The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 14, 1957 · Page 12
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 14, 1957
Page 12
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0*-* U PP* f °** Thursday, March 14, Wesley 4-H Boys Partfdpaling in Algona's annual 4-H Club Day was the Wesley Boys 4-H, shown above. The Wesley boys had then- display at Kohlhaas Hardware here. Club leader is Joe Skow, Wesley; Philip Asa, president; Dwight Seaberg, vice-president. Whittemore 4-H Boys The Whiilemore Boys 4-H Club, pic.urod above, had their headquarters" at Zander's clothing store here Saturday, with Zender s as their sponsor for 4-H Day. John J. Mosbach, Whittemore, is club leader; Marvin Loebach, president; Maurice Besch vice- president. Union 4-H Boys Sailors Home On Leave At Ottosen Olfosen — Jane.': Uanv. :,rt eon of Mr ;>.nd Mrs .Si'ns B.-i-i wait, f.rrived hmnc Thursd.'u evening from t!r> Pan n:<.».;r> Calif.. Navy Training Cente: where he has been tnkin^ hi- bnsic training. Corning with bin wns Bob Banwart, son of Mr anc Mrs Paul Banwarl and Dean Grimm, son of Mr and Mrs El Grimm of West Bc-nd. All three will return to dut> March 10 .however e ; ch wi'l gt to a different pace. Juror's R"n wart will return tn San Diego' ThurHay evening Mr rnd Mr Silns Banwart. Jam OP, Franklin Leslie and Archie were sunpo: ^ind evening guests at the Bs-r niece and Caroline B;m\v.--,r home nt West Bon:!. Tlvj nn->;i .t, was also tn honor Mrs Barman on her birthday. Sunrh-y evening all the family of Mr and Mrs Silns Banwar gathered at the fami'y home foi supper, including a" -on-in-law and daughter, Mr and Mrs Elmoi Stnibm of Sebetln, Kansas Others present included Mr anc! Mrs Philip Metzgtr and Sheryl o! Srbethn. Kan«:-is and Mr Mr: Jof: B v nninger of Be,id. Market Day, March M Everyone is looking forward t- next, wtn-k vvln.'ri the Kith Aruvin Market Day S'lle will bi: lu-1,1 01 Thursday. March i4. Keanit Fowler, man;t;,;er of the sale, has seven auctioneers i: start at 10:30 a.m. Already : good line of machinery ha:; beei. moved into town. One outstanding item that will be sold is at. Adam Rond Grader. Lunches will be sold in tht i their 49!h wedding anniversary. weekend at the Mrs Bertha Jacobsim and L c r a n Daniel homes. .Mr, and Mrs Ephriam Kohl and Bcvl.'v of Hancock. Minn, visited •:! \'r- Va-tur 8<mw::rt rnmo Sati;rd,.\ . M.'vky ivma.tK'd t vi.>it. S'.ir.dny rvening visitor.* at thi M.i ;n:i> Bratl.'rut hoir. ri wc-re Mi and Mis Ilaioid Dale and Debbie • >! Dakota City. Mr and Mrs Sherman Si!bau;;h an i Vickie and Mr and Mrs Richard Christiansen of Hutnboldt. Mis Caroline Telford ;:nd Mrs? Essie Cooper visited Sunday afternoon at the Edward Van- Bank home at Rolfe. Mr and Mrs LeRay Waito and family (.if Rodman ware Sunday dinner guests at the Hollit, Cooper home. Kail Smith of Mil my. Minn visited over the weekend at the W. G. Cooper home. Enjoying an evening of ct.rds the K. R. McLuen home Wed- ncs.-i.iv evening were. Mr an 1 Mr<Mike Coyle, Mr and Mrs \V. G Cooper. Mr and Mrs Oliver KJn- •seth. Mr and Mrs Ktig'.-n • Jhuius and Mr;; St hna Nelson. Mr and Mrs Lester Welir-'pann visited Wednesday ft tlr.> home. >f Mr and Mrs Charles K. •-.<•• and Mr and Mrs Dan Palsic at W;;H i- 100. Mr and Mrs Mike li.n/. oi LuVeine dnd Mrs Leo T> I'trou';: of Bode accompanied th >m. Ladies from here who attended a shower honoring Ch-.rcm D'ink-1 of Humb', Fri'i;-.y evening. were Mrs Loran Daniel. .Vns llattie D, p.n.-l. Mrs Hoy Tel- i'uv.-.J. Mrs Edward Zinn:.:!. Mrs Mike Coyle, Mrs Louis J;.eobs.:.n Mrs Donai 1 Larson and Maiilyn. Mrs Ralph J.ic bson, Mrs Jjhi'. vin'.ins and Janice. Mrs Ann-j f'urc'y, nnd Mrs Ralph G;;tton. and Mrs Conrad Join:-on. Sundny Mr and Mrs >V. H Wehrspann wen- dmnvr guosU-' .it the home "f Mr and Mrs Kenneth Bollin'.'