The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 7, 1957 · Page 21
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 21

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 7, 1957
Page 21
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1 Honor PingelsAl Ledyard, Sun. Ledyard — On Sunday Mr and Mrs N. A. Pingel observed their polderi wedding anniversary by holding open house at the Legku. Hall. Over 200 relatives and friends called during the afternoon. A short, program war- given with Mrs Albert Looft in charge: Accordian Numbers by Bob Pingel of Algona. Readings — "Remembering" and "Your 50th" by Marvel Hal verson. , Duel — Ann Carpenter and Linda Pingel accompanied by Mrs E. A. Carpenter. Devotions and Greetings by Rev. Whyte of Algona, who wa.s Methodist minister here 35 years ago. The tea table was presided over by Mrs Laurence Pingel, pouring, Mrs Edward Looft, Mrs Fred Looft, Mrs Albert Looft, Mrs Marie Graebert, who cut the wedding cake and by members of the G.O.F. Club of which Mrs Pingel is a member. Grelchen Looft and Sandra Pingel had charge of the guest book and Cleo Young had charge of the gift table. The floral centerpiece was a gift of the WSCS of which Mrs Pingcl is a charter member. Moderneiie Club The Modernette Club met at the home of Mrs Howard Klink- sifek on Wednesday, Feb. 20th. tor a dessert luncheon. Nine members and one guest were present. Roll call was answered by each one giving a current news event. Mrs Albert Looft gave a ver> interesting lesson on the State of Iowa. The club packed a box of candj and cookies for Duane Darnell, son of Mr and Mrs Harold Darnell, who is in the service. Mrs Marie Halvorson and Marvel returned home Wednesday evening from Waterloo where Mrs Halvorson had been visiting at the home of her daughter and family. Mrs Ida Darnell returned home Thursday evening from Sterling, 111., where she had gone to attend the funeral of a cousin. Mr and Mrs George Thompsor. attended the funeral of Mrs Thompson's uncle, F. L. Chapman., former hardware merchant at LuVcrne for over 40 years, the funeral and burial was in Lu- Verne. Mr and Mrs August Klinksiek went to Des Moines and took Mrs Mary Blome home after she had been here for a short visit and to attend the wadding of Marian Klinksiek. Mr and Mrs J. T. Whitcomb, Danny, and Mary Beth of Morris, Minn, spent the weekcnc visiting at the J. F. Sullivan home. Sunday afternoon Mr and Mrs J. F. Sullivan and Jeremiah went to Algona and visited Matt Timely A Topics "Everybody Talks About The Weather . . BUT NOBODY EVER DOES ANYTHING ABOUT IT" . . . .is a saying that is generally credited to Mark Twain, the author of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. Actually, however, a newspaperman by the name of C. D. Warner wrote that famous saying in a editorial for the Hartford, Conn., Courant newspaper in 1890. Also, there used to be a saying among housewives that "if you hung a wash out on the line it was sure to rain." Actually, in the 50 odd years since Mr Warner wrote his famous crack about the weather, a lot has been done. For just as the automatic washing machine started to take over wash-day drudgery in 1920, so today the automatic gas clothes dryer is eliminating all the heavy work entailed in drying clothes. Time was when most homemakers trudged up the basement steps with a heavy basket of* wet clothes, stretched a clothesline, stooped over hundreds of,times to hang the wash. More often than not, a storm came up and the homemaker had to scurry out to struggle with flapping,'soggy clothes, carry them indoors, and hang them wherever she could! in basement, kitchen, or porch. The gas clothes dryer takes over this list of heavy chores. As soon as the washing it done, all laundry can , be tossed into the dryer direct from washer. The automatic timer on the gas dryer is switched to the number of minutes of drying time required. From then on you don't have to do a thing. Thermostats control the heat and hold the temperature at the most suitable point. At the end of the drying period, the dryer automatically switches off. The timer dial can be set so that clothes are completely dried for immediate storing or damp- dried