The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 14, 1957 · Page 52
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 52

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 14, 1957
Page 52
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4 t A fo>* B Cfr) UPP" P«« MotftM Thuftcfgy, March 14, Wesley 4-H Boys iv ley; - 'h AlgonS's annual 4-H Club Day was ihe ' T£°uii! H> sT 0 ow , n above. The Wesley boys had their fam* K ?? lhaas Hardware here. Club leader is Joe Sk6w, Wes 'hillp Asa, president; Dwight Seabei-g, vice-president , Whiffemore 4-H Boys Union 4-H Boys Sailors Home On Leave Af Ottosen Otlosen — James Banwart son of Mr and Mrs Silas Ban wart, arrived home- Thursday evening from the San Diego Calif., Navy Training Centei where he has been taking his basic training. Coming with hire was Bob Banwart, son of Mr and Mrs Paul Banwart and Dean Grimm, son of Mr and Mrs El Grimm of West Bend. All three will return to duty March 10 .however each Will gt to a different pace, James Banwart will return x to San Diego' Thursday evening Mr and Mr.- Silas Bamvart, James, Franklin Leslie and Archie were suppei and evening guftsts at the Ber- mece ' and Caroline Banwari home at West Bend. The occasion was also to honor Mrs Banwar; on her birthday. Sunday evening all the family of Mr and Mrs Silas Banwar, gathered at the family home foi supper, including a son-in-law and .daughter, Mr and Mrs Elmei Strahm of Sebetha.V Kansas. Others present included Mr and Mrs Philip Metzger and Sheryl o! Sebetha, Kansas and Mr, and Mrs- Joe Benninger of West Bend. Marks! Day, March 14 Everyone is looking forward tt next week when the 13th Annua Market Day Sale will be held on 1 } weekend at the Mrs Bertha Jacobson and L o r a n Daniel homes. • • *Mr and Mrs Ephriam Kohl and Becky of Hancock, JMinn. visited at the Victor Banwafct home Saturday. Becky remained for a visit. Sunday evening visitors at tht Magnus Bratland home were Mr and Mrs Harold Dale and Debbie" of Dakota City, Mr and Mr« Sherman Silbaugh and Vickie and Mr and Mrs Richard Christ* ianson of Humboldt.. , Mrs Caroline Telford and Mrs Essie Cooper visited, Sunday afternoon at the Edward Von'-; Bank home at Rolfe. Mr and Mrs LeRay Waite and family of Rodman were Sundai dinner guests at the Hollis, Cooper home. ' Earl Smith of Milroy, Minn visited over the weekend at the W. G. Cooper home. Enjoying an evening of cards at the K. R. McLUen home Wednesday evening were Mr and Mrs Mike Coyle, Mr arid Mrs W. G. Cooper, Mr and Mrs Oliver Kin Coundl Minute* COUNCIL MINum The City Council met In adjourned sei- slen Feb. 13, 1957 with the Mayor Pro Ttrnpore dryon P. Richardson, Irt the chair, and the following Councilman: Furst, Laird. Elbert, Dreesman, Parson* Mayor Shierk was absent. The minutes of meeting held Jan. 3d, 1957 were read and approved. Diek Helmdrs recommended to* the Cbimcll that a manhole be Installed In the Sanitary sewer line on East McGregor between Minn. & Jones. Resolution accepting John T. MeGuIre offer to purchase city property. Ordinance No. 385 passed and adopted. - seth, Mr and Mrs Eugene Hofiut and Mrs Selma Nelson. Mr and Mrs Lester Wehrspann visited Wednesday at the home?, of Mr and Mrs Charles Ross and Mr and Mrs Dan Palsic at Waterloo. Mr and Mrs Mike Hinz ,of. LuVerne arid Mrs Leo Toftebcrg Thursday, March 14. Kermit Fowler, manager of tht sale, has seven auctioneers t'- start at 10:30 a.m. Already i good line of machinery has beer, moved into town. One outstanding item that will be sold is ar Adam Road Grader. Lunches will be sold in tht