The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 10, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 10, 1930
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 10, 1930 NEWS News of tho Blytheville Schools • Ihnn Kin-.--?. Bill Shclton, Roy Ov- ciloi). Ra!p!i Wnslrain, H. R, Craw- | (' .d. Ik'tltcrcl Kimcs, Lois Dunl:ip. Myrtle Urynil, Belly Blair, Mnr«>c , ; Nlcrslliiincr. Riill) Elizabeth Smitlv ; Evil Blanche Morris. Imogenc Haw: kins, Lttln Hticpv. Mary Ulla Rcb- Fo ' Paulln? Norman, nncl Klou- : Thanksgiving A larmer's dnuglilrr, one siram^r day, planlHl corn r.:ul suvrcd Hie hay. slie knew whrn the corn nncl liny was reaped, his KiislLsli Uockni.H' a book shower which rallied in u u . iwetvinn of iv.'cnlv four koo;l ly.rk.s. Junior High Sdicol pupils arc felling stamys fti- the niUcmilosls us.celadon. !se Parks. And with tlic hurvea Ihe liarn was! A " c ' w H"8.1ias un-sentpd to Tho••> in the third grade are:) heaped ] Junior lligii Sch-.ol. U was given ! Melvln Halrell. James McMullins.j Thanksgiving would come—Ihe pics i by '-"flit Bourland, a member of ; R. C. Hawkins,. Jiianita Waldcn, I oh! how swrei and every- • tllc 8 u ' 2 cl " ss - Oun llntimci-and i Tc!a Mac Dilllngcr, Naomi Alexnn-1 thing eke ilial's uood lo eat I llnl Moc "<" !">vc teen appointed for m »-., r^ : ~~ • "«vpiiLi <*,IAIIII-I LIJIIIK uiiu s uuou to cat I 1WO Llementavy. I U- ""'• R " K ' Bhcfebnm. Jerry Cohen. At Grandma's house Ihe turkev is' lhlb AVtcl! ' ''' Two Local Youths Win Advancement in Navy IVcgress .nade In tlw I'ntl Stall's Navy by two MlsM->!; i'oimty rccinils hus been dial' ni'ihorlllcs. Holx-n Franklin Merrill, fun a r Urnjumln Merrill, of Mnnlla. who 1'nlMed In July, lias succcMfullv • the required examination for rntiance lo the imvy i:\Ali •chcol nt Hampton Roads. Vn. nili-ri 'mpMlhg his period ot training. Uin Veil Wright, of the U. K. s. 'yniiiliijj, cf Buniclte, 1ms been urumulru from Gunners Male 3rd FI-'-JI Muinhy, J. W., O n John Miller, Charles ncblnson, i Harold nazlcr, Landys McLeod, I I'aiilhie Walson, Savllla Roscgrant, M |,| ' • ancl Dorls Dclk - berries look pupil;; in lhc el:men. j These in the 2B grade having a!Then mother c.ills lo Win Places Achievement List. and lower lhc .! nag. The- old flag was burled tarv FChtnls. exclusive of the first; perfect attendance for ihe third ( ; r:ulc mnue 111" honor roll for; luoiilh uf seho-1 ar.?.: Eugene Cow- ll:e 3rd ir.cnth of school which hnsj* 01 ''. Tom "nil. Roy Hawkins Jr., just recently closed. These sin-. Jome? Lancaster. Rayburn Llppord. dents were distributed as follows: ! J'" 1 McKenzie. Wallace Norman, p. j 13. Shanks, Earl Smith, Elmer Ross I Smith, Martha Blankenship, Mnr- ] valene Jackson. Evelyn Jcrdc-n, and 'Ccntial Ward— 18; l,an»e— 21; SuUhury— 23. For the, second month of school the number v.ho attained the honor roll was 3(i. The ; Mildred Smith. 'iKTCiise for Hie third month be- ThuEe '" lh ? 2A Brad? are: J. W. V.B. The. increase in number , Fmt ' st - R '>' Hawkins, Charles! Din Ing the past monlh the thirty ' ' brown and lhc snow is faster falling down. ' I ... "A white Thanksgiving " my f.ilh?>'' Mlss ^"cllic Tyione. who Is In : Hie 8 '2-B class win a imi.'Jc medal : Tuesday Evening a( the recital of Mrs. Lowe. She practiced four , hours ,-,i:h day. the stairs, "Come, ehit'.lrt'n-- your bedtime has passed un-' awarcs. " Tfs half pas tten and bedtime's at eight, "Come now, you've snt up'an hour too latei" By Ysclitah Crocker, 8 li-l for Ihe second six weeRs Brans:ij. Francis Lit- bury K''.!Cl' .. . , divided between Sud- ! 