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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 11

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 11

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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11 OAKLAND TRIBUNE, THURSDAY, FEB. 18, 1937 J- DeMolayWill RELICS OF IRON ART DAYS DM it "71 Seat Officers ocioni PIONEER DEAD mi ma mi DEFENSE The 55th tri-annuaj installation 1 I liftif til of officer's to serve Oakland Chap ter, Order of De Molay, will be held tomorrow evening in the Lakeshore NEW BRUNSWICK, N. Feb. AH phases pf work at the United States, Naval Reserve air base at a Temple, s- ie-(fl-Drought has hit the at-Uon' oyster industry. -the Oaklafld Airport will be demon Dr.

Xhurlow O. Nelson, one of Mrs. Estelle A. Hard, 87, Oakland pioneer, died yesterday at an Oakland hospital after a long illness. She had been a resident' of the Bay Region sine 1869, and for the past 40 years lived in Oakland and foremost authoritiei on strated at an open housa to pe held as part of National Defense Week February 28, it was announced to :) day by Commander V.

F. Ragsdaie, if who will be in charge. exhibition of flying drill gunnery and bombing will be con 3255 Grand Avenue, new headquarters tha chapter. Past Master Councilor Frank Haig will preside, William G. Howard is to ba installed Master Councilor and an all thnm ttrill Vk nnn A oysters, said today aquiculturists as well as agriculturists have been hurt by lack of rain in the last fix vears.

Floods or too much rain likewisa damage the oyster which ean-'pot live Abnormal weather in the Chesapeake Bay area is fatal, he said, and great floods in the Mississippi River may kill whole beds of oysters near the Gulf of Mexico. Apart from these two localities, "however, tha oyster benefited by increased rain, he to the public to show how men art occupied, during training and also "Howttid 1 1 1.1k, ra.itiis aHntU in U1V UDCrillUlli Ul ami lUUfl vt.uiyv if 7 the upkeep and operation of thft commander said. Lieut. A. F.

Bonelll-will be in Alameda. She was the widow of the late David Tyler Hard, a Civil War veteran and former justice of tha peace of Alameda. Her husband was also one of tha first deputy sheriffs of Contra Costa County, serving under hia brother, Roswell Hard, who at the time was sheriff. Mrs. Hard waa an active member of tha Woman's Relief Corps, auxiliary.

to tha Grand Army, for more than 50 years, and at the time of her death was affiliated with Lyon Corps of the organization in Oakland, of which, sha. bad been a member for more than 25 years. She was born in Bangor, Maine, February 20, 1830, and came, to California on a sailing schooner by way charce of souadron operations, 'I while Commander Ragsdala will be in of demonstrations at the laid. witn mm will ba Lester Felting. senior eoun normal he ex fresh water from itreamj base.

As part of tne program a en-tall of men ylll be at work In-re. pairing and rebuilding an airplane motor which has been dismounted. emptying, into the Atlantic and pa cilor; Alvin w-uam o- howabu 0 cific Oceans, has diluted the salt cific Oceans, has diluted the salt II I "TSS. Pressler, Junior councilor; Newton water so the. oyster could thrive, Officers of the Naval Reserve base undisturbed by marine foes which Hansen, senior deacon; William Collins, junior deaeon; Chester Nelson, are now conducting a arive ior cadets to take part in the'30-day "T70RTUNATELY, straight think-J.

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When drought came, he continued, senior steward: Dick Harris, jun of Capo Horn in 1869. training period thia Summer at the She la survived by three daugh the flow of rivers decreased and the ior steward; Dick Pencovic, chaplain; Norman Richards, marshal: Oakland Airport, Applicants, capable of meeting the requirements salinity of offshore waters In ters, Mary I Donald, Mrs. V. K. Drennan, arid Mrs.

William B. Chaplin: seven grandchildren. Tyler Harvey Lo Suso, sentinel; Robert creased," inviting back eager hordes will bo trained hero during the 30-day period and those passing will Alley, aimoner; Robert Dooley, of deadly oyster enemies. standard bearer; Hollis Jones, ora Clyde Drennan, Valla H. Drennan, Saltier water also squeezed out be transferred to pensaeoia, nor1 tor; Don Norman Collins.

Mrs. Darwin Robenson. David E. the micro-organisms on which the ida. lor further instructions.

