The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on April 29, 1963 · Page 19
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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 19

Des Moines, Iowa
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Monday, April 29, 1963
Page 19
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PREP PARADE... By Brad Wilson A mes Miler Rowell Follows Yang Breaks World Mark Jackson'sStepsRelayMark In Decathlon Cubs by 44 PRICLDLN T set by another rr.u k rniler led Amos' fieri -Tl Dob Rowell to Mcnfice a cinch chance for an individual Drake Relay record lo help his tram m nnother. a 7-minut VI 2-second two-mile relay; wnun also lowered the Iowa 'two mile rclavs. nlus chillv , Inters holastic record "I would have preferred him to run the mile, and told him so," said Ames Coach Hi Covey on the eve of the meet here last weekend. "Rut Bob told me: 'No, Rill Jackson passed up his mile record r S 1 y - r.. OoVILL spring training weather most years, we have had more half-milers than sprinters In the last decade of track. However, we haven't had anyone approach the National Interscholastic record of 1:51.9. from the starting blocks. ! WALNUT. CAL. M'i-C K Vang of V. ('. I , A finished with 9.121 points Sunday to smash the world record in the uVcalh- lon. The 29 sear-old co-caplain of the Hruin track team defending National Amateur Athletic I'nion decath- i The big question mark in Ames' ability to defend its record apparently hinged on whether Jim Trow had sufficiently regained his form after a muscle Injury. This probably influenced Rowell'i decision. Covey said, adding that he only makes definite assignments In state meets. second time Steve had run ' that distance in competition. s,ood sinre July 8- 19,50 although he jogged it in sev cral school decathlons. pARSON of Red Oak con- V . mpnn J tinues to be an amazing . , performer, although he had . , , , ' " ' T" only a second place 22-foot num,)er f !,-0t)0 ,n ,hc 2',i-inch broad jump to showj ,0evcnl m1-for his efforts here last week- 'lis brilliant performance chance last year to help us end. erased the 8,685 points by set a two-mile relay record nair time anchor leg or Rafcr Johnson, a former U. C. 7-Xfl 0 1 f .Ll-I. t .J. I 17 7 Frirl 11 una nnlit tka w ..u I mm I can uo "V L A athete which ,;ld no less xor me ooys week." Yang was competing in the Ml. two push Frid. The from Formosa finished the final event, the 1. 500-meter It was probably too rugged run, but played it carefully ,4 a schedule Tor the senior w ho Whcn he came up with leg was a favorite to shatter cramp after finishing a spec- Trow ran his third leg in Drake's hroad-iumn record in tacular performance in the th r,f , 71.7 ffi pole vault. He wis wnni.i ' u viiw week ago at Shenandoah. A month ago, he won ! i W " . m a n 4-W II I 1 Homers Yastrzemski SANTO, BANKS Paces Sweep UNLOAD IN 8TH r or tied box Dei Mo!ne Rejpterpgqg 9 Moi. Apt. I ?. 191 I Twins Lose To Bunning 5-Hitter, 4-0 HI llvOII. MK II '.It Jim M.iiimiu' piulii'd a !ive-hitter I'.OMON. M Vys '.I'' - ( ail VavllveinsKi i.mif out of a mild slump wuh j mx hit bar ! rage, including the douhlei whii the 11! mning opener. Sunday .is ih,. (,., So swept a douhii header from Chu ij-ci. t t .ind t' 2. Du k Sin. lit. .mother slump vi tun. dme in three runs on MORE SPORTS ox v.