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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, April 18, 1957
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By Russ Wallet * • • After 35 years as a druggist in Forest City, E. L. (Lyle) Mangan u^ d at tne end of last year to sell his drug store and retire HP found a buyer in Jim Johnson, pharmacist on the Rusk Drug staff here. Jim bought the Forest Lity store and is now successfully operating it. But the life of .retirement palled on Mr Mangan. He found it tiresome. So what did he do? He decided to get back in harness. Where? At Rusk Drug in Algona... He commutes back and forth to assist in the cnption dept. £ ' State Hiatofioal teta City, la. Entered M weond clan m«ttef at th* jxsteHto* tt Alfoftft, Iowa. Nov. 1. 1934, under Act of Congress of March 8, 1879. A160NA, IOWA, THURSDAY, APftll 18, 1957 3 SECTIONS - 20 PAGES PLUS 16 PAGE TABLOID VOL. 94 - NO. County Tax Values Rise $268,783 • *. * * ^ . .. _ ./ « pres There are rumors about that local attorneys are preparing a heavy docket of cases which will require the attention of County Attorney Gordon Winkel, along the early part of May...Skullduggery hi the woodpile? • » • Well, we've just had a session of scrutinizing report cards anc rijght after that we read 'a bit article in U.S. News & Work Reports on a change in educational thinking, including report cards and what they say... one mother says she thinks the modern report cards are about as complicated to understand as the instructions given recently on the use of dial phones. "Ail you do is take the receiver ofi the hook and dial the number" she said, "but the instructions made it sound like quite a problem." What she meant was that the old-fashioned report cards used to say that Johnnie had an 82% in a subject and you about knew where he was compared with 100%. That isn't so today But U. S. News & World Reports says that after giving the new style report cards a whirl, some educators are now going back to the older type which more or less called a spade a spade. ' * • • Now that we stop to think of it, the teachers also used to have two bottles of ink on their desks, one black and one red, and when you FAILED a subject it was pretty obvious with that red ink ... we only mention this because we remember a fellow who sat next to us who failed once • * • A Kossuth County girl, the former Verdene Boyken of Titonka, is a strong candidate for the title of Mrs America from Texas. Verdene is now Mr.i David W. Ryder of Bellaire, Tex., a daughter of Mr and Mrs William Boyken of Titonka. Edward and Arthur of Titonka are her brothers, as weH as Bill Jr. and Neal of Ames. Mrs Ryder is the mother of three children. She was notified that she is a state finalist, with Mrs Texas to be formally picked at the Statler Hilton in Dallas. She was sponsored by United Gas Corporation. Titonka's contribution to the glory of Texas is a graduate home economics major from Iowa State College, and took an Internship in dietetics at the University of Washington in Seattle. We all wish her well in today's finals. * * * A supply sergeant losing a pair of sunglasses would never hear the end of it, but when a diplomat loses an entire continent nothing much happens. We note that the spring styles are featuring purple shoes for men... they better throw" in a course of boxing lessons. * * * The recent revival of discussion about liquor-by-the-drink and a possible state referendum OQ the subject, brought up this story in legislative circles: A young bride complained to her relatives about her husband's drinking ... "If you knew he drank, why did you marry him?" she was asked. "But I didn't know he drank until he came home sober one night," she replied. [ * * * Newsweek for April 8 has this blunt statement: "The farm bloc's bill to boost soil-bank payments or price sup-, ports for corn growers is dead. "The reason: Agriculture Secretary Ezra Benson