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Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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14 OAKLAND TRIBUNE, lOlDAY, OCTOBER 26, 1936 DIMAGGIO HITS THREE AS MAJORS TRIUMPH UNCLE CHARITY GAMEl $1 ,000,000. IN ZBA BALL STARS LISTEN TO WALTER SAYS: I wlllllLll Lrtliu TO PLAY FOR OAKLAND DRAVS 4500 TO AioaiiFOND By LEM TAYLOR- if. TNCLE LEM got hi aerial V.taneled up with a convem tion from Los Angeles the other dar and learned that if preg Dr. Muller will surround himself with University of ent plans materialize the West Coast will become the golfing By NORMAN S. JONES' Charity was the real victor in a corking fine baseball game yesterday at the Oaks.

Baseball Park' between -Dick Barteli's AH-Star capital of America next year. i Public announcement has al- i ready been made that "Majors-sMid the All-Star Minors, tiona I amateur chamnionghin headed by. Manuel. Duarte, Ray would be played at Portland, Brubaker and Johnny Vergei. The majors took the count by a 10 'fo 1 score.

Lopsided tc be sure, but immediately following the IN a. tional public links champion' ship in San Francisco. This California gridiron greats on the Oakland professional football teanv judging by Sunday's practice turnout at Bushrod Park. Russ Caulfcins, center; Ken Moeh. ler, halfback; Harry Gpl, guard, aniHfe Lou Eaton, tackle, each of whornW starred for the Golden Bears in recent years, signefl contracts yes- terday, and will be in the Oakland lineup for the first game next Sunday at Oaks Coast League Park!" Oakland plays Vic McLagleVs Hollywood pros.

Marshall Ede, 195-pound fullback, who played for El Trojan after, leaving Piedmont High, has also-turned pro and will perform with -Muller's team. "Red" Johnson, a nevertheless a aterling exhibition by more than 1,000,000 In ball players. One of the largest crowds in the givea the (Joast two or golt a ma' i jor events for next year. nine-year history of the game, sponsored by Alameda Lodae of Elks, filed all of the best aeats in the park, 4500 of DIMAGGIO HITS THREE Joe DiMaggio, one of the creates! attractions' on the field, was no disappointment to the fans. Plavina L.

A. MAY BE AWARDED WESTERN OPEN TOURNEY The news Grandpappy picked off the air waves was that Los Anfeles hopes to land the 1938 Western amateur tournament, one o( the moit Important of the Na-; tlon's folf events. Ed Babcock of Los Anjelei, who In addition to belnf a mlrhty fine feller, Is a director of both rfackle, who played for Stanford' a year agn.wQrked out with Oakland Sunda'y, and. signed a con-a me entire game ne Diced Ken Doug-las of the Oakland Or.ks, Jim Tobin, also of the local, and Bob Cole of the Sah Francisco Seals. He came to bat five times, knocked out.

three hits, one a smashing double to center, and scored three runs. Aside from this he batted in four of this squad's 10 Only a swell play by Johnny Verges on a scorching grounder to third In the first inning kept Joe from icttlnr another hit In the California and Western Golf Associations, Is the rlnf leader of The Minor All-Star plan of battle which Walter the All-Star Majors and outstanding infielder for the him. Tony Latzeri, of the New York Yankees New York Giants. Listening to Waltermost attentively t- i a ti i i 1-. navi.

"1 Muller will continue running exercises, punting and plays from a Bemi-pufit formation tonight, tomorrow and Wednesday at Bushrod Park. Workouts start at 5 p. m. The public Is invited. Cal.

Dropped From N.Y.U.Cage Program -NEX YOBK, Oct. York University announced today a 17-game basketball schedule, intersectional' contests with Ohio State, North Carolina and Notre Dame. is rrana uaoier, uiant pucner, wno receivea credit the movement to bruif the' blf tournament to the Coast city. His overtures to other directors of the Western Association have met with considerable encourarement. I Final decision on the matter will be made by officials of the West, ern Golf Association In January, WHAT FOP SAID TO 1 This Great? Mail7apparently is explaining to rpick of the major leagues beforejeslerday's ninth annual Alameda Elks Charity Baseball game, either went-hay--wire or the Majors stole his signals, for they won.

1 0 to 1. Approximately skill listens is the first on the left. Next to him, left to right, are Ernie catcher for the Cincinnati Reds lnd one of the biggest men in major league circles; Joe DiMaggio, the pride of San Francisco North Beach and prize rookie of the Yanks; Dick Bartell, manager of for yesterday win. Tribune pholo. cidentally that play by Johnny came with the bags loaded and the third sacker chucked hastily to teammate Eddie Montague at second, who heaved to Roy Anton at first for SLIP MAKES NEWS Calvelli's Arm Foiir Teams Start New Baseball Loop Salinas Team Ties, Antioch Legionnaire, Rifle Trophy Won By Infantry Team This will be denied of course by California, Kentucky and Purdue; everyone connected with the yarn.

all met last year, were dropped dm uncie Km learns on good au SALINAS, Oct. 26. U.R)-The rom this year schedule. SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. BISBEE, Oct.

