The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 17, 1946 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 17, 1946
Page 6
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sn ' BLYTHEVILLE (AUK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, APHII. 17, 10-10 Navy Declares Goods Surplus '•? New Policies To Help v ReKcv* Shortage Of £ Civilian Clothing J. WASHINGTON, April 17. (U.P.) —The Navy today declared surplus man thin WS.OOC.OJO worth of clothing and the Civilian Production Administration predicted a material easing of ()>e clothing portage within 90 days. ^New low-cost clothes for men, women and children soon will • be riiowing up iu stores as Hie result £j new policies designed to 011- Opuruge production of lower-priced Hems. th« CPA said. •"The Navy's new list of surplus §bods included 1,100.000 yards of. Myon lining for suits and over- j '"'Ik of Hie .sunken treasure ship seats, 4,188.000 yard"; of woolens i Satir.duy. Heavy winds that wlilj)- *nd 8,300,000 yards of cottons. j po<l the area caused temporary cun- ~Also turned' over io Oie War • cellation of Ihe seni'tli, however. 'Curse' Protecting Aztec Gold Dogs Modem Treasure Seekers By KICHAKI) C. GLASS Untied Preft* Staff Corr«p«nd*ii( MIAMI, Fla., April 16. IUP> — Somewhere lii a secluded cove In the Florida Keys stronB winds today bottled up an expedition seeking $30,000.000 In stolen Indian gold which ie|K>itedly has lain on the ocean's l>ottom since 1520, protected by the curse of Mcmtezuma. Unmindful Dial the wrathful spirit of the Axlec rhicfutin from whom the bullion was stolen may be virt- IIIEJ the gale, divers today impatiently checked their geur and made last minute preparations. They will resume their sea-bottom prol>o of the rotted, coral-crusted Spanish Balleon, the Santa Rosa, Immediately the winds abate. Irwin A. Williamson, leader of the expedition, reported locating the Assets Administration for sale were WM 390 raincoats, 10,705,979 denim fed utility trousers, 10,225.912 chambray and utility shirts and 4*6.606 pairs of field shoes. •fThe CPA snid that is the rc- 9B11 of the agency's plun to set aifcide materials for lower-priced garments, this merchandise can be expected lo appear in btorcs ivith- ijj three inont)5s: ,!. For men—3,5CO\000 suits wliole- m\ing from from $22.50 to $28.50: Z?OO.OCO dozen shirts wholesaling fer from S1.37. lo. $2.25; 1.799.000! dozen men's and boys' undersliorts wholesaling for from $4.25 to $9.75 per dizen. VPor women—27.9CO.OOO girls' aiul women's rayon street dresses, S3 V> $6.75 wholesale: 2,529.000 dozen Bremen's and girls' -cotton dresses, wholesaling for from $1050 lo $27 frr dozen; also increasing quantities • of - rayon blouses, skirts, Waists and'Slips. J^For children—44fi,38fl dozen toddlers' and boys' wash suits and pants, wholesaling for from $13.50 to $17.25 per dozen; 62v,041 doyen Slants' and children's overalls and coveralls wholesaling for from »10.50 to $12 n dozen. ^The Navy said thnt to help conserve clolliing for civilians no stocks of white shirts were maintained and the "snmt], infrcQUent shiprftem.s received by the Navy are carefully rationed, one or two Airts to an individual." " Rear Acim. W. J. Carter, Chief of the Jinreau of Supplies and Accounts, said that all Nnvy purchases of-wool cloth and of special clothing have been suspended siuce the end of the war. Olsen Orchestra To Play Monday At Caruthersville Harry Farrar, commander of tlie Bemiscot County Post 88 of the American Legion, which is slion- sfcrlng the George Olsen dance in Ganithcrsville, Mo.. Monday night, *ki that report? on advance sales tJT" tickets indicated that, a Ini'gs Climber., of dancers would nttend. ^The special* committee assigned lo Spiprovlng the Caruthersville armory's acoustics for the dance said that Hhey would employ sound- Absorbing materials on the walls which have proven successful in other armories of similar design rthd construclion. This is being done sfr lhat Oisen's famous "Music of tomorrow" may be prcsenled in the most pleasing manner. ^Ranking among Ihe lop bands IB Ihe nation, Olsen has played itfany successful Broaduay musical shows as well as the nation's lead- ijig hotels and ballrooms. He has been heard regularly on network broadcasts. iv--"-- 1 'j Courier News Want Ads. and drove tlie group lo the safety of the secret cove. Bliick silt swirled into waves by tlie winds made work impossible at the HO-lcel depth which the shio lays, but before lieinu forced to leave the scene, Williamson and diver Carl Parsons, of Birmingham, Ala., spent 43 minutes exploring the wreckage. They -said (he Santa Hosa had been found in exactly the same spot where it was left In 19-11. Williamson removed two identification marks that lie had originally placed on the vessel when he stumbled accidentally across it. Because of Ihe heavy