The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 21, 1957 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, March 21, 1957
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By Ruei Wallet » * * The way things begin to shape tip over in Suez, it strikes us that maybe we would have been Detteroff to have allowed Franct *u j 9 r , eat Britain to complete their job of getting back control of the canal. This boy Nassei has all the earmarks of a smalltime dictator with ambitions — just enough of them to possifily upset the apple cart completely m. the Middle East. We have given Israel assurance that il withdrawal was made from the Gaza strip and gulf area, the U.S would see that Israel got fair treatment in use of the canal and free and innocent passage in the Gulf of Aqaba. Now we find Nasser saying they can't, and King Saud, whom we entertained so royally only a few weeks ago, backing up Egypt. We've been double-crossed before, but if we are this time it'? while our eyes have been wide open. * * • Our mail bag this week brought the announcement that State Senator Jacob Grimstead of Lake Mills has announced his candidacy for the Republican congressional nomination from the 6th district, now represented by Merwin Coad who only took office about six weeks ago. That's what we call getting a fast start for the 1958 political season. We reckon Mr Grimstead figures on being the first in the field, knowing he will not be the last. » • •» The Lone Rock area can well be interested in its recently approved loan from the Rural Electrification Administration to the Lone Rock'Co-Op Telephone Co. It means that ,for 31 farm families in its area, not at present having telephones, they will in the future. With completion of installation, not expected until 1958, 24 hours service will be maintained with no restrictions There will be a maximum of eight phones on a farm line, where there are now as many as 16. Long distance operating service will be provided by Northwestern Bell at Algona. "The Lone Rock fire department will install an alarm system best suited to the community. * • • During the course of the years we have subscribed to the Literary Digest, Time and Newsweek magazines, and other publications. A while back we decided to take a fling at U.S. News & World Reports, a publication that isn't exactly a comic magazine when it comes to rapid reading or digesting the contents from pictures. But to our mind it is quite a magazine, if you want to take the time to really read it. Cfjc ESTABLISHED 1S6I fhirt*ftt! ft* tKonA cli« liwttet ftt «*6 pwrtoffioe at AifMtt, Iowa. Nov. 1, 1893, under Aqt of Congres* of March 3, 187B. AldONA, IOWA, THURSDAY, MARCH 21, 3 SECTIONS - 24 PAGES VOL. 94 - NO. 12 7 Inch Spring Snow Boon To County Check From Jesse James It's doubtful if anyone in ihis area ever received a check signed by Jetie Jamet, at least until tecently. Ray McWhoriet, ex-state representative ttotn Butt, has one and it It good for $4.99. Ray received a warrant from the state ef Texas in thai amount as a ga§ tax refund for 111.6 gallons of gas used by him when he travelled in that area during the month* of January and February. Signature of Jame«, who is treasurer of Texas, and Robert S. Calvert, slate comptroller of Texas, are on the warrant. * . The ^PP" *• lhis r- Ra ? had «*en a movie on the life of the original Jessee James just before getting the check In the mail. Of course, the original Jesse James dealt more in hard cash than Warrants and checks, and was usually on the receiving instead of the paylng-out end of all such transactions. Algona Woman Observes 90th Birthday March 24 Mrs Hattie Larson will celebrate her 90th birthday Sunday, March 24. No formal invitations are being issued for the open house which will be held, but her friends are urged to call on her. Mrs Larson gets out very little and will glad to welcome them. Mrs Larson was born in Norway and came to Iowa when she was a year old. The family settled at Sioux Rapids where Jiei first home was a log cabin. Recently, U.S. News & World Reports carried, this summary on government spending: "Out of Washington in the year starting in July will flow $83 billion in cash . . . never before in peacetime has