The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 10, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 10, 1934
Page 6
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fAGE SIX (ARK.) COUPJEH IOF GOLF'S Star Finds Secondary j Tournaments Her Meal, Big,Ones Hard I BY Bti.i, BRAUCHEK j N>:A Service Sporls Editor I 'NEW YOKK, Feb. 10. — Seven years ago a 10-year-old ias.s ciiiiu- within n few misplaced putt;; of the national women's champion- shp. She lost, 5 nut! •!. iu a fini- 0111 final with Mis. Miriam num. 1 : Hum. Now that we hnvc given away her ap.e. we might as well uilcl the mime. The ulrl was Miuuri'ii Orcntt, the Mac Smith ftf feminine golf. From that nay to tills Maureen always has been in Mir | running in the hie cUimiuioushlu.s. has won a flock of secondary tournaments, but never could <iuiu> crash the queen row. j Consistently she hus bren BlUie \ JJIcks' jinx, If II were not for j Maureen, Miss Hicks mlfilit have her name on a dozen or so championship cups. Yet, strangely lost year in the national, Hicks smothered Orcutl More Maureen could get started. The • junx reasserted Ilscl! tlic other day In Florida Nyhcii Mnu- re<!n defeated Blllie !n the Mlnini- Blltmore champloa^liip, winning; thereby. the "runner-up title" to National Champion Vlrglniu Vim Wie.' Babe and Boss Look On It won't be long now until Miss Orcutt brings her game back north, •stopping on the way ul J'inhursi to' win the North-South again. For ;the last three years In a row she "has knocked off the talent at Pinehurst. For four years In n row she won the Metropolitan women's, I92G to 1939—before she wus 2a years old. Three times she won Ihc eastern title. 1925. 1928 and 1929. Four New Jersey cups are in her collection—1924, '25,' '2C nnd '27. And in 1930 and '31 she won the Canadian championship. That's a lot of winning for a young woman. Off her rating it would appear she couldn't miss n national title either here or In England, but somehow Maureen has' managed very well. Mfcs Orcutt has played among "the big four" of women's golf for so long that her inconsistency in the most Important tournaments has become one of the outstanding mysteries in n gnmc ihnt manu- faciures mysteries as quickly as a pulp novelist turns out plots. With average scores that rank respm- ably 'With the marks of Van Wie, Savin;.; his n&jlni; limbs for n strenuous pennant race, !)abc Hull look part in the Yankees' Ilrel training .session at St. Iftersburg I'lti.. by w;iic!iiiiK and hnmling out lulvlce from the sidelines. Herv is Hie not-so-mlghty-as-hc-once-was Bambino, matching a rookie liiivlpr from l.-ehirul ihe tailing ciiye with lib boss. Joe McCarthy. By .N'EA Scrvicr Frank "Simmy" <[ut«m had so much trouble svllh lux \velghl when, he cinighl for the Giant.s that he con-slnnlly was ruinmg into dllfi- culties. The climax came when he went to gel n tuxedo ut [he Hot Springs. Ark., camp for n dance. The present Binves catcher walked Into a clothing establishment SATURDAY, MARCH ]0, Huskies' Ace and Coach "liec's" Cagers, Full of Cagey Tricks, Favored To Win Crown Hj NBA, Service SEATTI.B. Wash.—'-Hcc's 1 II ay.'iln, by htck! It's getting to lx> a hahll, with Clarence Sinclair "Hec" Edmuml- fon. this coaching basketball »m- nfrs nt tin- University of iiialon. He tins produced, winning ' five, champions, of tin northern 'i division of .tin';. CQ;ISV Conference.. It, mnlces 'Ms sixth'winner In II years. 1 Tor 15 yean, (he lull,'-lean-1!<! imimKan has reigned over. Irigloir.s cuijF' destinies.' couiini; Irom ttw University, of Idaho. In- 1924 )]« won his first. . title, liiis Ik-en right up' there His coaching system Is elfecllvc | .simply.; It gives, his ba.i- ' V.rleers lewc-r plays than . any other big-time coacli-'In-tile BUM- ntss uses. The essence' 'of Hie Washington game is drive, grau the ball ul every chance; race it down the court within, shooting langc. there if you must;, but shoot If you can. • • • •'•• Of course, all credit, for Washington's conference win isn't rlue the coach. The boys come In for their share of it. . ' Heading Ihc list of basket hawk RIB Bob Galer, a junior who Is high scorn- In the north vest nnd who broke the all-tlrtc hlK" poinl record of 113 points' . las', year. Jack Hanover, his running mute at forward. Is an other-dead shot. The rest of his mate.'