The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 18, 1957 · Page 15
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 15

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 18, 1957
Page 15
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April 18,1957 glgona Hpprr April 18,1957 **»•» Phone CY 4-3535 - Your Newspaper ->5 Mad&fermck RATTA LAMPIRT LYT-ALL FLOWING FLAT VITRALITE ENAMEL Use New Lyt-all Flowing Flat on wallsVVHralite Enamel in matching or contrasting colors on the woodwork. The result? Breath-taking beauty of exclusive Calibrated Colors in rooms .that will keep their new look for years. They can be washed over and over again. They possess no bbjectiona* ble odor. m I •$ Building Supply Co. 110 East State PAINTS and WALLPAPER Phone CY 4-3737 Spring is apt to be sort of a giddy season. It's the time when the sap starts rising, when the young man's fancy turns to love, when the kids lose their marbles and when the ladies break out in their new Easter bonnets. Of all the articles of clothing Milady has worn down through the ages, no one item has come in for so much admiration and envy from her.sisters or so much derision from the fellows as her hat. * • » A hat is more to a woman than a mere means of covering the head. It's a kind of bright banner to make her feel better when she's blue, yet she can wear a hat when she's feeling gay to express her exhuberance. A gal .can wear a hat to cover up her hair when it's looking less than it's best or she can also wear a hat to show off a hairdo that is the latest word in perfection. If circumstances permit, any woman would prefer to buy herself a Whole new outfit and use the new hat as" the final bit of frosting, but if she can't buy a single other new thing, a new bonnet can disguise the fact that the rest of her outfit is leftover from last year. And almost, if a lady is going to invest in a spring hat, she manages to year it for the first time on Easter Sunday. • • • Easter is a time of hope. The day has more spiritual signifi- gance for us than any holiday in STOP RAT DAMAGE! with d-CON I GUARANTEE d-CON li guaranteed to dtitroy rah and m!e* on your property or your money back. ACCtPT NO JUISTITUHS. d-CON Concentrate Mok» 6 fv» Ibl. <rf bOlf As Advertised In Farm & Home Section KOHLHAAS HARDWARE Get In the swing... Go Swept-Wing I This Swept-Wing '67 Podge {* taking the country by storm I Sensational 4H'f(>ot low sty)* ing... Autodynamic advances in ride, handling ease, perform* ance. Join the swing to Swept* Wing this week ,,, and gavel We're out to celebrate Lawrence Welk's 4 years on television for Dodge dealers! Here's what we're going to do. During the next 30 days, we're going to hold the greatest Selling Spree ever on new Dodge cars. That means values like never before, high, trode^in on your present car, a wonderful deal on a new Dodge. We're out to break all previous sales records with the greatest buys of aU time! Get in on it—now is the time to buy! 30 days only...April 15-May 15! Volume sales, volume savings! Now is the time to buy! AT YOUR DODGE DIALER'S NOW I PERCIVAL MOTORS - 800 S. Phillips Street Snap-on Tools, With Algona Plant As Subsidiary, Did 22 Million Gross, '56 the Christian religion for il Mings to us the assurance that death is not the end. All around us in nature is evidence of life renewed and we gals, vaitt creatures that we are, like to keep in the spirit of the season by blossoming out in new fineryi This is all well and good, and a bit of vanity may be forgiven as long as we don't let our interest 1ft our appearance eclipse the true meaning of the day. But, Upon a little introspection, I find that I am somehow more apt to preach this philosophy in the years, like this one, when I don't have a single new thing to wear for Easter. * • • I like hats. 1 like little hals and big ones; I like them gooped up with flo"wers and feathers. Veiling ahd artifical fruit and the sillier the better. Every year, as long as I can remember, people have said that the current crop of women's headgear is the goofiest ever and this year, I think they really have grounds 'for their criticism. There are hats shaped like a coal bucket, hats shaped like a wash basin and hats shaped as if they were flying-saucer fugitives from a space ship. The millinery industry seems to be operating on the principle that a hat designed to look like a hat will never sell. * * * AB long as hats don't look like hats, anyway, why can't we gals who just happen to lack the pur- •ctiase price of a new chapeau whip up some models of our own out of material we have on hand? The possibilities are quite endless, it seems to me. For instances, that shiny saucepan reposing in the kitchen cupboard. Couldn't we drag it out, wear it inverted with the handle slanted upward and decorate it with some carrots and a few cabbage leaves? If it doesn't pan out as a hat we can always turn it right side up and cook the vegetables in it for supper. * * • Or how about that large lampshade up in the attic? It's the right shape for a hat and if we could conceal a flashlight somewhere in its depths, wouldn't we be simple de-lighted with this bright new number? And, tod, it would