The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 1, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 1, 1936
Page 1
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BLYTHEVILLE j THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NOrm DEIEE NEWS KA8T AHKAM8A9 AND 6OTJT1I15ASV MISSOURI Jl« Courier Blythevlile Dally Ne*» .svlllo Htr.ld MiMiMiDW viiey u.fler lil.VTIIIOVII.LK AKKANSAK, .MONDAY 1, HIM SINGM! COPIES FIVE CENTS ff [HI ON FLOOD MEASURE Localities Must Share Control Costs Under Conference Bill. WASHINGTON, jime i. <ijp)_ oi'iiate and lioiisc confcree.5 leached 1111 agreement today on the $212,000,000 Wilson-Overtoil wer Mississippi valley flood control bill and predicted final con- Bfciislonal action on Hie measure tomorrow. AC Hie siime time the conferees nnnoiinccd almost complete settlement of differences over the 5384.000,000 omnibus Hood control Must 1'ay Costs change in the Wilson- Mrs. Roosevelt Plans to Visit Dyess Colony WASHINGTON. June 1. (UP) — ' Mrs. Franklin 1). Roosevelt snidi tciiay she will leave Saturday for| lies Molnro. la., ( 0 deliver the! commencement address at Drake! University on June 8. She will join the president on Is Arkansas-Texas trip .lime a or June ]fl. hupe.s to visit the Dyess near Osccola. Ark., cn- STRIKE PCKETS '^cc-Time R Cvcrton measure was elimination lliousancls Turn Out for Races and Stunts Mere Saturday and Sunday. Machine Guns Mounted j Ahout Si. Francis Plan la I ions This Morninc. _ . (han 4.000 persons att ' tend _ -,— v, |Jl I .11/1 Lft llllfllCl m IH- air carnival sliced at Blv Logansporl, Ind.. on the Wabasli river at a cost of SG12.0DO. other projects reuiuincd unchanged. Senate Shov.-s S|id>il The senate passed scores of bills today clipping Ihem olt at n one a minute- rate in the rush toward possltli- adjournment this week-end. i, They included n. technical Van- ruver to get the controversial Palinnn-llobinson bill for'preven- ' qm,' ' n " l "" !dpal ""'I' 01 ' 1 ' »" Sunday, the second and n,,al dav .""*' "old undeV irt of a horse provision for consjrec- tlon of -><5 reservoirs in the Ar- nf ., . , „, kaiisas and White riv.-r basins , wo-day meet hold uiu! Conferees crplained that in adopt- „" a »fl»«s of tj, e city's nirpo ing the- provision the house failed c ™" llllre - Iq provide Hinds lo carry cut (lie- work. The conferees retained a house Provision requiring, states to ot>- lain nli necessary land, casements and rights of war to/ore any projrcls can be undertaken. Only minor differences remained (o be settled in the omnlbvs pro- erani. The conferees agreed to restore to Dip measure a house provision authorizing construction of remedial Hood control works at The- turnout made the meet a financial success, a .small charge being in«d c r ol - , wk , Rl & Ihe airport parking ne!d, as far n-s the city was directly concerned. From the viewpoint of the a mien who expected to compen- f to tliemsclves for their vLsil here FORIIEST CITY. Ark., June —National cuiirdsineii, armed wlih four machine, guns and pistols, were withdrawn (oday from ('-'islon-sli-img areas of St. Fran- , ck county after tlicy succeeded I mis morning in dispersing a baiul! of striking cotton choppers, ready ' lo slase a picket march on plan- li.lions. Assistant Adjt. acn. Kit Ifan-l- sou (old ihe United Press the 25 guardsmen of the local unit. Machine Gun Coiirp.iny ;; O f [jn; 153rd infantry, were removed' around noon and four slate rang-! era were nsslgncd" to' patio the county for (he next few days. Striken; Disperse Harrison said the strikers, numbering 25, were persuaded to disperse peaceably anil returned lo Ihclr homes after he asked what (heir plans were and thcv replied they hud "none." ' said the 25 wore llio onlj r.s appearing as a group in what was scheduled as n "coupe det.