The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 21, 1957 · Page 20
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 20

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 21, 1957
Page 20
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4-AI 0 6na Ho.) Upp*r Oct Mo(n*» Thursday, March 21, 1957 Tidbits from Evelyn . ..A f;nf s p .'u;'.-•"' w.'ss !-;v :i ,\; \ the Bi I C.<n!o i- -i i :v; ;i •'• •• .-.. j a Ifl) VvenlU-:- '' V . t '••*!' •' <' " Morck Jr. Mrs .lames Dodds arin Mrs vvosiiy i.!.ui i-, i pi .-,<, fd thr program nn "Indirn Music" ;:nd a group of girls gave Indian dances ;)i-c.iint3 l ,n!i.u b\ Dennis Huns-lev e.s rinnn • •• Girls taking part were Arlia Ackerm.'in. Mdiy Cmvan. Pt-na,. Dodds. Marilyn Harris. Pami, Mer.dt'rson. Carol H u :n p h r (- y. Nancy IMar-h.'i:l ,T i! M i' • -rr- Mf-'itimr>n. Tb.e piris had been tutored by Mrs Mrrie Moxley Mr end Mrs George Johnson, prominent I'ium Cn<-K i.miK'i: now relirinp. are riv noy f ^^ •• neighbors this winter having taken Ha7el Lusby s fionu- u. May 1, vt'hile Hn,';- 1 i-; in Curon-: spent an afternoon at "The Hen ii.'u.-s " receiuiy and yr.Vt 1 in the tnllmving news about former iwsuth residents. the Junns^n-; had rereivpc 1 word of the death March 6 at Mioi'Kenridge. iviuir.. ot Mr? Hepiy Cftulklns, who with he< husband, owned and farmed for many y-ea.s tr.e o -i L,.a H..I- alace in P'.um Creek tawnshir, which is now bv Le; Miller. The ntlier former Knssuth rerident who died recently wat- Mi-s Dora Clirk of Holden, Albert: 5 . C^n-ida. She was tlv. \vrltnr of VV r illinm ffimi'y. Mr and whos'. Clark M; s Clark, pioneer ?et tiers who came in 1857 and located on what is THIS FAMILY STORY BOOK MAKES DREAMS COME TRUE You'll reach your goals sooner with the dollars we add in regular earnings to your savings account with us. Home Federal Savings & Loan Association ALGONA, IOWA Originally Organized 1917 now known as the Mark Insko !M:,TI This is where the William Chirks b?g-.'n their married life. Mi.> L.t'.T moved to Canada A ;;;.' !r>ey have been many ••!• >» - Mrs Clsrk was the former !'" r,i B.iyic. of Livermore. Chare« C'ji:k. aisri a fni-rrurr Kossutn resi.icrt wno now mnkes hi;- .i.'ine at Britt, is a brother of tht iate \Vii!iam Clark and is the nst Ftnviv;ng member of the immrdiate family. Charles Clark la* a large family and two of hi: children live in Alsona. Mr^ Ben Potter and Mrs George John son. » • * A gremlin was busy in the el fice last week and my item was distorted to a meaningless group of words. My csrbon copy proves the gremlin WRS NOT a' -.vork h^re. The item should have --eqd "Thanks to Kate Gillespie my Esther and I have been enjoying home made bread" etc. * * 4 , I like the dial system and con trary to what I had exp?cted. rm 't'ork is speeded ut> or perhaps I'd better say it will be as soon ns I get all the numbers changed in my book. I have been doing, just a page or two at a time, thei joing back r,nd calling. * • • t know spring is about to a> rive for I've seen a robin too Saw him March 12 and gave hirr, a welcome of crumbs and suet. Don't you wonder where they go in such storms as we had the following day? Maybe the rest ol you know, but I don't. Do they hunt up the old last year's nests, nr do they get in under some^ thint?? Who nrc the "bird Watchers" around here? • •* While Mr and Mrs Tred Bar Iholomew were on their vacation in California they called on former Alsonans Mary Ann Timm (Mrs Hermanson) at Whittier and Mrs May Boles (Mrc Manuel) at. Lynwood. Mary'Ann is the daughter of the 'late Mr and Mrs Fred Timm. Fred was mpnager of the Northwestern Bell Telephone company several years and Was preceded in death T few years by Mrs Timm. Mrs Bo'es and her husband farmed in Cresco township many years ngo. She makes her home with her c on and daughter-in-law. Mr and Mrs Charles Vorhees. I knew the Boles family years ago when Manuel and his brother Francis worked for my father and his pardner George Johnson—"Cady and Johnson" as they were