for ironing. Anything that goes into a washer can be dried in the gas dryer. White and color-fast clothes can be dried together. Each load in the average washer can be dried as it is washed with the average drying time taking from 15 to 25 minutes. The fortunate owner of a gas clothes dryer finds that her towels don't have to be ironed at all. Their texture is smooth instead of crumply and crooked from line drying. All corduroys, chenille bedspreads, bathmats and most underwear needs only a gentle smoothing with the hand. There is saving in wear and tear. For all the problems of outdoor drying are eliminated — the dust, the rain, sleet and snow, the slipping clotheslines, the soot, the smoke, the neighbor's dog who pulls down a sheet into the mud. We started out with the tcpie of the Weather. Yet to many thousands of gas clothes dryer owners the weather actually isn't the most important part — what is, is that their clones are soft and white and seem to hove a finer texture. Next is the great saving in time, work and ironing. A Gas Clothes Dryer is about one of the easiest appliances there is to own. One can be installed immediately, there is no down payment, and then yaw pey for it in easy amounts right on your regular gas bill. For full details on how to enjoy living with p Cat Clothes Dryer, see your gas appliance dealer or Phone 1412. Yes, "something ha* been done about the weather" especially washday weather I Krebsbach who is a patient at St. Ann hospital, they afcn visited Mrs John Miller at the Roberts Nursing Home. Mrs Lydia Brandt of Zearing, who is visiting relatives hen- and Mrs Lena Junkermeier spent last Saturday evening at the George Thompson home. Mr and Mrs Ed Kerr of Lew Angeles who have been spending the past few months here visiting relatives, and Mrs Clarence Ackerson of Wesley spent the weekend visiting their sister, Mrt. Lena Warner. Circles of the Methodist WSCS will meet this Thursday with the Esther Circle meeting in the afternoon with Mrs Tice Brack as hostess and the Mary Circle meeting in the evening with Mrs Gertrude Wierner as hostess. L. H. Junkermeier, who has been ill at his home the past several weeks, was taken to the Blue Earth Hospital on Thursday for treatment. Mr and Mrs George Thompson visited at the J. A. Zwiefel home in Corwith all day Thursday. The ladies are sisters. Bob Hamilton was taken to the Blue Earth Community Hospital where on Wednesday he underwent major surgery. On Wednesday Mr William Klinksiek and Mr Marlyn Peterson took the juniors and seniors to Des Moines where they visited places of interest. Mrs Dale Canfield and Mrs Norris Hines and three children left on Wednesday to visit their parents, Mrs Canfield at Mt. Union and Mrs Hihes at Muscatine. Jerry Gilbertson, "son of Mr and Mrs B. E. Gilbertson, underwent an appendectomy at the Blue Earth Community Hospital on Thursday. Mr and Mrs J. F. Sullivan and Jeremiah and Madonna were 5 o'clock dinner guests at the George Thompson home on last Tuesday evening, celebrating the Sullivans" wedding anniversary. Mr and Mrs George Gonias and children Pamela and John of Des M,oines came Sunday to visit at the D. B. Mayer home. Mrs Gonias and children remained to spend the week. Mr and Mrs George Thompson attended the 6th District meet-, ing of the R. L. C. A. and their auxiliary on Feb. 22nd at Garner. The Thompsons, though retired, still are active in the organization. Ex-Prisoner Of War Speaks At Seneca P.T.A. Seneca — There was a good attendance at the Seneca P.T.A. meeting held Monday at the school gymnasium. Ray Bergum, the chairman, conducted a short business meeting. Mrs John Struecker reported on the activities of the Library committee. Mrs Albert Johnson, chairman of the program committee, introduced the speaker of the evening, Rev. L. L. Robinson, pastor of the Baptist church at Bancroft. Rev. Robinson talked on Memories of Three and One Hall Years as a Japanese Prisoner of War. Refreshments were served at the close of the meeting by the John Strueckers, Charles Beavers, Lawrence Muellers, Henry Loofts, Lester Osborns, Caleb Hartshorns, Calvin Vaudts, Harold Grunhovds and Jay Lees. Jay Lees, sponsor of the sophomqre class at