The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 6, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 6, 1944
Page 6
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Cg? W For .Litlle Rock • " Jonesboro's Juniors .Scheduled To Play r Papooses Wednesday ,1he- Bljthevllle High School Chickasavvs and Junior High Papooses face mammotl) football assignments this* ivcelt as the 1944 season moves into the last half. Coach Ami Green's Chicks, lick- Ing their wounds aftei tlie crush- Ing 31-0 defeat by theh Jouesboro Golden.Hurricane rivals, tiavel to North^LitUe Rock for their annunl sotto with the strong North Side Wildcat*,. Fildaj night "Pop" Mosley's Papooses, who like theh big "blethers' have taken it .on-'the': chin several limes this jear, staj at home to picpirc for the invasion of Jonesboro Junior Whirlwinds, in n return engnge- . liienl Wedjiesdav night Chidts Escape In Junes, With 'efcepiion of Stan Hood, left ( halfback, the Chtcls escaped without ser'ous injuries in the lough buttle with Gcoige (Pete) Crpigs'llurncanc which blew hard and often Pridav night The \isit- ing.'rivals laid for Hood and com- pletelj bottled him »j> to chock the running attack to which Sinn hivb been th e chief contributor In the last tvvo games The halfback went into the game nursing a muscle injury and came out late in the fourth quarter «fth it definitely none better after withstanding such a ternflc battering But he took his whipping like a true warrior and kept hammering it my. In.a vam effort to brtak out into the .open and down the field, a sat-' isfaclion IhtH nevei cnmc yuch credit is due the small .Maroon and White line for the flue' scrap which it exhibited against tlie Inuch heavier Joiie'boro front wnll, OuUctghed approximately 20 pounds per member, they dldnt have a chance But they fought and kept fighting thioughftit without e\er letting up, despite the tic- mendous. odds Jf oiilj tlieii plus- teal .equipment had been up to thcli battling qualities tnere might Have been n different stoiv to tell 'Ihere was just too much ball club in front of them There is no denying to that well and convincingly established'fuel ' Jonesboro Is Superior Jonesboro was •superior in^cveiy respect They hart everything a good b'nll' team could want; fine blocking and tackling, perfect cooidura- tjon and teamwork, power to bum in the backfield, headed by Leon (Moon) Mullins and Bill Johnson, not to overlook J P Atkins, who stole the show by reeling off 90. jards in five tries', nil on cleverly executed reverses In short, the' Hurricane was terrific, entirely too' terrijic^for what the logals, had to iThe\ "liibe likely will >un into much the iaiyip opposition nt North I Litlle Roek Despite the fact Hint they - have been-beaten in their lasj tvvo starts by Hot Spiings, 2110, and Pine Bliiff, 20-C, the felines rank as onq of tlie stronger teams in the Big 15 Their strength Is proven in the 20-14 defeat of El Dorado, and wins ovpi Russell- Ville, Texarkana, BCnton and Camden Fdrced to battle older and larger i team's because of a shortage of Junior teams in this section the Papooses play host to Coach DOPE BUCKET ' Aj J. P. FRIEND BLYTIlEVlLLfe (AUK.) COURIER NEWS AT THE Arknnsiis sjibrtsmeii niui conser- vntioDlsU ni'D nt Die ciossronds, nnd n definite sign points out the rlgli direction in the form of Amendmeri No. 35, «l)lcli vviH l)c offcicti to the voters of-the state on tlie ballot pi tomorrow's general clocllon. !'Amenrljnent'3G seeks to create q stabilized stntc n'hd nsli gnmc commission of eiglit