The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 21, 1957 · Page 12
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 21, 1957
Page 12
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ifiwtiw March 21, 1957 P«b1»»h%d Bf th* Upp»f Dm Co., Aleona, W.S.C.S. Circles, Fenton, Met In Past Week Fenton — The Bertha Circle oi the W.b.C.S. mot ihursday in tht- homc of Mrs HecJuve Vveisbroa with eleven members present. Guests were Mrs Wilfred Laabs, who became a member of the circle atui Mrs Clarence Osborn and Mis Frank McKall. Mrs Ale- Fall acted as co-hostess in the absence, of Mrs Wendell Kuscii who was ill. Mrs Clarence Underwood was in charge ol devotions and Mrs Charles Lovejoy presented the lesson. Mr| Earl Lufkin presided at the business meeting. Plans were discussed for serving the Junior- Senior banquet of the Sentrai Schools on April 26. Mrs Lovejoy reminded members to check their list for credit reading. The president reminded them that the Penny-A-Day Treasurer Chest will be turned in at the April meeting of the W.S.C.S. The Gladys Circle of the W.S.C.S. met Thursday with Mrs J. F. Beckley with Mrs Ray Stoebcr assisting hostess. Mrs E. W. Rusk was in charge of the devotions and Mrs George Jorgenson Sr. presented the lesson. "The Land We Love." Mrs Floyd Duncan Jed the prayer service Sixteen members answered roll call and guests were Mrs Kenneth Walters and Mrs Harvev Walker. Rural Carrier Hosts Un Wednesday evening the County R.L.C.A. and its auxiliary held its Match party at the home of Mr and Mrs" Se'.dor, Straley in Fenton. A pot luck dinner was served at 6:15 and B good number were in attendance and all enjoyed a pleasant evening. The May meeting will be at 'ireloars in Fort Dodge. Federated Clubs To Meet The Kossuth County Federation of Women's Clubs will hold their annual spring meeting at the Plantation Ballroom, Whittemore. Iowa. Saturday, March 30, 1957 The theme for the meeting wil. be "A Light for Many Lamps.' Registration is at 10:00. All non- federated clubs in vicinity are welcome and asked to come anci observe. Registration fee Is $.2t> and the luncheon ticket is $1.00. Mrs Ray Dreyer entertained at a party in honor of Patricia's seventh birthday Monday aftej- noon following school hours. Present to help Patricia celebrate her birthday were 11 girls of her class. They were Bonnie Jo Walker, Mary Ellen Ditsworth, Cynthia Barr, Jackalyn Jones, Teresa Voigt, Ardith Walker, Betty Wehrspann, Renee Hantei- ,n a n. Linda Miller. Suzanne Newel and Margo Rusch. Mr and Mrs Gerald Gochenour attended the wedding of Gerald's niece, Miss Virginia Terwilliger of Dakota City to Mr Mervin Peterson of Dakota City Tuesday evening at the First Methodist church in Humboldt. The couple will live in Newfoundland. Mr and Mrs J. A. Schwartz HcFALL & RUSCH PLUMBING - HEATING WIRING ,. ' .*•...">f»v .. "We Sell, Install or Service" FURNACES, WELL SYSTEMS, PLUMBING and ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES - BOTTLE GAS SERVICE PHONE 120 or 111 FENTON Tips On Painting Interior Walls By ttay ami wutred bioeber Today almost anyone can paint interior walls like a professional with the new, improved paints, brushes and rollers. i Most of our paint customers tell us they can do a better job — and in less than half the time — if they use a roller Instead of a brush. If you use a roller be sure to paint the corners and edges of the wall first with a IVz" or 2" brush. Then take your roller and paint the wall from top to baseboard in three to four foot strips. * it * ff you prefer a brush, be sure to pick a good one. We usually recommend a good quality 3IV' or 4" wall brush. Start In the upper right-hand corner of the wall you're going to paint, Carry a three or four foot strip (just like you do with a roller) down to the baseboard. Repeat the process until you have finished the room. - • * * * Be sure to use a fairly generous amount of paint in your brush. Flew the paint on. Don't try to stretch it out too thin, Never dip more than 1/3 of the brush into the paint can, * * * What's the best kind of paint to use? You. can't go wrong wjth our Super Kemtone. It goes on smoothly. Covers beautifully, Is washable and has no unpleasant paint smell, And Super Kemtone is thinned with water Instead of