coat of coral and the rotting structure of the ship, they feared to yo aboard and search for the booty which It'ndt- lion has it was railed by Hernando Corlez. from Monlezuma's treasure house. According lo legend, the Aztec emperor put up Ihe gold in ransome for Ihe safely of his people from Cortex's conquistadors. After Corle/. Imd failed to keep his word, Monteztima pronounced a curse, on the Spaniards and the gold. When Cortex attempted to scud the ti-en- surc back lo Spain, Ihe .ship sunk cnroule. Cursing "this ravisher of our land and betrayer of my friendship," Montmima had declared "upon the gold he shall keep for himself, I place a curse, and upon Ihosc to whom his gold shall pass or who shall seek it, 1 place a curse whether II be in till' fields where grows the maise. or in the air where eagles scream, or in waters where evil ones hirk lo kill. And 1, priest of the sun. do now set a guardian of the curse who shall be myself in the days lo come, mighty in strengtl' and fearful to behold. Thus, slini: the curse of Montezuma repay hiiv vj'lio thinks lo betray the Aztcct and thus steal their metal of the sun." • Williamson, veteran diver and in veiitor of numerous underwater do vices, discounts tlie curse as super, stition, despite the fact that he i (Editor's n«t<-: irwirl A. W«- lUimon, deep-sr* diver now seeking $30,000,000 north nt t*lt btlievrd in the lunken K*)leon "Sunla KOMI" iKinrfn Key West and Havana, gave Ihe fulluwlnj story lo I lie I'n- itrd 1'rcss from one of Ms f*iirt-h craft. Ifr did not comment on report*, thai tils claim lo the: Ireiksurr will toe cootf hi- ed in <ourl.) By 1KWIN A. WILLIAMSON Wriltrn For United frtaf, III The Florida Keys, April 17 (Via Radio - Telephone) »UI Within the next few days 1 hope lo find the gold of Monte/uma where it lies on ihc bottom of Ihe sea. I have no faith In the legendary curse of Ihe Aztec chief. We have been driven away from the search many times, but il was the weather each lime. The occasion of last Saturday—when w« found the Santa Rosa's hulk—was the heaviest to bear. The sea has kept us from diving for four days, but today we should start agabv The .search for the gold will not be over In n r<sw hours. It will lake us several days lo make sure that myself and the other divers will lie able to work safely. We will hfcvc to chip a -way through Ihe i 000, to coral—18 Inches to three feet serving Electric Co-Ops Will Get Loam Arkansos Projects Among Thoce Given Approval By REA WASHINGTON, April 17 .(UP) — Loans totaling $0,7Sfi,500 lo 28 rural electric cooperatives In 10 atates today wer c approved by the Rural Electrification Administration. The money will finance 4,401) miles of new power lines to provide service to approximately 14,2;)1 farm homes and other rural establishments. The borrowers, amount Shopping Tour In Blytheville Thrills War Bride From Algiers doesn't, agree wit)) her. She told her husband that she was ill all <lv> way over and especially after a two- day storm. The former Miss Marie GarcM, she is the daughter of Mr, and Mn. "Mr. Taylor, may I talk to Mrs. lias seen since her arrival in lhe Nlcollx Qai 'cia. Taylor?" , United Stales. Mr - Taylor is the son of Mr. and "Nol unless you speak French; .She's thrilled at every new thing MtSl Elte ''t Taylor, she can understand a little Englii--!-., and reacts as a chijd does to Head Courier News Want Ads. HIT THAT RHEUMATIC^PAIh RIGHT WHERE IT HURTS Anil look at iht: Silver Lining ' I hut she doesn't speak it." SB tills reporter, wiiose French brie 111 new toy. One af her greatest adventures vocabulary consists of two words, has been a shopping tour on which realized they wouldn't get far l:i she bought a "complete outfit" with ' El "'h«rsl airport he-re, refusing lo in //i one Cloinh oj I'uin rwir-^r.r, /,,., .7." ~ . ,. , i Tlit liitt idea is (hat yon want to feel ,l,?,v t , ^ J™ ^"'i"? I I"-'""- Wlicn pain cases, your min.t ducks known a.s Whisky and Soda are year-wound mascots at ths| trlfiphone conversation. "Wlial's she like?" Hie liuiuislt)! 1 asked Mr. Taylor. "Oh. she's beautiful. Her eyes arc dark brown and she has long blaoh hair and—well, she's just sharp as a tac-k." ! "Sharp as a tack" docs~~sccnf to describe tlie charming Mrs. Edwa:"l "Jack" Taylor, wlio is friendly her husband's assistance. She chose B ° S(nltl1 in the winter when other the clothes—he told the clerks which i Mill| ards fly overhead. They gained one. This thrill was climaxed with ; l " elr "a'"cs because Whisky likes lunch at Ihe restaurant where there ' a nil> llow an<1 t!u ' n - »'>'* Soda, like were so many foods from which lo choose. Rationing in Oran Is very striut and Ihoueh the foods are goo'l, there Is little variety, her husband explained. When asked how he liked Oran, of new line serving 1.399 consumers, -.