members, vesto With aiithority to rcgiilntc protection nml i)TO]meation of gume nnc fish and to open nml close thereon. The amendment rilso provides a nnancinir proerntp for the fish nnc game department, without the nlc of general tax monies, which is fnlr l\nd Just because Ijenenclnrles pi InmtinE and nshltiB will -pay their own yills. ' 'Arkunsas, like' other .Southern stales, is bartly In need of. a long iange coiisefi'ntlon i/ragrnm, • Hint can be carried, on without interruption, an opportunity, that would ie granted with passnue of this; jmcnchne'nt. ' In recent years • the commission has been us a nierc football, kicked back tind forih to pro- inolc polttlcnl alms and advancements, rather than build up'a program of conscfvntioii amorig ' trie wildlife of the state. This nineml- nenl would lake It out of hamis of tliese greedy politicians and place it under the direction of ineii". vvho vcre interested In sportsmen's nc- .ivitics, hlstend of personal gains. Until this Is done, tlie ipbrtsmen can not hope to return the Wonder Stnto. to its former rank of d fishing ami hunting paradise. PAYS OWN WAY 'Hie ..Arkansas Game and Fish Commission Js ^ejf, n.imnclng,. the- only nijencv. of the state gpvern- nent vylilc)! (loes.not draw oh'tlii ,ax funds for promotion, 'oilier major adjustments could make if ever norc-self-sustaining, njiothcr gooc •CBSpri.why It'should-'lie takiin frpn- he political control. It docs, not'be- ong there. H Is an organizatioji de- ilgiicd for and. to the welfare pi the lovers of -fish and wildlife. So why not let them have n definite controlling hai)d in jls welfare? After all, they : pny tlie freight. Whv lot permit them to indicate and :|>a)Jes ' Parker's fnst steppinp Jonesboro 'Junior. They will be oul to avenge a nrevlpus ld-0 defeat suffered la the second game Q| the season at Jonesboro. Sincr their: "Foil's Paps" have improved consiclernblv' tn' the tough games with the Osceola Reserves, tlie Independent Trojans,' and -Reiser although they-flnlsiied on'the short ends of all. S»re 60% OB .•TRUSSES ' ; ; Ste«! and Elaatlc STEWART'S D rQ | S t • r • M>in & Lake Phone 2821 VOTE FOR AMENDMENT No. 34 (FIRST ON THE BALLOT) To Let the People pi Arkansas r-\ Counties Have Libraries Amendment 34 does not vote a tax. )t simply t permits the counties to collect a small library tax if a maionty of their voters at a general election so J desire. C Proceeds of the tax could be used only for county ; library purposes After being levied, the county - tax could be reduced or abolished at the next elec- , tion. • • j • 39 counties m the state do not now have county• ^ wide library service 36 counties' libraries are now being supported by voluntary'.taxes; quorum court apportionments, small state aid and individua! - group donations . . Your vote for Amendment 34 will enable countv libraries fopperate on a busmess-hke basis -Vote FOR Amendment No. 34! • , ^AMENDMENT COMMITTEE OF •h*«*b«A~_ Bt h ' '' -.- '' r -^ • UBRARY, ASSOCIATION chart Die destination. The Arkansas Game anil Fish Commission. Is nol a penny pjito business,, H is WK business, involving thousands of dollars''yearly, revenue from the sales of (islijng and hunting licenses, H Is a' business promoted for ntid by !