The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 14, 1957 · Page 42
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 42

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 14, 1957
Page 42
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+ » » j|ft) UppW Pet mm fnuricfpy, March 14, 195? j Jft fte flastf 6f art eye. Before ; *"" -"" ' 11 knew jusi what techni(#ue/he was using, the mate had brought the fish from the Atlantic ocean onto the deck, • where the fish 1 thrashed about like a super giant ' walleye. The iftate -grabbed what UUNTIHG CLEM IRLANDER looked to m>: Hke-alt TIP-OF-THE-WEEKs to get your Outdoor boots'flr •:', shoes in good shape, go to your butcher and ask for iwo or three large bsef bones. Split the bones in half, lengthwise, take out the raw' ' marrow fchd^ jnash'-it up in your hand. Apply -this to ' ' welting, and entire upper > boot. WorkS in with fingers. You'll always have dry feel and soft, pliant boots. iiipiiiiiiiiiiiiimiira We Ceioteh^Em For 0 ' vj :/., ir .; •- . : . pliceman's billy, tapped the Sail* fish expertly: oh thS, skull, artd that was the end ofiMr Saiiflshf The deck-hands slid him back into the fish Ioek0r. the Captain the : tooys -jwt fuU well ; that _ _, _ „,„„. ably wouldn't do too good out on the Atlantic ocean, although it's „ <r - T ; k ? crwln £ took/off. I sdf'back 'thinking! & Lazy Ike' ,p?ob- it all over, ahd for once I wM worn out as I can ? nta j io; job, after ° thean '' ever remember feeing:", , ,,The Algona sea-ffdlng 'party t »*n H' * lso ' • «*>*". Another- good-sized iurtJ < M q , £" y ° f Blue J specimen ?f rom the TSuTf Stream 8 f ' tod. ths le^, was $>$ ...... i _ Mr and Mrs Alfred Bruhh family of Cylinder an'd Mr and Mrs; Ejmef Ruhnke and fatnily of Low ;Creeft were ing, 6vi- at their matej?fia|' Homd bf MrY Mathrtda Meyef. ',7 Mr*s Hefihan Boda 6f Wesley Visited at the home of, Mr - ana Mrl (Daniel Foley "Monday ahd helbed her sister, Mrs F6ley/sit things- in order in their fnevf , Mr, iflnd Mrs James Burnetts of Milwaukee arrived Saturday at the home of, Mr and 20-pound Kingfish, caught by up for bait, Craig Smith on the same trip off atsmateac- Pompano Beach. Craig minimiz- .,„ ™ D „..„„• «. u, . J 5 loo) S ed his catch, however, and said: flnrf +HM fh7, 0 iw. 1UeflsH> ^ a "f " The " dafn * hm S w as °n o^ oi fnd that the world's record ih the lines.' I saw tH* nnl* hon/tin* the lines,' 1 saw tWe pole bending, pretty bait)/ ! ° him in. After all, it wasn't much, ,„»,.„ „ •°'i r Algona of a job, since we were using tfn ^, w . ere 4 W* . some 500-lb. tackle." good-sized fish just for vVeii, that settles it for me. Ko • , « Florida trip in sight, but some- But We'll'Help U Do It TUs Coming Season From Our COMPLETE TACKLE STOCK SHELLS OUTDOOR SUPPLIES Always at Typical "Coast" Lower Prices COAST-TO-COAST Store Ed Wolf, Owner party set out for the real monsters ... a Sailfish, a Blue Marlin, a Swordfish, or perhaps one of those tigers of the sea, a Barracuda. Meanwhile, until the seagoing launch reached the actual fishing grounds, several of the Algona fishing party adjourned 1 to the boat's cabin to compare notes on tackle, and to make ready for the serious fishing. It is' reported that cries of "I call" and "Gimme two cards", v which is typical fishermen's talk, emerged from between the bulkheads. * * * with areai iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiin MAY AND JUNE FISHING At Its Very Best On Lake-Of-The-Woods, Canada WE INVITE YOU TO WHITE PINE LODGE, on Lake of The * co™? 1 *** 1 up-to-date ^ Louis Bfaatz ,uncle and auht'of the BurnettesY 5 ;They weffe e*h*; route from- New. Orleans, where 1 they ^attended -the ,Mardi Gras. • ': Mrs -Elmer/ Ctetvfald, Mrs Hal*' old Zimmermann, Mrs Meiyin Heinrich, Mrs Thomas Dunphy, Mrs Mathilda Meyer and Miss Agnes ,.Sfenipt>brelt • <ot I h^re, and ursday, afterfl6ofl;af the hUi-Heldeft^ith home with ' " ' rs, fibfoth " lid Mrs* Gerald Olldm arid Mfli Herbert Pdtratz^-Mr'aM Mrs Herftan VoiWft" '' - L ~ 4 " geely ahd farAil «1SS^ ?