From aawin Lonyer, John Duguid, Jay Pensacola they will be assigned to Dawson, Leonard Franklin, Bert Chaplin, Henry H. Chaplin, William S. Manning, and Donald Manning; and four great grandchildren. Ann their own planes, in the fleet and will take part in maneuvers during Lipsker, Art McMillan, Dick Mas-sengale, Dan McCarthy, -Newton, Fred Nesbitt Al Rossi, and their term in the regular navy. Gerald, and Donald Drennan and Patricia Ann Chaplin.

oyster feeds and inhibited oyster 'spawning. In New where tillers of the water dredge up a $2,000,000 annual harvest, Dr. Nelson urged suspension of oyster fleet activl- ties in 1037 to repair drought damages. 1 Capt George E. Henry of the Air Schmidt, preceptors.

Jfuneral services will be held at Corns detachment of the United 3 p. m. Friday at the East Oakland Jamea B. Craven, P. M.

Glen States Army at Oakland Airport Chapel of The Grant Miller Mor will head a program as part of Na tuaries, Inc. Services will ba con. D. Sizer, M. C'.

Werner. Johnson and James Koplos will assist in presentation of the ritual. tional Defense Week for tha Army here next Sunday. Details of the ducted jointly by Lyon Corns and Dorothea Dix Tent, Daughters of program have not been announced, Don" Fraga and his orchestra will -Union Veterans of the Civil War, of play for dancing to follow the installation. wmcn inner organization Mrs, Hard Ashley Turner Diet was tna honorary mother.

In 5. Hospital 1 ASSOCIATION ELECTS SAN LEANDRO. Feb. 18. Elec.

Ashley Turner, 50, widely known ADVERTISEMENT PARK HEAD TO TALK Elbert Vail, secretary of tha East- California died in a tion of William Fears as presi- deni pt tt 38andro.lmpr.ove. bay Regional Park Board, will speak San Francisco hospital yesterday from a heart ailment, Ha had been rnent Association was announced on "Tha Eastbay" Regional at the weekly meeting ofNorth Oak a member of an evening paper staff today. Fears, who been secre there for tha last 20 years. tary for the past year, succeeds Turner was born in Redding, land Kiwanli Club to ba tomorrow noon at Hotel Claremont John A. Deadrich.

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W. W.BURRIS STAFF O. 5. Chapter to These relics of the days of cast-iron statuary once graced San Francisco's famous Woodwarcl'i Gar SALMOIl Me. 1 Lll tla k.

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half century ago. Today they stand in the six-acre estate of R. J. Boyer (shown above) at 5403 San Pablo Avenue; The pieces were acquired in 1892 by A. C.

Dietz, well-knpwn early Californian. who onca owned the Boyer place, Tribune Pholoi. 1 Its 138 Chapter No. 65, Order of Eastern Bat-Cha Star, will be held Monday evening at the Madison Street Temple, 13th Ch Saer Bren CHILI Woodward's ardens Relics NOODLES and Madison Street Flay -will begin at 8 o'clock. Cea Ctrne.

Ttr l-ex. kf Xiotta Bischoff, conductress, and i Jessie Mylius, associate conductress, Are Still Found in Oakland CITY SAVES BY JOYRfDE WAfl art chairmen oi awards with Gert. rude Connell, worthy, matron, and DlamonS TOOTH Dora Bray ton, associate matron, general chairmen. Shades of tha Old West and the days of- outdoor cast-iron statuary lurk about tha high-gabled Dietz with-melodious Bells, ancient vases, antique chairs, marbla and alabaster statuary, cut glass, hand-hammered OFF TO NEW ORLEANS VALLEJO, Feb. 18.

Superintend PICKS He ill 2V20 sliver. Dietz built the mansion for his Fener Crathet Vntfei tla KARO lyraa Blae tabel lU-lb. Ua I2e ent of Schools Elmer L. Cave left here last night for New Orleans where he will attend the conven Minetl mansion at 5403 San Pablo Avenue, now the home of Mr. and Mrs.

R. J. Boyer, In tha front garden of tjse six-acre estate stand three painted iron statues that old-timers remember as coming from San Francisco's Woodward's Gardens, considered-the tion of the superintendents' divi CLEVELAND, Feb. 18. (U.R) -Because of complaints that city em-pi 0 were using municipally owned automobiles and gasoline for joy riding, the city recently organized a motor vehicle department Officials, reporting January gasoline consumption by city cars as 30,000 gallons below normal, estimate a pleasure-mileage reduction of 39,000, CLflLlS brida three-quarters of century ago.