(,i: jo Saturday m o r n Ing his chores Included a 49-sec-ond anchor lap for Red Oak's mile relay team in the qualifying trials plus a stint with the Tigers' 440-yard relay team. J K -'N 'tr,'!1 homer and single. Hill Mon-, A- Wi.iL&4 ,),,U(lu,,,,t' l"-hed the night- ' . . f r..s, H (:ip Vl,,,,ry Wllh " flV,',l,l(,r i 'A .WT'fr! , VI The three-game sweep of I taV4yv V T' 'V' 1 ( lh? White Sox moved llos- . n i 71 . -1 w- fx iJi2 I " ""inn imp camp in w -ij e.n icu San Antonio Relays. The D (ilf ' 4tf F . AnM.rjfan Aading :., , day decathlon wi y fiUV'' 'S-'i 1 J '14 Kansas City. rM ... ed bark a day by rain&fWf Z X IV ,2'VV0 YaMremsk, Inked his I,,.- , ? .7Vfv w f"ur (l",ll,l''s (. .",.. ' ? .' uk'fSJ' V--? "' "ingles in 10 trips. II- if ? H V Vi knoked in four runs and . M i-r I TVS . t III! Atil). I i.pi A four run eij;liili mmng featur mg horm- runs hy Run Santo and I'rme ll.mks with two lout earned the ( uhs to a -I I I victory " it Philadelphia Sun-'day. ( hr is i I li i misfd i ! ni;' Willi a f"ui hit ski. pint until Aiidn- Iv'i -cis doubled. , Hilly Williams walked and Santo colled ,i homer mi an ankle hij'h piti h ll.mks hum red on the next pm h Hob uhl (2-2). lifted lor , a pinch batter in the eighth, jiclded six hits and fanned nine. Only a fourth inning home run by Hon Demeter, his f.tth. bothered Huh!, w ho now has ,i rim .iwt.ijv lor and ( not 'i ,1 i drove in three runs Sundav .is the Tigeis lie.i! Mmnesoi.i, 4 o. and snappetl a three game losing streak. It u n n mc. i ime win- i ner last sear. . recorded hi f list VH loiy ill l:e stalls. Ih is I 2 Veal t based BUNNING 1() njn W1;, j l!y m a two lun semnd in-mn: and singled home two mote m i he seventh. .km Kaat yielded all the runs, eiidinu the Twins' four- W;il'l:ng sire. i n I. i ) .-. knocked in scored twit . Stuart. 0 for-5 in the game, reacted to the J u 0 1 .6 I i H'. ' ' I O 'I .1 ,. ( ... a t C It. ( , I) . ... 4 fi I ri ,f, 0 I IV. A' --- 1)01 T. M lllst 15. 3. a full second faster than Rowell. who wasn't! pressed due to a big margin over Larry Walker, anchor 1 71.7 ffnrt a P'e vault, tie almost set a j woria record at in teet o'2 inches in that event. ,he Over nr man of second-place Davis uass a indoor dasn. low v . . , County of Rloomfe.d Ames and 440 and placed evS iLZ Was 4 7 SeCOndS Under ItS ,hirH in th hrnfiH inmn .u- .u:.j .... l , . j--"f inc IIIIIU uv r a r n r t altrt J , , . successiuiiy, dui niCRea ine uiooiiiiii iu III IT7f ST I J A V F N PIIHT S w.. - ...:.u i.:. ..t--. . .. . ... ,.ur WUn ,1IS mesi comi 1 ""B1" " aown. ine rjar nc a ror a loser several times in the high spin seCond. then toppled "1 in m n ihor u.-innir , i - ft ...s. . over. in hlS COUra-' Inhn Sellers nf ramhria.rnrv.; - . i . rnn , " u " b"1"' r " u aon started orr tne day witn-'minutcs 2.4 seconds .anil isowcn, ran ine nun out Mis competitor s numfier. Shoe-in for Busiest Athlete Abilene Christian's Jerry Dyes changed his footwear faster than a shoe salesman at Drake Relays. He's shown with the six pairs he used to run, jump and throw in busy weekend. bister pmoio b It rlii 19G2 Drake beaten by 7:56.6. Don clocked r ;Dyes Wears Out 10 Pairs Of Shoes in Track Season worth Neither the Dy Maury White trunks nor the sweat suits track athletes Hid I i... i , jeers of the crowd and belled .' i '.. .1 miuhly two run homer in thi fiiM innmi; of the m oiul Zv,l riRT GAME T ' ' a Chum jb h rht ft ml on L t4 (t y I S h.ftinq ;ti 1 0 