!, .Cupt. Harold ijee and Cock and \Vc-i)- ber, guards, nnd Bishop aha.^ui- gcf, centers, are ull well schooled In the Etlinundson system. ' . Lute In March the Huskies will journey to California to meet .tb' southern division winners for ll:i' Coast Conference title. • "Hec" believes Ills present squad Is capable of. repeating -the performance of his 1931 team and cop the. honors. NO ONE KNOWS WHAT BECAME OF THE MAVFIOWER FAMOUS 17w/s OWQUS WORLD I William Ferguson A cauy coacli and a cagy c»g fr ', . '. Bob Oale.f, .whose eagle <-yc for baskets won-the northern division of'the Pacific'coast Con- ierence scoring honors . .'.and Coach' Clarence .Sinclair "Hec" aiimmdson, Huskies' coach, *hio>"pllot*d his squad to the championship of that section. - •'• '•'"• •'••-.• '•^••'. ' . • Oollett and win. Hicks, she Just, can't The veteran observer Mnry K. Browne once javc her version ol Maureen's 'technique: "For one thing Glenna Collett consistently has been her jinx. Maureen never has hail a very good match play temperament. At crucial moments she blows up a la Leo Dlegel. Shoots phenomenal me'dfll YoyrwSs, UICIY goes to pieces." A man named Jones used to have trouble like that. But when he dubbed shots in the tough spots as'a youth, and took n few healthy swipes at the sand, 'he would say, "There goes my >Jankety-blonk temper again." r > •'. . ' Maybe, ,that | tcnipernment of Maureen's Is 'something like that nncl made known his- wants. The clerk eyed him dubiously,- ami trotted out one suit after another. "Shanty" wrestled Into them nsj (he clerk held his breath for fear the senms would part. ; Finally Uogim found one' that almost, buttoned'.' " you let this out n little?" lip asked. 'After that gentleman hail replied In the nlTivniative. the large otic asfced the price. • .. "That suit will be $37," the clerk .Informed-'him.- . '••-..• "\VlmU" Hognn roared. "For one night?" . • . The ctavk smled In relict us he explained .thn store didn't, rent luwnlos. and "Simmy" finally departed without ruining any garments. Slides Bill Braucher Harvard, Princeton. Araiy, Pennsylvania Military College, and a couple of other schools. Letters .have been fent to the following colleges niirt universities, which have been playing polo for some time, inviting them to tnkr pnrt in the annual"rollc&e classic, j Cornell. Virginia Military. Nor- I Mich, Michigan A. ti M.. Chicago, Illinois, Iowa Slate, Oklahoma. Texns A. it M.. Oregon Agricultural College, Stanford. Ulnh, Arizona. Colorado Aggies. Georgia, Alabama and Florida. • • • May to nt Seriloml Present plans Indicate competition among tl\e schools, will be divided Into 'five iHirls—eastern, central, southwestern, western and sectional tournaments part in' the national will take champion- .ships, in some 'cenlrolly local«l city. ' • ' "This is" ii definite move in the right direction," Frank S. O'Reilly. Ireasnrer of the Iritercollegiate. Polo Association, declares. "It no iongei is possible lo ignore the ftict [nut the sport in colleges has become truly national In scope and. n.s such, demands a real na tiotml championship." That statement, related only t< colleges by O'Reilly, seems to be applicable in every other dlvi sion of the sport—it' is' natlona In scope and commands nation wide Interest. southern—and winners tllOAC The Mexican peso is-worth abou 50 cents in American currency. WRESTLING Fred Knichcl' ; •. va. Johnny Stole Jiiiiniie Morris • va. , Monday Ni('e.;- Mat. 2:30, 10-25« Nile 6:45, 10-25c of whom kilM a manl. . . On* got HwcxtrMM penalty ..... HM othtr want fr«*l . . . Why? . . . SM this •xciting drama! Fata Catches On The.sports world is just beginning to realize the fav-fUing effects of thai east-west polo tournament, staged as pare of the World's Fnir program in Chicago last year. Since the hard-riding western crowd of hoi-polloi drubbed the refined eastern squvirt in that series and gave the game back to the common people, polo fours have been springing up wherever four horses could be found pulling fire