The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 28, 1957 · Page 18
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 18

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 28, 1957
Page 18
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(to.) Upft»» P« Metwi Thursday, March 28, 1957 Price Supports For 195? Crops Down From '56 Farm Economists Come Up With a fccon< UpV Few Predictions Price supports for 1957 will run Jo WIT than those for 1956. Corn puce supports will be $1.30 a bushel this year as compared with $1.50 in 1956. The oais support will be 60 cents a bushel in- strad of 65 cents. Soybeans will be supported at $2.09 a bushel instead of $2.15 and grain sorghums will be $1.83 per hundredweight instead of $1.97. Wheat supports wnl stay at $2 a bushel though. The U. S. D6partment of Agriculture says the lower price supports are intended to reduce crop output, to stimulate domestic consumption and to bring domestic prices more in line with world prices. See More Feeding However, if consumption of feed grains increases, more livestock products will result,' says Francis A. Kutish, Iowa State College farm economist. This means narrow feeding and profit margins. Therefore, says Kutish, as long as there is a large output of feed grains, there can be no satisfactory solution for present poor farm incomes. Between 1953 and 1956, 26 million acres were shifted out of wheat and cotton production under the allotment programs. This brought production of these two commodities about in line with domestic demand. But the shifted land went into feed grains, and livestock production jumped. Peed Ouipul'Up Livestock output has ris>-n only 3 percent since 1953, but ftvd grain output in 1935 was up u petttnt and would havt been more if it hadn t been for the drouth, says Kutish. He says that until there is a way to stop excessive output of farm products, there is iittle hope that rarm earnings will «._• tiK,i<_ satisfactory. Lslunaies made a; Iowa State College indicate that farm production in recent years has been 4 to 6 percent "more than can be soid fur what I'aimois consider adequate puces. The Iowa State College economist believt'S that to bung prices oacR in line, we must cut our present stocks of surpluses back to where they will provide adequate, but not excessive, reserved. Dr. Karl Fox, head oi the Department of Economics and Sociology at Iowa State College, says chis cutback would require that present agricultural production oe decreased 5 percent. This decrease would have to be maintained until 1960, he -says. Mow Consumption'Compares There have been statements to the effect that the people of thu United States don't eat as much meat as do those of South America and .Australia, 'luuse stale ments would imply that we couid step up meat consumption in this country. The United States, however, has a large poulry industry that these other tWorcountries da.not, points out Kutish. If we consider poultry consumption, our total protein intake compares favorably with Austrailia and South America. In 1956, U. S. citizens ate a per - person average of 164.7 pounds of red meats, and 83.8 pounds of poultry products and lish. This was a total consumption of 248.5 pounds as compared with about 200 pounds for Australia and South America, if milk is included in the U. S. figure, the total protein intake climbs to about 380 pounds per person. ATTENTION POULTRY In spite of the reported increase in Chick Sales and Orders this spring^ we are able to offer you a contract FOR NOT LESS THAN 50c per dozen the year around. We Have Averaged Over 60c Per Doz. Over The Past Two Years. FLOCKOWNERS REPORT PVER $3 PER HEN PROFIT PER YEAR If Interested, Call or Write Us BURT, IOWA PHONE 167 Otf) Ranks First in 6 of 9 Districts in 4-Vear Averages in 1956 Iowa Corn Yield Test ~1u this only or%J0/ corn yield test 3i - '•' '.'_ in Iowa--conducted by Iowa State College — Pioneer hybrids hold the highest yields in 6 of the 9 districts with 4-year averages. Pioneer holds 15 of the 43 first places for 1, 2, 3 and 4 year rankings, while none of the 52 other seed corn producers- have me/a than 5 first places. Plant Dependable Pioneer Seed Corn SII Oft CAU R. I, Mawdsley „ Algona C. t. ialley .„.„„„„„„ Algona Aaron Steus«y „ Algona iMtne Kollawh „. Bode HapfU Jonts ..,, .;„,. Swea City T.<XJohnson .„*„*.„, Swta City WWr VaMdt ..,_, Whittemore Produce ........ Wetlty Bride & Broom Of Feb. 23 Congressman If* Comments 6th tHiitlc! CoftgteMrnan From Iowa Repot!