The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 28, 1957 · Page 21
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 21

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 28, 1957
Page 21
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Thete has been quite a bit in the news lately about cracking down on big name companies for misrepresentation in their television advertising. The Federal Communications Commission has been storing up evidence and after they lower the boom if some gal says her skin looks so nice because her face cream has Plutopolorium in it, that cream had blamed well better hav it! * * * I too, have been collecting evidence on television advertising and I'm pretty well agreed with the powerg-that-be that the hucksters have gone too far. It's get- ling so I don't dare believe everything I see and hear. A nice clean-cut man or a glamor* ous young lady stands up and Money Come From? Money Comes From ARNIE J. RICKLEFS An accident or sickness can bring staggering medical and hospital expenses. See me about a plan that helps to pay the medical and hospital bills. Phone CY 4-4529 State & Thorington Sts. Representing WOODMEN ACCIDENT AND LIFE COMPANY says that their toothpaste is the only one 1 can use if I want to keep my choppers from falling out of my head. Two programs later an equally sincere person tells me the only way to avoid total decay is to use his brand. And with toothpaste number 2 you don't have to brush after every meal. I didn't plan to brush that often anyway and I also have the other announcer fooled. 1 don't give a darn whether their dentifrice has Illiam, Erdium, Floridum or Chlorodum. All I want in a toothpaste is something that will clean like salt or baking soda but something that tastes a little nicer. * » * The automobile commercials have me quite confused. All of the new cars look real pretty to me. If I were in the market for one, I'd pick the car with the nicest color, combination and let it go at that. But, according to the TV announcers, it must be a great deal more complicated than that. You're supposed to pick a vehicle that was way out in front at any number of speedways. Ed Sullivan says his car won all the races on a certain beach in Florida while' Groucho Marx tells me his brand led the field in the time trials in California. Both of them vow that all the other cars didn't even place. The only conclusion I can draw is that Ed- and Groucho don't go to the same races. • * • The closer you can get to the ground in a car the better, says my TV research for there's a big premium on lowness. However, this doesn't refer to the purchase FRI., MAR. 29 KENNY HOFER SAT., MAR. 30th The Most Danceable Band In The Land JULES HERMAN And His Orchestra NO TEEN-AGE DANCE ON APRIL llth price. They get a perfectly gooc automobile out there on the screen and then use some sorl pf X-Ray camera on it so thai just the bones of the big thing are showing. The passengers are sitting so cfose to the ground, that It seems to me if they'd drive over a fair-sized stone they'd all have to eat their meals standing up for a while. rjTis year's cars are 68%, or something, lower than last year's. Next year, to get them any lower they're going to have to put a plow arrangement on the'front of the car and dig a preceding furrow. The commercials thai really can get a gal all fouled up if she believes them are the ones selling the household detergents. It used to be that housewives saved 1he grease from the cooking, added a bit of ive and stirred up a batch of home made soap. Life was simpler in those days and though the stuff didn't exactly leave your hands "lovely to caress" it did get the clothes clean. Now you not only have tq get Pa's drawers washed and dried before he starts hollering for a clean pair, you have to take them over to a bright light and try the "window test." If they don't look "whiter than when they were new", sister, you're using the wrong brand of detergent. If the clothes look white to you even though you've been using another kind of soap, it's probably because your windows need washing. And the commercials are always warning ma; about the horrors of having "hidden dirt". As long as it stays hidden, this doesn't scare me one bit because I have enough dirt around here that can be seen very plainly. * * * What ever happened to the "no