The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 16, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 16, 1930
Page 3
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iMY, AUGUST Hi. 1930 BLYTHEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Study Pesky Corn Borers Co-op Associations Nrr.fv:- saxy lo Gain Federal Help Says Chamber Secretary Ry J. MKI.I. ISItnOKS Any government old lor farmm In '.he drouth stricken areas -,vil' nrce.ssarlly come through clealiiv. '.vitli groups of fanners rather lliaii individuals. Any co-operation oy the pan cf Ihe government inns' necessarily come ihroueh co-c|:er- ative association 1 ;. That is '.h?o;)!n- ir,n (hat is gathered from press re- |irjit.s covering the many ccnf?: c-nccs beir.2 held over the country ill which government officials an:l oilier ai?enci6s ore dUciming relk-' methoils for droutii stricken area 1 : This fact only serves to rtri 1 .- 1 home the. necessity /or farmer.^ r Ix'cuiiie members of the co-ope.-- -.-llve associations i! Uicy expect I" be in position to take advantage <•' any relitf measures that may b-: put forth by the government. The fact thai only through c~- ojicratlve associations can come any goveinmcnt aid should serve lo convince cotton growers of the value of membership in the cotton association. Here at Blytlicville, many week* r- i iv; n- i /"• cf hard work have been pul forth I'llld Way to Kiel LOUIlll'V PAGE THREr. Hoover and Governors Map Drought Relief Kenneth Barlh'lt, assistant at l e Arlington, Muss., corn IKIIIT laboratory, is ohrckiiiK rcsulls of NIC cirailinnfler, lit top, while !). U'. Jones>, lowt r phuln, Jiead uf tin- laboratory, cliKplays a Iray of r«r:i iMjreis lirtd for experiment. • • • *—- Plant As Soon'As Rains Pul I Soil in Condition for Fall Winter Graying. l!y (Yuiilv rarm Agonl .1. E. t'ttlTX. Tin- ili'irinqe of fenl and food ' crojis icsiiltiny fiom the I' ng smii- •iner di-Q!i|;ht makes it Imperative i thai every available opportunity IK* 1 n-i'ii for KiUnu whatever Minifies : uiv ni.-.v available .nnrt for the ' [mxlucllon of feed and food ercp.; as quickly us possible. Tlie follow- i inji rccGinmiMidations are made by ' the Comity Faun Acjcnt us methods • t- hi-lp in arc mplifhint; these rc- Marlv S<.uii Oats and Kyr ' JUM as >:i;cn r.s rains put thc soil in condition ive or oats should lie : iihnttd for (all and winter grazlm;. 1 1-'rr tills HtirncMi; it is advisable to I're-iiiun Iluover i.-, shown lion- in raiupany with jjirtVrr.nrf. or ll'.'-lr n'lir.-M-ii'ailvi... ol 13 siatis hardest hit by the- natlons'.s big drcnglr... 11 -y CLinpli'U'd |)liin.i fur relief m tl,,: parchiM arras ihrnu:{li lorm;i ik.u n:' siK-n.H .'.lute and county agencies. Loans and reduced '.teed heavier fcr drain production. ! rnlln..u! rate-, an- urn. n\; itn- main point.. In lln> ri-lief prcr-'rani. l.efi ii n;l 'Tlnee busi-.c'ls cf oats per acre. I Jc-jn 1-:. Eiul^on, Mumimii: Om.Tnoi- Arthur J. Wcavir, Nrhru.-ka;, (J ivr-r::i•: p ! one and n hr-.lf bushels of rye. or n I Hot, ; .-,:i c f Ki-i-.iui.-ky. rcpicMnliii;; G.-.\vrn<ir i-'U'm 1). .Samp.,cin; Oiivi-mi.: II .Breed Pests in Effort lo Find Way ! r.n the part of those interested hi. n f Ir-q-i-i,. this movement. The establlsliln iiibc_uib. in niythevillc of a local office ot; the Mid-South Cotton association has been the goal of these workers. Mcrc than six hundred farmers ! lly MM s.