The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 11, 1939 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 11, 1939
Page 5
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TUESDAY, JULY 11, 1939 BIATHEVILLE, (ARK.)- COURIER NI PAGE FIV1, CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally talc .per line (or consccu- Mvo Insertions: •One time per line... lOc Two -tlm<ss per Hue per Uay....08c. rince limes per line per ilay...OGc to times per line i|>er dBy....Q5o Month rale per line OOc Cavds of Tlmnkii 50c & 15o Minimum charge 50o Ails ordered tor three or six (Imcs and slopped before expiration will be charged for the number of Itmes the add appeared and adjustment, of 1)111 made. All Classified Advertising cony lunmlttcd by persons residing mil- ,6lde of the city must..lie. accompanied by .casli. Kates limy lie eas- .Uy,computed from above table. Advertising ordered for Irregular insertions tfikcs the one time rnt«. No responsibility .will be taken for more than one Incorrect Insertion of any classified ad. 1 if i. r~"" r f , ^^ 4^*^t l frJi^r tl 9a A M U' !:-''; ^.i '*, ' j&HA'S^U ^ i Stairway lo War For Rent iFOR BENT—Two furnished rooms, 200 S. Division. Mrs. J. E. La'. 1 - rencc. ll-pk-15 4 room -turnlehed apartment. M'r.s Elise Moore. Call 227-J. 101.1 W. Walnut, U-ck-ll Remodeled % room apartment. Modern. ,Op3n for inspection. O. P. Flynt, 700 W..Asli. 10-iik-17 2 Toom unfurnished .apartment. 210 W. Cherry St. 7-pk- 2 room Fiirn. Apt. Also bedrooms. Phone 385. 102 W. Davis, l-ck-14 2 large, cool bedrooms, newly decorated. Mrs. Emma Nolcn, 310 Walnut. 2C-ck-tf Cool, south bedroom, convenient to balli. 611 \V. Main. Call 280. 21-ck-tf -Comfortable bcdrcqin. 1017 Walnut. Phone 102. 15-ck-tl ; 2 or 3 room furnished "purtment Newly .dccpratcd. DM Hearn. ,3-pk-1-3 ! Modern 3 .room unfurnished apartment. Main and Second. F. Simon, phone. ,W4. 3-ck-tf iOIflce rooms. Sudbiiry -Building. See- Oraliam Sudbiiry. 2111 IN Till? DISTRICT COUH'f OF 1 TUG UNITED STATES FO1? THE JONKSnOllO DIVISION ] OF THE EASTERN- DISTRICT, OK ARKANSAS. In the Mntler o[ Anntc D. (Coals) Morris, Mimlln, Arknlisns, 111' Bnnkvuptcj' No. 2013. NOICH Ol- 1 OltDKK 1-lXlNO TIMH I'OK I-II,IN(! OIUDU- TIONS TO mSCHAlllii; To (lie crcdltom of the iibovc named biinkrnpt anil other parlies' In Interest? : Notice Is licrcliy |>lvon Unit on 1 the 9tli ilny of June, 193!). :in order was made In I he above entitled pitiemlini!, flxlim tlm IHli iluy ot August. lfi;t!), us tlie I»M.jlay lor ,llic tiling ot objections to the illN- cliEiri;e of si\ld biinkrupl. Dated Hits 10th dny ol July, .10:i9. P. C. MU1,L!NI,X, Kctcrec. In Hunkrnplcy. (l f c of intention to mtiko - three ar prom. cslubllsH clnlm lo WAKNINC OUOlill IN THE CUANOUny COUJiT O CIIICKASAWBA ' D 1 ST111 CT, ' MIUSJSSH'J'W COUNTY, AR-: KANSAS. Otto If. Hohdc, inalntlll, v,s. No. C9:n Anna Mnc Holirtc, uclriulniil. 