The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 28, 1957 · Page 15
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 15

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 28, 1957
Page 15
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February 28,1957 February 28,1957 M B Firms Lost In F Farewell For Lakota Family Going To Algona Lakoia — Mr and Mrs Robert Rippentrop, Dolorts and Phyllis were honored at a farewell party at the Irvin Koppen home. The Rippentrops are moving to Algona this week. Forty-three neighbors were present. The honored family received a gift. The Ledyard Township Farm Bureau meeting is being postponed and the date set is March Wayne Heetland returned home Friday from the Buffalo Center hospital where he underwent surgery. vjMrs Jerry Heetland attended a luncheon at the home of Mrs Raymond Carlson at Wesley. It KALB 459 The Old Corn Belt Reliable was a reunion of a group who served for several years as Kos suth County Farm Bureau. Women's committee. Mr and Mrs Fred Sehroeder left. Monday for Natio/rml City California, where they will visil their daughter. Mrs Robert Anderson and family and son Winston and family and other relatives. Mr and Mrs Robert Rippentrop visited Mr and Mrs Gtorge Steinberg in Buffalo Center Tuesday evening. Mr and Mrs J. C. Blome attended the golden wedding anniversary for Mr and Mrs Adolph Brand at Primgar last Wednesday. Mr and Mrs Andrew Jansen were Tuesday evening guests of Mr and Mrs Arnold Karels near Rake Tuesday evening. Larry Gerzeraa and Cecil Meyer left Tuesday for Glendale, Ariz, to visit Larry's sister, Bernadine and family. Enroule they stopped at Tipton, Mo. at the Roy Sleeper home. Mr and Mrs Gordon Enyart and two children of Prairi City arrived Wednesday for few days visit with Mr and Mi- Wayne Heetland. Congressman Goad's Comments 6ih District Congressman Prom Iowa Reports On Washington Activities TRADE-IN SALE! Greatest old tire trade-in deal of the year! Extra big allowances for old tires when traded-in for new Crest tires. CREST TRAVEIf* • - "re that's IP"- ! " j. Guaranl 10! I |KKW»»-~ KTS The all-new tube-type tire that', low to | j cost and high on mileage. 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'A>k to if* Cambl« big 254 ptflt t Mgil Or<j»r Catalog todo/l SAVE UP TO 40% ALWAYS BETTER BUYS AT GAMBLES February 21, 195? This week the Banking and Currency Committee has been holding hearings on a bill which would prohibit holding Com" janies from owning control of Savings and Loan Associations. Now this may seem entirely without vital concern at first glance but when one gets into It he begins to realize that the entire structure of our Savings and Loan Associations would became vastly changed if '• this condition is permitted to continue. At the present -time there is only 'one holding company operating in this manner and a look 'at their operations reveals that in one year alone they have made over one million dollars by At Air Force Base * 0 A, (left abo » e) ' and - * A. •' u oth fro , m A1 e° na ' are completing the first phase of their basic military training at Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas. Larry is a son of Mr and" Mrs Maynard Kueck, Rt. 2, and James is a son of Mr and Mrs Cliff Etherington. Upon completion of their basic training they will be assigned to an air force technical training course or an advanced basic training course. Never Too Soon AHNIE J. RICKLEFS Phone 354 State & Thorington Sts It's never too soon'to plan for your family in case of your death or permanent disability. Let me help you plan for your family' security. Representing WOODMEN ACCIDENT AND LIFE COMPANY heir tranfser maneuvers. By ermitting a holding company to ain control of a Savings and ..ban Association the management is no longer one of local interest and the community suffers by the remote control type of operation. It is my opinion that the bill will be favorably reported out of the committee and will receive approval of both houses. * * * The House Agriculture Committee reported out a bill thij week by a slim margin. which probably will draw a heavy debate on the floor if it reaches the floor in its present state. I have talked with various members of the Agriculture Committee since they vpted on this measure in the committee and there is considerable