The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 28, 1957 · Page 18
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 18

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 28, 1957
Page 18
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i**M*M»t (la.) Upper ft* Metntt Thursday, Feb. 88, 1957 .-..^g-j. - ••- ,.: ... ._ • ,„ _ .,:, • * Committees For Otfosen Market Day Ottesen The Presbyterian Women's Organization met in the church parlors with Mrs Eugene Hofius and Mrs W. G. Cooper hostesses. Committees appointed for mar- kt-t day are: Kitchen, Mrs Mike Coyle, Mrs Mike Frohling, Mrs W. q. Cooper, Mrs Jesse VanBuskirk, Mrs Eugene Hofius and Mrs Earl Long; dining room, Mrs G. 1. Turdy, Mrs Albert Thorsen, Mrs Roy Telford, Mrs Joe Leitl, Mrs Ralph Richards, Mrs Alfred Schultz and Mrs Sam Kropf; advertising, Mrs Eugene Hofius and Mrs W. G. Cooper and treasurer, Mrs Essie Cooper. The program for the afternoon was presented by Mrs Knut Oppedahl, Mrs Alfred Schultz, and Mrs Essie Cooper. The March of Dimes drive has now been completed and an amotmt of $218.12 was given from the town of Ottosen and Wacousta Township. Mrs Art Lovig was the worker in the town of Ottosen. In Wacousta Township Mrs Olvin Haug was chairman. Assisting in making the collections were Mrs Carroll Adams, Mrs Ted Underberg, Mrs Gene Madsen, Mrs Norman Rolland Mrs Eugene Struthers, Mrs Albert Bergum and Mrs Allan Wehrs- pann. The Larger Parish Youth Pel* lowship group gathered Sunday afternoon at the Presbyterian Church. Mrs Albert Thorsen and Ralph Richards had charge of the devotions. Recreation was in charge of Mrs Earl Long and Mrs Ralph Richards. Refreshments were served by Mrs W. G. Cooper, Mrs Essie Cooper, Mrs Mike Coyle, Mrs Mike Frohling and Mrs Eugene Hofius. Thursday evening Principal and Mrs K. R. McLuen entertained faculty members of the Twin Rivers Elementary school at Ottosen in their home. Mr and Mrs Antone Waechter attended funeral services at Peoria, Illinois for Mr Waechter's sister, Mrs Catherine Look. Mr/ and Mrs Donald Cooper have^ar.^ son Clary hss^lieen' j^ Airmfn-ThirdI Class.. ' mnn is Attending radar school at Kecsler Air Force Base at Biloxi, Miss. Mrs Victor Besch is a surgical patient at St. Ann hospital in Algona. Mr and Mrs Howard Hellickson have returned home from a trip that took them to Chicago, Ohio and Kentucky. They took their daughter Nancy to Chicago where she is now employed at the Hines Veterans Hospital Mr and Mrs Paul Meyer entertained a group at 500 Sunday evening present in their included home. Those Mr Mr and Mrs and Mrs Ralph Jacobson, Louis Jacobson, Mr and Mrs Allan Wehrspann, Mr and Mrs Bernard Coyle, Mr and Mrs Deanne Telford, Mr and Mrs Richard Kinseth, Mr and Mrs Victor Meyer, Mr and Mrs Jim Jacobson, Mr and Mrs Don Pflibsen, Mr and Mrs Conrad Johnson and Mr and Mrs Alfred Schultz. Mrs Ralph Richards was one of six judges for the Speech contest held at the Titonka school on. Monday. Wednesday afternoon Mrs Percy Watnem and Mrs Allan Wat- nem were guests at a birthday- party honoring Mrs Axel Enger at Bode. /Mr and Mrs Lester Wehrspann and sons visited Sunday with her parents, Mr and Mrs Mike Hinz at LuVerne. Eldon Meyer visited at the Wehrspann home Sunday evening. Mr and Terry and Mrs Oliver Lee and Beverly King and Vickie were Sunday dinner guests at the Harry Dasen home at Bode. Mr and Mrs Hollis Cooper and family and Mrs Essie Cooper were Sunday dinner guests at the Ralph Cooper home at Sutherland. Sunday visitors at the Jesse VanBuskirk home were Mrs Lee Holt and family of Spencer and Mr and Mrs Rudy Berninghaus and family of Whittemore and Keith Strayer of Algona. Sunday afternoon visitors at the Antone Waechter home were Mr and Mrs James Dahlhauser and family of Whittemore and evening visitors were Mr /and Mrs Paul Dahlhauser and family of West Bend. Joan Mullahay of Goldfield was a Sunday visitor there also. Mr and Mrs Ernest Enockson of Humboldt visited Thursday evening at the Peter Enockson home. Mr and Mrs Oscar Oppedahl and family were Sunday after-^yisitors at the home of his mother,' Mrs Bertha Oppedahl in Fort Dodge. Mr and Mrs Roy Adams of Whittemore w e r e Wednesday callers at the Loran Daniel home, Sunday afternoon visitors were Mrs Lenna Daniel and Onalee and Mr and Mis Laurel Worster were visitors there in the evening. Mr and Mrs Richard Kinsrth and family visited Sunday afternoon at the Donald Pooch