-it" by (he Soi ,t Farmers Union at 8 a.m. today The union admltti-H it had pl,m- , making trips yesterday — M....JJ. .uimLucci n nacj pJini- Hie biggest disappointment forl!"' ctl U> " ss< "nl>le strikers near Par- he crowd was the failure of Wil- -•"" for a malc l' <»i planlatloas In. JmiM „,.„„ ,.. ...... .. „, an effort tu persuade all work tion of unfair business practices to conference with Ihe IIOMS. I afrm'rtTrnr which has passed an entirely new} f r S, £,' -— .'e of Wil negro, (o make the par mar n , .,"" f ehedl -'«l as the climax ol the day's program \V7771e lumped Saturday afternoon to ,o! do one of Ihe few features on Ihe first days pi- ogram but he unable to fill the bill Sunday loo much Ash strcrt h a_• f. h. liquor ilowing freely, |ef Willie in no shape for Sunday a'f it-niooii s jump.- Suffering ' f rom desSd 1 as nt '° V . eranCl - Wlll ' L ™ s "escribed as a touch of ptoma e POlSOnlllg, Willie wnll-nrl „!,„. measure. Senate conferees appoir|cd. Another bill, pawed by (he sen- „ ale, authorized the atten the United States marine (he Arkansas centennial celebration at Little Rock. June 2. the. 225 mncs Texas cculemilnl celebration at Dallas. June c. and the 42nd national Confederate reunion at Shrcvcporl. June 9. Tlie bill appropriates Si 1,500 for expenses. York Cotton NEW YORK. June 1 (UP) — Cotton closed steady. open high July Oct Dec Jan March May HIM I (KG 1055 low 1157 !0t'0 1158 ICISO 1049 1049 ibol 10-18 1053 1055 1052 1018 1054 10-13 Spots dosed steady at I ITS cics: 115!) 1055 1055 J053 1C52 105-1 Up 2 S|int Average Is 11.63 The average price of 7-8 incli middling cotton on flic ten spot markets (oday was 11.G9. accord- iiif to the Blytheville Board of Trade. Producers arc entitled to a subsidy of .31 of a cent per pound on 1035-crop cotton .sold by tile-in (oday, New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. June I (UPI- Lack of rains over the cotton belt the last three days with n definite drouth condition in the Carolinas and north Georgia sent prices up on the market here loony. Delay in planting was reported in ihe noiiheast belt. open high low close 1153 1155 1)52 11D.1 103-1 1053 )(M5 1057 1049 1050 10-17 1018 1017 1047 1H7 1017 1050 1050 1050 104flb 10-17 10 !7 1047 104lb Spot. 1 ; clostxl steady at 1183. unchanged. July Oct Dec Jan March May Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS. III., Jnie 1 (UP)—Hogs 13,000 Top 1010 170-230 Ibs. 1000-1010 HO-1UO Ibs. BCO-1000 Hulk sows 8GO-87S Cattle 4,000 Steers Elaughlcr steers 740-820 Mixed yearling.* and heifers 650-800 Slaughter heifers 825 Beef cows 475-550 Cutters and low cutters 325-4'J5 Chicano Wheat open July 84 Sep. 8-1 1-a high 81 5-8 84 3-4 low 84 R4 1-8 close 84 1-8 i'lily 84 I-41 Sep. Willie walked n'bout the awhile, clinging ( 0 support, , and finally abandoned his •scheduled"leap" f *•• Z- Ncwsom did some trick nd stunt flying for the crowd ITS 10 [jllit. The siiardsmcn centered inarch in the Newcastle commun- i'V around four planlnlionK most jfmou S ]y atl-ected. They set up fnur machine amis In the vicinity "lace '" " K "' '' 0iUls °'' |1 " bl ' :c , Work