The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 4, 1957 · Page 21
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 21

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 4, 1957
Page 21
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April 4,1957 April 4,1957 Tidbits From Fve/yn «i , ? ld . so " ° f the Rev. and Mrs Ro*»> Holzl \ am mer and grandson of Mr and Mrs Glen Raney, must nave had a busy day for at pray- K r jT e> just bcfore h "PPing into bed he said, with the idea per- naps of omitting the rite, "Oh, for reies sake, let me go to bed ] need my rest." » » * Many parsons will remember Horace King, familiarly known by his "buddies" as "Hump", who lived here with his 1 parents a numbers of years ago. His father WaS Kossuth county auditor at one time and the family lived in the house at the end of South Thorington street now owned by Bill Backer. After the death of Mr King, Horace and his mother moved to Sunnyvale, Calif. It is located in an area not far from San Francisco and there the Kings bought a ranch, some 25 or 30 acres of walnut and pear trees. Over the years there have been good crops and each year the property has become more valuable. The town has grown and stretched to the outskirts where the ranch is located. Now a super-highway is being built and "Hump's" ranch has been taken over at a handsome price • » » ^ While on the topic of Califot- nia, Mr and Mrs William Drayton are back from there. They took warning on the recent storm conditions and headed south far enough to evade it. The Algona picnic was highly successful, so much so it has been decided to hold one each year at the same time, the first Sunday in February. Hazel P1 a 11 and husband Howard are just back from a winter vacation too. They were at Brownsville, Tex., for most of the time, but werit to California to visit their son George who is located at. Ontario. A young man approached them one day after having seen the 55 Iowa license. "Hello lowans," he said, and identified himself as Robert Pelleymounter, half brother of WONDERFUL TO LIVE IN EASY TO OWN I 3 l^° U ? ei * n **i*idualiiy and Superior *!>!. L P Iss^^f'ss^ffis L0 * 0 * nn LUXURY-LINE • CUSTOM-LINE AS ^YjOUU P^CEMAKEtt NATIONAL HOMES V r T\HC 4 :• V^ZL' ' >' , :M!~- ; I!"' For Full, Complete Details CALL OR SEE WEGNER CONSTR. CO. " a 4-2595 Old Friends in a New Light! lei's assume you've known them for some time. And now—in the moment of a glance—you first behold them in the company of a Cadillac car. There's just no question about it... something wonderful happens! For the presence of a Cadillac car underscores —and most dramatically so—many of the things that enable, you to think well of them. It goes almost without saying that their Cadillac lends form and substance to whatever measure of achievement life may have brought them. Certainly, it reveals their interest in the safety and well-being of their fellow passengers. ^And, most assuredly, it evidences the wisdom with which they select their personal possessions, Incidentally, yp« may have noticed, of late. that the Cadillac car has cast its revealing light on an ever-growing number of your own friends. There is every reason why this should be so. Its original cost is remarkably modest-and several models are, in fact, priced competitively with those of lesser makes. Its operating economy is extraordinary—with a record of dependability and longevity that is without equal in the industry. ^ And Its resale value stands at the very summit in used'Car markets all across the land. Certainly, this triumvirate of Cadillac econo* nues deserves your personal investigation—and your dealer will be delighted to tell you the whole wonderful story at any time, - Stop in soon—for a ride and a revelation! VISIT YOVR AUTHORIZED CADILLAC DEALER my late aunt, Mary Henderson Long. Bob is a native of Bancroft and will be well remembered by residents there. * * * Other persons who got "home just ahead of the much publicized snow storm were Mr and Mrs Harry Hargreaves who had been at Council Bluffs visiting their son-in-law and daughter, Dr, and Mrs E. B. Mathiason. * * * Mr and Mrs Gene Hendricksen and little Steven also made it here just about that time. Gene is in the navy and had been stationed at San Diego. He is going from here, to the Great Lakes station and will take a course in advanced electrical work. He has enlisted for another two years. His wife and little son will stay here with 1 her parents, Mr and' Mrs William Baker. * * • Three year old Susan Barry is not so dumb—The other day she said to grandma Mary Barry, "I'm so dumb. I can't read nor write." Grandma preceded to fix that up by teaching her to print * * * When I heard that Henry Willey is about to retire from the police force at Tacoma, Wash., my thoughts flew back over the years to high school days. Little did we think then that "Hen" as he was always called, would choose such a vocation. Oh, he had the stature for it, tall and powerful, and as the year* havo passed, lie has put on quite a bit of weight. * * • If you want to remain friends with me don't EVER say of squirrels "Aren't they cute?" They are an abomination and I, have no respect for them. They are no respecters of my property, (or anyone else's for that matter) After playing havoc with a roof, burrowing inside and damaging timbers, TWICE they have clogged the sower. The first time the persons who lived in the house were able to extract one from the pipe in the basement. This time one got trapped at some distance. It took many hours of labor, and MUCH of my cash to get this one out. Squirrels have