is against it." Couldn't be much clearer than that. * * * We overheard a local young •lady telling another that "we aren't allowed to say 'phone' — we are ahvays supposed to sav 'telephone'." Asked the other: "Where do you work?" The answer: "At the phone company." * * * Famous Last Line—(Fletcher Knebel in Potomac Fever)s The next war will be almost completely automatic; tfce only manpower needed if one guy to start it. Millage Levies Of Most Tax Districts Rise Algona Up Over 7 Mills, '55 to '56, Payable In 1957 Total net taxable value of, all property in Kpssuth county, in- ling town and rural properties ok" clu and public utility holdings, is $260,783 higher than it was a year ago. Kossuth county's total net taxable value, including all lands and buildings, livestock, personal property and money and credits, totaled $47,840,617 in!955,payable in 1956 taxes. The total for 1956 « 1957 A comparison of the valuations as officially compiled by the county follows: 1955 Valuations Lands & Bldgs. ---- $43,157,768 Livestock .......... 2,545,833 Money & Credits _.. 2,137,016 Total 47,840,617 1956 Valuations Lands & Bldgs. 43,503,667 Livestock 2,187,697 Money & Credits ... 2,418,036 Total 48,109,400 There were increases, it will be noted, in the valuations-of lands and buildings, and moneys and credits, but a decrease in the valuation of livestock. Total taxes paid in the county are based on the total assessed taxable valuations, on a ration of the millage levy by taxing districts. There are 93 such districts in Kossuth county. Algona's millage levy jumped from 67.939 in 1955 to 75.367 in 1956. The latter rate is the rate being paid in Algona in the 1957 tax payments. The general city levy jumped from 28.058 in 1955 to 31.235 in 1956, the county levy increased' from~6.«9» to 7.842" and the various school levies increased as follows: general school and transportation from 27.060 . to 27.609 — school house bonds from 2.999 to 6.101 — retirement from 1.198 to 1.262. Oats Seeding At Halfway Mark In Area Kossuth county farmers were, aking advantage of reasonably good weather in this area, the past few days, to get their field work for 1957 off to a rather be- ated start. Dean Barnes, county extension director, said general field work vas about a week behind last fear. The late snows and moisture has been most welcome and hould help to get the oats and seedings started in good shape. Within the next week it is expected 'that field work will be rolling in full swing. Estimates yesterday were that 40 to 50 percent of the oats had been seeded. Spring plowing is also fairly \£ell completed, and the ground is reported 'in good working condition. Seedings came through the winter in average condition. How '55 & '56 Levies Compare A comparison of the millage levies for the various taxing districts in Kossuth county for 1955 payable in 1956, and for 1956 being paid this spring, follows: 1985 Algona Inc. k .__ 67.936 Algona Inc. Lands 40.378 Bancroft Inc. 1 45.397 Burt Inc. 46.006 Burt Inc. Lands 31.559 Fenton Incorp. 42.428 Fenton Incorp. Lands 27.699 Lakota Inc. 45.164 Lakota Inc. Lands ' 32.274 Ledyard Inc. 48.246 Ledyard Inc. Lands 29.980 Lone Rock Inc. ^ 38.461 LuVerne Inc. : - ; 61.092 LuVerne Inc. Lands - 31.855 Swea City Inc. - 67.067 Swea City Inc. Lands .-. 36.770 Titonka Inc. ^ 42.453 Wesley Inc. _ 55.144 Wesley Inc. Lands 39.102 West Bend Inc. 65.342 Whittemore Inc. 64.557 Whittemore Inc. Lands _ _ 38.188 Algona CSD Cresco 1 50.248 Algona CSD Irvington 50.129 Algona CSD Letts Creek 5)0.094 Algona CSD Plum Creek 50.229 Algona CSD Prairie 50.094 Algona CSD Riverdale __ 50.199 Algona CSD Sherman 50.266 Algona CSD Union _ 50.649 Algona CSD Wesley 50.334 Algona CSD Whittemore' 50.227 Armstrong CSD Eagle 45.430 Armstrong CSD Swea 45.598 Bancroft Ind. Greenwood 30.749 Bancroft Ind. Ramsey 30.646 Buffalo Center CSD German 42.877 Buffalo Center CSD Hebron , 42.942 Buffalo Center CSD Lincoln 42.927 Burt CSD Burt ___• _; 41.523 Burt CSD Greenwood __< __ 41.598 Burt CSD Plum Creek __'41.410 Burt CSD Portland ._ 41.572 Burt CSD Union 41.830 Corwith CSD LuVerne - 41.746 Corwith CSD Prairie 41.526 Garfield No. 6 . 