'j'lio dcfuntlant Anna M:ie Rohdc i.'; wnmed to appear wllliln thirty dn.VB in Ihe courL natnrd In llic cap! ion hereof and answer the eoniplnliit of the plalntin Olio 11. fiobile. Dated Ihls 20 clay ot June, -loan. 1IARVI5V MOHI11S, Clerk. By Elly-iibelli Blylhc, D. U. Ed B. Cook, nlly. for PHI. NcJH Heed (ally, ad Lllcm)." . 20-27-5-tl Ihc lund niwve dcscrllicd, before Hryant Stowirl. Deputy County Clerk, Mississippi County, Arkan- K»S. at lllythcvllli!, Arknnsiut, on the lOlli rtny of AiiBiist,' 10:10. Cluiiniint. IHIIIWS us witnrasos: FriMik U«U ol lllytlievllli', Ark., K. 1, litix 3li9; Uiuls Robinson of Idylhi'vllliv Avk.; uhnrllc Orr ot Hlyllifvllli-, /\ik.; Marvin Dllldlno ol Illytlievlllo, Ark. ANTO1NK1TK 1'UNK Assl. Coin, ot Krslstwtlon ! 20-27-5-I1-I8 'J'aliliy Ailnpls l-'inir MUlli NORTH BTONINCITON, Conn. till 1 ) A tomnli! ciitV inollii'i- love wns su slroni; nhc mlopte:t four ymnn! mink utter her own dibbles luul been Riven nway. Tho PRESCRIPTibtNS— Stifc - - Afciirato nir Proscription Fowler Drug Co. mink, descried by (lielr juollicr seveml weeks after Will), woic found Ijy llarolcl McLniiglilin, who carried them home lo Hie cm, which pinomcil lliem as If Ibey were her own. I'rcsht-Hl Slock 'Uunrunlccd HcHl I'rk** lirby Drug Stores Cniniiig foothold for Ducc's war 1'orccs, Italian soldier clings to precipice, drives metal "steps" Tor companions -following him during army maneuvers in Italian Alps. , Notice Upholstering and Refliilsliing. M. Tomlin, 2M S. First G-ck-S-0 l r or Sale .2 wheel trailer, with side boards,! . .:in.39 , license, 2 .extra I ires. Ai'sol '•18'.Bailed' Stevens p'um ijguii:''-lil2' .East, .Clierry. ; -••• ; '• U : ck-iH Red, Duroc .brood- sow witli ciglil . -pigs. .'Charlie Brogdou, Nonli; Franklin, - lO-ck-tf: Gold fish minnows. -Dav and night. B. L. Keith, 416 No. BUi. 213 >E. Kentucky, 4 rooms -with bath. Newly papered nnd painl- o<l. S200 down .ravmenl. remainder to include principal, interest, -in- -snrancc and tax^s, payable montlily 'like' renl. na>"">y " ^Morris, pli^nc 128 or 50fi 24-ck-7-24 .My Stucco home and 2 acres, -lias 5 rooms and bath. Blocked hard- •v.'ood floors. Phone 252 or 347. -Paul Byriim. - 23-ck-tr Siveet peas sn^ ctber cut Ilou'ors. Lois Hooper, Phone 30fl or 702. 700 dozen used fruit jars, any E!?.C. Save money. Alvin Hardy. 2\2 E. Main. 17-ck-7-17 Cans for Jug Ftsliing complete with straps. Guaranteed won't Innk. 7',v cents each. Raymond Brooks, Steele, -Mo. 0-pk7-0 Welding EXl'KRT ELECTR-JcT ACETV-I.ENE WELDING Dru^ line mid .}icavy wcldlrtg 1 a specinlty. ; fiarksdale Mfg, Go. 1'lionc 19 or Kcs. 1019 Personal olT Arouse SIngei.sli l.lror, work Hit' bile, lo rid .yourself of ootlon, gius pains and that sour, rii.