become a nuisance and should be dealt with as such. It's back to tho woodn for them, so far as I am concerned, and I'd rather have a squirrel in the frying pan than anywhere else. They do make good* eating, and as far as I am concerned, that's all they are good for. » * * t paid a visit to the new telephone office the other day. It's a fine looking office, modern to the n-th degree. I commented on how warm it was and Genevieve told me there is air conditioning too. I replied that come summer. I thought it would be a fine place to camp and with a lunch room and coffee avaialbln at any time, what more could one want! I think I shall make it a habit to go there myself to pay the monthly bill and' I hope the girls will loiter over the business at hand. » « • Members of "The Hen House" were dinner guests Saturday evening of Mr and Mrs Glen Raney. It is amazing how that area has been built up in the past few years. When Glen and Ruth moved there, there wore "wide open spaces" of lots. Now all are filled with charming houses • • c Herman and Mabel Hauberg are back from California where they spent the' winter. They hac a motel unit at the George Bos wells at Duarte. Bess and Lee Hopkins and Marie Hawcott also had a unit so it was quite like home with Ed and Genevieve Genrich close by. Bess, Lee anc Marie are starting for home Apri: 2. Isn't is strange that even though the ex-Algonans who have gone there to make their Home Show Here To Bring Big Time 'Spectaculars' Pennies Today or Dollars Tomorrow ? I'd like to show you a plan that costs only pennies a day, yet can save you many dollars in case of accident or sickness. Call me today. Phone CY 4-4529 State & Thorington Sts. Representing WOODMEN ACCIDENT AND LIFE COMPANY ARNIE J. RICKLEFS AT THE HOME SHOW Be Sure To Visit Booth Of NORTH IOWA APPLIANCE CENTER What Is 'NEW And 'DIFFERENT In Appliances I ^ "fi' Tf ' V fa ¥W fP - V**j I - \ W'-wtiK*. 4 **KiSfe.^M a *„ Til * „,.*££" ^jSk^H&i-* '*&..& LOIS AND HER MARIMBA . .J n « a( i dl « ion to 30 Packedlwiih-imierest home displays, visitors to the 2nd Annual Algona Home Show this,week will find an elaborate program of professional entertainment arranged for them; different each day of the three-day show, whjch begins Friday afternoon and lasts through Sunday evening at the National Guard Armory here. "*" .. . Pictured above is lovely tois. and her Marimba, who-will^b» ?u 5u , n . day evenm g performer from the specially-erected stage at the Show. Lois is billed as "A Beautiful G«l #lp»ing Personality flusic , and a glance at the photo above certainly guarantees one- half of that statement. > • . H ? me ? ho , w entertainment on Friday afternoon and evening, irst day of the event, finds the famous KGLO Television Dude lanchers Square Dance Band on the program, with a top-notch DEMONSTRATIONS! A Very Special Feature MAYTAG-5UPER-VALU HOME FREEZER PLAN , .i . western and d «nc» numbers. Saturday's offerings include Watkins at the organ and Joe Banana and His Music with Appeal in the afternoon, with the "Les Combeaux" Band offering a ""H. 818 *, 8 o£ n °volty and comedy routine in the evening* . The closing day, Sunday, features special organ music throughout the afternoon, with other entertainment, and in the evening Lois and her Marimba, with Watkins organ music. eve *"»g It is expected that attendance at this year's Algona Home Show will eclipse last year s record, and thirty local firms have gone to kinds 9 " 9 a s P ect a c "lar set-up of home displays of all «, ,4 H * ur j J? 1 - the ? hn °r w are 2:0 ° P ' M< *° 9i3 ° P.M. daily, with a modest admission of 25c per person. There is ample parking space th Sh 9r ° surrounding the National Guard Armory, scene of homes, they speak of Iowa as "back home." And I've heard a tone of nostalgia creeps in. Let that be a lesson to you. • » • As I was loitering along "Main Street" Sunday afternoon, window shopping, Eddie Shackelford was strolling along too. He stopped t6 talk with me and mentioned that March 31 was an anniversary for him. Forty-one years ago he and his sister Nina with a group of several other orphans were brought here from New York City for adoption. He and Nina were taken by the late Mr and Mrs Frank Shackelford. I remember when they came, not so much that I remember the children but the pony team and little cart which was given to them. We spoke of Steve Johnson who was also an adopted son of Mrs A. Johnson (mother of the well known George Johnson) He came with a group several years before Eddie and he too was a good son to his foster family, Get Full DETAILS On This Plan! HOOD'S SUPER-VALU Frozen Foods At A Saving To You! EXTRA I EXTRA! EXTRA! AU FOODS IN THE FREEZER TO BE GIVEN AWAY FREE Courtesy of Hood's Super-Valu and Ourselves Be Sure You Register Your Name A* Our Booth — IT MIGHT BE. YOU I HWRTHIOWA APPLIANCE CENTER 310 §o»l Stoto Phone CY 4-3818 STICKS OF ^^^Hji^^^ ^^B^^^ WBB ^^ ,^^OT Free At Our Home Show Booth WITH "LUCKY FREE PRIZES" Inside The Wrapper On Many Of The Sticks of Gum TWO BIG BOXES OF FREE GUM - One For Adulti, One For Children Under 16 Don't miss ihe AIgon» floor Service booth at the Algona Home Show . . . where you can reach In the big box for Free Gum, with lots of Ftee Prises jn»rk«Mi under the wrapper on many of the sticks. If you're a winner, you get you* Free Prize ligW on the spot, no wBitmgl Plus other prises to be awarded at show 5 ! e ALSO — Take In Our Inieresiinf Display el Ceramic Tile. Plastic Tile, Formica Topi and New ALGONA FLOOR SERVICE ?03 East Chubb Phoae CV ^ jofe .......ViAfl*

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