Re- I j. it it thority of a conversation between Pop Warner and Slip Madigan when organization of the Arizona-Texas Class Baseball League was ef AMERICANS FIFTH ORTMUND, Germany. Oct. 26. a snappy double play.

Art Garibaldi, who single to open the first, scored on the play. Garibaldi formerly played with the San Francisco Seals and now does nicely at third base for the St. Louis Cardinals. The Majors started the big gunning In the third inning when Dick Bartell smote a mighty double to left field, Gussie Suhr walked and Bartell scored when Joe MIMaggio cracked a single to center. Lazzeri Indian's Hope rop was in our tnldst last Summer, The 30th "nfantry six-man rifle tqam captured first place yesterday in the Central California Rifle Association's annual team matches with a point total of 1420 out of a pos na Qfifh W.i4a.ntirT alv.rain l4a Sn Pop to Slip, in his nasal Salinas Ice Packers, professional football team organized under the new Pacific Professional League, brought the Antioch American Legion team's winning streak to an end yesterday by battling the Bay regiqn eleven to a scoreless tie.

OT The United States team Of At Crossley and Jimmy Walthour finished fifth in a 100-kilometer bicycle! drawl, "Well, Slip, it begins to look as if Tiny would have to start race, won by the Germans, Gustav1 coaching a little football." throwing than was provided by fected here yesterday with virtual assurance four clubswill be ready to launch the circuit next Spring and a strong possibility the loop will be a six-team affair. El-Paso, Tucson, Phoenix, and Bisbee participated the reorganization, ancttheh received application for franchises rom representa Kiliifrf and Heinz Vopel, yesterday, is" (Cont. from First Sports Page) once-staid old Braves demonstrated Fullback Tony Calvelll Saturday, The worthy Warner had refer to the graduation from Stan. walked and he and Joe crossed the tBOAb'-'JNmCB-''571' LEGAL NOTICE Those short, sharp, straight passes squarely into the receiver's arms iii irrii'rmiA'r-'' ViArvViriA'rt Section 5. The City of Piedmont sible 1500.

The 250th Coast Artillery team was secondwith 1394, and the Albany Rifle Club third, with 1381. RAILROADERS GOLF DEL MONTE," Oct, Northern California railroad passenger agents triumphed over their southern rivals in a golf tournament today. ford of the vow boys, who fell Into Thornhill's lap as sophomores and kept the home fires burning for plate on another long double by that when Jt Comes to beinS wlld Tony Puccinelll, of the Athletics. and woolly and hard to curry be-HAFEY DRIVES IN TWO 4u- NOTICE OF SALE OF FIlAIVCHISlii NOTICH IS H1SREBY GIVEN that on Thursday, the 16th day of April, had the VTtgjan defense in a panic and added a couple of new lines to tives of Albuquerque, N. and the Globe-Miami, district.

DiMaggio started things again In Yvf 2 the fifth when he nit one to Verc the iirsi ten-. A husky U. S. C. grid the Howard Jones LEGAL JVOTICR wire years.

a a JOE THINKS THERE SHOULD BE A LAW AGAINST IT With the experience and confidence that the third sacker dropped. Laz- tean i back In L. A. today and ieri walked and Bud Hnfv. rt that he has gained, Tony should be TAXPAYERS dynamite down South.

A rumor comes floating in one SSfASS attack of ague induced by of the Giants hit Ife, centef for a tn doubles it had in collecting a Single. The final three wera pnrrt 14-7 Vlotnfv nvpr th riskv Trlhoo. window and out the other to the I.KK.U. NOTICE hereby reserves itself all rights descrkbed in Section 19 of Artlcl XI ot- the Constitution of the Staty of California as amended on Octo-" ber 10, 1911, notwithstanding the grant of this franchise, or any pro- vision herein contained. Section 6.

