The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 28, 1957 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 28, 1957
Page 4
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4-Atpoflo ftp.) Uppw Oft Mom* TTiufittoy, fab, tl, t«? 2 Housewarmings Held At St. Joe During Past Week Si. Jo« — Mr and Mrs Vernon Berte were Riven a housewarm- iitg party in their home on Tuesday evening with the evening spent socially and playing five hundred. Prizes were awarded to Mrs Greg Augustine and Bob Becker for high; Marjorie Illg and Greg Augustine receiving low prize. A delicious lunch brought by the guests was served. Those attending were Mr and Mrs Berte and family, Mr and Mrs Peter Reding and Linda, Mr and Mrs Anton Becker. Marjorie Illg and Donald Reding all from here; Mrs Justine Seeker and family, Mr and Mrs Alvin Becker and family, Marilyn Roeder, Phyllis Arndorfer and Norma Becker all from Wesley; Mr and Mrs Greg L. Augustine and family, Mr and Mrs Allen Vaske and family from Bancroft, Mr and Mrs Arnold Kollasch ano family from Whittemore. Redings Honored Mr and Mrs Alphonse Reding and family were given a housewarming party in their new home here in St. Joe on Wednesday evening. The evening was spent playing 500 with Mrs John B. Keeling and John Thul receiving high prize and Mrs Wm. Devine and Alphonse Berte receiving low prize. Those attending were Mr and Mrs Wm. B. Devine, Mr and Mrs Joe Sinnwell and Connie, Mr and Mrs Therman Pruitt, Mr and Mrs John Thul, Mr and Mrs John Thul, Mr and Mrs John B. Reding, Mr and Mrs Alvin Erpelding and Celeste, Mr and • Mrs Peter C. Reding and daughters and Mr and Mrs Vernon Berte. Word was received here of the death of Mrs Margaret Bornong : 75, of Firesteel, South Dakota on Saturday. Mrs Bornong was a sister ot John Thul of here. Funeral services were to be held on Tuesday. Mr and Mrs Orville Wagnei and Judy, Mr and Mrs Sylvestei Wagner and Patricia and Mrs, Adeline Wagner were at the home of Mr and, Mrs Cletus Reding in Fort Dodge and attended their household goods sale. The Redings are moviny "to San Diego. Regular meetings of the Riverdale Rustisr^ 4-H,.dubs was held on Saturday, Feb; 16, in the St JOe Hall. Ruth Ann Klein and Doris Ann Kchlhaas gave a demonstration for Unit I on "Measuring For Pattern Size." Karen Zeimet gave a talk on alteration of.pat- terns. JoAnn Welter and Mary Alma O'Brien gave a talk on "Safety in the Home." Joyce Ptacek and Alma Illg and their mothers served a delicious lunch. Vice president Phyllis Thilges called the meeting of Unit II to order on Feb. 16. Plans were made for the window display in some store in Algona. Demonstrations were given by: Joan Reding and Patricia O'Brien on "Good Grooming"; Patricia Wagner on "Alternation of Pat• terns"; and Diane Altman and Judy Zeimeton "Safety in the home." Joan Reding, Patricia O'Brien and Alice Bormann, county chorus members led the group in singing. Lunch was served by Alice and Alma Illg, Bernadette Hilbcrt and Joyce Patoche. Club &Social Groups Active At Lone Rock Lone Rock — The Modernette Club met recently at the Raymond Laabs home. Entertainment was five hundred. Last Sunday the club held a card party at the Willard Thompson home. The evening was spent playinsj five hundred with prizes goins to Mrs Gerald Radig high, Mr Gene Bollig high, Mrs Roy Bierle travel, Mr and Mrs Victor Dreyer low. Triple Birthday Dinner Mr and Mrs A. D. .Newbrough entertained the following guests Sunday, Mr and Mrs Clifford Mueller, Wayne and Gordon of Stanley, Wis.; Mr and Mrs Echv Blanchard, Mr and Mrs Gene Blanchard, Pat Kim and Susie. Mr and Mrs Lawrence Newbrough and family, Mr and Mrs Fritz Newbrough, Steve and Sherry. The dinner was in honoi of the birthdays of Pat Blanchard, Janell Newbrough and A D. Newbrough. Mr