£ d ^P aiW~Mrs"^£hut HeidUnwiflh werfe Friday evenin eatfe"rs %\ the-home of-Mr aftu Mrs Eilswnfth' Heidenwlth, tb ftelp Mrt Hfefctenwith celebrate his biflhdsy. Mr grid Mrs Henry KUeck, of LpttS Rock-, were-Thursday efve- riihg visitors'at the Home' of Mf dnH Mre Ar'tHtlr Heldenwith. • iMTm.!^^. J **Wii' T"l _ ** '. ' I ~ >. Mr'and Mrs' Ross^Vaux 6f end, tnd Mr and Mrs Alle au# and; family of Melvin wer Saturday evening dinnef gues at the home of Mr and Mr Ellsworth-: Heidenwlth, The form er;are the parents and the lat ter a brother of Mi's Heidenwith 115 At Good Hope Mission Evening, Mar. 10 fhe second session 6f the "School of Missions" at Good Hope Methodist" Church ^as held Suftday; eyening, Mar.' 10, with US present.' Following the supper there 'was a Worship service .followed b'y several'films.' The first was a comedy for the children. The second film was a home mOVie taken by Harold Holmgren of Lone Rock. The ficst pSrftf his- film was taken "of the, neighbor- hood'around Lone Roctarid Burl from an airplane. The. rest Was- of their trip to Florida showing an .amateur rodeo and •pictures of Marine Land. •• • : The third film was the story of Christianity meeting-com- munism In Seuth "8fd*f Asia. Hoste'sses for the-evening were ,Mr and Mrs LawfencS Dittmers. Mr and Mrs Harold Holmgrens. ~ Mr and Mrs Quintfen Bjiistroms, Mr and Mrs Rayrtidrid Vigdals, Mr and Mrs Claude jSeelys, Mr' and Mrs Clafened RelBho'ffs, Mr and Mrs John McNeills,- Mr.i Marguerite Gardner , and Curtis. ' Each had invited enough guests to fill their gUp^er table. Next Sunday" iyenlrig will be the final session of the School ' - I - - • Mis 1 ,' ' . TiclbitJ Frdm Evelyn really hungry here in May and June. Walleyes, northerns, bass, A local angler. Les Kenyon, every thing started to break loose has .come up with one of the u ^ OI1 deck and it was found biggest single fish catches ever ' that the A1 6° na bo ^ had hooked recorded for an Algona fisher- cabins - boats - motor8 - J ° of area. For details write now to Wyatt N. Peck, Box 2236 N. S., onto a giant fish. The ship's _ _ man, and while.the story of'thls m ®, te> ( 2°!' 1 , n l the i ine - had sna g- Springfield^ Mo" SuinWr'address: rare episode has been going g u if Sal]flsh ' and as he struck Sioux Narrows, Ont. around pretty much .by word of fhe hook he called for somebody WHITE PINE LODGE mouth the past few days, I would ]? take °. Ve ^ °" P la y in S the fish. O n Lake-Of-The-Woods like to pass on to you'a "blow Ken y° n took it on. by blow'-' account of this catch— a genuine Atlantic Sailfish—and something that happens only rarely in' thfe ,llfe tJf the average angler. U -p=f. Personallyfjf'm a~~walleye man, and I gotta terrific whang out of boating an . -eight-pounder last summer on Lake-Of-The-Woods, but when I heard'Les Kenyon relate the gruesome details : of his battle with an Atlantic Sailfish that measured well over seven niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii™ Last week, I was passing the time of day with Sam Kuhn. a | rabid .locaj angler, who is laying £• plans for a Canadian" expedition. In the course of our, visit,-Sam m casually mentioned . that "for & good eating, I'll take'northern over walleye'any-day." I-looked close to see if Sam was wearing a 'hole in his head' but could find none. I guess there's just nb ' feet from snout to tail, I must admit I drooled with envy. Kenyon & Sailfish The story starts with the departure of a group of Al- gonans recently for a few weeks vacation in the balmy Southland, and io save reading time I'll say that the following well-known fishermen gathered at Pompano