27.240 Grant Cons. 41.915' Greenwood Twp. . 23.085 Lakota CSD German 41.990 .Lakota CSD Jlebron 42.055 Lakota CSD Ledyard 42.088 Lakota CSD Lincoln 42.040 Lakota CSD Ramsey ^ 42.210 Ledyard CSD Harrison 39.696 Ledyard CSD Ledyard 39.794 Ledyard CSD Springffeld 39.696 Letts, .Creek - Twp. __*>.:_«. j. 33.2S8-- LuVerne CSD Irvington •____ :._ 41.606 LuVerne CSD LuVerne 41.792 LuVerne CSD Prairie 41.571 LuVerne CSD Sherman _._ 41 743 Ottosen CSD Garfield _ _ _._ 49.650 Prairie Twp. 26.849 Rake CSD Hebron 51.590 Ramsey Two. _.. 18.285 Ringsted CSD Seneca 46.805 Riverdale Twp. 22456 Sentral CSD Burt i_ 37.663 Sentral CSD Fenton 37 874 Sentral CSD Greenwood 37738 Sentral CSD Lotts Creek 37415 Sentral CSD Seneca _ 37415 Sentral CSD Swea _ 37.665 Sentral CSD Union 37.970 Sherman Twp. . 22534 Swea City CSD Eagle _ __ 46.568 Swea City CSD Harrison 46.486 Swea City CSD Swea 46.736 Swea City CSD Seneca I' .. 46.486 Titonka CSD Buffalo _ ._ 38.780 Titonka CSD German 38530 Titonka CSD Plum Creek „__ 38,665 Titonka CSD Portland ,. 38.827 Titonka CSD Ramsey 38750 Titonka CSD Wesley " 38770 Twin Rivers CSD Garfield Twin Rivers CSD Riverdale Wesley Twp. 32.669 Wesley Ind. Wesley ,_„ _ 49058 West Bend CSD Garfield __ 44078 West Bend CSD Riverdale ' West Bend CSD Whittemore _._ 44 211 Whittemore Ind. Whittemore 48 037 Whittemore Twp. !_.,.._„___ 28929 1958 76.367 44.632 41.459 50.023 36.533 61.878 33.097 47.662 32.937 55.164 35."948 41994 54.933 31.741 60.150 36.815 51.365 62.255 46.748 60.512 71.045 43.643 54.270 54.156 54.119' 54.244 54119 54.238 54.929 54691 54.383 54219 53.475 53.649 27.180 27.079 50.500 50.399 50424 46.520 46368 46.145 46282 48.592 46.417 46245 43.876 24.281 42 525 42424 ,42521^ 42449 42 671 - 45.435 45582 45.435 41.265 41400 41228 42 038 26.710 54.189 23.791 49.475 24.977 43.084 43.092 42.932 42.584 42.630 42*58 43.156 21.430 46.302 46.302 46.476 46.348 42.464 42.176 42.200 . 42.337 42.322 42.339 48.730 48.849 33.600 56.499 43.242 43.361 43.342 53.230 31.496 Injured In Car Crash In Texas Wesley — Friends and relatives here have received word that Mr and Mrs Rae Hutchison were injured in a 2-car crash near Houston, Tex., enroute home from their winter's stay in McAllen, Tex. to Waterloo. She had compound fracture of a leg and her husband had several broken bones and was unconscious for several days. Her brother, Ray Kranz, of this vicinity left to be with them Their only son Robert died in the Veterans hospital in Des Moines on Feb. 28 and they had attended the services. Wedding Licenses To 3 Couples were Alma They Three wedding licenses issued by County Clerk Pearson during the week, went to the following couples: April 12 — Eldon Goeke, Elmore, and Joan B. Johnson, Titonka. Aoril 15 — Earl Gellerman, LeMars, and Mary A. McVeigh, Algona; and Loren Hansen and Gladys Harms, both of Titonka. Dispersal Sale A dairy dispersal sale will be held Thursday, April 25, starting, at 1 p.m. by Lawrence Jensen at his place located 7% miles west of Elmore on the state line road. An ad with full details will be found in today's UDM. Offered are 46 head of high grade Holsteins and milking equipment. Oldenberg & Quinn are auctioneers, and the First National Bank of Elmore is the clerk. No New P. O. Orders According to Postmaster Wade Sullivan, no orders from the U. S. postoffice department had arrived in Algona regarding return of the local office to the former schedule by Wednesday afternoon. Due to the action of Congress -Tuesday, it is ex* pected the local office will be back on the open-Saturday schedule thil weekend. Winner of £1 Stale & National Awards, 1950-1957 Including General Excellence, low» Pw« Ai.'n, 1955, Bail Advertising Awwd tot 1955 Co-Op Elevator Election, Titonka Election of