rinse" detergent sales pitch of a few years ago? At that time there, wasn't a detergent, natural or chemically concocted, that didn't claim you could wash clothes, wring them and hang them up to dry without rinsing them. I knew a -couple of gals | who keep up on the latest trends in housekeeping who tried it just once. Their laundry was a mess. Yet for months the radio,! television, magazine and newspaper advertisements kept blaring that rinsing clothes was old fashioned if you just used the right detergent. The people who dreamed up the idea must have been in the same catgory as Betty Furness. She's sold more washing machines than any other living person and has yet to do. her first complete batch of family laundry. • * * The prize for the most unnecessary piece of product improvement should go to the firm tha,t made those little bandages into battle stripes for the kids. The idea was that the youngsters would be delighted to put a band- aid on their cuts and abrasions if the things were pink, purple or polka-dotted instead of plaffl white or skin colored. What the manufacturers didn't take int<| account was the fact that any youngster is delighted to put a bandaid on any time, even a plain white one, and he seldom waits for the blood to start spurting. In fact, for most mothers, the problem is getting the kids to stay out of the bandages so she'll have a couple on hand when she really needs one. * * • At our house. Father and I don't know enough to go to bed so we frequently stay up for the late movie. Some of the productions they dig out. of the time* mellowed vaults of Hollywood and Rome, Italy, are really doozies. We divide our viewing time about half and half between sneering at the quality of the movie and Jaughing at the girdlfi commercials. They have these two girls who meet in the powder room during a dance. They are wearing identical dresses but neither one is a bit mad about it at first. But all of a sudden one of them notices that although she's the same size as her pal, her dress looks all lumpy. It's because she bought the wrong kind of girdle! She gets the brand she's supposed to be wearing, looks real smooth in it, and we go back to watching the heroine of the movie emote because she can't help loving that guy who's trying to break out of prison. • * • The next commercial takes place in a super market. One matron asks another matron to please bend over to get a package of cornflakes off a low shelf because she's too tired to stoop. The second gal has on the right girdle, and boy can she bend! Everybody in Algona must be well corseted because I go shop«f Ding every week and never once lave I had anybody ask me to stoop over and hand them any cornflakes. • • e Advertising is an essential part of our way of living. Without it we wouldn't have television and radio programs, we couldn't read magazines and we wouldn't have nearly the choice of necessary and luxury products. Come to think of it, I wouldn't be able to pop off in a weekly column if it weren't for advertising for it's the bread and butter of the newspaper business. And knowing which side my bread is buttered on, let me hasten to state that the digs I've taken at th<| advertising craft in the previous paragraphs do not apply to the messages in this newspaper. If a local merchants' product is misrepresented, he hears about it from his customers but quick! Maybe this immediate reaction is what television advertising needs to make them bring their inner ALGONA, IOWA, THURSDAY, MARCH 28, 1957 VOl. 94 - NO. 13 WHO IS IT ? IS IT YOU ? YOUR PICTURE HERE IS WORTH $2.00 IN TRADE JUST IDENTIFY YOURSELF AT ALGONA UPPER DES MOINES OFFICE Worth $2.00 At S & L STORE Worth $2.00 At HUB CLOTHItfflS Worth $2.00 At SHARP'S JEWELRY - AND RECEIVE YOUR FREE MERCHANDISE CERTIFICATE! claims for their products into the realm of credibility. * » » This week's recipe is for Escalloped Chicken. I found it in the Kitchen Klatter Magazine and I've warned them that I swipe recipes from them for this column. 