.er at Fonton to hon- ar Mr and Mrs Otto Wichtcndahl of Fenton who were observing Council Minute* Commercial Building by tin Progressive Club and the La die: Rural Club, and in the Presbyterian Church parlors, and tin: Mayor's Office by the Lutheran Aid. 260 At Opening Two hundred and sixty persons registered Saturday when Mr and Mrs Chester Alme held their opening and observed 18 years of business in Ottosen. DOOJ prizes were won by Martin Meyer. Eli Bruellman, and Mrs Norman HeUese'li. One of the more than forty-five Kossuth 4-H clubs honored at Algpna's annual 4-H Day Saturday is the Union Boys 4-H, pictured above. The club was sponsored by F. S. Norton & Son where their- 4-H display appeared. Kenneth Strayer, Burt is club leader Jack Henry, Algona Rl, is Union club president, and Dean Dodds Algona R2, is vice president. At Ccmners Meeting Ames — James Firkins, Fenton, attended the annual Canners Conference at Iowa State Colleges on Feb. 26 and 27. The conference 'offered detailed information on sweet corn hand- ling to growers and canners. Enrollees received valuable tips from speakers who discussed corn borer control, use of fungicides, seed treatment and fertilizer foi sweet porn. Over, 50 people attended the two-day meeting. Mr and Mrs Alfred Schultz and family were visitors Sunday at the Ronald Schultz home at Winnebago, Minn. Saturday Callers at the Schultz home included Harlan Blanchard and son Jonathan, Mr and Mrs J. M. Blanchard, Jr. and family, Mrs Maude >Blanchard and Mr and Mrs A. A. Krueger and Kermit all of Lone Rock, and Mr and Mrs G. W. Blanchard and family ot" Mason City. Mrs Hpward Hellickson tool, care of the Harold Bayse children -from Thursdtt.v until Sunday. Sunday Mr and Mrs Baysc came after them and were dinner guests at the Hellickscn home The Bayse family live at Humboldt. Mr and Mrs Eugerse Hofius were Sunday dinner guests at the Mayor Jesse VanBiiskirk is medical patient at Mercy hospital in Fort Dodg',\ Mr. VanBuskirk fell several weeks ago and broke his hip. He returned horne and has now gone back for medical treatment. Mr and Mrs Richard Kinseth and Mr and Mrs Oliver Kinseth attended the Hutnboldt County- Mail Carriers Meeting at Thor Tuesday evening. Mr and Mrs Lester Wehrspann and son Roger visited Sunday at. the Clarence Kuccker home at Hadley, Minn. Mr and Mrs Chester Alme and, daughter Shirley were Sunday' dinner guests at'the John Madsen home at Bradgate. Mr and Mrs and daughter Laurel Worster Wanda returned Floyd Bacon at Burt. ATTENTION PO (JURYMEN In spite of the reported increase in Chick Sales and Orderf this, spring, we a/e able to offer you a contract FOR NOT USS THAN 50c per dozen the year around. We Have Averaged Over 60c Per Doz. Over The Pq»t Two Year*. \ FLOCKOWNERS REPORT OVER $3 PER HiN PROFIT PER YEAR .-, . . • , i* ' • If Interested, Call or Write Us IOWA BROILER EGGS W (!HO Others present vr-er* Mr and Mrs Jess Hohens'eirj oi A rn b o y. Minn., Mr and Mrs Stanley McDonald of HenuistDE. Oregon and Mrs Cora Bacon of Algona. Wednesday Mr and Mrs W. H. Wehrspann visited al the homes of Mr and Mrs John Geitzenaue: and Mr and Mrs Otto Wichtendahl at Fenton. Rev. and Mrs E. E. Green and famfly of West Bend were Sunday dinner guests at the Donald Usher home. Sunday Mr and Mrs Earl Long were visitors at the H. H. Long home at Fairmont, Mmrq While they were there the H. H. Long's and the Earl Longs visited at the Art Loring home also at Fairmont. Sunday dinner guests at the Ralph Jacobson home were Mr and Mrs Robert Block of Weil Bend, Mr and Mrs Conrad Johnson, Mr and Mrs Sim Jacohson and Mr and Mrs • Louis Jacobson and family. Mr and Mrs Alfred Schultz visited Saturday evening at the Louis Jacobson home. Mr and Mrs Merle Holt and. family were Sunday dinner guests at the John Mullins home at Corwith to honor the Mullins' son and his wife, 2nd Lt. and Mrs Jim Mullins who are here on furlough from Texas. Mr and Mrs Edward Zinnel and Leslie Ann visited Sunday afternoon at the Deanne Telford home. Mr and Mrs Olvin Haug visited Mrs Haug's niece, Donna LOU Barber, at St. Ann hospital in Algona Friday evening. Doniu Lou was