Commercial Building by the Progressive Club and the Ladie f Rural Club, and in the Presbyterian Church parlors,' and 'the Mayor's Office by th ~ Aid. 260 At Opening Two hundred and sixty persons registered Saturday when Mr and Mrs Chester Alme held their opening and observed 18 years of business in Ottosen. Dooi prizes were won by Martin Meyer, Eli Bruellman, and Mrs Norman Helleseth. of Bode accompanied thorn. Ladies from here who attended a shower honoring Charlene Daniel of Humboldt. Friday evening, were Mrs Loran Daniel, Mrs Hattie Daniel, Mrs- Roy Telford, Mrs Edward Z'mnel, Mrs Mike Coyle, Mrs 1 Louis Jacobson. Mrs Donald Larson and Marilyn! Mrs Ralph Jacobson, Mrs John: Vinaas and Janice, Mrs Anns Purdy, and Mrs Ralph Gatton. and Mrs Conrad Johnson. Sunday Mr and Mrs W. H Wehrspann were dinner guests at the home of Mr and Mrs Kenneth Bellinger at Fenton to honor Mr and Mrs Otto Wichtendahl of Fenton who were observing their 49th wedding anniversary. Mayor Jesse VanBuskirk is a medical patient at Mercy hospital in Fort Dodge. Mr VanBuskirk fell several weeks ago and broke his hip. He returned home and has now gone back for medical treatment. Mr and Mrs Richard Kinseth and Mr and Mrs Oliver Kinseth attended the Humboldt County Mail Carriers Meeting at Thor Tuesday evening. Mr and Mrs Lester Wehrspann Resolution accepting Chester Schuitz as new Superintendent of Public Improve^ merits. ..'Annual Report of Planning & Zoning Commission read and approved. "• UI " ns Members of the Planning & Zoning Comm. are Mariart Will, L. E. Hovey, Veda Mur ' a 9h, P. J. Kohlhaas, William J. Finn, Lloyd Robinson, George Sefrit, Everett Baldus, Max Bartholomew, Phyllis Burt, C. c J h 1- organizational meetings was held ?„ 1' i? 56 1 nd off 'cers elected and installed. That this commission recommend-* of zoning of certain real estate I and Colby Street from multiple — •» —strict to commercial district ane this change was subsequently made by Cl«y Clark, Hilton's Sup •• i~f 11 vi_fi ii ot SUpfMiCKt A ..... — Super Service, on A ell j Milef Lurfiber Co., maWflal ,.•„ Collln*, ThempseH & Wlllii, Erv Olfteeriftg service- **j.*.*_^.t.« L. arMucfcey,' repairs »._»».^.» Pratt Electric Const. Co., labor & service , , Slgsbee Plumbing & Heatmg Co., repairs » ........1 Beecher Lane Appliances, repair Donald Johnson, refund An sewer rental * j..^. ^ Hilda Foster, refund orl sewer , • rental ...„,. ,,.., 7.96 P. ). Waldron, refund on sewef rental .... . . . 184(0 Inertol Co., Inc., paint 17.40 1.'S< re; •fti V. **y» '"«.., K«I... _»««• Algorta Machine Shop, service ,. Norton Machine 1 Works, service-* Sorenseri; Grocery,: mdse.' „*....„ Hall-Strajiorn Hardware, mdse. „• Cowan Roto-Rooter, service „«... Donovan's Cabinet Shop, repairs _ Zep.Mfg. Corp., mdse. .._•...» Re«feaH«« FUrtd Langmack Variety Store, candy • bars 3,71 4,00 1.89 11.91 -24.00 18,90 27.36 Msrvln Wallburg, electric bill (for Cresco-Unlon Co.) ^...^ Langmack Variety Store, 2 mirrors ... i^i Northwestern Bell Telephone Co., switching fees . ._^_ Parking Merer Fund Raymond J. Krebs, Salary >„.._'_ anh-hoid, tai ^ shall be brought to a fVlf a Ad WfUpfefJ a pcrsSri id torlvfcfed and flridd shall.b« stop .Immediately before entering upon Imprisoned in the city jail until the find. Cay,street, r - „ »-..,.