come in real handy on dark nights when we're trying ib-iind the..Keyhole in the Jqpj. and it wouliii also be convenient : in finding our shoes after we've kicked them* off for comfort in the movies. * • • If U is a hat that is "out of this world" we are looking for maybe we could saw that world globe in two and trim ft with some tickets for the first space ship trip to the moon. Or we could utilize an old flower pot, invert it and spruce it up with a little parsley. This would be particularly suitable to the mature woman who has gone slightly "to pot" anyway. Some fashion experts advise wearing hats to fit Milady's moods. So if you are in a soft and cuddly mood, maybe an old sofa pillow placed at a jaunty angle would convey something or other to your Old Man. On the other hand, maybe a football helmet to which are tied a pair Marilyn Roeder To Wed June 4 L Mr and Mrs Georee Boeder announce the approaching Wedding of their daughter Marilyn, above, and Leroy J. Grandgenett, son of Mr and Mrs A. J. Grandgenett of St. Benedict, The Wedding will be June 4 at St. Benedict Church. (Isaacson photo—UDM engraving) of boxing gloves would give him notice that you really need to be handled with gloves on. If you want to stay in theme with the holiday, your Easter bonnet could be made from your deep fat fryer basket. A couple of live baby chicks could be purchased at a small outlay and placed in the wire enclosure. Very chic! Your friends will be wordless with envy when you turn up in it. In fact you won't hear a peep out of them. • • ' • Since new hats are dizzy anyway, why can't we make one out of your favorite phonograph record. That is certainly in keeping with the platter shaped mode. If you decide this hat doesn't exactly strike the right note, you can take it off, put it on a record player and dance to "Tina Marie.". . A hat with an exotic afc could ^made of 'a' wheel of limburge'f cheese and trimmed with a string of garlic and a brace of Bermuda onions. But if you want a little number that will take your breath away, use a garnish of cloves, Sen Sen, Chlorophyll toothpaste and a small sized bottle of mouth wash. One of the most popular of the season is a hat shaped just like a coal scuttle. What it lacks in beauty is more than made up in practically for it entirely covers the head and to wear ft you don't have to your hair fixed. Of course, most gals when they wear this have a little trouble seeing out, but then you can't have everything," However^ in this day of oil and gas fuel, I doubt very much if anybody has an old coal scuttle with which to make a homemade hat. So perhaps, we'd better scuttle this whole idea and either wear the Happiness to share a diamond chosen with caro, One of the most important decisions you'll have to make,..selecting her diamond. We hope you'll do it in our store where we have acquired the Knowledge and instrument* to answer diamond questions to your sat* isfaction. Since it will be a lifetime on her Anger.., come to a Registered Jeweler who can guide you to a wise purchase. fafctervl Jweb* * to&fan Gm Society ^^ hat we had last year or go dowfc town and buy a brand new one. And if I want to keep in good with my friends the local merchants, perhaps I'd better add that I have been only kidding. I think this year's offering of feminine millinery is perfectly darling! * « * Last week something happened that I've been predicting Would happen ever since that barber shop rented the other half of the building that houses a local plumbing firm. Saturday there were some children waiting in line at the barber shop to get haircuts. As is inevitable with the small-fry, a couple of them had to use the rest room. The plumbing firm was closed, but the barber gave the kids the key, told them to go through that door and turn on the light in the bathroom. After a few minutes, another of the barber shop's -waiting patrons thought he'd go along to see if the children found the light. The rest room was empty! But that bathroom display of the newest in tubs, lavatories and, water closets is now .a bit more second-hand than the plumber thought it was. ;• * * One of the time honored traditions of the Easter season is Hot Cross Buns, so that's what this week's recipe is. 6 to 6Mi cups flour !• tsp. cinnamon % teasp. nutmeg 1 cup milk 1 cake fresh yeast 1 cup seedless raisins V\ cup sugar 1 tsp. salt 1 egg well beaten Vt cup softened butter % cup water % cup currants Sift and measure flour and sift again with spices. Heat milk until bubbles form around edge; add water and cool until lukewarm. Add crumbled yeast, sugar and salt, stirring until yeast is dissolved. Add beaten egg, then flour mixture all at once. Add shortening, raisins and currants and work until dough leaves side of bowl. Turn out on lightly floured board and knead until smooth. Place in greased bowl and let rise in warm place until doubled in bulk (about twp, hours). Remove from boWl on to lightly l figured board, shape fato "ball, divide intp fburTpottionj and cover with damp cloth and let stand 15 minutes, Divide each ball into 8 small ones and place on a greased baking sheet and let rise. Brush tops with egg wash (1 egg yolk beaten with 3 