* On Washington AcHviliei Pictured above are Mr and Mrs Kendall R. Weiland who were married here Feb. 23. Mrs Weiland prior to her marriage was Beverly Johnson, daughter of Mrs Lucille Johnson of Algona. The bridegroom is a son of Mr and Mrs Raymond Weiland of Britt. The wedding was reported previously in this paper. The couple is now at home at Mason City at 718 North Monroe, where Mr Weiland is employed. (Nels Isaacson photo—UDM engrv.) NOTES OF SERVICE MEN Fori Leonard Wood, Mo. — Army Pvt. Kenneth R. Lampe, son of Mr and Mrs Henry K. •Lampe, Bancroft, was graduated March 7 from the Construction Machine Helper-Operator School at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo. Lampe entered the Army in June 195fi nnd completed basic training; at Fort Chaffee, Ark. The 18-year-old soldier attended St. John's High School. Patrick W. Welch, son of Mr and Mrs Michael Welch, pictured above, spent an 18 day furlough with his parents. He has taken his basic training at Park's Air Force base and technical training at Francis E. Warren"»base ai Cheyenne. He is expecting overseas duty on Okinawa. (UD1VJ engraving). Hog Raisers Plan Program Ip Test Gains A program for testing hogs for rate of gain, feed conversion efficiency and red meat quality is now being started in Kossuth County. It is sponsored by the newly formed County Swine Improvement Association. A five point testing program is being used — 1. Each pig is ear notched. 2. They are full fed corn and supplement, 3. They are weighed individually when 160 Ibs. and 220 Ibs. in weight to get weight for age records. 4. The pigs are probed for back- fat thickness. 5. Selection of breeding stock is made by using the weight for age and backfat measurements. The association is hiring a technician to do the weighing and probing for it's members. Membership fee is $5.00 and it wiJl cost 50c per pig (minimum $10.00) for weighing and probing by the technician. Directors of the association are — Warren Brones, Swea City; Edgar Keith, Burt; Albert Kollasch, Bancroft; Ray Laabs, Lone Rock; Bill K^uecker, Whi tie more; Charles Dearch, Algona; George Detmering, Wesley. Anyone interested in this program can get more' information from the above named directors or at the County Extension Oi- ace. SPECIAL, —• Package of loQ personal size envelope, 45c; ov package «f 50 business size erm-Jor-'-K, 45r. Upper Des Moines Pub. Co, 9tf Doan News by Mrs Lee Kiley Mr and Mrs Dale Struthers helped his brother, TJed Struthers and family move from Rolfe to Belgrade, Minn., on Monday and Tuesday. Mr and Mrs Dale StrutheVs spent Thursday-at Ottosen at the Market Day Sale and visiting relatives. A Tupperware Party was held at the'home of Mrs Tom Ellefson on Thursday afternoon. Mr and Mrs Harvey Larson and Linda spent Sunday afternoon with Mrs Larson's parents, Mr and Mrs Walter Brandow in Algona, helping them observe their 52nd wedding anniversary. Mr and Mrs Gordon Schmidt aad.J&mily and Mrs Hattie Sch- rriidi" Were dinner guests at the Cliff Hover home on Sunday. Others present in the afternoon were Mr Lu Hoover and daughter Karen and Mr and Mrs Melvin Olson-of Algona. Mr and Mrs James Ryburn and family and Mr and Mrs Cliff Hoover were in Mason City on business on Thursday afternoon. Mr and Mrs Fred Asa and family and Mr and Mrs Ray. Cunningham and family spem" Sunday afternoon with Mrs Fay Hutchison and family. Mr and Mrs Gordon Davidson were dinner guests at the Ralph Davidson home near LuVerne on Sunday. This week the bill which would prohibit holding companies from gaining .control of savings and loan associations passed the House. Laws concerning holding companies buying up banks art already on the statute books. However, previous legislation did not include the savings and loan associations and as there are holding companies beginning to operate in this manner it has been deemed in the best interes! of all to stop this practice before it becomes widespread. » » » The normal savings and loan associations, as w'e know them, are limited to lending money to those within a 50 mile radius of the association. This limitation makes a savings and loan company a local operation. But if holding companies were permitted to own them on a 'chain store' type of operation it would completely destroy the local control and local operation. This legislation was voted unanimously and had bi-partisan support from the beginning. * * » There is some talk now that the Senate may come forth with a corn bill in about two weeks. UDM Classifieds Pay Dividends ALGONA In a VICTOR TREASURE CHEST i • [This chest fs sturdily built, heavily (Insulated and furnace tested. It U certified by the Safe Manufacturers Motional Association to protect paper contents from severe heat reaching 1700» F. Prefect BEFORE F/re Strikes! Upper Des Moines Publishing Co. CY 4-3535 SPEAKING; " . . . and our new home will have an ALL - ELECTRIC KITCHEN" "When we build our new home