- ; • •; i » pira'Sf BlMWrfffeTi' W au« ««inM 6f Sfeffttt 2. fhJf Iff ^fifeWi W»V«MS In U*£T ,' - , ..,..,„ STrCHsf Of jina i*!!)' wi muwiia* ivwa* be broudrft to » ftilhihd complete Irnrnedlafely bBfdW inferlrlo uptfn _.., Section! Thaf all veHicfe* trivellng M 6 vhorthSfiy dlfeetiofi upofi»Moaft StrSef and entering^ upon Street , inttrttetldn Common to Moore.. SfreSt and Call Street Of me City of ,,Al B 6rtt, Iowa,, shall be bfouahf, ta a full and c6mfc|ete stop im'» mediately before sriferlrig upoh Calf Sfieet. . . ' SScflflft 4. That ^ppniprjate ifofr-4I6H* ...all be erected at sold Intersection* wrfrhlrtff 6peraf6H df the veMeles 1 <rf Mti f*b.ulfernents of thl» Oftftrianee and tHat 'he police be authorized to Install adequate warning Signs at appropriate distances from said stop signs. Section 5, Thaf any violation of the 1 provisions of this Ordinance shall -, be deemed a mlsdemean6r and any peribrt convicted of such violation shall be purt* shed by fine of not to exceed $25; and dcenied of HIHHBWI in full farce", riftd OIK...I, m. Iti final paswae. .(Spproval tio.Mi.AhJvided wJaW., ._,. M1 , .pAslEb, ADOPTED and APpRfi* 27th dav of February,, 1957.: • bavltf A.'Smith Oft .Clerk Dr. Camerdrt C. Shierk lf be ftiar and publlca- APp'R6V8b this , the above and foregaing Ordinance No. 3fl« Is he' 27f(rd«y rtby' duly «\itherifl of Feb'rUarv;; 1957, Df. Cameron - ' M Wvl Published IrH 'the Advance, AlgorW 1957. ' . lwted eft this x A , • C. Shlefk A. Smith . Kossuth County Iowa; March 5, ,.... „, , u> ».,_..• TTB4 auuacifijeni ly maue D proper action of the City Council. Thi commission adopted rules of procedure concerning tenure of members filling o vacancies, organization and .concerning other matters. The commission recommended to the City Council change of fire im ts ordinance removing from the f re imits all of Block 229, 256, 257, Lots 1 & 2 Block 253. All of!Block 189 Los 4 & 5. Block 185 all in Call's Addition to Algona and. by adding to and Including In ho fire limits outlet 1 of Stace/s Addi;on to the City of Algona, Iowa. This .,,„_-. „, <i,^noquently by ordinance of the City Council. This commission recommended uniform building code, additional parking for cars vacating part of an alley and part of East Call Street East of Main Street for the Algona Community School District. • . ms luriitniuion received no income and incurred no expense. Resolution releasing Leo Lichter mover s bond on file in the clerk's office i of „ __,__,,»,^ ,, x^iiio^atiii i QrS3SG and son Roger visited Sunday at'l?.- J - Funki'mcTser Following claims approved: . General Government Fund David A. Smith, Salary '$ 1225'' City Clerk, Postage "* -Chester H. Schultz, Travef expense 2820 Advance Publishing Co.," legal notices _' _ 5361 Meson City Blue PrinTservice""" street plats o 12 Norton Machine Works," Service" 241'l Dr C. C. Shierk, Expense 850 Street Fund » C ,L S Lajnbrook, Salary 133 14 Albert Pergande, Salary _ 1177? Glenn F. Burtis, Salary . "" "•" i]7'72 Richard Frambach, Salary ...III 9965 [* ay '™ n d, W. Metzen Jr., Safary" 98'45 Donald Prew, Salary ... 11345 Iowa State Bank, Salary 5000 Pratt Electric Const. Co.. laboY"" & repair L. S. Muckey, repairs Bradley Bros., repairs Mid-West Service Co., fuefoil 1 Greenberg Auto Supply, mdse. "I Kent Motor Co., repair & service i Algona Implement Co., repairs Hilton s Super Service, repair & ^^F&J^JS3^&.!rsiS£ HDOVe.. the ClUb was snnncr.,-^ I-,,. T^ o XT _ , J o « ' 1 JJI -1"*'-U & Son, At Canners Meeting Ames — James Firkins, Fenton, attended the annual Canners Conference at Iowa State Colleeo on Feb. 26 and 27. The conference offered detailed information on sweet corn hand- ling to growers and canners. Enrollees received valuable tips from speakers who discussed corn borer control, use of fungicides seed treatment and fertilizer foi' sweet corn. Over 50 people attended