officers for 1957 of the Farmers Cooperative Elevator of Titonka was held recently. Herman Tiarks was elected president, Clarence Schutjer is vice president, John Welhousen is secretary-treasurer, and Louis Huber, George Sonnenberg, Bill Spear, Bill Peterson, Sophus Nelson and Gerald Bahling were named to complete the board of directors. Joseph Blocker Burial, Bancroft Bancroft *•» Funeral services for Joseph Blocker, who died last Saturday at Birmingham, Ala., were held Tuesday morning at St John's Catholic church here. Father J. H. Schultes officiating, and burial in St. John's cemetery. The remains arrived Monday morning. He leaves four brothers and one sister, Mrs Clem Elsbeeker (Bertha), Arthur, and Edward, Bancroft, Lawrence. Braoton., Minis., and Maurice and Leo. Room & Board Bill Suit Opens District Court Kuhlman Vs. Thorn Involves $2800 Suit And Countersuit A bill for board and room for a period of over three years, and a counter suit asking payment for services during that time, began Wednesday afternoon in Kossuth district court. Mrs Wilma Kuhlman is plain* tiff, asking $2,800 from James Thorn, defendant. Thorn, in a counter suit, asks $3,400 for services. Mrs Kuhlman, called as the first witness before Judge Harry Narey and a petit jury, said Thorn went to her home in Algona to room and board in May or June of 1953, and remained there until September, 1956. She said there was an agreement that $14 a week would be paid for room and board. She also testified that he had made a number of loans to Thorn during that , period of time. Thorn's side of the case had yet to be heard. He is being represented by Leo Cassel, while Lou Nitchals is attorney for Mrs Kuhlman. Members of Jury On the jury hearing the case are Mary Jane Besch, Gifford Smith, Fern Kitzinger, Don Cook, Katherine Krause, Luella Pearson, DuWayne Klein, Frances Capesius, Pauline Flaig, Lloyd Dixson, Sylvan Hanna and Verna Marlow. Mrs Kuhlman said she had received $100 in cash, a hog to butcher and a few groceries during the 3% year period Thorn was Next case scheduled for trial is that of Walter Steven Gatton vs. James W. Tindall Jr., a damage suit asking for a $2,083 judgment. The petit jury has been ordered to report next Tuesday morning for this case. 'Additional jurors were summoned this week in picking the Kuhlman-Thorn jury. A damage suit brought by Soren Pedersen against the Burt Farmers Elevator, in which the plaintiff asked $6,594.35 was settled out of court for $300 this week. New Divorce Action One diyorce was granted and a new divorce action .filed in other court matters. The new case is that of Joyce E. Langman vs. Wm. J. Langman, both of Algona. Cruel and inhuman treatment is charged. The couple married Jan. 12, 1957, and separated last month, A divorce was granted to Donna J, Kern from Martin J. Kern, April 12, with custody of minor children given to the plaintiff. Clarence Moelles is plaintiff and Marcella and Bruce Eckhart are defendants in a matter at law involving a note for $642.72 in another new case filed. All of the pending O.M.V.l. cases were continued, some into the next court term. There are five such cases on the current docket. Edwin L. Barkela, Lakota, was sentenced to 10 years at Anamosa and then paroled, last week, on a plea of guilty to a charge of forgery. He is a farm hand. It's 'Goodbye' For Old St. Benedict Postoffice Postmaster Ot Fischer, left, was handing out mail to one of his 26 St. Benedict patrons, Sim Hirner, when the above photo was taken. •,..,,.i-,-.