V.MV f SI I I Y!"J . If A 1 J ) Su't tt S f 7 1 f nnirtn rf 4 1 1 0 Vfl'onr Jh 4 0 t 0 H'r.sourJ 4 ' 0 0 T 'iiniAn c i i 0 0 D irn 0 in 0 0 1 re p a o 0 0 f.f. . r I 0 0 (tAd-if; o t o fi 6 Tr)t 44 '0 J Ckaiq O'O ov tvyi- 3 Bfson 0'; (M) "1 U-l 4 f . A tr(J. Vrt.n. S( h.thi. Hansen Del Ottr DP. t Artrv b'riov(3 ifuA't CCiH. fhic' 17. Boston io Ftii, Mn"n, VAr;Tnfcl 7, Rob r) r4 rii..i'j. .r ' M. f rn r'. I Oh V nrt(-. .t C iinn.ft'i n l() ( P h-iro rf 4 At'1 ih S i( fml wrt If t Hrnsn S V tin ( 4 t 1Nf ( ft Puhf(ft P 3 iViide rn p till SIR AK.HI PI IS f PIRATI S ON I OP. 3 2 I iti rsni'Rf in. pi ns' . j Kill M.ieroski's Moop sin-j gle scoring Rob Skinner from second base broke a tie in the ORIOI I S' PAPPAS IH Rl AS A(.l I S VI. .12 HA I I IMolU . Ml) .' I )e,:n ( h mi c o en ame 1 1 e I os Angeles Am: Is eiiois and pili lied a .1 2 victor y oc-n.iltunore Sunday, knocking eighth inning and Pittshuruh the Orioles out of first pine. York's Mets. .'1 2. f istest half-mile on record in a relay. Nine half-milers clocked times under 2 minutes in either the two-mile or medley relay. Valley's junior Ron Griffith, who ran on West Des Moines' record-breaking two-mile relay team a year ago, docked 1:55.6 and 1:55 2 with the Tigers' Drake Relays medley record-setting 3:32.3 outfit. Other top half-mile stints in relays included: Craig Ciuinn. Bloomfield. 1:57.4 Sellers' coach dispatched a 9,000, IO U D CD III (o m points to put him overwear have pockets, so small, multi-colored satchels have XTm ,L. ,,, , ? i , cab back to the hotel to retrieve the missing number. In the interval, he passed up two jumps. After both he and Tim-merman finished at 5 feet 1 1 1 a inches, the West Davenport jumper filed a protest. He cited Sellers' apparent violation of the two-minute rule to make a try when called. Investigation revealed Sellers had noti- ! fied officials, in advance, that he was passing. Officials then flipped a coin Actually, Vang broke the record in the ninth event, the javelin throw, with a heave of 235-5 worth 1.040 points. It brought his total to 8,876. I.- I. -.1 : . ..i ... . uecome m.iiiu.iiu equinmein ior uiuiia aionu me necessities muk - ... Wt-lKii IW. J 01 oi inc-. Since all boys aren't good duck under the figure and housekeepers, candy bars or will undoubtedly do it again. magazines sometimes wind up drenched with liniment. Rut there are some, such as Abil- Yang trailed Johnson, and ene Christian's Jerry Dyes, his own all-time best, after wno have to Ih- neat to cram the first five events Saturday, everything in. He scored heavily Sunday Vaults 15-10 2 Yang ran the 110-meter hurdles in :I4 0 for 1.121 points: threw the discus 134-G for 654 and pole vaulted . -II . . lKtAI' l ,.!,, J,l ,,,;,u Steve Carson. Red Oak. to see who got the medal and yf "V . 1:37.7; Bill Harrison. Jeffer- Sellers won. But this was il- h's efforts in the javelin and son of Council Bluffs. 