Beach, Florida: Harry Greenberg, Hex Taylor, Fred Kent, Sr., Ted Chrischilles, Craig Smith, our hero, Les Kenyon, a former Algona resident who is now a permanent Floridan, Dutch Lorenz. It was Dutch who arranged the details for the group's fishing excusion out into the Gulf Stream off the coast of Florida. * • • Atlantic. Sailfish n As Les described it io me: "I don't know why I did it, bur the first .'thing I* knew I wasjtandlirig the tackle. This fish was a long ways out in the tossing Atlantic, but the minute I grabbed that rod I knew that HE KNEW I was there... and I sure knew he was there. I sat there with the butt of that rod in a notch in the chair, and on one run of the fish the darned rod slipped' out. I didn't know it until I felt the line burning a groove across my wrist. I had a clutch reel, which let the line out automatically, and as I looked down at Ihe'reel I could see the line going out as fast as I was reeling in. Right then, I knew I had hold of a fish." Les had hold of an Atlantic Sailfish, which he successfully got into the boat, with some help from the mate. It's true that not many of us will perhaps ever tangle with a fish of this sort but just in case I looked up a few things about Sailfish. The world's record Sailfish, taken on April 25, 1950, off Walker Cay came to 1^3 pounds. While Les cud not have his officially weighed, clockside estimates placed it at between 55 and 65 pounds. It was well over seven feet in length, as the photo of Les and fish shows. According t o Kenyon, playing the giant fish was a real thrill- but landing Mr Sailfish in the launch was something else! again. accounting for the crazy whims of fishermen. • • * * * The Algona U.S. Post Office is another hot-bed of fishing fans, and right now as the boys "there tosS letters" - iftttt'03t)}feS 'they are dreaming of the fishing d'ay.5 ahead. Jack Dutto'n is one of the town's fishing experts, closely followed by Paul Watson, Dick Allen, and Whitey Voigt. Harold Lampright also generally gets his limit. I have not talked- with the Postmaster to determine his piscatorial proficiency, but assume that he, too, knows his way around in a boat. March 4 Rites Unite Couple At Whittemore I've never met Don Alt, hus band of Isabel Gfreenberg, but pricked up my ears .the other da when he made a radio announce ment over WHO. He has a nlc voice, a thing I consider very im portant to announcing. I couh mention several I find Very ir ritating. . *•••*•.* '.-:-. - Several weeks ago a card club Was Organized and it was some time before a suitable name was decided upon. Since the members are from Union township'; they finally decided oh, : "The; Unloti Suit." Cute, isn't it? . * * » • Thanks io .Kate Gillespie, my Esther organized and it was some home-made bread. It was delicious and -seasoned v exactly to my taste. That means I knew there was salt in it. I'm one of those persons who like salt better than is really good for me. ' * *' * Mr and Mrs Glenn Harms and Mr and Mrs John Hootjer of Allison were recently at Ham-, mond, Ind.j .visiting"an aunt an* cousin. I asked if they went c to Chicago"-and Mrs Harms'' &-, plied "No". It is so close it would have been a great temptation. I told Her Lizzie Post, the driver and I ate. lunch; .in/,Hammond—a tvilf»lr. Rtnn aTnn-tf 1 +Vio>>Yirrliti»«*r< -A*. shows. A few weeks ago, by Claris Kresensky and I doing s little phoning, there were 18 out Now .alongs come "An,astasia' and I d much rather have gone to .a matinee, but had to go at night. It was a "MUST" show to my mind. I knew it-would be useless to call women, for Thursday was aid . day at all the churches and Friday was "World Day of Prayer." But in the future, those of you who want a matiHee, why not call me and see if; tye can muster the number necessary, and enjoy afternoon shows. It is' a pity a town of this »2e' fails to support a first class ;heatre. Matihee-ly. speaking. ' Such an interesting letter came o rhe~Friday morning, I want to share a part of it with you. 