The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 14, 1957 · Page 27
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 27

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 14, 1957
Page 27
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Mf and M« Andtow Hansen were visited recently by Mrs J. w Scholtes of Ames. Mt and Mt» WilHi Marshall had as dinner guests Sunday the letter's parents, Mr and Mrs Otto Ramus, of LuVerne. Mr and MM Kenneth Slrahetn spent a weekend at Cedar Falls with Mr and Mrs Robert Richardson, former Algonans. Mr and Mrs Bill Naylor have moved from 410 S. Phillips to the Greiner house at 401 S. Minnesota which they purchased. Myrtle St. John i« staying with Mr and Mrs Ben Bakken for a couple of months. Mrs Bakken is troubled with arthritis. Mr and Mrs Willis Marshall had as dinner guests a week ago Sunday the letter's parents, Mr and Mrs Otto Ramus of LuVerne. Mrs Keith Strayer spent from Friday to Monday visiting Sheridan and Sharron at Cedar Falls. They attend Iowa State Teachers College. Mr and Mrs Oliver Bakken and Mrs Anna Halsrud were visited by Mr and Mrs Nehemiah Norem of Minneapois. The women are sisters. ' Mr and Mrs Mike Welch and daughter attended the funeral Monday of Marvin Bollig at Hopkins, Minn. Marvin was a nephew of Mrs Welch. Congressman Goad's Comments 6th District Congressman From Iowa Reports On Washington Activities February 7, 1957 In the past few weeks I have reported through this column the action in the Committee and on the floor of the House. However not all of the tin-^e of a Congressman is spent in committee meetings nor on the floor of the House. As most everyone is well aware, a Congressman has a voluminous amount of correspondence which has to be taken care of and that item alone consumes a considerable amount of time. . In addition to this there are other matters coming to his attention which are also of great importance. Among these items must be classified the requests which are made upon him by or-, ganizations asking that he attend their meetings for the purpose of informing him concerning their interest in specified legislation. • * » Some organzalions, of course, employ lobbyists whose sale duties are to inform the legislators as to the merits or demerits of certain bills in regard to how their particular group feels. There are also other organizations who, while having legislative interest, do not employ actual lobbyists but who include the Members of Congress in their business and social meetings merely to maintain friendly relaH tionships. There are also other meetings or. conferences which are held by the various branches of the Government which are called "briefing sessions" for the purpose of informing the Members as to the latest policies of the Government in respect to that branch which gives the briefing. • * * Further, not to be classified in any lesser position are the requests that come from the constituents of the District, for these requests, in large part, are the purposes for which Congressmen are in Washington. These requests vary in kind almost as many as there are number. The Congressman thereby contacts the many agencies of the Government in .order to fulfill the requests of the people in the home district. Also coming to the attention of the Congressman in a very personal way are the people who come into the Washington office from the District. These people the Congressman is always glad to see for they are a very real 'contact with what is going on at home. • » t The House Agriculture Committee is continuing hearings on corn legislation. I have this week been in attendance at nearly all of the sessions of the Agriculture Committee when those sessions did not conflict with attendance at my own Banking and Currency Committee meetings. In this way it is possible for me to know what is going on for the good of business and for the farmer. I am not certain at this point when the hearings on the corn legislation will be concluded but it is my hope that the delay will not be long and that good legislation will come from this Committee. We are always glad to know the thinking of those who read this) column as it pertains to the legislation which comes before the Congress. Be sure to let me know what your Congressman can do in order to serve the best interest of all the people. Merwin Coad Member of Congress Mf and Mti Q. A. Wiitkop* attended a 4 "Dairy Queen" meeting at SI. Louis, Mo., last week. Mf and Mrs James F. Devine will celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary Sunday, Feb. 17, with open house from 2 to 5 at the V.F.W. Hall. All friends are invited to attend. Kifk Hayes, Algona, was te cently elected to serve as program chairman for the Drake University Cosmopolitan Club. Hayes is a junior in the Drake college of Liberal