tablsp. water) and cut shallow crosses on top with scissors. Bake 20 to 30 minutes in 350 degree oven. Make thin powdered sugar icing for tops. Makes -GRACE. Former Seneca Resident Rites there, April 11 Seneca '— Her^yt Sonipji, ,72, a former Seneca township resident, passed away at Carroll, ^Iqwa last Thursday," Funeral services were held, at the BJakter ^Lutheran church with the ?Bevj Harlan Blockhusf. ..officiating, f*»» Pallbearers were pld friends of the deceased: George/ Jensen, Martin Wilberg, August J^eison of EsthervillvFred Brown, $k Fink and JCnut rponnecksen ofv- Bing' '•• - - Intermf was in ttftf j . local cemetery. i£* <' ••'., ;. . Henry Sgrum wa8 born^arch 1, 1885 in Sfneca township, Following his, education hi farmed here for several years and later worked in the Armstrong area. He was a member of the Blak- jer Lutheran church. His moth' er, father abd a brother preceded him in death. He is survived by two sisters, Mrs Bertha Rinderknecht of Spencer and Mrs Ida Moore of Garden City, Kansas. Friends from a distance who attended the funeral included' Mr and Mrs George Taft, Mr and Mrs Knut Bonnicksen, Mrs A. Aflder» sen, Mrs Hans • N. Wilberg and Mrs Ella, Christiansen, all of Ringsted. Marie Awards At the class C music contest for solos and small groups, held Steady Rise lit Employment Noted Here The first annual report of Snap-on Tools Corporation, Ken* osha, Wisconsin, in which the operation of their subsidiary, Weidenhbff Corporation, Algona, was included, was released on April 11 at a special meeting in Kenosha. The company's annual report was released here by Kenneth L. Peirce, vice*president and general manager of Weiden- hoff Corporation, The Snap-on Tools report for the year 1958 included the parent company, and its three subsidiaries, Snap-on Tools of Canada, Ltd., located in Toronto, Canada, Herramientas Snap-on De Mexico, S. A., in Mexico City, and Wei- denhoff Corporation in Algona. Joseph Johnson, president of Snap-on Tools, spoke on over-all company operation, and W. W. Daniel, director 1 and vice president of the parent company and president of Weidenhoff, covered the year's operation of the company here in Algona, at the Kenosha meeting. Future growth of the company was emphasized in President Johnson's talk. Consolidated sales of Snap-on Tools and its subsidiaries for the year 1956 were $22,511,035 as compared with $18,791,107 of sales for 1955. Sales for 1956, it was disclosed in the report, exceeded 1955 by 19.8 per cent and were a new all-time sales high, Net income of the company for the year 1956 'was $1,904,125, or $5.54 per share of common stock. In 1955, earnings per share were $4.26. When Snap-on Tools of Kenosha acquired Weidenhoff here in May of 1955, there were 14 regular employes working in Algona. Today, there are 62 full- time employees, and a night shift of five men was started here for the first time, Thursday night, April 18. ' The local plant is now producing such items as Distribuscopes, generator-regulator testers, tachometer-dwell meters, ignition analyzers, and magneto winding testers. '• ;' : ;'*V/ ; ^':" '•'•' . , :,' Officers 'of Welaenhoff Corporation, of Algpna, subsidiary of •Shap'r'qn !TMl* R ^f vl^ngfiha, ; .are W* W. DaftlSij president, "Kenneth LV ;Peircei yipe president and .general 'mlinagesr, IWrriv Q. Nemitz, treasurer, Robert L. l Grover, secretary, and Miles M. Sloniker, assistant secretary. ; April 5 and 6 at Graettinger, ratings as follows were received! by the Seneca high school students participating: Reuben Lutter had charge of the vocal numbers while Warren Jones directed the instrumental selections. Second division ratings were given to the vocal solos, Nancy Fischer, Sharon Dprsey, Ronald Johannesen and Raymond Wilberg. ' '. ' Also receiving a Division II rating was the boys vocal quartette composed of Ronald Johannesen, ! Roger Nielsen, • David Looft and Raymond Wilberg and. the brass quartette composed of Raymond Wilberg, Sharon Dorsey, Janice Osborn and Dennis 'Johnson, JArry Me,nz andl Bob" "Butter- fteld/who are in the army and have' been in training at Fort Ord, California, arrived home Sunday morning for a furlough, They will report at a camp in Massachusetts on April 19. Margaret Fischer, student at Iowa State Teachers College, spent the past weekend at the parental, Delmar, Fischer home, Seneca Sparklers 4*H met April Jl, 'During the business meeting the group voted to have a roller skating party on April 24 at tjie Roller Rink at Armstrong. Diane Grunhovd gave a talk. Mrs Ray Bliss of Ames visited several days last week at the home of her mother and brother, Mrs Emma Pannell and Dick. Raymond Wilberg had the mis. fortune to fall on the stairs at school last Friday noon, breaking a small bone in his foot. Mr and Mrs Charles Beavers entertained neighbors and friends at a card party at their home Sunday evening. Frank Hertz, who hauls mail at Malvern, was hospitalized recently when an incoming train hit the mail cajt, which in turn ran intp Mr Hertz, He suffered several abdominal injuries. 3 till UUI until! IIUJWII * HI* lAUI WUIttl Altttttlttl W III ItiMIMI iMfcM* tt4 »M JMUMi

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