The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 17, 1946 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 17, 1946
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, Al'HIL 17, 19-10 (AUK.) COUIUUK NEWS PAGE FIVE Job Applicants Number 81,500 State Labor Market Swollen By Return Of War Veterans Ottoman Takes Tea, Makes Hit With His New English Landlady \ LITTLE ROCK, Ark., April 17 I (UP)—The re-entry of World Wnr II veterans into the Arkansas la- Ixr market raised tlie number of active Job applicants to 81.500 on March 111. the Arkansas Labor Market Bulletin of the USES reported Tuesday. Tlie was 3.900 over the February figure, and 14,300 abovt. tlie January figure. Tlie number of unfilled job openings at the eiH of March was 3,400. an increase of •100 over the late February figure. "About n.800 veterans were discharged during the period." the bulletin pointed out. "with the majority returning lo the employment field/' However, several offices, notably Little Rock, Pajrellcville, Stuttgart. Monticello ami Newport, reported decreases in the number of job applicants with increasing employment responsible fur the drop, the bulletin said. Shortages developed in March in sonic; areas for bricKlaycr-s. stenographers, carpenters and skilled and unskilled logging nnd sawmill workers. The bulletin gave this picture of ' the labor market by cities: I Blythevilte—A general upswing in employment Ls reported, except construction jobs which are beint; held up by lack of materials. Labor surplus is .small. Camde'n—Although manufacturing industries in the area are op- crating at near capacity production, there is still a surplus of ail t.vpcs of workers with the exception of bricklayers and stenographers. No appreciable demand for labor is forecast lor the next few I'.v FKKDKKICK ('. OIHMAN United Press Slaff Correspondent LONDON. April 17. (U.P.)—I am nmav.ed. 1 niA plumb flnber- g listed. The bomb damage I knew about. Shortages of everything I'd seen described in print. But nobody told me Uow the British wore going to welcome a yokel from Washington, D. C. It .started at Hum Airport where sin English Customs Inspectoi- greeted me with n smile (lake note of this Fred Venson] and presumed that I was an honest man. Ife even sympathized over (he ff:ct that a Jug of whisky I'd brought from New York was of mediocre quality, lie said he hoped I'd enjoy EnRland. He did not throw my clean shirts all over the counter. He apologized because good whisky was scarce In England too. So time came for my first meal in Great Britain. A pink-faced little man said he had two kinds of sandwiches: cucumber sandwiches and cucumber nnd eggs sandwiches. 1 ordered one of the latter. He said I looked like a stranger nnd ] was sure T knew what I I was doing? Powdered eggs. he said. Not fit for humans. I had a combination sandwich anyhow, and he wniched me carefully \vliile I bit into it. lie didn't want me to pay Jor it. He said that was no fit way to greet an American stepping oif an airplane. So I got a little green railroad train for London and a perfect stranger (she was gray and wore ;v tsvced suit, that hart seen better days) tried to show me liow to' count in i>encc and shillings. She didn't accuse me of beiriR n half-wit; she was like the customs man. She apologi/ctl for the (rouble to which I was being put. Waterloo Station looked frmiil- The cab man was driving a brilliantly-iKillshed cab which he said was 15 years old. It was hard lor me lo believe ibis mysel!. but when I handed him three shillings, which seemed vaucely to resemble 25-ccnl pieces, be g.ive me some change. I rented a room at Miss Peck's on Hei-bcrl Crescent, near Hyde Park. Miss Peck said she hated to do it, but she had to ask me for a ten shilling depc/sil on the door key. "Keys are thai scarce." she said. There was no soap In the bath: she almost wept when she said she could give men none. I told her I'd use shnving soup. It worked line