'After reading your. item abou rene Gilrnorej I decided tha ou might like to know tha Marion (her son) is doing a pleridid job as Principal of the lichard Street school,-one of the 'pur grade schools in 'our suburb Whitefish Bay, Wis. ' The family noved • here from Clear Lake tiree years ago.. They live'.about ix blocks from us and we have ecome fast friends. His grand- arents the J. Q. Jamisons and truck stop our way-to.-Ollio. We had gon'i to "Welcome Traveler's" in Chica* ; rtf*. «~ _L.W«. A! »_^i'_!' 1_J!±. .1 - *«*•"• V k go, as ..mentioned last week,,,ani; left as soon the'ptograjinVwa over. It was lunch -time" who we reached this spot .at- Ham mond and Mr ^ Roberts was farn iliar with that part Of-the country and knew the places where good food was served.' Oh hum wish.I was on my way again! ' »• * * •ry and' Peg GcSiden-TZi home from Westchester, ?CajL, where they visited their sftn-in- law and daughter, Mr and'Mra Tom Rabun and family. They ran onto Ed Chambers and his wife and daughter Elaine, former well known residents here. They plan to come- back to Algona for a visit this summer. ' t .i , . A recent letter from my cousin Lola Henderson Swinney contained pictures of the new home they have built at Mentone. They have lived in Riverside, Calif., Fertilizer Bulk OR FERTILIZER IN BAGS IF YOU PREFER! mine,,the M. A. Owens and J. H " (rovers of Buft,.j*%e old friends jid neighbors when my mother, tyfrs.W.-E..Grover, Burt, was * -- -..*. «*.u4»u«vj t**yt the Algona group boarded a large deep-sea launch, and far from being a Mille Lacs Lake or Okoboji launch, this craft was sea- -.— ......£, ^t.J^; ( Onthe day of the fishing .trip, ^K^&^^\SSS ^00 yards out. Right then I started to sweat. He looked as big as a house to me. I don't know how long I struggled with that Sailfish, reeling in while he was taking out line. It might nave been a half-hour, it could nave been two hours—I just lost all track of time. My arm and shoulder muscles were about to K've out, and finally, after what .seemed an eternity and I was almost ready to holler 'Uncle 1 I Slanced to the side and saw the Whitlemoire — A romance which had its origin in Whittemore, culminated March 4, in the marriage of Florence Kollasch, daughter of Mr and Mr; Charles G. Kollasch, and Kenneth Farrell, son of Mr and Mrs Leroy Farrell of Whittemore, in a double ring ceremony in St. Michael's Catholic church. Rev William Veit performed the wedding ceremony and the nuptial for man.y years and had a lovely place there. It is a beautiful place nestled among pretty trees, flower beds bordering the walk and best of all, A GUEST HOUSE. • • • It seemed like old times having Evelyn McDougall with us at Emily Ringgenberg's the "other afternoon. You'd never know what a gay bunch of young mat- fettle •.Ovyen., 'She. taught the McWhqrter school and used to put .her pony, Rocket; in Jamison's barn. Mom wrote 'last week ithat she remembers Irene Aest .as 1 a-little girl running down the road "to meet her to have a ride on Rocket. '.' • * • * • v My parents live on the old J. H. Grover ,7f arnj"' v- in Portland township east' ' "of Burt, well known as, the site of the "Gopher Picnics." "Dad and Mom who are 83 years old observed their sixty- first wedding anniversary last November 27th. Mom's: family moved near Beaver Dam, Wis., ivhen Mom was seven years old The trip In" covered wagon tool wo weeks.- - Their farm is acros he road from -^Mawdsleys in 'lum Creek. Her brother, L. M Owen, lived in Algona for manj Act Now Before Seeding Time! We Have 10-10-10, 5-20-20, 0-20-20, 0-20-10, 0-20-0 For Immediate Delivery For FREE Soil Sample Call CY 4-2701 Collect ' GRASS SEED-FIELD SEED We Will Mix To Your Order — Largest Supply In Algona ALGONA FLOUR & FEED CO. 