-nl.v ARLINGTON, Mass.—Four mil_ lion European corn borers fire behave become members of tlie asso- !"8 rais «l "" Hie' U. S. rarn bor;v elation nnd pledged their supporl : lah oratoiy here with as much care to Ihe movement. More nwmbai-• as lnfallls wollld receive, are needed to make the movement • . ThD P"rposo of this insect rals- a success '" B ls '° (| elermine what parasites A campaign Ls now earned on t . atlark llle c °™ borer and whal secure these additional members. ; ™ or - s . "tlract U lo corn plants. Contracts signed now arc being : Incn '< "> llo Pv<t to ''id this coun- 'helri in the office of the Blylheviil" ' tr *' °' '« worst insect pests, chamber of commerce and will not u "™ tll<! European corn borer te turned over lo the association • " as . nrsl discovered in this conn- mitil enough collon lias been; - v '" 1917 - tn "c were no known slpncd to guarantee the opening' c "cnncs of it e\l;tlng here. But and o|»ratioii of the office her,- a fow wc ' rc known in Europe, and throughout the cotton season. In ' 5 pecies of these insects were llic event sufficient cotton is no: i '> ro «ght lo this counlry for propa- slgned up. all contracts will be re- j Ba i! 0 l 1 turned to the signers and they \vi" . '. llls P-irasile raisins is also car- hss Colcman Tells of Benefits to Be Gained With Late Garden. Ihe most fertile land available. A i sutl ' Cunim;.s^u::er ol Ai-iilnilliiii- W. J. HIM, representliii; G::vi-rno:- 1101-11:1. i,)iecia! effort :houl(l b? made lo ernur Louis I,. Emm-rson, Illinois. t! J Jt '.!use crops bi.wcd on lands fer- — . .-. -.— .11-.-: (rovt-riior William C. Conk-y. We.-,l Virginia; Gcverno.- I Lurry C'r. l,<?!le, Indiana; President llotver; Senator J. M. l-:n> C. Cnullleld, Miuoiiri: Hinvey T. Harrison, Arkansas, in.; J:i!in Ii,i:miiill. li.wa; Ciovernur Myeis Y. Coopur, Ohio; (invcrnor Jilin <J. I'ollnrd, Vliyinla. nnd Guv- '^ ^A V S'cS^"" SS B ?crtrnf "prS.uJSr Vegetables bc-ing useful. this year, especially follo'.v- i P. •><•••!io:i 'f varieties for early ! planting for Kraxint; Is nol as Imas selecting proper varie- jnes lur grain production. Wheat may be used for till? but ,. , - a>'e j scmcwlint Inter i>l:uitine Is advisa- therefore lieautiful, nnd flowers be- 11,,!, on acramt of insects. in« bciiHtifiil are therefore useful." j when rve or wheat are used for It Is most important thai every- j elu . !v ^.. M ^ K ,| icy , llay bc depend- i one who pcsiibly can siiuuld plant i r ,i on , 0 sl , llpl y CI11 . Iy s| , rins Bra y.- | f fall garden as quickly as possi- uii;. Aurnz/l rye is Ihe best variety. \ • , • but the casl lor seed is aboul a dol- The garden plot should have been nar pcl . bmhel higher than for com- tlearcd off, the dead vines burned j lllou 5;m hein m. Rozcn rye reed and the ground waiting to receive | should not be used. the mcisture and the seed. A goad fall garden demands mors Mark Thes( j ara of ,i, c 0|)in | m , that .some armor.-; have cut and sliorked thi'ir usual attention at till.-, lime. con , from tlie tiMZi or cllt an a fed . . i The average licme supply of cnn- i it to [1,1, Such farmers tied goods is rep-.rted below nor- not In? required to deliver cotton ; . nc;1 °"< '•'<• corn bDrer labora- to Ihe as5ociallon. . . 