1:57.7; legal under high school rules the 1.500-meter run. Roland Griffith. North Des and the bar was lowered for, Yan8s ,o"'0,J as W()rth Moines i-5n- and Terrv a mmo-off and 1 immerman a """""ul" J-J J Carsten. North Scott of Eld- ost again. Dick Nash, chairman The versatile Dyes brought six pairs of shoes io the Drake Relays last weekend. None was a luxury item. In meets where he also throws the shot off concrete, it would have taken a rubber-soled seventh pair. At Drake, the do-everything senior ran, jumped for dis- ff tance nnd threw the iavelin. "I find it easier to keep in shape since I finished school," insists Burleson. "I was fortunate lo make a good connection with an insurance company in Ku-gene and it's easier to arrange training opportunities now." The world mile record is 3 minutes 54.4 seconds, by Peter Snell of New Zealand. Butleson holds the National Collegiate mark of 3:57.0, and should have his best running in the future. Where, we asked, did Burly think the present crop of ChiAo I .!'. cf ro. .0 Cm hm In ' ll). JH II a-:o M ViVq.T rf f .if 'i' n c r tKrr p Jn, p Jen. s Hum,inn p Va.i"I .inni p 1 SECOND GAVE b H i Di Botlon 4 0 0 SOiii'itj ;tl 4 .' 0 rl il? y i'"r ,n ii 4 0 0 StlMO Ifl 4 C 0 Clinton rl I 6 0 V l-tne h J 0 0 HF,1.JrJ v J I 0 N'.on r I 0 0 Mono c If n 0 0 0 1 0 0 Tc!H 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 neat rscw Sunday. The Pirates' fourth straight victory third in a row over the Mets put them in first place, lour percentage points ahead of St. Louis. I.lroy 1-ace (2 0 stopped the j I Mets m the eighth after a two-I J run burst off Rob Veale. , 4b h rbi i I I I I) 0 ( hani e vi a d e two of the Angeles' three errors in the second inning when tin-Otioles si ored without a hit. Roog Powell homered in the nm;h for Raltimoie's other run Oriole starter Milt Pappas sulfered a second inning spiki' wound m the riht leg which required four stitches. He w.'l be sidelined a week. 31 U i 2 Nrw York Hn.fnrtn f f Hunt ,n 4 Sn.rlpf ft 4 K .tn.hl ft 0 ThTM. If Krrtn.-poyl )b J Ut-M III , ,'CylemiMie I .r r. 'S """t Thrrwuii I HR, Sluflrt, Cunninchfloi SMMflfrto (1 IP H B IR Bf) SO R,., p (! Flshr (L. 041 l -i a s o I Ctx p 0 Joyce ; , 1 I I l Bumnn n n 0 I I ToU' J(l Znm I K 0 .1 0 I Hfw Yifk V(inhl-lt (W, ?JI 9 5 ? 1 0 i T, 2 02. . 11,412 I , r u-nrtrrvin, Hunt K f ani'PO'il TIFC VC0 TITIC 'OH. Nrw York ...... . .iii... h R . P, ni-f. sr. r Boston 2'l. Foi; b h rbi Pittvbonn I U Si M.iIi f) 4 0 s. .iii.r ,( ; 1 C Ipm.-nte rf 4 0 C It-ncli'mm Ih 4 1 Miieunki 2U 4 0 Virct.n it 4 0 tMnrv lb I 0 Prtili irtri,ni c 1 0 Sr.ttl p I 0 VrAir o o 0 hini I 0 0 till b h rbi Lo Anvttrt b b rbi fiHimorr 4 n I'l I'MHI ft 4 0 0 hiiiiki ii, ; I 0 I 'I- li'M .i 4 2 J H-n tt ( f 4 I 0 1 I'm! Ill I I l Sm.'h rt I A.l in.-r rt i I 0 f,.n',i.. ih I H Siiii ii ;b J I I Rob s. n m ROME. ITALY 1P Inter- n r;iorviln r if 1 1 1 1 r 1 r.U nA - '"'i"iiitn. ' ' i iituiii nun ut u u SMh-VcJ IL fin fnr tkn It ili-m vtwrnr tU iry. fp S- i"l IIIC lUIMIIII .T-VII Vlllll.r I I rl ' (V ft 0 (1 rwt f-ri n.'O ; rvii nrt n. j C nleirMn ')( V." r NtMt Hunt - Krm i I, 7, P-tf stiiirqh 6 , SB, K ftrn ( I , S. & n IP H R t ft PR lil Kirk If i. ( SArl Mi i Torres !t Muni It Ch.tnr p T fl 0 P(imI 0 0 Adiiir 0 OLrlli 1 0 M'(n f 0 0 f'.irns.flr p y tv' mi f Shtnt p (.rim, s ridge, 1:59.9. The fastest Iowa half-mile from starting blocks is 1:55.2, by Cherokee's fabulous John Graves in the 1933 National Interscholastic meet at Soldier Field, Chicago. record? "Oh, Steve Moore, Morning Sun the decathlon committee of it was necessary to have'stars wou,d ,;,ke ,h? sprinter, had just as tough a me aouinern racmc a. a. u.. shoes with both long and break when he and two others explained the scoring table' short spikes for each different tied for the last two qualify- does not list points beyond category. That makes six ing places in