The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on November 26, 1916 · Page 8
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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 8

Des Moines, Iowa
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Sunday, November 26, 1916
Page 8
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-2 Till: 1)KK MOINES ltEUISTEll: SUNDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER 20. 1910. ILLINOIS TO A TIE Mini Outplay Badgers but Fail to Break Through Defense for Score. These Players Were Mainstay of Highland Park This Past Season BADGERS ON DEFENSIVE Zuppke's Men Play the Ball in Wisconsin Territory Greater Part of Came. MADISON, Win., Nov. 25. fn a leld of mud, the University or Wisconsin's team today held the Uni versity of Illinois team to a 0 to 0 t e. Wiaconnin had a chance in the first of the lant period but Kreus rumbled and gave Macomner an opportunity to punt out of danger. Hampered by mud, MHCoinber, who ended his football career with this game, failed three tlmeH to get a rield goal. MBHT PERIOD. Illinois, led by Macomber, fore d the fight in the flrat period but couldn't get A tthln striking distance. The Illinois m p-lain made eeveral gains of ten to fiften yards, but moat of hie forward passes war broken up. Wisconsin's- offense was In- ffeotlva, Illinois wee on th local's 83-rard Una when the period ended. m;coni period. Wisconsin was on th defensive early n the second period and broke up a plaee-i iic ut kli it nn Ua lfi yard mark. An i-hange of punt followed end a partially blocked kt'k gave tliinoiN th bell on the Hude-era' HS-vard line. Mmfimlwr ml Kurd n , iru kirk. Wisconsin carried the hall to th center of the field a the parted i-nded, TiiiHit period. Wisconsin want to the Hfl-yard Una aftrr receiving the kickoff' In the third period but Mftcomhar run a punt hack to the enter of th field and from there, the tlltnl worked to th 4-yard tin. Her Macomber triad left end hut wbi thrown for lose. That whi th Iltlnl'a Inst "iiunr tit tha period, at tha and of which iViHi-onaltt, by a forward (man, had nd- a need th bail tu th visitors' J J -yard due. rornni period. Wisconsin fumbled away It chance & ilia mart of tti last quarter and Macom- tier punted to safety. Ilia next kick rolled to the Hadger 0-yard line and Illinois hoi the return at tit renter of the field. 1 hey M d von C d bv forward unmm. nut W lacon In regHlned the hall when one of , these plays was Incomplete over th goal lint. Neither could gulit affectively after that ana th game ended In a scurlMsa tt. T'""" iTTl sassasagaQ&e l ' j i ' 9 t I ;- 4 es Vti TV C' rA EAST FIGHTS WEST TO SCORELESS TIE IN ANNUAL CONTEST COXTIXfHO fltOM PAOB ONB. conHlder It. Aftr dnlayiiiK the (tame for 20 mlntitm. It wan l- cldd to play 12 and 131 quart Am It wm thn first tints in twnnty- two yearn that thn two tnma have not battled in long period. When the final quartor of 12 mlnutea had been played, Kant hlnl the ball six yards from thn goal line. It was the third down and one yard to go to make a first down. C'lilpsa'a Punting a Kaolin-. Anptber Important factor that aavnd West yesterday was Chlesa'i punting. The south side hiiHky kicked well and his boots avnniund forty yards. Kaat High's kicking was uncertain and at times the ball was booted forty yardH, but In general the oval was punted on an average of twenty-five yards. Penalties for holding prevented West as well as Kant from scoring a touchdown. West In thn third pnriod got Ashby'a punt on Its own 40-yard line. A, Devluo smashed over tackle for twenty yards and carried the ball to East s 35-yard line. On the next Play. Redllna- shafnr took a pass from A. Oevlne on East's K-yard line and carried It across the goal line. West Penalty Hurt. The West High crowd wont wild when Redltngnhafer carried the pans over, but It did not take, long to take the Joy out of the Maize and Bine rootnrs whnn the officials detected holding In the line which aided the play and brought the ball back. The Kant High crowd at this pe-rlod of the game broke out with a Playing one of the stifi'et ached-uIom in tbe history of the Institu tion, the Highland Park football team cloeed a very BucceHsful Ha- fton at Omaha laut Saturday. The Purple eleven played Davenport. Central college of Pclla, Ames college. Cornel Crefghton college of Omaha, Dea MoJneg college and Leander Clark. Only two teams of the above named, Ames and Cornell, downed the lix-als, Crelghton