'P r - v llel ' e - m addition to With Ihe price of cotlon al its • ""-' Borers, and officials m charge lowest price in a number of year.? j !1 .'' c constantly releasing the para- tuid Hteadily eoing downward, it . slltls to w - 1r °" Ihe borers. Tne appears that the best hope of the i rcslllts arc checked closely, farmer Is In co-operative, market- i I'arasite-Iioivr Bout ing. It is a scllled fact llwt tV.c • f n the ynrds of the laboratory ' 1>ar! . icul!lrly sl;mil<l ^ Pinned. The Rcveinment's move to aid the cDl- ' grounds are inser-taries where bor-1 carl ' l ' sl 1Iln ' llrln E varieties arc re- ton farmer cannot be expected to ; ers are raised in masses crawlino I ccmme nried. The rate of seedin? bring results unless the farmer.-! | into trays filled with corrugated slloLl1 ' 1 bc heavier than for spring mat due to the poor supply offered in spring gardens. Tf nnything I like a ncrinnl supply is canned, a wide variety of fall vegetables must be grown. Among the suitable fall and win- ler vegetables arc beets, beans, carrots, lettuce, cabbage, turnips, mustard, spinach, kale rape, fall potatoes, sweet c-rn and radishes, j Beans, peas, potatoes and turnips r ~ I could the next week provided themselves give it their supporl | paper cases in which are numerous Admitting that the movement is j tiny holes where the larvae hide entirely an experiment. It behooves I One species of parasite, known as , cotton (-rowers to at lenst give it a ! ihe Apantsles Thompson!, consls'.- trial by signing a portion of their . ing of females only, are about 2! crop with the association. The con- : to 30 per cent effective in killin-' tracts provide that a grower may j borers. Eggs of these insects are withdraw from the association r.f- | laid among the larvae nnd egcs of ter two years if he is not entirely i thc borers and as they halch"con- saUstied—Ihere are no re.strittloiisl.sume the living bodies of the "'rub on his withdrawal after two yen IT i n addition to this species of in- in the assotiatiun. By writing a | 5ec i, many others are raised A' lellcr to the association he can j iheir worth is demonstrated by ex- cancel his membership. | perimelital attacks on the borer This action of the government ia ; they are gathered, propagated and dealing the Farm Board, placing i shipped to various parts of the unlimited finances at its db-posii , county for Ihe use of farmers, and thc organization of thc cot- \ One of Ihe earliest facts diseov- lon co-operatives with their sell- ; ered about the corn borer Is that ing and financing agencies is tlr : the moth flies at night. Thus, sines I fnsl move on the part of the fed- | it cannot see the growing corn and i eriil government to bring substan- j many other farm crops on which tia! aid lo Ihe cotlon grower. If | it feeds, such as besls. rhubarb cotton growers do not carry thei' i celery, beans, oats, peppers, spln- I part of the proposition they wil ach and flower plants, it must flnH not be in position to longer take tlr j its way to its food by sense of smell I position that the federal govern-I The odors given off by variou^ ) mem has not shown any interest In | parts of the corn plant hold more them. Co-operative marketing I? •. attraction fo rthe borer moth than garden; in order to partly off.wt the poorer stand usually obtained. the ample fainfnll today or Icnicrrow, German millet which will produce in frcm flity to sixty clays on srod land. Millet prodnc- 'S a ro;:>!h' hay. but when cut •arlv v.-ill Se a wonderful filler for ;>^^-§^|^*;^^K^>?