Ts Itcsumcd Loyal Inborere at the four plan - tallona returned to work nround after It became apparent Louis Meyer of Huntinjton Pnrkj Calif., set severnl records when he won the 1030 50C-mile race at ihe Indianapolis speedway. Ik- not only made a new speed mark of iia.OCM, but us he had'also taken the 1928 and IDr. nenls, became Die nrnl three-time H-lniiw- HI-IT he is holding up ilnce rinjjers In-.loken ol his vlclorhs, his nicchanir. is Ltuvson Harris. ma- , ^echcraft. wit h retr per hour, thrilled the ' i^viLi, uirjjjeo i h(. ateliers. The lattor plane, pllot- -" b> George stokes, was here for only carry short tiaie and did not . passengers, except to give city mid airport committee om- :ials courtesy rides Tex Riift-cil of Steel a race tor "O-X" type •*• •" UI.LCLHJI; «|JU he strike march would not tenalizc, HarrLson said. The guards were ordered out today by Gov. j. M. Fulrell. ( Unlon Executive Secretary H. L. | ' VI ™ l P )lis "« strikere in St. Pran- I eis. Ontlcnden jind Cross counties planned lo gather at Uie tri- corncr of the counties, "just above ai km. and march on the plantations In 011C or two groups. However, tbn In also M tlie n, n i° le wmnil 'B negro in thiopian derby, w. ,\ rjiws ' in the their FITTO TEOEE Local Business Men Oppose Cancellation of. Alissouri Agreeinenl. Seeking to forestall a tlirc.ilen- <•;'! recurrence of truck license difficulties between Arkansas and — ~. tl>u tjiuiips. Missouri, some 25 local However, tlic march had failed I mcn met nt tlle Chamber of Coui In materialize at noon. | mcrce oilice this morning to seel New DeaT's'.pick fpr Lehman'Job? noo protestin and Ncwsom look 'iVonors serpentine cutting. ,,.9 ut " f tmv » P«o(s, and p'T' llcrc tm ll « meet v.-cro- Bill Dugan. Ncosho, Mo.. Stear-' nian; Arch Slauber. Poplar BlufT Mo., stinsoii; E. z. Ncwsoin Me ,,-' Phis. Stinson; Buck WiLson' Jon cr. Taylor Cub; Kenneth Garret Pine Bluff, Ryan; Cecil Anthony Kennett, Me,. Waco; GCO' Mitchell, President ,~,^, L Fnlrcll against use or"t*r uu ,». 61IK1 he plans probably were cancelled because of the presence of guardsmen and rangers. ' required Lo buy GCO-RC r SC plnnr ",'- negro ' lew wing experimental nion from Memphis, pilot not re mg, and Pickens Black en-port, RurchiJrt. Local pilots participating- hi the yiiig were Warren Wright. W A Crews, Jaines Bomar, CTCorge by' •igcr, B. F. Brogdon and Hay- lor it) Move For Congressional Investigation. DOTRO1T, June evidence, pcrtalniii (UP)—All buvii- ii:g of Father Charles E. Co'ugh- CJosiiiff Stock t NEW YORK. June 1 Pliers turned irregular for <UPI _ on the stock exchange an early rally tint cnrricd ihe '1st fractions to Iwo points above the previor.s close. Tradim- C on- 'inued (lull. A. T. and T. ... Anaconda Copper Beth. Sleel Chrysler Cilie-s Service ... Coca Cola Gen. Am. 'rank Gen. Eleclric ... Gen. Motora Int. Harvester .. McKcsson-Robbins Montgomery Ward N. Y. Central .. Packard . . Phillips Pet. -..!. Radio Simmons Beds 29 Standard of N. ,!. ... 