a medical patient there. They also Visited at the M. O. Kinseth home at Algona the same evening. Saturday evening visitors >at the Loran Daniel home were Mr and Mrs Merle Holt, Mr and Mrs Bernard Jacobs of Bradgate, Mi and Mrs Paul Espinosa of Mason, and Margaret Holt. Sunday dinner guests at the Daniel home were Mr and Mrs Paul Espmnsa and family of Mason City, Mr and Mrs Keith Daniel and family of ' Boxholm and Margaret Holt. Mr and Mrs Merli; Faulk and Monte of Estherville were weekend visitors at the Percy Wat- nem home. Other Sunday visitors were Mr and Mrs Stanley Keith and sons of Pocahontas, Mr and Mrs Ed Ni&sen of West fcend and Mr 8fl<* Mrs Allan Wat- home Monday following a four day visit with their son-in-law Mrs 1 Maude Crane, formerly of Ottosen, who now resides at the Sisston ReSt -Home in Hum boldt. observed her 89th birthday las' week. Mrs Crane is one of s roup who really only has a birthday every four years having been born February 29. On Thursday a group of ladies visited her and took a birthday cake Included in Mrs Crane'p. daughter, Mrs Irvin Movick and her granddaughter, Mrs Howard Thompson and daughter Htlly and Mrs Mike Coyle, Mrs Sehna Olson and Mrs Caroline Telford for a little party. the group were » COUNCIL MINUTfS The City Council mot In adjourned sCS- , - r-rh. 1-,, 1957 with the Mayor Pro T, nvv?rc Bf,on P. Richardson, in the ".••'. aid the following Councilmen: '•"i.r-.t la-rd, Elbcrt, Dreesmsn, Parson*. v.i» T Shierk w<is absent. The minutes of meeting held Jan. 30, 105 were read and approved. Duk Helmers recommended fo the C.-Krcil that a manhole be installed in in? s.irita-y sewer line on East McGregor Kf-»wcfn Minn. & Jones. Rc-.ol.ition accepting John T. McGuir* ..ff.. r to purchase city property. O'd'n.ince Mo. 385 passed and adopted. Rc-or per'Tiif granted to the White Front Tf.yrn i Duffy's Tap. Resolution accepting Chester Schultz as icw Superintendent of Public Improve- Arinual Report of Planning 4 Zoning Commission read and approved. v.ombers of the Planning & Zoning '' Ti'-n. arc Marian Will, L. E. Hovey, Veda V'.rtagh, P. J. Kohlhaas, William J. Finn, 1 !--vd Robinson, George Sofrjt, Everett fi.ii !us, Max Bartholomew, Phyllis Burt, C. Pf. rciwi!. T'-o organizational meetings was held ~ I i. 1956 and officers elected and in- i.iilccl. That this cortmission recommend' rt-iringe of zoning of certain real estate ,1' u'ting Fast Stare Street between Woost ,.r street and Colby Street from multiple j.vfliinq district to commercial district and * ".is change was subsequently made by nrn|<or action of the City Council. This :. n.-mssion adopted rules of procedure ; nccrning tenure of members filling of irr.nclcs, organization and concerning • !>rr matters. The commission recom- •->-, r, J rd to th? City Council change of fire I'-ivts ordinance removing from the fire !n"ts al! of Block 229, 256, 257, Lots t '. .• 3iock 258. All of Block 189, Lots 4 f . '. Block 185 all in Call's Addition to .M- !: na and by adding to and including in th..- frrc limits outlot I of Stacey's Addi! ^ to tho City of Algona, Iowa. This ' ••• «-'^-«quently by ordinance of the City Council. This commission recommended uniform building code, additional parking for cars, vacating part of an alley and part of East Call Street East of Main Street for Ihe Algona Community School District. i..:, ,.,)(. n,,,.Mon received no income and n.urr^d no expense. Rrsolut'on releasing Leo Lichter mover's bond on Ms in the clerk's office. Resolution accepting resignation of John A. Carroll. Following claims approved: Government Fund I'.T,id A. Smith Salary City Clerk, Postage Chester H. Schultz, Travel expense Advance Publishing Co., legal notice* ._.. ._-._.. M?ion City Blue Print Service," street piats _. Norton Machine Works, Service Dr C. C. Stiicrk, Expense Street Fund Joss Lashbrook. Salary Albert Percjande, Salary I. H772 Glenn F. Burtis, Salary P.ichard Frambach, Salary Raymond W. Merzon Jr., Salary