The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 18, 1938 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 18, 1938
Page 8
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AGE EIGHT Big Edge Now With Pilch- ers In Ducky's Opinion BLYTHEVrLLE (ARK.V COURIER NEWS- The .'Mighty Medwick Ic-ctiv Hy HAHRV CtlAYSON Sports l.'dltm-, XKA XeiTlr ST. PEl'ERSDURG, Fla.—Joe Medwick took his customary robust clout at (lie now Notional league baseball. Blop! "Sounds like Joe hit a cabbage," remarked Popjjer Martin, from Hack of the batting cage. MedMlck U'H«! another ball ami smother. . . Blop! "Blop! "I've lilt a ecoil many of tlirm as Irard as I ever did." said Mod- wick, as lie waited another turn, "but the hall simply isn't goliit'j anywhere. I can't see why they warned to deaden the ball when tlie pitchers hud id I the best of it as it was." Medwick won tlie batting championship of both major loops last season willi a tool .^74. He made 237 hits which were good for a total of 40(3 bases. He manufactured SO doubles and 31 homers and batted In 151 runs. Naturally, Medwick and linge Johnny Mize still give the pill an occasional ride, but you gather that at the moment the chunge Is something of ,t menial liaoird to Medwick, Martin, and other Cardinals, despite the findings of Bureau of Standards experts. And it uUT remain so just so lon^ ns "b!op" is all tlie reward Ihcy gel for tiieir best shots. « * » Says Pilcber Gets Ilrcuk Dizzy Dean disagrees with Cincinnati pitchers, who complain that the higher seams may cause blisters on the pitching fingers. "They're not that high," explains Ol' Diz, "but they're higher than last year, and the ball is ,1 little softer." Dean corroborates the testimony of Medwick anil Martin that the new pellet gives the pitclier an additional jump on the hitler. The firmer grip provided by the higher seam should enable curve ball pitchers to throw roller coaster curves. Silt power ivlll continue to prevail and Medwick and Mizc have it in abundance. Mize looks 25 pounds heavier than he \vas last /all, when he scaled 205 pounds. Fivin/s Frisch. Medwick is a notorious bad ball hitter, but his answer to that Is what Frank Frlsch told one of his Hurjli Harberl Jr. Sustains Broken Collar Bone Fluirsday Aflernoon Harbert jr., one of tlie brightest prospects of the niythe- vJUc lilj-li .school football s/itiud In spring training workouts, sustained n broken collarbone tvlitlc making it tackle in a scrimmage .session yesterday afternoon. Harbert was removed lo the Dly- Iheville hospital for examination I and It was later definitely determined. by X-ray examination that no injury to the shoulder blade os sustained. Apparently no complications will result and llarlx-rt will be ready lor active service next Jail. The pass tossing, hiji-sliaklni; track lias proved one of Die outstanding performers I n spring workouts and is counted on heavily for nexl fall's Chicknsaw team. ii[irliit{ practice will come to a. close today alter two weeks of workouts. Four teams have been vised in the spring practice with more than ' •!!> candidates taking rmrl in the workouts. Joe Medwick, the Cardinals 1 iK outfielder, is just as iT- in Hie Held ;is lie is bill, Above, lie races in to snaiv a fly, while al richt lie ilcinim- slralcs (lie powerful wliieh broiwlil him bis rliamuionshiji t>ulliiiK average of .,171 in 1M~. smile. upper rlglil. tells you lie's satisfied \villi Ilic n-ay lie's bcon rotindinf iulo shape Iliis year. The . BY HAiuir Snorts Kdllor, NEA Service CLEAIIWATER, Pin. _ Another beautiful baseball friendship has ueen destroyed. Leo Durochcr, erstwhile captain and shortstop of tlie St. Louis Cardinals, is panning Manager Invited lo a party pitched by his former roommate, joe Medwick at' Red Birds' hotel hi St. Petersburg. Durocher did a right-about- face when he sasv Prisch. ,"Orre o( us would have bopped." lie explains. Durocher and Priscli \vcrc thlrh ns fraternity brotliPrs white not Ihu Cardinals were earning the critics while the Cnrtcret ctouter was baiting .419 last summer: "Seventy per cent, of hits are matte off bad balls." "Keep your eye on the ball from Ihe time it leaves the pitcher's hand," is Medwick's only tailing formula. * * * Self-Marie Hitler Jolting Joe asserts that no one showed him anything about hitting. . . thai his stance and swing are'the same today as they were wheli he was the star outfielder or the Summit, N. J., club In ihe I, a c k a w a n n a semi-professional league. . j it is whkpcrrd (hat Prisch MIS- Llke all standout swatters, Med- i Peeled that his iilajmaie hud eyes nick dearly loves Ip smack the' on lib job. sphere. He knows lie can hit It Says Frank lai-lcfil Courtesy capitalize