53 . Texas Co 32 I -2 U. S. smelting- 8D U. S. Steel 61 3-4 Warner Bros in Zonlte _. laic today .after 105 3-3 34 53 7-8 05 3-8 • 4 3-8 98 49 1-2 37 1-2 62 1-4 85 3-8 8 7-8 43 3-4 35 7-8 10 f-4 40 1-4 11 3-8 - Of the LIU!" r-: I allegedly by (he terroristic B Lcgicn hits been reqrcslccl presentalion lo the United States Crea announced today. McCrea said he had received a telegraphic request for this evidence from Senator Arthur Benson (Fanncr-Laborito. Minn.) who has introduced a joint congrcs- sfcnnl resolution fcr a senatorial Investigation of the vigilante tin nd bol] i renewal of the reciprocity agree Roosevelt and Governor I '" C " 1 " ndcr w " lcl1 Onl 5' common • • uovcrnoi | carriers have been licenses in both An organization, the NorthMist Arkansas Traffic association was formed and Immcdtnle steps were taken lo enlist cooperation or concerns throughout Arkansas whose' trucks have occasion to cross the Mate's borders. Rupert Craflon was elected chairman. J. Mcll Brooks, secretary, and Tom Utllc I Uurscll Parr, W. T. Barnctt, E I) ! L.vmiin nnd Leroy Hitddleslon were ! named members of the executive ccmmlttce. 'Wholesalers, automobile and gasoline dealers and retailers whose, -.'ics iti Missouri' were represented at the meeting, v-.-lnch was called by Mr. Craflon Dcnioiislralion May P|- e - Showflowu in Norlh China Crisis. j I'Kll'ING, Chlmi, June 1. (UP) | -Chinese Iroops joined with strlk- • lint stud.'nl.s In dcinnmlliiR thai I China [| H ht Japanese, military forces which nmv mv holding vie- Uii'lly nil North China. Tlu- deJlnncc, coming at • lie height of (he Him>| Japanese crisis since 1MJ. was ex• licuted to in-i'ciplliid' 11 slioittknvii I I which inluhi rrsiilt In »-„,. ,„„, | lln> ovi'rlhrow of ClLMicralls.'iliimi . Chiang Kai-shek's Nmikinir POV- icinmenl. A showdown ivns Jm.slencd when I Ihc ull'lwr.t of the T\v<'iity-nlnlli iniiny. veterans or (he mills under Kirn, sum? Chehlyuan which were mowed down in J033 when chl- ni'Stf foujjhl |,i vnli) Ki keep (llu from peiielrallng tht pi-cut Wnll passes from Mmichn- kiio, Joined their mra In domand- ng thai ihe .Japanese evacuate (heir Norlh Chlmi positions-. Students, despite Japanese wai-nlnus lhat Ihelr demmistin- tlons would piwlpltntc a crisis singed nianlfesla- tions. Large .student dcU'nallons plun- ni'd to prw.-crd lunibrrow lo (he I'clymiB mid Nnnyuan hurrackF north and .soulh of Pclplng n- ipecllvely. (o urge the troops lo make Immedlale preparations to MeanwhUe 'I'leiitsln. do mlle.s down Ihc railway from Pclplnj; SVBS tense. The Japanese military took official coiiiii/.ancc of Chinese allc- 'giitlons thnl the ari^ re- sponslbli; for 'lIuntsln'.T pilnie inys- trry—the daily appearance of bodies floating down the llnlho rlv- To (tale 358 bndles have been fished from lire muddy .stream. Qtieen Mary Just Misses New Atlantic Record AI1OAIU) S. S. QUEKN MAltY. JHIIC I. (Ul'l —Just short or iv iccord for North Atlantic speed, Client lliilnln'.s wroiiiiesl sliiji iinifd majestically into New Ynrk hiiibm- to find It n bedlam of welcome Unlay. The Queen Mary, oftlceis aboard announced olllclnlly, arrived oir Ambrose lli;htshl|) at 0:05 a.m., New York time, llnultlclully she was only .M minutes under the imml for North Atlantic passeii- i;er tnive) from (he aiicrboiiri; ui'<'ukwaUT. nnd C. A. Cunningham afler they nnd been successful in obtaining from En-|. Wiseman, state revenue commissioner, the temporary suspension; of nn order abrogating the Missouri-Arkansas reel p r n'c i t y agreement. Mr. Wiseman U will- Ing to cancel the order entirely, Mr. Cunningham said. |f he ca' Belief that Hobcrl II. Jackson Jibove, government counsel in the $3,000.000 tax suit against Andrew Mellon, would become the New Deal candidate for governor of New York, was cx . pressed in Washington circles following announcement that Goi'. Herbert li. Lehman would not run for re-election. Nalivc "t Jamestown, N. Y., Jackson is