1 cup buttered crumbs 1 cup, cooked cubed chicken 3 hard boiled eggs, chopped 1 tsp. salt, dash of pepper 1 small can mushrooms 1 pimento, cut fine % cup blanched fclmonds, sliced White sauce made with: % cup cream M> cup milk 1 tablsp. flour % tablsp. butter Put % crumbs in 9x13 pan. Mix all other ingredients except white sauce. Add to crumbs* then add remaining crumbs. Pour on white sauce and refrigerate overnight. Place in 350 degree oven. Bake 25 minutes. —GRACE. Algona 4-H Met The March meeting of the Algona 4-H Club was held at the home of Jack Frideres. A demonstration was given by Wayne Patterson and a talk was given by Paul^ Sieler. Bob Johnson showed a movie on Caring for baby pigs. Games were played and lunch was served. IF IT'S NEWS — WE WANT IT Doan Women Of W.S.C.S. In Officer Ballot Doan — The Doan W.S.C.S. met at the Doan church annex on Thursday afternoon, March 21. New officers for the coming year who were elected are as follows: Mrs Tom Ellefson, president; Mrs Fred Asa, vice president; Mrs Meii Hoover, secretary; and Mrs Tom Young, treasurer. It was decided to send a money gift to Dr. Ortha Lane, a missionary in Formosa. The lesson was read by Mrs Robert Bolenous after the business meeting was over. Mrs Ray Cunningham was hostess and served the lunch. Farewell Party A farewell party was held in honor of Mr and Mrs Wilbur Christensen and family on Tuesday evening, March 19 at the Doan Church Annex. • Mrs Har- Vey Larson had charge of the program which started with a talk and prayer by Rev. Max Goldman and then followed by two numbers on the accordion played by Dicky Buffington and two numbers on accordion bfy Lalonie Hill. The program closed with a reading by Mrs Max Goldman. The Christensen family was presented with aa' electric wall clock and a money gift. They were also presented with a silver berry spoon by the Doan WSCS ladies. A lunch was served by neighbors and friends. Mr and Mrs CHristenseto moved to a farm northeast of Albert Lea, Minn. Miss Diane Boekleman of Ti> tonka was a ' weekend guest of Janet Cunningham at her home (Ray Cunningham home) There was a very good sized crowd at the farm sale of Mrs Faye Hutchison on Wednesday afternoon, Mar. 20 and most everything sold at good prices. Mre Gordon Davidson attended the Mother-Daughter banquet as a guest of Mrs Ralph Davidson at the Methodist church in Lu- Verne on Thursday evening. Charlene Asa accompanied her aunt, Mrs Gordon Davidson. Mr and Mrs Cliff Hoover spent Sunday afternoon and evening at the home of Mr and Mrs Gordon Schpiidt in Algona. The occasion was in honor of Mrs (Viva) Cliff Hotover's birthday. Mrs Marie Kiley of Kanawha spent Sunday afternoon at the Lee Kilfby home. Mr aijd Mrs James Ryburn and family and Mr und Mrs Robert Hoover and family of Britt were dinner guests at the Ted Hoover; Sr. home on Sunday. The Doan Methodist Youth Fellowship met at the Doan Church Wednesday evening, Mar. 20. Mns Harold Burgess of Titonka spoke about the years she was a missionary in Liberia, Africa. Mrs Burgess gave a very interesting talk, ,/ all about how the people in Africa lived, how they farmed the? land and other kinds of work they did and their home life and ^duc^tion. Lunch was served by Mts Lee Kiley and Mrs Ray / Cunningham after the talks. , Mr and Mrs Dean Andrews and family of Burt and Mr and Mrs Ross SVruthers and family of Wesley were dinner guests at the Dale -iStruthers home on Sunday of .last week. Larry Xiley was home from Des Moin.fes over the weekend. Mr and'Mrs Robert Hoover and family of Britt and Mj>and Mrs J. M. Ryburn of Rockwell spent Sunday afternoon at the home of Mr and Mrs James Ryburn. Mr and Mrs Wilbur Christen- Ben and family of Minnesota, end Mr and Mrs Wendell Christensen of Story City spent the weekend at the Clarence Christensen home. Mr and Mrs Herb Hedlund and John visited at the Ted Hoover Sr. home on Sunday afternoon. The four children of Mr and Mrs Donald Buffington of Forest City; Kathleen, Kent, Bobby and Bruce sperit Saturday with . (Grandma and Grandpa) Mr and Mrs Ross Buffington. Mr and-Mrs Bradford Buffing •• ton and children Dick and Jane drove to Jndianola and spent the weekend of March 16 and 17 at the Fred Thacker home. Mr and Mrs Ross Buffington and Mr and Mrs Donald Buffington and family of Forest City were dinner guests at-the-Vern Teeter home in Algona on Sim- day. . •• ••••' .> .'- Awaits You At Fowlers j Day ton Tire Sale!; I Now On At Ky's \ Big Reductions Check These Prices I I I i Complete New Spring Coat, Dress and Suit S elections! Enticing Easter Millinery! Gay Blouses, Soft Sweaters \ Lingerie and Hosie ry Just Unpacked! 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