^i., -" • • -\ I OltDlN'ANCi: NO. J1Q I All Ordinance i'*-|)eaiiiij; ilenj I a ol Ordinance No. 2'U ,:ind J di'd.iriru; conduct of ccitain liusinosH'.s in Ihe Cily of Bly- I thevlllr to be r. privilege, es- i tal;ll>h:i!i; certain licenses for | Ihi- prlvldegi' of condui;:lni; :-i;i;h busnu-s^, n.xlntj liny. 1 of llts liu violation, for the pui 1 - po^e of raising revenue to deli..y :hc expi.'nses of uddilional pu;i<v line! lire pvotectloji. IU- I: 'TdaliKd by the Cily Conn- . tatirants, ill of tlu- City of Blyllievllle. Ar-; wlch shops serving bread '-ansas: ' j as a part of limchc-s. sandwiches SECTION 1 jor meals prepared and served by.i.- Thai Item number five (SI, of [them to their customers. Oidinaiirc Number 24:i. of llic- City [ SECTION 4 • •-.- iu lllytiii-ville, Arkunsn.s, reailhi!!, Applications for licenses under•a-. luiUiw:.. tn-wlt: • this ordlnunce shall be made tn ... I "Item 5. Bakcilcs. where ar- j Ihe City Collector In writing up- : i tidc.s an: top-, for sale or ex- | on blanks furnished by the Cltv | c-iian^c; employiiigj five or less •"•••• business of selllns;, sonclltng Mders fcr or delivering bread, cake, pies and ollic f bakery ,„ products, oilier than as men- .. .. Honed in item one of this si-hediilc, (he sum of $£50.00 r..n; SECTION 3 This ordinance shall nol In any event be held lo apply lo any per.-.., . son operating a retail grocery, store and selling bread at retail, n< an Incident to the operation of. such business; nor to hotels, res- lunch stands or simd- Tllese the one way In which farmers may expect to benefll from Ihe government's [arm aid movement. The manager for the Blylhrvill any other. React lo 900 Ortors Knowing that odors were whal attracted the moth, research work- should be sown as soon as a supply of moisture permits. In Ihe meantime no weeds should be 'illowed to grow and as the present ciops are liarveftcd ground should be cleaned irn to prevent a further loss of moisture. Plans to plant more than usuual for your surplus will be in active demand. D-- not neglect to provide for your fall and winter needs. Turnips as 'a stock feed and food supply for the family demand immediate attention and planting. Many plots have enough moisture to grow a supply immediately and there are many other plots of land suited fcr immediate planting. Turnips are a crop that can be made wider use of and in this emergency supplv demands to good advantage. Purple Top Milan, \V1iite Globe, and White Egc are suitable varieties. The seed is usually broadcast, or it can be sown in rows. Best quality and size is secured by planting in rows. If planted in rows t«T pounds ol seed should he used and the plants afterward j thinned to stand two to six inches apart. If sown broad- cast three to six pounds ol Lced will be neces- the iueitock. The dairy farnurs ait especially urged and also fann- er:, having hoys in any quantities to plant some of their best cotton land i in I lie middle of thc rows) li! Divam Essex Rape, al the rate rf =ix to ten pounds per acre on good land which will give wonderful '•'.sfrage for hogs and ratlle. and be the cheapest of any pastura-je j tlial'I know cf that can be sown. | Rape will also make a wonderful ] cicen? wh»n co-jl:-::! well for lh"' (able. Let's do nol fail to take: hold of these opp-rtunnics lo ward j off ciisis that are to come unless r | Pajamas