The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 21, 1957 · Page 23
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 23

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 21, 1957
Page 23
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Every fwr todtu inw tim«, t just wnen the weather star is sending out a few signals tnai we may be aboui to have spring, a big, lat old bnzzaru comes along. Tne storm ot the paai weeK caught many peopie pan way home out on tne mgliwa> or at parties which went on an night because tne guests were snowbound. Thjp blizzard didnt affect me personally because i was safe at home where 1 had been all week but tne tales ox how local resident* waited oui the storm are many, varied ana interesting. • * * , Years ago, Longfellow In his poem, "Snowbound" immortalized the fact that being confined by Old Man Winter can have its charms as well as its inconveniences. And, on thinking back, I agree with Mr Longiei- low, for 1 too have had lots of fun being snowbound. Once, when Marion and Everett Rekers were newlyweds living at Fairmont, Pop and 1 and another local couple went to visit them on a Saturday night and because ol a blizzard we didn't get home until Sunday evening. It was not an entirely unexpected development for we gals took along our pajamas, just-in-case, and we had a delightful weekend even if the male half of the group did keep Us awake most of the night by arguing over who'd get the lumpy 1/3 of the studio couch. After we became newlyweds ourselves, the Rekers reversed the process by being snowbound at our house during the historic Nov. 11, 1940 blizzard. • * • Then Ihere was the holiday party that Harry Hull, Jr. of Humboldt gave during a snow- Btorm. Five or six Algona couples got caught in that one. We had lois of aeiiuous louu, „.„,„,* entertainment, good companions and superb hospitality, but out to the size of the group, we were a little short on sleeping facilities. But Pop ana i really got the royal treatment on tnai tup. Because of the imminent arrival of one of our offspring, we had the master bedroom ail to ourselves! * * • , Being snowbound can be fun if-you can manage to get snowbound with the right people. 1 don't want to sound snobbish about the whole thing, but, gosh, wouldn't it be a,wful to be confined for tweAty hours or so with a few people you never could stand in the first place? On the other hand, wouldn't it be stimulating if we could pick several persons we'd always wanted to meet and get snowbound witn them? Somebody is always writing about what books, what equipment or what companions they'd choose if they had to be shipwrecked,' but i could be snowbound again some time and though the possibilities are a little remote, I have several people picked out that I'd like to have as companions during my next blizzard. « * • The first people I would select to be with me next time I'm snowbound are my husband and our three children. They would not lend much variety to the experience for I see them all the time but they'd be right there so's I could keep an eye on them and I wouldn't have to worry about what was happening to them, Next I'd pick Betty Crocker to be with us. Betty isn't a real person, I know, even if she d,oes got lots of letters from people who think she is, but if we are going to be snowbound we'll WOMEN! RESULTS OF RESEARCH! \ The results of years of scientific research are shewn in our. complete line of the finest pharmaceuticals available. Your doctor and our pharmacists work together for you. Phone CY 4-2528 THUENTE PHARMACY OMR BU$!NE$S|lS PROTECTING YOUR HEALTH Attention Farmers: BULK SPREADING the easy way to apply plant hod! SWIFT'S RID STEER * PASTURCRO * BLENN BRIMM • VICORO Commercial Greww We are equipped to give you complete plant food service, including bulk spreading. Saves you time and labor, Our trucks will deliver and spread your plant food for about the same price it would cost you in* bags. Prompt, reliable $eo/ice— any analysis. Order by_phone or stop in and talk over your needs. BRING IN YOUR SOIL SAMPLES FOR FREE TESTING Robinson Produce "I understand we're headed over a dry state. Is there time to toy with my drink, or do I have to to** it off?" need food and Betty would be just the gal to take care of it without my bothering to whip up menus. * * * Edward R. Murrow 'would be a good guy to have around if we were snowbound. I'd have to have the house all cleaned up though, because when Ed comes to visit on his Person td Person program he pokes irf all the corners with his television camera and he wants to see all your souveniers and trophies. I'd show him my columnist award certificates, Father's fireman badge, those sketches of city and country living