held J I viand's men to a m: ore I nun tie. Mike Hyland. coach of thn IUkIi- land Park team, had only about fifteen or alxteen players on his entire squad, but out of this number he had at least five or six first class men. Captain McCaiiley, half back; CaNahau, center; Woodrow, guard; Noll, quarterback ; Cumliff, half back, and Kerrull, end, were the (p Jim's st a iv. (Captain McCaulley was of little value to the team this season. A war yell when West wn penalized fifteen yarda and Kant recovered the ball on the next play when West rumuiPd. Holem'a players ahowed "fight" In the final minutes of the third quarter and on a constant hammering of the line by Aahby, AlcCul-lough, Johnaon at)d KIhuhmt carritMl the ball to the H-yard line. Kant waa penalised for holding .a the quarter ended. The first play in the fourth period was a drop kick by Ashby from the 30-yard line wnicn weni w i in. AVhlsdo IIdMh Fast. wept lost ita second chance to snore In the fourth period. After getting the hull on a fumble on Kant's 85-yard line two line plunges by 0. Devlne worked the oval to the 26-yard line. A penalty for holding again coat West fifteen yarda. Time cheated Kast out of a tntirhJ rtown in the fourth quarter. The Scarlet and Black took the ball nu the 35-yard lino when Yarn' intercepted a forward pass 'which was Juggled by t.t leant, five Weat High piayer. i no Kast attack during tho closing momenta of the game waa so Htrong that It swent the West forwards off their feet. Kroin their own 35-yard line the Kast alder marched down the field to the 6 -yard line, when time waa called. Heading from left to right Top row, row, Callahan. Ferrell, Captain McCaulley, Cundtff, Noll, Woodrow. Lower broken bone in his leg which he re-j out and which kept him out of the I from showing their best form. Mo-celved In practice in the HnU week I lirst six games, prevented the locals I Cauley is a wonderful kicker and a great open field runner and his absence from the lineup weakened the Highlanders this last season. When he returned to the game he was unanie to Bhow his old form due to his weak le&r. Callahan at center was the star 4l the team on the defensive. "Cal played an open center this last season and he never was outplayed bv an opposing player. He passes the oval with one hand and when an all-state team is selected this year, Callahan without a doubt will be placed one or two. Woodrow, a former Ottumwa High school star, also did (rood work for the Highlanders the last two years. He Is good in opening notes ana a near cat on the defense, Noll played his first year of foot ball at Highland Park this season and he showed promise of being one of the best quarterbacks in the Iowa conference. He is a fast open field runner, a good returner or punts and a sure tackier in the open field. . Team Play Cioun Gaino. The game, although bltterlv con tested from start to finish, was clean. The "dlrly" playing which characterized lawt year's contest was missing Muturday and f. was said to be the cleanest game played in in niBTory or Kant-west clashes. The players fought hard and played a kind of game that, whs a credit to themselves and their schools. Ashby, Johnson, McCullough and Rl Hawser warn KasCa bright stars on the offensive. Thorpe, Walters. Amsberry and Munger shared the honors on the defensive. A. Devlne on the offensive and U. Devlne on the defensive were West's atars. MKftr r Kit ion. Wat won th tnaa and rhoe to defend the eouth nol with the wind at IhMr hark. CnpiHln Juhnnon of KHt 2-ynt line. Wall waa returned twenty yard. On flint ilv Wt-st wnt five yardi through; the line. A, Devlne fumbled on next piny hut Went recovered th ball. A. Devlne rn n t Wftit v-1 wo vtirdn for n firat down around ht own ln end. (Minniug1 hum w i'ii I two yunln around rlsht end. Ka at uenHllzed five vanla. for offside. A pevlrj went through Ifft tackl for two vardA. Forwurd Dhhh inroinolete. Devlne three yardM thiough l'ft tai:kl on eiralnlil buck. A. Devlne dronklcked over t he ; mi for il t oik h back , Kimt pur luili In pluy on 'JO-yard line. JoJiriHon eklrieI rljrht end for etx yarda. .lohriMon made three yarda through the line. Htrotu Itlttf made two yarda throurh t h line Anhby niBde ten ytirda and a first Uuwri throiiKh Went' a left tackle. Time wan liikcn out for i, Devln. who vru liiiiiiitt. Hull now on Kaet's 41-vard line. Jo h neon tnnd alx ynrde nrouml Wffit a rtKht end. Awhhy mudn two yarda. Ahhy oln lf?d rlht end for fix yarda for f I