tlie Durocher - Frlscli the extent of getting a feud to good season out of Dnrocher, who still is the slickest fielding .short- slop in the business. Dili-other hit only .203 last tonn. bill Grimes traces much of his trouble lo hk rend with Prisch and illness. Leo suffered from n perforated cm-drum, and a kidney allmenl was cleared up by specialists during the winter. "I'll go like blazes just to show up Prisch." Durochcr told his new bosses, while discussing terms with Larry MncPhall and Grimes. Mniiffo on Ihe Wagon Durocher Is 32, but llmt doesn't necessarily consign him to the bonoynrd. He has taken on some weight, aim never looked better. Hi' hit j>8ij In 1!HG, and. as Grimes polnls ont. a batting average ol .250 would make him invaluable alongside of (lie young second Ibnsemun from the Portland Coasl- 1 ers, Pelc Coscarart. Osceola Youth Awarded Cage Letter At Academy MARION. Ala., Mar. 18 — Ten players and student- manager were enec nuifir/lr\,l "n" Im^l.AiUnii' i light, to left, limn from left to right. Such tilings block the gen- oral educational progress of the child," Dr. Belts' reading clinic, resigned to correct reading difficulties which retard children ami adults in their educational processes, is one of the few such clinics in the United Stales. He lias evolved a few simple le.sts for persons who arc not sure they have eye (.roubles One of the things he has learned Is if yon eyes jump more than five limes as you read a line of ordinary newspaper type, chances are you have readmit trouble. awarded "B" basketball letters here today as members of the .1931-38 Marlon Institute "B" basketball team, as announced by Major D. M. Peterson. Coaeli. Those awarded "B" letters Included Co-Captain, Frank A. Butler, of Osceola, Ark. '. . The Baby Cadets under the lute- lage of Major D. M, Peterson failed to lose a series and defefrted every team thnt defeated them loj compile a record of 15 wins out of I 18 starts. Sight Defects In First Grade Set At 25 Pet. STATE COLLEGE, Pa. (UP)— Worried parents who think their offspring are not getting along well enough in school should have tlie children's eyes examined, Dr. Kmmelt A. Belts, research professor in education nt tiie Pennsylvania Slate College, believes. "One-third lo one-fourth of all pupils fail in first grade reading because they are not physically ready to learn to read al the age of G." Dr. Belts said. "Sometimes, too. children are not mentally or emolionally ready lo read when they enter Ihe tirsl grade. They have nol had Ihe proper experi- with books at home, and Quaint English Not Chaucer's or the King's SANTA PR, N. M. <UP>—J. I!. (Bert) Baker, cleric in the automobile license bureau, has 01; file a letter from a "Mend" who said he paid too much "inonfe" lor his "busted truke" license and wanted a refund. Pollov/ing is the letter: "Dear Mister Bunt Uaki-r "Truckc List-in depart. Court Room "My friend. I was write this lo let you no ihet you cheeted ine to inucJi for my trucke wen you mad me giv you 13 and twinty liv scents for 2 plates for my Old fordc becns il is lo old and rims sometime not any and becns of trouble I hav a , wife what not work so yon se I I cant pay good monie like Ihose for my family and a blisld trucke. "My nomber Is in the booch and I live nt and I nm Please wilt as I neacl the monie. "Your frencl "P. S. My fronds tolc me thel I was to pay onlie 10 dollers wich is to mucli for this old junk, "Donl send the monie to my wife becose I dont get it." , they cannot adjust themselves cially to groups. "For some first grade children, 11 Ls more convenient to. read' from Coolie Labor CLEARWATER, Fla.. March 15. »—Biirlelgh Oiimes knows times, have changed, in ItilB when he led • sobriquet, the Gas-House "cinng. Their work around second base helped Ilic Mokes In (he ral blazers to a phenomenal finish and a world championship in 1931. But Durochcr has a pleasing personality and a in good with the was a pet of Brunch Rickev. and ' ..... way of yetting front office. He treki to tlie rubber with the utmost confidence. "But you've got to be lucky to hit .400." explains the finest hitter in tlie game today. "Why. I'd hit .100 last season with r,ny luck. The difference between .WO and .310 and .370 and .-100 i.rc balls hit directly at someone or tails that hit just outside of ihe fi/i' line/;." Medwick is a swinging hitter like Mel Ott of the New York tnarkablc eye?, for in wrapping up Giants. Ttiis type requires re- Iheir power their liming must be ?.s accurate as that of th; punch hitler wlio u:-.\.iy meets the ball Mich as Paul Waner of ihe Pittsburgh Pirates. Telescopic iye.