9.' 1 ?' 1 ' 1 A ' , C ' '^l' ond I.-angc schools, cacti i Fislicr. and Emma Jewell Wastuun. liis eight additional j _.'. rho - 1 : "' u i c 1A arc: J. P. Martha Ann; pupils of this grade have read 10S names on the honor loll for ihirrt im;i]lh as compared to t he i Ellis, J. the I'<>'>. Ola P. Hocotl. Parhain John- B. Ellis, Mary Helen 2nd n:r,:;lh. Central Ward hail j MOT-, and Imosene Spincer. tli; Fame riiimber each month j TI!O:!C ln lhc n '' sl sracle having The loHowlng is a lisl of trn n perfect attendance: Edward Bry pupils who made the honor rolls I n:U ' Brcwcr Blankership, Jnme for the t;:nci montli: i Cobble. Jack Delk Jr.. Murry Sudbury School-Second Orcde— I ter Jr " Jam "s lo-; Hawkins, Clea- A-ni Buchanan Pe«gy Burks Dor- lus KmK -. Lernard Odcn, Johnnie books. Twenty-eight pupils of the 5A ryes I grade have had perfect attendance tills week. They ore striving lo have a hundred per cent room, Mrs. White donated twenty story books to the 5A room making a The following pupils were on the hcncr tol" " term: 7H-3 Jane tie. 71M J. T. English, Pnnilne Powler SH-2 EKlo Moare, Ulll McKfnzle Mas Wnlson. 1A-1 Junnltn McDonald, Patt> Sinn-?. Loitle Heath, Jack Wilson 7B-a cicneva Carter. 8Eil Jojepiilne Johnson, Thi-lmn i Talc. The following pupa, | llu i per feci cs. In (heir suggestion at tho' until. 18S8, when he wis auoolhtea Is)-, nuelliig Hie aldermen partlcii-1 County Court Judge. He rScj' Inrly made ruidiencc to "laxl cor- 25 years ago.- - • -'»'«•- j tH'i" at Main and Secrjid slreels, . - : ••'•-'• -" . : } ilccl.irlng thai they, hail report i: of A French Inveritor's device'for' , cuiuuirt on l]ii> corner Hint WOK not nnt/imati/.nu.,. n«i u _ _*_i_-i ' ' - - . ----- -- .- French Inventor's device on the corner Ihat was not automatically timing racing n mobile*' Is operated by the light r-i r. , , Clikf Goodwin ordered the taxis from an ordinary headlight- fa lUr vmcvocl from the slrcets nnd the on a photo^eleclHc cIS ' . iciat'vs I'stiibllsht'd imrking lots' — •..'• eta's to Gunner!.. Mai.? 2nd class. 'Cnntlnnrrl fvom paue one) : .''.iiinuer and had came to the conclusion thii; |[ v,. t , : 101 oxiwnslvi 1 . He snlil dial a fi.-inchlse here woul<l no! wauiiiil l!in exiXMUilturc 1 ol- liulni! ;i ]n| V n, :; . , 1C |- OWi the •"•nil iilnces of business for a dayl but ini.T rcluiued lo Ihelr street Uunds in dellance of the police or- il.'r. The clly ultorney llicii ills- covered thnt no u-gulatlons cover- Ing the i.rdcr had bwn established and the ordinance by Ihe council last tiljjht provided llic authority tor (he ordi'i'. No More Gas In Stomach and Bowels -ocal Girls Will Sing ; in Lindeiiwood Chorus! ST. CllAllljES, Mo'.—Two l.lml-' enwood .-tudenifi whose home Is in K. K A!i x^nde! 1 , ii'pie.'X'nliiifr the Trinir.ttPc- U:ilh!e S amiii.iny, also) spoke brli-ily i u Hi,, council. Hei imyd lln- aldi'i-iiii'ii to get nalurul! gas for lll.\ili,>n;iu if tiu-y could ami i ask^l thai h> s dlenls lie comlcier-! cd in (In- i-U'iii ; , bulniu! friiiiclitse ! ; 'Failifer" of Famed Boat Race Dead brc prcpvrtd «r.d .11 Ihl That wlik to b* permanently r»- t«i In itomach apd bowel*. Ini.r.t,'. O> Tib!.,., wttlch rid fipvcUlly for •Icoach tfne ' ' effect* rteultlM t'Vt lilyUicvilk', Misses Mary Culliruni'l wns S'""iu< il. Miii'lln cf BOO Main Street, ami Vir-j J . E. [.mi.