Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on October 11, 1936 · Page 27
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 27

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 11, 1936
Page 27
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DEVELOPMENT aklatl nbune BUILDING VOL. CXXV OAKLAND, CALIF., SUNDAY, OCTOBER 11, 1936 C-3 NO. 103 NEW ESTUDILLO HOME NEW 'FACING' AN ORINDA POOL FAIRWAY ACRES HOLDS APPEALS IS 2 NEW HOMES ON EXHIBITION POPULAR The two beautiful new homes, now on exhibition in Estudillo Estates, represents the latest developments in modern construction and finish, while following the characteristic lines of the popular English type of architecture, it is stated. Each home possesses distinct individuality and charm. A description reads: , , ' "The rjlan 01 tne smaller, five room home places the two bedrooms and bathroom on an elevated half-story, while the living, dining and breakfast rooms are located on the main floor. The two-car garage, under the elevated portion, has a doorway direct to the first .floor J hallway. The basement contains the laundry and furnace. "The plan is compact and convenient; the rooms are large and symmetrical and artistically finished in every detail. The bathroom is tiled and colorful, and the kitchen wth its large tiled sink and drainboards, its many built - ins, closets and cupboards, is one of the most attractive rooms in the house- "The six room home has three bedrooms, two baths, unusually spacious living and dining rooms, a model kitchen, an ideal breakfast room, and a large finished basement recreation hall. The two car garage is reached by a cement driveway, conveniently situated to the rear door of the house. In design, finish, fixtures and coloring this is one of the most attractive residences on the property." "A number of homes are now being constructed on our special plan," states Stanley Davis, tract manager, "through which we will finance and build homes for owners of lots in Estudillo Estates at one fixed jyrice for everything. This gives The family the opportunity to have a home designed and built 1 to suit their wishes and requirements, relieving 1hem of all fiancial details, and fixing the completed price and method of payments before the home is started. "Visitors are cordially invited to inspect the new homes, including those under construction on our buidling plan, and to see the choice lots now available on long, easy terms. Estudillo Estates is the ideal site for homes; the restrictions guarantee the character of the neighborhood, and the location with the open country and rolling hills in the background, is one of unusual natural beauty." COMPLETE BUILDING SERVICE All Phases of Financing, Planning and Construction Sketches and Estimates Furnished. Federal Housing Loans Arranged. Representative will call IfL desired. Page & Company p . "Building Contractor! 327 17th Street Oakland HI rate 7622 Here's a fund of ideas for you to discuss with your builder or the architect who's planning your home! "Artistic Homes". . . a 24-page book packed with the latest developments in home- building, plans, pictures, ideas to make a home more comfortable, more liveable, more enjoyable. If you're thinking of building, call at any of our three offices for a Free copy, or use the coupon below. No obligation of any kind is involved. CENTRAL BANK OF OAKLAND OAKLAND'S OLDEST AND LARGEST INDEPENDENT BANK i- 3 convenient hanking offices. .. t SS" BROADWAY AND FOURTEENTH STREET Member FEDERAL DEPOSIT TELEGRAPH AVENUE AND 49TH STREET INSURANCE CORPORATION FRUIT VALE AVE. AND EAST 14TH STREET Mail this coupon m Tlease send me a copy of "ARTISTIC HOMES" your FREE 24-page book KAMI (PUASI PUNT) STREET ADDRESS Thi attractive Fnolih renirlenre tract developer. It is one of several Anemone, Ranunculus and Eranthis Offer a Variety By GEORGE C. ROEDING JR. Included in most lists of bulbs are three groups of flowers which are grown from dried roots or tu bers, and which are not really bulbs. Anemones. Ranunculus and Eranthis are distantly related members of one family. The Anemone group alone con tains many widely differing forms, but the ones with which we are now concerned are hybrids of Anemone Coronaria, a native of Mediterranean meadows. Anemone roots are shaped like teeth, with a slightly concave upper sur face and downward pointing prongs or roots. The dried roots are so small and shriveled that, at first, one doubts that they could ever grow. Soak them overnight in tepid water, however, and they become plump again. In planting be sure to put the pointed side down they are just the reverse of daffodil bulbs. Don't plant them too deep an Inch or two is enough. They prefer a sunny location. Keep the soil moderately moist and soon the finely cut leaves will appear. Bo sure there is good drainage so the roots won't rot in Winter. A rather loose soil containing some sand and peat is best. The roots may be planted from the end of September until February, although it is usually difficult to buy good roots later than December 1. Early planted Anemones will start flowering" in February and continue on into April; each root sending up a succession of blooms. They are most excellent cut flowers. The St. Brigid