popular with the stain's UeinocVatic leaders. r. unningham said. If h e can i\r i T i ,,, be shown that Arkansas business «'»etecn Teachers W 1 lllPH irr.iint-nlr.. r... .. - . . - * generally favor "free trade" men across the state line. The abrogation order, Mr. Cun- "inshani said, apparently resulted from protests bv W O Davis ' sccrelarj. of Ulc Arkansas'wiiole^ >lc Grocers associnlion, ngaimt . D Attend Summer School . Nineteen lenchc^ of lhe cl|v I public schools and the superln'- wil' W. D. McClurkin.' attend school this summer. State college. Jones- (rucks of Missouri wholcfalors nnd Poll Tax Sale Lagging as Deadline Approaches the loca! group . can show cr Wiseman lhat Davis docs not speak for a majority of Arkamus business men. f Missouri o/Ticials have assured Chicago Corn open high low 50 3-8 50 1-2 59 57 1-8 57 3-8 57 With the "deadline" for pav- nj m n f n,.- , went of poll tax (is a qunllHca- i"cioroMit r e to k "" Ilie lion to vote in (he August pri- cunnln'lv,J* 8 ™' ncnt '» (om '' i!r - mnry but two weeks away, June cd „,,,,„ ,"\ but tllc >' I )0 ' |11U only about i.500 poll tax re- |,- on bv AM ' at lts cancdla - i-ots had been issued at the ^ to J^f'f* 5 W0ul<1 bc "'" Chlckasawba district ofllce of | Avk\nw. i , rc P rlsals : Clarence II. Wilson, sheriff and'-ioip lucks entering 'collector, today. that It b understood that the nurn- l"'r of receipts issued at the Os- i Ireola district oftice of the sheriff May 5 ig]0 •W 1-8 end collector us well under the comet's tail 'was B ' I number Issued here so far, I S7.OCC.000 nuio," Miss Cutchln college at v . Mi? univcitity of Alabama, Tusraloosa. will Imve Mrs. O. K thcw." 1 " '' "" M1SS Rlllh ' Uat " M?' J?" .. Ori , rreu awl Miss Alia Mae Giirhnglon are to attend the state ,u,,versity. .Payettevm" 1 ' . Miss Allyce Nelson University of The Universily of Knoxvllle, will | wve in !!•<< Oxford Crawford Defeals Allison !„ FT , it o • do not iiriotl inonov 10 hliminalc U. S. ill (ailed I,, call for Alienists Will Study Con- Ri-cssional Wild Mini's Behavior. Sinl« As Well As Federal Regulation Ruled Unconstitutional. WASHINGTON. June I <U1>)— The supremo coi'vt loilny. In u swccplnu dr-clslon which will probably dimm any kind of stale or fi'dural wine cir hour leulslatlon, Icdny held wiroiistlliitloiml (ho Nrw York nilnlmiiiu wnuc IHW for woim'ii nnd children. The court's verdict \van rendered in a live lo four decision. Tin.' rrlliiju. wlillu It applied only to the New York liuv. \vna expected lo mean the end of slm- Hflr legLslnllon In many stales, includlnij seven which Imd Joined wllli New York in ii|>|ii>ul lo sus- liiln Ihc validity of the Inw, 'Hie court ruled two weeks ago In the CUilYcy coul control act decision that the federal uovcin- mcnt could nnt tcnlrol waucj. hours, mid collective baiuulnlni; provisions li) "Ihe' .lillhtiiiJinfa coa' Indus!ry because It Is strictly an Intraslnle activity. ' The rullnif (imi ilalcs also could not fix minimum wanes apparently closes (his field lo BOV- mimcnlul regulation from any sorrce unless Ihe cnmlltutlon is WASHINGTON, June 1 (Ul>)— rollcc today urreslcil n stiugglliiij Hep. Marlon A. 7.loni,hpxk ,, Wash.) at Nuvnl Medical Cc-nlcr on n lunacy wan ant and took him to Oallhis-cr muhlclnal hcsnilni for menial obsonatioii oniciH-s Joseph SlnkoUt/, ami Aubrey TolMin were dispatched post linsto lo the naval hospital whi'if they cajilvrcd their sweater- clad ciuiirry, who sill) was look- IiW! for hh