The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 7, 1957 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 7, 1957
Page 11
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Bancroft Blue & White . "A 0 ,*", "P*** ar * mwnbm ef the Bancroft »u - glr t ls 4 ; H c i ub ' who wil1 have their sP^ial 4-H Rnn « • Sl l a rP, s J ewelf y here Saturday. Mrs Lawrence Menke, Bancroft, is club leader, Barbara DeGeeter, president, Linda Weber another n eDnt f A ^ f " U Ar , oster ?f the S luc , and Whites is g jven °" another page of this Algona Upper Des Moines Special 4-H issue. (Photo courtesy of the Bancroft Register). Whittemore G/V/ fir/We of Airman In Feb. 23 Nuptials I have before me here, a nice white piece of typing paper There is a whole package 'more of it on my desk, the typewriter is working fine and I have a couple of hours of reasonable quiet before I have to start sup-, per. You'd think, wouldn't you, that this would be the perfect time to get a good start on my column writing stint for this week. But I can't think of n single thing for a main subject and that's what makes it hard. People have warned me there'd be days like this. * • * It is quite possible that I am suffering from a case of conceal- id • envy after listening to the tales of the local southern vaca- lionists. They've been sending those "having a wonderful time" post cards and I've talked with several enthusiastic returned travelers. The concensus seems to be that this time of year is the perfect season to get away from Iowa's weather. « • » Vuanita and Russ Kentz and their three youngsters took their Florida vacation 'the hard #ay.< They went to Tampa, three days and two nights, each way and they didn't stop excepting for gas, food, etc. Both Vuanita and Russ drive, so they took turns and the kids slept in the back seats of the station wagon. Vaunita says the kids behaved very well excepting for a few fights and they probably have them at home ulso. After they reached Tampa they stayed with her folks, the Fred Wegeners who are spending the wintei there. Ten year old Dianna collected specimens of soil from eight states for her fifth grade science project and everybody went fishing and swimming. Soup Briggs told me a story quite a while back about one ol his vacations. It was a stag fishing trip this time. Ik seems that one fellow said he would do absolutely all the cooking for the whole week with only one reservation. The first guy who complained about the food had to take over for the rest of the vacation. One night the cook was a little tired of his job so he made some soup and put a huge amount of salt into it. The fellows sat down to the table, commented favorably on the appetizing odor of the soup and lifted spoonsful of the brew to lips. The first fellow to taste it, promptly spit it out and yelled, "Holy Jupiter!", or some more unprintable exclamation, "This soup is sure salty!" Then he paused for a moment and reflected on all the frying pan duty in store for him during the rest of the week. So he added meekly, "But that's exactly the way I like it!" * * * Thelma Brower appeared at a meeting the other night with a scratch the full length of tne side of her nose. Her husband, the Rev. M. H. Brower, was in for a bit of kidding about beating and scratching his wife. But the true story of how Thelma got he: injury isn't any stranger than the fictional version. It seems the kids had been playing with Mrs Brower's toilet articles and when she went to put on her face to go out, she found out too late that they'd left a pin in her powder puff! Who says motherhood isn't a hazardous calling? * * * Another thing I'm finding out about motherhood is % that you have to stifle lots of your prejudices and a few of your phobias. I've always detested mice, but it looks now like I'm just going to have to be a good sport and get over it. Bill has a science project and he wants to prove with real, live examples how nutrition and environment can make a difference in the lives of mice. Many different times since we've lived in this house, we've been plagued by mice. We catch them and get rid of them just as soon as we can. But now that Bill wants two of the horrid little creatures in the interest of Science, do you sup« pose we can find one? I should •say