hn\ ? appeared on thc fhcuiini; 1-11111:0. nuw. And double finph:: 'is is plr.c.?d en thc nev: incui- by tin- I. wo sister plcf.:n-:l above. Kalhctlne ilefli aiui. Virginia Walls of Miillimorr. D:r|> and Army riflleinen Collector; each application Ehail Indicate the character of bustnes:; lor which 11:,? license Is asked; number of cmp:oyces, average stock carried on hand and location of 5^5.UD pet 1 annum: U so It) persons. S4U.OO per annum; ever 10 ]i.'i;ons, SVIi.OO per annum." He inul (lit 1 same Is hereby repi-al- business and bc subscribed and ... , ,c-d; and as a siibililule therelor. | sworn to by tlv proncr person or They re menibors of a team which has ctnnpol,:d wiin Msrlne ! :m( | | H ]J LM , u lcl -i.[)r. i".r»Jii 01 Be i'. ordaiiiL'{l by the Cily C"im- jcil of tlv.- Cily of Iilyiliovllle, Ar' SECTION U Tt shall be mihiwfnl fcr any peison, hrjn or e-rporation in the :ansa.s, to I Four Years o( : Radio. Singer | -_ 1~V V^ "1"V 1 * "I I '"" lo * J "' *" J " *•"' v."i 1'ijj ,nnj , I f^'^rOG l^r\\7T*vrv It'll' l"tOll I'M/I cit >' "' '"S'lhcvllle. Avk I ijLdVCh 1 (JVLlLy rill ULU.ILKI ,,,ai, ; ifactiHL-. prepare. ml> we do what we can to save and to replace before it is loo late. . I wruUl like to call all farmers', attention lo the fact that August 28. will be viiilors 1 <iay at the Marianna Cotton Experiment Station. where we can study varieties of iDtton, fertilizers, early and late i corn, cover crop, early medium, and | late varieties of soybeans.. are interested i nvisiling periment station, kindly County Agent or Home slration know. If you the ex- let the Demon Professor: Missing omcc of the Mid-bouth Collon , crs set aboul , mding tho , c |ha Growers association has been se- , were most ,,,,,,,5}^ to jt In t , . lected and ha.s arrived in Blytne- , coursc of tn(s work somc D00 . Jif ville. The only thing that will pre- I fprcnl cdors were fol|l)[J j . Turnips wil supply food for both vent the office opening here by the !s , c(! < ; livestock and the family. The lops first of Seplcmber will be lh; fail- To determine what odors nitract- '. ln addition can bc used and ship- lire of cotton growers to show thai, j ed the motll ll]e m(JS| _ a curious ped as greens. Plan to plain your they want lo take advantage of this i mac ], lne c&ncA t he "olfactomel-r" 'supply at once, government movement to aid cot- j ;vas devised by entomologists "it Many prises are offered at our ton growers. The only way colton j cor , sists of an arrangement of T- : County Fair for fresh vegetables growers can prove their interest in ! sr ,np c d pipes tlirougli which warm I nml ^° for " nnert vegetables. •'- •- - ; ~~ " ""' - r • • - - ,_•_ Tho:e who have not received a fair the movement U to sign a part of the! Field •ir crop with the association ; mo . hs arc put for tll( , „,„,. (e , Id men are here working every j The mot | ls to bp testjKl arc la( Ls drawn and into which borer :sts. placed clay, local business men arc work- at tllc j lmi ,tj 0n of the s ] ecv( , s of ing on the proposition, many farm- | the -T 1 ' pipes, in one of which has ers have signed and are workmi ( ^ m placed a piece of blotting pa- to guarantee the office being open- j p(, r witrl a drop of t)lD odor 1|se(] cd here. It's now up to for experiment. The other sleeve farmers who have not done their is empt y anrt - lnc moth is le([ , 0 part. If you want tllc office