This ordinance shall become effective thirty days afler i Its final passage, irinfess suspended by a tiied a 1 provided by law. 7 Section 7. Copies fff-thls ordltjanre shall before the expiration of said thirty days and before going into I effect be posted in three public I places In said City of Piedmont there being no newspaper of general i circulation published and I NOTICE IS- HEREBY FURTHER GIVEN that sealed bids for such -t franchise will be received bv snnl effect the rival wrestling promoters are about to engage In a war, Isn't KOT1CK TO COMTHACTOHS AdvertiHemnrit 1 when- Garibaldi opened the' eighth men-- LEGAL NOTICft A OTIC Hi TO tOM'IlACTOBS (Advertisement) Office of the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors, Alameda County, California. Sealed bids Will be received by the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors of Alameda. County, California, at his office in the Hall of Records situated at the Office of the Clerk of the Board of that lust perfectly dandy? with a sincle.

went to third nn an an appucation in writing was filed with the Council of the City of State of California, by Pacific Gas and Electric Company, a California utility corporation, requesting said council to grant a franchise (a) to use, for the transmission and distribution of electric energy within the City of Piedmont for any and all purposes ether than those authorised Urfder Section 19 ot Article XI. of the constitution of the State of California, as said section existed prior to. Its amendment on October 10, 1911, all electric transmission distribution lines, structures and apparatus that are now or may hereafter be lawfully placed In the public "streets, ways and places within said city, and (h) to construct, maintain and operate Jn said public streets, ways and places all conduits, conductors, structures, poles, wires and apparatus necessary or proper for supervisors, Alunioda Cwtnty, California. It seems the promoters of the light heavyweight shows, in asklntr COOKS UP SURPRISES So more of same medicine Is other single by' Les Scarcella, of the Cincinnati Reds, and the two scored HottloU bide will be received bj' TAKE JNOTICE County Taxes and City of Oakland Taxes for the Year 1936-1937 To All Taxpayers of the County of Alameda, State of California: Notice is hereby given that the undersigned' Tax Collector of the County of Alameda," Slate of California, Is In receipt of the assessment book of. said Countv of Ala.

i for reduced prices, have irked Big on joe uiMaggio's long double to on the docket for the Trojans' tno weric ot the woaru oi super visors of Alameda County, Callt'ur Boas joe Malcewlscz of San Fran' hlSWy townsmen. Some ilia, at his office in the Hull of southeast corner of 6th and Broad bell wether of the heavy Keowds BulldlnB. situated at til of the stuff that disturbed Howard Lavagetto; also for Clntlnnatl. Soutlienst corner of 6th and Broad way Streets, City of Oakland, for the complete furnishing and laying ot carpets on certain floor surfaces weight -iroupe, and Joe threatens to "do something about it." Just way Streets, City of Ouklund, for Jones will be on hand to give Coach Bill Spauldlrig nervous indigestion, Bcarceiia, who halls from Pinole the complete furnishing and instal latlon of auditorium type chairs I and received his start in Rich-mond, connected for two hits in Council at the office of the City Clerk of said city up tdhe hour of 5 p. m.

on Thursday, 19th day ot November, Council will meet In open ftslon In the City in ine Aiameaa uonniy uouri House and Hall of JSecords, located on the block botfrtded by Fallon, Twelfth, Oak and Thirteenth Streets, Oak- certain rooms in the Alameda County Court House and Hull as many times at bat, and accord said purposes; that said Council and that in compliance with California. thfr-provhiions of Section 3746 of thofProPose -tc graittTmifr fmncblsc-brtlnlMn- at Keords, located on the Jbloc ounded by i'allTinT-TwBlf thr Oh Specifications and proposal forms ordinance which shall be in the, the hour last Politioal Code of the State of what, remains to be seen, 5 -v Joe Dl Maggio'e conduct since i returning to North Beach hasnt been such as to lend truth to the reports coming but here several months ago that ha was getting a touch of swelled head. ing io nick Bartell in a radio broadcast last night is one of the most promlslnr rooklen In 'lh and Oa'kland, hereinbefore- men-then and there oben rnav he nbta Inert from the Office of and will California, the Purchasing Agent, County Court and read suchJbldH; and then and there-strike nffliell an, I nuu'Ail Specifications and proposal form: may be obtained from the Office majors today, The one and only tallv of the and also there will be a lot of new wrinkles to be given (heir world premiere. Tiny Thomhill began last-week to cook up plays for the benefit of the Bruins, plays that he didn't use against Troy because the Stanford boys weren't sufficiently familiar with them. "One of these days," said Tiny "we'll catch up to one of these teams and knock them over.

One of these dayswe'H get the breaks and do things. That game Saturday could easily have the Purchasing Asont. County Cour fornla, notice Is hereby given that the assessment book for County taxes (which also includes within the City of Oakland the City of Oakland taxes) for the year on alL property wllhin the County of Alarneda, has been re-celved by me. and, that the tares as trancnise to ty person, turn oorpoTaiion -tft shall make thJS' minors was scored in tTi ivth following words and figures, namely: "ORDINANCE SO. ORDINANCE GRANTING TO ITS SUCCESSORS AND ASSIGNS, THE FRANCHISE TO THE TRANSMISSION AND DISTRIBUTION OF ELECTRIC KNKRUV WITHIN THE CITX.