mlsslnu wife and \\ho still was iinnouncing that, ho intended (o (jet himself swoin In us a deputy O-ninn. 1'a-iy To Hfcognlic HliikovlU phoned the centra! station, "We (jot Zlonclicck," ho shouted. Ih'ado.imvlers would not uellrvj him but Slnkoviiy, Inslslwl there luul been no miKlnke. A ?,loii- checl; who IHIH been drinking 7,lon- rficck zippers' (i-yc and honey) all morning Is not him) lo icc- OBiilw!, ho sold, 'I'hi! chief said, "Okay,'Inko him to Oiilllnger for observation " Tlu' officers did dial-with a inlnlmiim Of KCIllIllll|{. The rest of (lie police department wiped Its collecllve brow The chief. Ernest Drown, said he had ordered arrest of Ulonchcck, because, congressmen or no congressman, ho, was u "ivllil man ' Trxnrknna Awnlts lUni TBXAHICANA, Avk. —Capricious Conurossmnh Marlon A. Zlonchei-k hasn't seen aiiythliijf yet «|ien It comes to sliced, his fal1iev-lii-la\v snId today.,..-.. -... ;,.. . '. T.. if. Nix. fai-nici-, .living four miles north, whoso -dnughloi. Ruby, married the Wnshliiglon rcpru-, scntallvc rccenlly after a whirlwind courtship, conndcd loday he uas flopped rccc'iilly for speeding and promised 'no would "show Mtrlon some real speed in i,, y 1020 model car when he visits us here after Congress gets 'through." He added, however, that his soii- I ui n/CrS "311 JO Celtic r iiu iiunct], uu\vevcr Hint Jits son for U. S. Cotton Money l^^^rCr'^.r^ OARUTHEHSTSTE. Mo.-Thcre 1 -'-'"' ' lC - SalCl OT ' l! ° l ' Sly ' "^ nrc npfjroxhniitcly BO larmeis lii Pcmiscct cr.unty who apparently Zone Scries. They governmciit GERMAN-TOWN CRICKET CIUB, iManhelm, PH.. June I (UP) —America was ellmlnale:! from Ihc 1H3G Davis Clip lennls coin'— mcncy dire them in connecllim (with the 1933 cotton plow-up cain- imlgn. Ccunty Agent M. D. Ambureey l.-eliticm today when Jack- Craw- slntcd lhat the lals $-1.313.79. amount cU's to... The cotton program In (he fall of 1933 allowed farmers the preference of lakins a Hal rate from the government on the cotton plowed iinder or a certain amount per ncre and nn option many bales of cnlloii. on ford of Australia clinched the Nnrth AiiierlrHii /one finals for his country with n 4-G. C-3. 4-u G-2, c-2 victory over Wllmcr' Allison of Texas, [ 'iniij.v 1,-ui-j.-, ui trtil Crawford s victory gave Australia stated the money In question" Is the edge. Ihrci: malche.s lo one. I due farmers who chcsc Ihe op- and redverd Ihe ntl]] and linalltlon plan. sliii^lr^ RKitch which folloivrd. kp-1 tivcrn nonalil Iliidun of California' a::d Adrian Quist of Australia, lo notliiiii; more, (han an exhibition. Australia qualified to meet, tlic u-innrr of idc Kinoprnn zone Inals ought lo slow down a little „-, father •at Ms wife, It's getting la be a little enibarrassini' lo us' .. Mrs. Nix said tod.iy her for Hi? rlijhl cup deteiider, rotnd. play the challenge Hold Services Today for William G. Boone William Gerald Boonc, 35-year- old plumber, died at 12:45 o'clock ler and Zloncheck 'nail culled her ilhrcc times since tl\oy ifoturned from liielr honeymoon and Riiby reported they were "divinely hah- py." Mrs. Nix added her daiightei tclepaoncd from Washington rri- <lny night to tell her not "to believe everything you read about us " Nix, like his son-in-law. ttas inclined to discuss the speed matter with Ibe police, he said. Referring to a Tcxnrknna officer whom ha said lind stopped him and warned him of speeding 35 miles an hour, he asserted with a grin: "I lolrt hj,"n ho was wrong, t'nat my truck wouldn't go Uiat fast. When the Co7igressinan comes down here, I'm going to put him in the car witli^ me and we're going down Broad street (Tcxarknim's main thorough-" forrtl ...f*l. l ,. ° can New Harvester Reduces '„,.