Arts. Mr and Mrs William Marshall are staying at thd Jim Shiplers while they are on a two weeks vacation at San Francisco, with their son-in-law and daughter, Mr and Mrs Charles Mittag. Mr Marshall is a daughter of the Shipler. Mr and Mrs William Marshall have been staying at the Jim Shiplers while they are on a two weeks vacation at San Francisco, with their son-in-law and daughter, Mr and Mrs Charles Mittag. Mrs Marshall is a daughter of the Shiplers. Mr and Mrs Walter Zentner were recently visited by the former's brother and sister-in-law, Mr and Mrs Sam Zentner of Winnebago, Minn., and his brother-in-law and sister, Mr and Mrs Keo Keefe of -Delevan, Minn. Mr and Mrs Marvin Leigh entertained their card club Sunday night. High score for the men was won by R. Taylor and low by Clarence Metzger. Ladies high was won by Mrs Clarence Metzger and low by Mrs Bill Dearchs Jr., travel by Joe King. Mr and Mrs Arthur Wiese and daughter Sandra and Mrs Wiese's mother, Mrs Johanna Hanson spent a day at LuVerne with Mr and Mrs Clarence Nielsen. Mrs Nielsen is another daughter of Mrs Hanson. Mr and Mrs Edgar Campbell had as recent guests the latter's parents, Mr and Mrs Homer Young of Garner. Mr Young is making, good recovery from a recent sickness with a stomach ailment for which he was hospitalized in .Mason City. Mrs Marlin Meehlhause returned last week after spending the previous week in the home of her sister and brother-in-law, Mr and Mrs Donald Frick at Harley. The Fricks have a new baby and Mrs Meehlhause assisted with the house duties during her sister's recuperation. Mr and Mrs Floyd Turner went to Sheldon recently to attend a high school concert in which their grandson David De Kruif played French horn. They were brought home by the son- in-law and daughter, Mr and Mrs Cornelius DeKruif who remained here over Sunday. Mr and Mrs Floyd Turner went tq Sheldon last week to attend a high school concert in which their grandson,* David DeKruif, played French horn. They were brought home. Saturday by the son-in-law and daughter, Mr and Mrs Cornelius DeKruif who remained here over Sunday. Mr and Mrs Clark Orion recently had word from their son Dennis telling of the death of his wife, January 9. She had been hospitalized a month following internal injuries suffered in an auto accident. The couple was married alst October. Mr and Mrs Merle Webster spent a few days at Sigourney with Mrs Webster's brother-in- law and sister, Dr. and Mrs Lewis Buhr and at Des Moines with their son and daughter-in-law, Mr and Mrs Richard Webster. Thursday, February 14, Algeno (la.) Upp*f 5« Mefft«--3 DAVIS Wet 'N Dry MEASURING CUP USE WET THEN TURN OVER fOUSEDKY Fri., Sat., and Monday JUimit—I to | Customer It'i n»w — il'l « time »av»rl Therf'i no n««d to wipe (hit tup dry wh»n changing from liquid te dry m«g»- ,ur». Ui» on» >id» for dry mtgwr»~ thtn Ivrn it over and u»» tht Qth«r lldf for liquid roeowr*. Ptrffct for prtparing hot cereal*/ or celt, cookit, and pjf recipti. Utt abo for mtajuring dflltrgenU, b!v»ing, •and infant formula). Povring lip it juit right for filling »l»om iron*. Regular $?c value. DAVIS PAINT ASSOCIATE STQRi 3 E. State St. Ben Tethune entertained her nieces and husbands at dinner a week ago Sunday. They are Mr and Mrs George Lee, Mr and Mrs John Rich and Mrs Bertha Barringer of Elgin, 111. Mts Momet tuille and son Richard returned last week from Pomona, Calif., where they had been since before Christmas visiting the son-in-law and daughter, Mr and Mrs Walter Plumb arid family. Mr and Mfs Howard Seeley were visited recently by their son and daughter-in-law, Mr and Mrs Craig Seeley and sons Scottie Bill and Brad of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Craig is now employed as cattle buver for Morrell. Mr and Mrs John Helmets had all their children as recent weekend guests. They are Mr and Mrs Pete Helmers, Mr and Mrs Richard Helmers and David of Waterloo, Mr and Mrs Virgil Wilschusen and children of Fort Dodge, and Mr and Mrs Robert Carlson of Minneapolis. Mrs, W. C. Irelan recently returned from Riverside, Calif., where she has visited since before Christmas with her son-in- law 'and daughter, Mr and Mrs Robert Middleton and family. Mr Irelan had accompanied her there and they drove out before Christmas. Mr Irelan came home Jan. 1. Mrs A. F. Schweppe has returned from Mesa, Ariz., where she had gone to be with her father Henry Riihl who was hospitalized there following a severe heart attack. She accompanied her brother and sister-in-law Mr and Mrs Kenneth Riihl and daughter, Mrs Harriet Melheim of St. James, Minn. Mr and Mts &, M, Whitehill spent Sunday at Bancroft with Mr and Mrs Gerald Angus. Mrs Ed Blumet accompanied Mrs Frank Vera to Humboldt last week Thursday to visit Mrs Walter Klamp. Mr and Mrs Gene Mood w*f» visited over the