,000 In excess-funds now in the treasury of each district. In asking that .these "turnback" funds be assigned to Ihc Lions Club, the civic organiznlion proposes to use the funds lo promote civic activities, such as aiding noy Scout and Ciirl Scout organizations and underprivileged children, and to sponsor various civic improvements with a part of the fund (o be set aside for maintenance of Paving District No. One and Sewer District No. One properties. The Ltons Club, In opening its drive, point;-out that the relative refund or turnback lo eacli individual taxpayer will be small, especially if It becomes necessary for commissioners 'of the districts lo employ accountants' lo check records and determine tlie amounts due each taxpayer. The club announced that tills task would ncc Elected American Legion Official At Meeting Last Pc-n Edwards was elected commander of the Dud Casori post of the American Legion at a meeting last night In the American Legion Hut. He succeeds E. A. Rice. Other officers, ah"chosen Vjy acclamation, -were: Max Parks, first vice commander; Ed Foster, second vice commander; Mrs: Q. It. ,Carler, third vice commander; Jnmes Csston of Osceolo, historian; Dr. W. A. Griinmett. post surgeon; Artie Wallace, sergeant-at-arms; Rcss Stevens, chaplain. ' Installation services will be held Tuesday, July 25. ' Twenty nine members of the local post last night signified their In- lenllon of going to the. st-nte con- venfion at Helena on Sunday and more are expected to go over on Mrnday. The convention meets for three days, the 17, 18 and 19th.' Dues for the coming year were paid last night by 35 -members. Officers believe that they will have Jssarlly consume a large part of :he remaining*funds iu each dts- 'rlct for expenses involved, Under state laws the 'districts :annpt use the surplus 'remaining n their treasuries to make any improvements or additions to their systems and cannot turn the money •| over to the city for .maintenance work. It Ls the property of the taxpayers In the districts. A number of large property owners In Hie districts have already agreed to.; assign their refund or turnback interest, to the Lions Club. A committee composed of .•representatives of the Lions Oljlb. riotary':,Olul) . and" Kiwanls Club will be formed to administer use of a part of the fund, It was announced. In explanation of its drive the Lions Club issued a statement, part of whtch follows: : ."There are over 375 tax payers In : Paving District No. 1 nnd ap- NEW YORK, July 12. (UP)— 50 "winters to present to the Stimulaled by- continued favorable coml "S deputy, commander 'at Het """ business news the stock market swung up one to more than three points today. A - T - * T .- 165 3 . 4 Anaconda Copper ;.• 351-4 Asscciated D, O. . 8 Beth. Steel Boeing Air Clirysler . Coca Cola 56 22 3-8 74 1-2 125 1-2 General Electric 3C 1-2 General Molors 44 7.3 Int. Harvester 57 3-4 Mont. Ward 5^ 1-4 N. "y. Central 14 l_2 Packard . .-. 3 Phillips 33 3-8 Radio 5 3.4 Schenley . 12 1-4 Simmons . ..' 731-2 Socony Vacuum - 11 5-8 Standard ot N. J. 423-4 Texas Corp. U. S. Smelt U. S. Steel . Livestock 36 3-4 50 41 EAST ST. LOUIS, 111., July 12 (UP)—Hogs: 6,000 Top, 7.10 < 170-230 Ibs., 6.85-7.10 140-160 Ibs., 6.25-6.50 Bulk, sows, 4.10-5.60 Cattle. 2,150 Steers, 8.00-9.35 Slaughter steers,. 