The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 18, 1957 · Page 17
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 17

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 18, 1957
Page 17
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Tidbits From Evelyn • ~ :;—"i !—•«=««< ift IWS laoinifon booth. The Question is "What is a caledium?" The answer, "1 dunno", so you missed the question and the $$$$. I missed ft too, but for the benefit of the ignorant, it is a flowering plant. 1 never heard of it either till Al- •bert Hagg told me about the. bulb his wife bought at a dime store, f»fnted it, and now the darned thing has grown to such proportions they figure they may have to move out to give way for the plant. It's leaves are huge, the flower unwinds from a long stem, and it grows so fast they can practically hear it swish upwards. * * * Hwiha fiau is tmile a hartl* culturist and it has her baffled. Albert promised Velma Hagg and I a trip to his home and a view of this unusual plant. * * * The death of Veda Neuman Hedrick brings to mind her par* ents, Mr and Mrs Otto Neuman, who for many years had what was then known as a "racket" store here. I never knew just What "racket" meant. And I don't mean to infer Otto ran his v business in any way but upright and honorable. 1 could hardly believe the story told me some lime ago by Mart Me Call, 1 believe it was. Anyhow, a group of young fellows were gathered in his store and Otto had a huge firecracker that hadn't sold for the July Fourth festivities. Otto suggested that a good way to get rid of that cracker was set fife to it when Grandma Kuhn came along with her mule cart. It seemed a bright idea, so when grandma came along, the thought was set to action with the result that the "mule turned right- about-face ift record speed. But the tale didn't end there. Grand' rna had some stalwart sons who met Otto the next day and Otto got the worst end of the deal. * * • The bridge club to which MM James- Egli belongs has a smart idea. The lows have to do the dishes. Isn't that cute?, Karen Haase and her friends Mary Jo and Joey Barnett tried mixing Hi-C and Seven Up. They liked it and wrote to the company and asked if it had ever been tried. The president of the 7-Up company wrote back, "I PIONEER Hybrids:/ Bring'BetterTLiving lTo\Farnr Families don't like ?-Up in Hi C, 1 like ?-Up in Me." * * * t don't Ihink th« C. ft. Quit* ton's dog likes me. Every time I call there for news, she barks in an unfriendly manner. , "fiuttoh butfon, who's 90! fh* the button" can be" answered very well by Mrs Clifford Ringsdorf and Mrs W. B. Ridge wfco enter* ed the recent contest and Mrs Ringsdorf won first prize, a bed room suite, for taking up the mosi buttons. Her number taken up was even greater than that of Mrs W. B. Ridge, who with 99,442 buttons won second prize, a chromium dinette set. * * * Louie Lett* tald the play "Such a Oirl" put on by members of the Walther League of the Trinity Lutheran church was very good but he feels the attendance would have been much greater if they had avertised more. Yes, advertising pays. Mr and Mr* John Schlmm*! aren't too pleased with this chilly spring weather. They have hot beds which at time show traces of frost on the windows ahd that "ain't good." They have added three times as much ground to the area they have had for "glads" etc. Mrs Schimmel explained to me the layers of mulch and dirt they use. Sounds kinda complicated to me, but then, I never was a gardener. I tried raising sweet peas once but the results were so discouraging I never did it again. Clark Orton doesn't like the weather either. It slows up work on his fruit farm. * * * I hope it was an office gremlin that messed up an item awhile ago. It read "Leo Lichter and children." Now Leo Lichter has no children and Joe Lichter does. 1 know the families apart, so I don't figure I made the error, but they were kidded quite a bit by their friends. * * * Mrs Maitie McWhorter says she has been cleaning house. She says she's fagged, mind and body. She and how many hundred others? Lizzie Post left Saturday afternoon from Mason City for Topeka, Kan., where she will visit her son Bob and his family. PIONEER THIS SPRING • HIGHER YIELDS • Fewer Dropped Ear* • More Profit Per Acre. R. I. Mawdsley Algona C. L. Bailey Algona Aaron Steussy _________ Algona Eugene Kollasch Bode Harold Jones Swea City T. O. Johnson Swea City Walter Vaudt Whittemore Robinson Produce Wesley GET TWO-YEAR IMMUNITY AGAINST HOG CHOLERA I Vaccinate In LESS time with LESS trouble, at LESS cost with ROVAC* Hog Cholera Vaccine* R«qulr»i no scrum whtn uud en htalthy pigs not •xpoitd to hog eholiro I U not eapobl* of Introducing hog cholera •r any other twin* dli«at*l i Active Immunity Sfcured 7 days following vacclnatlonj