the 100-yard a height of 15 9?4. It is pos- pajrs dash. Moore, making a come-sible that Yang's 15-10', -Ve ernet to fie bow-back after a pelvic separation w'ill be worth 34 points, buti ;,no(s blindfolded." sighs a year ago, lost ine nip ui a ixan aaiu mis wiu nave to coin to determine the quali- be decided by the Interna- mjjc pionship Sunday, beating .lu- vermis oi I unn, i -o. Because of the medley and fiers. He ran :10.4 in his heat.,tional Track Federation. The Minors MIDWEST LEAGUE (A) W L G B 1 W L G B Fo Cities 2 0 Waterloo 0 0 I Clinton I 0 ' i Quad-Cities 0 0 1 Burlington I 0 1:Ai5. Rapids 0 I l'i C-ce-ur 0 0 1 Dubuaue 0 11') C-.d Rap. 0 0 1 IQuincr 0 2 2 Afternoon same: F.n Cities 101 000 4'0-7 II 1 Ouinc 100 010 010 1 0 Fisner and Richardson; Riter, Warftord I'), Gehrk (7), Hardin (6). Kraft () and Handlev. A-753. Niqht game: Fo Cities 001 400 000 - 5 7 0 Qumcv 010 000 001- 2 5 3 Campbell, Johnson (9) and Richardson; Williams. Edaerton (61 and Lano. HR Foi Cities: Richardson; Quincy; Bond A-359. Dubuaut 000 031 000- 4 5 t Clinton .040 300 OOx-7 6 4 LiebY, Zeckman (41, Hafta (5), Burns tb, Lee (S) and Kuril; McNeal, Cosenza (9) and IZQUierdo. A, 1,531. Wisconsin Rapids . 000 000 000-0 6 2 Burlington 001 030 05X-9 14 1 Bittinger, Lawrence (7), Sanford (8) and Gruwell; Brummell and Brooks HR -Burlington: Vandiver, Brooks 2, Atkin son. Decatur at Cedar Rapids, rain 2-Waterloo at Quad-Cities, rain ari1haih COLTS NIP REDS OUTDOOR TIPS III Ml MTU 0 0 IM Mill I n, 0Z BOATING SAPETY SERIES AN UNBALANCED LOAD IS A PREQUENT OUJSE OP CAPSIZING, ESPECIALLV IN &MAUER eoars... Wisconsin Rapids at Burlington Dubuque at ennton TONIGHT'S GAMES lapic fflii Fox Cities at Quincy Decatur at Cedar Rapids Waterloo at Quad-Cities INTERNATIONAL LEAGUE (AAA! the bespectacled star, who will try the decathalon for the first time this summer. "I wear out running shoes fastest. I guess f total 10 pair of shoes in a season." Abilene Christian is happy to keep Jerry shod. Friday, he ran opening legs on 440 and 880 relav teams which HOUSTON. TF.X. (Pi Bob qualified and finished fifth in Aspromonte's single scored the broad jump with a disap-Carl Warwick from second Pointing 2.1 feet 8 inches. He's ij nc oi ' base with one out in the u 2' ninth inning and the Colts nipped Cincinnati, 3-2, Sunday. Loser Jim Brosnan took over after Joe Nuxhall retired for a pinch-hitter in the ninth, and walked Warwick. Rusty Staub sacrificed and Aspromonte singled. Saturday, Dyes helped bring second and first-place finishes, respectively, in the two relays, was second in the triple jump with 46-9, and upset Rice's Ed Red to win the javelin at 238-9. Only two competitors, of the horde in action, drew votes as the "outstanding ath SOUTHERN NORTHERN W L G B ' W L G B Arkansas 8 5 Buffalo 8 3 Atlanta 7 6 Syracuse 7 7 Indian'ollj 7 6 1 Rochester 6 i Columbus 6 8 2'VToronto 5 9 Jacks'ville 8 2"jlRichmond 4 8 SUNDAY'S GAMES Rochester 11-0, Atlanta 5-1 Indianapolis 5-0, Columbus 4-4 Jacksonville 5-7, Syracuse 4-2 Toronto 2-2, Arkansas 1-9 Buffalo 4-1, Richmond 2 0 PACIFIC COAST LEAGUE (AAA) NORTHERN I SOUTHERN W. L. G.B. W. L. G.B. Seattle 10 4 Okla. City 10 6 Portland 10 7 Vj'Satl L. City 6 4 3 Tacoma 8 6 2 San Diego 8 8 2 Hawaii 6 9 41 2 D.