6.50-10.25 Mixed yearlings, heifers, 8.00-9.50 Slaughter heifers, 6,50-10.00 Beet cows, 6.50-6.50 Cutters and low cutters, 4.00-5,25 Chicago Wheat July Sept. open $53-4 C63-4 6G1-8 611-4 low close 617-8 G51-4 653-4 C61-4 Chicago Corn open high low close July 461-8 4G3-B 441-2 443-4 Sept. 473-8 477-8 455-8 457-8 A-l Speller Embarrassed ENID, Okla. (UP)—Betty Lou Clnrk Is an A-l speller. But today she has a spelling certificate attesting her ability containing her name spelled incorrectly. The ironical part is that she turned in the spelling of her name exactly as it appeared on the certificate. Dies After WPA . - Strike Battle Beaten rioting crowd ot .demonstrators as he helped to rescue non-striking WPA. worker at sewing project in Minneap- proxlmately 150 tax Sewer District No. 1. P- payers In "The 'small amount ot approximately $2000 remaining In each district, if refunded, would have to be handled in the following manner: for each tax payer the Commissioners would have to figure the lotal amount of '(axes lie had paid over a twenty year period in tlie paving district and over o twenty-four year period in Ihc sewer district. The commissioners would have lo ascertain the name ana adaress of (he tost tax payer paying on each pnrtipulnr piece of property and then would have to ascertain what proportion the total amount of taxes paid on that piece of property would bcnr.tlic entire amount of taxes collected by the whole district gver nil of those yeors. Having arrived at thnt vciy small fraction the commissioners would then have to see what proportion thnt small fraction bore to the small surplus now In the treasury of each district and having' computed that figure, would have to make checks and mail to tlie last tax payer in each district after they had determined who lie was and where lie resided. "On Ihe basis pi these figures II is estimated roughly approximately one three-hundredth (lyaOO) of the lotal paid in over these years is available to tax payers In Paving District No. 1 and about one two-hundredth (1/200) of the total amount of tax paid on a particular piece of property Is available to the last tax payer on that par- licular property In Sewer District No. 1 In each instance it would easily cost fifty per cent -of tlie small fund In the hands of the two • ION ROUGR, U.,, July 12. (JJ1 1 )—Twrtily now sub- .s—one lor fonnnr Governor Hioliiuxl I,k>he—• were by Uio Union ltoti«> p:msli grmid jury today" Uio npuciiraiicd of Dv. Jnmes Monroe Smith, imprisoned lonncr president ol' Louisiunn State University, Others called bi'slilrs l.cohiS were*,- ! , ' Stale Superintendent ol Po l-cnis F. Ciiierro and members ,. (he I/. S. U. board of supervisors. The sudden cull of Ihe bli'u. ribbon witnesses Inspired belief llml Ihe forincr eilucator, nndei $f>0.000 bond on charyos of cm bcralliiB $100.000, had mado startling revelations ilurlng his bijel 20 minutes before Hie grand jury Sheriff N. 11. uebrctton had.ns'k- cil Smith, who kept his slleijce since Ills return from Canada eight days ago, lo appear voluji- tnrlly before Ihe Jury today, llo refused and was summoned. Ills appearance was before "an executive session' 1 of Ihe Jury ,)arlsli officials explained. The district attorney and Smith's own counsel were excluded. it was Leche who announced SniKli's •resignation June 2f< mid charged there were shortages bf several hundred thousand dollars n the university account. Lcclie nlmsclf resigned 24 hours Inter living his reason ns poor health. What Smith told Ihc grand Jury of course was kept/secret But Die •summoning of 20 new. witnesses ncludlng the governor brought, new speculation of impending sciisii- ional developments. Blythevilie Members Guests Of Osceolans At Fisjk Fry Tuesday j Thirty members of the: local Rotary club .attended Ihe fish fry Siven at tlie community house In members of the oicjs- ola Hotary club last. night \vhejl Jotni Hughes of Benlon, past (jlji trlcl governor of the .138th illslrlct of Rotary International, was the irlnclpal speaker. JJoth Osceolo. and Blytlieville clubs are part ol the 38th district, '•' The .entertainment was arranged is a result of an attendance , ccn- est between Ihe clubs which the Blylhevlllc group -won by a small margin. The -local group had 100 icr cent attendance while Die Os- :eola group hnd 90 and ri frnclion jercent attendance over Ihe nine veeks II. J, Hale,; neiy presldenl of Hie Oscecla club.'