^imi, (hlrd ward aUlcr- pnln Keck of 810 Main blrcel, have! mnn - ntlranci-J (lie opinion that bffii wieclcd as members of thei slllcc ""' coimcll had waited n college uiioral Club and aiijx'nrod' ' nn B (lm " I" siiln inTe knowleilse in the recent, concert Jointly given j " nd l"fi>rii::it:c.n of lutiirnl mis Un,t by tills club nnc! by the LindenwooJ llc - til<ln'i . •• wli-:-e II would- make stuclruts' oi'Chcslrii as a pr.j-Chrisl- n »V dltfrraire to. wult nnntlH-r nuis evenl. The Cli'iral Clulj h. mi- Uili'ly <!nys. n %I' 1 ,? '"""'on o! Miss Uorotlis'l I.. O 'Mi(,iii,ttoii. llril wnrd nlder- "<i>.ollcroillie music fiiciilly. Tin-1 mnn, muved (Imt the council en- ifutal incnlloiKd wus the Ili-sl or teilain I.P,.IOSU|S for bmai-u tin- scajcn. but ollicrs will be given fiaiiclisw ' LONDON, (UI"I -The "FalllCr" Of pll of the >lom«ch will -„. 1 " " Cambrlclgc boat rucc Is *^ lk ! Ui ' »«™oui_l««lin» - w«h pll.llon fce okl. to Uk< vinlih, nod | it ,th* Mri th«t eart p*J- wJU *f«la yo blMtb (it ft com fort. TUt drow»r, ilMpy ft^nx afiM . b« r^Uc.d by • d«lr» for Bio* HUM will Judge Millls Coventry of Slreat- 1mm I'ark, roWeit ftir Cambridge hi 1800 and 1801, and he was Ilia o!d- t'.st velcrnn ol the rnce. "Howluu was real hard wirk In Illtivu days," he once SLlUl "Wei ««• Tiom inte^feclna vltS the ...- -- WOfe sll'iw hats mill lollc trcnspril llon ' Cet DieB.nuInc, In the yellow peck. «uu nau> ami long ucuseis, , te _ „ ony twxl druf , lojt Pt ^, ,|, and «,' hud no Bltcllng seats." j Always on hand at Ikv was 82. He practiced law' CITY URUG STORE •nUrUlommt. Bio* HUM will CMM. Your limh*, finni aod n&frr* wU^ oo loni*r f«4 c«!<i «nd M |« to |l«p b«t - CAUIO Baalminn'i GAI TftblrU picv«Dt Hie numbers the Club sang Beethoven's "Difams" by '.Vaguer, a at the !K.»,siun. Or. Davis ! Choral, second ward alderman, seconded "Night",. Thomp-,111 1 ..; move, On tin- roll rail I modei'ii; Thompam and Davis voted In lav-1 or ol the m-jllon while Tom W. .lackscn. Koss D. Hughes. E. R. Jackson and J. K. LmiHfovd voted ! t!ie motlon- ".Syncopated Lullaby" by Sinn 7B-l_jean Cooper, J. T. English total of 107 books. We hope to reach "Nur*ry Rhymes , . . "an McLean, Howard Massey For- John Roscgrant, Rase iii Hie Choral Club, and |- j Wliie Lynn Edwards. Helen Gilliek' Sue Run-.Ly. Evelyn Smart. Sixth! Giade—Loraine Secoy and Emma- j line Page- i CENTRAL WARD—Second grade Dick Whife, Vera Goodrich, Billii Murey, Geraldino Harwell and Bel- Sudbury School The 1A and IB pupils have been making a doll house this week. They have furnished it with cardboard furniture and have written a story about it. Jack Taylor reported to the children that he had read in the paper that the castle of Santa Glaus had really been discovered. All the children clapped their hands with pure delight. The boys are especially in- T «»7r-t, OO,T^^, terested in the reindeer and have LANGB RCHOOL-Sscond grade: learned many interesting facts Chamblin, lone Bryeans. Shelby ty Brooks Isaacs. Third Grade: Alice Ware, Lynelte Tucker, Betty Jo Essary, Harold Nathan Rosen- thai, and Billy Lcggett. Fourth Grade: Bonnie 1'cters, Mildred Scoll. rath Grade: Hardy Gray, Elizabeth Baxter, Martha Washburn, Marjoric Warren. Mildred Smith. Vivian Jackson. Eugene Cowsert. and Helen Pcm- b 11 ton. Tl-.ird Oracle: Jerry Cohen, Doris Delk and Naomi Alexander. Fourth Grade: Lois Dunlnp, Madeline Reeves, and Mary Lelia Robertson.' Fifth Grade: Bessie Sue Arwood, Lee Ora.McLeod, Glcnola McLeod, Sarah Pauline Evrard and Emory McDonald. Sixth Grade: Eula Mae Kin- nrngham. Virginia Little, Mildred Lou Hubijard, Mary Eunice