-Ft. W'th 7 9 3 Spokane 5 11 Denver 5 II 5 SUNDAY'S GAMES Portland 8. Denver 5 Tacoma 6-3, Dallas-Fort Worth 2 2 Hawaii 7-0, Seattle 3-2 Oklahoma City 5-1, Spokane 3-0 Salt Lake 3, San Diego 2 EASTERN LEAGUE (AA) SUNDAY'S GAMES Charleston 12, York 6 Elmlra 2, Binghamton 1 Springfield 6, Reading 0 SOUTH ATLANTIC LEAGUE (AA) SUNDAY'S GAMES Chattanooga 5, Lynchburg 4 Augusta at Ashevllle, rain Charlotte at Knoxvllle, rain Nashville at Macon, rain TEXAS LEAGUE (AA) SUNDAY'S GAMES Albuquerque 12, Tulsa 4 Austin 9, Amarlllo 4 San Antonio 13, El Paso 4 Arrange vxjr passengers .for level cruising and keep them seated, Ip changes must be made, j' the moving person should hold on, keep low and trim boat as he goes. (prepared wrrn cxopeeat)on Of- U. a C0A5T WJARD ) Frank Robinson and Tom lete." Loyola's Tom O'Hara, Harper bumped heads going! who won the honor, was one. for Warwick's triple in the Quite understandably, Dyes fourth. Robinson went down, i was the other, staggered to his feet, threw' under 3:50 . . , easy." he said, without pausing. Could Dyrol Burleson he the man to do it? "I didn't say that." he retorted. "I believe in the old axiom that a man is wise to let his running spenk for him." ( Records aren't coming as easily for Texas Southern's hot-rods, for the simple rea- son they're bucking ones they set in last year's huge swath, but Coach Stan Wright is oft I the hook anyway. A year ago, Wright promised his relay teams steak dinners for each new mark. A few friends pitched in to help, but the estimated 2." marks that T. S. U. knocked over sent Stanley running for cover. "I couldn't afford to buy that many steaks," he explains. "I had to stop when my wife suggested it would be nice to buy a little ham- I burger for the family, and i a little less steak for the team. "The boys realized what happened, but this year I S( IKVII Vi a'e I .1 r I A HHP i I T 2 .('.. o IfMflry), I.' n,7 Irr I f n T.-I.!s 'I J 1 n An if i. I 'V) l.'il (VP 1 H.''" I.!0 CI"1 f I 2 f, f pern -i ? C lanre , Hunt. BPrimll, I Oil I rn An-j.-if-r, ?. Mallmori. 7 IP M e I 17 RA M . f'.ll'.i'. i'l I n 0 0 I H r.PIM ll. iL. C- I I j i 4 . . I 4 o '"p" i o n o o t j v ( it o o ? n 0 V' Corfnprlr ' , (1 fi f Q 1 V'iii-r r , n 0 o i i I. Ln.w, ' V. : I i 9 S ,' I I 7 t. 79. A. 9 I'.' I the ball to the ithen collapsed. Sports Results Pan-American Games BASEBALL United States 4, Venezuela 1 WOMEN'S BASKETBALL Braill to, Canada 40 United States, 57, Chili 37 SOCCER Brazil 10, United States 0 WATER POLO Argentina 9, Mexico 2 Brazil 4, United States 4 MEN'S VOLLEYBALL United States J, Chile 1 WOMEN'S VOLLEYBALL United States 3, Mexico 0 MEN'S BASKETBALL United States 104, Peru it halted about 10 minutes. Robinson and Harper stayed in the game, and moments later Warwick scored on Staub's double for a 2-2 tie. Cincinnati ab h rbi Houston ab h rbi Cardenas ss 5 0 0 Hardy If 4 0 0 Rose 2b 4 10 Temple 2b 2 0 0 Pinson rf 4 0 0 Hartman ss 2 0 0 Robinson If 3 1 0 Warwick cf 3 I II Coleman lb 4 0 0 Staub lb 3 11 Edwards c 4 11 Asp'onte 3b 4 1 1 Freese 3b 4 2 0 Goss cf 3 10 Harper cf 3 2 liLillis ss-2b 3 1 0 iNuxnan p i u u bateman c 3 11 Post 1 0 0 Brown p 10 0 Brosnan p 0 0 Op Davis 0 0 0 iWoodesh'k p 1 0 0 loiais jj j, 1 Totals 79 A rln.lnn.i; AA, IM AAA A at two irauan games, m .easi.nousion .-.." 'oo 001-3 K . Hniamin' I riH. I pnrinnpiri 8 unn, ton 4. 