Donald Prew, Salary Iowa State Bank, Salary Pratt Electric Const. Co., labor & repair L S. Muckey, repairs Cradley Bros., repairs Mid-West Service Co., fuel oil __ Grecnbcrg Auto Supply, mdse. _ Kent Motor Co., repair & service Algona Implement Co., repairs _ Hilton's Super Service, repair & grease ,.,, R. J. Funk, mdse. _ 2751 Stomac Motor Express, freight I 2.50 Percival Motors, service I 9.27 Norton Machine Works, service & repairs 186.91 Algona Machine Shop, service Public Safety Fund Albert Boekelman, Salary 193.64 Richard H. Groen, Salary 152.23- Ernest W. Hutchison, Salary 153.15 Peter C. Jorgenson, Salary Kenneth J. McBride, Salary William Irl Ankenbauer, Salary , Iowa State Bank, withholding tax Public Administration Service, City Clerk, frelflrit & Hilton'j Super Service, gas & oil . Miller Lumber Co., material Collins, Thompson & Willi», Engineering service ... S/Muckey, repairs Pratt Electric Const. Co., labor & service S'gsbee Plumbing & Heating Co.," repairs Bcccher Lane Appliances, repair Oonald Johnson, refund on sewer rental . ._ Hilda Foster, refund on sewer rental _. P J. Waldron, refund on sewer rental Inerlol Co., Inc., paint Algona Machine Shop, service ._ Norton Machine Works, service _ Sorrnsen Grocery, mdse. Mail-Strahom Hardware, mdse. . Cowan Roto-Rooter, service Donovan's Cabinet Shop, repairs . Zep Mfg. Corp., mdse. _. Recreation Fund Langmack Variety Store, candy bars Airport Fund Mcrvin Wallburg, electric bill (for Crcsco-Union Co.) Langmack Variety Store, 2 mirrors Northwestern Bell Telephone Co., switching fees Parking Meter Fund Raymond J. Krebs, Salary Nancy Sands, Salary Icwa State Bank, withholding tax $.54 -164 29.2S 850.00 1.50 t.85 18.04 1.56 11.82 I86.1t) 17.40 3.71 4.00 1.89 11.91 24.00 18.90 27J6 1.96 39.92 3.87 30.75 149.43 76.05 36.20 *h«fl be brought to 8 faff irxf eerhptefi it-op immediately before enteritis upon Call Street. , Section 2. that all vehicle* traveling in a toutlwrly direction en TrnMrimft Strew and tnterfoo ,upen ffct «rf*f mfWWettW* common to ThWIrtBtpn $*i*W *f*l Calf Street of the City of Algona, leva, shall be brought to a full and complete itop immediately before tittering upon Carl Street. Section 3. That all vehteln* traveling in a northerly direction upon Moore Street and entering upon ttreef intersection common to Moore Street and Call Street of the City of Afgona, Iowa, shall be brought to a full and complete stop immediately beforn entering upon Call Street. 'Section 4. that appropriate stop signs shall be erected al said Intersections warning operators of the vehicles of the requirements of this Ordinance end that the police be authorized to install ade- qvttttft warning signs at appropriate distances from said stop signs. Section 5. that any violation of the provisions of this Ordinance Shall be deemed a misdemeanor and any person convicted of such violation shall bo punished by tine ot not to exceed $25; and a pM6A to convicted and fined sfisfl be imprisoned in the city jail until the fine Is petd or discharged by due course of law Sfeffofi 6. that «fl Oretlnanwft er parts bf WtBnanesi « rttolfiftorti of fh» City Council of the City of Algona, to*«, in conflict Wffh fhe ptovliloni htfeof toe and the same are hereby repealed. Section 7. that this Ordinance, being deemed of immediate Importance, shall be in full force *nd effect from and after its final passage, approval And publication as provided by law. PASSED, ADOPTED and APPROVED this 27th day of February, 1957. David A. Smith C4ty Clerk APPROVE6: Dr. Cameron C. Shierk the above arid forwgolng Ordinance No. 386 it hereby duly authenticated on this 27th day of February, 1957. Dr. C*fftefon G. Shierk Mayor -Id A. Smith City Clerk Published I* the Ko»suth County Advance, Algona, IOWA, March 5, 1957. Maye David ORDINANCE NO. 386 AM ORDINANCE PROVIDING FOR tHE CONTROL OF TRAFFIC AT THE INTER- SrCTIONS OF CALL STREET AND DODGE, THORINGTON AND MOORE STREETS AND PROVIDING PENALTIES