Layson, Helen Moore and Elsie Smith. Lunge School The First Grade girls and boys I are delighted with thoir two new kfudergarlen tables, and are also very happy over their new chairs aboul this animal from the stories the Evening Appeal has been publishing. The 4B grade has worked out a plan with the following rules for their book club: To b3come a member of the bosk club a pupil must meet the following requirements: He must have read at least two books since the opening of the school year. To-remain a member: He must read at least one book a week; lie must be able to answer correctly at least fifty per cent of the ques- ! lions in a check, test covering each [ book reported read. He must not I destroy or deface any book, which may come into his hands. fealcd Central team Wednesday af ternoon of lust week. The boys in tlie 5B group are one ; Charline Hargett, Helen Hugqs j tstra Llvhigiton, Miltle Mae hundred per cent again in attencl- Rylee, Juanltn Payne, Jeraliline ouduerry. ance. The GB Reading club or Sudbu.. „ had Its usual weekly meeting. Many Caudle, R. B. Crawford ' Herman interesting subjects were discussed.! Grimes, Billy Harrison man pro- The 6A Reading club held a ,... gram Thursday morning on Indians, their customs and designs. Jack. Mer ---j -.ut.iiouu, w tM,rv i»iL;- Haney, Willard Ncvins, Mauriee Rcicliel. Je^ylyn Blomeyer, Mary .Elizabeth Bfrum, Jane Branson, Ralph Haulum discussed the dif- ! Polly Ann Buck, ' Marilyn Burnette'' -rent for - ' re-rent forms of Indian art. Mary Sue Willmgham discussed the Indian dances, Alfred Aiyaw In a discussion showed- the difference ,in inventions of today and terday. O. H. Marttn discu.«?d "the life of "King Solomon and Qu=en of Sheba." Carlyle Yeakey discussed an Indian story. The program was quite interesting. During the last few weeks one of the members of the GA class hns been reading "White Fang" to the class in the opening exercise. This is one story that thev all enjoy. The, reading of such "good animal stories will cause ths -h!i- dren to have a bstter love for do"and other animals. The 6B grade of the Sudbury school is glad to have Rosa Lee Ill- Holt back in school, after an ness of fifleen days. Lerline White, Mary Ixmisc Waters, and John Hampton are on the 2A Honor lio!l for the third month. which James Lee Hawkins and nolnnd Warrington marie. Whi!i» watching Mr. Hedge make the tables, the boys decided they, too. should like to make something, so I Rolai:d brcughl rai orange crate to ! Dor °thy Roberson. George Boy- school. Everyone decided that it i et '' an d James Tolnnd have en- would make a good library chair.' lcrer! school this week, so with their saws, hammer, andi The 2A b °J' 5 and B irls arc Going nails Roland and James Lee made I *° crect their P' a y licuse the last [it green. The ° r this week. the chair and painted it gn next day Emma Lou Crawford brought a pretty cretcniH covered cushion for it. and now every on? hurries to gel through with their work so they may sit in the beautiful new chair at the library table and read. Those of the 3B grade who spent Thanksgiving out of town were: Margaret Davis, Velma Lee Hatch. James Long, Belte Thrasher, and Margaret Elfrank. We are glad lo have visit us Ihis week in our home room. Wilson . Hughes' molher and Biande Per- Tra Lange Soccer Team played [ ry's molher. Sudbury Monday afternoon after; The dollar for P. T. A. attend- school. The score was 12 to 11 in I an ce went to Mis. Spann's room fnvor of Sudbury. The team;, will i