The house is now one of the oldest in Metropolitan Oakland. RELICS IN GARAGE Even in the garage of tha Boyer place relics are to be seen. On the rut tla sion of the National Education Association. The convention is sched uled to ba held next week, following which Cave will return to Val- 10: I lejo, Welderf TISSUE ell greatest recreational center on the Pacific slope a half century Acquisition of the three pieces was made by the pioneer, A. C.

Dietz, who owned the old Dietz Opera House that stood at 12th Armour'i Petnat BUTTER l-lb. for Featuring for Friday and Saturday All Strictly Fresh Fish lli and Webster Streets when 12th toti I Street was Central Avenue. He wall in one of its compartments hang pictures of two famous buildingsthe Dietz Opera House (originally College Hall of the Univer-sity of California) and the first University of California Building. Dietz bought College Hall and turned it into an opera house when the university moved its quarters to the other building. About the home are pictures of early day Oakland and San Francisco.

One of them show San Pablo Avenue when it was a dirt road 25 feet wide, over which the bought them upon the closing of Woodward's Gardens in the Nineties, OREGON STEELHEAD SALMON, 35c B. Woodward, iti owner, died in 1888 and the effects of the gardens were auctioned off in 1892 to settle strictly fresh, SLICED pound the estate. The statues now stand in the front garden pf the old Dietz place, which has a frontage of 218 weekly stage traveled from San feet. One figure is of a dpx one of a gowned woman, and thiwird FILET OF SEA BASS 3D-strictly fresh pound Columbii WrQ I Friih CookH 33-RIVER SMELTS, lb. IOC Lirga LOBSTERS, lb.

33C Daily direct thipments from all pointt when fresh fish it "available half -reclining nudeT MAGIC WORDS THEN Woodward's Gardens were magic Pablo to Oakland. Dietz, who originally came from New York, made his money in the paint and oil Boyer, former tobacco merchant, married one of Dietz's daughters after he came to California from Massachusetts in 1870. Mrs. Dietz died in 1922, ber husband a iew years previously. wprds 60 years ago the playland of thousands who flocked to tha great estate, especially on Sundays to sea tha big black bear climb its 50-foot polt to a perch to frolic In tha wonderland of zoo and gardensto swim in the great swim 1219-23 Washington Street, ming tank, and to row around and BIDS IT around in tha circular boat Laugh ing children papas carrying big baskets of luncht-sweethearts arm Parker in arm there were surprises for all SUB LAUNCH of them.

The biggest "museum of wonders" si If. -cJ Pay tkem with a nr.ietilatu personal loaii GIffI Beef FIGS DROTII Ne. 1 tall tin He. 1 Ull tin 01 4i2e ASPARAGUS SSSP GV8 Vleaaa OALSO SAWSACS fiS 11" (Bettle ieaaalt i i tlfebaer Ry-SMs? SOAP Feekefe Ceie Del Maata -C al CATSUP SODA Settle Ffkf lie OV2C FLIT Flf Waller I Qn.rt tla Si MUSHROOMS Fieeee an Sterna lilWaa -ai. tla Urt' tkf.

Cs ICs Araiaar'e Qeikr 0A13 3 fa 10? oij Bitekweel BkM( Temete Chesclds JUICE M-lh. aaka Ke. 1 tall tls 7C 4t23 In the West' was there and there if Dentistry1 was no end of thrills for everyone. Now the only visible remains as MARE ISLAND, Feb. to attend the launchlnt of the ld garden to be found on this uae oi ine oar are me uvea siaiues the new submarine Pomr5Bno were 7-1 being mailed today at Mare Island under the direction of Commander- Attracts Ever Greater John Wilkes, aid to the xom- at the Boyer Inside the 14-roomed.

gray-painted abode the mellow tinkle of a musie-box gives, a hint to the visitor of the antiques! also to be found in the house ob jets d'art of the early days of tha Pacific Coast, mandant. Annraximatelv 2000 invitations to attend' the ceremonies, which will take place on March 11, are to be DR. PAINLESS PARKER Patronage crystal chandeliers, ancient clocks sent out. A luncheon In honor of Mrs. I.

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