strain produces double and semi-double flowers in red, rosy-pink, violet-blue and of ideas Jia imt Keen rnmiiUlcr) in Pitnrlilln Kttatet .Stanlev M. Davi homes that are open for inspection President, California Nursery Co. lavender shades. The Monarch De Caen strain has the some color range, but has single flowers. Blue Poppy is a selected strain of De Caen, with large single flowers in varying lavender-blue shades. His Excellency is a brilliant red with a black and white center. Eranthis Hyemalls (Winter Aconite) is a cheery little, poor relation of the Anemone and Ranunculus. Plant the tiny roots in drifts in the rock garden. It will reward you with dainty, golden-yellow single flowers in January and February, when it is a charming neighbor for Winter-blooming species crocus. It is a good idea to mark their location so they won't be destroyed in Summer, IUIMISIT Although the "House of Ideas," the furnished display home in Piedmont Pines, has been open for public inspection for nearly two months, it continues to attract thousands of interested visitors each week-end, it is announced by C. M. "Nibs" Price Mitchell and Austin, realtors in charge of Piedmont Pines. "The scores of new and interest ing construction1 ideas incorporated in the residence by Charles W. Mc- Call, the architect, have been the inspiration for several families in Piedmont Pines to start construction of their own homes," Price states. "Of the more than 20,000 persons who have visited the 'House of Ideas' since it opened nearly two months ago the great majority of them have been interested in obtaining some new and unusual construction idea, a new method of finishing wals or a new floor plan. "The unusual finish on the redwood walls in the living room, the beams in the dining room that actually support the room above and the all-mahogany bathroom on the second floor are only a few of the interesting ideas found in the residence. "There are many "building sites still available in Piedmont Pines with a growth of towering pines and a view of the entire Bay district. Piedmont Pines is at the junction of Park BjBabivard and Mountain Boulevard.1 BLUE BOOK COMPLETE The California Blue Book on real estate for 1938 reauired 180 ms -and was -widely circulated. It con tains the annual directory of realtors, boards. Chamber of Commerce cities, counties and is a very valua ble reference work. Architects, property-m) owners and contractors are enthusiastic about Perma-Stone, the new stonelike facing! It lives any wall, new or old, the beauty, color and texture of natural atone. Marvelous for remodeling. Wonderful on new construction. Non-absorptive. Applied direct over brick, frame, stucco or other construction. Requires no additional footings. Get the facts about this amazing building material TODAY! See (he Blr. Display at our Office. Open F.vrninn. PERMA-STONE PACIFIC CO., INC. 4133 Broadway OLympic 8182 in the subdivision. - HIGH PRICED During the past year great stress Ras been placed on activity in the construction of medium priced homes and there has been but little mention of the construction programs being caried on in the higher priced properties such as Claremont Pines, Upper Piedmont Estates and St. James Wood, states Robert B. Mitchell of Mitchell and Austin, realty firm in charge of the properties. "In these three tracts, there now is underway more than $750,000 worth of new residences with $15,000 as the minimum single investment," Mitchell states. "Approximately two-thirds of the total amount is represented in Upper Piedmont Estates and St. James Wood, with the remainder in Claremont Pines, formerly the famous Bowles Estate ad joining the Claremont Country Club. ' "As the construction program in the tracts moves forward," Mitchell continued, "there are many homes being completed and families taking possession, Among those who recently have completed their residences in Upper Piedmfnt Estates are: "Mr. and Mrs. Herriot Small, Mr. and Mrs. Herman D. Nichols, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Brent-Mitchell, Dr. and Mrs. Howard H. Moss, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence G. Moss, Dr. and Mrs. Haig Mitchell, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Carlson, Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Kinney and Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Breuner. "New residences recently have been completed in St. James Wood by Mr. and Mrs. Harold Mason and Mr. and Mrs. Warren Bechtel. "In Claremont Pines the following families have recently occupied new homes:- Mr. arid Mrs. Alden L. Ben nett, Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Butra, Dr. and Mrs. Robert T. Sutherland, Miss Grace Busche, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert C. Cheek, Mr. and Mrs. George W. Harlow, Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Bardwell Jr., and Mr. and Mrs. Edward Little Barry." .. , Central Bank Has Book on New Homes Many new and valuable ideas for all who are thinking of building homes is made available in "Artistic Homes," a handsome, richly-illustrated booklet of home building information now being distributed by the Central Bank of Oakland. The' booklet, which is printed in rotogravure, includes