The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 14, 1957 · Page 51
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 51

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 14, 1957
Page 51
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(la.) Upper Bel Molne» Thursday, February 14, Tidbits From Evelyn Mr and Mrs Wallace McDougall are moving back here the first of March. When I heard it I was so afraid it was mere rumor, but a . call from "Mac" , * Wednesday ;-They lived Shillingtons Of Bancroft Have 40th Anniversary Bancroft — Mr and Mrs E. J time he had been president of the Hyde Park State Bank but poor health cattsed him to resign and i ai!Tr\r~~l — . «" """ " lla **• ° he went into retirement. Mr and SJi'llingtoh pf Bancroft celebra •-—--- '- J "—•- 40th anniversary wit |e Si; their home Stlh ' Mrs Shillington ar 6f sev^n children nc went iiiiu leuieiiiem. avir ana j 7, P Mrs Olson had been married 44 |, e 5J£ e J*. years and had recently observed GST; '.^'"/; s Tasssrvss JIT"' - •,, Da ;:e "„ "" !l er / a number of I Will be well remembered' andi;vr' £•"=""> Ui seven cnuaren .years ago and for seven, years should anyone care to • Write to 5**» Dorothy Peck, Florida; Mr * lived in our apartment. The Soli ''-'-'- " -• •• • • • ---" - ^ "' "'-'- "»-'-• « - -* Bob was about four years old and ,* we loved him very much. In the • meantime he Has graduated from ua*u H-* v* C1A4J W11W ttllC t(J W 11 1C lt> I f-%1 i f' ~" ~ F ~* ~ "" * •"•"•* I *»»* her, the address is 6821 East End ?,9, k , Welp, Bancroft; Mrs Jerry [ Ave., Chicago, 49, III. | Skilling, Minnesota; Gefaldine Des Moines; Don Bancroft; : James, .Bob of Bancroft. Shillington ^ V.I.VJMUV.U. me nuic lieULUllHUL in "--ivSESI^^SS . —-•••»• & • •!*« * ww* ~ I Kfln rtr HOMn»*^\f ^ H)fr J **• Stewa"?f\>rmer e Vg°o™an, r whose* fj^"!" gt S n .. ar ,? numbers of St hnciinnri n 0 ^a n jjv,j ' . Johns Catholic Church. Thpv at Phoenix, Ariz., where the son George Jr., and family also live. She has made a few visits here and made her home here a few months. She is now at Santa Monica, Calif., with her son-in- Catholic Church. They west of Bancroft unti years ago when they movec ; consin 'paper firm. Mac will be the new manager of ', the local Botsford yard. ; * * « Mrs A. F. Schweppe was called to Mesa, Ariz., a short time ago , JUW aim u • suffer^ ±" fath . er ™ho had Ray Cobb. B °th'Mr and Mrs" I John's" Gym; Mrs Richard -Chip"-' 'Her hrothtr f^ lee . ^ attack. Cobb are employed and Mrs man, president presided and M?s ,Hei brother and sister-in-law of Stewart is findng It pleasant to Leo Nurre read the minutes of were With hpr IrpPn Yiniteo f™. tu n *vi mu- I fUo 1«^* _ i:_- mi_ _ 7 town. Band Boosters Meet The Bancroft St. John's Band Boosters held their monthly 1 —-—•-»• J » -tun J1V.1. OW*1~J14— I ••-'WWMHW* ,3 iJCltt LllCll JllOHtlTJ. V law and daughter, Mr and Mra meeting Monday evening irt St. Rnv iViHn T3r»tU Hd"** n *..J n*_- I Tnl-.**'*. ri^._. »*—_ i-. • * * ™» . ........... keep house for them. The I the last meefirig."'The'rnembers anothPr" «,i«fV,."""«^ "i t y S randdau g_ h ter Sharon will also decided to sponsor a bake sale i banSTf Sanl'eonafdo, M*"" i * rememb f ed * *f tee " a ^rs. | .fpr^band expanses.. St, Cecelia's « * • Mr and Mrs Homer Tuttle, son I Mrs G~. W."Cady'(Juli'a)"6f 2±^ S?,,£S^. «"SS5??i ««*»« wlU b'e rnTaiorf Parish in Algona is planning to I'd like lo be with my cousin | nave the St. John's Band play a Mother & Tonsillectomies A Whiii«nota JHoihef, MM Paul Ltidifrto, and tet sdn, Daniel, are jfdo&toaieg ai Si, Ahn hospifal Heie follow , ing lonslllectomier perfofrn- ed Monday. , < They are gelling ;alongf fine following Jh&suhretj:, also had his acfenbil* moved Monday . . . Ex-Resident bies LuVerne ~ Word has *ljeett received of the death of an early resident here, August Keirch- stem, 86, who made his home irt Clinton. Minn. He was a qousiri of the late Fred Schneider, Qer* hart and Walter Myer and Fritz Schneider here. .