thought now to work on a substitute bill. Therefore, while the press has carried banner headlines about the bill which wa_s reported out of the committee in the end this may not be the 'bill up for consideration at all. I venture to say that by next week we should pretty well know what will be done in this regard. We have had only about six days of sunshine since January :irst. The weather pattern is beginning to break up, however, and it is getting more like the fine weather in Iowa recently. There are several delegations coming to Washington from Iowa and the district and we- are most happy to welcome them all. Merwin Coad Member of Congress Pigeons differ from other birds in that they hold their head in water until finished drinking. Livermore Ladies Help Irvington Birthday Party/ Livermore — Mrs Clifford Baker, Mrs Frank Cox, Mrs Joe Melavin of Humboldt and Mrs Connie Kohlhaas went to the home of Mrs John Altman near Irvington Tuesday afternoon to help her celebrate her birthday. The afternoon was spent in playing cards. Refreshments were served by Mrs Altman. Mrs Anna Welter entertained Mrs Frank Cox, Mrs Ernest Logue, Mrs Clifford Maker. Mrs Martin Miller and Lena Altman at a Samba party at her home Friday afternoon. Phyllis Faith, John Eller and Ruth Steinman of Algona visited Friday evening with the former's uncle and aunt, Mr and Mrs John Olson. Mrs Lawrence Frederick was railed to Livingston, Mont, by the serious illness of her mother, Mrs John Neil. She suffered a stroke Friday. , Mr and Mrs Bill .Wilson and Mrs Paul Druschella 6f Hvunbdldt were Sunday dinner guests at the Virgil Wilson home in Eagle Grove. . Mr,and Mrs Frank Hoffmann were Sunday evening visitors at the Harold Frederick home. A son was 'born Wednesday. February 13th to Mr and Mrs Danny Insko at the Lutheran hospital in Fort Dodge. Mrs Insko is the son of Mr and Mrs Mark Insko of Livermore. A son was born February Over $200,000 Destruction Thursday A. M, Pour business places were completely destroyed and six persona were driven from their apartments by a fire that broke out early last Thursday in downtown Elmore, Minn, just across the Minnesota line from Kossuth County. Lost were the Ostermann produce, Emerson grocery, the Elmore Eye newspaper plant and the Lunch Nook restaurant. Three families, living in apartments above the produce and grocery store fled,the building leaving all their possessions behind. A preliminary estimate of the loss was placed at between $200,000 and $250,000 by assistant Elnore fire chief Benny Kurth. Started In Basement The blaze was believed to have started in the basement of the >roduce firm located in a brick jullding known as the old opera house. It quickly spread to the partments upstairs and the grocery store located in the same building. The restaurant and the frame building housing the newspaper were adjoining structures. All are situated on the north side of the street across from the Border theater. Mrs Louise Snook, one of the apartment tenants, discovered smoke coming through the floor of the 'bedroom in the rear oi the building at about 5:30 a.m. She aroused her two sons, Jerry, 16, and Russell, 14. As othej tenants were aroused, Jerry ran three blocks to the fire station to turn in the alarm. When he returned he attempted to re-enter the 'building but was driven back by thick clouds of smoke in the stairway. The other occupants of the upstairs 36 HOURS _ __ •*•. of Terrific Bargain^ Save up *° 507c tor Our SPEAKING; Men! Remember The Best Years of Our Wives . , , The "best years of our wives" may be BEFORE she married you unless your home is equipped with modern electrical, labor* saving appliances. "Home on the Range" sounds much better, too, when the range is insulated and automatic. Indeed, the "best /ears of our wives" can be NOW if you take steps to eliminate household drudgery through the use of modern electrical appli- cmees. YOUR ELECTRIC SERVANT COSTS LESS - GIVES MORE Algona Municipal Utilities Phone 47 or 63 - Algona, Iowa to Mr and Mrs Paul Pizen at Piper City, 111. Mrs Pizen is the daughter of Mr and Mrs Elwood Rummens of Liyermore. Mr and Mrs Julius Becker and daughters attended a dinner Sunday at the Joe JCrieJ)s h0me in Wesley in -honor of the jixty^hird birthday of their moiHer, Mrs John Youngwirth. All of her children were present. Mr