'ears. Dad was born on the arm where they live now. His wp sisters are Mrs R. M. Wai- ace and Marie Grover. rons they were reminiscing. till they got to Algeria's Sports "Spot" it's "BECKER'S Sporting Goods Store Big Fish Days Coming Up Soon i Get the Habit of Dropping in at BECKER'S To See What's New. UP-TO-DATE FISHING & OUTDOOR INFORMATION AT — BECKER'S mate putting on a pair of heavy leather gloves, and pulling out pulling out spears and clubs. I wondered' What Now?" At about that time, it is reported, the boys left .the game down in the cabin in a rush Rathe-ring around Kenyon and mate on d< ck to give advice and o witness the climax — landing the monster. The Atlantic Sail° tisn ha.; a big sail-like dorsal fin running the length of its back It nas a lengthy and dangerous Miout, which can and has done real damage, according to Florida islifrmen. At one time, after being boated, a large Sailfish , ...................................... . from those same waters save a worthy enough to rf tar out into last desperate lunge on del-k and the Atlantic, having a Captain, poked its sharp-ended snout cC- Mate and propelled by a diesel pletely through the head of an engine which speed through Atlantic Ocean took it at high the block-long rollers. As the boat sheared away from the dock and headed for the fishing grounds, the Algona group b.egsi| preparations for an ass.'inlt on unwary deck-hand, killing him instantly. The tail of the Sailfish is also a mean weapon which can intlict a serious wound on a man's leg. Kenyon .nrv: "II goes all st'c with the I" happen I don't know much about plants but it seems as though we at the 'Hen House" have discovered something about Shamrock. We had a couple of nice pots of them and they flourish-" ed beautifully, AH at once they acted tired and disheartened. We put them in the basement, let them rest a few months, then brought them up to see what would happen. They were the saddest looking plants you ever saw. Then with a little water, some sunshine, and a little care thrown in, they are now as perky as can be. You can almost see them grow and hear them say they are getting ready for St Patrick's Day. They show no indication of flowering yet but will later I'm sure. The flowers are dainty little white blossoms. • * * Years ago Maurice Chevelier charmed audiences—he still has plenty of oomph especially when he sings "Louise" and "A New Kind of Love."- I saw him on his program Wednesday evening. Naturally he has aged a lot—or perhaps I'd better say "matured a little." jle looked so "toothy" when he smiled, I'll bet anything he has false dentures. Oh well, one's youth does flee! » » • Oh wha) a lot of .work this dialing business is going to. make me. I have a calling list in a note book. Over the years in; which I have been reporting news, I've had to change the numbers pf many as much a.s four times. Three covers a lot top, and now I'll have to go over every last one of them and, try tof'' 1 prpwd 'in the new numbers Oh' me,, oh my, I think I need a ! raise! - - 1 f ; • » t . . Pick ( P$Uips of the Ai«»» theatre tojd me any time there can be assurance of a' reasonable attendance at a matinee, he i= o run the film' noon from the Geclan store. An 1 He is willing to co-operate wftflJ Mass, at 9 a.m. Monday morning. Sister Mary Dominica played the nuptial music and accompanied John Kollasch, brother of the bride, who sang. Acolytes were Richard Kollasch and John French. The bride was attractive in s white nylon dress and lace overskirt. Her veil was waist length and of nylon net edged with lace. She carried a white prayer book covered with a white orchid with a yellow throat. Her jewelry was a pearl necklace and matching earrings a gift from the