in Ely- I c h cose where she shall go . Iheville. make it a, point Co sign marketing agreement al once. Is has been learned that she will enter the sleeve where certain at- i tractive odors, placed at different SOME SOKT OF Itl-.COKI) ! t j mcSi are located. odor- ST. PAUL. Minn. iUP)-Callid include those distilled from juice account of darkness at t':e end of parts of the corn and fro of the 109111 inning, thc kitlcnbal! gome between the Tincnp Eskimos and O'Oonner's Wildcats was cc- .'ieved to have set some sort of en- im certain weeds. A combination of odors from different parts of corn has been found most attractive. 'Scrk to Prevent Spread eatalrg may get one from the Chamber of Commerce, or from tho County Agent's office. FIUE CHIEF FOK MFK COLUMB'IS. Neb. I UP)—In recognition of his 28 years service as chief of tbe Columbus volunteer fire department. Bert J. Galley is now fire chief for life, according to la ruling passed by members of the department and submitted ID the city council for ratification. durance record. Thc score was 223 with this apparatus it has been to 144 in favor of Ihe Tincup Eski- (easy to find out whnt odors attract mos after 1G continuous hours of | the moth and. knowing the plants from which they were made, to p!ay. learn what other work can be made i preventive as well as eradicative. DIES AT AGE OF 101 ADNA, Wash. (UP)—James Dan-;' Dr. C. N. Batchelder, associate cly, 101. died at the horn: of his , entomologist at the laboratory, bj- RECALI, DAKK DAY MARTINSVnXE. Ind. (UP)—Indiana's darkest day. which -occurred sixty-three years ago is recalled by H. W. Brown, aged resident. A to'tal eclipse if Ihe sun turned day inlo night lor 30 minutes. ONE OX T>AO Two modern little girls, on their ii-ay home from Sunday school. daughter. Mrs. John McCiitchcon. j ii cvcs that humans have distinc-! were solomnly discussing (he lesson. •Da yon believe in thc Devil?" ask- near here. Dandy would have been u v e odors, much like Ihe various I 102 years old on September 25. Al , plants. He says that when scien- . the age of 100. he became an hon- j tific means are eventually cstab- orary member of the Chehalis no- i Hshcd of detecting arid classifying I tary club. He was 100 when he en- odors, they will provide a source joyed his first airplane ride LEGAL ADVICE father."—Nebchpalter, Zurich, as Indelible and as reliable as finger printing for determining tlu \ Merc 8100,000 ! identity of persons, since every per-1 NORTH HAMPTON, N. H. I'hark-f W. Hamp . . . SlM.Od) a year! CLEVELAND—Thirty years age , count which sinrle:! m? i ravelin-: ii'l Charles V.'. Il?mp's mother ii?!-rl lo ovc-: .'.!:: country ^s t!i" ra:l:ci n-:ii give him iirnnies and nickels lo ! n-.'-cn'ativi; of tliL* C.':H.-:I:. -::v:".: 'sing for r.c-ighbors wii;> eanic ovei |a 'Thiity Minult- »f H-.nishi:i:-' ; Sunday af!:ineons. To;iay. Hamp.! prn^ram." . radio enlcrir-iiicr at WTAM hf : re. • As a rcfnlt. Hamp has .ipprar.-.i j has turned tl-.ose pennies and nick- j en the Pacific cons': ru KT'i.'J. x or bake, . i fi.r iho pinpii-i- i.f si-lliiii! UV' Mine. I any bread, cake, pics, or ctln-r ; bakery proiliii:!-:, o r (o :.?!!, solicil i c.rtli-rs iur or deliver, by truck or j (j'.hcrwi-ii- it'Ki'i'pt by sliipmenl Into • Hits city in interstate commerce) .my iiicLitl. (Lil:i-. pii-s, cr otJicr br.kery prodiiul.". v, IthotiL having first obtaini'il and paid for a Cily •I.ic.'iin- thi'i.'for innn the City Collector .tin- amouiv. ol which iici'nje.i an- heieby lixetl a.s fd- . Inws: i Ilem 1. For cnndnclini; Ihe . 