and Mr? Stanley Mueller and family were here over the weekend visiting friends and relatives. Circle Meetings Mrs W. J. Cotton was hostes? to the Maxine circle Thursday afternoon with Mrs Ruth Krueger assisting. Mrs Delrnar Fischei had charge of the lesson. Guests were Miss Ruth Krueger, Mrr Milfred Mitchell, Mrs Owen Berhow and Mrs Justin Anderson of Missouri., who is here visiting at the Berhow home. Mrs George B. Long entertain ed the Lu circle Thursday after noon with Mrs Robert Fortney assisting. Guests were M r • Roger Long, Miss Kathryn Kiueh- er, Mrs Charles Staudt, Mrs Don Blanchard, Mrs A. A. Krueger and Mrs Lawrence Pingcl. Mrs Clarence Martin had charge ol the lesson. ; Mrs Walter Thompson entertained the Mildred circle Thursday at hej^holne with Mjsg Na,\r Thompsan^elsistingY Mrs Ralp Hammerstrom had charge of the lesson. Plans were made for the members to serve the family night lunch . at the church in March. Miss Florence Yager was a guest. Infant Baptized Roxann Jean, infant daughter of Mr and Mrs Ralph Bierstedt was baptized Sunday at the Burt Lutheran church in Burt with Rev. E .L. Whittkopp officiating. Sponsors were Mrs Raymond Bartlett and Roy Bierle. Dinner guests at^the ( Bierstedt home in honor of'the occasion were Rev. and Mrs Whittkopp, Mrs Raymond Bartlett and Mr and Mrs Complete Closing-Out PUBLI As f hove (decided to quit active farming, I will sell all of the following personal property at the Henry Orpndgenett farm located % mile west and V4 mile north of the intersection of Bancroft Main Street and Highway 169, on ... ^ Thursday, Feb. 28 TO START AT 1 O'CLOCK SHARP FARM MACHINERY H Tr*eioy with statiej and lie his; Tractor Cultivator; W»*d*r; John Zteert H*ivy»duty Disc; Sioux Hydraulic $«#»*< 3-row; McCormick-PwriBg 2' row Corn Picker; Und- My : 4«*K3lio» Trwtar Hwrow wiib loJdlof steel draw par; Roderick Iritis flfW Cultivator; McCorroick-l>e«rJng 3-bottpm, 14-in; Plow Httown; John Deere a-boHoin, 16-in. Plow; No. 290 John f 'f*w Tractor 1 Com Planter, 149 reds wire? D\sc Transport; 8etd*>. ffMf teed attachment; Self-Propelled Clipper 7-ft. Ham* Combine; Clipper fanning Wftr %-*°n va ford i Fltre Boxes; TV 9 4- wheel Trailers; Heat Houser for H J. Grew* Own pail with }Q>fi. hose; Heavy-duty fctito Me> S§ Chain, 99 le«i> FJUer Grease Gun Pail; Hand '''' Cleviset; Canvas Tarp 19 X 24; UC Allis-Chalmers wrani*ments bef«r» the sale. Ho preiaj*e» wattl settled Ion Not responsible fgx It TMdew fiaviaaft fiaak. «!?** «s ^SSW" ™ K - ^P^^TTOpW^jB^WIr^^! J» SCHIL T Z. Hoy Bierle and famHj'. Hosts At Supper Mr and .\4:s Gene B':ir,ci).;rc' entertained ti'.p fv i'.nvi-.c >;u .•;. Sunday I'vrnniji 1:1 h -n-'v of '.)u-;. Faf? fii'l 1 - h:r'hj; y. Mr :?.--. . Mrs Ben Sci:Tn:,i'. J-ivy. 1\. :;. snd l-'t';iri,>, ,>!:• ii;ui Mrs .Ki'-> iign. David and Alien u n.'i. Mr and M:s F'nt/ Ni-\v brou^li -ind Stevt 1 and Sherry. Lila Schmidt and Alfred Seha dendorf Jr. Mr? Ovvfn H.-rhiuv r:i'.ort;iinr i o the following; ladies Wc.:m:: : dti> ai!erno.-n to c;-ffec ih ho not o! Mrs Justin Anderson of Lebanon, Mo. wh» has been visit in;, here: Mis Fred Genrich, Mr- Rose Kraft. Mrs Dehnar Fischer. Mrs W. J. Cotton, Mrs Ciai; Boilinger. Mrs Emil Person. Mrs Rayiiuiiid \VestIing of Burt; Mr.