-condnetcd Ihe meel- ng. A brief talk by J. T. Costmi. f Osceolu, preceded tlic principal iddress. Mr. Hughes' subject was Service". The Rev. Mr, Tllliiian, jxistor of he Osceolii Baptist church prc ented a notary emblem lo II. c. Jrynn, retiring president of the Osceola grcup, In appreciation fo> lis service during the past j'enr. Among the guests who attended .•ere Dr. J. II. Reynolds, president of IJendrix college at Coiiway. Aged Man Suicides In Little Rock Park Says New Bonds Will Draw Three To Four Per Cent Interest 1,1'ITLR ROCK, July 12. (UP) — Oov. Hallcy todny, ut Ilio llrst of lour scheduled ronfeiencG.s 'will) slate legislators, dl.wussed his bond Una Die progrnin mid estimated! ne ( v bonds would draw from Ihrec ta four per cent Inlcr- est, Instead of from three to flva per cent as the 193-1 Issue docs Wilh about M Icslslators present Ihe governor said that with the new Issue the state would he ublc to spend SS.ODO.OOQ annually for new road construction, $1,500,000 for debt Eei-vlce and $3.000,000 for highway «ud bridge maintenance. "When (he state's revenue from ensollnc (axes and lag sales readies the Slff.000,000 mark In aboht two years," Bnilcy said, "we will hnvo additional money lo divide between tlie sinking fund account and tho | .1, building of farm lo iunrKct roads.' "Prom the financial standpoint the $5,MO,OOQ lor now construction Cii y llasNcw$l,100Debl To Re!ire; Publication Sd\lulc Ignored. The clly rounrll last nljtht: l s I'assnl n ji'.soliitlon pro'vlil- Injf '<»• h'iislnir " IjullilhiK on liro|ivrty Imsnl by Mm city frwii Sllsslsslppl roimly ( ( , Kroil O. (Irlmivouil as omirr nnd ojicr. alni- of Kl,CN, i-ommerrtnl ni- illo xlnllr.ii, for n 535 nionlhly venial for live years, Ovlmwood 1« iilso mnliiiniu ,,,,,i f,, n ii s |, 0|icrnlor fur VoUce lindio K(a- llcn KI'IM. 2. Took no ncllon after Aliloi-- niiiii John C. fllflfuucy railed Hie nllrntlon of (h c raiindl <o » iimmljilory slnlnlo rcqutrlujr piiljlicjillcn of a dty (Innuclnl .slaleinciil In January mid j u |y of each yeiir which mukes intinlrers of lh« rouiirll subject (o :i fine of as high as $1,000 for failure la comiily. 3. Informally |iromlsc-il Dr. W. A. (irlinmcll, elly hcullli oftl- ci'r, full Mi|i|Kiil in n drive (o cnfm-cfl fcrlaln hciillh nnd s a u . - ilary rceulallims [wrlalnliic principally (o fomi iiiiniUInf, ' I. DccltiH'd lo |iay costs to In- sfllulc llllRntkn gruwhiB out of a collision between a llreinnn'ii imlo anil nitolhrr vehicle. Several alilfniicii f expressly deplored f»st ilH'vlhg by flrtmcii, Tlio city council, someivluU exhausted by n l:ii(j "executive scs- bring more tourlsls lo Die stale thus having visitors help, to our debts. in .(he Us regular agreed lo lease the "police '<><««> lj« meeting, last radio station building on property Immediately west of' the ojunly courthouse to Fred O. Clrlmwocd, I ns owner nnd operator of KLCN, Uatlcy said that once the new , operator of KL sue had been sold the highway i l:cttl comlMr<:M >'<«»o station. Issue had been sold the highway department would stress completion The action, thoroughly discussed of a highway on Iho west side of '" lnc " cxc cuilvc session" was al- Ihe state from the Missouri line, mostl overlo[ *ed at Iho regular open :o Texarknna by way of Menu and > scss ' ou Until the Inst minute when ' aldermen repeated their Informal DeQucen. He said the highway from Texas .0 Mississippi would be pnved and :lmt hlgliways.acrcss Ihc northern wit of the srale\would be hard surfaced. Grasshoppers Are Marked 3APFORD, Ariz. '(UP)There arc 160,000 grasshoppers hopping merrily around Southern Arizona thal| are decidedly "hot" If (hey only knew It, They were taken and ,vote taken In the mayor's ,oft\co. 'llierc \vas no.