*^ Following tomorrow's business, the St. Benedict postoffice will be closed and all patrons will receive their mail six days a week from Herb Hensley, Algona rural carrier on route one. Hensley also delivered St. Benedict's mail previously, but then in a pouch to the postoffice. Fischer has been postmaster at St. Benedict since 1951. There rll*^ 1 } a Postoffice at St. Benedict for more than a half-century. UDM Flashfoto-Engraving) County Teachers Plan Banquet The annual spring Kossuth County Education Council dinner will be held Tuesday, April 23, at 6:30 in the Algona high school annex. Dinner reservations are to be sent to Kathryn Sorensen, Algona high school, by Apr. Special guest speaker for the evening will be Evelyn Peters, British exchange teacher from the Roosevelt Elementary School at Amer. This will also be prospective teachers night. Each school may bring at least two of their prospective teachers «from (he senior class to be dinner guests for the evening. Election of officers for the coming year will be held during the evening. Nomination will be made from the floor and then voted upon. St. Benedict's postoffice, which will become extinct following he close of business tomorrow, Friday, April 19, is housed in the Building shown here. Fischer's general store houses the postoffice and Ot Fischer, who operates the store, is also postmaster. The office is'located in the left front corner of the store, Discontinuance of the St. Benedict postoffice is a result of the federal government's cut-back in an effort to reduce the postoffice department's deficit. (UDM Newsfoto-Engraving) 76 On Trail Ride Algona Bit & Spur club, Seneca Saddle club and Titonka Saddle club met Sunday afternoon at the Fairgrounds for a trail ride. Seventy six riders participated. Alter the ride they returned for W outdoor lunch St. Benedict's 26 postoffice patrons, due to a federal postal department ruling, will pick up* their mail for the last time in the office at Fischer's general store there tomorrow, Friday, April 19. The discontinuance of service at St. Benedict coincides with cutbacks all over the country, designed to slice the postoffice department's yearly deficit. From Friday on, the St. Benedict area, including an estimated 68 persons who live in the community, and rural patrons surrounding, will receive mail on the rural route 1 delivery from Algona. It was about a year ago, according to Postmaster Ot Fischer, who has served at St, Benedict since 1951, the government wanted to make St. Benedict a substation of Algona. An inspector was sent out to question patrons and objections were strong enough so the postoffice remained. This time there were no questions asked. The postoffice got orders to close, and the patrons are taking it, although not all lying down. "One lady," states Fischer, "blamed me personally for the close-down here, and it's possible others may take it out on the rural carrier for a while." It is not known for sure when the postoffice at St. Benedict began operations, but it has been at least a half-century. An old cash book found in the basement of the building by Fischer goes back to 1916 when John Witte was postmaster. Frank L. Haldeman followed Witte, and in 1925 Mary Me- Kenna became postmaster. She served for 26 years and Fischer has been there since. During past years, the rural route 1 mail carrier from Algona has delivered the St. Benedict mail pouch six days a week at 10 a.m. The postoffice has been located in the present building since Mary McKenna first took charge. Present patrons include Dorothy Arndorfer, Rev. 0. Ernst, John, lierj, Virgil Sierl, gen Dorr, Charles Emanuel, Dan Froehlich, Sr., Max Ferstl, Sisters of St. Francis, Simon Hirner, Isadore Mayer, Nick Raskopf, J. O. Downs, Art Rosenmeyer, Margaret Steil, O. E. Fischer, Nick Eischen, Art Leek, John Thill and Charles Colwell in town, and Nick Arndorfer, A. J. Grandjenett, John Preuschl, Leo Youngwirth, Emmert Daugard and Dan Froehlich, Jr., rural. About the only word of condolence that can be offered upon the death of the St. Benedict postoffice comes from Algonans, wjio say — welcome to RFD 1. 