The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 21, 1957 · Page 17
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 17

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 21, 1957
Page 17
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Regularly 2.49 I •IM4H ™ USED 17" HOFFMAN TABLE MODEL T-V 1 Only 99c Crash Victim's Funeral Tuesday Funeral services for Virgil Grant Lamb, 30, of Algona, were held at Onawa Tuesday afternoon at 2 p.m. Lamb was killed at 12:45 a.m. Thursday, Feb. 7, when the auto he was driving skidded into a tree north of Fort Dodgp on highway 1G9. Acording to reports of the accident from Fort Dodge authorities, Lamb planned to return to Algona from Fort Dodge late Wednesday night. He headed toward Algona, apparently decided heavy fog and the icy highway were making driving conditions too difficult, so decided to return to Fort Dodge to spend the night. He was alone in the car at the time. He lost control of the vehicle a mile north of Fort Dodge and skidded broadside into a large tree across the highway from Treloar's Inn. Lamb's death was due to a crushed chest and fractured neck. The auto skidded for more than 100 feet sideways before crashing into the tree. Lamb, his wife, and son, Danny, 6. resided in Algona about two years. Ho was a representative of the Standard Oil Co.. owner of the auto. Mrs Ljjitib and the son were visiting relatives in Dallas, Texas, at the time of the crash. They returned to Iowa Friday night. Survivors include his wife, son, and father, Clarence Lamb, Onawa. HOBBY Chris Petersen of Audrfbon, has found a profitable .'nobby in raising Pomeranian dogs. Natives of Pomerania, the dogs are 3 to 6 pounds when grown. Clio 3Iaona (llppcr JDts AIGONA, IOWA, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 1957 VOL. 94 - NO. 8 Tidbits From Evelyn I have always been interested in Fern Johnson, daughter of Mr f'.nd Mrs Hugo Johnson, because she; had knee surgery some time ago to correct an arthritic condition which was most successful. A few years ago I mot Fern at a meeting in Dos Moinos of the Society of. Iowa Crippled Adults and was introduced to her husband, .James Hayncs. He was; a handsome, athletic type man who is confined to a wheel chair, paralyzed from the waist down by an attack of polio suffered after he had served a few years in the navy. I recently talked with Fern's mother and she told mo the couple now lives at Monrovia, Calif., where James had a good position in an airplane parts plant. Isn't it wonderful he is able to carry on in spite of his handicap? Walter Beardsley has been here to visit his parents, Mr and Mrs Howard Beardsley. Walter, wlio grew to young manhood here is married and lives in Midland, Tex. It has been two years since Walter was here and he was amazed at the changes, in particular, the addition of the nianv fine new homes. Remember the "good old days" when women got together frequently (or "quiltin/? bees"? Mrs Joe Cogley had one not long ago and had as guests to help put on the quilt Mrs Rose Lampe, Mrs Tom Cogley, Helen Cogley and Rose Murphy of Bancroft. Mrs Al Willrelt. Mrs Joe Lichter, Mrs Henry F,ngstrom, Mrs Emil Stoffel and Mrs Roy Stoffel. * * * I get a little weary of Dag- wood's forever boinf%in the bath tub and situations that arise there from, but I'll have to admit it is true to life. Every now and then I call for news and being on friendly terms with the women, they admit they were about to step into the tub. That being the case, I rush the news business a quickly as possible with the warning," "Hurry, and don't take cold." My latest such situation came just a few days ago. The lady admitted her husband many, many times had just such a situation, almost a second Dagwood. * * * 9 Oh the hazards of housekeeping! Mrs C. E. Zaugg can verify that. She has been off duty at the Roberts Nursing Home the Loss Asks State Patrol Pay Boost, Not More Men Representative Casey Loss of Kossulh county is standing solidly back of his belief that what the State Highway Patrol needs k not more men. but more salary for the patrolmen now on duty and a longevity program for the patrol. This, according to state press services, is the same position he| held two years ago. There is a current movement to increase the total