<ll.iscntln{i vote,-Aldermen Estcs Uinsrord,' E. R*Jones nuJ Loy Welch-voling for-fee Ic'nsp resolution. Snm C. Owens, who'de- parted ..before: the valo,- had. Iridi- cnlcd a fnvoraWe vote nt Ihe private session. Alderman John' 0, McHnuey did not vote and Alder- Jackson ™s .raiided with red pigment by 4-11 rtub workers and ll'en turned loose '' Alderman Airtfnncy explained ills position by slating thnt (he- matter of •' She Leaps to Test His Love land, his present address aiid then for postage, checks, etc. That would mean that the owner of a piece cf property In the paving district would get approximately one six-hundredth (1/600) of the taxes he had paid on, say, one lot for the twenty year period and the owner of a lot In the Sewer District on the same basis would get approximately one four-hundredth (1/4CO) of the taxes he had paid over a period of twenty-four years. Carrying these estimates still further if the tax payer had been paying S30.00 per year paving taxes over the entire twenty year period and refund were made by the district -and the commissioners, with Ihc attending expenses thereto, the tax payer would gel back approx- olis, Minn., Patrolman John B. Gearly, above, died later in lips- the refund - imately $; on the same basis if the sewer tax had been $3000' per year over n period of twenty- LITTLE ROCOK, July 12 (UP) —The body of Prank Olmstcad, 19. of Little Rock was found oii T bench in city park this morning Police said .there was a. bullet wound In the right temple and a pistol In his hand. A burial policy was found In his pocket. The coroner returned a verdict of suicide. JeHers' Trial May Be Closed This Week LOS ANGELES, July 12 (UP)— Defense rebuttal began today in' the trial of the Rev. Joe Jeffcrs, and tils wife on charges of Im-'i moral conduct. Indications were this week. The state's rebuttal ended yesterday with a denial by District Attorney Flits that he attempted to intimidate the couple into pleading guilty. Two-To-One Old Age Payment Approved WASHINGTON, July 12, (UP)— The senate loday accepted n serial security amendment Increasing federal contributions to stales for eld sue benefits. The vote was 43 to 35, The amendment would require the federal government to match on » two to one basis state contributions t:ward benefits not exceeding $15 per month. One Stem, 15 I-lllcs PAINESVILLE, O. (UP) — O. B. 'Warren believes 'that lie has the rarest of flower garden oddities— i- i 16 beautiful Regal .lilies growing from a single stem' the lensc from (he county to ', the matter of (hi! nssurnp- n an elTorl lo ascertain from """ u) ' tllc cll S r of .*U<H>. In ex- tl.ence they eon," a d \vl, h K^ T"^ ""!' , l "° rc ' no "t I»B of the former stale line "welcome station" for iiie pilico rndlo station and (he nintlcr of liie Icaso to Grlmwood had never been cnlleil to the atiendoh of tlio oauiicll before and (hat he fell lliat tlie council was entlllod lo look inlo the mailer huto, taking uctlon. ' ' Under Iho resDluUon Qrliuwood Is lo |wy a mdnlhly rcnlal ot $25 and lo lurnlsh an operator for Police liadlo Stallon KP13A and to mlantain the station, oxc'cpl for parts. H is understod that the monthly payment by Grhmvocd, who reportedly has purchased Die Interest of'O.'U Llnl/.enlcli in Ihe station, is to be applied lo the $1,100 debt assumed by (he clly and that cosls now bcliif collected in tlie city division of municipal court (Indirectly through the Issuance of county script on prisoners soil lo Ihe county form) «'lll also be applied to reduce the Indebtedness. 