The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 28, 1957 · Page 20
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 20

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 28, 1957
Page 20
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^JMyma fla.) Upptf DM Motwt th«* are few thing* »h*i are so good that they couldn't stand a little improvement. Progress has become a sort of universal watchword and every step toward a better seed corn, a better automobile or a better piece o! machinery is heartily applauded When we find ourselves faced with an intolerable situation we start screaming. "There oughta be a law!" And often, if enough people scream loud enough and long enough the situation is improved. Parenthood is, on Ihe whole, a very desirable situation. If this were not true, why would so many people devote the best years of their lives and the major share of their income to it? But parenthood like so many other situations could also stand quite a bit of improvement and I have some suggestions on the subject. To accomplish these, several natural laws would have to be repealed but this doesn't stop me from insisting that parenthood could be improved. Th* first revision in Jhe natural laws of parenthood, I'd like to suggest is that all first children should be born last. It should be about the last of seven or eight for it takes that many offspring before parents get to know anything at all about children. I parents had the first one last they wouldn't have to do all tha fussing and worrying they do about the first one now for they have discovered that the kid will grow up in spite of anything they do to him. And mothers wouldn't be so downhearted because the second and third sibling didn't react exactly like the first one because they wouldn't yet have the first one. (If you are puzzled about the word, sibling, don't let it throw you. It means brothers and sister, I picked it up in the child psychology articles and I plan to kick it around every time I want to sound learned.)' Speaking of child psychology articles brings up another thing about parenthood that could stand changing. There oughta be a law that all babies should come equipped with reading ability. If infants could read Drs. Spock, nig, Gessell and the others before Mamma starts pouring over the baby books, it would save all ' sorts of worry for her because the child would know what was expected of it. And when Mama gets out the toidy seat when baby is 18 months old just because she herself is sick of washing diapers, Junior, (or his sibling) co"ulc spout, "Just one darn minute, Ma! Doc Spock says if you force me to do this I'll get inhibitions," • • * There should be a law thai all babies come equipped with naturally shod feet. If they were born with nice little leather shoes on them, think of the trouble it would save. The little shoes could grow right along with the little feet and Papa wouldn't have to shell out for new footgear for the whole family every six weeks or so. I suppose, though, if my plan ever gets adopted girls of the Junior Miss age will get mad at me. About that time they get a hankering to wear high heels for dress up and they'd •be sure to think that the nice little flats they were born with were much too babyish. Mother Nature did a good job of solving much the same sort of problem in the teeth department. So, along about twelve years old, why couldn't the natural baby shoes, like the natural baby teeth, fell out and a new and more adult set grow in? Those inherited genes that are part of every person could stand a little improvement, You know how they are responsible for putting your husband's great-aun Agatha's nose on your poor innocent little Herkimer, don't you? I think it would be a fine thing if we could inherit every last teenys weensy gene from complete stranjers. That way when Sister balks at eating her spinach your Old Man couldn't pop off about how she gets her Stubborness from her mother's people and when Junior spends eyerv last cent of his allowance OR (bubble gum there wouldn't be all those remarks about your Uncle Sylvester, who never did learn the value of a dollar. On th* other hand, you wouldn't have much of a leg tg stand on When, you tell your kid's teacher that he takes after his father's si4e when he flunks 4th grade history. But then, even under Greoe's revised natural laws WF parents plan, you can't have everything. If I had my way, each and every father would come equio- M*d with Qeep. automatically E pockets. Think of what a tftat magic cash would be! , v one of the kids needs a sweater all we'd have to do sntkm H to Pop and he'd OMt tfn bucks and tell us to thfl change. And we would haw to choose between i pJrtftpi teeth straightened carpet. We are already of the opinion that their family thinks money grows on trees. When I get