«vcrs of wildlife sports mill they are entitled to a volte In lipw the fijnds—t)iclr contrllwted funds—should l>e hnn- dled, Pasfiagij of this anicndmeiit would (jive them this deserved right. So, Mr. and Mrs. Voter, put Amendment ,No. 39 us a "must". Vo>e for. It will cptnc bach to you in a thousand dlllcrent ways—a thousand satisfied sportsmen who have Jjeeu struggling for jmf this riEht for tjicse many years. MAKKS STAItTUNG DISCOVKKV .If f}ol)Cit U Hlplcy, the believe-lt- or-not fellow, had all the Iruth-Js- Al) l an(,'cr-tl)ni]-/lclloj.) Items ii'hlch h.av? come out of this present conflict, he conic) sit down and spend l)ie i-pst of his imttiral life just cartooning tlieii). lie 'would not have ti? tnpye liwny from his desk. There fiaye been many .Involving' Dlyth;-; vjlle hoys overseas to cojne our way, soipc pf which have liecn • so uri- usUa) and odd that they have been rare Indeed. One of, the most imiuiml vftfs submitted liy, Mrs. W. A, Noriijan, re- .qelypd in (i letter frop) her soil, \Vallace,' when |if> was In Aiistrali;i. (317tli pepot Hep. Hij., APO 922,' % F, M., San Francisco, Cfijlf.)- . Wallace, a former I'hillliis Motor Company employee, before his enlistment-into-the Army, Included fhfs small unusual Item'In a per- jpnal letter "I was down at the hangar where they have n lot of captured ctnilp- ment the other day. Among the lot was a ilarncimto with a tag attached. The tag read: '"Send this to Mrs. Doy W. Harper, 911 \y. Mn|ii Street, Blythevillc, Arkansnis.'" Mrs. Harper stays she never received the parachute, believed to have been directed by lier husband, | who. was in Australia al' this incident occurred.'; ' titlinc • AI.I, STATIONS' If Robert h. nipley, the "ncllevc Jt or Not" fellow, had all tile oddities thnt cnme out of this war'he wouldn't have to IPok furtjicr for malerlal to,, nil up his cartoon, There is no telling, of course, how many times the statement that . "truth Js stranger than fiction 1 ' hns been proven. One of the most. 'unusual Incl- dfnts to alfcct, a local boy overseas came the way of Corp. WJIllanVwal- Jacc Norifiaii, son of Mrs, W A I Norma», vv)ipse address Is 317t)i Depot Rei)l Sf|., AP'O 022; % Postmaster, "Frisco." •••'•' Writing from Australia 'some time ago, Wallace related the following •to his mother: , I "I was <lo«'n at the hangar the I other day Where they have a lot, of I ruptured equipment. Among the lot' was a parachute with'a tag at- 1 I ached. H read, 'Send this to Mrs. Hoy Harper, Gil Main Street, 131y- thevlllc, Arkansas/- 25,000 Servicemen Get Absentee Bqllots LITTLE ROCK, Nov. 0. (UP) — Secretary of State C. G. Hall says bis office lias mailed approximately 25,000 absentee ballots" to Arkansas service personnel for use In Tuesday's election! However, Hall says others may have been mailed since a 1943 slate WRESTLING Legion Hut, tyonday, Nov. 6, flj/5 p. m. I-ovvcst Admission of any Wrestling Arena |n America. Adu»s, 30c, Tax Be— Tola), <5c. Kcstrved Scats, 12c, Tax 3c— Total, 15e. Children's Seats 12c, 'fix 3c, Total, !5c. Ucservcd Seats On Side ill (lie legion Arena ., K.vcry Monday from (i-p. ni. on 'i' : DOUBLE MAIN Elvira Snodgrqss versus >•;,•'.';. ' ', • Ann Laverne (DO'Minute Lailics llcailiiner) WILD BILL CANNY (30 'Mimic Time i.'imil) '- law permits any member of a ser-' vice man's family to apply for a ballot from lib county c)cr|:. All ballots east' by service men «>H$I be received |jy 0;30 Tuesday niBhl if they ate (o be.cpuntud. r<t*d Oourjfr ne»i •.