and Mrs Herman Haiasen entertained his parents, Mr and Mrs Martin Hansen at supper Sunday evening in honor of their fifty-seventh wedding anniversary. Mr and Mrs Leslie Jensen were Sunday evening visitors ai the Albert Jensen home at Rolfe Mr and Mrs F?ed Giegel of'Al gona were visitors one day Ias1 week at the Charles Clauq home Mr and Mrs Joe Ehrhardt re ceived word of the birth of a son to Mr and Mrs Ralph Ehrhardt of Fort Dodge. The Ehrhardts now have two children. He is the son of Mr and Mrs Joe Ehrhardt. Mrs Harold Hunt of Algona was a visitor Friday with her parents, Mr and Mrs Jim Hughes. A8ST. CUSTODIAN Ed Ford of Bancroft accepted a position as assistant custodian at the Kossuth County Courthouse in Algona. He 'began his duties there February 1st. Mr Ford replaces a custodian who suffered a heart attack recently. The Fords plan to move to Algona. UDM CUssiftodc Pay Dividend* rooms, Mrs Delia Thompson and her son and Gladys Gullickson had already left the building. All escaped with only the clothes they were wearing. • Shortage Of Wai«* Firemen were hampered tn their efforts to control the inferno by a shortage of water. At,the height of the blaze, about 8 fl.rn., several hose lines were shut down in order to maintain pressure for the others. By noon firement were further plagued by a shift of the wind to the northwest. Earlier, a light south breeze was throwing sparks into the residential area north of the burning buildings. Some apprehension was expressed regarding the building on the south side of the street. The water supply by late morning had become ihore acute, with hoses shut down intermittently while the well pumps caught up the supply. By noon observers believed this condition was alleviated to some extent.*/ Meanwhile the brick opera house building and the cafe were completely collapsed and main attention was on the publishing firm's building. The upper story was gone there with flames Continuing to eat their way down into the plant. Call Blue Earth Deph Blue Earth firemen were summoned shortly before 7 a.m; to assist the Elmore department.. Elmer Ostermann, operator of the produce firm, said he was,Unable to determine the cause. He believed all electrical wiring to be sound and was told by em- ployes that the heating stove had been turned low the night before. The fire apparently started in the northwest corner of his store. Some 400-500 cases of eggs and about 10 tons of feed were lost in addition to supplies and equipment, Ostermann said. He stated the loss was only partially covered by insurance. Employes of the grocery store were able'to save only the money in the cash register. Ed Emerson, the store's owner, is vacationing in Florida. v The newspaper plant was the last place to go. Harold Norman, co-publisher of the Eye with his father-in-law, C. M. Wicken, saved only a few records including a list of his* subscribers. The Thursday issue of His 'paper was printed and ready for distribution, but readers were denied their paper last week. Co-owner Wicken h vacationing In California. ';'';' , ' ' ' Nothing was saved 'from the Lunch Nook, operated by Mrs Roy Mino. Threaten Other Bldgs. Another building to the east, housing a beauty, shop and an apartment occupied by Mr and Mrs Benny Kurth and their four children, was .threatened by the blaze from the • newspaper plant. An open space between the two structures contributed greatly to confining the fire to the corner buildings. The brick structure housing the apartments, grocery and produce was owned by Henry Potter, Blue Earth, ? Elmore residents described the • fire as the worst in their town's history, The last major Waze was recorded there in 1928 when business houses ,on the south side tof the street burned, according';to one spokesman. The Snook family ha.d only recently moved into the apartment from a larger place across the street, following the death bt Mr Snook about two months ^ago, They had just purchased a considerable amount of new dining and living room furniture, all of which was destroyed. See your doctor! He'll proscribe the right medicine for you. Then toke it to e reliable pharmacist for compounding, Our prwcription specialist will *orve you promptly, accurately. Phone 252 THUENTE PHARMACY OUR BUSiNtss is PROH-CMNG YOUR IHAIIJI-

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