too. So Miss P. took me to the door nnd showed me wrecked houses all around us. Buzz bombs she sntd. The front of her bouse needed numerous new bricks. "But look at the pretty new front door." she said. l-\)r six months she didn't have a front door. 1 told her 1 was delighted with (he attitude of (he first few Britishers I'd met In my day. Miss Peck blushed. She said it WHS nothing, said you could get used! to thing. She said she was no ferent from anybody else. Since r was an American, added ihow did she guess she'd serve me coffee in morning, i told her I believed I'd lake tea. I nearly got kissed for the fifth time in my life by a landlady. Tedious Task Of Freeing PW's Seen Over in '45 KUANKI-'UKT. iUl'> --• Dlsballd- mciil of tlie lust "00,000 Gennnn wnr prisoners lielil by United Slates forces will bo completed by Oct. 1, The Gernuin affairs division of United .Slates Fours in I lie European Theater announced that nil war prisoners now detained either will be released, inli'i'ned us civllhui prisoners or turned over lo other Allied governments by that dale. Completion at ihe Insk of disposing of an estimated 5,000.000 | prisoners hclil at war's end will i sever Hie last remaining tbreads | holding Hie oiu'c-mlglity Wehr- j maclit together. Freeing tbe prls- I oners will eliminate any semblance I of organized German troops, although all Individual units already have been broken up. IM.OOO After July 1 Col. I", s. Laiibeu. division chief, said the prisoner total would drop (o 1.15.000 by .July 1. That number will inelude those needed for labor purposes this summer, us well as "automatic nrrestees" who faee Immediate arrest as civilian internees upon tliclr diselmrj;e. H was disclosed recently by there was not enough even to meet the needs ol the- iirlsoueis. Anu'i-U-un military olllclals hud hoped to use much n( the German supplies to meet the iec)Ulremcnts of the HvilUui t>»tmliutun thirlni; Iho occupation. 1'ii.iillU--, Set Up Dlsbandinenl of the Wchrmacht prisoners a priority lust summer under \ pvojeels. basis. After security! Meeting here Road, Bridge Projects Await Approval Today ' LITTLK HOCK, April 17. (Ul'i — Approval by Ihe 1'iitalie Uonds Ad- mlnlstruduii lodny was all hold- Ing tip (lip awarding or contracts for IhiVe ,Arkansas road and bridge KH.OOO Internees now appro.xl- she It?) the In WARNING OKDKK the I'hancery Court. Clticka- sawhn IKslricl, Mississippi County, Arkansas. John D. Thrasher ......... Plainliir, vs. No. 9!>59 Modcna Thrasher ....... Defendant. The defendant* Modena Thrasher USPET were in custody, with mutely 20,000 expected io be leased by review bovmls. Laubcn said an estimated 15.000 prisoners >f war would move into Ihe in- crnee category when freed. USFET oflk-lids also disclosed heir disappointment over captured German army supplies. Both supplies and equipment of the Wchr- macht, despite stories of the magnitude of slocks including foods, clothing, cooking equipment ant other normal civilian needs, were found to be so low at war's end lliul screening by Amerlciiu military, officials, German miners, farmers and transport workers were the llrsl to tie returned to civilian lite where they weie needed lo main- lain the economy.- Later women nnd men under 111 or over 50 were liecd. ufler sciven- IIIB. This Immiiht the remainder of prisoners down lo a hard i-orc of workers who were split inlo Inljur units lo work for the Americans. Under ItUcr-zone transfer ar- ranuctiH'ni.s wllh (lie French. British and Russians, prisoners wh,..;;- hcimi's are in /.ones other than (he one In which they me detained, are | (JXehniiBed. Exchanges with Ihe French and British have beei tually completed but mily a Iriuislers have been ettected (lie Russians. Lnuben suld lUis,slan exchanges now are increasing. The speedy dlsbandiuent of wnr prisoners Is in compliance with 1.1. Cleti. Joseph McNarney's l-'ebnmry military governor's report which state used on u stale highway Job, had paid the neccsAiiiy fees on all equipment. Two other Arkanus contractors working On slut* highways also have paid fees recently, Cook said, Head courier News Want Ads, Highway Commission lenliillvely awnrded three eontmets nn ( | de- t'erred action on a lourtli Ku- additional study. The '>• !'