1 busijH-*^ of mami l.ictiuint;, Piep.nin 1 :. mixing. b;ikint,', .sell• iiu; and soliciting .ordur.s fr.i- I and rielKcnm; bread, cake, pies : and oil:.:r bakery ]>roducts, \\iu-rc the pixxlucl is nKiiLiifai:- | Hired' in a plant Inc-.uccl In this city and is sold by thc . manufacturer tlu-iccf. without : reference lo thc place cf resl- I deuce or cili/cnship of lh? in- diudual. ruin or corporation . operaiinx s;:ch uusinc.-s; on ; p!a:ii.s i'm|i!(jiing five or less | i-.ej>..-ns, i:!f).i)i1 I/-]- aniuni; on I phint.s employing U to 111 per| ;o:is. S-ll).i)U por annum; on planls ein]}loyin^ over ten person.:. $7f>.;:o per annum. I:i'in '^. l-'nr conducling tl:o oltii-cr of (lie firm or cor|>oration maklni; upplicalion. SECTION 5 If (lie City Collector is required to go cut Of-' his office to collect any llcciue there shall be added lo and collccle-d in addi- llon lo tlie rates fixed In this r.r- dlnance a f.^e of $1.00 for' each license! alter ten clays notice. SECTION li All licenses provided foi under Uils ordinance shall be. Issued by the City collector for n. six moiilhs peii:cl. such licenses shall be paid .. in full In advance and shall is ,- <IUL' nnd payable on January 1st and Jhly Isl ol each year, re-' s|»clivcly. SECTION- 1 Any person, firm or corporation violating any provision of this ,, ordinance shall be deemed guilty •of a m'sdemeaiior and upon 'con- viclicn in the police' court shall be lined in any sum not :oss than S15.00 nor more than $100.01). and each day said violation shall continue shall be a separate offense. SECTION 8 On account of the urgent nee.d, of funds for fire ana police pro- lection ihis ordinance being nec- .rssary for the iinmedialc preser- vnllon of the public health, peace and safely shall lake effect and I bc hi force from n;id afler its i passage. Passed and approved this ^ the 8th day of July, 1930. Vetoed", July 15th by NEIL REED. Mayor. ' ATTEST: \ S. C. CRAIG. City ICerk. cd one. ."No," said the othe r promply. Searching parties scoured Ihe up"il's like Santa Claus; it's your • per slor?s of Mount Robson, high- SUITOR: May I ask. sir. If you j EOU has an odor different from ] --Firemen were obl'-ged to «<e ws- i Academy, j Ih'iik your daughter would make ; that of anyone else. j l cr [ rom a goldfish pound'on Ihi ^et out, B est of the Canadian Rockies, in British Columbia, in an effort to find trace of Newman D. Wafll. above, head-rosier of CUrtcret ' ' Orange. N. J., Wall I had ,- • els into a lurtun,?. Four years ago Hamp was ready for the broad lines. Today I banks lo rad:o ai-.d its high salaries, he's well olf. owns a S300L custom built automobile and a $50. 000 home in Hollywood. But Ham,) had 'ntle thought cf radio until IKS. As n boy in liich- inond. Va.. he was an ordinary youngster with a good voice and ar honest dislike tor his piano lessar.s. In Chanibersburg. Pa., ho snug at intfls, cafes and lial's. There l:c managed to Ret on with a stock ! company and just RO! (joini; goo:! ivhc-n the war broke out. Hamp was in vaudeville for six years after the war. but h? co: tired of it and dcridc-d to se'.tl? do-.vr. in Hollywood. Bu'. loo'-Mnc, lor a jcb in the movies was a .'