we have decided Jo make it completely modern. Low cost electricity makes f| possible Jo have these modern conveniences et a 'cost of only a few pennies a day." , SEE THESE AT<Y0UR DEALERS; • New Electric Ranges • Electric Dishwasher • Garbage Disposal Unit f Peep Freeze Cabinet t Modern Refrigerator t Automati? washer • Electric Clothes Drayer t Electro? Water " ' YOUR ELECTRIC SiRVANT COSTS LESS - GIVES MORE Algona Municipal Utilities Phone 47 or 63 *• Algpno, Iowa NlV ftris is entirely guesswork at this time but seems to be the best hope ito get com legislation active again. • • « A ioial of 31 Congressmen signed the petition I drafted lasl week urging the Secretary o! Agriculture to support corn raised within allotments nt $1.60 pei bushel. This will give those who comply a higher price support and should give the acreage program (as drastically low as it is) a better chance. The possibility that corn raised outside of allot ments will be supported will tend to invite a higher production of corn which will add to our overall problem of too much corn. * * * H. R. 85, a bill calling for the Banking and Currency Commit* tee of the House of Representatives to make a thorough study and investigation of the United States monetary operation ana fiscal policy, is to come up foi debate this next Wednesday. The President had asked for a civilian committee to do this but, the Constitution specifically seta out the fact that the regulation and control of the monetary policies of the U.S. are the specific responsibilities of the Congress. It is the hope that this study car. produce ways to stabilize our economy to ward off any futun spirals of inflation or the into depression. "An ounce ot prevention is worth a pound of cure" should be well taken in this instance. March 21, 1957 Your Congressman, Merwin Coad Red Hot At Larry Lanes Soup Briggs grabbed all the bowling honors at Larry's Lanes this week. Briggs put together; lines of 201, 225 and 186 for a 612 series. He also had a 204 line. Other men over 200 were L. Winkel 208 and F. Froehlich 221. The KCs are on top in the Monday league, while Zender's remain in front in the Tuesdaj league. Licenses To Wed Three licenses to wed have been issued ih the past week in the office of Alma Pearson, clerk of the Kossuth district court. They went to Darryl Glenn Householder. Lone Rock, and Doris Jean Mortensen, Fenton: and Leon A. Burk, Des Moines, and Shirley A. Hauskins, Buffalo Center, both March 15; and to Melvin W. Ostwald, Whitte- more, and Shirley Holdren, Algona, March 19. The word "facetious" contains all 'of the vowels in ordet. "New Tablet Reffevo* 'Not Flashes; Irritation from Change'OMIfe Without Costly Shots!" 'Shot* t took fat* n* ttllef," •*»• W. WH . "But with hot f ln«he»— no'torry for tny**lf ' Science offers. women new freedom from much misery of ch&nge« of-life, thanks to an amazing tablet developed especially to re» lieve such functional discomforts. Doctors report Sensational result* using this home treatment alone —and no costly Injections I . RaM for • out of 1 0 TtiMrf t Irritability was calmed. Dfeeinea relieved. Hot flashes subsided. Here's why. This new tablet Is a unique combination of special medicines. Acts directly on th« cause of these troubles to relieve tense feelings, physical distress that bring unhapplness to so many. Clinical tests prove this. Don't let chance-of-life rob you of Joy! Ask for 'Xydla Pinkham's Tablets", now at drugstores without prescription. Contain blood- building iron. (Also liquid Lydla B. Pinkham'8 Vegetable Compound^ Fertilizer Bulk Spreading OR FERTILIZER IN BAGS IF YOU PREFER! HOUR * Act Now Before Seeding Time We Have 10-10-10, 5-20-20, 0-20-20, 0-20-10, 0-20-0 For Immediate Delivery For FREE Soil Sample Call CY 4-2701 Collect GRASS SEED-FIELD SEED We Will Mix To Your Order — Largest Supply In Algona ALGONA FLOUR & FEED CO THE 100 ACRE FARM OF THE R. J. (Bob) STEWART ESTATE, LOCATED 1 fc MILES WEST (South Side of Road) OF JUNCTION HIGHWAYS 169 and 18 AT ALGONA, WILL BE SOLD AT AUCTION TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER, AT THE FARM ON AT 2 P.M. Farm Ha$ Modern Home with Automatic Water System for All Farm Buildings. Two Story Home, 3 bedrooms up, kitchen and 2 rooms down, with full basement and large attic, land well tiled, good fences, good barn, poultry house, machine shed, nearly new hag house, com crib, cattle shed, etc, , TERMS OF SALE-20% down at time of sale, balance on delivery of deed and title. Farm is leased for 1957. ' OWNER RESERVES RIGHT TO REJECT ANY OR ALL BIOS Dale Yungeberg, Auctioneer Delia Welter, Atty. €• A. Recker, Administrator, Buffalo Center/ Iowa

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