turpentine making it much easier, to clean rolleri and brushes. W» hopt these basic hints will be helpful. If you have any questions, come in and talk them over. We'll fee glad to help. STOEBER HARDWARE . ' HARIIUJARE * i * lf»wr fiemn Town P4ol U * g904 bwy w»tic: Honor Fenton Boy At I.S.C. The Men's Residence Association of lowa State College announces that Larry D. Root, son of Mr ana Mrs Donald Root ol t en ion, lowa, rtas been electea Secretary ot Meeker House. Meeker House is one of the twenty-four houses in the Friley- rlugnes Hall residence at iowa State College. Larry, as a house officer, will work with the men of his house to further the objectives of the MRA which are to make the MRA a more efticiem organization, and to integrate the activities offered by this organ- zation. visited with Mr and Mrs Karl Schwartz at Rockwell City on Sunday. Mr and Mrs Gerald Gochenour and family visited in the Uick Simpson home at Lone Rock Saturday evening. Mr and Mrs Richard Underwood and girls and Miss Anna Marie Mitchell were guestsjn the Eddie Silrum home at St. Paul on Sunday, and also attended the baptismal service of Lois, infant daughter of the Silrums. Mr and Mrs Everett Dreyer and Roger and Mrs Minnie Drcyei; were Sunday dinner guests in the Duane Dreyer home at Algona. Mr and Mrs James Hypes were Wednesday supper guests in the William Hanteiman home. Mr and Mrs Kenneth Halver, son spent Sunday at Rochester, Minn, with Mrs Halverson's mother, Mrs Clyde Gilbaugh, who is hospitalized at St. Mary's Hospital. Mr and Mrs Newton Heiier oi Algona and Mrs Monroe Heitei of t,ivermore were afternoon callers in the Clayton Ditsworth home. Mr and Mrs Dick Underwood and girls, Miss Anna Marie Mitchell and Mr and Mrs Morris Mitchell were Saturday evening dinner guests in the Albert Mitchell home. The occasion was in honor of the wedding anniversary of Mr and Mrs Morris Mitchell. Mr and Mrs William Hantei- man and family, Mr and Mrs> John Struecker and family, Mr and Mrs Cecil Langerman ana family and Roy Homan were Sunday guests in the Carl Larson home at Delhi, Minn. Sharon Eigler and Rita Walters, students at Kahler School of Nursing at Rochester, Minn., spent the weekend in the Paul Eigler home. Mr and Mrs Merle Voigt and girls, Mr and Mrs Frank Mueller and boys and Calvin Voigt, the latter of Crystal Lake were Sunday' dinner guests in the Clifford Douglas home. Randa Hansen spent the weekend with her grandparents, Mr and Mrs Peter Hansen at Ringsted. Mr and Mrs Don Sieinberger and family were Monday supper guests in the Ha,rlan Askelano. home at Estherville. They also visited with Mr and Mrs John Carroll. • Mr and Mrs Lyle Weisbrod attended the funeral of Dennis Burgess at Armstrong. Mr Burgess was killed in a car accident in Florida, where he was stationed with the Navy. Women's Club Of Fenton Studies Civic Projects Fenton — The Fenton Woman's Club met Tuesday, March 1'2 in the home of Mrs J. A. Schwartz with Mrs W. E. Laagc assisting hostess, Mrs Ray Stoeber, chairman, had charge of the business meeting, and appointed Mrs Lester Weisbrod, Mrs Charles Newel, and Mrs J. F. Beckley to look into the possibilities of some civic projects that were discussed. The Club voted to give $5 to the Red Cross. Mrs Paul Eigler and Mrs A. C. Krueger had charge of the program. Mrs William Hanteiman showed a colored travelogue of points of interest in Arizona, California, Iowa and Wisconsin which they visited. She also showed pictures of Jowa's wild flowers and cultivated home flowers, There will be election of officers held at the April meeting. Refreshments were served by the hostesses. Mr and Mrs Ernest VoUeler spent last weekend in De^ Moines. They, visited in the IJenry Ehm home and also they saw the first showing in Iowa of the movie 'The Ten Commandments', at the Paramount Theatre. LaVonne Cody, daughter ol Mr and Mrs Mer Cody, was one o! the fifty-seven students named on the honor roll for the fourth six-week period at Augustana Academy, Canton, S. D. Mr ano" Mrs tt W. Schult* spent last weekend in the Chd? Templin home at Hutchinson, Minn. They also called on th^ Pud Prieve family at }l«tchn»- son, FfjjJc-a Progressive 4-H Club met in the home of Qavid Finne,stad with thirteen members ind leaders', £rvin i %irehar<Jifc | and Lloyd Berkland present. During the business meeting, the 195V feed estimates were filled in oh the reports and the basketbai tournament was discussed. Following the meeting, a deliciou.