tatiifactory protection may M* «ur In 4 days. *Fvll name of product I* HOG CHOLERA VACCINI (ttodlflri U»i Vlrui) labblt Orlgln-fecugm-DrM l*nc U.S. Pat. No. 2,518,V7B "As Advertised In Farm & Home Section" RUSK DRUG A LIFETIME GIFT OF MERIT TO PLEASE The Graduate A NEW 1057 Model Portable Typewriter SMITH-CORONA t ROYAL • REMINGTON All Models, All Styles In Stock UNDERWOOD FREE; An All-Metal Typewriter Stand With Each New Portable Sold In April, May and June Wi INVITE YOU TO Sii THEM IN OUR OFFICE SUPPLY DEPARTMENT Upper Des Moines Publishing Co. ALOONA PHONE CY 4-3535 Kathy, the second child Is to have surgery soon and Bob phoned his mother asking her to come. "We'll feel & lot better if you are here with us," he said. Trouble* «»lde*h eaftie singly, Mrs Ben Hartzell, nee Hattifi Clark, sister of Mrs Sen Potter and Mrs George Johnson, had barely reached home from Mason City where she had cataracts removed than her husband be* came sick — a serious heart at* tack, and was taken to a Hampton hospital. Mr and Mrs Hartzell live at Dows. He suffeted the attack Thursday and since no word has come since, it is assumed he is making satisfactory recovery. • • » A few y«art ago Mr and Mfl Kyle Keith and Mr and Mrs Marvin Clements went to Columbus, Miss., and made their home there. They became acquainted with Mr and Mrs Jay Kent, bro* ther and sister»in*law of Fred Kent Sr. Mrs Jay Kent is a sister of Mrs W .C. McDougall, who with her husband recently moved back here from Wihona, Minn. Wednesday morning Evaljui Me* Dougall entertained Mrs Keith, Mrs Clements and Mrs Fred Kent at a coffee. They had a fine time talking about Mississippi and wishing some of it's warm Weather would hit Iowa. Thursday, April 18, 19St Algeno (fa.) Uppef Be* Mdfftii-9 Skip Day For Swea Seniors; Go To Mpls. Swea Cily — On April 11 the senior class observed Skip Day by a trip to Minneapolis by chartered bus. Accompanying the Eroup were faculty members. Randall Webb and William Lyle. Special features enjoyed by the young people were Cinerama and the Ice Follies. New Study Group Announcement is made of the organization of a study group, the "Inquirer's Club", which meets each Tuesday evening at Immanuel Lutheran parsonage. Pastor LeRoy Pillman is the discussion leader. The group plans to study a number of subjects, among which are The Teachings of Christianity, and Practices of the Lutheran Church, based on Zinck's text. "What a Church Should Know". 84th Birthday The friends and neighbors of Mrs William Leland, a semi-invalid for some years, never forget her birthday, gathering at the Leland home on April 10 each year and bringing lunch as well as gifts. Therefore, when 12 ladies arrived Wednesday on the occasion of Mrs Leland's 84th birth- dayj-they were not unexpected. In anticipation of her birthday visitors, Mrs Leland had been busy for some months embroidering a tea towel for each of her guests. Although she is no longer able to take care of her home, her eyesight is good and she takes great pleasure in making gifts of embroidery work for her friends and relatives. Mr Leland, who is 86, and in excellent health, walks uptown every day and visits With his friends, Cub Scouts Honored Awards were presented to five cub scouts at the regular monthly Pack meeting Wednesdoy evening at the VFW hall: Ronald Geerdes, 1st year service star; David Swanson, silver arrow wolf; Terry Smith, silver arrow lion; Bobby Boland, 3rd year service star; and Johnny O'Green, gold arrow bear, with Cubmaster Wallace Johnson of the four dens presiding. Home From The West Mrs George Butterfield, Sr., returned Tuesday from a six week's visit in Kirkland, Washington, with her son-in-law and daughter Mr and Mrs James Vaux, her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Returning by train, Mrs Butterfield reports Jhat she particularly enjoyed the scenery viewed from the dome car. Mrs Butterfield's reports concerning her two grandchildren in Washington, Jim Vaux and Mrs Joe Sim, the former Patty Vaux, will be of interest to their many friends in this area, as. the Vaux family lived in Swea City until they moved to Washington in 1945. Jim is now associated with his father in their general construction firm in Kirkland. Patty's husband, Joe Sim, will complete his studies in June at the University of Washington School of Dentistry, after which he will enter the practice in Twisp, Wash. VFW Post No. 3963 is sponsoring a magazine subscription campaign, with proceeds to be used for the purchase of additional sick room equipment. Announcement is made of the organization of a study club which meets at 9 a.m. each Tuesday at the First Methodist church parlor. At the first meeting April 9, Mrs George Harner led the discussion. There were 27 in attendance. Other leaders will conduct later meetings, with' Mrs William Thompson scheduled to lead the next lesson. At its meeting Thursday evening the Swea Commercial Club considered plans by which it might be possible to re-open the Swea City Theater at least two evenings a week, also the possibility of getting a portable roller skating rmk in town. The American Legion announces their annual dance will be held May . 