The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 10, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 10, 1934
Page 5
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SATURDAY, MAKCtt • 10, • 19H4 BLYTHEVILLE, (ABK.) COURIER NKWi PAGE FIVE CUSSIFIEDStCfION OSc OSc Die 60c CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate per '.roe ror consecii- t!ve Insertions: inve average wnros to a "n" One time per line —• );lc Two times per Mnc ]>er day . Three times per lln« per day . Six. times per line per day . Month raw per line Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered to- tnrec or a: times and stopped betore expira t'on will "c charger tor the number o( times the ad appeared ana adjustment ol bill made. All Classified.. Advertising, cops submitted by perso'is residing outside ol tUe city, panicd by. cash. Rates, may be easily computed irnm above table No responsibility will be taken [oi more than one incorrect In sertion of any classified ad. Advertising ordeicd lor. jar insertions uke the one tlm rate. BUY NOW WH;LE OHEAFI 0 acre turm aid*' home, near Wytntville, an in culuvaubn. umia uretn tic W-b 'arms for uk. 20% down, baUnce UJte rrnt. tiUtl D. Thompson, £a- uUitrsvUle, Mo. «pkS-» I'OULTKY & EGGS Fresh egg* dally. R. I. Bed betting jgs. flckard Store. 1MI Chick*, sawba. 8p kt-ll) 'OULTRY. Highest cash prices paid. J. E. Fisher, corner Vine & Second. Across from Nazareiie Hiurch pk-3-U FOR SALE OR TRADE Tlire chair BARBER SHOP U good location at Steele, Mo. ^yil sell cheap, will take car as trade in. R. L. Williams. " '' F0« RENT For Rent'-Four room unfumishe house, bath and garage. Call 2»( or 910 Holly. ' 9-pk-l BEDROOM for 1 or 2 gentlemen 801 W. Walnut St. Call 451. 6-cfc-t Lots of Extra Value In These Used Cars .$195 .8135 ..$175 •30 FOKD TUDOa SEDAN •Z'J 1'ONTIAC COACH '30 CHEVROLET COACH '30 NASH SEDAN ISargairj TRUCK SPECIALS . '*<> CHEVROLET l'-i TO N TRUCK. Worth the Money •3D DODGE I'ANKL TRUCK IVc Will Buy Your 1D31 License For Ycur Passenger Car. Phillips Motor Co. ?.\X> r.ns'. Main Slr«l Blythcvilie, Arkansas Phone 810 - 811 SS D1KECTORY UH1N5HED 5 loom hpusc, bat 1 garage and servant house. Aval blc March 10. Call 280 or 83. 27c k u*e, it clean, they would "out- Ine" the wiuber surroundings o( e structure and destroy the deed effect. The .building Is a ve- Ica of the dining hall of Christ uirch In Oxford, England French Merchants Fight Chain Stores j.,,^ s j pi'Lictlcnlly wore imkn,onu , in Uiil your, however, IhcV liy Invaded the French omplnliis of "Hits'ly; - - -, -_„_... , I>AniS <U|1) ~ A I 1011110 " t0 i The wsolulta, tomiriutiB lhi.1 The sunlight, It was explained, eliminate chain SIOVM from France !,.,,.„„ s , 0| . es |(| . c d)lc|lv of , mfltn ould conflict with the. artistic '"W i^l been presented to Uic u w ,. mhll ,. u u \v they iucclnHze In ttlnj inside" an therefore, e*-j Boverninciit by the Natloival Com-1 | 0 ,,.| gll moichnndlse; (hat they ptlng that removc'd by rain, llws nilttee of Commerce and Indus- ^ 1H , i,, lurlor , )rrx ii K i ; im \ t |, lrt rime .has been allowed lo coat.' 1 '}'. • Uiry dm-lve by iinfnlr lulvdtls- ear after year. ' Until recently, chain stores me. V'imhcrmori', thci rommUtvD OUR BOARDING HOUSE FURNISHED bedroom, 1017 Walnut. Mrs. Ed Hardln alter '. M. lc k r'URNISHED 2 or 3 room apartment, lights, water, etc., free. Private bath. Reasonable. 