< Otto West Ling and daughter Laverla. Mr and Mrs Raymond Westling and Vickie of Burl Visited at the Berhow horns Tuesday afternoon, Mrs Anderson accompanied them heie and remained till Sunday at the Berhow home. Thursday evening the Berhow family callied at the Delmar Fischer home. Mrs Bernard O'Donnell entertained the past presidents of the American Legion Auxiliary on Wednesday evening. Attending were Mrs Roy Jensen, Mrs Fred Genrich, Mrs Hose .Kraft, Mrs E A. Lee. Mrs Sieb Behrends, Mrs W. G. Flai?, and Tena Jensen. Callers Saturday evening at the" home of Mr and Mrs Junior Hurlburt to help Mrs Hurlburt celebrate he/ birthday were Mr and Mrs Alfred Schadendorf and family, Mr and Mrs Dale Seh roeder and Susan* jMrs Emma Hurlburt arid girls'. w Mr and Mts Roriald Christenson were ak Rpchestor. Wednesday, whbre^'Mrs Chftsterison re ceived an ear check up. sMokE From DIAMONDS WIGWAM This week. Big Chief Bald •; Eagle him pretty busy like beaver chewing on log getting out Overshoes for lots of palefaces who say: Sun come oul, make thaw, make lots : mud and water, needum E Ood Overshoes for pul on, > eop |eei dry* Wigwam got- s , Turn pten,ty s floocUPvershoes, ' big enough even fit Al Boekelman's foot, and all way from two buckle kind up to five buckle. You come in. we fit overshoe to you but quick. Now, we also gotlum sum rsd-hoi Rubber Knee Boots, paleface putium these on fast like fireman. We think Ira Kohl like pair these, keep fcfttf d#fl«*}ay up to knee, and these good heavy kind with red spies. We feeling fine, had nice mess of jack-rabbit stew, so chop price on these boots down to $5.98. They last lifetime, kinfolk can wear after you. • * * So, Big Chief say to palefaces: Kum to Wigwam, get- turn pair Overshoes, pair Rubber Boots, also gettum pair good heavy cork sole work shoss, wear. inside, be all set for walk in mud. Now, we gottum sum very special white man goods: we gottum new Pants and Shirts for go together, real tough no-learum chino cloth. These squaw wash, no iron, squaw feel happy- like you betcha! Man work, wear t ihese, ask boss for rai6e, boss happy like everything, say you bet- chjj farmers like^too, sometimes overalls in wash, so putluro on this snatching Shirt and Pants. These fittam • oaleface like paper on wall, but no bind, no shrink, no kum apart. * Wigwam full of stuff like work socks, gloves, underwear, other good stuff we get from best trading post. You jgo to Post Office, kum put. go across street to Wigwam, you see. We get smoke signals, say Skating Rink be open now for skates on little wheels again, we offer congratulations to Skating Rink. Wigwam gottum those fine metal cases with handle, putium skates inside, go get best girl, lakum girl and skates to rink for evening. These cases for carry skates are $4.00 kind, come by pony rider over mountains, we sellum now for j«st $2.98. Gettum in color you like. Mr and Mrs Mtttofi Madison, Kent and Mary Lee were Sunday -dinner guestf a| Fenton at the John Munch residence. Mr and Mrs Frank Dreyar on tortained for dinner and suppe: Sunday Mr and Mrs Everett Drover and Roger, Mrs Minnie Ui-yer. Mr and Mrs Lloyd Sun,k- .-»nd family, Mr and Mrs Larry Alt and family. Mr and Mis Andrew Thomsen recently returned from California after a three weeks vacation With Mr and Mrs G. H. Doty of Mason City they traveled 5.000 miles, visiting relatives in Okla- , tfetv Meftico, and the coast. They spent a day at the Carlsbsd Caverns. They attended a family reunion at Knott's Berry Farm, with 15 present They icame home via Grand Canyon and Boulder Dam. Mr and Mrs George B. Long spent Sunday afternoon at the L. V. Johnson home. Mr and Mrs Donald Blanchard and family, Mrs Maude Blanchard were Stmday dinner guests at the Elmer Frank home at Swea City. Mr and Mrs Fred Genrich attended a District meeting of the rural carriers Friday at Garner. Last Tuesday Mr and Mrs Got* rich attended the funeral of Clifton Wiekef. Mr and Mrs Johft McCain and family of Emmetstftirg were Tuesday evening supper guest? at the LeRoy Klepper home. Me is Mrs Klepper*s brother. Mr and Mrs A. A. Krueger and Kermit were dinner guests Sunday at the Roy Jensen home. In the afternoon they all visited in Dolliver at the Oliver Stow residence. Mr Stow recently passed away. Mr and Mrs Arnold Kies and son Douglas of Odebolt spent at the