home at Thor. Mr and Mrs Donald Cooper and fa7nily were Sunday dinner guests at the Rolland Fevold home at Humboldt. Mr and Mrs Antone Speich visited Sunday afternoon at the home of their son-in-law and daughter. Mr and Mrs Paul Berninghaus at Algona. Mr and Mrs Ralph Jacohson and family and Mrs Bertha Jacobson and Arlan visited Sunday afternoon at the Palmer Enockson home in Fort Dodge. Mr and Mrs Edward Zinnel and Leslie Ann were Sunday dinner guests at the Louis Jacobson home. Mr and Mrs Zinnel observed their 30th wedding anniversary on Saturday. Feb. 16. Mr and Mrs Jesse' Blanchard and family of Lone Rock and Mr and Mrs John Sones of Sioux Rapids were Sunday visitors at the Chester Alme home. Mr and Mrs Richard Kropf and family visited Sunday with her parents, Mr and Mrs Clarence Skattabo and at the Claire SMI- tabo home at Wallingford. Tuesday evening Mr and Mrs Olaf Bruvik and Curtis \v£fe supper gursts at t!ir Ted Underberg huiw. Sunday Mr and Mrs Ted Undo; berg were at tno Car; Underberg home at Lwnnofe. Randy Olson of Gilmore City vtfes a weekend visitor at the Ted Underberg home. Mr and Mrs Vincent Sal* Slid family were Thursday visitors at the Charles Sal?, home at Whittemore. MUSTARD At Denison, Garth Fuller is mnkinp the famed "Denison mustard", using a mustard machine which was originally purchased in 1884. The mustard grinding mill has been modernized with an electric motor. The business was established originally by Nickolas Moeller and was one Of the first businesses in Denison His formula is still in use. "What do fera Ihink it tsf It'* h«t*l Could it be a b»ar? "f had tlsions of a boot being dt*«rid off in th* hot*' tent. Lou shook with laughter. "Why, honey, it's just a fat hungry raccoon, and he won't hurt anybody." I was glad our food was locked in the "camp cabinet/' We Can'» Catch 'Em tot U DOGS Dog packs caused considerable loss of livestock on farms near Hopkinton recently. After killing a number of sheep and hogs on various farms, they "graduated" to attacking herds of steers HVHTING S- fISHING by CLEM ERLANDER ATTENTION POULTRYME In spite of the reported increase in Chick Sales and Orders this sprjng, vye are able to offer you a contract FOR NOT LESS THAN 50; per dozen the year around. We Have Averaged Over 60c Per Doz. Over The Past Two Years. FLOCKOWNERS REPORT OVER $3 PER HEN PROFIT PER YEAR / If Interested, Call or Write Us IOWA BROILER EGGS BURT, IOWA PHONE 167 (9tf) TIP - OF - THE - WEEK — for a good fishing raincoat, take a large plastic bag, cut holes in it for head and arms, then fold it up and stow away in the bottom of your tackle box, for a rainy day. * • • Learning ihat the Dr. Snyder family h^s developed quite a program of "family camping", T called on them for pointers or the subject to pass on in this column. During the course of the interview, I also learned thai Shirley Snyder likes to dash things off on her kitchen typewriter once in awhile, so I just ended up by asking her to act as a "guest columnist". Her article — a refreshing version'of how an Algona family meets the adventures and problems of out door camping — follows. the_ wopdtrfj;) pope* off mind fhffl comes with knowing yoy ere stciire from the vn* certainties ef the future, Part of the "buffer" ypy need should be in ready cash, and those fund! should be where they can torn the beit retvnl •». earn it regularly, • f and with Insured safety I qpen yfvr saving* ac» count with vt today end «Ji IW» I* y owfc Home Federal fairings & Loan Awociptipn aV Sports "Spot" It's BECKER'S Sporting Goods Store Big Fish Days Coming Up Soon 1 Get the Habit of Dropping in at BECKER'S To See What's New. UP-TO-DATE FISHING & OUTDOOR INFORMATION AT — BECKER'S only necessary clothing, plenty of old blankets, air mattresses for comfort, cots, utensils such as a combination spatula, pancake- turner, scraper, chopper, etc, one pan that serves many purposes, an aluminum nesting set including pan, kettle, dishes, cups, cot- fee pot which saves space. We prefer a Coleman gasoline stove for cooking. Our light aluminum ice chest is easy to lift, and roomy. I insist on a water bottle—for comfort on a chilly nite. We believe in "roughing it", but being comfortable while doing so. It has taken experience to find these things out, and we are still learning each year we go, easier ways to do things. Getting back to the Ledges, it was the first time that Daddy had ever pitched a tent, even a But We'll Help U Do It ThU ^ Coming Season Ftoiti Out COMPLETE TACKLE STOCK "Coast" For What U N««dl RIFLES *- SHOTGUNS SHELLS OUTDOOR SUPPLIES Always at Typical "Coast" Lower Prices COAST-TO-COAST Siore Ed Wolf, Owner • * * The next morning, the birds sang so loudly, that I awoke at five o'clock. The most beautiful sight, that I have ever seen was before my eyes! So I stood on the edge of this bluff, the sun came up out of the mist of the valley like a big red ball of fire. My three boys came up beside me and said in hushed tones, Boy, God sure does make things V.M_..A!