FOR VIOLATION. B! IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF ALGONA, IOWA: Section 1. That all vehicles traveling upon Call Street and entering upon the street intersection common to Dodge Street and Call Street of the City of Algona, Iowa, shall be brought to a full and complete stop Immediately before enter- mo upon Dodge Street. That all vehicles traveling in a southerly direction on Dodge Street and entering upon the street intersection common to Call Street and Dodge Street of the City of Algona, Iowa, booklet Dr. C, C. Shierk, expense , Al Bockelman, expense 'City Clerk, advance cash Advance Publishing Co., mimeo paper Gene's Radio & Television, service & materials 17.80 Bradley Bros., tires & repairs 42 10 Irn Kohl, salary 20.00 Greerberg Auto Supply, mdse. Hilton's Super Service, gas & oil ,._, Algona Fire Co., service 155.00 Sanitation Fund James A. Egli, salary 148.95 Fred Gronbach, salary 9965 George Weig Jr., labor 29.94 Rcakus Helmers, labor 34.21 Reiner Helmers, labor __ 34 21 Iowa State Bank, withholding tax 1 5.30 UDM Classifieds Pay Dividends Climaxing a Century! FRI., MARCH 15th FRANK BUHR SAT., MARCH 18th DON SHAW & ORCH. SUN., MARCH 17 ST. PATRICK'S DANCE JACK COLE And His Orchestra K-C's Partial 117.72 99.65 98.45 113.45 50.00 ST. PATRICK'S HOE DOWN Legion Ballroom BANCROFT SUN., MARCH 17 THE DUDE RANCHERS ORCHESTRA WESTERN, MODERN, OLD TIME Admission 85c Booths Call 2.20 4.39 ...... Wanda Jacobson and Conley Daniel, students at Waldorf College 'at Forest City, spent the Northwestern Mutual announces added savings for life in surance buyers in the form of new OES! March 2 was the 100th Anniversary pf Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company. The cpjnpany *»*e« jts second century with over three and one-half billion dollars in assets and almost eight and one-half billions of insurance in force a leader with an increase of 16.8% in new life insurance sales last year. Willis G. Erdman, 17, oj Wesley, is shown above making appii- catkw an-Centennial Pay, March 2, /or a Gold Seal 20-year payment Life Insurance Policy, Bob £)iekrrwi7in,« company representative in Algona, is watching at left. The lady is Mrs. Ciara Erdman, mother of Willis. Pointing the way to still greater growth in years to come, is Northwestern Mulual's dramatic announcement of its new, moneysaving Quantity-Earned Savings (QES) rate structure. Under this plen. the cost of all types of Northwestern Mutual Life insurance is now keyed to the size of the policy. The premium rate-per-Jhousand is stepped down on policies of $5,000 and over. Rates drop still lower on poUoes of $10,000 and more. These Quantity-Earned Savings are made possible by administrative efficiencies in handling policies of these larger sizes. Northwestern Mutual leads majoy U, S. insurance companies in passing such savings on te buyers of all Jypes of life insurance. 'safeguarding tomorrow BOB DIEKMANN IOWA STATE BANK BUILDING Phone 6Q-W Representing The Northwestern Muiuij yfe Insurance Company, Milwaukee. Wisconsin We have it on hand. Get yours from salesmen, and locations * listed below... R. I. Mawdsley _* Algona j| C. L. Bailey Algona Aaron Steussy Algona Eugene Kollasch Bode Harold Jones Swea City T. O. Johnson Swea City Walter Vaudt Whittemore * r* Robinson Produce Wesley 1$J ION! 200 DER Public auction of 200 feeder pigs will be held on farm located one-half mile North and one and three-fourth miles West of LONE ROCK, IOWA. Pigs raised on the farm on which the sale is held on . . , Tuesday, Mar. 19 SALE STARTS AT 1:30 P.M. These Pigs Are From 7 to 10 Weeks Old, Glean * . . Castrated .,, Vaccinated For Cholera and Erysipelas 6 Sow* To Fgrrow Immediately. Bred To Mept-Type Bear. FREE DELIVERY UP TO 25 MILES TERMS: CASH, or make arrangements with your banker before fold date. Not Responsible for Accidents RAY LAABS LLOYD BERKLANP, Agctipneer LONE ROCK BANK, Clerk

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