not! • . { < »< * * * The first item in Operation Mouse was to get a trap that would catch but not'kill. Bill made a tqur of the local hardware stores to buy one of those wire maze traps but with no results. Nobody had seen one for years. But at one .store, a Mrs Dodds heard the request and said she had'an old trap of that-type at home. And when she found out what Bill wanted it for, she said, "Why Mr Dienes, your science teacher, lives on our farm. I'll send the trap to school with him in the morning." She did but we still haven't caught any furry creatures in it. If you have any mice in your basement, we'd be glad to set the trap there. It's all for dear Science, but I hate to think of what my sister, who has an even worse mouse phobia than I do, will say if the cage at our house isn't absolutely and positively mouse tight. * * * ' Dove seems to come to the kids earlier than it did when I was young. Or at least the youngsters talk to their parents about girl- 'riends and b^oy-friends more frankly than we did. The littlest one at our house . came home :rom school all excited one day, "I found out for sure that Larry really loves me", she said. 3 asked her how she made this, amazing discovery and she replied, "Well he chases me at recess more than any other girl in the second grade." "What does Larry do after he catches you?", I asked. "He beats up on me", said Jeannie, "And he told me I could kick and squirm better than any girl he ever knew." Mary Lichter has had her experiences with very young love also. Two of fier-boys are now in high school, but when they were in the second and third grades, respectively, Mary overheard this conversation. The first boy said, "I wish the girls would leave me alone. The trou? ble with me I've just got too many girl friends." The-second boy said, scornfully, "Huh! You can sure tell you are only in the second grade. When you get in third grade like I am, you'll know that it just isn't possible to have too many girl friends." » * * The Lenten season is here and it is a time when we should all Day a little more attention to our spiritual well-being. It's a good ,hing, it, perns to me, tq make ittle sacrifices during Lent but an even better thing to add some unaccustomed worthwhile acti- ' vities. If your family keeps fast ' days you'll be, looking for some meatless menus so I found this corn, Tuna Casserole for this week's recipe. It comes from Kitchen Klatter magazine. .1 can whole kernel corn, drained 1 can light meat tuna 1 tablsp. minced onion l k cup grated cheese 2Vt cups milk 4 tablsp. flour dash of pepper 1 generous tablsp. butter x 2 tsp. salt 2/3 cup crushed cracker crumbs 2 tablsp. melted butter Butter casserole and start with corn, then tuna and layer ol white sauce, onion and cheese in center, then repeat layers, ending with white sauce on top Lastly, sprinkle crumbs over top and melted, butter. Bake in 350 degree oven for 45 minutes. —GRACE, Lora Wichtendahl, daughter of Mr and Mrs George Wichtendahl of West Bend, arid Norman Prichard, son of Mr and Mrs W. H. Prichard. of Ranger. West Virginia, exchanged wedding vows Saturday evening February 23, in St. Paul's Lutheran church in Whittemore. The double ring ceremony took place at 7 o'clock with the Rev Paul G. Weinhold officiating Preceding the candlelight ceremony, Teacher Reuben But?ke played the organ nuptial music, and accompanied Gordon Jenson brothef-in-law of the bride, who sang. Escorted to the altar by her father, the bride was attractive iri a white satin gown fashioned on classic lines with long fitted sleeves tapered to a point ovet the wrists, the skirt extended in a long aisle wide train. Her fingertip veil of French illusion net was held in place by a silk net head piece trimmed with seeded pearls and orange blossoms. She carried a white prayer book covered with happiness and red roses shaped in the form of a cross with white silk streamers" and lied rosebuds. Her jewelry was a pearl necklace with matching earrings, a gift from the bridegroom. Attending as matron of honor was her sister Selma Wichtendahl:' Emogene Wichtendahl attended her sister as bridesmaid. Susan, Jenson, daughter of Mv and Mrs Gordon Jensen, niece ot the bride, was flower girl. Larry Wichtendahl, son of Mr and Mrs Harlan Wichtendahl of Algona, a