known. Francis, the older of the two was a bachelor. The family nnd Francis moved to Minnesota after they had farmed here. Both men are deceased. Mr and Mrs Bartholomew were house guests of Fred's sisters. Mrs Alice Pond and Mrs Mayrm- FOR GREATER IOWA PAYROLLS More than $30,000,000 per year! That is the payroll receiyed by workers in the brewing'industry who live and are ejn» ployed in Iowa. The entire state benefits from this cdntinu* ing source of added revenue. These thousands of employees ' reside right here in Jo^ra, and spend these added millions in every nook and corner of Iowa, for every kind of product and service. > Yet this is only one of many advantages we derive from the brewing industry. For instance, over $62,000,000 is invested in its business in Iowa. More than $23,000,000 per year is paid in taxes, thus reducing the taxes others must pay, And we receive many millions mere through the industry's purchases of farm products. All this means steadily growing wealth for cur state, and for all of us. Moreheart srfio U?es with Pond at Cornplori. I, advis« you to jf<& ftesy wilh the postal personnel for the next few weeks. They are pretty edgy and won't stand for any nonsense. Why? Well, some of 'Uncle's" men have been here on a re-organisation crusade — determined to save Johnny Q Public some money, oj- Uncle Sam more likely. Anyhow there has been a juggling of schedule^ and until the men get accustomed to the new routine, they are •suffering from jurrtpy nerves. * * * I had Beth Atmi* drop ell "War and Peace" on her way home from the library one day recently. I figured if the wealh- ar was not fit, I could read thi book and know what the show was about. One look at tha< fat book and I was sunk. Weather or no weather, I'd get to thf. theatre somehow. And 1 did— the Sunday" matinee. (The only me of the week T guess) It was i beautiful, warm dny, so fine n fact, I discarded gloves, fur leek piece and scarf on my way lome. and stopped at the Dairy Queen for my first purchase of he year. Ah SPRING. The picture was long, but 1 'ttiew before hand that it would be. Il was most artistic, even the trek home by the vanquish ed French had beautiful settings Take it all in all, it was one ol the lovliest picture I've ever seen. Anyone want to argue with me? * * * ' Rulh Raney spent Friday eva- nine, with me and among the various interesting topics which were pursued was books. Ruth does a lot of really GOOD reading. Me" I'm the Who-donit type though I have read and greatly enjoyed "Anna Karen ina", '"Farewell to Arms", "Random Harvest" and others of that »ype "Rebecca", for instance. What we were incensed about was the possibility of having legislators decide what books we may read and which are taboo True, there is a lot, of trash, magazines which should be banned, funnies that aren't funny and juvenile reading should be decent and in good taste. Bui from an article we had read recently, the adult reading was -to be dealt with and well, to make it short, Ruth and I considered our law jriakers were getting out of hand. Where are oyr constitutional "liberties" and "rights"? * * • " Twas a dark and stormy night" Thursday and Verne!] Ludwig, driving home from the K. C. building told his wife he had never driven in worse conditions. Lucky he had no further to go than home to 509 N. Church street. Clinton Lightei •nissed his home completely and ifter a slight collision with a post near the Anderson suburban orei headed on west, then missed his corner completely and went on west to that low-lying ea'. He had come from the Masonic Temple, but even in thai •hort distance, the car windows ind shield were frosted over so he could not see. He passed Kenneth Geilenfeld who had re ceiyed an emergency call to pu;> chains on in case of 3 fire call" and with Kenneth's aid., got his car back into the road and even tually landed safely, at home. * *• » I had such a good chat with Ada Malueg the other day. She came up with this gag of many years ago, a favorite