the two-day meeting. tufla ' IOWA DAIIl IHDUSUr COMISiiOl •. IOWA DAIIT riOHOTIOI ASSOCIATION »J1 lii.roct C.cho.,. lid,., p., M.I.,, ' ATTENTION In spite of the reported increase in Chick Sales and Orders this spring, we are able to offer you a contract FOR NOT IESS THAN 50c per dozen the year around We Have Averaged Over 60c Per Doz. Over The Pqst Two Years. FLOCKOWNERS REPORT OVER $3 PER HEN PROFIT PER YEAR If Interested, Call or Write Us IOWA BROIL BURT, IOWA PHONE 167 (!)tO Mr and Mrs Alfred Schultz and family were visitors Sunday at the Ronald Schultz home at Winnebago, Minn. Saturday Callers at the Schultz home included Harlan Blanchard and son Jonathan, Mr and Mrs J. M. Blanchard, Jr. and family, Mrs Maude Blanchard and Mr and Mrs A. A* Krueger and Kermit all of Lone Rock, and Mr and Mrs G. W. Blanchard and family of Mason City. Mrs Howard Hellickson tool; care of the Harold Bayse children from Thursday until Sunday. Sunday Mr and Mrs Baysc came after them and were dinner guests at the Hellickson home. The Bayse family live at Humboldt. Mr and, Mrs Eugene Hofius were Sunday dinner guests at the Floyd Bacon home at Burt. Others present were Mr and Mrs Jess Hohenstein of A m b o y, Minn., Mr and Mrs Stanley McDonald of Hermiston, Oregon and Mrs Cora Bacon of Algona. Wednesday Mr and Mrs W. H. Wehrspann visited at tho homes of Mr and Mrs John Geitzenaue: and Mr and Mrs Otto Wichtendahl at Fenton. Rev. and Mrs E. E. Green and 'amily of West Bend were Sunday dinner guests at the Donalu Jsher home. Sunday Mr and Mrs Earl ,ong were visitors at the H. II. ^ong home at Fairmont, Minn) Vhile they were there the H. II. ong's and the Earl Longs visit- 1 at the Art Loring home also t Fairmont. Sunday dinner guests at the Ralph Jacobson home were Mr and Mrs Robert Block of We-,1 Bend, Mr and Mrs Conrad Johnson, Mr and Mrs Sim Jacobson and Mr and Mrs Louis Jacobson and family. v Mr and Mrs Alfred Schultz visited Saturday evening at the Louis Jacobson home. Mr and Mrs Merle Holt ancj family wore Sunday . dinner guests at the John Mullin.i home at Corwith to honor the Mullins' son and his wife, 2nd Lt. and Mrs Jim Mullins who are here on furlough from Texas. Mr and Mrs Edward Zinnel anc Leslie Ann vUitc.'d Sunday afternoon at the Deanne Telforc home. Mr and Mrs Olvin liau^ visited the Clarence Kuecker hormi at Hadley, Minn. Mr and Mrs Chester Alme and daughter Shirley were Sunday dinner guests at the John Madsen home at Bradgate. Mr and Mrs Laurel Worsted and daughter Wanda returned home Monday following a four day visit with their son-in-law . Mrs Maude Crane, formerly of Ottosen, who now resides at the Siss'ion Rest Home 'in Humboldt observed her 89th birthday last week. Mrs Crane is one of a group who really only has a birthday every four years having been born February 29. On Thursday a group of ladies visited her nnd took a birthday cake for a little party. Included in the group were Mrs Crane's daughter, Mrs Irvin Movick and her granddaughter, Mrs Howard Thompson and daughter Holly and Mrs Mike Coyle, Mrs Selma Olson and Mrs Caroline Telford Stomac Mo'tor Express"," freight"" Percival Motors, service Norton Machine Works, 5ervTe¥" & repairs __ _ IRAQI Algona Machine Shop,~ser"v"ice~~~ IS 75 AIU i „ Public Safety Fund "" Albert Boekelman, Salary 193641 Richard H. Groen Salary ------ 15223 Ernest W. Hutchison, Salary"":; 111! Peter C. Jorgenson, Salary .. Kenneth J. McBride, Salary .1 Irl Ankenbauer, sllar^ . 'D°K?