- lunch was served by Mrs Fin« nest ad. Dr. and Mri V. A. Vdiiftiet e Laurens were in Fenton last Sunday on business and also visile relatives and friends. Glaucoma Hits Peter Thorson, Ex-Senecan Seneca — Seneca friends of the Peter Thorsons, former Seneca residents now living In Ringsted, will be sorry to learn that Mrs Thorson is a patient at the Mercy hospital at Mason City suffering with an eye affiction called glaucoma. The latest reports are that Mrs Thorson wua to undergo surgery on Tuesday. Mr Thorson is also at Mason City, staying at the home of a niece, the Al Hewitts. Marian Beayer and Margaret Fischer, students ' at Iowa State Teachers College at Cedar Falls', have been enjoying a between quarter break at the home of their respective parents, the Charles Beavers and the Delmar Fischers. They returned to Cedar Falls on Monday. Mr and Mrs Caleb Hartshorn entertained friends at a "500" party at their home Sunday evening. Mr and Mrs Sig Loge entertained Rev. Harlan Blockhus and the Rev. Neal Olsen at dinner Monday evening. Rev. Olsen wai guest pastor. Mr and Mrs Martin Wilberg drove to Fairmqpit last Monday and made the acquaintance of a new grandson. The' parents atr Mr and Mrs Donald Wilberg ot Fairmont. Wednesday evening d in n e r guests at the Lawrence Johannesen home included the Rev. and Mrs Harlan Blockhus of Armstrong, the Rev. Neal Olsen of Marshalltown and Mr and Mrs Henry Looft. The Rev. and Mrs Roy Hagen and two sons who formerly lived in Armstrong while the Rev. Hagen served the Nazareth and Blakjer. Parish, visited with friends in the Seneca Community •qj?-; ,$fpnday. The Hagens are missionaries from India and while on a year's furlough are residing in Minneapolis. The Rev. Hagen conducted the Preaching, Reaching, Teaching Mission at the St. John's Parish near Cylinder this past week. Mrs Henry Looft accompanied County Health . Njarse Joyce Haden of -Algeria and Mrs C. C. Inman of Bancroft to Ames last Tuesday where they attended Iowa's First Rural Health Conference held at the Memorial Union at Iowa State College. The Seneca Homemakers will hold their regular meeting at the Seneca School next Tuesday, Mar. 26, with the meeting to be called to order at 2 o'clock. The special feature of the meeting will be a cancer film shown by Miss Joyce Hayden, Public Health Nurse, to which the entire public is cordially invited. The lesson will be presented by Mrs Ted Jensen and Mrs Clarence Menz, Hostesses are Mrs John Struecker and Mrs Victor Stru: ecker. Use Easter Seals on all your mail at Easter time. Help spread good tidings of help for crippled children. 3 Lone Rock Circles Meet On Thursday Lone Rock — P.W.O. circle? will meet this Thursday, March' 21, at the following homes: Maxine with Mrs Roger Jensen and Mrs Frank Flaig assisting. Lesson by Mrs Milton Madison. Lu will meet with Mrs E. M Jensen and Mrs Clarence Martin assisting. Mrs Jesse Blanchard Jr. will give the lesson. Mildred will meet with Mrs Dennis Priebe and Mrs Eldon Marlow assisting. Lesson will be given by Mrs Emma Hurlburl. MM Jensen Honored Mrs Harlan Blanchard and Mrs Clarence Kraft entertained & birthday party Saturday evening At the Kraft home in honor of the birthday of Mrs Roger Jensen. Guests the honoree were Mesdames Jesse Blanchard Jr., Merton Larson, E. A. Lee Woodrow Pettit, A. A. Krueger, Erich Seegebarth, Frank Flaig, W. G. Flaig, Mrs Milton Madison and Mrs Ronald Christenson. Cootie was played for entertainment and prizes went to Mrs W. G. Flaig, Mrs Frank Flaig, Mrs Roger Jensen, Mrs Erich Seege- barth, Mrs Woodrow Pettit. Houscwarming -Held Mr and Mrs Dale Schroeder were h6nored at a house warming party Sunday evening when the following friends and neighbors called, Mrs Emma Hurlburl and girls, Mr and Mrs Willis Cotton, Mr and Mrs Junior Hurl- hurt, Mr and Mrs Merwyn Hurlburt, Mr and Mrs Henry Schroeder, Mr and Mrs Clair Bollinger, Mr and Mrs Owen Berhow and Mr and Mrs Merwin Marlow. Birthday Party Mrs Harlan Blanchard and Mrs Clarence Kraft entertained a party Thursday evening at the Kraft home in honor of the birthday of Mrs