'llic commercial radio slalion hns licen occupying rent free quarters In the city hall building lor a number of years. The station will new be moved entirely lo the new building, it Is nnderslood. Alderman McHaney as a member of the financial committee of the council called the body's atlcntbn to a mandatory statute, which' leaves no question to the discretion ot the council, requiring publication, twice yearly, of the ilnanclnl condition of the city government. Clly Attorney Roy Nelson said that, the law had been unobserved for a long lime and Mayor Williams Indicated that such publication would be expensive nnd a burden on the cily. Mr. Nelson said that non-observance of such laws was general by cities, counties and other governmental agencies. .. Alderman McHaney, Insisting uix>n some action, pointed out that the city had assumed a debt of 51,100 the same night on a radio station and that the expenditure cf a small sum (6 Inform Blythe- vlllc citizens of the condition ot the city treasury should not be such a blow to tthe city's finances. The council was informed that a condensed statement could prob- sbly be published for less than $15. Clly Attorney Nelson advanced another reason for not observing Iho publication requiremcnl, s.tat- ing that a "report would look like the dickens at this lime, 1 Ing that clly finances were rally at a lo'iv ebb at this Mussolip Recall^ Italian Ambassador Tp GreatjBritam Ky XJnilcil Press . ', hv vnnmfl 1U n y - 3lii ;!' 0<i l ,'P "ew worries for Vurope today b.v removing Dmo Grand! ns- nmbassa"dpi"to London and lias OIIHIB expulsion, of foreigners from Tyrol on charges of n " ni " '' ") bBlmir of Grunt Britain nml Fi mice ~ —— 1* Belli moves by Premier MUKO- llnl, .coinciding with boosting of Oient HjJtalti's defense estimates lo Hie pence tlmo record of S3 : 320,000,000,- created concern' In. wciteni Em ope, largely because of mysterious clrcjimsianc'es surrounding the Risclat decision. | Fjfince, Qrcnt, Britain, The Ne- thcilamls and Swltrerland icport- Rm'l,.X n ,5 Ci ' i T i cii CO!1 sl<Ierlng a Joint protest to namOiUt dll'Cet Jo. Rome, uellcscd, however that the 15c Paved; Walmil, Ash """ ' Widening Sought A project for (he paving of f!a!l- >™»i siren between Mnln nml Wnlnul Rlvcela nnd which Is expected to eventually lead to the widening ol Wnlnul mid Asli streets will probably gel undor wny H >''(\H. nnnr.nnccd today by Mayor Marlon WJIIImns, AUliougli the Wli>\ project for Ihc ' ..... expulsion had n much broader purpose; One theory advanced was that the Na?l-rasc!st powers did not wnnt foielgncis ground when AUS- tdnn-born icsldents of the terrl- loiy ivoio forced to return to the Udell or move to southern 'Italy ns the icsult of a recent agiee- incnt between Mussolini-'nna Adolf Hitler. I-iiithcimorc, U was siiBEested (hat forelands Vr'eic not w<tuted pf-hmlng-of iho work .'is oxpcclcd within i\ few weeks. It properly owners on Walnut slrcct will- pay for tho imilerlnls for • widening tho street six feet, this will be embodied- In another project which mny bo obtained during (lie lalo summer, U Is Ix;- lieved. Tills be followed by nnolhcr project for widening paving on Asli slrcct, provided Ihe property owners will cooperate, Mayor Wlllinuw snid. . ' , The cost »vlll not bo much, It is estimated. The same curbing conkl bo used nnd (ho three feet (o be "dried .on each side would not linvo'to Uo as.thick as the center puvcmcrjl, It has been pointed bill. H Is. 'understood that the ,WPA will fiittilsh the labor If funds .Cor materials arc obtained; •AUho'ugli the eslltmUes have not'been corftV Dieted,, II Is believed, that tiuw torlhls for llireu feet width of ouch 60 fool lot would not, be very much, . , : ; The- . DlylhcviUq , Chamber of Commerce, and Olty. of ; -Biythevlllo liaye .been .negotiating for some (lino to.obtain Ihcso projects. ' • When Iho clly laid its first pave-' incut, both of thcso streets were to bo six f,cet .