^. .1 -i i. *> __ " FAMILY CAMPING By Shirley Snyder Along about ihis time of year, there's a new' look in the eyes oi every member of the Snyder family. I catch Daddy sneaking off downstairs to gaze wistfully at our camping equipment stowed away in the basement corner —the umbrella tent, the stove, the lantern, the cook kit, the army cots—Our three boys, John, 8, Tom, 7, and Mark, C, begin talking at the supper table about where we will camp this year, and I find myself leafing through my Better Homes and Garden's Barbecue Book, for new tasty camp menus. You see, camping is our family 'lobby. We are, after the- third year of it, "sold" on camping out, as a family recreation. * * * The boys and Iheir Daddy firsi ame up with the idea of camp- ng out, three years ago. As the only female mcrr.ber of the family, I knew I'd be outvoted, so I agreed to go along as "chid cook"; For the first trip, we wanfcd to go a bit further than Call State Park, and yet eioau enough to Algona that we could load up and drive back, if we couldn't take ''outdoor jiving". We, chose Ledges Stale Park, at Boone. 1 smile to myself, whenever 1 think of that first morning wo started out on our first camping trip. We had planned weeks-ahead of time—and mad« a list a mile long. We didn't want to be without a thing; Come to think of it, we did have everything? There were boxos of canned goods, a big box of blankets, pup tent for the boys to sleep in, boxes of staples, with soap spilling out, many changes pf clothing, and one box containing lotions, repellents, laxatives, aspirin, ear-drops, anvi-biotics— a cure for every disease we might come down with. Pushing the last box in, and piling the suitcases on top, we- gaily waved good bye to pyr amused neigh- bour, checked our list once more, to be sure we hadn't forgotten a thing—and headed for the Ledges. » *• * }'d like to say here, that since out first trip —* we have profited by our "mistakes." We take pup tent. Just as it was up, it began to lean, and fell right down on top of him. My husband is a fairly patient man, who seldom loses his temper, but this was too much. Right next to ub was a'fellow camper, experienced and sure of himself, who had put up his tent in nothing flat. Daddy's egq was hurt, and he decided right then and there, camping was not for him. He probably would have gone home ihat,,.very minute, but the boyi, and "I outvoted, him, and that segan for us, wonderful exper- ences in camping. Much to the Chief Cook's surprise, she loved camping. • * » The next year, we planned further * ahead for camping — beginning in January to road camping books, magazines, and an excellent campguide, which gives the names of all the campgrounds with facilities, in the United States and Canada. From this, we selected a new camp site, Wyalusing State Park, near Prairie Du Chien, Wisconsin. That summer, we added something "new" to our camping equipment. I could see that things were not organized for me to get meals efficiently for the hungry men in camp. Every bit of food, dishes, salt and pepper, etc. was in a box, and it seemed the thing 1 was looking for, was at the bottom of the box. So our winter project was a "camp cabinet". We measured the width of the station wagon, and allowed room for the ice chest and gasoline stove -4- T-he 26" remaining provided the width of the cabinet. It was 28" high and 10" deep. It was a sort of cupboard ma'cle i'rom plywood and partitioned to hold all my cooking supplies, nesting set, lantern, canned goods, etc. There was even a paper towel rack hung on the side and nails for toothbrushes. Now ,1 had everything in its place to cook with a miniature "kitchen" in the back of the station wagon, with the tailgate as a work table. We could stop anyplace along the road, and in five minutes, J could have dinner cooking. * N At Wyalusing Stale