the government planned to spend so much money The total spending is about nine times as much as the highest year of spending in President Roosevelt's New Deal before World War II ... twice the spending of Truman's Fair Deal year before the Korean War . . . more cash is to be paid out than in the highest spending year of the Korean War." "Who gets these billions? The greatest single flow is for defense, All sorts of business men want and get 'defense' cash, and so do this country's military allies. Powerful local interests in many areas depend on 'defense spending.' These interests are reflected in politics at every level." * * » The article then took the specific case of tungsten, saying the U.Sf already has enough tungsten stockpiled to last five years. For its purchase, 86c out of every dollar went to 11 big producers. The producers, it was added, sell tungsten to the government stockpilers for $55 a 'unit', then turn /around and buy foreign tungsten for $35 for their own use in the tungsten industry. Thus the taxpayer pays an extrr ( $20 a unit for tungsten that Uncle Sam buys and piles up unused. The present budget asked the purchase of still more tungsten to the tune of $30 million. The House knocked it out after hearing the testimony; the Senate put the $30 million back in, on plea of defense needs. It occurred to us. as we read this article, that rising government costs are a long way from responsibly being laid at the door of "aid to farmers" or "welfare programs," which are, in cidentally, on behalf of the peo- She well remembers the Indians who came to the house when she was a child, begging fpr food. Prairie fires were "a hazard she also remembers. Most of the pioneers plowed furrow? around their homes and out buildings as a fire block. Mr and Mrs Larson were married in 1891 and moved to Badger. Two years later they moved to Ottosen and continued farming. Mr Larson died in 1934 and since then Mrs Larson has made her home in Algona. She has an apartment at 615 East Lucas street, lives alone, and does her own house work. Her sight is If you get a chance to see the latest batch of movies taken by Theo Chrischilles on his recent Mexican trip, don't miss them— they are "muy bien." Freak Lightning Endangers Four Wesley — A freak bolt of lightning struck the Ralph Schipull farm home at noon, Thursday, March 14, endangering Mrs Schipull and the three daughters in the home at the time. All electric appliances were knocked out, and Jeannie, 6, was near the stove and getting ready to leave on the bus for kindergarten. She was showered by soot and smoke, so had a/i enforced half-day vacatipn. The Wesley area was in the path of terrifying high winds, snow and a dirt storm Thursday afternoon, although the schools remained open and the buses made their trips. The blizzard of Sunday night and Monday also hit the Wesley area with severity. fairly good and she enjoys reading two daily papers and "the- Upper Des Moines. These keep her abreast of the times. She is also a regular church attendant. ' Mrs Larson and her brothei Ransom Muxter of Sioux Rapids are the only survivors of a family of nine children. To Mr and Mrs Larson were born six children, Roy, of Spencer, Loren and George of Algona Mrs Clarence Calligan (Mabel of Pocahontas, Mrs Ed Weimer (Elma) of Burlington, and Mr Watnem (Agnes) of Creston She has thirteen grandchildren twenty-one great grandchildren and a number of nieces anc nephews. Mrs Larson reflects that she has lived during the terms of 18 presidents of the United States Andrew Johnson, the seventeenth president, was in office when she came to the States. She is amazed at the progress and changes that have taken place during her lifetime — new discoveries, scientific progress, mode of travel and ease of living. The things which for her do not change are her faith and -her religion. She feels she has- -indeed received many blessings. Bob Schoby To Head VFW Post Bob Schoby, who served in prior years for two terms as commander, was again elected commander of the Veterans of Foreign Wars post 2541, at the annual election held last week, He will succeed Wilbur Zeigler, Wiho was elected as quartermaster for the coming year. Bud Evers was named as senior vice