The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 14, 1957 · Page 60
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 60

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 14, 1957
Page 60
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*~Atfl*na (la.) Upper D e > Metoei Thursday, February 14, By d'Alessio nighUie said he knew die quaintest place for dinner ._... and he dragged me MERE1'! finH Tu t ? kJai lhe cale «dar, we lind that today, February 14 is Valentine's Day, and for most of us wives looking at the calendar is the only way we will find out ^out it Although the day T S dedicated to love and romance, we might just as well face it gals, the time when we were on the receiving end of those lace- paper hearts and the big red boxes of candy is pretty well over. It's the .kids that makes the fuss over valentines, not the hus oands. until a few. years ago I thought that in order to bev a hero you had to save a life, fight a wild animal or conquer a nation, bu I ve sort of changed my thinking on this point. Nowadays, ' consider it quite heroic to finish up a huge pile of laundry, to grab the last bargain pillowcase at the white sale or to go to sister's pot-luck supper when Id much rather stay home and nurse my head cold. Husbands, too have lot's of chances to be heroes m every day life. Just earning a living in these times takes heroic effort and so does getting the storm windows on before the first snow flies. Romance, I maintain, is not dead. It is just that after you've been married a decadf? or so it gets elusive and as George Gobel would say, "you can't hardly get none of it no more." However there is one place where romance can still be found. In the dictionary. Mine defines it as "The character or nature of that which appears strange and fascinating I ~u'-~ i""" <""t"<= piuoi tna heroic, chivalrous and the like- chlvalry , ls not V et dead in Al also, an adventurous or excitimr gona ' L A mong husbands too! I' V ( act ( pr experience. An alternate " VllloKo " J " : — -'-- " is, "a falsehood or fabrication"! "•","' "«i""5 mem wiin coats, If you look at romance in the pl . c ^ m ^ U P dropped gloves, and same light as Messers Webster "" e " t ° "" ""' "" '"" Funk; Wagnalls and the other dictionary compilers do, maybe there s more of the stuff in our lives than we thought there was There are lots of people who claim that chivalry went out with the Knights-on-the-white- fu- ar fi: rs IJdon 't go along with this theory, for almost every day Ive seen ample proof that iead i suna. .ruiiuns nusoands too! I've seen husbands opening doors for wives, helping them with coats DlPKinf 1 ir» HtVtrMtekrJ rtl * i Take the first part _ "ihat which appears strange." Every woman can find things about her life answering that description. Its mighty strange where fii! mo " ey . Soes, how the time flies and how the house can eel dn-ty so fast. Other regularly oc- curing items that appear strange and must therefore be counted as romance are what happened to Junior's other sock, and what became of that bit of roast you were saving for tomorrow's fhil^'f • d lf you want some- ll™ , S u ni ' tmKl just listen real LjubL 10 me story your husband tells you the next time he's two hours late for supper * » »' Romance, says the dictionary so incluriP* th« hcroic Now> u ^ , up seats so that the little woman could be more comfort able. I've heard husbands paying the most flattering compliments to wives, asking them if they'c like to dance and offering to fetch refreshments for them. So I conclude, husbands are stil chivalrous to wives. As long as it's somebody else's wife, not his own. » * * Then there's that "adventurous" item in our definition of romance. Certainly breaking up a spy plot in an intrigue infested European capital, or climbing inch by inch up a huge mountain or bringing the serum in the nick of time for a plague all could fully qualify as first-rate adventures. I watch that sort of adventure all the time on TV and I have to admit it is extremely romanatic. But it's all in how and where you look for it and adventure can also be found by.breaking up a gossip plot in an intrigue infested woman's S P F C I A B i S™ \L.^ I fA m ^^^^ ™ •• •••• FRIDAY & SATURDAY FOR DOLLAR DAYS ON ALL "O'Omphies" MULE OUSE SLIPPERS BROWNkiJ+ SHOE STORE AIGONA IOWA THE SHOE STORE THAT TAKES CARE OF YOUR FEET club, by climbing Inch by Inc up a mountain of so-called easy payment plans or by bringing th food in the nick of time to con quer starvation at one's own din ner table. A leisurely cruise through the south sea islands is high adventure alright, but so would be parking the kids and going aWay for the weekend with the Old Man. Well, even if lols of us don't get much romance in the traditional moonlight-and-roses form, we can still have love and Valentine's Day is dedicated to that, too. The trouble lies, say all the articles on the subject of what is wrong with American marriages today, in the fact that too many women confuse the sweet trap- JViiT , of ..; om a np e during court ship with the devotion tha should develop after the firs breathless thrills ,are gone 1 the guy doesn't bring along stemmed roses every other week" too many wives conclude tha Papa doesn't love her any more i am not going to argue with the learned authorities, but I'm the sentimental type and I like to have my cake and eat it, too. I'd like an arrangement that would combine quite a bit of the romance with a whole lot of the devotion. * * • However, 1 am not going to eel sorry for myself for romance ;an come in many forms. It can >e a sigh and a corsage or it can be Father