Park, a 5 hour drive from here, and a most beautiful place with excellent facilities, we set up the Snyder camp on a big bluif. We could look down on a huge valley where the Mississippi and Wisconsin Rivers join. Everywhere I looked, families like ourselves were working together, getting their curnp in readiness. Daddy became "first sergeant" and issued the orders. Each boy hud his own duties, and there was no groaning about jobs to do, because this is camping, where everyone pitches in. John's duly wa,s to pump up thy air mattresses, with a bicycle pump. Torn got wood and located the water for Daddy. Mark helped unload the bedding $nd pound the metal stages for the tent I was at my "kitchen", preparing supper, our big meal of the day. t • * * • * Thfc.t night, after we had settled down, I heard a noise in ou* garbage can. I poked Low an<j said, "Has someone moved in next to us?" Th.ey'ye «ufe ppjsy people." .To satiny me, he Jwjned on the flashlight, and there peering over the garbage can were two huge ey»s — I began lo shiver and stud, beautiful, doesn't He, Mom couldn't answer. Mom? 1 Our third trip took us to Gooseberry Falls, on Lake Superior s north shore. By this year, we had all of the camping equipment we felt we needed, and had added an umbrella tent and metal stakes. We chose a site, a little apart from everyone with our own special view of Lake Superior through the trees. Everyone went to their duties and camp was set up in no time. After everyone had a hot shower, and I had Camp Chowder (ask Everett Barr for the recipe), we went down to the sand beach. It was as if we were alone on an island of our own. The -gulls flew overhead, the waves rolled in on the beach and we all lay on the warm sand, listening to the sounds and watching the sun go down. I felt as if I could stay there forever and be happy. » * * Experts claim that camping is like eating olives. You have to try it a few times, before you like it. So if you have never camped before, I would suggest that before you buy expensive equipment, you borrow or rent what you need for your first adventure, to see how you like it. If it's what you like to do with your family, gradually add to your equipment every year. Before you go camping, plan your trip — that's half the fun of camping. Talk to veteran campers and get ideas. Read campinjj magazines; in your camp, Watch for short-cuts by observing old-time campers. Learning tq be a good camper comes only through experience. * * * As a family, we have achieved a closeness through camping that we could never have obtained any other way. Our boys have learned to be more self-reliant, more observant. By getting away from the noise'of T.V., we have once again learned the art of conversation, and the fascination of books. We are ap- peciating God's world; we learn to relax—one can't hurry a*camp fire, a mother can't scrub a tent floor, a clock is unimportant in camp; we nave enjoyed the fellowship of other e a m p e r s There's a special feeling among campers, every one speaks in a camp-friendliness that is contagious. Camping is so completely different from the type of life we' live at home, that we come home completely refreshed and planning to go again. At Its Very Best On lake-Of-The-Woods, Canada WE INVITE YOU TO WHITE PINE LOPGE, on Lake of The Wpods, a completely up-io-dale fishing camp nesiled among the pmes on Snake Pay. Fish are really hungry here in May and June. Walleyes, northerns, bass, muskies, crappies. Outpost camp on Highwmd and Porcus lakes for Jake Irout fishermen. Li. hskpg. cabins, boats, motors, top guides of area. For details write now to Wyatt N. Peck, Box 223? N. S., Springfield, Mo. Summer address: Sioux Narrows, Ont. WHITE PINE LODGE on Lake-Of-The-Woods The hours spent looking for agates on a beach, exploring sand caves, tasting our first trout caught by the boys, looking for a hummingbird nest, exploring an unknown shallow stream, making piaster casts of animal prints, the delicious taste of pancakes eaten along Lako Superior, sharing a breakfast with a family in the nex,t tent .feeling at peace with the world beside a crackling fire, popping euro and 'telling .stones, - these are the things I hope our boys will look back on and say, ' "We sure ha<J a wonderful time with our family when w| were kids." ^ I I I , FELCO 22% CATTLE FEED is a complete ration for your beef cattle. 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