- anrl Ihe strong forearms and wrists, winch he so . proudly barw lo the broiling are the secrets ol Joe Medwick's phenomenal punch. Tmtilliiif Ihc Ginger CATALINA ISLAND. March 15. —A daily par of ginger-snaps is placed beside the bed of each member of the Chicago Cubs at the St. Catherine hotel where they stay. The hotel is owned by Cub owner, p. K. Wrigley. Anyway, Dtirocher says Hint he is highly satisfied with the triute recommended by Prisch, which brought him to tlie Brooklyn Uoel- gers in exchange for Joe. Strip)), Johnny Cooncy. Jimmy Bucher and Hoy Henshaw. if fo'r no other reason than timt \ w - K amu . lrom Frtsch. "I'd rather play [or Biirlcish Grimes tor $1500 a year than on a club managed by Prisch for $15,000," asserts Durocher. "While it Is true the Cardinals dropped their last seven Barnes Insl fall ai!<| fhilshfd just one°gauie out. of fifth place, it also is true that priscM didn't show Ids players the courtesy of dropping around to say gooclby when the season ended. That was the least he could have clone. Atler all. we were all together and did the best we could." Wily BurlclEh Grimes hopes lo Crimes is second base looking- toward this combination to get the most out pf Van Linglc \fungo and (lie other Dodger pitchers. Miiugo for several years has complained bitterly about the Brooklyn defense. Durochcr is a superb leader and team man. Mungo hasn't had a drink since Christmas, by the way, and bears no malice toward Grimes for suspending him for failure to take arm treatments last July. The Brooklyn long- have been known ns the Daffy Do-Jgers. but with .Miingi) in excellent spirits, and with Durochrr. Dolph Camilli. and other improvements. Ilielr comedy this season, if any. should be vastly more subtle. Good Ifiimh. Anyway NEW YORK. March if..--Thousands of Harlem number players placed dimes on No. 156 the day after Jcc Louis knyoed Nathaii Mann In 1:5C of Ihe third round. But the number didn't win. National League pitchers wllh 25 victories he received only $1960. LOST White male bird clog pointer. Liver colored small S|»ts. Liver colored cars, one large spot on back, about 15 mos. old. REWARD M. N. SweurcnKCji Phone 19D or 672 Blythevillc. Ark. Notice to Property Owners IN Paving Districts No. Two & Three You arc hereby notified to appear hcfnn' the City Council of lilythcvillc Monday nit?M, 7:;((1 o'clock, al (he C'ily Hall (n hear the refunding program nf said districts explained rim! to make protests, if any, ugainst said program and ;is- wssmenl.s and the rate of levy on such assessments to lie fixed li ythe Council. Signed Mayor and Aldermen. Head Courier News Want Ads. GLENCOE BARBER SHOP F.arl E. Parker, Vrop. Clenco« Hotel Uliig. Hand or Elwtrlc Manicuring Special Introductory Offer To Acquaint You With Our New Polly Gas 74 Octane With the purchase of 7 or more gallons of this new Gasoline A 2 Gallon Can of Hi-Grade Motor Oil For (A PM*** SAVEONGASCO. Holland, Mo. Highway 61 DON'T WAIT! LET US Get Your Car IN SHAPE . To Pass the SECOND PERIOD of the State Inspection We Test Your Car FREE for LIGHTS BRAKES TIRES Windshield Wiper Wheel Alignment * PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. .1th A Walnut Phone «10 Stretching Your Used Car N'ii'c Souvenir NE\V YORK, March 15,—Jack Dcmpscy has presented Abo Ly- mnn, orclio.slra leader, will] Uio MARCH 18, 1938 I trunks and slices lie wore' Hie toy lie defeated Jess VViJInixl for IM'. heavyweight, title. ' J-* MEN OF ARKANSAS- SAY ''BONNWOOD'' When You Want a Real Whiskey Bargain! THE AGE MAKES IT A ) FAVORITE-SO DOES j THE PRICEt_/ > MULOW-SMOOTH STKAICBt BOURBON Vcs, every man will enjoy (lie tmamh, meltowmilil flavor of lliia Blraighl bourbon whiskey. A trial will couviucc you (hat 118 rich, full fl avor makes it n favorite ~g 0 will ihc iirirr. Huvill Try ill .JuntUHeibo BONNWOOD J*/ BRAND STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY HIRSCH DISTILLING COMPANY KANSAS CITV, MO. "ited by F. STRAUSS & SON IRIS TOurr is 2 YEARS & 6 MOS. OLD 90 PROOF 1935 Ford V-8 Tudor $194.00 1935 Ford Pickup $186.00 1934 Ford Tudor $154.00 1934 Chevrolet Truck $117.00 1937 Ford Pickup $465.00 PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY 5th & Walnut Phone 810 MEAD'S open the new season with a spectacular ADVANCE HarrSchaffner& Marx TRUMPETER GABERDINE SPORT SUITS every one a $40 value Here's one of the greatest clothing scoops in our history . .. savings unprecedented at this time of the year! We were able to make the savings by buying at a quantity price and pass the savings right along to you. You can choose from single or double breasted sport models in all smart shades of grey, brown, tan or blue. As usual the best is always at MEAD: J s 31S WEST MAIN STREET

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