in the highway patrol. Loss, Democratic floor leader in the House in 1955, is a member of the safety and law enforcement committee of the house, and a former Rossuth county sheriff. "I do not believe that adding 75 men to the patrol will help our safety record. We don't need a police force. We need a return to the original program for which the patrol was organized —• a safety patrol. It was organi/ed as the Iowa highway safety patrol but in recent years they have apparently dropped the "safety" from the title . Loss is now serving In his sixth session of the legislature. past several days nursing a badly burned leg. She upset a frying pan of hot grease and burned quite an area. I asked her what she did for it. "Vaseline and a pressure bandage," she replied. The pressure bandage it to keep blisters from forming. And the ointment is healing. "One has to be careful that infection does not set it." she added. * * * ' When 1 phoned Elvira Monlux awhile ago and asked her what she was doing she replied, "Making doll dresses for a Valentine USED T-V SETS 1-21" Coronado T-V Table Model $50.00 2-21" Airline T'V Consolette $60.00 3-21" Coronado T-V Console $80.00 4-21" Cpronado T-V Table Model $60-00 5-21" Coronado TW Console (1 yr. old) $144.95 USED REFRIGERATORS 1—Coronado 10 cu. ft.'Auto. Defrost, plus FREE Electric Ironer with purchase $175.00 2-Frijjidaire 8-cu. ft. Refrigerator $20.00 3-Westinghouse 10 cu. ft. 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She and husband Charley were recently in Yuma where they attended a rodeo. The weather was almost too hot she said. * * * Last week I reported women who lost their teeth. This week I heard of one who was frantically hunting for a garter and found it dangling from the hose she already had on. I saw the huge truck parked in front of the John Carrolls and noted the boxes and the time it took for loading. It must be a big job, and certainly everything was packed in a safe and secure way. Well, there are lots of miles between here and Sari Jose. Mr and Mrs Richard Canare moving into the house very soon. Remember the history of it? It was 'built for -Cora Frink, twin sister of Mrs Kate Annis, At one time a lumber yard covered the entire Half block and was all fenced in. The office was on the corner where the Dairy Queen stand is now. The yard manager lived in the house just south of it. At that time it was a little square cottage. Well, there sure have been many changes. P. S. No wonder that was a big truck! .John 'told me SIX families were being moved in that one operation. Methods of teaching are so different from those of my day and so much more fun. The youngsters in kindergarten and their teacher, Mrs Charles McVay have set up a small "grocery store" in the room at Bryant school. The other day Mrs Mc-t Vay took them on a tour of ins* pection at the Fareway store and Mr Bay also showed them the meat storage room. The children purchased apples and when they returned to the school, made apple sauce which was served at lunch time. I can't remember having any fun like that. And such an early age to begin "shopping" and "cooking." * * * The item above leaves me cold and unresponsive taken from the food angle. I'm reducing the hard way-via stomach flu. Fried chicken, potato salad, ice cream — ugh. Pass the bi-carb! » * » And that tells you why ihfo column is short about a page, I'm not feeling at bit well, thank, you, and the smell of coffee from the kitchen makes me turn a bilious green. Yours for better health next week! Eli Anderson Rites, Swea City Swea City «• Funeral rites fop Eli Anderson, 78, were held Wednesday afternoon, Feb. 13, at 2 p.m. in the Swea City Methodist church. Rev. S. Hammer officiated and burial was in the Swea-Hamson cemetery. The Curtis Fvmeral #ome was in charge of arrangements. Mr Anderson, who had been ill the past lour years, died ol heart failure in his home Mon* day morning. He had been seriously ill tne past four months, Mr Anderson retired to Swt» City four years »go alter iara» ing for 51 yearg in Grant town* shipu Re was & projpinent jtos* er, active in community U% * member of the township sviwoi board and. also a township six children. George Harner a»d Reynolds, and Ver

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