Seneca, entertained the group at a pancake supper Friday evening. Following the supper they were his guests at a theatre party. Mr Walders also accompanied the group. The Seneca Stars 4-H Cub met Feb. 18 at the home of Kois Wilberg. Plans were made for the club* exhibit at Algona 4-H Day on March 9. The program consisted of a demonstration by Carol Johannesen. Carol Hanisch gave a talk. A panel discussion was presented by Sharon Dorsey, Lois Wilberg and Marilyn Johannesen, and a talk was given by Dorothy Petersen. Mr and Mrs Clarence Menz have received word from their son Larry, who enlisted in the army recently, that he is receiving his basic training at Fort Ord, Calif. Mr and Mrs Raymond Gardner returned home last week after 3 vacation trip to Florida. Mrs Carrie Jensen spent the weekend at the Henry McGregor home near Armstrong. The occasion was the observance of several of the McGregor families birthday anniversaries. Mrs Howard Jones and family returned recently from the State of Washington where they have been visiting relatives for several weeks. The Jones family plan to move to Storm Lake in the near future. Mr and Mrs Clarence Menz visited a week ago Tuesday at the Mercy Hospital at Fort Dodge, where Donald Elbert of Cylinder is a patient, following surgery. Mrs Elbert and Mrs Menz are sifters. Kathryn Johannesen, a student at Waldorf College at Forest City, spent the weekend at the home of her parents, the Lawrence Johannesens. Mr and Mrs Everett Witham were last Sunday evening guests at the Ralph Campbell home. Mr and Mts Henry Looft attended the golden wedding observance of Mr and Mrs Norman Pingle at the Legion llall ai Ledyard Sunday afternoon. The •Pingles are aunt and uncle ol Henry Looft. Mr and Mrs Clarence Menz viisfled at the G'irn Zwiefel home at Burt last Sunday. Mrs Bertha Pommer of Algona spent Sunday night at the Henry Looft home. She accompanied the Loofts home from Ledyard Sunday afternoon where they attended the 50th anniversary oi the Norman Pingles. The Blakjer Lutheran church is carrying on a Preaching, Reaching, Teaching Mission which will be climaxed the week of Mar. 10-14 when the Rev. Nee! A. Olsen, pastor of the Strand Lutheran church at Dunbar, Iowa, will speak at the church each evening. Hugo Meyers' Silver Wedding In Whittemore Whittemore — Mr and Mrs Hugo Meyer celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary Sunday evening, Feb. 24, at their home. Guests were the brothers and sisters and the parents of Mr and Mrs Meyer. Mr and Mrs William Meyer Sr. and Mrs Anna Dau, parents, Mr and Mrs Martin Meyer of Garner; Mr and Mrs Henry Lauck, Mr and Mrs William Meyer Jr., Mr and Mrs Alvih Meyer, Mr and Mrs Ernest Meyer and Mr and Mrs Herman Behnke of here; Mr and Mrs, Albert Meyer and Mr and Mrs Edwin Lieb of Lotts Creek, and Mr and Mrs Leonard Meyer of Rodman. Mr and Mrs Victor Dau, Mr and Mrs Wilbur Roeber, Mr and Mrs Melvin Roeber, Mr and Mrs Lawrence Meyer and Mr and Mrs Herbert Zumach of here; Mr and Mrs Frank Jurgens of West Bend; Mr and Mrs Ernest Bernau of Corwith. Mr and Mrs Meyer were mar- ried in St. Paul's- Lutheran church on Feb. 24, 1932. Mrs Harry Scnmeling entertained the Southside 500 Club at her home Friday evening, Mrs Henry Wichtendahl winning high aM M'** Anna Wehrspann, low, and Mrs John Uhlenhake won the travel prize. Walter A. Meyer accompanied by Mr and Mrs Harold Zimmer- ifiann visited with Mrs Elmer Ostwald in Fort Dodge in the Lutheran hospital Sunday evening. Mr and Mrs Hugo Gade of Algona and Mrs Mathilda Meye: were Wednesday evening visitors at the home of Mr and Mn Herman Voigt. • Portland Twp. &y M«. Victor Fitch John Teeter of Ames- spent the weekend at the home of his parents, Mr and Mrs Franz Teeter. Mr and Mrs Mel Hotz of Cedar Rapids were weekend guests of Mr and Mrs R. I. Simpson. Mrs Hotz is the former Maxine Simpson. The women of the Portland Neighborhood belonging to the Burt Band Mothers helped serve at a supper Thursday evening put on by the Burt Band Mothers for their husbands. "I never could see why a fellow ought to quit being courteous to a girl Just because she married him." Thunday, March 7, 1957 Algono {Fa.) Upp*t DM Mdtfi«t-S 46 New Trucks, Curs