that Bill did, that ceramic tray Mary Ann made mr and those pages of numbers Jeanie did while experimenting with counting to a thousand. But I do hope we'd not run out ol cigarettes while snowbound with Ed. Edward R. Murrow would not be Edward R. Murrow without smoke rings emanating from both nostrils, his mouth and his ears! * * * I'd like to be snowbound with Margaret Truman what's-her- name now that she's married? Margaret sounded very charming in her book, "Souvenier". which ran in Good Housekeeping and I'm sure she has lots more stories to tell us. of her life in the White House when so man y historic events were happening. Besides, now that she's expecting a grandchild for Harry, I miRhi be able to give her a. -few tips on babjesi .trSS?.'-5W""° wn experience. ' West State St. Algana, lewf Albert Schweitzer of Africa is one of the greatest souls of oui time. He's a medical doctor, a musician, a philosopher, a theologian, a missionary and I don'l know how many other things He is also very publicity shy. It sounds flippant to even suggesl it, but wouldn't talking with Albert Schweitzer while snowbound, be one of the most remarkable experiences a person could have? * * * I have not consulted my husband on the subject, but two gals we do not plan to get snowbound with are Jane Mansfield and Marilyn Monroe. Although it is true that the presence of these ladies would disrupt both the scientific and the philsophica! trend of the conversation, the real reason I'm not inviting them to my snowbound party is fo'- ( their own good. With a blizzard raging outside, if they would be dre?sed as they have beerv'dress- ed in the pictures I've seen recently, both Jane and . Marilyn would be sure to come down with bad cases of incurable pneumonia. * * « . I'd like to be snowbound with 1 Helen Hayes, Gary Moore, Marion Anderson, Adlai Stevenson, Jack Shelley, Art Linkletter, Spencer Tracy, Greer Carson, Grandrna Moses, Helen Keller, JCefauver, Max Shiilrnan, Young, Eleanor Roosevelt and" Richard Sherman. 'And there are lots of my personal friends I'd like to weather out a storm with so we'd get a chance to catch tip on our talking. I just hope, though, that we can postpone any blizzard until next year. Right now, I'm more than' ready for the soft, balmy weather of Spring. * * • .• • . On? of our Algona business men didn't get snowbound in the- recent storm so far as I know, but ho was the only male part., icipant in a meeting of a locat sewing club. Those affairs can get pretty windy, too, you know. The man's wife was ouj of town and his male cronies were busy so he called up the hostess to see if he could come to sewing club. The hostess thought he was kidding so. she told him he'd have to bring the refreshments; if he wanted to attend the meeting. The girls were all gathered when our hero arrived, dressed to the teeth and bearing candy, salted nuts and a sock with a big hole in it. HP went right to, his mending and he wasn't even fazed when the girls dragged out their most harrowing delivery room tales in the -effort to embarrass him. The next Monday at Rotary meeting, there were speeches a,nd fanfare in his honor. There was an a\vard, too, befitting the only Algnna man \yi1h enough courage to bravo tin 3 rigors of an all-fernaje sewing FUrbT'r It waA an" jmcielit rnodei To have a cleaning woman every week, a laundress and and somebody to help with tht mending has always seemed tome as if it would be the ultimate in luxury. But after a week around here wfien I couldn't do, much of the housework that is leering at me from all points, 1 have come to the conclusion that one of life's greatest blessings is not the absence of work but the strength and energy to perform one's own tasks. The kids were wonderful at helping out, but it's difficult to remember to tell them to perform all the little jobs that Mama does automatically. It certainly is fine to be well again! * * * How long has it been since you had potato pancakes? We haven't had them in a coon's age. 1 found this recipe for them and I'm going to try them and alsc use it for this week's recipe. 1 cup mashed potatoes 2 egg yolks 1 cup milk 1 cup sifted flour 2 teasp. baking powder .% teasp. salt .. 