again. Ten mothers were present play again Friday asternoon. j This money will be used to pur- _ * i chase books or other needed enulp- •rne sixth grade of Lange Schorl ! m ent for the first grade has a. nice new steel cabinet Th- rales and msde- the money for their cabinet. School supplies and materials will be kept in it. Tho teachers of the rural schools held a meeting at Lange School Frlilay, December 5. i ^rarguerite Tnnkersley was abs?m i from school last week because cf illness. The Thanksgiving holidays caused no apparent decline in the class progress of the 6B and 6A grade. Good work was done last week. The pupils.-i hav Christmas seals. been, selling Tlio following pupils had perfect attendance for the third month of Urhcol: Those In the sixtli grade are: Eula Mae Kinningham. Bobby Priest. Gwyndolyii Smith, Mildred Lou Hubbard, Mary Sue Pullen, Dorothy R'fcertson, ckstls Walden, Sony Dillahmity, Bttford Hawkins, Cecil Branson, Eva Forest. Margaret Rleveii. Russell Mosley, Clara Bell Oilbow. Mary Eunice Layson, John Roland Sanders, John Grable, H-y Graves, George Fattojlt. Virginia Liltle. Helen Moore. Adalacle Cowsirt and Tommy Rogers. These in the fifth grade are: Jewel Brooks, Vera Bell Coleman, Annie Lee Halsell, Gilbert Hammock, Winford Kymes. Leeora Mc- Lecd, Ell7j\beth Ann Wilson, Patty June Davis, Berry Blair, Sarah Pauline Evrard, Bill Godwin, Gcn- ,iva Graves, Glcrma Marie Gwynn, Elizabeth Harrison, Catherine Johnson, Emory McDonald, Jamec Price, Christine Timmer, and P. T. Haney. 'Ihose in the Fourth grade arc: Fatiutlne Hollis, Lcvan Lultrcll, Na- KC BAKING POWDER It's double acting Use K C (or fine texture and large volume in your bakings. MILLIONS OF POUNDS USED BY OUR GOVERNMENT Junior Hiyh On a table painted green in the B B-2 rofjn in Junior High the 8 B-2 class keep! its newspapers. They have several newspapers including The Evening Appeal, Press Scimitsr. Courier, Arkansas Gaiatte and the Commercial and several Sunday School papers. These papers Improve Ihe room very much. skeletons are those ot Indians. from using street corners ami park- i Ing space to conduct their busiiicss- Dobyius. G\v«irtolyn Fisher' Rlieino Hargett, Geneva Hill Louise Leggett, Frances Little. Martha Ann Lynch, Virginia Martin, Betty Lee McCutchen, Jo McGee, Juanita Moore, Rebecca Taylor, Vera Saliba "fatel Jo Wilson. 7A-1—j oe Burns, Cnrlyle Handcock, J. J. Haryetl, Herbert Muck Byron Moore. Robert Moore, Dick Tipion, Jack Wilson. Opal Brooks Chquila Douglas, Virginia Durham' Lottie Heath, Juanita Moore Mildred Lee Norman, Lucilo, Neisthel- mcur, Kathryn Poscy, Patty Shane' 7A-2-D. J. Carter, .^Houston Cau«e, Jainei Powler.'Malcalm'JcJly Elmer Lindiey, Mattm Payne) -Ed- aie Saliba,'/Oebbtt-iBallba ' : B«ese Wooten, Ly»tia Bris'jiien, Eyie Lou ' dny'jer, Pauline. Spradley, Prnnkfe TuckAr Kutlin'n Walpole. ''••'' .'' : ,v>: 8B-1-C. M. Baxter/VJames Gill Raymond Johnson, -M'bert Jolly Henry LunsffTd, J. W. 'Purtle John H Reville. WUllam Stiwut, B' J Sanford, Herman Turner, N J Willingham, Vlrgijiia Allty, Frankl» Booker, Marguerite tiurna, Marie Collier, Yseldah Cnxiker, Pauline Hires, Colleen Holland, Christine Hood, Josephine Johnson, Hugh King, Mary Dallie Kinningham Carman Lewis, Margaret Ounont, SuiJe Richards, Constance Smith, Annto atalcup, Thelma Tate, Luclle The 8 B-2 Junior High Class had a room, program last Tuesday. Tlw prr-gram consists: "Blow, Blow, Thou Winter Winds"—Mary Spain Usrey. "Sell-1 Tyrone. ing the Old Home"—Anna Mnrgar- "i 