L. V. Johnson. Attending were Mesdames L. V. Johnson, E. A. Lee, A. A. Krueger, W. G. Flaig, Frank Flaig, Erich Seegebarth, Kenneth Jackson and Jesse Blanchard Jr. Five Hundred prizes were won by'Mrs Jesse Blanchard Jr., high; Mrs Erich Seegebarth, low; and Mrs Kenneth Jackson, plate prize. Choir Holds Party Thursday evening after choir practice members of the choir held a party at the home of Rev and Mrs C. E. Nordine in honor of=David Johnson who is moving to Osage, la. The group presented David with a gift. Mr and Mrs Howard Bierstedi and family spent Sunday afternoon in "Fenton at the Ferdinand Bierstedt home. Thursday afternoon Mrs Merlyn Bauman and girls Laverne, Mrs Howard Bierstedt and family visited in Fenton at " the Franklin Mueller home. Mr and Mrs Alfred Schadeihdorl attended a birthday party Saturday evening for their granddaughter Defawn's first birthday. She is the daughter of Mr and Mrs Kenneth Fischer of Bancroft. Mr and Mrs James Thul o) Ames spent the weekend here with the Jack Quinns. Mrs David Beck Sr. and David Beck were at Lyons and Lincoln. Neb. over the weekend. ...for ail your BANKING needs We're r«»dy 9! all times to help every member of this community with loans for all needs, savings plans and •01 bank; services. May we assist you too, soon? Savings Are Important For Your Future ! And- important to Jocal prp. grfissl This helps us mafce loans, |o responsible borrowers. buJWiDS soundly in this cow- munjty for you; future I it'* Good Business To Pay Bills By Bank Check Your eiBcellgd check for pgy< ment-~whejher for business or howstbol4 feUli _ is your pernwnent, Qp«n 9 convenient cheeking account. First Trust & Savings Bank - Fenton THIS IS YOUR BANK Coming Events Thursday, March 21 — Blak- jer W.M.F.; Independence Mixers Club; Helen Circle of W.S.C.S Friday, March 22 — Fentofi Township Homernakers, Ellen Circle of W.S.C.S. Thursday, March 28—St. Johri W.M.F. at Pebew. USED MACHINERY 1—1946-4D "B" tractor with starter, lights and power lift. 1—Jt) 290 Tractor corn planter, nearly new. 1—1937 JD "B" tractor, good. 1—1954 Oliver 4*row corn planter. 2—JD 15 foot discs. 2—JD endgate seeders. 1—Case plow. 1—7 £t. mounted mower. 1—Hallman 48 in. farm jack and fence tool. See our close out list of tructor tires on regular want ad page this paper WEI8BROD IMPLEMENT Fenton, la. 12 NOTICE — April 15 will be FREE CHICK DAY here. Watch this paper for full details. Duncan Produce, Fenton. 12 FOR SALE — USED FURNI- ture, davenports, chairs, kitchen sets — Peterson Furniture. Fenton. ' 12 CARD OF THANKS I would like to thank all those who sent cards and gifts during my recent stay at St. Ann hospital, Algona, and Mercy hospital, Mason City. Max Borchardt, Fenton. 12* HAIL INSURANCE NO MONEY DOWN I J. Wallace Smith Insurance — Fenion 12tf THOMAS FUNERAL CHAPEL Fenton, lowa Experienced Embalmers and Funeral Directors Reliable 24 Hour Ambulance Service Funerals May Be Referred To Us With Confidence Phone FENTON 23 RINGSTED 21001 21006 20216 FENTON BUSINESS end PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY J. Wallace Smith Real' istat* Broker General Insurance THE FRIENDLY TAVERN Invitei You To Fenton WEISBROD Implement Company JOHN DEERE DEALER Bus. Phone 3 Ret. Phone 60 HANTELMAN BUILDING SERVICE For Building - Remodeling PHONE 125 or 17 Dr. E. W, Ruske DENTIST Office Phone 79 Residence 25 * Fenton, lowa HANTELMAN'S GARAGE Auto & Tractor Repair* FENTON, IA. Oats & Seed Cleaned And Treated? Better Let Us Take Care of Them For You NOW-Panogerj Liquid Seed Disinfectant Has Remarkable Results on Oats _______ BULK SPREADING Act Now Before Seeding Time ! WE USE OUR OWN, NEW EQUIPMENT AND THE COST IS LOW Also Fertilizer In Bags GRASS SEED & FIELD SEED We're Here To Serve You FENTON Co-OP ELEVATOR FELCO PRODUCTS "Where You Do Business With Yourself AT SENSATIONALLY LOW PRICES Cushioned Wrought Iron or all Hardwood (Limed Oak or Walnut) Arms DECORATOR COLORS WITH HIGH OR LOW BACK ... PARATEX "AIR-CONDITIONED COMFORT" CONSTRUCTION AND PRICED AT ONLY AND UP SEALYMATTRESSES Regular $59.50 Natural Rest Mattresses Tested For 10 Yeer Use Our Price 39 95 Shop Peters en's For Economy PETERSEN FURNITURE FiNTQN Home ef Quality Fgrnityre FENTON (12-13)

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