ft. A. Lee home. She is the former Phyllis Benning who taught ttete. The* also called at the L. V. johnsor,, and W. G. Flaig homes. Miss Ruth Kfaeger and Jean Beth Christenson spent all day last Wednesday with Mrs P. M. Christeftson. Afternoon callers Wefe Mr and Mrs Charles Morrf * and Mr and Mrs Jack Johnson oJ Gowrii. Robert Donnavon of Algona was a caller Sunday at the Lillie Thompson home. Mr and Mrs Dale Schroeder and Susan were dinner guests welcome at Diamond's Wigwam, we no lock dopr, you come, bring squaw, papoose, bring pony, too. You look around in Wigwam, you buy, we like. You no buy, we like just the same. Big Chief Bald Eagle DIAMOND'S SURPLUS Across Fre*i Pt it Off "m Sunday in Ringsted at the fervift Klatt home. t Mr and Mrs Milton Maflow and family were dinner guests Sunday in Bancroft at the home of Mrs Mary Schiltz. Mrs Naomie Marlow, Mrs Ged. Kiscner, Mrs Erich See.eebarth, Dell and Bob Marlow, Mr and Mrs Merwln Marlow, Mr and Mrs Lyle Marlow, Mr and Mrs.Har- lan Marlow, Mr and Mrs Tied Schmidt attended the funeral of Ed Ellers Monday afternoon in Spirit Lake. Mrs Verna Walters of Albert City spent last weekend here HERE'S NEWS FOR All YOU CAMERA FANS! Announcing The Enlarged, Newly-Stocked RUSK CAMERA CORNER NOW FEATURING THE WORLD'S GREATEST CAMERA NAMES! EASTMAN KODAK BELL & HOWELL ZEISS POLAROID is Photo (Taken On A Polaroid Camera) PICTURE-TAKING IS FUNi ... and it doein't have to be 'exoen«iv«', as we prove in Rusks Camera Corner. And now we have *> much to show you here ... a greatly enlarged stock that embraces everything from Brownie cameras for a few dollar* to foreign-made cameras for real fan» . . . everything from splicers, flash gun*, projectors, screens, cases to a complete lock of Film! We also handle developing. quality work in short time. VISIT RUSK'S CAMERA CORNER NOW ... get the picture-taking habit as a hobby I V* WAS TAKENUTBESDAar AT '— -. * • -' , •«<• I'if TV .^ .• :, 1:32 P f M. IT WAS DEVELOPED AT 1:33 PiM. AND TAKEN TO THE ALGONA UPPER DES MOINES AT 1:35 P.M. Where An Electronic Plate For This Week's Issue Was Made at 1:45 P.M. , PHARMA'OY .... BOTH ""OP THE AB'OVF, ITBMS COST ABOUT: THB : , SAME. Th» on© ( is a pleasant oup of 'e6ffif*| tH*>atVife:r an lap- ortaiit medloaijion capsule pr©seivl ( b0f3., BROWNIE FLASH CAMERA 24-hour snapshooter at low, low cost Flash is literally a "snap" with this camera. No adjustments needed for grand color or black- and-white pictures, indoors or out. Just snap on a Kodalite •Midget Flasholder, pop in an inexpensive ,i"peanut" bulb, dim, and shoog-iYou gel BIG sharp piclures everyone will admire. See it today. Camera 8s Flashholder Complete . 9.95 BROWNIE CAMERA Most popular snapshot camera ever built! Simple, sure, smart —no wonder It's the world's most popular camera. Just load, • aim, and shoot for grand pictures by sun or by flash. Get 12 big, sharp black-and-white or color pictures from a roll of film. Come in today for full details. Camera & Flasholder Complete . 13,95 (Kodar 1/6 Itni) KODAK 'CWfefc IT CAMERA De Luxe Model See what you get get what you see Convenience and dependability of reflex picture-taking—at modest cost. Big, brilliant viewfinder p/eviews your pictures. Focuses from 3V 2 ,fe«r to infinity. Brightness selector mokes adjustments sure and simple. Takes flash, too — for 24-hour snapshooting. Camera & Flasholder Complete' See our complete selection KODAK KODASLIDE 8^500 PROJECTORS FOR COLOR SLIDES WonderfyJ gift for snapshot fans ready for new worlds to conquer. Outfits include a Kodak miniature camera, especially designed for color slides, and a flasholder for fndoor pictures. (Some also include camera case.) Big selection of outfits for snapshots and movies, too. 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