•Iruggio. and the radio stations of- lerrrl no encour.i!;»ment either. "I was abonl ready for Ihe bread line," he recalls, "when I got a job as announcer al KMTR. "Cap'ain Allan Hancock 'owned the station find he concentrated o; '• c Inssical programs. All I had to do announce. I3ul or.o day tlv cn- '.ertainers failed lo appear for a scheduled half-hour program and I asked Captain Hancock what to c'o. "'Kill it in yourflf.' he fold me-. " 'but you don'l want arij thiiii; b'.it classical ftufl,' I replied. Till' ail my .stuff is so popular.' "He told me to yo ahead any- i I KYA. KFWIJ.KNX. Kl-'I. K!'ON. i ! K V PC and KFSD. if tl>- C.«N: :,', i \V\V.I. WTAM. KDKA. \VAB". j \VOT? and on th? NBC Ki-r>.':.iK. He has nmdc n'cci'rnn!.:.; :v.i conv.inti'S and, v.i'.h hi< r.ndii, 1 p .>:.- iracls and recordmy r Y.T.-T-. i i- ii:;\ues that he m.ik— a-.u::' thsn Mro.oCO a H.un]i'.s program i-: iiulivitl-.i.!]. Ii-j tice-t-.'t ccnfine liiui>-.-J! io •'•''•'• f-:i--' Seated at a piano bctw-- lh- mikv. i-.e'l 1 . ranblr i'.i-.- '.-<' ^' v -' whi!c .IL' ni.ikc:, his '-vr .nrn'f. "'hen he'll '.''•" sciii,:, putting h-.:"» r end prob::!./. :.M) c:f ii:s oivii. S r -vrn'.y-fivt ;:(i (.:.' urj'.ir.s .u~e mal" i':' numbL-:.-. The.-. 1 :s each cay i:i lu> !r>i-: tcmrliv.-.cs as !onj a.~ ' Ti-.c. ; i- in er-.-.itC!: fit 1 .-!'. pi of or-; nee. and tlic.-e 1. on lus own piano 1:1 'ii-. lie has his p:'\;i\i;ii .'.: 1'.-- '-'-•••'• '•'<• s lip. '"'MATER'xn Y HO?P1TAT.- -Sallld- cd. I'm a'.: 1 . I/.w l'i ••• ; I la bies fcr adopti n. I'r.; i:-.| write IMiiLKiin' H I a suitable wife? There Is nothing in the world ] estate of Fra"nci< Dr.ike 13 save the LAWYER: No. sir, I don't think An< \ no p i acc i n the wor ld thai dors i she would. My fee Is on; hundred not have its distinctive odor, he I dollars, pleaso.—Answers. j believes. alone, with a three days' |. on ._ an d so on i -,v cn t. ' ; lirllrvrt a Hr.idar'ic or N'ruraljia iilpply of food, to seal? tiie, -The response was so generous in 30 minntrs, rhrrks n Colci HIP • - - - 1,,-rks in home of 'Sheriff Harry Rot?ris re- 12.915-foot peak by a new route -i,ai i decided I'd keep U up. Then ' first il.iv. ami r cciitlv when fire destroyed the Uoh-I Exiiert guides and Nor!liwrit :a [ CA - accounts cam: Ihror tl:i>s. | Mounted I'oliee led the search. p,,y way nnt i finnllv I hit an ac-| COG alsp in . crls bnrn. COMPLETE YOUR COLLEGE WORK ARKANSAS (A. &M.) COLLEGE' .lonesliorn, Ark. This is Now a Full Four Year SENIOR College which ofTor.s U. A., H. S. anil ». S. E. Degrees Kail Term Opens Sept. 1 Creilil Civon fur Fornu'r College Work—Come Hack and Finish. The Faculty 50'- of Arkansas State College iiistrtietors in College coum-s liave I'll. U. Degrees. Instniclors Average two years of Graduate Work and fonvtccil years of teacliing exixii'ience. The Plant Fine .Buildings.'Ke Class Rooms, Adequate Libraries, Well Ki[ui|i|ie<l Laboratories. AltrafJee Residence Hulls and Dining Rooms. Most Heaiitirul Campus in the South. Fini'sl Athletic Field in Arkansas. Finest Collet;.: Field in the Stale Equipped for Night football. The Life Musical Pvojfi-aitis such as U. S. Navy Band Con- cort wli icli is sehciUded for'the campus on October 2-1. Pi.-niiv, swimming parties, broadcasting, college ex- ohangu programs, student plays. \Vritf for Catalogue-: Thn Registrar. Stats; College, J(iiu'-s!;oro, Arkansas.

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