619 W Wain. ' 23c kit ROOM & BOARD ROOMS or room and board or meals. Good meal, clean rooms, rates low. Close In. Mrs. Uiflin 431 S. Second.' . ,..' ..S-ck-4-,5 WANTED WANTED, TWO SMALL HOUSES MOVED AT ONCE. Dr. C. H. HARiVieii, OSCEOLA, Ark. ""iVANTtilTTO RENT that the development lypc ol store threatens o become un "eloincnt o[ imllonnl ndian "Put on Spot" While Baking Clam's j Ini; » inc-ss o! elnnis for Ills din- i.soiiliin Instllulion urchcologtsu HIT. John Yokut. Tuiilumiilu In- j found John's ikull on the shore dliin, wiis -|iut on the sjiot." uu- ; u r ancient luicna Vlst-,1 lake, John IhoilUcs disclosed today. |n|>|mronlly iioycr moved from his Three fiUmc-tliHXul DITOWS wero iw-slllon In front of the (ire, they Hied Into ' tlw buck o[ his hnid! sal 'l- The .remains of the fire, tho , mill n fourth.' uilo life sjilnut col- jfossllcd clams, and tlic victim's "nmn'iit Iho hasc of (Iw lirniii. ifcki-lctou nit weic discovered JUE'J I Tin 1 iiuuxtcr occurred Kovcvul.ns the uMusMnx left tlwiu. yeais IIKO. i —— , liAKKUSFlEI.l), CM. Scutol before his Mimll lirr, link- : . u Wius tllscovcml wlwn Hmllli-' Ue«g Courier «cws Wimt Aus > KXILK! UNFURNISHED Three-room apartment with bath. Close in Coil 306. ' WANTED TO BUY L. G. MOSS. Undertaker Amoulance Ecrvit 1 ^ Phone 30 WEAR-EVER aluminum is better and costs no more. Sola exclusively at, HuUrard Hardware Go. 5-Ct-l-D Repair Fuvniturc Now Vou can save money by having furniture upholstered now as materials arc cheaper. We make the old now as*ln! Free estimates. Complete line samples. Work guaranteed. Jenkins & Kon, 713 Chickasawba 26c-k3-27 We specialize in Fluur Sweep Special kinik for special floors Ilubbard Hardware Ca. 12-ck-3-12 r'anl, to buy all kinds Used Hpust hole! Goods, Stoves. Hlghes Cash prices. Leigh'ton's Secom land Store. 320 E. Main. 10pk'4-l J-'rce figure diagnosis in your home Mrs,. S. 3. Oavis, I'hfir.r. «l Spencer Conicticrc J6r, k3- EXPERT Typewriter and Addini .•Machine Itcpairin?, U. S. Blank- cnship, 116 K. Kobe. Call 165-3. 2ft; k'J- FOR SALE Fox Terrier pups, two months old U. W. iMuliins, Phono 552-J. 25 JERSEY HEIFERS that will be fresh in Irom 3 to 30 days. Wil make a reduced price on a. bulk sale. Haincs 1 Men's Shop. 206 W Main. Phone 211. 10-ck-t I Oliver row crop tractor, one row planter, one 4 row cultivate one 16 by 20 disc harrow, otic ^ row biiiter with marker. All i first class condition. Billings, Inc. Gay an 6-ck-t TWO Bood mules, priced able. H. A. Smith, 510 W. Main 2c k AUTOMOTIVE We Fay 55$ Cetts for No. 1 Beef Hides Matlliews Storr, 606 N..61B St. Ifc 'e Pay $2 per ton for Scrap Iron Also buy hUSes, brass, copper ad, etc.. Wolf Arian, Fhone 176 2b E. Main. ?5-Clc-3-Z6 MALE HELP WANTED NATION-WIDE CORP. csfiblisl ing office in this vicinity. Ha opening for reliable, jndustriou inancially responsible man as lo al Mgr. Position offers immediat ubstantial income and advance iTjtH. Exj>cricnce in pur uork un ;cc. as man selected will be Iho O'ighly and personally trained a the time we open office. Wri PRESIDENT'S OFFICE, 975 Trans ttottatibn Bldg., Chicago. BOYS WANTED: To do pleasan cducalional work afternoons and Saturdays. Good pay. Ages preferred: 12 to 14. Apply by letter to J. T. care Courier News. FEMALE HELP WANTED HOMEWORKERS—Make up lo $50 •weekly listing names—addressing —other work. National Relief'Al- liance, Bcrwyn, III. •176 Sribcrling Tim *• Tutfs, Keplac*- TOent parls ar.d accessories ol all kinds fo- any make of car. Automotlre Dcpt, Hubbard IHw. Co. Ic Auto (iliss All Kinds Installed The Art-Mo Lumber Co. 10c-k3-10 KATTER1ES SALESMEN WANTED ARE YOU THE MAN. Available — permanent, profitable factory distributorship connection with Pyroil Co.. manufacturers PY- ROIL— the super-lubricant. (Pat. U. S.