of her son Irwin. Why is a school room like a Ford car? Because it has t- crank up front and nuts in the back. I replied with one told al a recent organisation meeting, Said one infant In a hospital to another infant, "I'm a little girl. what are you?" "I'm a little boy" was the reply. "How do you know?" asked infant number 1. "I'll show you," answered infant number 2. And pulling up Ins s?ud, "Set 1 ? B.ue boot- A couple of parjict delayed in reporting were given February 28 for Mrs George Kohl in honoi of her birthday. The first wa. given in the afternoon by Mr: Celia Deal, Mrs Clark Godden Mrs Firman Laing and Mr.' Ethel Potter. They, brought th. refreshments and the time wac spent socially. The second party was held tht same evening and those partici • paling were Mr and Mrs Fermar Christoffers. Mr and Mrs Ralph Harberts, Mr and Mrs Joe King Mr and Mrs Ira Kohl and Mr and Mrs Paul Richardson. The guests furnished the refreshments and •re.-entprt Mrs Kohl with gifts The evening was spent at cards » • * Arch Bufthnell will be well remembered by those of the Dr Guy Clapsaddle of Burt and •'Ped" Nelson of Ames era, a? well as many of the older Algerians. He has made his homr at Birmingham, Ala., for somF time and engaged in the con struction business. He has onf child, a son Jim who is a doctor Jim has made Arch grandfather four times, the latest a short time ago when the third daughter wa? born to Dr. Jim and his wife There is one son. Arch has written to his sister. Mrs Margare* Hofmaster, that the new baby if to be named Margaret and sh' has inherited the re'l hair he and his sister were blessed with flaming locks, but in Arch's cnsr "You wonder where the RED went—" for Arch is very bald. St. Joe Trojans The monthly meeting of the St. Joe Trojans was held Feb 28 at Judy Ziement. Stanley Klein gave a demonstration on ear marking pigs. After the meeting Mrs Ziement served lunch. HOME Shirley Biga-lk, of Cresco, is back ,home now after two years service with" the American embassy in New Delhi, India. Children Do Get Hurt ARNIE J. RICKLEFS You'll want your child to have the best medical attention available. Let me show you a policy that provides cash to help pay medical expenses. Phone CY 4-4529 State & Thorington Sts. Representing WOODMEN ACCIDENT AND LIFE COMPANY Jj i * 1 •£• 9&'V> ,.t>-> -, ' ,., helping to build Iowa •v IWN SWts lowers Foyndstien-lowa $yi$!pn«*808 liberty Bldg, Des Moines " " IF YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR HIGHWAY CONSTRUCTION^ AND MAINTENANCE REMEMBER... Asphalt o1hr$ many advantage* g !o»t* Lftog*r- Flexible Asphalt are no slab-joints in a Modem "fives" under wheel pounding Asphalt road, it's smooth, (ftftt •—adjusts to roadbed variations, driving all the way, €0*1* lttf~Important to the taxpayer. Asphalt costs less to l«ss to maintain. The saved' by using Asphalt «o for more roads, wider in your county, ', tM««th«r driving-There Safer - White lane marking! stand out more clearly on Asphalt. And there's lest ey$» straining glare. Snow and tot melt faster on Asphalt«-» rQfidl are cleared sooner for traffic, Asphalt's 'sandpaper' finui) flhVt high skid resistance, "^ "f ! ASPHALT PAVING ASSOCIATION OF IOWA 720 Grand Avenue • De$ Meinei, lowo Science Shrinks Piles New Way Without Surgery Find* Healing Subtwjce That Doe« Both- O^ll—-.-^ 'tt..! Ct__-J f 1_I 1 • J « «. . .w«* - For the irst tU')« eeifjice has found a new JBir iuMN nee with tb« JMtpnUh- afeMity ta rtrink h»m«rriioi48 to HUieve pain-wwyhout jureev p»i n ; Mtiy ) ta»>fc nlww. Most arnaz itik: pr»Tl - result* were astonishing statements like "Pilei have ceased to bo a problem!" The secret is a new nettling gub-- stttnce (Bio-Dyne*)^discovery of *. World-famous rese8rc|j institute. r bi» sgbgi^nee \f> DOW avaiUtble io gkpponitory or ointmtnt form unde/ tU« name Preimratioit H." At your ' ' Money b»ck guarantee. 3 o ^^^^^ ~» O Q 3 •— C I -w — -I Q" O I >• 2 •.= « .a. a O X w X ^^^ ^>

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