nephew of the bride, was ring bearer. The bridegroom was attended by Harlan Wichtendahl. brother of the bride, who was best man, Delbert Wichtendahl also a brother acted as groomsman. Lee and Leslye Burns, nephews of the bride from Thor, were the candlelighters. Arnold Zinnell, and James Harms, of West Bend, cousins of the bride, were ushers. Immediately after the ceremony a reception was held in the church parlor for 200 guests. The bridal table was beautifully decorated in the bride's chosen colors and the table centerpiece was a three tiered wedding cake trimmed in red roses and a miniature bridal couple. Table waitresses were Janet Bergeson, Elaine and Charlotte Wichtendahl, Marlene Wichtendahl, Juliann Harms, Judy Baas, Wilma Wagner and Marylas Barber. Dining room receptionists were Mrs Lester Baas and Mrs Erwin Harms, Mr Prichard attended the schools in Ranger, Virginia and i enlisted- in the Air Force and served in that capacity Rir over six years, and for two years he served in Japan. He recently reenlisted and is attached with the Air Force Police Squadron at Offutt Air Force Base, Omaha. Mrs Prichard attended the St. Paul's Lutheran school here and the Whittemore Public school from'which she graduated. Following her graduation she enlisti ed in the Air Force and also is a member of the Air Force Police Squadron, and reenlisted recently. They will make their home in Omaha. They both are stationed at the Offutt Air Force Base. They will leave here Thursday on their honeymoon for Norman, OkJa., where they will visit theft brother-in-law and sister, S/Sgt. and Mrs Lyle Andersen. Mr and Mrs Erwin Bruhn of Cylinder, Mr and Mrs George Meyer, Mr and Mrs Bert Seel? and family and Mr and Mrs Edwin Greinert and family were recent visitors at the home of Mr and Mrs Harry Seely to help Mr Seely celebrate his birthday. Mr and Mrs Delbert Wichteft* dahl and son Vernon visited with Mr and Mrs Henry Wichtendahl, in honor of Henry's birthday. Henry and Jack Benny are about the same age, which is in the neighborhood of 39 years. Mr and Mrs Woodrow Russell vacated their home in the southeast part of town and have moved to the late Frank Bestenlehner home. Mr and Mrs Harry Schmeling were Sunday dinner guests at the home of Mr and Mrs Erwin Klatt near Ringsted. The women are sisters. Mr and Mrs Dean Meyer am family of Lake Crystal spent weekend at the parental home o Mr and Mrs Harry Schmeling. Elmer Ostwald accompanied ay, his mother-in-law, Mrs Friedi Zimmermann, visited wilh Mr Slmer Ostwald, who is a patien n the Lutheran hospital In For Dodge. Other visitors at the hoa pital with Mrs Ostwald were Mr and Mrs Melvin Henrich, Mr an< Mrs Harold Zimmermann am Mrs Dorothy Rosendahl. Mr and Mrs Maurice Schwlnt Otto Bell, and Emma Roeber were in Fort Dodge, recently where they visited with Mrs Otto Bell who is a patient in the Lutheran hospital. Monday call ers on Mrs Bell were Mr and Mrs Elmer O. Bell and Mrs Bernarc Bell. Mr and Mrs Melvin Heinrich Mr and Mrs Harold Zimmermanr and Mrs Dorothy Rosendahl visited at the home of Mr and Mrs William A. Rusch in Fort Dodge recently. A number pf relatives gathered at the home "of Mr and Mrs Charles Schultz Sunday evening Feb. 24-, to celebrate the birthday of Mr Schultz. Those present were Mrs Ruth Schultz and daughter Janice, Mr and Mrs Norman Schultz and daughter Debra, Mr and Mrs Ernie Meyer and son Eldon Ray, Mr and Mrs Herbert Potratz and sons, Kenneth Mergen and Janice Balgemann and Mr and Mrs James Schultz. Thirteen students from Concordia Teachers College in Seward, Neb. attended the Lutheran students government conference Feb. 21-23 in Milwaukee, Wis! Brenda Gade, daughter of Mr and Mrs, Lawrence Gade of Whittemore, was one of the group. Mrs Alfred Bell entertained a group of relatives Sunday evening, Feb. 24, in her home in honor of her husband's birthday. Present' were Mr and Mrs Bernard Bell, Mr and Mrs Elmer O. Bell, Otto Bell and Mr and Mrs Maurice Schwint and son David. Mrs Gene Harig and family of Newton visited recently at the home of her parents, Mr and Mrs Leo Walters and with relatives in Algona. Miss LeAnn Huberty, daughter of Mr and Mrs Nick Huberty, is the new bookkeeper in the Cresco Chums 4-H 4 '» ? lub «« honored on Crwco Chuma girls club, pictured above. pcnhj, A » p hambe