-Canada>. Nationally advcrlised lor years In Saturday Evening Po&t, Country Gentleman, Time. Newspapers, trade papers, etc. Continuous increasing consumer, - service .station, garage, Vnduslrinl .<iV- mand. Pyroil has amazed lUe world by ils accomplishment at Indianapolis Speedway, driving car's ly 1000 miles <vilh no oil, nying airplanes 3a rr v inutC6.. without oil, saving 55000 anhualiy in luhrlcaiton cost at one flour mill. Highly indorsed by leading laboratories aiid Fire Prevention Bulcau. Pyroil added to regular oil and nas makes racial sell lutKlceAing. & ital opportunity. Hurry! Pyroil Co., 5181 Main, LaCrosse, wis. LOST llcnlal - New Ford Batteries Kepairing; WHITE evening drcis on Osccoln road near Blylhcvlllc last Jiight. 'REWARD for return lo Nell's Bcniity shop. 10-ck-H 777 USE & BATTERV STATION SP:EDS & PLAN-IB SEED Potatoes, ioy Iwnns, licia !>ea» umi allalfii t>ecd. Gel my I'Htes. Earl Hatcher Call (J35-J. REAL KSTATE For Trade: City oronertv for farm Thirty Years of; Dirt Cover College Windows CH1CAUO (HI 1 )—An accumiilu- tlon of TO years' gvimc oniamenls the windows of Hutchinsoir Commons, the men's dining romn at the University of Chfcago.. Evev since the completion . of the building SO years ago the jviu- . Mrs. Ed Herdin. 13c!ili 'do\v(, have not buon iwlishcd' '( DON'T LET WM GE voo BOOBS STOP'IM? COMES <3UST AT THE RIGHT vou Ot-l POLICY NEXT TUESDAY (I 6\NC, J THE LONt)T-C)R ElGWT&tU / THIS i YOU SUP THE A ON / YOUT51 NECK Q / JJ_ •THINK OF ME ABOUT TWO SENT n \N 10 ""•"•- -?"--"^"*'-i,'S;. r—~ S A r ^^-'x-%\r ^'•'^•^^r^^ C ^^£^^^S£2^iikr^ rAY HE KEEP STILL ^^SiSzLOl.. i! 1 BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES B»006? THAO HOBWOOO SMVW. WASH TUBBS f THIS U MY FORtMftN, WftCHfc JOR, THE fftHOUS I / WAL, OMfl VOHPft'S THE MftlN HCOSETvnll ; IHPIAU 5COUT AND OUWMAH. HE'LL SMWVCU 7HE ) \ AINT W.LOWEO 1H6RE MO TIME ,- ROFVS. ••}- s . -..'^ -,, . ' J > ^n /^ J THE CopwfiuS, BUKIKMOUSE, SECH. THE! 1 ; WlEfiH --OU Br.LOHti. |PWi^i»ssg?8p',x. \^mm^ SALESMANSAM 5W, MRS. M) DON'T STUMHI.K , fSl.L pJCHAT DO AS I Dio, TH' X.WST Tine. I TVl' . FIIJ.ST 0f\0y '-.-,( RUM FER. YER LIFE ^ BOSS E. PICKED' jn_u Be &t-f\c To oo IT! I'LL tELL (ttnl FRECKLES AND = .HIS FRIENDS V~ N.UTTY,(!KTS SOME ADVICE!' UNLESS t MISS MV GUESS, ITS COULD HIBE AN OIL MAM To O3>1E AU3 TESTS,TO SEE IF TWIS iS AN OIL S OR JUST A TRICk OF NATURE....IT MIGHT PAY TO GO To TVIE SANK BORROV. SOME MoNEV 1 ', rr USUALLV -COMES FROM PUMDPEDS OP F-;E£T D'o-inj... AMD YOU IWE to SISIK A WELL! ...AMD COSTS REAL DOUGH II PROPEP7Y B JEF?EI-1IAI| V/OPLr>!'A: '.'.' .A'53 Tlf FRIESD 'OF MLJTTY'S, FROM PORT STOCkTOM, 3UEEPECT OIL 1 EVER SAW ! ! ' >*-S k I OIL DoESNT COME OUT , ^^ i OF THE GROUN'b THAT rf;- <, WAY!! s-rF.M /.'«* SCUTTLE... A!O HES, /^MSMjF.ST! ful A.V ANXIOUS TO GET IT BAC'< ' V '°RTH TRVI.vr ., FROM US...MES ow WE ;L NOTTY -' BOARD OF DflECTOSS S " l ' t -?.OF THE BAMK 1 WUTTY BE ABLE TO HOLO CM TO PROPERTY EXA^IWING HOLE 7HAT MUTTYAW FRECkLGS DUO

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