plans and elevations of homes, photographs of unusual and interesting interior treatments, novel decorative schemes Open from 10 to 6 daily the 1 BUT 'INSNPNnt wnr tSiaBBBWlVaBBK Baam jS aBagHnHHBHY HHi 4p9BaBBBBi9BBBBL- aaaaaaanl Jaaa NPNSVNBHMaaaaaf "m NNflaHat Jmmwt M House of Ideas An adaptation of French farmhouse architecture, in an attractive setting of towering pines, and beautifully furnished by Breuner'a. You will be delighted with its many unusual features ideas that ire new and striking, yet in superlatively good taste. Drive to the junction of Park Boulevard ind Mountain Boulevard and follow the signs into PIEDMONT PINES BkmHiUlMWmmnm Main Office t CLencourt 4874 Oakland and the Eastbay cities generally "are giving ready acceptance to 'Ferma-Stone,' " according to E. T. Tuller, president of the Perma-Stone Pacific Co., Inc., which is introducing this stone like, building facing to this community. "Perma-Stone is attracting much attention from architects and property-owners, who see in it an inexpensive means of adding all the beauty, texture color and. charm of natural stone to ordinary construction at a material saving," states Tuller. "Contractors are also intrigued by it because of the fine effects produced and the 'ease and speed with which 'Perma-Stone' can be applied. "One of the most interesting factors about, this facing is that it is practically non-absorptive, actually absorbing less water than most kinds of natural stone. This naturally helps make any house finished with it drier in the rainy months. "Considerable quantities of 'Perma-Stone' are being used in remodelling, on account of the fine appearance it lends to property at low cost. It is also being used in new construction work, to supply the beauty formerly attained through use of natural slags of stone attached to wood framing. This is entirely feasible, because 'Perma-Stone' can be produced in any color or treatment, and it has the further advantage of adding but little weight to the building, so that no special means of attaching it need be used and no additional footings or reinforced foundations need be added." Friden Provides Safety for Workers Consideration of the employees' welfare has been an important factor in the design of the new Friden plant, according to Carl M. Friden, president of the company, who states: "We have adopted the new individual motor drive principle in our factory. As a result there are no overhead drives-or belts to endanger our workers. Fine precision work requires ideal lighting conditions. We have, therefore, guarded against eye-strain by providing generous skylighting and walls which are 75 per cent glass. "Agreeable surroundings help relieve daily routine, and with this in mind, plans have been completed for appropriate landscaping and recreation grounds, which will fur ther tend to make working condi tions more enjoyable.", The heating and air conditioning system installed in the Friden Cal culating Machine Company is one of the newer type systems which can be used for partial air conditioning and at the same time does not compromise the heating function. During warm weather the heating units can be operated to circulate air tn the factory and thereby promote better working conditions tor the employees. The plant is more economical, in fuel costs because of lowering temperature differences between ceilings and floors. All of the air in the factory is forced through filters every ten minutes. This filtering process removes small dust particles carried in the air. This factor is important in a factory such as the Friden Plant where it is necessary to machine and assemble fine machine parts. Less cleaning is required on the parts and there is less defective work under good atmospheric conditions than where the air is contaminated with floor and other forms of dust. The plant was designed and installed by the Scott Company. and other informatipn-"'jvhich the prospective home owner can discuss with his builder, architect or decorator. No obligation is incurred in requesting a copy, which may be had at any of Central Bank's offices. Pine Scented Air and Abundant Sunshine with an elevation reaching 1400 feet create, a most healthful atmosphere. Tract Office: AN dorer 3844 DaaaaPfflU Pn"" lHM B NNHlNP j A'NJBNJj-NJ NNflKNnNSNNfl' fP'Hsf & NNNIrSBBnNJHHnNNm - The inviting swimming pool with its sand box, cement walks, easy chairs and large umbrellas are on the estate of F. A. Kales in Fairway Acres, the beautiful new section of Orinda. Mitchell and Austin are in charge of the property. v OAKMORE HOME This residence at 1832 Melvin Road is typical of the residences offered in Oakmore's "Fall Showing of Homes" and was designed by Chester Treichel, architect. It is of New England Colonial architecture and commands a magnificent view. Oakmore is a Mitchell and Austin property. OAKMORE IS CONVENIENCES The rapid and substantial growth of Oakmore during the past 12 months is evidence that the majority of both Eastbay and San Francisco families are selecting re stricter, close-in tracts as the site for thpir new residences, savs Ev erett G. Bennett of Mitchell and Austin, realtors in charge of Oak- more properties. . Oakmore affords not only convenience to