commander and Ray Sewick is junior vice commander. Max Bartholomew will be judge advocate, Harvey Johnson was elected as a trustee for three years, and Tony Schmidt was named surgeon. Corwith On List For Natural Gas Several towns in this area are included in a list of new service connections requested by Northern Natural Gas Company. A 65 million construction program, if approved by 'the Federal Power Commission, would take natural gas to Corwith, Goldfield and Emmetsburg in this immediate area. Whittemore and West Bend, who have been seeking sucn service, were not included in the current list. Moisture Gets Pre-Field Work Welcome Here Seven inches of snow and .66- of an inch of rain caused ill* convenience for a short span of time over the weekend, but will prove a boon to farm prospects in this area for 1957. After a dry fall and little snow during the regular winter, farm'- ers were approaching spring field work in this area . with real foreboding. Nature's deposit of seven inches of snow in a three-day period, plus some rain, has provided the necessary basic moisture prior to the start of spring field work. Will Soak Inlo Ground Dean Barnes, county extension director, said he thought the frost was somewhat out of the ground and that the snow, containing lots of moisture, would pretty well soak into the earth as it melted. While southern Iowa has been much dryer than the northern part, rainfall last fall was below norrnal. The state become? progressively dryer as you trave south, Barnes said. Dryest par of Kossuth county has been the Garfield twp. area at West Bend Spring field work is slated to begin about April 1 in this area with oats if seeded by the middle of April considered to have normal start. In southern Iowa, discing anc plowing was underway a week ago, but the ground there has been so dry that there wasn'1 enough moisture to freeze it. Low moisture levels ' have plagued many sections of the country, but have not been a serious menace here. But lack of rain last fall or additipnal moisture in the form of .heavy snows during the winter, had many local farnwrj^worjrie The snowfall and rain as recorded s at the Algona weathev station at the local airport by Date Snowt-Rajn High Low Mar. 14 __3-S: .24R 23 Mar. 15 30 Mar. 16 35 Mar. 17 _ 40 Mar. 18 __4-S: .24R __39 Mar. 19 33 Where 2 Died In Storm Crash 48 12 24 24 29 26 Divorce, Fine, Damage Suit Filed A divorce was Russell R. Shipler from Shipler, March 16, in granted to Sophia Kossuth district court. A property settlement was agreed upon. The couple are from Burt. A fine of $300 was levied against Wayne L. Ollom, last week, on a plea of guilty to an O.M.V.I. charge. One new case filed was that of Leo W. Swanson of Dickinson county against Wendell E. Steven and Robert R. Steven of Algona. Plaintif .asks judgment for $184.56 as resuft of an auto mishap on Nov. 8, 1956. Special China Display A spe9ial traveling 'display of 'amous pieces in Lenox china is >eing shown at Sharp's Jewelry his week, and is of unusual in* erest. Included are dinner >lates from services made by for U.S. presidents. New Chamber-Commerce Directors Boy, 5, Falls From Second Story In Home Howard. .SVi year old son of Mr and Mrs Walter Klinker of Algona, more or less "went through the mill" at 6 p.m. Monday. Howard opened the door leading to a second-story but- side stairway while looking for his father who was about to return from work. The wind evidently sucked the lad out the door, through the railing around the landing, and plunged him to the ground. Howard, a kindergarten pupil laid on the ground for a half hour until located by his mother. He suffered a bad cut under his chin and was rushed to St. Ann hospital. Several stitches were required to close the wound and he remained In the hospital until Tuesday afternoon for treatment and observation. He is now recuperating in the home of his grandmother, Mrs James Walker, while further observation of possible internal injuries is completed. The Klinkers live in an apartment at 503 North Wooster. , T>7 heTthree vehlcle * involved in a crash which claimed ihe lives pt Mrs Lucian Hersom, 52, and her son, David, 10, are shown in the above photo. The dead were from Minneapolis. Icy roads and