OF PIEDMONT FOR ANY AND ALL PURPOSES OTHER THAN THOSE House and Hall ot Keooras, Tweiitn and Fallon Streets, Oakand, California; No deposit fee wITMie required. The bidders shall return the specifications with their bids. Each bid shall be made out upon the above mentioned form: shall be Joe pulled Into the Embassy' House and Hall of Records, 12th and Fullon Streets, Oakland, California. No deposit 'fee will be required. The ning when Smead Jolley, whom every local fan knows as the very large outfielder for the Son uy.

iiKKleis snail return the speclflcu tlona with their bids. shown by said assessment book will Cisco Seals a few years back, nnenerf Kach bid shall be made out upon ne due and payable on October 19th, 1936, this date being fixed by me, highest CrfsTi bid -therefor, provided only, that at the time of the opening of said bids any responsible person, firm or corporation present or represented may bid for such franchise a sum not less tnRn ten per cent above the highest sealed bid therefor; and said bid may In turn be raised not less than ten per cent by any responsible bidder, and said bidding may so continue until finally ftniri frnm-hlaa nhall me anove mentioned form; stiRM be accompanied by 'a certified check or as Tax Collector of the County of the Inning with a double. Although known as one of the slowest on the bases he scored easiiv. nn a Inn tf Aiamean, in accordance Sub ciub across the Uy a few eve-nlngs ago. 'v He' was invited to have this and drink that and take a bow and In general make him self conspicuous to" all of which he said "no thinks." Joe wis satisfied to sit In a remote corner and watch the gals do their ance.

He didn't want to be any part of the show, a coin deposit, In the amount of not lesa than ten (10) Per cent ot division 3 Section 3746 of the Politi gone our way instead of the way accompanied- by a certifier check or a cash deposit, In the amount of not less than ten (10) per cent of the aniotint of the proposal, payable to the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors! be sealed and filed with the clerk of the Board of Supervisors, Alameda County, California, on or before Monday, the 2nd day of November, 1936, at 10 o'clock A. and will be opened cal Code, as amended, which states It did." the amount of the proposal, payable, riSnt bv HBrIan "Samson" that "The Tax Collector may fix Maybe this Saturday will be the j'ooi or ine oaks. a date In advance of the due dntoi to tne Chairman of tne Board ot shall be sealed and filed with the Clerk of the Board of (November 1) when navments iniiv minor aix-starsjMjor allIstabs day." I rather get the impression An a be made," at my office In the New. authorized under section 19 of article xi of the constitution of the statk-cumjali-fornia- as said section existed prior to its amendment on october 10,. 1911, all electric transmission and distribution lin structures and apparatus that are now or may hereafter be lawfully placed in the public streets, ways and places Within said city, and to construct, maintain and operate in said public streets.

ways and places all ab a that Thornnui doesn't tninK u. supervisors. Alamedit Countv. Call Anton. lb 3 0 14 0 court House, Twelfth and Fallon Streets, in the City of Oakland, wnu.zn I 1 L.

A. is quite up to the U. S. SuhMb ib 4 standard when it comes to often- 2 i 9 sold and awarded by Council to the bidder Verefor, as provided by law; that each sealed bid shall he accompanied with cash or a certified check payable to the treasurer of said city for the fuil amount of said bid, and no sealed bid shall be considered unless such cash or certified check shall be enclosed therewith', alid the successful Joney.rl 3 1. 01 in public at or about 10:30 o'clock A.

M. of that day In the office, of said Supervisors, Alameda County, California, in the Hall of Records, Vlfth Street and Broadway. Said If all our prep school athletic DiMnl.r 3 fornln, on or before Monday, the 2nd day of November, 193B, at 10 o'clock A. and will be opened In public at or about 10:30 o'clock of that day In the office of said Supervisors, Alameda County, Call- If LaterUb 1 Pudnll.lf 3 heads would follow the example of 0 sive power. I also gather that he doesn't expect to see Stanford fum- ble so: often in critical spots as the i Indlann did arcalnst S.