shopping in metropolitan centers, but also easy communication by streetcar and electric train to places of business, Bennett states. In addition, he pointed out, Oakmore offers motor coach transportation, daily mail service and all the other conveniences of any other well-populated section ' or Oakland. "This recognition of Oakmore by public utility companies and especially the recognition of Oakmore Manor, the new section of Oakmore, by the city in insitalling electroliers, is concrete evidence that Oakmore has become an important residential section of the city," Bennett stated. "There are many residence offered for sale in Oakmore's 'Fall Showing of Homes,' The majority of them are new homes completed within the past few weeks and are examples of the modern type of construction and convenience. "Typical of these new residences This 6-Room Home, 980 Bridge Rd. OR This 5-Room Home, 764 Collier Dr. May be purchased for moderate down payment, with the balance arranged, on Long, Easy Terms, at 6 -Interest There are three bedrooms, two baths, large living arid dining rooms, model kitchen, attractive breakfast room," large, nicely finished recreation hall in basement; laundry, with gas burning furnace installed, and two-car garage. Lot landscaped. SianhM$amL SALES AGENT & BUILDER 640 Bancroft Avenue, San Leandro Trlrpbona SW eet Trend 8IOO is a house at 1832 Melvin Road. It is Ot New England Colonial architecture and was designed by Chester Treichel, architect. It commands a beautiful view of both the bay cities and the pine-clad hills,, The rooms are large and the living room, with windows on two sides and a large fireplace, is particularly inviting." LIVE IN OAK KNOLL IN THE FOOTHILLS Choose the best a tpwn has to offer and leave the worst behind! That Is what you will do If you choose a lot in OAK KNOLL, for your future homeslte. OAK KNOLL leads the way to all that Is good In home surroundings. In OAK KNOLL you will enjoy all the pleasures of a big city with outdoor amusements thrown in for good measure, OAK KNOLL haa a climate unsurpassed In the bay district. ' OAK KNOLL has high-class streets with concrete curbs and gutters. OAK KNOLL has many streets bordered with shade trees. OAK KNOLL has a golf course one of the flnrtT.the State. Visit-OAK KNOLL and be convlncedl To reach OAK KNOLL follow Foothill Boulevard, turn up Seminary Avenue and out Mountain Boulevard or turn up Eighty-second Avenue and follow Golf Links Road, Oak Knoll D6V6LOPM6NT COMPANY 327 17th Street Oakland Hlghgate 1613 WE WILL FINANCE AND BUILD HOMES FOR OWNERS OF LOTS IN ESTUDILLO ESTATES. Arranged to suit the requirements of the owners. AT ONE FIXED PRICE FOR EVERYTHING Fairway Acres, one of the many beautiful sections of Orinda. has attracted the attention of families who are interested in obtaining property that lends itself to the development of a country estate according to Kenneth Allen of Mitchell and Aus- , tin, real estate firm in charge or Orinda properties. This particular section of Orinda overlooks the fairways of Orinda Country Club and has been--so divided that it is possible to pbfaitSe any size "lot" from two acres upward, and the oak covered rolling hills are admirably suited for "lovers of the outdoors," it is said. "Although Fairway Acres is within the confines of Orinda," Allen states, "it offers an opportunity for an individual type of home development. It is attractive to those families who desire the best in restricted country property. "Many of triose'whb inspected the properties last week-end found their answer to the problem of obtaining a place within easy driving distance of Oakland and where they could enjoy riding, swimming, tennis, hiking -and, at the same time, have available the advantages of a country club." The estate of F. A. Kales, prominent Pacific Coast industrial executive, is a typical example of the development suited for Fairway Acres, Allen" pointed out. The residence, which is of Spanish architecture, rambles in a "U" shape around a tiled patio. The grounds adjacent to the house have been landscaped and slope to within a few feet of the Orinda Country Club fairways. The swimming pool on the estate is also of interest. In addition to the pool itself, there is a cement house, with tiled roof, dressing rooms, showers and a filter system for the water supply. "There is no doubt that Fairway Acres is one of the most attractive sections of Orinda," Allen continued. "It offers many building advantages not found in other sections and prices are relatively low." To reach Orinda drive out Claremont Road (Fish Ranch Road) to Orinda Junction and turn left. COLORFUL DOORS Doors painted in bright colors seem to be coming into favor. A blue door with white or cream woodwork makes an inviting entrance-way. This home has two bedrooms and a colorful bathroom on elevated floor. The main floor consists of living and dining rooms, carefully planned kitchen, and cozy breakfast room; laundry in basement, with gas furnace installed; two-car garage. Estudillo Estates Is Only 20 Minutes I Automobile From Oakland City Hall Drive out East Fourteenth Stt Estudillo Ave., rum left to tra out Foothill Blvd., direct to pro NNN1

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