2B, Bateman, Staub; 3B, Freese, War- wick; sh, Kobinson; b, Nuxhall 7. staub IP H R ER BB SO rvuxnan a 3 1 i 1 Brosnan (L, 0-1) ... '3 1 I 1 1 Brown 5 6 2 2 0 Soccer Fan Dies In Italian Riot ROME. ITALY ) One! soccer fan was shot to death and at least 60 more were injured Sunday in wild rioting soggy Drake track Saturday, but the former Oregon star the second American to Friedman Quits Brandeis Post infield and! Dyrol Burleson didn't pro- didn't make any such prom-; Play was duce a 4-minute mile on the;ises. When the season is over, though, I'm gonna treat 'em to the best feed they' ever had." BUNT FOULED AND DROPPED-- 2 BRAVES OUT SAN FRANCISCO, CAL. 12 persons were arrested after the outbreaks. The gunshot victim was killed at Salerno, where rioting erupted during a match between Salernitana and Po-tenza. At least 20 others were injured. Several rioters fired pistols, and the. crowd set fire to a police car. At Naples, thousands fans spilled onto the field during a match between Nap-oli and Modena. They ripped up goal posts, smashed fences and stands, besieged the referee and visiting players in dressing rooms before police restored order. At least 40 persons were injured. Woodeshick (W, 1-0) PB, Bateman T, 2:14; A, ?,56. 4 1 Reds Sign Collegian For Cedar Rapids MILTON, MASS. (JP) The f Cincinnati Reds Sunday signed left-handed first baseman Jeff Helvel of Manhasset, N. Y. The Curry College senior will report to Cedar Rapids, la., of the Midwest League today. Last year he batted .397 and hit 13 homers at Curry. WALTHAM, MASS. (.'l'i R r a n d e i s University an- f T)l A ,l-,-.,,l I-....I I r,''1' ri uiu7(7i;u iwui uuiil turned into a San Francisco double play against Milwaukee Sunday. With the Braves' Norm Larker on third base in the nounced the resignation Benny Friedman as athletic director Sunday. The former all-America quarterback at Michigan cited thp prowine nrpssure of out- . , second inning, Ty Cline pop-side business interests and the J peel a squeeze Dunt tout about 25 feet down the third base line. Catcher Ed Bailey and Larker collided on the base How to get a Westinghouse Clock Radio as a gift: r I l i i i - less than 18.00 l -r-.rrn -.i j (1) Cut out this handy Hint-A-Gift Card. (2) Fold along dotted lines as shown. (3) Display in plain sight of family. (4) Pretend to be surprised when they give you this beautifully designed clock radio. Wakes you to music -automatically-every morning. It's well worth hinting for! You can be sure... if it's WeStingflOUSe We never forget how much you rely on Westinghouse Apr 'ox. for JHorm' --I f-ty. jl p ; r-nv vn- '-pir fWr tr V f When your family gets the hint, here's where they go: growth of his boys' summer, camp in Maine as reasons for! his resignation. Ua olo nnloJ lUn -Mfl In' '"V V u u iP;ih and Bail7 dropped the athletic policy at the school1, ., J and the dropping of inter-1 .f, f ... ' ,, After a conference among co egiate foolba 1 as reasons e . ..... the four umpires, the Giants .... :..:. !w(?re awarded the double YANKS WIN 2 , play. S. S. KRESGE COMPANY MERLE HAY PLAZA 613 WALNUT SAO PAULO, BRAZIL The United States won the star and flying Dutchman class races Sunday in the Pan-American yachting com- tagged had he not caused petition. 'Bailey to drop the ball. They ruled Cline out be cause Larker interfered with Bailey's catch and Larker out because he would have been ADMIRATION KOUS 1515 EAST DOUGLAS MARASCO'S SHOPPING CENTER 1961 INDIANOLA AVE. DANIEL'S JEWELERS 522 WALNUT 310 6th AVENUE

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