16 Page Tabloid With UDM Today The April issue of the Farm & Home section in rotogravure comes to Upper Des Moines subscribers with this issue. It is a 16 page section, and UPM readers get it exclusively in this area once a month with their regular paper. "Fertilizer Pays", the "Feminine Touch", an article on meat-type hogs, and ideas for profit farming are among the features in the April issue. Don't miss it — with your UDM today, Special Music For Easter In Local Churches Services In Some . Churches Begin With Communion Tonight Special music and Easter messages by all pastors will be featured Sunday In A 1 g o n a churches. As in past years, some churches will feature all choirs. Here is a summary of Easter services at Algona churches: First Baptist — Rev. Roland Andrews, pastor. Sunday school will be held at 9:45 and the Easter worship service at 10:45 a.m. Sunday. St. Cecelia's Catholic church— Thursday, 8 p.m., Procession of the Blessed Sacrament; Friday, confessions, 9:30 to ,12 • 12:30, Mass of pre-sanctified and Holy Communion, confessions 3 to 5 and 7 to 9 p*.m.; Saturday, confessions, 9 to 12 and 2 to 5 sacrifice of Mass, 8 p.m., blessing of Baptismal and Easter waters, Holy Communion; Easter Masses, high Mass 6 and 9 a.m., low Mass, 7:30 and 10:30 a.m. Congregational — Rev. G. G. Hallauer, pastor. . Holy communion and reception for new members will be held Thursday at 7:30 p.m.; Union Good Friday service will be held at 1:30 p.m. Friday at the Methodist church; Youth sunrise service at 7, church school at 9:45, and morning worship at ll,a.m. Sunday. St. Thomas Episcopal—Church school at 10 a.m. and morning prayer at 11 a.m. Sunday. First Lutheran—Rev. O. Leonard Nelson, pastor. Holy communion at 7:30 p.m. Thursday; Union Good Friday services at Methodist church aj; .1:30 p,m. Friday; Sunday-school at fl HNHind 1 * Divine worship at 11 a.m. Sun-' day. , '.-'•:. .-'..,' •' - '""'", •'.," Trinity Lutheran—Rev. Luther Loesch, pastor. Sunday school at 9 and Divine worship, 'featuring three' chofrs, at 10 a.m. Sunday. Methodist — Rev. Harry Whyte, pastor. Maundy communion service at 7:30 p.m. Thursday; Union Good Friday service at 1:30 p.m. Friday; Union youth sunrise service at 7 a.m., Sunday school at 9:45 and worship service at 10:45 a.m. Sunday, Nazarene — Rev. Cloyd Bishop, pastor. Sunday school at 9:45 and church at 11;30 a.m. Sunday. First Presbyterian — Rev. M, H. Brower, pastor. Holy. com« munion at 7:30 p.m. ^Thursday; Union Good Friday Services at Methodist church at 1:30 p.m, Friday; Young people's sunrise services at 7, morning worship, new member's confession at 9, Sunday 'school at 10 and morning worship at 11 a.m. Sunday, Regular Baptist — Rev. John* nie Kain, pastor. Sunday school at 10 and morning service at 11 a.m. Sunday. In some instances, regular Sunday evening services will also be held Easter. ' Lefty Hatten A Visitor In Algona Lefty (Joe) Hasten : a»d Ms wife were visitors in Algona Monday, Hatten, former pitcher 'or Brooklyn and the Chicago 2ubs, is now playing with the Havana team in the International eague, and he played baseball during the winter in a Cuban, eague. He told local friends that he now has a home in Havana, uba, and while he also has a lome in California he only gets o stay there about six weeks in he year. Hatten's father died last week, and Lefty came here for the fu» leral. He flew from New Mexico, where the Havana team was in,training prior to the open* ing of the 1957 season. Rev. Loesch Accepts Call To Mississippi Ch urch Rev. Luther Loosen, pastor of Trinity Lutheran church here for the past 14 yews, made formal announcement to his congregation this week that he had accepted a call to become pastor of Christ Lutheran church at Pasca- goals, jyjUs. He and Mrs L«e«ch »x$*ci to leave for their new location about May 90* During h» paitorat* here. Rev. Lo.96ch talp*4 fcf&f to completion the construction of the church for his congre. gaiion, At PawegouU h« wai tart » «bn»«J» wi«* aJwwJ 3M member., tmallM than tha loctf chw«h, Hew 0V«r, it U the ooJy Lutheran church In Jaclw&a county, M4 PaKOflQu rounding area hai • r<

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