* r i AI r slreM t'">x»rkiMm's main thoro • OStSj tilts 4/ LrOOS fnrc ' with her wide op;m He . drive if lie wants lo." Slight Damage by Fire MINNEAPOLIS (UP) — A now machine, by which cost of har- vcsling may be cut from IS to 2 cents a bushel, has been announced here. The harvesting unit will cut and thresh crops in one operation It will operate on power available to the average farmer and will sell for approximately (he same price .,.., U^UVK. as .the power binder. A. M. Sunday at tlic family home. Heccnt tesls at. the University 010 South bcen In Lilly street. Tie harti° r health revealed that the mn *...... for a number I chine would eliminate the neccs- ol months, his condition becom-pities of buying twine, shocking tlie iiu! critical recently. »-..*.. —i «, .... FunoraL services were held llilsl' lnrvcs ' 1 '"'""'I af lei noon' at (he Lilly Street- '"lonncemcnt rliuich with the Rev. Mr. Belln ci.iiin?. Iniermcnt was made at Maple Orove cemetery. Mr. liooiie is survived by lite wiilou'. Mrs. Annie Mac lioonc. a William Gerald jr.. his faih'-] Kllem Boone. one brother, Iwoi >Mor.i ami three half brothers. r n\r Cobb Funeral Home was Brain, and would eliminate extra according to the . announcement. ! The unit is |iowcrcd by a two- plow tractor and driven by a sin- glc man. It will cut 47 different crops .Instead of tlic usual 10 or 20 foot culler bar that forces the grain Into a 20-Inch spike-tooth cylinder. Ihc new machine opcr- ! ates with a five-foot cutter bar nnd a fan-type rubber Rill of the width. The grain never Nrgro Chicken Thieves Tenn re|wnted Receive Jail Terms! K f (r l orl Shows Students Government Conscious" Jnmcs Alexander and Bozto Howurt, negro chicken thieves, en-1 HARRISBURO. p.-i (OP)_Pcnn. tered pleas of guilty to charges of j sylvanla's youth lias gone 'gov- pcitt. larceny in municipal court 'eminent conscious" library rcnor's this morning. Tliey were fined $25 | reveal n-pous nnd given 10-day jail senWncesj Books dealing with economic, so- by Judge Doyle Henderson. . dologlral «nd political problems arc lei ami nisl"o» .-l"^. 8 - 0 - ^?-.- 1",.* 1 ™ 10 * 1 <Jm " ln <> r ™m the SKI o.ich for i While members of the Byrls Oliver family were away from home Simdny night an oil lamp Ignited a table cloth, causing a fire that destroyed the cloth, a shade and curtain but did lltlk clher damage. Their home la at 2108 \Vest Rose street. When returning home, the door was opened, the family was greeted by a ' '""led in ...,.„,„, answered the call. The fire was already out, gust of smoke" and the alarm. Fireman I.imson Exhibit Dismantled SAN JOSE, Cal. IUP>—A $1QO model bathroom constructed in the court room to nitislrate the alleged bathtub wile murder case Is being dismantled. Following the third trial and Lamson's release, Ihc Janitor told the court that he was getting tired of sweeping around the bathtub. WEATHER Arkansas— Generally fair tonight and Tuesday. Cooler in north and central portions Tuesday. Memphis and vicinity— Fair and warmer tonight. Tuesday increasing cloudiness. The maximum temperature here yesterday wns 87. minimum iJf/, clear, .according to Samuel F. Morris, official weather observer.

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