trucks. A glance at the skeleton schedule' of tournaments for 1934 shows more than 30 sectional and national matches on the list from the first of the year to Oct. 14. This schedule, however, leaves out the all-Important east-wesi Inrtoor series, which probably will be played In Chicago In April. This Interactional series will see Winston Guest, the only ranked 10-goal Indoor player in the game, leading-the boys from the east. Spreads in CeUtft Ranis The Increase in polo's popularity has had an effect on the college game. The sport has teen played under direction of the Intercollegiate Polo Association tor some time, and for 13 years formsl tournament lor college honors has been held. This event, however, has been confined to eastern play among limited number of teams. But present plans of the association call for a. much broader scope. The nucleus of the intcnol- legtatt body Is formed of Yale, I T W I S un (tay - Monday ' *— v MAT nnrt NITR—Ife-Sife MAT. and NITE— 10c- 2 BIG DAYS ON THE STACK AND SCREEN On the Stage in Person "The Page Kiddies Band" America's Youngest Musicians A New Treat in Entertainment Ke Kiddies Band is a group of children (all sisters and brothers). Four Girls and Two Boys. They are real musicians, each an artist on their instrument. Also PROFESSIONAL ENTERTAINERS — On The Screen — GEORGE RAFT. CAROLE 1.0MUARI). SALLY RANI) and FRANCIS DRAKE IN "BOLERO" PARAMOUNT NEWS - - COMEDY ADMlSSfOX— MATINEE and NIGHT— 15c and 40o The NSWERS mi GUESK IVAKRfiN DELANO KOH- '1INS \i 17. s. mlidster i 0 Can', mla. HelKluin, U.7G2 stjunt't nillfH in area, lii nearest In xiw t» MAHYI.AND. 1->,W ^ u i ro '"lies HlKlipKt Falury f«r t|..s x riiilway n»ec-.ullvc» U lixed '»i, J6U.OOU a yea*. - ; - Neqselln Kingfish YOTIK '^ Walter ; .Neiisel, Oermsui heavyifeight hope, gained a dkisJpn'/oy^r'' Klngftsh I^eytnslcy here 'last 'niljh'f, ' stagliijt a comeback: afUr' Hieing'.. floored 'in" the third. rptin'iJ. ";'.' • ' *'• ', ' An' overiianii right caught the Teuton on thp; chili In tlie^ third a^ the fish P^'^dleJ-' xas doing ' his biistomary^ifti'lrt "flgfiflng. - Ntusei 'was 'only 1 doro for'-u' count '.of three.'' • . '".'•.'•' ' PROVIDES WORK FOR, ABOUT <S$, ooo PERSONS IN THE UNITED STATES AT THE 8e<3i!NN|NG OF THE PONV EXPHfiSS: SERVICE, THE MAIL RATE ' THERE are -numerous legends of what finally became or thej famous old May-hover, but, no reliable evidence has cvtr been dug up. Some say that one of the owners of the ship used the lumber to | build a barn in Buckinghamshire, England, near London. Others say the vessel was toed in slave trade, nnd was sunk by the Spanish. | . NEXT: tt'lial presidents of the Unjtwl States weir related? Only 5 per cent of the world's There are only 12 letters in the I population lives below the equator. Hawaiian alphabet. Bulk Garden and Field Seed ^ Also Gepnine. Alatlden Lamp Parts - - ?,0c BURKE HARDWARE CO. Wi* SCNEY f OX, O. P. «4 Cbv* S*on. Directed h. CWtttt Enkin. Piwteenl AJ Star hadmOom, UK. PrtMnttti by C*ri LtttMnk. AUNIVKSALMOUK. THINK;'for. a .iriiriute^What ii. you .had .the house to run, meals to plan •and,children- to care for? Do you you could'do the,job as well as your wife does? .On the same aroount• of>;money?- Be honest. The .housewives'-of ! the and know their, jobs. They read the advertisements'regularly. They keep themselves informed'of the best offerings of the stores. They are expert purchasing agents. These purc.hasmg agents, from necessity .or individual desire, aim'to mak^ every dollar spent return a full one hundred cents' worth in value. They know . their needs. Th^y know through the advertisements just where these-,n^ed,s.can be best supplied at the least.costv : |uch : iht^lllgent buying saves time and effort and mon^.' ; |t.results in a management of the home 'that || truly Efficient. ,, ,• • .••_ v - ' ,' Hert'fe some good advice for all of us. Read the advef tisements. Read them every day. Through them we cart khbw exactly what we,want before we go to buy. This is. the surest way of securing full value for every dollar you spend. NOVELTY REKI. MUSICAL REVUE "Roast B«e( and Movies"

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