Two Joe 3 0 0 0 3 am Moyer there would be fewer certified check or cash depoalt will Injuries among the young fellers. be returned to the unsuccessful Dniifli.p 0 0 0 1 rornm, in tne hrh ot necoras, Finn Street and Broadway. Said certified Hufey.rf 3 Monzo.o 3 Buhlch.p 1 Onblcr.p 3 Lombdl.c I Scarli.lh 1 bidder In the case of rejection of 0 0 0 0 As soon as one of his boys shows 10 1 irlrtnn WnhKlAa nnft tl.VlAtl IlA urns CONDUITS, CONLHJCTUKS, STttUC TURES. POLES. WIRES AND AP his bid.

and the certified check or opnni, 10 0 10 check or cash deposit will be "returned to the unsuccessful bidder PARATUS NECESSARY OR 3 5 0 almost on the goal line and again l.elh,ab 1 1 2 0 casn deposit ot tne successiui Binder shall be. retained by the County In the oase of rejection of his bid PROPER FOR SAID PURPOSES, 1 and the certified check or cash 3 3 0 0 1 0 ,1 It Abreu.s "1 0 0 0 2 auiix.ll 3 WHEREAS, this ordinance and of Alameda as and for the liquidated dnmares thereof, and not as a pen aiiy other Droceedings In connection deposit of the successful bidder shall be retained by the County of when, pe was bringing staniora out of the hole onlyto fumble on the Tribe 30, cost Stanford dearly; It sticks in 'the memory that inn 1 i signs of weariness Sam jerks him and send in a fresh player. There's no getting away from it these kids can't take the beating they'll be able to stand up under when they're a few years older; 1 1 alty, In case he1 fails to execute the with the "granting of the franchise herein provided for, shall not be rs ana tor ine iiquiaai.eo contract and furnish the bonds as aumaees thereof, and not as a pen VM.lch.Cl 1 10 0 0 01 0 0 0 1 01 Frrni.Tf-0 0 0 0 ClKord.c 1 0 0 6 0 or Aiamean, state or California, every day (eicept legal holidays) during office hours on and after October 19th, 1936, and as follows: The taxes on all personal property, secured by real property, and one-half of the taxes on nil real property In the said County of Alameda (which also Includes wlthin-the City of Oakland the City Of Oakland taxes) will be due and payable on MONDAY. OCTOBER 19TH. 1930 at myjoffice, in the New Court House of said, Alameda' Cburity, situate at Twelfth and Fallon -Streets, in the City ttt Oakland, 'in said Coijnty, every day (not a legal holiday) during office hours, as fired by- law, and will he delinquent on SATURDAY, DKCHMIIKIt lOttft, at 12 o'clock noon of snld day, and that unless paid prior thereto eight per cent will be added to the amount thereof, and that If said One-half be not pnWibefoPe Tlle'Sday, April 20, 1937, at 6 P.

an addi- hereinafter provided within ten (10) considered or construed to be Washington defeated the Uclans by alty, In case he falls to execute the contract and furnish bonds days after his b'd is accepted. means of ODDortunistic play and The successful bidder will be re as hereinafter provided within ten 1UIRII Am I 71 TnlnU 01 a M4n fmntftt Vl VNO DOOfl oil release of, a waiver of, or in derogation of the rights and privileges that the grantee hereunder now owns of using the public streets and thoroughfares of said City of Piedmunt auired to furnish a labor and ma days after his bid is accepted, hT 1 i-1 the Cards have amply demonstrated terial bond In an amount erftial to The successful bidder will IVe re bidder shall deposlt at least ten per cent of the amount of his bid with the Clerk of the said city before said franchise shall be struck off to him and if he shall fall to make such deposit immediately his bid not be received but shall be considered as void, and said franchise shall then and there be again offered for sale to the bidder who shall mako the highest cash bid therefor, subject to the same conditions as to deposit as above mentioned; that' such procedure shall bo had until said franchise shr.U be struck off, sold and awarded to. the bidder who shall make the necessary deposit of ten (10) per cent of the amount of his bid as hereinbefore provided: that such successful bidder shaU deposit with the Clerk of said city within twenty-four (24) hours after the acceptance of his bid the remaining ninety (90) per cent of the amount thereof, and in ca.whs shall fall to do so. then said deposit quired to furnish a labor and ma Majpn 0 3 0 3 0 0 3 -io that they have a nice passing at- and of installing ana using conouns. Athens Boxers Seeking Titles fifty (50) per-cent of the contract price, and a faitjiful performance bond In like amount, said bonds secured from a.

surety company I-' tack. 'and they are -fast acquiring conductors, structures, poles, wires, terlalbnnd In an amount equal to (fill) per cent of the contract price, and a faithful performance and connections therewith under and LuaiiiB pucner -uniitf jbh. inninuit Hie uuuuriuniai. bhhuuc, Pltched-yBv Bnbkh 3, Douelu 3. Toblnt- PASSES WEt.I,'IM)NI pursuant to the provisions of section 19 oof Article XI of the Con- satisfactory to the Board of Super visors.