• Jones Constntctlnn Co. of l.lltle Hock wiis low bidder at JtU.UIW on a bridge over the 1,'An- Kiilllc Ulvcr near Marii'iuiu on the Marlaima-Jlughe.s road. Layman and Co. of Tulsa. Oklu. j bid a low of $M1,liUli fur o'l miles of asphalt surface on the Spring- , dak'-K:isl roiid on Stale llluluvay! Cut in Washington county. The Ki' f t Arkansas Construction of Joncsboro bid J4:t,'24:i (or two bridges on (lie Paranfluld-Mar- madiike i-oiul on Hlnle Highway l-E 'n Greene county. The commission deferred action on eight miles of gravel surface on the Ilui'l:ct-Norlh roa<l on Klale Highway -ir> In Kebaslinn County. also ordered Ihe hiring til Germ:»i Exactly like Mctro-Goldwyn- is .hereby warned to appear within Mayer's Waterloo Station— where » half a dozen Londoners of both sexes took un interest in my missing typewriter. I soon found it. El Dorado—Job placements by -Abe USES increa-sed during the i month, but 214 openings, mainly Ihe lumber industry, were unfilled at the end of March. The labor surplus is heavily weighted with skilled workers such as Kteanifitters and with oil field workers. Fort smith-Jobs hard to fill I Hope-Labor supply because of a lack ol qualified ap- I demand except for plicants include class benders, draftsmen, watchmakers. Pharmacists, optometrists, bakers and . stenographers. A slight increase in overall employment occurred in the past two mouths, but material shortages are still holding up construction ami tvtrnitwe manufacturing. Helena — Employment increased during March. Favorable weather conditions permitted an increase in the supply of logs used in woodworking pla'nts. There was some increase in construction. Unemployment 'remained at about- the previous level, however, due to the number of veterans returning to the area. There is an adequate supply of unskilled labor, but skilled and semi-skilled jobs in woodworking. firms are hard to fill. exceeds the machinists. combination welders, automobile mechanics layers. Little change employment occurred journeymen, and brick- in overall in Ihe past thirty days in the court named the caption hereof ami answer the complaint of the plaintiff John I). Thrasher. Dated this 10 day of April. 1916 HAIJVEY MORRIS. Clerk Percy A. Wright, Ally, for Plf. 4jl7-24-5|ll-8 _ civilian laborers wlicrc necessary. 'ROTATIONS OF EXTERNAL CAUSE KcziMtm, ai'iie inmjile.'', wm|ito luinvvviciii tetter, cult rlinim, l.unipH (Ijlu.-Uinids). nnd liply lu-ukcn-iuit «ki». Millions rc- lu'vu itclimg, liuiiLing nnd HtinMies.') uf (m'scinisLTti'.su-itlitliigaiiMiiteliollK'ticnl- inctit. JJlnek nnd \Vlii(i> Oiiiluifiit. KOCH to work lit once. Aiila linilinn. win ks Iho iintisopdc wny, '25 voius HIICCC'.HS. . KV. l!. r JL', 50o irizi'3, »l'l!rrfl»:K! [)l ico rclunill'll if you're lint B:ilisfn.>d. Ufo only im ili- icetcd. Vilnl in cloiinsiriK ia Ro ml wmji. linjoy Hindi and Wliidi .Still .Su:i|> daily. by Ihe intliliu-y Tests at Ihe University of Illi- Hil.s college of AKrlellllure al. Ur- Jaiiii, 111., show that there Is three times more vitamin "A" content In mow-cured hay than In field-cured luiv. Stale Will Chech On Construction Vehicles I.1TTLK HOCK, April 11. (UP)-Inspector ol the state lievenun Commission unl'ivd Tuesday lo check all cunsti urt Ion Jobs in Arkansas In delc'iinlne if all gasoline propelled vehicles operallm: on i.tnle highways were properly licensed. Slate Uevenue commissioner Olho A. Conk said (hat Ihe lied Klvei Slone Co. ol Hope recently warnei If) purchase licenses for equlpmenl A NATUKAI, AM) KOR Hyper-Acidity OF THK STOMACH Mountain Valley Water Is n natural aid In helping rllmlnnlc wastes Jrom Iho system. Not laxative. It works gently through