taking the kids for a Uttle ejwurtlon so Mam can have a few minutes quiet t write her column. It can be one-mmute, Movie-style embrac «« L° a £•'$! a qulck H edk lft the region of the ear as the niah in my ife asks, "What's for sup per?" «i love you", can be said on a red paper heart or it can' be expressed by repairing that faucet that's been dripping or by baking an apple pie for supper ^V f y ^ d l dn v! e get a i«cy wi. entine this February 14, either, n * be m^ a hurr y to cal1 your awyer. There may be more love n your life than appears on the urface. * * » . , We were saddened al our house the death of our friend and my fellow columnist, Chris Reese, Wherevef Chris a things were always lively- and h was a past-master of the "art o nonsense, He had a nice littl comtttoieflt for every lady he me and the fact that he told the very fame thing to .the next gal in !'i he * never detracted from the flattery. When we were both working at the UDM during the war years, 1 once got-Chris started on his childhood in Denmark. Father fceese left his wife and youngsters irf the, old country while, he went to America to Work.and make enough mbne'y to send for them, When they wrote and asked the elder Mr ieese what things were really ike in the United States, he aha' 1 wered with one document ^- a mail order catalogue. Evening after evening, the neighbors In Denmark gathered to look at the "wish book" and when they hac finished they were,. pretty wel convinced that America Was indeed the land of plenty. . Chris said that one of the, proudest days of his father's life came jtlst.before.he died, When he saw Chris, the son of an immigrant, installed as an Iowa, State Senator, • *•.•••.• «•,•_'. week's recipe is for Apple ons. I have to confess hat I have not yet tried it, but t sounds good to me, 3 cups thinly sliced apples % cup sugar I . •,>. %, teasp. cinnamon • t-tablsp. butter. ' , w cup sugar • 1 egg •-...;.. '.1/8 teasp, salt %' cup flour % teasp. baking-powder Butter an 8 inch baking dish. Put in the sliced apples and sprinkle with the sugar and cin* rianion. Cream together the but* ter, other Vi cup" sugar and the egg. Sift and add the salt, flour and baking powder.' Spoon this mixture over the apples and bake for about 30 minutes in a 375 degree oven.. Cut in squares and setive With whipped cream, -6ftACE, SERVICE .< At Brooklyn, F. I 1 , Orr has now served .55 years with the volunteer fire .department. The Friendfy Store Values Up to Punch & Chisel Set Regular 1.39.... 1.00 5-pc. set—natural finish octagon steel. 2 cold chisels, 3 punches. .In plastic case. Btt'4133 Screwdriver Set 1.39 Value 1.00 6-pc ratchet type set with 2 cabinet, 1 mechanic and 2 recess blades. Plastic amber handle. 6 Ft., Sink Auger Regularly 1.25... 1.00 V** auger fits into tiny drain pipes, goes around small bends. Has handle. Cadmium plated. Cellulose Sponge R eg. 441 ea, 3 for 1.00 First quality medium sized sponge—assorted pastel colors. Ideal for auto and home. Ironing Cover Regularly 1.19...1.00 Tightly woven bleached muslin. Elastic slip-on type. Fits all standard wood and metal boards. 8 Cup Percolator Regularly 1.55... 1.00 Comet aluminum percolator has wide, quick-heating bottom. Accurate graduations on side. 13 oz. Claw Hammer Regularly 1.45.. .1.00 Drop forged, hardened and tern* pered. Polished, face, sides and daw. Strong hickory handle. BI3-1H3 . 5 PC. Wrench Set List 2.24 1.00 Popular sized open end wrenches from 5/16 r x"/32* to 11/16'x 3/4'. Drop forged, chromed. ' Varcon Fan Belt 1.50 Value .1.00 Gives long, dependable service. Always carry a spare. Fits 195053 Ford ... others. ' Filter Cartridge 3.15 Value. 1.00 Varcon. Full Row type. Keeps oil clean for longer engine life. For Olds, Pontiac and Buick. M-2IM 2 Gal. Gas Can Regularly 1.29... 1.00 Ideal for outboard*. 8' reversible pour spout, removable filter screen. Painted red. Milk Filter Discs 1 Reg. 59#... 2 for 1.00 'Fast efficient filtering with Bgrade 6" discs. Plain finish both sides. 100 discs per box. BM-MQ Rear View Mirror 1.50 Value .1.00 4* round clamp-on mirror wont rattle or loosen—has non-glare glass. Chrome plated. Clearance Lamps 1.50 Value.. 3 for 1.00 Reinforced steel angle bracket. Black enamel finish. Furnished with red or amber lens. B7-4775-7 jjixV" ^•Z* * V°j&t MY f. ;»<**. JW*" Angel Cake Pan Regularly 1.29... 1.00 10*x4'/2* Comet aluminum pan. Leakproof batter-seal loose bottom. Legs, tube tame height. Oblong Dust Mop Regularly 1.29... 1.00 Du-AII reversible dust mop has steel frame covered with high quality yarn, lacquered handle. WARRANTY 5-year $250 food spoilage warranty on any loss due to freezer defect.'5-year workmanship and ™^°*«?'' ranty on sealed "Polar Power" unit. «> SAVE 5195 Giant 15 Cubic Ft. CORONADO FRiEZER last Year's Regular Price $299.95 _ 12.40 Down, 2.90 For Week, Payable Monthly Deep price cvt-rfght, in the face of rljfng steel costs! The "Super 15" is ideal for the average famlly-holdj up to 525 lb$. of food-has adjustable 'divider, sliding basket, end 2.6 cu. ft. fast freeze; compartment, txfra-denslty Flberglas insulation keeps cold In for economical operation.; Counter-bal- onced lid has automatic light/ "Safti-Latch" safeguard* children-open* from inside. •••7/( * GAMBLES V GIANT DISCOUNT C^AlOG Save tip f p ;40 •'A. t°mp store ** • r SAVINGS UP TO 50% ON THESE USED ) f^ Algona GAMBLE STORE 108 E. State Phone 28 Bill Ressler, Mgr. Coronado 21" Table Model TV _ $70| Coronado 21" Table Model TV __ $7 0 | Ccronado 21" Console Model TV $100 Coronado 17" Table Mod. TV _. $65 Coronado 21" Con.ole Mod. 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