rjain, Irvington; president is Delores Eisenbatth, Algona; Vice-president is Madonna Gisch, Algona The Cresco Chums are being sponsored by Elva & Jessie's Apparel ShOD $££,% ElL 1 ** 6 a *•" difi P la y Saturday. A comS list of officers and members appears on another page of the UDM! Whittemore Co-Operative elevator since the reilgnation of Florence Kollasch who was married March 4. St. Benedict By Mrs Philip Arndorfer At the March 3 card party at the St. Benedict School high score in "500" was won by Mrs Mike Arndorfer and low by Mrs Don McCarthy and high in bridge by Matt Borrnann. Door pri*e went to Raymond Harlg. Mrs Roman Thill, Mrs Mike Arndorfer and Mrs Matt Bormann attended a pre-nuptial shower in honor of Irene Elbert who is their cousin, in the parish school hall at Whittemore the afternoon of March 3. She will become the bride of Bernie McDonald also of Whittemore Mar. 5 and John Kellner and Mr and Mrs Roman Thill will attend Mrs Wilbur Daley was hostess at a shower .in honor of the twin sons of Mr and Mrs Arnold Arndorfer. The little lads are about a month old and are at St. Ann hospital yet, are doing fine but will remain until the required weight is reached. Mr and Mrs Ray Myer accompanied by Leo and Cecelia Herold from Fort Atkinson spent Sunday, March 3, at the Jack Ludwig and Dan Froehlich Sr. homes. The Ed Foertsch family was honored when Mr and Mrs Julius Seller, Mr and Mrs Bill Mayer, Mr and Mrs Ed Arend, Mr and Mrs Magnus Rahm, Mr md Mrs Joe Ranm and George Grein came to enjoy an evening socially by playing cards and bringing lunch served by the group. Mrs Grein was unable to attend as she was in Iowa City with her mother, Mrs Frances mmerfall, about her eye condi- ion. Mr and Mrs Bob Arndorfer, Mr nd Mrs Magnus Rahm, also )iane motored to Chicago Feb. 6 to attend ^ the wedding of 'atricia Kerrigan, a niece of Mrs lahm. Ida Mae Kutschara took part n the annual formal spring con- ert of Mankato Commercial college on the night of Feb. 25. Ida OFFICE SUPPLIES Adding Machines Typewriters (Upright and Portables) Files Supplies HOGS Hogs caused an auto accident near Knoxville recently. Two Bussey men were injured when driver Phil Baltzley took to the ditch to keep from hitting a bunch of hogs on the highway. "Ma" Ferguson, former governor of Texas succeeded her husband in office. He had been impeached. Office Desks Office Chairs (Steno and Regular) Ledgers & Sheets AND DOZENS OF OTHER SMALLER ITEMS NEEDED IN OFFICE AND HOME UPPER DES MOINES 111 E. CallSt, Office Supply Dept, ALGONA Phone sings in the first soprano section. She also works as the part time secretary to the president of the college, Mr A. R. McMullen. Ida Mae has attended college since last September. Her course is an eighteen month's course but she will finish in 4 months less time and will be through about November, Mary Daley wa* hostess the St. Benedict card party Friday, March 1, and Mary Cink was high winner. Mr and Mrs Willis Beisch will be leaving St. Benedict and will live in the Arthur Klein home on the former Goeders farm just east of Sexton. Willis will carry on his same garage repair business and corn shelling as previously. Mr and Mrs Kenneth Spangler and daughters, Bonnie and Deborah of Janesville, Minn, were guests in Mrs Ben KunkePs home March 1 and March 2. Mrs Spangler is a daughter of Mrs Kunkel. Mareti 7, t«f Affeno (la.) Upptr DM Mtfntt-4 Sanctuary of the church for the rost of the program. Mr Wostpahl" told about the "Begger Children" of Egypt who are sold to professional Doggers so that they can live. He told of the Mau Maus who could stay under water for an hour or more while breathing through bamboo tubes to escape detection. The second session of the School of Missions will meet on Sunday evening, March 10th at 6:30. Following the fellowship supper there will be a moving picture called "In The Face O' Jeopardy." The story is from South East Asia and tells of tin- struggle between • Christianity and Communism there in the life of one family. The third and final session will be the following Sunday evening. March 17th with Mrs Leon Blaki of Estherville as the speaker following the fellowship supper in the community room. , and M. 3. Br««l**. f. *«w* e* Palnwr. Snpt. anrt TrS KftTiT. »». The niimtt<«* of ifw trmetltlf «f