A list of such aurety com a Kf riM i obin is. mi-ott a DSf.l No one could ask to see sweeter stltut on of the State of California panics Is on file at the. office of nond In a like amount, said bonds secured from a surety company satisfactory to the Board of Supervisors. A list nt such surety companies 4s on file ati the office of iobln 4. RlinR pnrH nit nKiu the Clerk ot said as the same existed prior to lis amendment on October 10, 1911, NOW.

the' Coum-Jf of The Board of Supervisors reserves I.r.OAt, NOTICR the Clerk of a the right to-, reject any or all. bids the City of Piedmont DO -ORDAIN andor waive any irregularity In a MI'I'II'K Oil- HKARINO Al'PMCA The Hoard of Supervisors reserves the right to reject any or all bids AS FOLLOWS bin. Tlo TO nPKHAVU A tlABAHKT, DwiUm 4, Tobln 3. Col 3. Runs renpon-lb (or-Bablch 0, DoukTm 4, Tobln' 0.

Cole 3. Struck wit-By Bnblch 0, Doug-U'nh Oabler-a, Tobln 1. Be on balls -Off Bnblch 3. Douglm 4, Gaoler 3, Tobln 3. Two-be hlts-Bartell, Puc-clnrtll, Hnfey, Jolley, DIMamrio, Rum batted In DIMnirnlo 4.

Puccinelll 3, Hafey 3. Pool, Lavanetto. Gabler, Sacrifice Douglnn. Stolen bae Bartell, DlMax-llo. nnuhle nluvM T.avr( in ttqnal three per cent, will bemadded thereto.

And ndtlce Is further given that one-half of the taxes on all real property in snld Alameda County (which also Includes within, the City of Oakland, the City of Pursuant' to the statutes of the -theretofore made shall be forfeited Section 1. The franchise (a) to use, for the and dls- I Rtate of California andor local laws Nolle is hsrebV given that Rome Antona and Kdrlla Weiwe have fllcit rln application to operate anaor waive any Irregularity, In a bid. Pursuant to the statutes of the Slate of Cnllfnrnla andor local laws thereto applleable. the Board of Supervisors has ascertained and de and the award of said franchise shall be Void and said franchise shall then and there by said council be again offered for sale to the highest bidder therefor, In the same manner unKiann taxes) for the year 19.16- termined the general prevailing rate thereto applicable, the Board of Two members of the local Athens Athletic Club's boxing team, will engage in bouts at the Central Call-fornia championships at Stockton tonight, while two "additional entrants will pass directly to the finals, one week preliminary competition. Steve Calla, 126-pounder of the Athens senior unit, and Edwin Vaughan, 140-pound representative of the novice group will tangle with opponents not yet named, Harry-aA-iArsdaler-ieO-pound, nd Ben Kemper, 105.

respectively. a Cabaret under tlie name ot noma-Kddle Cabaret at 279 12th Street, da land. IMUULIUII Ufc CIDtlllU EIICIB, the City of Piedmont for any and all -purposes other than those authorized under Section J9 of Article XI of the Constitution of We State 1937 will be payable to the under hnpervlsors has ascertained and de of per diem wages, and rates Eubr. Versez to Montaaue tn Anion, Bar- signed Tax Collector of said Ala termined the general prevailing rate overtime and legal holidays, in the icu id jflvnantn to ncarrena. and under the same restrictions as Notice la hereby further Riven that a hearlmr on aald appllcntlon meda Countv.

as aforesn ri. nt tii of California as said seetion" exist'd ot per diem wages, and rates -for ocality In which this work is to be here nbefore provided, and In case office of the Tax Collector, as afore performed, for each craft or type of prior to its amendment on October will be held by the I'lty Manner workman or mechanic needed to said, on ana niter January 20, 1937, overtime and legal holidays, Irt the locality In whldi this work Is to he performed, for each craft or type of 10. 1911. ail electric transmission and said bidder shall fail to deposit with the Clerk of said city the remaining ninety (90) per cent of his hid within ana win ne delinquent on execute the contract, The prevn I Loyegren Is TI'ESDA APniL-i'O. 1837 ng rates so determined are as fol- distribution lines, structures and apparatus that are now or may here after be lawfully placed In the pub at hla orflce, KOnm ttiwi, on Thurndnr, October 20, 19,16, at 2:30 o'clock at which time and place any persona tntereated may appear and file their objections, if nuiwnuui or niecunnic nee.neu to execute the contract.

The prevail twenty-four (24) hours after Its. ac ows: ceptance, the award to him of said lie streets, ways and places within CLASS OF WORK SCALE at 5 o'clock P. M. of said day, and that unless paid prior thereto, three per cent will be added to the amount thereof. ing, rates so determined are as foi franchise shall he set aside and th said city, and b) to construct, main (based on 8-hour day; senior and novice, are the lads who deposit theretofore made by hln CLASS OF WORK SCALE tain and- operate 't in said public r5 any tney nave.