-wider but tho advent ol : (lie World War so Increased tho iirice.of materials that •lie paving' district commissioners decided to narrow Ihe two streets, Instead of Increasing the, taxes, with Ihc hope that they, could ho widened when the first paving was retired. movements between the two na- 'Ihc icmoval of Giandl, noted for his. advocacy of Impioveme'nfc In Billlsh-Ilallan relations, Iroin hl& dliilomatlo post at London 1 caused inlicii £|K'cmulion. '\Vneth- cr the change would aid or retard tolallom between the two iraweis depended upon tlie next muVu at Kotiic. Great Biltain conlinued (o make the fastest possible limo, how ; ever, in preparing tor any even- itiullly. following tiie spectacular flight of nrltlsh nomolnE [Mines 10 Fiance on n (lathing iiiaht pivu wero made for, nn .1011 iiiOie founldable dcmonstifii- In IlolnnU and piobar/lj 'in lion '.. iiiciuuy nations, such as tlmnnnla, • • Nazis scathingly attacked *tho Oeir- inan newspapers described as proving London's plan to enci(qie v the Kcicli and Bcilln newspaper's nsk- ed if Fiance, was "Itching 'lb make the acquaintance of tho air fQrcc." / ' / ; . Orders Collection Of State Gas Tax ' LITTLE ROOK, Ark, July 12.— Revenue. Commissioner 2. M, Ifc^ Cnrioll Issued an order yesterday for all revenue department penult stations—located at tha stntc line en major highways—to collect the six and one-lralf cent stale gasoline Twin Born Week Ago Succumbs Early Today Hosii I-ee Hnidln, ono of living, b:rn n week ngo lo Mr, aiid Mrs.: Chester Hanlin, died this morning I it'llic family residence, The condition of llic.Lwlii brother, Robert Lcc, is vory good. T'linerni services will bo held Thursday afternoon at Ihc Haiti Funeral trcmc with tlie licv. P. H.' Jcrnlgnn, pastor of the Baptist church, officiating. Burial will I)i! made at North Sawba cemetery. The baby Is also survived by two ilslcrs, Josephine nnd Corlnne Hardln, kansas In tanks of tinnspoiled on motor (ransport carriers. Ifc said o|»ra(ori of some of the molor (ronr.|jorl carriers,'-,oh.which' fr:m one to four, cnrs are^iiaulea, had been nillnt' tanks of the translated vehicles In adjoining slates if the cais were for delivery, In Byron E. Moore Joins Government Service Byron E. Alcore went lo papnnd ""l 1 thls morning lo accept a pi" sltlon with Ihe Agricultural Ex r ' tension Service. Mr. Moore fs another of Blythc- for this Joins Captors Of His Father fo (est affection of husband, Mrs.- Gwendolyn Schulz, top, leaped from fourth story window of Chicago hotel. Last year, , before marriage, Mrs. Schulz slashed self with razor tor same purpose. N6w, as Walter Schulz, lower, holds her hand in hospital, bride says she is satisfied he really cares. He was graduated f rein the school of agriculture. The son of Mr. and Mrs." Leslie lUooro, he.mis graduated f»m the clt^-- high schcol. He attended Arkansas Stale College at Jonesbora for two years during which June- he served as chairman of the annual agricultural show at (he 1 college. He was ti • member--of the Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity at Hie University. Two Miles 0} Road Already Resurfaced Tlie first two miles,of resurfacing on the U. S. Highway 01 in Mississippi dounty was \completed yesterday on tho day the work started, it was announced today. The crew of 20 men is working frcm the Arkansas-Missouri state line, six miles north of Blythevilie, south toward this city after finish- ins; both halves of the pavement for . the first - two miles In the county. The asphalt finish, which Is being sprayed en the pavement fol- Irwing the repairing of all broken places, is o.utck-drying. One-half of the pavement Is done at the. time. When finished, Instead of having tlie slippery finish formerly on the highway will have an asphalt finish which has tiny gravel crusheii. in the asphalt to form a coating" ab:ut an incn thick. WEATHER Dr nrlmmctf fnr " l . el cle , •• 8 n ? f ContlnuM on P^-- i oontlnued on page 3 „ ,!„„,.„, Schuschnigg, Jr., above, 13-yesr- Arkansas — Fair knight and . ]_f.i "? °'<I. son . of Austria's last Chan- Thursday. •, is reported to have joined Hitler Youth, juvenile Nazi organisation, in Vienna. . Memphis and vicinity — slightly .n urnier tonight ai day. . Fair,

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