8B-2—Jolin F. Burns, Russell et Dent. "Kindness"—Loran Hog- i Blair, Barnes Crook, James Guard an. "Pleasing Dad"—Reuse Harp.! Dan Hnmner, Loran Hcgan, Rouse "Mother's Job"—Bill McKenzie. j Harp, Deck Johnston, Maurce Luttrell, Bill McKenzie, Hal Moore N Mrs. Stickmon's 8 B-2 Guidance class gavo a program on December 3d. Those en the program were: Dan McLean, Gwendolyn Fisher. M. Minard, Robert Reeiex, E. B. Rogers, Woodrew Hughes. June Armantrout, Ell/jibeth Belote, Lucile Bcmland, Isabel Brandon, Ruth Jcc Magoe. James Roberts. W. S.; Burks, Lnuraj Crowder Jane Holli- Fowler. Norman Landlord, Polly : psI.?J, Effie Mcore, Eloisc Reynolds Ann Buck, r,r.d Louise Lcggitt. \ Freida Secoy, Cora Loulie Turner Amanda Thrasher. The 8 B-2 room has a magazine rack with over 30 different kinds cf magazines- It is a large stand with five shelves and is, very al- liactive. It is painted er.jcn. 'Hiis magazine rack is fiilled with the latest editions. After getting their lessons Ihe pupils read Ihese mag- for pleasure. Total with perfect attendance, no tardies or absents—159. The. 7 B-3 class had one tardy in Die • monlh and will receive Ihe treat offered by Mr. Greene for the Section making the least number cf tardlea In a month. Mr. Branch's Englith Class gave About 65 per cent of Italian houses are wired for electricity. Open Until 9 O'clock Tonight and Every Night Until Christmas HALF PRICE SALE NOW ON Grand Leader GREAT REOUCT! 1-4 Off Regular Prices HeginiUrig Thursday, Dtc. 11th, our entire innm- moth overstock (if ;ill [ligh-gnide new CHRISTMAS MEKCHANUISK, inchuling the foHowin(f items: The Famous Wnhl and ShcalTer Pens, Pencils unil Sets from $2.75.und up, ;i( \/,\ olT. Some Klieiiffer Pens at '/i price. New Fostoria Glassware and Mfetinic Gcsco Knives and Forks, Hollow ware, Rodgcrs and Community Silverware. Fine Toilet Sets, Hibleg, Hrief Cast's, Ladies and Alens Purses in the well known Knncv ]/,iml, Hand Made Steer Hide, Fine Lamiis, Smoker Se(s and Stands, and dozens of other items, all at 1/-1 off, or 81.00 worth for 75c. Home items i/ 2 price. You know the quality of our mt'rchatidise, anil this -is the lirsl chance you have had to iiui'duisc from us at such greatly reduced pricta in our 27 veurs in iilytheville. PARKHURST CO. One Door West of Postofficc. TREE Cleaning Week! licgiimin/r December 8th and lustinn until December l.'ilh, lhc Hudson Tailor Shop will give • FREE C1,KANIN(J lo Us patrons. This is not a reduction in yriees lint a fjifl. Kenuhiber all articles to be dcmu'rl THICK must accompany original cash order. With the Following Order We Will Give Free Cleaning Overcoats Clwined und Pressed 31.50 FREK OFFER FREE! With each Over- cctiit \vc clean and press Suit. SUITS Cleaned and Pressed . FREE OFFER Hats Cleaned and Block- cd KREE! , ..'.•.. Cleaned and Pressed Ladies Dresses $1.501 FREE OFFER .'.]' With each liadies' Dress we will clean and "i-ess coat FREE. (We charge for the high •priced articles of'above.) Cleaned and Reblocked r other ^at:FREE!;;>.-.''|ALL WORK-CASH AND CARRY HUDSON TAILOR SHOP asy starting at I0°below C 19190, ItaK» rv-.rJoim Co. "Listen In on the 1 Phillips 6fi Flyers every night except 9 Sunday. 0 to 6:30 V. M.. Central Standard 1 Time, Station KMOX, The Voice ,[ of St. Louis." *' DAY & MtiHT SERVICE C. ,T. CK.AM-: GUO. J. H. IIOHINSON MID MflHT INN 5. SAM BAILEY, Yarbro 6. K. SANDERS, State Line Arch 7. VI SERVICE STATION, 408 Nth, 6th. 8. B. H. SECOY, Dell

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