blizzard conditions were blamed for the mishap, which occurred 4% miles north of Algona on highway 169. Mrs Hersom, her son and husband, Lucian, were passengers in the auto shown in the center, which was driven by Mrs Ray McDonald of Pomeroy. The vehicle skidded, slanted across the road into the other lane and crashed intp the truck on the right, driven by Dale Faulkner of Lake Crystal, Minn., after spinning three- fourths of the way around. The right front of the auto collided with the left front of the truck. The auto continued in its spin and collided with the vehicle s h°wn at the left, which was driven by J. Warren Stalzer, Minnea- David Hersprn was killed instantly and Mrs Hersom died while on the way to the hospital of her injuries. (Nels Isaacson photo—UDM engraving) x Kfff- Waller Roy Stoffel. Finn was reelecied , , „ directors. Steels is the Chamber secretary. (NeJs Isaacson $wta*.VPM ^graving). Say State OK's 1958 Widening An Algona city delegation was given reasonable assurance, Tuesday, in a meeting at Ames with the Iowa State Highway Commission, that a widening program for highway 169 entering Algona from the south would be in the 1958 planning for this area. Attending the conference were Councilman Gene Furst, Vic Parsons, Leon Laird, B. P. Richardson, Mayor C. C. Shierk, City Engineer Schultz and Jim Palmer, utilities superintendent. If the project is undertaken, it will mean widening of South Phillips St. from the city limits in to State St. for a 45-foot width. The State Highway Commission plans a letting, April 2, for two stretches of highway widening in Kossuth, from Algona to Burt) nine miles of widening on 169; and from the Des Moines river bridge north to Algona, four miles of widening on 169. These jobs are slated for this year. Mother, Son Die Together On Highway 169 A crash, involving two autos and a truck, snuffed out the lives of a Minneapolis mothei and son, Mrs Lucian Hersom, 52, and David Paul Hersom, 10, at 3:15 p.m. last Thursday, Man 14, 4% miles north of Algona on ugh way 169. Sleet, snow and high winds prevailed at the time. The youth died instantly of a fractured skull and Mrs Hersom succumbed to a crushed chest and crushed right arm in an amt bulance on the way to St. Ann hospital. Also injured in the crash were Mrs Ray McDonald, 62, driver of one of the cars and Lucian Hersom, 52, a passenger, The Hersoms were all riding in a sedan driven by Mrs McDonald Pomeroy, at the time of the crash. Mrs McDonald received a rib fracture and Mr Hersom bruises and nervous shock and both were released from St. Ann Friday afternoon, The deaths were the third and fourth in the county so far during 1957, compared to three during 1956. The McDonald auto was traveling south on the ice-glazed highway .followed by another Minneapolis car driven by J Warren Stalzer. A truck, driven by Dale Faulkner of Lake Crystal, Minn, approached from the south. The scene of the crash is just north of the Black Cat bridge and on the north end of an extended "S" curve. Evidently Mrs McDonald wanted to slow jp for the curve, so she applied her brakes, sending the car into crazy skid into the other lane Algona Hotel Sold! The Algona Hotel was sold Wednesday by the Boss Hotel chain to a Fort Dodge buyer, it was reliably reported here yesterday. Name of the purchaser and similar details were not available. John R. McGoldrick, manager of the local hotel for the Boss chain for the past year, said he could not verify the report and that any statement would have to come from Des Moines, where the Boss interests are headquartered. The Algona Hotel was the first hotel in the Boss Chain, now one of the largest in the middle west. Wm, C* DCJU To .Head Rotary William C. Dau was elected president of the Algona Rotary club for the 1957-58 club year, at the annual election of officers held Monday noon at the Algona hotel. He will be installed later in the spring, succeeding Stew McFa44en. Rugs Buchanan was named vice president, Lyle Reidinger will be secretary, Al Rode was namf4 treasurer, and members of the board are Fred Shuts and Jerry Ferris. of traffic. Faulkner, who had his wife with him, saw the car slanting across the road and pulled out onto the shoulder in an attempt to