the kidneys. Ask your doctor about this famous health water from Hot Springs, Ark. It has been prescribed for mnre, than 6 yctira. Free booklet on rcuucst, O1TDKH A CASE. CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Alain and Division Dlyllicvillc, Ark. 60 days. Hot Springs— Demand for workers except in service industries is at a minimum. Other than sea- I scnal changes. employment is about the same as two months ago. i Stuttgart — Unemployment is practically at a minimum, with a huge increase in construction activity responsible for the drop. Construction of two rice driers is now utilizing 325 workers, and 125 more will be needed for similar work in the next few weeks. with Your Family and Friends Enjoy a DELICIOUS DINNER of CHANNEL CATFISH Served Everyday Thurs. thru Sun. Delicious Steaks and Chicken Dinners Served All Week Private Parties and Clubs Will be Served in Our Private Diningroom You'll Enjoy Your Food at the Famous Dixieland Cafe AND SERVICE STATION On Highway (>I ,'!!/> Miles Norlh of Slate Line t Congratulate me... Have a Coke ... sociable refreshment for all hands 'round "I'm engaged!" An event no girl ever forgets. Refreshment is in order, so the invitation is Have a Colff. Coca-Cola just naturally goes with happy, friendly moments of informal hospitality. Coke belongs in your icebox—because it belongs with good times and friendly living. lOFIlEO UNDER AUIHORHY Of THE COCA-COIA COMFANY »Y COCA-COLA BOTTLING CU. ol BLVIT1EVILLE = Coca-Colu "Coca'Col;i" and its abbreviation "Coke" aru Iho registered tr.vlc- mniks which distinguish (he product of The Coca-Cola Company. Landys' Beauty Shop, 2()U:t W. Main SI. Phone 3990 I.iimlys Rowlelt FOR SALE Concrete Culvert TH* Sixei 12 in. to 36 in. A. H Webb Hwy. 61 at Slate LUie I'hone: Blythevill* 714 BONDED AND INSURED 24-Hour TAXI SERVICE CALL 968 Rallroid Html Bill Wunderlich — BCMT Dra« 8Un We liavi; frrih cround m*»l and rhlckcn chop», fine w Hay and mined (round ftedi. Alto custom W« are now buying poullrj. Soulli Kfrond LANGLEY & SON On Old B»rUc Gl> I*t REPAIRING HY KXI'KUT MECHANICS For All Makes of Gars Our complete service includes ... Motor Tune-Up, Motor OvttrhHiiliiiK, I'trake Adjustment and re-llninff. Hkclrical Repairing, Uiidiator Repairs, and Oil Don'! Wai 1 1 We will pay you the top cash price" for your car. Drive in todny. Get the cash. We Are Approved Itlylheville Dealers DESOTO — PLYMOUTH and PACKARD CARS and carry a complete stock of 'Genuine Chrysler and Packard' Part* SEYMORE MOTOR SALES H. SEYMORE—Owner Corner ['') anklin & Walnut 'hone HHfi or 35.T1 FOR SALE 2000 BUSHELS RALSOY SOY BEANS Planted from Slate Certified 50 Tons Alfalfa Hay D. & P. L. 14 Cotton Seed EARL MAGERS Dell, Arkansas Phone 635 CELLAR DRAINERS (Sump-Pumps) Are Available Again AT PLANTER'S HARDWARE CO., INC. BY LESLIE TURNER WASH TUBES TOO BW VUU HAVEN'T GOT A PEAL NWAE TOFALtWCKON Or COURSE/ POL'Ce BTO NOFKIHS TO DISPUTE VOU CW'Tll ir.AND UNTILVtE WAVE WWE PSCWF KMT WORM IHWENT BESH Bi-IND! BOUND TO BE SOME WMTOPROCETHAT GAL'S ft PHONY-' SOMEHOW I FEEL LIKE AN IWPO5TOR THATVOtl HAVE BEEN FOUND! I CAN see wuc POINT ! ANPIT W1U.86 AMCNARD. CALLING V«J '- ws BOTH OF VOU BELCHS-WVS'. .ONSEKISNOCE TH*T TONI WAV OURO CHILD.' RED RYDER BY FRED HARMAN - T.E BEYERS CRT -tK' MOS1AGEHA5 BEES)OV£RTHEOLO HAUMTEO1F1AJLFOR RE.THUMDER- 1 COACH DOi.O'0-J -v_.iHr50LO ROAD; Radio Sales & Service Felix A. Carney 138 East Main PhoM 361 • Hale* - Phillips flcrrtc* - Mb Where Your Flowers Are—You Aral One call to us will arrange to have your remembrances sent, not just once, but month after month. Ask about this plan. If^FLOWER SHOP i'.T.D. Serriea Ph. ill Bin. J. M. (Mac) W« Dcttnr Aoywhcra Approved Avery Sales and Service: Let us repair and service your Avery equipment FOR SALE Funk's G Hybrid Seed Corn Cotton Hoes Cultivator Sweeps OWENS TRACTOR CO. A. C. OWENS, Owner fc Mgr. 712 N. Franklin MWM 3617

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