W. CHAPEt.L, City Clerk No, 98-Oct. 24-(3t) exceptras noted) shall be forfeited, and no -furthe Notice Is hereby further" e-lven New Champion At Castlewood go straight to the finals. (onsen nn B-nour any. streets, ways and places all conduits.

proceedings in sale nf. snld except as noted) Cabinet Workers 8. SO Carpet and Linoleum S.Oft.l conductors, structures, poles, wires and. apparatus necessary' or proper franchise Sha4rbe had unless th Cabinet Workers outside) tM Carpet and Linoleum layers 9.00 that all taxes may be paid at the time the first installment, as her-' in provided, is due and payable. And notice Is -hereby further NOTICH Off HFAHIIVO APPMOA- Carpenters 8,80 same shall be again advertised and- Cement Finishers (baaed on Carpenters S.SQ for said purposes, is nereoy granted to its suc cessors and assigns, for the term of TO OPKUATBJ I VAUO.

ottered tor sale in the manner hereinbefore provided; and NOTICE IS HEREBY FURTHER hour day) v. 8 00 Drapery Hangers 8.00 X'ntUa I- V.aahu ivIiiah li a t)Aia AOVRRTISEMRNT 1 -irwin r.rtrr-rvWn EN WANTED bv Pacific Coast I IO liciruj Litnv llectrlo workers 17 hour 8.0 fifty years from and a tier ine i-fective data of this ordinance upon Jack Lovegren, 18-year-old Pied- Corea haa filed an application to Cement Finishers (based on 7 hour day) 8.00 rrnpery Hangers 8.00 Electric Workers (7 hour day). 8.05 Electric Fixture Hangers, i 8.05 Electric Fixture Hangers 8.05 given that in compliance with said Section 3746 of the Political Code of the State of California, on and after Monday, October 19th, 1936, all the taxes, whether first or second installment, before delinquency thereof, If dellnauent. toeether the terms and conditions Jn this Engineers, hoisting and port ordinance prescribed. montHiRh School student yesterday operate i.umberyavd in rear oi aoi.

defeated Gibson Univer- given gity of California player, to win the th.t h.nrimr ou aaid aunt cation able 9.00 GIVEN that the grantee of said franchise must within five (6) days after the same shall have been awarded, file with said Council a bond running to said City of Piedmont with at least two" (2) good and sufficient sureties to be annroved bv Engineers, hoisting and portable 9.00 Section 2. All construction done Under said franchise shall be done Glaziers S.St) Housesmlths, Arch. Iron 9.00 Laborers 5.00 Aircraft Factories i golf ChamrjJ.onship of Castlewood will be held by the City Manaser with the percentage added thereto, Olnzlcrs ......4 8.S0 Housesmlths. Arch. Iron 9.00 as is anove set may be paid to nie at my office, as aforesaid.

(based on hour day). 7.50 country Clul, His margin was i i u.i. on Filday, October 30, ,183, at i.i ana In the 36-hole match. o'clock P. at which time and ini uiq oeurig jio.uu Mosalo and Terrazso 9.0ft any time during business hours, as aforesaid, on a.hd after subject to the general supervision and direction of he proper authorities of said city and in compliance with all valid ordinances and regulations which are now or ahail hereafter be enacted and prescribed by said city under its police power.

Keeflon 3. public streets, ways said Council In the penal one thousand dollars (81000.00). conditioned that such bidder shall well and truly observe, fulfill and per-form each and every term and condition of said franchise, and that )n case Of any breach of condition of was lour aown at tne place any person intereateci may end of the first nine holes, but staged appear and file their objections, if MOKDAY. OCTOBER 1TH. 13I Laborers .00 Lathers (based on 6 hour day).

7.50 Marble Setters 10.00 Mosalfl and Terrazxo 9.00 Painters .8.80 Plasterers (8 hour day4 7.60 Mlllmen, planing mill Painters 8.80 Plasterers (6 hour day) 7.60 Mlllmen, planing, mill department 8.80 7 T1" V. W. CHAPPEIX, City Clerk and upon such full payment being made full receipts for the taxes, both first And cnn( tn.lfna will be crtven in. comnlinncA with ic a-imi iiuic, aim men went on to Cflln ft lUrAJin Isaarl at tVib a A said bond the whole amount of the Mlllmen, sash-and door 8.K0 Sheet Metal Workers 8.80 the first 18. NOTICE THAT COPIES OF CElt-J penal sum therein named shall be taken and deemed to be' liquidated Notice Is hereby further clven ment n.Mr Mlllmen, sash fend 8.80 Sheet Metal Workers 8.S.Q Auto Truck Drivers, less than 2500 lbs J.50 ot places disturbed or by grantee, its successors or assigns, hereunder, sftall'at its or their owe cost and expense immediately be placed In as good order and condition as same were In before being so Auto Truck Drivers, less than 2500 lbs.