avoid a collision, but the right front of the auto hit the left front of the truck and the two vehicles caromed off each other. The car went 40 feet past the point of impact and came to rest at an angle on the highway, hit- ling the Stalzer vehicle while in a spin. The truck went on into the ditch and came to a halt against a fence, 200 feet from the car. The Hersom boy was thrown out by the impact, and his skull crushed. His body was lying, head toward the west edge of the highway, Sheriff Ralph Lindhorst was the first officer to reach the scene. Patrolmen Dale McBride and Parrel Drake assisted Wm. LeeperOf Burt Succumbs Last rites for William Lemper, i2, well-known Burt man, will be held Friday at 1:30 at the rarry Funeral Home in Bancroft and at 2;30 p.m. in the Methodist church at Burt. Rev. Fred Samek will officiate and burial will be- in the Portland township cemetery, Mr Leeper died at the home of a son, Bernard Leeper, .northeast of Burt, Tuesday afternoon. Survivors include a daughter, Gladys (Mrs Eldon Fischer), Albert Lea, Minn.; and three sons, Glen, Claremont, Minn.; Roy, East Chain, Minn.; and Bernard, Burt. He was preceded in death by his wife.' Industrial Corp, Officers Elected At the annual meeting and election of the Algona Industrial Development Corporation, held Tuesday evening following the annual Chamber of Commerce banquet at the high school Annex, all» old directors were reelected. They were Bill Finn, Jim Palmer and Harry Greenberg for one year-terms, Dick Carr, Joe Bradley and Al Agena for two year- terms, and Fred Kent Sr., John Dreesman and M. C. Metcalf for three year-terms. The organization meeting of the group will be held April 8. About 50 of the 90 stockholders attended the session. An attendance of about 250 enjoyed the annual Chamber of Commerce banquet, heard annual reports, and enjoyed a musical program including the high school Symphonettes vocal en« semble. L. J. Nelson, 67 Ex-Hardware Owner, Dies Funeral services for Leonard J. Nelson, 67, well-known' Al- gonan, will be held at St. Cecilia Catholic church this morning. Thursday,- Mar.' 21 at: 9:30 a.m. Msgr. P. p. Gearen will dffiicate" and burial will ba .in Calvary cemetery. Hamilton Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements, Mr Nelson died suddenly in his home on Garfield street of a heart attack early Monday evening. Leonard J. Nelson, son of Mr and Mrs Chris Nelson, was born Sept. 13, 1889, at Cameron, Wis. He was married to Anna Frank at Duluth, Minn. June 25, 1914, and later was in the hardware business here. After sale of that business, he was employed as a salesman until a short time ago. Besides his wife, he is survived py a daughter, Margaret (Mrs H. 1 Patton), Billings, Mont., a brother, Elmer Nelson, and a sister, Mary (Mrs St. Louis), both of Bruce, Wise. He was preceded in death by a son, Vernon, several years ago, Mr Nelson was a member of St. Cecelia Catholic church and the Foresters. . Pallbearers at the 'funeral will be L. A. Winkel, John Bieser, Ernest Georg, A. F. Agena, Arnold Elbert and John Lentsch. Honorary pallbearers will be Phil Kohlhaas, Tom Garry, Will- Jam Barry and Guy Hart. Mr Nelson was always a baseball fan and at one time managed the Algona Grays team here. Hardware Store, Swea City, Sold A major Swea City business change was announced last week.- After 34 years in business in the same building, A. B. Tweeter* announced sale of his hardware store, with possession for the new owner, Amery Charlson, 39, of Forest City, slated April 1. Charlson is a nephew by marriage to Tweeten. He is married and has three children. Mr Tweeten has been in business since 1923. The plans of the Tweetens are indefinite at moment, but he and his wife to go to California for Easter. Has iye Operation Eugene Murtagh, president of Druggists' Mutual Insurance Co. here, underwent eye surgery at University Hospital, Iowa City, Wednesday morning. The operation was performed to relieve pressure on the cornea of his right eye. It is expected that Mr Murtagh will remain in Univer* sity Hospital for. about ten days, Mrs Murtagh is with him. The NEW Telephone Number Of The Upper Des Moinei CY-press 4-3535

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