things working the way I think they should work this will be the honest-to-gosh truth. • » * II 1 had tny way, each and every mother would come equip ped with an inexhaustible suppl} of patience. Patience is a virtue in either sex but mothers need i most of all because we are afount the young sprouts more contin ually. We kind of expect fathers to blow their top once in a while and we get to depending upon it to clear the atmosphere. When Mom gets mad and screams a bit, the kids just go off in the other direction and scream even louder. Under my new patience- for-mothers plan, Mama would be practically angelic. The kids could drag all the neighbor kid home with them, the bathtub could overflow, the dog could get mud on the slipcovers Junior could beat up on his siblings and Mama would just stand there and smile sweetly. * * * It will probably do no good to write my congressman about all these revisions I have proposed for the improvement of the natural laws for parents for the ones already in effect are so well established. In fact ' I've noticed quite a few things about parenthood today that have a marked similarity to the problems faced by Mr Adam and Mrs Eve wheri they raised their little Cain and Abel. And they, too, probably wondered what in the world was going to come of this younger generation. "What frtfi?", was her j half a cup of water. This makes The younger generation ai our house had to be prevented last week from reading the Algona Upper Des Moines newspaper! There wasn't anything in it that would sully their little morals but there was one item in their mother's column that would certainly disrupt the peace at our house if the kids laid eyes on it. I wrote of the days when I was their age and I mentioned allowances. Somebody goofed and the amount of our weekly stipend came out $5 instead of 5c! Here, all these years, I've been bragging to our kids about my poor-but-honest childhood. * * • nfJ Ibeal husband recently nissed his cue and got himself nto the dog house. He had been o Minneapolis on a business trip with a couple of other fellows and when evening came it was time, to go home but they hadn't yet had any relaxation. So one man phoned home and told his wife to notify ^he other wives that because of foggy driving conditions they wouldn't be home until morning. When our first fellow reached his Algona office the next morning, he put i.™, ca u *° the Little Woman. ."Oh", she said, "I've been worry- mg about you. Has thfe fog husband's unrautious remark. And then the fur really flew. tt would be all but impossible for most of us to plan meals without hamburger. And even roast turkey has to take a back seat when it comes to serving large gatherings of kids end teenagers. Anthing you serve them is alright just so it's beefburgers. But Bill Reinders decided one day last week that he's had almost enough of one of his favorite foods — hamburgers. He was out of town at noon so he went to a restaurant and ordered, a hamburger. Supper time came and he still wasn't home so he stopped at a cafe and picked up a couple of quick hamburgers. In the evening, the Reinders helped chaperone the 8th grade dancf* club party. What was for lunch? More hamburgers. » * * As long as we are on the subject of hamburgers we might just as well use it for this week's recipe. It's for beefburgers to stretch for a crowd and you. too, probably have been using it for years. But just in case you. haven't tried it. here it is. 1 pound ground beef 1 can Chicken Gumbo soup, salt, pepper to season 2 tbsp. catsup 1 tbsp. minced onion Brown onion and ground beef in a skillet, stirring constantly to crumble. Add soup and seasonings and continue to cook until thick. If it isn' t quite thick enough to spread on buns, add a tablespoonful of cornstarch in a 8 to 10 beefburgers. St. Benedict By Mrs Philip Arndeffef On Tues., Feb. 19 Jim Devine of Algona, father of Mrs Wilbur Daley, had an emergency hernia operation. He is getting along nicely. Just two days before Mr and Mrs Devine celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary. At thr Feb. 14. Valentine's Day card party at Regina Froehlich's, Mrs Philip Arndorfer won high. Helen Hanig, the latter's sister- in-law, who was visiting in this vicinity, was a guest at the party. Mrs Isadore Mayer of St. Benedict has not betfn feeling well because of a kidney infection the past week. Supper guests, Feb. 17, of Mr and Mrs Jack Kutschara were the latter's brother, Jake Simons, Mrs Simons and their daughte$, Marlene. * Mr and Mrs Leo Ludwig and daughter, Mary Ellen, also Mr and Mrs Nick Arndorfer were at the home of Mr and Mrs Ralph Simons of Algona Sunday evening, Feb. 24, celebrating Ralph's birthday. The little daughter o: the Ralph Simons' was a' bi under the weather from a colt and ear infection. • WANT ADS BRING RESULT* •^•B^B^HBjsjB^H"^^^HiH^HH^^HHM^^IHRIH|^^^BI^^I^^^^^I^^^^^^^^^H EKALB 415 A North Central Iowa Favorite TAe money you save on g*$ wilt more ttutn poy for your Ae Re WOOD GAS BROODER j TAe ONLY Gas Brooder with these features ..