weekend by the latter's niece and husband, Mf and Mrs Clifford Morris and Mr and Mrs Randolph Elliott of Des Moines. Mr and Mis James Walker and daughter-in-law, Mrs Ray Walker spent a week ago Sunday at Burt with Mr Walker's mother and sister, Mrs Nettie Fisher and Mrs Nora Garner. It's a girl for Mr and Mn Gerald C. Sterns (Catherine Dianne Schaap) of 358 Scenic Avenue, Piedmont. Karen Lynn, weighing 7 pounds, 3 ounces, arrived Feb. 2 at Merrit hospital in Oakland, Cal. She is the second child for Mr and Mrs Sterns. Dr. and Mrs C. D. Schaap of Algona, la., are the maternal grandparents. Mrs Frank Vera drove to Fort Dodge recently accompanied by Mrs Ben Terhune. Mrs Vera went to see Mrs D. J. Buss at the Lutheran hospital. She was taken there a couple of weeks ago for treatment of stomach ulcer and other ailments. She is improving.- IF IT'S NEWS — WE WANT IT The Geerlings Feed Mills, Inc. / Waterloo, Iowa Take Pleasure In Announcing ROWN'S DAIRY ALGONA, IOWA As The Dealer Selected to Handle GEERLINGS FEEDS In The Algona Area Mr. Brown will be able to supply you with the complete line of Geerlings Feeds for Livestock and Poultry in Meal, Granulated and Pellet forms. SPECIAL. DISCOUNT FEBRUARY ONLY YOU $ |, SAVE **»VW PER TON (or 20c p«r cwt>) ON GEERLIN6S SPECU L BETTERMEAL FOR PIGS - SOWS - HOGS PRODUCES MORE PIGS PER SOW It is now agreed that brood sows fed a balanced ration lucb M Spfr «ial Bettermeal and grain during gestation produce larger and strong* «r Utters. One extra pig per sow more than pays for the Special Bet» termeal needed to feed her a balanced ration. After farrowing, there isn't a feed on the market that produces mflk like Special Bettermeal — and more milk means that new litter* get a much better start. A pig well started is a pig half raised. Don't forget, « good pig begins before it's bom. Let Special Bettermet! you all the way through, FOR GROWING AND FATTENING HOGS There certainly isn't a better combination than Special Bettermeal •nd grain to give those growing pigs the body building material* needed to make hogs out of themselves. Speaking about bogs, it only takes 4 bushels of com and 45 Ibs. Special Bettermeal to product 100 lb«. of pork, * r AS A CONDITIONER At • conditioner, Special Bettermeal supplies that certain fometbjog only mUk can give. Special Bettermeal and ground oats fed 50*50 by weight has never failed to clear up "whatever ailed 'em", with the exception of cholera, Ask any man who has tried it * and he will Idlyou. HURRY! Offer expir* February 28, 1057. Get some SPECIAL BETTERMEAL during Um $4,00 per ton DISCOUNT OFFER. Shop Penney Every Day And Save Friday DOLLAR DAYS Saturday 10e UOM Coupons Re- deemoble Here On Any Dollar Days Purchase. COMBED COTTON BRIEF BUY! 2 for $1 Briefs 28 to 44 Perfect fit and full cut comfort for men as special Penney savingsl Snug, proportion-fit briefs have special heat resistant elastics. SPECIAL BUY! SILK SQUARES Penney's goes to the orient to bring you these pure silk crepe squares in magnificient Japanese flowering! Large 33 x 33 inch hand-screened, hand-rolled beauties. SMART SET SMART-ALLS $1 Sizes 11/2-4 Imagine this price for'cordu- roy .coverage! For corduroys reinforced for your boy or girl wonder! . . . for fullycut corduroys that let 'em growl . . . for blazing bright corduroys that machine wash? Amazing, isn't it. THROW PILLOWS FOR COLOR . . . EACH $1 Flavor your home with delicious bits of color) Choose bright prints, lively solids, fringed button centers, plains. All fine quality cretonnes, 18 by 18 inches. DOLLAR DAY VALUE! MEN'S WARM GARBARDINE, WOOL-FLEECE SURCOATS Quilt- Lined Sizes: 38 to 52 $ 10 MEN'S WARM FUR-LINED & CAMUS STYLE GLOVES 9 to 11 Sizes CANNON TOWEL SPECIAL! Bath „ 2 for Face _ 3 for Wash- Cloths 6 for STRETCHABLE WORK SOCKS pairs $ Cotton'n'nylon throughout I An unbeatable buy at Penney's special price. Soft absorbent cotton reinforce.d with elasticized nylon for long wear, perfect fit. Most practical blend yet for working feet. Sizes small, medium, large, DOLLAR DAY VALUE! • DOLLAR DAY VALUE! MEN'S & BOYS' FLANNEL SHIRTS LARGE SIZE UNHEMMED FLOUR SQUARES 4 for $1 GIRLS' SPRING NYLON COATS SIZES 7-14 ... $7 SMALL SIZES '—• CHILDREN'S Mitts & Gloves 2 for $1 COMPLETE STOCK JACKETS 'N ASSORTED SIZES LADIES' WINTER COATS $15 COAT STYLE ASSORTED SIZES BOYS' WOOL SWEATERS $2 GIRLS' WARM — COMPLETE STOCK ASS'D. SIZES WINTER COATS MEN'S SHIRT BUY — ASS'TP. SIZES CORDUROY 'N WOOL BLENDS -- $2 MARY ESTHER UM I GQOP Assorted Chocolates ........ ...... $1 SANFORIZED ASS'D BOYS SIZES: MEN'S SIZES: MEDIUM IAB06 COMPLETE CLOSE OUT ladies' & Girls' HEAPWEAR , 2 for $1 DURABLE TOWELS CHECK 'N STRIPE CRASH .,. 5 for $1 CANNON DISH CLOTHS .,.. 9 for $1 MEN'S WHITE WOVEN BORDER HANKIES LAIOI SIZE:

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