Pefe. 1. IPS? wre road and ftpproVfcd. Motion by Bradley. Seconded by Me- r,.,.r-^ n that thf vowrohm payable fte approved artd authorized ps$ aft an. . , .1. Motion carried. All voting "Aye". C. M. St. P. A P.ft.n. CO., __________ ...... c. M. st. p; A p.n.ft. co., Doan News by Mrs Lee K!l«y 125 Hear & See Mission Work At Good Hope One hundred twenty five attended the first session of the School pf Missions at Good Hope Methodist Church Sunday evening, March 3rd to hear Mr Skip Westphal of Manson tell of his trip to Africa. After a fellowship supper in the church basement with eight host and hostesses inviting guests to fill their tables the group adjourned to the The Doan Methodist Youth Fellowship members met at the Ray Cunningham home Thursday evening. | Mrs Leo Sabin and Mrs Willard Gregson of Algona spent Friday afternoon with their sister, Mrs Clarence Canaday. Cliff Hoover is a patient In St. Ann Hospital this week. He underwent surgery on Tuesday morning and is now feeling better. The Doan WSCS held a Work Day meeting at the Doah church annex on Thursday. The ladies' husbands helped them to paint the annex of the church. Saturday evening visitors at the Clarence Canaday home were Mr and Mrs James Spears and family, Mrs Louis Kent. ___________ _„ . W. W. Sullivan, P.M., postaflS^- 38.80 Pay Roll, pay roll ______ , _____ 1.797J1 Milton Bilyeu. labor ____________ 187B4 Edwin W^lshaar. labor ..... . 18113 Mervln Hentges, labor ... _____ 111.B7 Imva State Bank, withholding tax .......... . ..... .. ...... , . 281.W Soc. Sec. Fund, soc. see. fund 1SB.M N'orth Central Trete Setv., «m contract —....... ...... S,0i7.3« WatM f-atti Pay Roll, pay roll . ...... ._„„ JS84'; Frank Ostrtim, labor ... _______ . 128 4i Waller Peterson, labor ....... 140.'H Seiner Helmers, labor _. ...... .. 13.fl( Rpakus Helmers, labor ... .. 1361: George Welg, labor -.- ...... ... ll.BV Iowa State Bank, withholding tax ______ ....... ..... ....... ". »4.50 Hoc. Sec. Fund, soc. sec. tax.. 30.2fr N. Central Pub. Serv. Co., gas »l ....... ,- ..... -- — ..„-,- 130.48 Depollt fund Donald Bterstedt et al, refund 88.00 Then there wag discussion With 'th* ! local franchise truck dealer*, namely n. H. Hall, Don Nelson, FJWd Kent Jr., Clayton Perclval, Walter Bradley and Arrnln Schultz with respect to » policy for future purchasing Of trucks. Next meeting date was set for March 1. 1957, at 7:30 o'clock p.m. Meeting adjourned. /»/ Ira Kohl /S/ Allen K. President LAST ONE At Waukon, the last "magneto type" telephone was recently removed. Removing the telephone was the chore of Art Sandbeck, who is an old-timer himself with the telephone company. He's been on the job there for 48 years. Municipal Utilities UTILITIES PROCEEDINGS A meeting of the Board of Trustees of tho Algona Municipal Utilities was held In the City Hall, City of Algona, Iowa. Feb. 15, 19S7, at 7:30 o'clock p.m. Present were: Allen Buchanan. C. R. PROCBEDIMO8 A special meeting of the B6ard of Trustees of the Algona Munfdrjar Utilities was held at the Allen k, Buchanan office at 2514 E. State St.j" Algona, Iowa, on Feb. 6, 1987, at 10:00 o'clock a.m. " Present were: Allen K. Buchanan,*. c. R. McQuiston, M. .T. Bradley,' TV* James Palmer, Supt. and Ira Kohl», Sec. » A letter from John R. Carroll. notl»J tying the Board of Trustees of hia, resignation as attorney for the Board,: was presented and read. Motion by McQuiston, seconded b£; Bradley, that the resignation be ac** cepted. Motion carried. All voting** "Aye". • <* Then" there was a motion by Brad* 1 ley. seconded by McQulston. that Rug- sell G. Buchanan b° named legal ad* vlser for the Board Of Trustees. MotlofV carried. All voting* "Aye". Mr Buch* anan appeared before the Board and orally accepted the appointment. Meeting adjourned. /S/ Ira Kohl Secretary /S/ Allen K. Buchanan •» President of the Board . '* FRI., MARCH 8th MIDWEST CARAVAN SAT., MABCH 9th RALPH ZARNOW And His Orchwlra SUN., MARCH 17th St. Patrick's Dance JACK COLE And His Orchestra K, C.'s Partial COMPLETELY AUTOMATIC er tJRS&Ba&'WStaiPjiswSMWXfc '*-. vv NO, DOWN PAYMENT SMALL MONTHLY PAYMENTS ON YOUR OAS BILL mi Installation IN HOME • It Replace! The Obsolete Clothesline! $189.95 COMPLETE YOUR GAS COMPANY 109 So. Ha Ph«i» H

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