« • MULTI-BURNERS 9 FLASft TUBES • INDIVIDUALLY ADJUSTABLE NON-CLOG PILOTS • < • STAINLESS STEEL PILOT ADJUSTING SCREWS SEE AT THERMOGAS of ALGONA South Phillips St. Completely Equipped To Take Care of Your Needs (7-8-9) jwn car 11 Mwiy POULTRY FEEDERS! , COUNT THE EXTRA ft D f\ CIT DOLLARS IN Y K \J ill WHEN YOU FEED WHAT YOU GROW a ^ RE ^ T ? AT ^ H ? ME ^ DE " THINGS ARE BETTER. We ihink from ™ «™ , *u r * he : Egg Mash ' Chick **«*»* "«* Grower Feeds,'made mostly v?°v;*« £j£T "* champions, when made from VIS-VITA formulas. Y nmMil» wi«h i« m I , BI 5 0 now "!?* b * *••*•» >" several states. They have become very •£ «?ti£!2* £LZ*"S lo w egg prices, and Vis-ViU's continuous growth indicates the feeders continued homemade feed even after egg prices became more favorable. .WHAT MORE COULD YOU DO FOR YOUR POULTRY ? ^^ ** ^ramycin, Aueromycin and * h n»£J :W M ?d i in £ > yo . ur rife Qn 8 base of Flsh Meal « Dried Whey, Distiller's pro. ingredents. Fourteen different types of Amino Acids are found in the Vis-VitB fp S mula8 ' *«•««?<* with Vis-Vita, are put to use, watch your growths, pul- *** P roductt °n- Then with costs totaled up, we are sure you will bV a. Read What One Feeder Says About VIS-VITA And Its Formulas * hav * u * ed _ * h «; Vis-Vita Formula, homemade chick starter, grower and high e "? vf> f 8 f en be " w 9ww»h and pullet development. Costs *? 8 W«»*aJy low and my present feed costs are less than 12c &* *?d a herd of hogs on oats and Vis-Vita, without corn? I ref^J^i * Pt> ,% W «i9ht class and they averaged 240 pounds in They carried Jess fat than any hogs I have ever sold. The only supple- ffifris!" W °" e POUnd ° f VU " Vit8 PW ^ U8hel of 9ro " nd «ais? plus saU P «nd CLINTON ERICKSON — Remsen, Iowa These simple, easy-to-mix formulas' can cost you only approximately $3 to $3.50 per 100 pounds, including the market value of your grain. Even less, depending on your locality. • WHY SPEND MORE ? HIGH ENERGY CHICK STARTER AND GROWER 100 Ibt. VIS-VITA 1400 Ibi. Ground Corn 500 ibs, Fine Ground Oats 100 Ibs M»at Scraps 60 &«. All-Purpose Mineral High Energy Pullet Developer and Laying Mash 100 Ibs. VIS-VITA 850 Ibs, Ground Corn 600 Ibs, Fine Ground Oats 100 Ibs. Soybean Meal 100 Ibs. Meat SwS» 150 bs. Alfalfa Meal 25 ibs. All-Purpose Mineral — — pewdf 2l$0 Ibs. 2025 Ibs. Yb'Vlto.-pMr ten i» an exceptionally high fortification of nutrients con.- YOUR PiAfcSII • HATCM»Y, Ah.n., b. REFUSE IMITATIONS attention! BRADLEY'S PRE-SEASON SALE Timtott* TRACTOR NEW TIRES RETREADS USED TIRES FRONT & REAR TRACTOR TIRES FRONT & REAR TRACTOR TIRES FRONT & REAR TRACTOR TIRES You Name Your Size-We Can Furnish It! MR. FARMER - BE SURE TO CHECK OUR Special RE-TREAD Deal ON TRACTOR TIRES - FIRST ! Same Quality Tread Rubber as on Firestone New Tractor Tires • Same Tread Depth As On Firestone New Tractor Tires • Same Guarantee As On Firestone New Tractor Tires WE FURNISH LOANER TIRES . So Tractor Stays In Operation While Your Present Tires Are' Re-Treaded We can tell you just what Firestone retread will do for your present tractor tires and we will furnish you loaner tires, new ones if we can't fit you in used ones. ] done on both front and rears. Get our deal on this and see what you can SAVE Lowest Prices Easiest Terms '. i i • On New Firestone TRACTOR TIRES Buy Now,., A Year To Pay FARMERS! Here's the Front Tractor Tire that gives you TWICE the service of regular tires NEW FIRESTONE GUIDE GRIP Outwears Two Ordinary Fronts. Costs No More Than a Regular Front Tirt. Special Terms on TRACTOR TIRES For Firestone Guaranteed ' On-The-Farm TIRE SERVICE FREE... Use of Tractor Tires and Tubes while we repair your tires Close-Out Tires! FIRESTONE 4-PLY TRACTOR TIRES (2) SIZE 9 x 36 (2) SIZE 9 x 38 (2) SIZE 11 x 40 PRICE _ (Exch.) Passenger Tire Special! Super Champion New Treads Applied on tovnd tire bodies or on yovr own tires t Sams tread width, depth, detign, quality end guarantee at n«w Fireitone Tirei . SIZE 6.7Q-15 Other fixes alto special priced Oat new tire performance for approximately Vfc new tire pric« BIG . PRICE DISCOUNT ON Six White Sidewall Tubeless Take-Off Passenger TIRES Size 8,20 x 15 (3 Firestone; 3 U. S.) SAVE MORE SAVE £ ft NEW TIRI COST *»« Firestone Guaranteed Factory.Method NEW TREADS'" t Th« »ame high quality tread) material 01 in New Firestone Tirei • The igme tread dttlgn CM) New Firestone Tirei, * ' • Jht »am» tread width a* Nev* Plreitone Tire* t The torn* tread dtfcfk ai Ntw? fireitpne Tirei RADLEY BROS, South of Algona Hotel FIRESTONE TIRE HEADQUARTERS South of Algona Hotel siiitt

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