- ri". A good home is always easy o go into and hard to leave. President James Madison waS graduate of Princeton. • drove to California ;law and daughter, 'Mr^and''^^ Walter Plumb at Pomona. Mr Tuttle and Darlene had to re, turn soon after New Years day. ;Mrs Tuttle and Richard came ;back via train last week. .Mrs -Tuttle phoned me-the other day -and said she and Richard had ; met my cousin Melvin Hende> son of Pomona. They had parked at a market and Richard stayed in the car. He was approached by a man who had • noticed the 55 Iowa license and inquired where he was from. _ Since Algona is the "old home town" to Melvin, he immediately . asked if the Tuttles knew me. .Well, I don't believe Richard ;does, but his parents certainly do. j Again, "small world." . - La " Februar y 11 to attend a con which her daughter Jean _ the symphony pianist. From there she is going to Houston to visit my cousin Edwin Cady and his wife Mayme. Enroute home she will stop in Wichita to visit our cousin Harry. Goddard and his wife Vinne. I've covered the Houston, Galveston, Wichita route less than two years ago but would like to be doing it again. ; It was a treat for Mrs R. M. Wallace and her" sister Marie • Grover to get out of doors last ; week. Marie has been sick with '., virus pneumonia and her re- .covery was slow. After an entire month of being "cooped up", a ; ride down town was quite a treat ,1 know just how they felt. The -last time I was out was Christ. ' mas till "Friendly Persuasion" ..came.along. I was pleased with -Richard Palmer's review of it. It '•was an enjoyable picture. '* * » •;• Mr and -Mrs Howard Seeley . have been visited .by their son . and daughter-in-law, Mr and I Mrsjpraig Seeley and sons Scot„, tie Bill and Brad of Sioux Falls . S. D. Craig is c'attle buyer for • the Morrell packing company "Scottie Bill was thrilled on the 1: Sunday morning of his visit for • he was being taken to Sunday ' school and as he put it, "The ; same Sunday school where my . daddy went." « » • The absent-minded professor . has nothing on these friends of • mine—I won't mention their ' names in this column but they can be had on request. One <• woman searched all over the bed room for her lower plate—in and under the bed, on the floor, on the dresser—and found them IN HER MOUTH. Another friend . was condemning the dentist for a sol suddenly gone wrong. She was trying to put the upper plate where the lowers should be. * • * "Ideals" is the most beautiful magazine I've ever seen. Mrs hmmu Dehnort has been bringing hers over for me to ft enjoy. I he other clay I received H "Val('111.1110" frnm her. It \vas a smaller edition published for those who wanted to give Valentine's K'lts- It too is ;i 1 o vel y booklet. r vi . already thanked her lor it but I'll ..;ay "Thanks" again. She also brought me another gift UK; other day—a book rack. « « « Mrs "Heinic" Siebriis and daughter Mary are leaving this week for a two weeks visit at Kt Worth, Tex., with the former';son and daughter-in-law, Mr and : Mrs Bob Stebritx. Hob is in the oil business there. From Mrs J. I. Merrymar. comes (he report of Ihe first robin. She called mo February • to tell me slur saw one thai day Bless their little hearts, I hope we don't liuvo miserable, weath- (.'!• now for them to endure 1 they will winy over this w.r they will be assured ,,r „„,., ticket. We put food out for a] the birds, but Hubm-j are -pin-, quests. « * » Years ago a Carr family livec here- I've forgotten the- f;the.' name, but I believe be was , Knssuth County ouieial at OIK lime and it seems to me Jus daughter Marjorie was, his Meno Krapher. At any rate <1 1( . \ v i employed at the com t bouse a; one time. 1 have a picture of ii> t officinLs back in 19!:!-!) and ,s!u is with the group. A lew other:. were Blanche, W. C Ijeu i I Mart Weaver and M. K Ha--ard' Olhcis in the Can family we;, Hulii. Hu.i'ji who married IVr.ri .Simon, Allen win; lives at Ti- Iciika, I believe, and Mabel who liv,s in (..'hit-uKii. Mabel was a lahnled Ruth died ;; few years ago of multiple 1 sclu;- u.- is. * « * New comers furlher word o.t ' tile family. .Mar.ynivf Jlol'masler, ii close friend of Mabel, reeeived a letter from her recently .telling ot lho ri'-atli .laniiarv 1 1 of her M.C...JJIU.I (j.