- ftf Bank ' withholding tax Public Administration Service booklet _ -" 13326 2178 1412 6060 ., „ , - -•••-"", *-ApT5l l3C Al Boekelman, expense City Clerk, advance cash Advance Publishing Co., mimoo paper _' Gene's Radio & Television service & materials 16.50 2.50 2.90 .--:-• Ira Kohl, 17.80 I , .-.,.,. „ n-i^tina __ 42.10 I i'\?? f .---.-—-. 20.00 , . _ Greer.borg Auto Supply, rndsV."!! Milton s Super Service, as & oil Algona Fire , . Co., service . I550( Sanitation Fund James A. Egli, salary Ida 05 -red Gronbach, salary 996? George Weig Jr., labor . 999) 'eakus Holmers, labor 34? Reiner Helmers, labor 3471 State Bank, withho7ding"tax 15.3C UDM Classifieds Pay Dividends CBima*Sff%g o Century! Mrs Il.iuii'-i nir-ro, Donna Lou Baiber, at St. Ann hospital in Al^una Friday fvuniiiL!. Donriu Lou was a medical patient there They also visited at the M. O. Kinseth home at Aljjona the same evening. Saturday evening visitors at the Loran Daniel home were Mr and Mr.; Merle Holt, Mr and Mrs Bernard Jacob.-, of Bradgate, Mi anc! Mrs Paul Espinosa of Mason, and Margaret Holt. Sunday dinner guests at the Daniel home were Mr and Mrs Paul Espinosa and family of Mason City, Mr and Mis Keith Daniel and family of Boxhulm and Margarut Holt. Mr and Mis Morlo Faulk and Monte of K.ithfrvilU; were weekend visitors at tho Percy Wat- nem home. Other Sunday visitors were Mr and Mrs Stanley Keith and sons of Pocahontas, Mr and Mrs Ed Ni.ssen of West Bend and Mr and Mrs Allan Wat- nem. Wanda Jarob.;on and Conley l, students at Waldorf Coi- at l-'un.-bl City, .-.pent the _ IH ° H o co ™> 'safeguarding tomorrow BOB DIEKMANN IOWA STATE BANK BUILDING Phone 60-W Representing The Northwestern MuJujJ Life Insurance Company, Milwaukee, Wisconsin ORDINANCE NO. 386 AN ORDINANCE f.PROViblNd Fi CONTROL OF TRAFFIC''AT THE STCTIONS OF CALL STREET AND ul , THOR NGTON AND MOORE STREETS AND PROVIDING PENALTIES FOR VIOLATION, Sr. IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY- COUN- Cll OF. THE CITY OF ALGONA IOWA: i Section 1. That all vehicles traveling upon Call Street and enterlnd •; upon the street intersection common to Dodae Street and Call Street of the City of Algona, Iowa, shall be brought to a full and complete stop Immediately before" 'entering upon Dodge Street. That all-vehicles traveling In a southerly direction on Dodge Street and entering upon the street • Intersection common to Call Street - and Dodge Street of the City of Algonai fowa, FBI., MARCH 15th FRANK BUHR SAT., MARCH 16th DON SHAW & ORCH. SUN., MARCH 17 ST. PATRICK'S DANCE JACK COLE And His Orchestra K-C's Partial ST. PATRICK'S HOE DOWN Legion Ballroom BANCROFT SUN., MARCH 17 THE DUDE RANCHERS ORCHESTRA WESTERN, MODERN, OLD TIME Admission 85c Booths Call .: 4101 We have Ft on hand; Get yours from; salesmen and locations listed below... R. I. Mawdsley __________ Algona j C. L. Bailey _____________ Algona Aaron Steussy __________ Algona Eugene Kollasch ___________ Bode »• Harold Jones Swea City T. O. Johnson ___ Swea City Walter Vaucjt ______ Whittemore L Robinson Produce _______ Wesley1§ UCTION Tuesday, Mar. 19 SAIE STARTS AT 1:30 P.M. HHRH_^|_i_H_^_^_^_^_^_H_^_^H_i_H_j_^_n_B_|_H ""^——— —— —^— — _; - ^^^^""^^^^^^^^^^^•••••••••••i M|PMVV|Hi_HRIHHIHI|IHHH^HHHH^B|^IIH These pigs Are From 7 to 10 Weeks Old* Clean , , . Castrafed ,,, Vaccinated For Choiera and Erysipelas |^^^^^P l **^ i ' BI!B * w ' i ' HIIB ^*il*WBBBRBilil^ Sow* To Ferrow Immediately. Bred To MeflMType Boar. FREi DiUViRY UP TO 25 MIJ.IS TERMS: CASH, pr make arrfln 9 «in«nt« with y«ur bankor fesferf »«|« rfflft. Rejporulble for Accident* UOYO B?RKtANO, LONE ROCK BANK, Clerk

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