5.60 Auto Truck Drivers, 2500 to damages and "shall be recoverable from the principal and sureties uDon 400 shot mofol obt now optn "i to trained young men Yon can prepare yourself for one of these joba In just 12-weeks time! Boeingr School of Aeonatics offers a thorough Aircraft Sheet Metals course, based direction latest Industry requirements. You work with modern, factory-type equipment train under instructors. (Boeing School a division of United Air' Lines.) C-jJy EVENINGS or DAYTIME the afternoon UllrVjSi. Lovegren won the first, second and la i TEU? I PH et third holes to go five up, but Gibson form MAT be HAD UPON appli-Staged a rally that netted him the CATION THEREFOR AT THE OF- said bond; and that In case said that I be at the following named places to collect county taxes for the year 1936-1937: PLEAS ANTON Friday, October 23d. at Bank of Auto Truck Drivrrs, 2500 to 4500 lb 6 50 Legal holidays Including Sundays Dona snan not ne tiled as aforesaid.

JDB, D.I1U Legal hnl davs Includlnar Sundays then the award of said" franchise nd Saturdays where crafts work fourth jslxth and ninth holestoi disturbed or excavated. Section 4. 5 The grantee -of said franchise, its successors or assigns, shaU during the life of said franchise pay to said city two per cent America. andSnturdays-whee crafts work five (5) day week and other over ve (o)oay week ana otner over-me to be paid at the rate of double i.lVEHiwnnp. reduce Lovegren's lead to two.

The prep school star was not to be de time to be paid at the rate of double me. October -at Bank of America, time. (2S of tne gross annual receipts Any craft or employment not nied, com nif back to win of said arantee. its successors or Any craft or employment not H.IYWAHD neclfically mentioned In -the fore shall, be set aside add any- mone-woy paid therefor sjiall be forfeited, an said franchise shall, in the discretiortf of said council, be readvertised an? again offered for sale as provided by law. For further particulars reference is hereby made to said application filed as aforesaid in the office of said Council, and alse to the resolution adopted by said Coun assigns, SriRlng from the use, opera Wednesday.

November 4th. at Rank going schedule of rates shall be the 11th and 12th holes to go four up. He lost the 15th und lflth. but specifically mentioned In the foregoing schedule of. rates shnil be pnld not less than the highest ten- of America.

to Reaolutlon No. 41 C.M.S. and Resolution No. 4642 C.M.S., passed by the Council of the City of Oakland. September 22, 1838, that copies of certain proposals to amend the Charter of the City of Oakland, printed In pamphlet form, which priit'iiasla are to be submitted In the qualified electors of said City, at a Special Municipal Klectlon, to he tion or possession of said franchise.

No percentage shall Be paid for the aid not less than the highest genial prevailing rate of wages In CEiTERVILLE gained a win on the 17th with a oar Friday. November 6th. at Bank of Wrst.flve years succeeding tne date ernl. prevailing 'rate -of wages in or DAY classes, starting i 'onday. Open to physically-fit private employment for similar work.

of this franchise, but thereafter such AI.AMEDA private employment fnt" similar work. Dated' at Oakland, California; October 22, 1936. i I A ysi-s or for detail? cil on the ISth day of October, 1936, declaring its intention to grant said percentage shall ne payanle annually; and in tlW event said pay Tuesday, November loth, at Bank of franchise. G. E.

WADE. to end tho match. Bolh plciyers. had medal scores of 79 in the. morning, but Lovegren dipped three strokes off that mark in the afternoon, while Gibson reduced his medal to 78 for the second America.

eorwntetodaytoBUKiNii AERONAUTICS, c-VUnt Airport. Tele- Dated at Oakland this loth day Iiated -at Oakland, California, October, 22, (3. E. WADE. County 1 Clerk and ex-offlcio Clerk of the Board of Supervisors of the County of Alameda, of California.

1 1 Oct of October, 1936. Dated: October 15, 1936. By order of the Council of the City of Piedmont. W. C.

LITTLE, Clerk of the City of Piedmont. County Clerk and ex-offlclo Clerk of the Board of Supervisors of the County of Alameda, State of California. Oct, 23-(t0t.) EDWARD T. PLANER. held on Tuesday, November 2.

193(1. may be had upon application therefor at the office of the City Clerk in the City Hall of said City. W. W. CHAPPpLL, City Clerk Me.

tl-tes. i to Nov; I Inc. ment shall not be made said franchise shall be forfeited; provided, however, that If said franchise be a renewal of a right already In existence the payment said percentage of gross receipts shall begin at once. r'- Tai Collector of Alameda County. round.

it times.

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