4 at Interlaken Ballroom, Fairmont. Swea City children who were confirmed in St. Mary's Catholic Church, Armstrong, April 9, by the Most Rev. Joseph U- Mueller, Bishop of the Sioux City, diocese were Jim w$ Jacqueline Krumm and Clifford Kollasch. Mike Kollasch, who was to have been confirmed at this time, was unable to receive Confirmation aue to illness. Rev. S. H. Hammer, pastor of First Methodist church, visited with Frank Dontje who is a patient at the hospital in Buffalo Center, and also with Esthervflle hospital patients, Miss Anna Springer and Jack Angle. Recent visitors at the home of Mr and Mrs A. B. Tweeten were their son and his family, Dr. and Mrs John Tweeten and Kristin gnd Tommy, Menominee, Wis. From Wednesday to Sunday their S Jests were Dr. and Mrs W. H. ilsdorf, Valley City, North Dakota. Mrs Tweeten and Mrs Gilsdorf are sisters. The Gospel Tabernacle Ladies Missionary Society met last Wednesday at the home of Mrs fildon Heidecker. Mrs Junior Ellis pre^. sided and Mrs Arnold Rutledge Was speaker for the devotional services. Dr, and Mrs Don Harr and Daughters Alison, Stephanie, and Pamela, have returned to their home in Kansas City following a Week's visit at the home of Mrs Harr's parents, Mr and Mrs R. E. Berg. . Friends of Mr and Mrs O. A. Lindgren and son Chuck will be interested in knowing that they are now living in Orlando, Florida, at 4127 North Orange Blossom Trail. Mr Lindgren is a former Swea City businessman, and Mrs Lindgren was a member of the high school faculty until the family moved to Florida. Wednesday evening dinner guests at the home of Mr and Mrs G. D. Curtis were Dr. and Mrs Homer Russ of Blue Earth. HONORED J. L. Bredahl, owner of the Bredahl Pharmacy in Exira, was awarded the Mortar and Pestle trophy for his outstanding work m the pharmacy business. The trophy is an ancient symbol of pharmacy. He is one of the nation's first Rexall druggists to Deceive the award. Whittemore News Mr and Mrs Erwin Bruhn of Cylinder and Mr and Mrs Milton Espe were Sunday evening visitors at the home of Mr and Mrs Bert Seely. The April 6th issue of the Wallace's Farmer and Iowa Homestead contains a feature article, written by Mrs Edmund O'Brien of here. The article is entitled, "When A Blizzard Hits You." Mr and Mrs Timothy O'Brien of Algona were Sunday dinner guests at the homo of Mr and Mrs Edmund O'Brien. Mrs P. L. Stainbrook wishes to announce that the Good Will truck will be in Whittemore, in about two weeks. Anybody who wishes to help out the poor and needy people With discarded clothes, please call 3213 at Whittemore. Mr and Mrs Delbert Wichtendahl and sons Vernon and Steven Were Sunday dinner guests at the home of Mr and Mrs Arthur Heidenwith. IP IT'S NEWS — WE WANT IT Famous full trailing Nl£lH& mower/ easiest on and off df cutter bar lift... ^ — PTO power, or hydraulic power • ^ % " thick, heavy duty cutter bar • • 9 hold down clips and wear plates • Fits any farm tractor "As Advertised In Farm & Home Section" BRADLEY BROS. You Are Invited To Hear The OMAHA BAPTIST BIBLE INSTITUTE Choral and A cappella Choir in SACRED CONCERT ? SATURDAY, APRIL 20 8:00 P.M. At The Elm and Wooster REGULAR BAPTIST CHURCH No Admission Charge Free-will Offering will be received. Algona, Iowa More Profit from Corn with AGRIC ROW HOUR BEST FERTILIZER BUV! When you choose your fertilizer, remember that it's the results at harvest that determine its actual cost. That's why thousands of farmers use AGRICO, You, too, will find it pays to use AGBICO in your planter for extra yield, quality, and profits. All grades of AGRICO and AA Fertilizer in granular form are available with ALDRIN or HEPTACHLOB to meet your individual requirements, Get the maximum payoff from every acre of you plant by using AGRICO in your planter this Spring. See for yourself right on your own, farm, the "difference" that ACBico can make in your corn yields, You get quick service , , , Just call your local AGRICO dealer. He can supply your fertilizer re» quirements IMMEDIATELY! AGRICO ANP AA FERTILIZERS IN GRANULAR FORM AVAILABLE WITH ALDRIN OR HEPTACHL01 Call Your AGRICO Dealer Now A5RICO-AAFERTILIZER$ Made ONLY by The AMERICAN AGRICULTURAL CHEMICAL Company Humboldt, Iowa Order "AGRICO" From ROBINSON PRODUCE IN WESLEY AUJQNA ALGONA FLOUR ft FEED CO. WE 6AN BWPPMT YOU * -* BAG 98 IWWS , '^WTj* v ::».,. yfvfifeifekli V i •

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