2,egg,.whjtes. ,.,,, ,. . Add egg yolks tb mashed potatoes in a mixing bowl. Beat until sniooth. Add milk, sift dry ingredients together and stir in. Beat egg whites until stiff and fold in carefully to make a thick batter. Fry on lightly greased griddle or heavy frying pan Makes 12 good-sized pancakes. —GRACE. CUPS Mrs Harold Snyder of Minburn collects cups as a hobby. She has 30 in her collection, which date- back as far as 80 years. No. Kossuth Folks Home After A Vacation Trip Swea 8t Eagle — Mr and Mrs Roy Pehrson returned recently from a vacation trip in warmer climates. They left Jan. 13 staying the greater time in Mesa. Arizona. They had a visit with Mrs Roy Lord, formerly of here. In Los Angeles they stayed at the home of Roy's .sister, Mrs Edna Ponsness and visited Roy's brother and sister-in-law, Mr and Mrs Oscar Pehrson and sister-in-law .Mrs Mary Pehrson and other friends. Enroute home they visited Mrs Pehrson's mother, Mrs L. G. Pemberton, Mnr- shalltown, and their son and his family, Mr and Mrs Dick Pehr son, Sioux City. Larry Hugo, infant son of Mi and Mrs Walter Schmicking, was- baptized at services at the Immanuel Lutheran church Sunday morning, March 3rd. Sponsors were Mr and Mrs Cecil Thoreson and Mr and Mrs Orville Thore- s6n. The Schmickings entertained at a dinner Sunday afternoon in honor of the baptism. Guests were Cecil and Orville Thore son families, Rev. and Mrs Weldo Ekeberg and Mrs Schmicking parents, Mr and Mrs Ervin Etherington of Algona. The Eagle Aid met Tuesday afternoon, March 12 at the home of Mrs Glen Clark, with Mrs Orville Thoreson as assistant hostess. Mrs J. E. Harner was honored on her birthday Monday afternoon when a number of friend. 6 came in bringing a lunch and presenting Mrs Harner with s gift. Self-invited guests -were Mesdames E. E. Thompson, Dettmer Thompson, Floyd Treat, Emil Larson, Eli Anderson, Fred Seyler, George Rohlin, Wm.' Boland. Francis Torino, Misses Iva Moats, Edith, and Myrtle Molinder and Mrs Harner's daughter in-law, Mrs George Harner. Mrs Leo Engesspr is chairman of Swea township Red Cross Drive. Mr and Ivi'rs Ed Meyer of Victoria, Texas, became parents for first time when a daughter was born March 5. The baby was named Rita Marie. Mrs Meyer is a daughter of Mr and Mrs Wm Wiskus. Mr and Mrs Marvin Sanders and..Mr. and. Mrs, Paul, Sariftner, were Thursday visitors in Mason. Pity. The men folk attended a tractor show. 1 J. D. Clark, Glenn Clark and Mrs Sadie Funderburk of Fairmont, Minn, left Wednesday to attend the funeral of Claud Layton, "Charlestovvn, 111. They returned home Saturday. Mr Lay- jton was a brother-in-law of J. D. Clark and Mrs Funderburk and an uncle of Glenn Clark. Mr and Mrs Peter Abbas of Alta, Minn, moved • last week onto farm vacated by the Morris Drews. The Abbas have five children. Mr and Mrs Harley Work, had as visitors the past week their daughter and husband, Mr am; Mrs Bob Johnson, Douglas, Ariz., and another daughter, Mrs Opa. Pierce and son from St. Paul. Grant township 4-H Club met thwiday, March 21, 19$? Algono (la.) Upp«f 00* recently at the home of Richard Farland. Lylo Torine of the navy, who has been stationed at Peari Harbor came home last, week on furlough with his plfettt*, Mr and Mrs Perry Torine, Bancroft Mr and Mrs Leslie Mitto were Sunday afternoon visitors at Mf and Mrs Hans Peterson. Delicious-this penny-wise cheese dish! En|oy Ceke with meals I You'll find Ihe flxln's for this budget-boosting special at your grocer'sl American Rarebit—Herd's a luscious mixture of tomato and cheese ... a rare treat with ice- cold Coke. Just heat a can of undiluted tomato soup, stir in 1 cup grated cheese, 1 teaspoon grated onion and V4 teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce. Stir 'til melted and serve immediately over toast. Souffles, omelets, bubbling grilled sandwiches .. . any dish that's made with cheese is made for Coke! The bright, blight taste, the extra zest of Coca-Cola, really perks up those meatless meals! Enjoy Coke with meals ... a regular-size bottle of Coke contains fewer calories than half a grapefruit. "Coke" li a registered trade-mark. Copyright 1957 The-Ooca-CeHa Company. .< Bottled under authority of The Coca-Cola Company bv FAMILY \L*r- KINO MINERAL SPRINGS COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO., HUMBOLDT, IOWA 1 1 Join the swing * to Swept-Wing- Get greatest advances of 1957! 1 Th« low, low, 4!4-fool low (ook of luxury that will still be fresh and new years from now (when other cars start imitating it). This "years ahead" styling protects your investment, assures you a higher return when you decide to trade, Choose from 19 exciting models priced just above the very lowest. Co Swept*Wingl 2 The magic touch of push-button O The tway-free, dip-free, vibration-free ride of Tor*ion-Aire. A The surging performance of aircrafMypa V-8 driving pioneered and perfected by ^ * engine design that lets you keep the power you,.buy t Dodge. It's terrific! Co .V»rp/- Wing I four great V-8's with up lo 3}0 hp. Co SWEPT-WING SWEEPS COUNTRY! DODGE ORDERS DOUBLED OVER LAST YEAH Step into the wonderful world of AUTQDYNAMfCS WXW& PERCIVAL MOTORS - 800 S. Phillips St.. Algona, Iowa ' ! ;".» ?'*•',

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