Registered New cars and trucks continued, to sell well in this area during the past two weeks, with a total of 46 new vehicles registered in the office of the county treasurer. Owners and make of new vehicles: CMC — Fred Bentele, Wesley; Bradley Bros., Algona. Chevrolet — Alfred Scherer, truck, Algona; Emil Bierstedt, Fenton; A. L. Bierstedt, Whittemore; G. N. Bonacker, Titonka; Simon Elbert, Whittemore; R. E. Reynolds, Algona. International — Whittemore Imp. Co., Whittemore; and J. H. McGregor, Armstrong. Ford — Harold Shockey, pickup, Swea City; Lawrence DitU mer, pickup; A. L. Rasmussen, Burt; F. W. Langerman, Swea City; R. L. Briggs, Ledyard; Ella A. Eden, Wesley; Harold Herzog, Ledyard; V. K. Burgeson, Armstrong; P. R. Morttftg, Algona; George's Body Shop, Algona; Mrs T, «T Palmer, Algona; Wallace McArthur. Bancroft; M. L. Vitz- thuffi, Wesley; fi. M. Valvick, Swea City; Mary L. Mawdsley. Algona; Clem Elbert, Algona; L. E. Fesster, Fenton; and Robert Bunkofske, Algona. Mtfettty—'Isabelle M. Koepke, flurt; O. P. Hertzkl, Lakota: Taj" lor Mercury, Algona; W, E. Brass, Lakota; C. J. Bauer, Ot* tosen: M, W. Dahl, Swea Citjr: Albeft Sleper, Lakott; FtM Bartholomew, Algona; and Leona Ferstl, ,Algona. Ponliac — Oscar Hammond, Burt; Tom B. Naig, Fenton; -and R, W. Nelson, LuVerne. Nash — Maurice Eischen, Algona. DEKALB 423 Excellent Yields - Stiff Stalks ATTENTION POULTRYMEN In spit* of the reported increase in Chick Seles end Order* this spring, we are able to offer you a contract FOR NOT LESS THAN 50c per dozen the year around. We Have Averaged Over 60c Per Doi. Over The Past Two Years. FLOCKOWNERS REPORT OVER $3 PER HEN PROFIT PER YEAR Jf Interested, Call or Write Us IOWA BROILER EGGS BURT, IOWA PHONE 167 Diol Service Is Easy to Use Dial Service Starts in Algona — All Telephone Numbers to Change Just dial the five figures the number — tbcSeKers may be omitted. For ekample, - to dial CYpress 6-350S (omitting the letters). Early Sunday morning, March 10, dial service will start in Algona. You will know when the change has been made by the dial tone — a steady humming sound in the receiver of your telephone. *It means that the new equipment is in service and is ready to handle your call. When you hear it, dial the number you are calling. For dial service, there are new numbers for all telephones in Algona. It will be necessary to use the new numbers in your new telephone directory. If you dial a number from the old directory, your call cannot be completed. The new dial numbers will consist of the central office name CYpress and five figures. Always use the complete number on long distance calls, in advertising and when giving your number to others. The two letters may be omitted, however, in dialing another Algona telephone. Only the five figures are necessary. In addition to the new numbers, your new telephone directory also contains complete information on how to dial, how to make emergency calls and how to call others on your line. How* ever, if you need further assistance in completing your call, just dial "Operator" and she will assist you. Establishment of dial service will complete a $650,000 telephone improvement and expansion program that also includes direct dialing of calls to Whittemore. We are sure you will find dial service a fast and dependable service. J. I. CLAUDE, Maoogtr NORTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY First remove receiver and wait for the dial tone — it tells when to start dialing. Next, dial the figure 6, turning the dial clockwise until your finger strikes the finger stop. Remove your finger and let the'dial return at its own speed." Next dial the 3, 5, 0 and 8 in the same manner, But be sure you dial the figure 0 or zero —• which is the last opening on the dial instead of the letter O (shown on the dial with MN0)« To Avoid Wrong Numbers your old directory as soon as convenient aft«BP you start using the new <H» rectory Sunday morning, your new number plate to your telephone to help you remeqiber yaw? new number when giving it to others and in long distance calls. your personal n«a** her list and change ai) gona numbers a* «t»w»

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