bridegroom. Emeline Farrell, sister of the bridegroom, was bridesmaid. William Kollasch, brother of the bride attended the couple as best man. Edmund Elbert and James Kollasch were ushers. Dinner was served to the immediate families in the Plantation dining room and a reception was held in the Plantation to 130 relatives and friends. Both Mr and Mrs Farrell attended Presentation Academy from which they graduated. The bride has been bookkeeper in the Whittemore Co-Op Elevator since 1951. The bridesgroom served for three years in the army of which 18 months was in Korea. Following his discharge fiom the service he has been rural mail carrier out of Whittemore. Following a three weeks honeymoon in Califorina will make their home in temore. they Whit- Breaks Bone In Fall Dorothy Rosendahl had the misfortune to slip and fall while on her way to dinner Monday, perfectly wiUinj to run the m the Geclan store. An ] He is willing-to'co-operate x-rav was taken and il. was found us. 11 ic- om-.s who like afternoon Mom went to Normal school in Algona. Many people whom you mention in connection with that school bring back pleasant memories. Jerry Clapsaddle, son of Dr. Clare Clapsaddle, is also in our school system. He is assistant recreational director and he too is doing- fine work." (Irene and Clare were classmates way back in 1907) This letter was from Zada Grover (Mrs Verald A. Smith, 4727 No. -Sheffield Ave., Milwaukee, II, Wis. Thank you Mrs Smith, I am glad you like my "Tidbits." • • » > Mr and Mrs Rae Hutchison flew from MeAllen,-Texas, where they.,were vacationing, when they received word of the critical Sickness of their son Robert near Titonka,. They, were able to get here before his death an,d were gratified that he still knew them. After several days here, Mr and Mrs Hutchison returned to McAllen and wjll remain there till April I when they will coirm | back to their home at Waterloo i In their car. Aae is now retired, having served • many years with the Rath packing company at Water- Jpo.V Hjs hobby is making violins and he. told me he makes about two per year. 6 miles east and 3 A mile north of Ledyard; on north of Lakola; Thurs. Mar. SALE TO START AT 1 O'CLOCK SHARP LUNCH WACJON ON THE GROUNDS RACTORS - 1955 John Deere 50 complete Powrtrol.- 19SS MTA lur . .ower take-off, wide front; 1954 MTA-I.H.C. complete; 1948 ulc model M/ °" Wt>y M" 1 ""' "?• H.C. C.-H.: 1953 IHC. Model H ' CSe ' assey-Harns 44-6; 1940 Allis-Cholmers W.C.: 1954 CULTIVATORS - 4-row Massey-Hgrrii; 4-row I.H.C.; 2-ro W DISCS-15-ft. John Deere; 15-ft. I.H.C.; 15-ft. Roderick Lean. 6l6VATORS-41-ft. Kewanee; New Stan Hoist; 4Q-ft. Kel|y-R yan . Douglas fir is considered to be the most valuable .com mercial tree. HOG ERYSIPELAS Whep erysipelas strikes, your hogs, a single injection of ^icillin* Fortified gives fast ap. tai}» forjyjdays pr mpre, You. As Advertised | n Farm and Home Section RUSK DRUG FERTILIZER EQUIPMENT - Mounted Anhydrous """ Truck Tank with Baffles; 550- B allon Tank; Two 140-c rous Applicator; 1000- i . ------ . •- ...... ..«..,w«, x^w-umion I ante Two Ian >.«ll- e < •. •_ --- "rr* 1 '***""* i«»ww- head Tank and Stand; Liquid Pump with Engine 50 0 «IU Sallon Saddle Tanksj 3QO*gal!oh Over- aine. 30.n«ll«n t „-, ~:.....- H w " n en 9 |ne > 50-gallons per minute; Liquid PM*U» with En 7* '?lHl gine, 30-gallons per minute. BUILDINOS-Two !2xl 6 Buildings, new " They wefe beet weeder sho.k,. John Deer* Rotary .Hoe; Eloctrle Wheel Wggon and W Mounted Plow; Caswell 'j«hn Deere geowe Alii r Shelters; Universal 3-poinf Hitch; Ford Trqelor Mowe? ^ o llv« ll !T C 'l alme ''* *"ag« Blpwer; 2 Corn ^^ , ^_^ _ ' i "'"»er tractor Mower mm - mi MM, 1953 ,. H .c, * Q wh( or m89 arrange untg settled fon Not E MILLER Prop STATE BANS QF LgpyApp, Clerk

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