^x (Jl.iun, /.). At OIK; A noie from the Abner Longs of Davenport informed me they and Earl Bradley of Muscatine are on their way to Phoenix Ariz., where they will visit Abner's son-in-law and daughter Mr and Mrs Carson Taylor and they will go on to California. The letter was sent from Roswell ,New Mex., which was the home of the late Gertie Wheelock, sister of John, the past 69 years. "She was my teacher when I was nine years old," writes Abner. At Oklahoma City they saw Elmer Peterson who was raised on the Dickinson farm north of August Slagle. He is editor of the daily paper there. He will be well ramembered by the older Algonans. Algona ?-H Club Allan arid Russell Bode were hosts at the February meeting of the Algona 4-H. A talk was given by Wayne Arndorfer and Richard Lickteig gave a demonstration on -Raising and Lowering concert for them in the near fur- ture at Algona. The band which i has done fine Work in the past is preparing for a band concert in I March. Plans were made for the February meeting.; which will be the election of officers. Merredith Bergman is suffering from a badly smashed finger! which she received when she) caught her right thumb in the car door. She was taken to the I doctor for treatment. Mr and Mrs Richard Menke, I Kenneth McGuire and Francis VTenke attended the Iowa State basketball game in Ames Monday evening. While there they visited Mr and Mrs Thomas Lensing and Joyce. I Mr and Mrs Ambrose Kennedy left Monday for Texas where they are visiting their daughter and husband, Dr. Kollasch and Dr. Bernice Kollasch and family, i Mr and Mrs Cletus Dorr entertained at supper Sunday night Mr and Mrs Bernard McGuire Titonka, Mr and Mrs Charles McGuire and Kirsten and Mr and Mrs Lawrence Bergman. The Catholic Daughters met Tuesday evening for their monthly meeting Tuesday evening. A card party for their husbands and guests has .been planned for Valentine's Day, Thursday evening. Members are to brine a potluck lunch. your money forthe'r - ••'>-•>* with a ; 10VV COST LAND BANK LOAN You can actually s-t-r-e-t-c-h your 'money farther with a low costi I long term farm I loan from your - .NFLA. Land .Bank Loan interest rates are low. You profit when you borrow through NFLA—owned by farmers for farmers. For full information obouf.a lanj '•'' Bank Loan on "your land, call, -r? write or see ,your . ' S National Farm Loan Ass'n Eugene H. Hutchins Secretary-Treasurer '. n ° s - Dodge SI. Algona, Iowa Member Federal Land Bank '•• ' System - ;.; the JETS3£Ij3ck Frideres also gave a talk. It was agreed to send two dollars to Robert Johnson for a Junior basketball team. BUFFALO HORNS C. B. Crawford of Corydon has a pair of buffalo horns. They were picked up by 85 years old J. H. Kelly, of Altoona, along a wagon trail in Colorado, in 1888. The horns are in perfect condition. Science Shrinks Piles New Way New York, if. y. ( _ For the first time science has found a new healing substance with the astonishing ability to shrink hemorrhoids and to relieve pain-without surgery. In case after case, while gently relieving pain, actual reduction (shrinkage) took place. Most amazing of all-results were thorough that sufferers raada Finds Healing Substance That Does Both-' Hemorrhoids astonishing statements like "Piles m? ceased to be a problem!" The secret is a'new healing substance (Bio-Dyne*)-discovery of *• w °™a-famous research institute. . This substance is now available In suppository or ointment form under the name Preparation //.* At your druggist. Money back guarantee. •tt««. u. B. p.t off. THE PROOF IS IN THE """ DRIVING! Try it today! Discover why we soy " No other gasoline provides the combination of . lugh performance components you get In Phillips 6ft ^MTJS-FUEL, You get the advantages of advanced l»gh octane . . . and right now FUTE-FUKL is Winter, Blended for easy starting and best performance in your climate. Today, fill up at your Phillips 66 Dealer's and bring out the best in your car! PJIU.LIPS PETUOLKUM COMPANY Fill Up With Flite-Fuel At KEN & LEO'S PHILLIPS "66" FRIDAY..*-SATURDAY, FEB. 15 & 16 WHAT BUYS! TRAIN CASES - 15 IN. 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