„> ^i. fllONDAY, The first Superfortress bomber built for the Army Air Forces cost about $1,090,000,' says. Max Karant tn F lying, and the price is now about S150.0UO.. Forty per cent of the workers in Boeing's Wichita Kan., plant, which builds the gitin fillips, arc women. • sk Marsh- Soldiers' Wives Returning Husbands Von may have seen in the papers where a writer cautioned Anny wives that tjicir rpdu-ning husbands wovikl 1)0 ."plrangcrs". to thpm—because thcy-'vo been through experiences tluit their wives could never sjiare. Well, n higli-ranliliif; officer wrote nil answer, tij that; lie called it noiisoiisi'. "Wlisif <Jo our 1 men vv;uit' nipsi? To finish the •Wfir anil, .rompJioine . . . Wh:it ore (liey feUYiir»fokV..f6i-every- . liiliiff.'(lie vyoi'd home mrans." '•. Of Cflu'rse',' the, v/onl ."home" means soinolliing different to every fighting man',,For Home is a lot of little things! A. fiardeii pr a work bench'—well-Uiumbad books... a mellow glass of boor with friends.. Hut wluitcyc'r they's tlio memory of thesis small familiar things that he taltcs with him into 1 haftle. Ami it's those little things (hat link his thoughts to homo-ami to (he familiar Wo that lip loolts forward to return-- .ing Jo.; . ; , .. '&19W, BREWING IHBUSTHy FOUNDATION . ARKANSftS COMMITTEE ^HUGII WiKjRTOH, State, Kre?toi,«2 PyRSMID W.DC., UTTU JOCK NOTICE TO PROPERTY OWNERS Termites may be ruining your property. Call m* check-up without cost or obligation. EATS, MICE' AND BOACO CONTHOL GUARANTEED WORK H. C. BLANKINSHIP K9 S. Keolmckr ZUt ji-«AT THE ypY OUTSET I want to make one A ',« if ,. /'..<"• '••'/ '*-$tivf *. lUhmg clear. This is not merely a 'cam- - / ^paign agaiijst an individual or a political^ ^ •^ ' : v ,y ? " / •*' ji party. It is not merely a 'campaign to > '( ' s''' i^ to displace a tired, exhausted, quarreling ^ / i, and bickering administration with a fresh tl" • ' ' ' . • _;,.;. : . -, , ji and vigorous administralion. It is a cam- if . • . >.?. j>pavgn against an administration ? which / ;i. was conceived in defeatism, which failed ,4 for eight straight years to restore pur do- , i; mcstic economy, which 1ms been the if ' *,< '• if most wasteful, extravagant anil incpm- ; pcteut aduiiuistralioii in the history of the M ; nation and worst of nil, one which has lost faith in itself and in the American ; people.' -'f/fO.V,is E. 7);;v .•liMreu, Philadelphia, I'u., September 7, 1911. 'f VOTEfFOR This Space Paid For fay Mississippi County Democrats Who Ar^ Voting For A Change Open 7:00 Show Starts 7:15 Monday Night ONE SHOW ONLY 'Riding High 7 (In Technicolor) • ii-itli • • Dorothy I,;uiiutir, Dick I'owell "and Victor Moore '.".-. Taramount News Short .': Tuesday PAL NITE Double Feature •Memphis Belle 7 (In Technicolor) A War Documentary and . - . .; 'Saludos Amigps' .(In Technicolor) ' , Wait Disney's New Feature. 7 1-enjjth Success R1TX THEATRE Manila, Ark. WEEK-PAY Nicirrs' Bar Office Opens 1:1S—Show Starts at 7:30. SATTHDAYS & SUNDAT8 Box Office Opens 1 Show Starts 1:15 . Last Tjme, Today "HENRY ALDRICH'S LITTLE SECRET" with Jimmy Lyilon RKO News & Comedy Tuesday & Wednesdty ^ OPI'OKTl?\ITl r XIGHT . "BLACK MAGIC" with Sidney Toler as "Charlie Chan" Selected Shorts CHICKASAW West Mala Near Zlit St. Sat i tarts 12:45; Ban. start* 1:41 Night sham 5:45 Except Monday, bpena ff:45 CuntlDnons shows Eat and Son. Last Time Today "THE DESPERADOES"-^ (In Technicolor) ** witli Kaiiilolph Scott Universal News Tuesday BUDDY NITE Z Tickets For the Price if 1 'BOSTON BLACKIE GOES HOLLYWOOD" with Chcslcr .Morris Also Coinerty New Theatre Manila's Finest Shows Nightly '£-00 P. M. MaUnees Saturday & Sunday Bcsr Washed Air .J Cooling System Last Time Today "TWO GIRLS AND . A SAILOR". with Van Johnson & Jimmy Durante Fox News ,V Short Tuesday Only 'THE LAST RIDE" «'!»'.. Richard Travis . ..Serjail & ,8h,<>rt . % J

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