-tik feeling. Take one box oi- KIKBV'S ACTIVE MVEK I'lMjS 3&r :nl ,sll -Klrb.v Stores. Miniiowa For Sale Minnows and 'fishing canes. 30D E Maiii. Phone 800. G. G. Hawks. 24-ck-7-24 UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT .OP THE INTERIOR. General Lam) Office at Washington. D. C.. June 0, 193D Notice,1s hereby glyen Hint Aaron Montgomery, of Blythevillc, Arkiu): sas, who, on December M, 1037, imndc nomcslcari entry G. U O. No. .OtiCT .for the E',<.. -SW 1 ;! Town- Ship 1C N., Hiuigo )0 .E., Mil I'rHi. Mei'ldinn, Arkansas, has filed no- HED UYI)KR M:iln & 1-list 1'liunn 111 Oli'l'AIN UH1JICK FROM CYSTITIS (Inllamoil Hlnililcr) A HO-ilay ttsl iif Ibis N A '!' V U A l< •MINKKAIi WAT'KIl will cosl you very little . . - . Mv«ltc Mils lest j-nur.wlf [illtl mile UlQ llU- proycuicnl. Distributed by • Crosstown Whiskey Shop IilirOitTI',1) * UOMKSTU! WINKS, IJQUOKS, AI.KS IDS S, Division SI. J. L. GUARD Optometrist Only lirniliinlr Ontnino- Irisl In niyllitivllle.- Glasses I'ltlcil C'orrcully 'I'roiijilng I 'iMcert rVILtjK GROVE N J (UP) — Tlic lu till; floa cli- cubes at belli thp NCK Ymk , , " i >l \ ci lVlln dog owned by >*>»i»ltl i/<np, le-ycar-olrt - , ninl lVlln ?, *»° llvc hye. The dog has *l>- BU|) ' ' Kr> "P* 1 former*" lo a, - 12-ycar-l * ln> Ni NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 (''or Prompt Laundry and Cleaning Service Kaw l.ncalcil lit 101 Nnrth Scuiinl ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON KinVAKHS, 1'roprlelur All -Mnkcs nf Krtmlll Typmvrlli'rs, Aildlii); rilni-hhu-s mul l.'iilciilnlnrs—HvuiulrliiK—IMrls—ItllilMiiig SAFETY'S SAKE! HEAD THIS AD Kr<> m ami liivrj Save ci giivr fronlilcl Jlcfnrc colng of jnitr VHC'Allon or faking mol« trips, lei us check the following; Danger Points Cooling Syslem mul Fan Iklt Clcneriilnr, Battery, Blcttrinil System Kralics, Hrake I'oilnl & Clulch Gear, Wheel Alignment Differential and . Transmission. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5th & -Waluul Fhnne 4 The 'Knemy A(;iiin I1Y I'RKI) 11AKMAN . Goldfish Minnows B. F. inr.ogdnn, '_ all) .KINNUWS &. :COCK /•>iri' :i.)nmqn Cor.'fZnll !-,ost 1 mare mute, 7 .ycjtrs old. 15 iiij;h. $10 reword. James. Monroe, Luxora I?I. i; box 131. - : Blnck .cocker spaniel .puppy. Three months old.. Reward. -Call 545J. For Sale or Trade Suburban grocery and market for sn'Ic or trade. Well located, established business." Write Box "P", c/o Courier News.' 28-ck-lf A deadly poison '. can be extracted : from milk. . .- •' ; /CIRCULATION ORGAN Dairy PMhlp.etory qiialily ana .-service >ln , .Dairy prodnnls. Cattle frr.e ii>I ' Bane's D' In best of physical cojitlilion. Call Mrs. Qrace Lowrrv. nns-J. for Hnlsoll's Grade ft Rsw Milk. Creani. Country Butler, Buttermilk, extra or liolldny orders. Inspection encouraged nnytlme. Halwll's Ualry Promised Land. ROIHE? 