^i Firsl Electric Cooperative Corp., Jacksonville, Ark., J39.000, to finance 32 miles of line serving 160 consumers. Craighead Electric Cooperative Corp.. Jonesboro, Ark.. $580.500, to' construct 411 miles of line 1.314 consumers. Jefferson County Electric Membership Corp.. Louisville, Oa., $50,- thick--that covers the hulk. Then we must string lights so that we may work and the cameramen may take pictures. I bfllevi- thai on about the third day. wo will he able to enter the Tile decks of the "Santa appear lo be hard, hut we to sec If this is layer-That would our feet. It may lie that we will have to construct 40 miles of line 150 consumers. Africa. Kite speaks no English in public inn when alone with her husband dot's venture to say a few words in his language. Most of their conversations arc in FieiK-h as the veteran speaks French lUicnily. His bride also speaks serving i Spanish, having lived in a village where most of the population is Spanish. Mrs. Taylor is delighted wi'.n lllytlieville and, In fact, lias bei".i enraptured at almost everything .she in the drink, is Ills constant companion. eases. You n 1 '* lt?1 ' li'al means dciivr aucc. So use something lll:it gets at llitf jKtin. 0-2223 I'rtn^s you puin-rclicvitig ljcl|), Now you \\ill fed ;is j;oo[| :n others ulm i-njoy its help, [cm. Coc, and $i. Camion: I'st- only as iliri-ru-il. Tirsl foolllf jnirdKLse prire refunded if you arc not satisfied. Today, get €-2223. go in n lew years 10 spend a vacation and to visit her parents. Mrs. Taylor "wished there were .some way Ihey might go back by i land." She's no sailor and the ocean [ Amazing results shown in Improving the LOOKS ...boosting VITALITY! _ have not tested j merely a coral •ivc way under :iit a hole through Ihe coral and I Ing 1.1*1 he heavy limbers, and enter the •csscl from the side. All this would nean more delay. We have made careful diagrams, o determine where wo should liner the hulk. The gold, which I Halifax Electric Membership Corp., Enfleld, N. C., $225.000 to finance 139 miles of line serving 454 consumers. Wake Electric Membership Corp., Wake Forest, N. C., $319,000 to complete previous improvements and construct 184 miles of line nervine 809 consumers. , Merlwealher-Lewls Electric Cooperative, Centcrville, Tenn., $37(i,000 to build 300 miles of line serv- liink is in bar 'urnitnre and should be on the bottom nion» the teel. Tlie Spaniards used much of .heir cargo as ballast, and ;lie heaviest materials along keel. 'Die weather bureau says there will lie squalls loday. but I don't know what their squalls will amount to. if the water is clear cnoiiKh, we will start diving. Most of my vessels are at the scene now, and when word comes that form or idols or other nlcknacks, put Ihe the water is I shall fly out. now making his eighth attempt to the treasure. In previous attempts to wrest th gold from the ocean lie has nearl lost his life by attacks of sharks, and an octopus, and has been harried by war, bad weather, accidents and illness. In air tlights.over the area yesterday, he said he sighted the liuoy which he had lustcncd to the coral scpulcher which now enshrouds the ship. He keeps in contact with Miami headquarters by radio telephone and his fleet is equipped with radar and other most modern nautical devices of submarine science. He first found the Santa Rosa in We had lo crawl on our bellies through the coral when we found the Galleon Saturday. Our first job will be to use specially-designed pneumatic hammers to chip a passageway lhat will accomodate our air hoses and life lines. We found lhat my self-contained diving suit, without aii- lincs, was unsafe for this job because even racial- could not keep truck of me 146 feet below the consumers. Pickwick Electric Cor])., Selmcr, Tenn build 440 miles of 2,333 consumers. Membership $570,000 to line *uervin^, surface. Tf we must drag along lift-lines anyway, v:e iniuht as well use regulation navy suits with air hoses. Every day since the weather drove us off I have flown over the location and seen that my buov is still attached to the hulk. I have three things In mind in tills search. I want to find the S30.000.000 in gold which f am sure is there. I want to pay the leyat taxes and keep as much foi- myself as I can. And I want lo Improve methods of working under water. Diving is my life work. I have devoted years lo making it safer. I want the day to come wlieu my wife u-111 be willing Lo watch me dive—now she toes away framVhe. scene, or down into n cabin, whenever I go under. l!lll while looking for wreckage to be used in under scenes of the mo- other than that "she lies 146 feet bclosv (be surface in the Florida straits between Key West and Ha- Williamson said he planned to salvage as much of the ship as i»ssi- ble for museums and wouldn't use dynamite in the. search unless he had lo. 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