2 Ice ICE-SCE Phone 107 JOHN ;RooTn .and Comfort-able rooms. Reasonable rates. 303 W. Ash. Phone OBi). 22-cV:-tf I Organ circtilaling blood. 6 It draws together or rhythmically. 13 To mulct. 15 Rubber pencil end. 16 To disc- partially. . •17 Winged. ' ID Slovak. "1 Ancient. 22 Workman, 24 Lixivium. 25 Railway. 26 Form .of. ",i." 27 Distress signal AnsHcr io Trcviotis 43'Supped. •!5 Stratagem. 50 Ocean. 51 Organ secreting ibile. 20 Rlusicnl note. 53 Room recess. 30 Desert fruit. 54 Throng of fish fi Ax-shaped 31 Employs. 56 Cake (roster. 33 After song- 57 Genus of SSHappens chimpanzees. ' agnin. ' 59 Gaelic. 37 Either. OOHis^.— in 38 Common verb shape. J 2 Trunk - drawers. 14 Auto; 1011s nclion r ]jkc n—— pump. - 16 Slotii. M Blood .vessels, 22Cclcslial bciiig. 23Snonls. 20 To :-lieIp. 28 Dry. 30 Because. 32 Total. •VERTICAL 3'! Colonnade. 2 Betimes. 30 To {liberate. 3 in tlie middle W Apple acid of. . n One thai bales 4 To soak flax. •!<! Level. 5 Transposed. 45 French, 46 Spike. 4T Tree. 48 Ketch. 40 Electric term. 39 Form of. "I." 40 Mister. 41 Pound. Gl It has four divisions or stone. 7 Gains. B-Buildings where money 50 Rowan tree, is slored. S2 Silkworm. 0 Sun god. S5Skirl edge. lOOnoger. \ 57-Sou'lti 11 Monk's "• Amcricn. chanibcr. 58Exdamalioa Notice Fishin?: license FOIt VOf/K <:«.N'VGNfP,N'CE. WE ARK PRKPifRBI) TO TSSOK VOtJR MSHING MCIGXSE iVT Ol!R STOKE SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. Plionc 35 Washing, Ironing Expert washing and Ironing. Cheap. Rough dry and finish. 6 quilts Sl.OO. One day service. Willie Bell Green, behind Clly Ice Plant. l-pk-8-,1 HIDE OUT FDR A SPELL, LAfE.' MORfiAN MEM <|L\-UM RAIN O.OUD AND MORGAN ewe -TO.GET WOER. vimi:Mo K|ULW'---8UT GoTfA SST OU'fA HE«6 ShIAPE Tt) FIGHtW NovO,' BEAVER FaTcHE* BY V. T. HAMLIA I'M TEST-HOPPIN' THIS CRA.ZV CRM c 'CROSS-COUNTRY. HOOTS AND HBR RtHJDIKS (\WM CM THE I5UE OF WPPA-HULA A Mysterious Fugitive HW TiKRE 60ES CAPTAiW VAU SCWP \f?\ A-S USUAL. AY.WAHS HE CARRIES Hli V^l 5>E^ AW SPEUBS THE W-/ LOOKIU6 AT THE SEA lie CAN'T rooi «E;I THE SCOUMDREL! Ut'S VlMtWNCi (OR THE POUCE,; n'6 COMIUG.A-aHORE! IT CAMT BE A TRADER. FOR MO. T.BAQE ft fcOE FOB /SWTHER MOMTH. FWE VEARS'HE'S FOUHD ME' WASH T.URRS BY HOY CKANb KHKCKLER AND HIS FIUBNDS KY MBRR1U, BLOSSKK NUBBW, YOU'RE A LIFE S&.VER / THIS STUFF 1t>U .GOT TASTES SWELL. 1 1 FEEL.) 1 HOPE HE ..UK6 A I OOESWT SUSPECT HEEU I TMA.T We DID,' weuu, we CAM :SPffE-AD OUT IN , DIFFERENT DIRECr- IONS AMD SSE WHAT W6 .. .,. , . :•?$£ YOU PEULERS OUOHTA KNOW THAT SPREAD1M' DOM'T JUST K\ PUTTW JAM OU A SLICE O' BReAO' -PSHAW, THAT AINT START FIG- VVWERE CAH err SIUFF DIMNER.' 13 ONLY LUNCH/

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