r wt down. Htrobrldge went throiiKh center for five yaidn. Kant faljod to irln on end run. Juhnaon mad two yard off left tackle. .lotniHon itmde i hree yard a nd a flret down through renter. Htrobrlda made throe yarda on double pitM. Mail now on WexfH XI yard line. Htrobrldne failed to Klft on play th rough l-ft tack I Btro-hrldtie mude Hire yarda throufn lat't KUii rd. Ball KlM.uMi'r dronklcked over ohI Una. uivV"trj pouts nut loo low. A. (iiie fulled to irat hthrotifrh the line, on a trlide liiimh ci. Devlne to Cunningham to Iio,k, Weet niado thirty yartla. VVt-nt ftilld to aaifi in Wo linn punrii. U. Devlne lost eluvfn yard. (ThieHa punted out of houmlH to Knnt'a L'O ard line. .(nhnwon nunlt'd to Kiinfe 4D-ya.rd tin. WpL fmnlileil but rocovemd. l. Devtn tnt t tiro uk h ron ler for f 1 v yard Mr-i'ulloiiHh went In for StrobrUiKe. C. Devlne made hIth ynrda through line for first (Ioh n. lie 11 now nn iCfn 21 yard Una. (1. Devlne failed to auln Ihiougti rUht UK-Hif itPtning!NiPr mtio two yanin. I'luiifff throuwli line fnllfd to guin. Hed- llniliirf'r tluuwn for elKht yard Inm on f;it'a i.'11-yard line. Kut took the hull on down. AHtiny made acven then fl nmre through I In for flrat down. Play wmifu mh oh 1 1 on r-aai ;t-vara line. rnre: n,ant. n; weet, u , MKOOMJ fKRIOD. Anhhy made fifteen VH nU on end run Joliimoii fulled to Rain thiough left tackle. aici uiiounn innio nve .VHtiiH through cenier. nirwiiri naM imirtitii a place kick by AHhhy went only to Went in-yaru nn ana wn reuirnen nine yards. A Una p (unite netted three yarda. Two morn thara-ft at the line fatlod to aaln ('hieea punted over Johtmon's hnd. Hull down o.i pt L'7-yard luin. Awhhy went inrounn w "Hi nil lacKie top nine yarua, Kunl iieniiilxed flv. yurdrt offside, ball clloJ bnik. Ash by puutt-d to Kuat 40-yard line. A. Devlna mnde three yarda tbrouah th line. U. Dwvlne made on yard thrnuah hue. t'tiimlnKham thrown for tnice varit inee. ( hlena punted over for a touch hack. Eaat put ball In play on zu-yard Una. A'hby mad five yarda through th line. Martin mi hat 1 tuted for Munger. Afhhy through line Mr flrat down. M. Culiouah around left nd for fifteen yard for flrat down. Lin pi una gained three mors. il. fllne .ntnrcepted forward paaa on i ,'o md hihI iieiurii'd bull to Kwnt SB-yard line. Th paea waa made by Kl-HH.sMir. A. revln tuaile It) yunlM through Hub. hut fumbled. Kant got 1)1 II on own -li-yard I In. Ann by went 0 yard through i 1 1 ia'K is. AKiiy pun i 'a 10 w phi a yard line. Itvll returned 10 yarda. A. Devlne made .1 yarda through the line. ( 1. Devlne made 3 yard through the line. A. IK' v!lit'n for ward puma Incomplete. Kill RubHtlluted for 1. Devlne. CMpm punted to Kuet'a H-v&rd line. Redllng-plmrVr fi on the ball. Rait put In play by Kaat on th-tr 20-yn.rd line. Kuel punted to Kuat'a H5-ard In. Two line plunnei tulled to train, forward paea liiconiplnle. Klrst. half enda with ball In Weer'a poaaeMslon on Eaat 80-yard line. Bcore: Kaat " W'it O THIKD 1'KHIOD. n. revln replaced Kllia. West kicked to Aahby on Knet 5-yiud Hn. Ball returned twenty-five yarde. Eaat failed to gain and penalized five yard for offside. A.thby punted to West 4-yard line. Hull returned ten yarda. Went failed to gain on two attcn.i'ia. A. Devlne went through right tackle for thirty yards and flrat down A. Devlne fuilod to gain around left end. A. Davln again failed to gain through left tRckle. Martin failed to gain on a delayed paaa. Korward pna, A. Devlne to Itedllngahafpr, went over goal. Mull railed back and Went penal-lluM five yards for offal de.. Kat attempted dropklck. West recovered ball oa It own .Hi.' yard line Went itiHite two yarda on two line amtiahea. A. Divine loat one vrd In attempt around left end. A. Dfvlne fumbled on a double paaa and Kuat. recovered ball on the 44-yard line. Un epread play A.hby fumbled und Went recovered hnll on 85-yard line. Weat penalized five yarda on next play offMlde. Weet penallf-nd five yarda more on neit play for offside. fSl.saeeer Intercepted forward pasa on Went nr-yard line. AHhhy mud nlue yarda around right end, hut hull railed buck and Kaat penalized fifteen yarda for holding, putting hull on R)4Bt.'a 4n-yaid line. MrOullough made four yard around rlaht end. John Hon made three yarda Through line. Anhby mad five yanin through left tucttle, Anh-by punted to Went H-yard linn and bull returned twelv yarda. Hall on WeMt'e 1.1-yard line. A. Devlne made three yarda inrougn lert tacaie. 'lira out ror KlaHHaer, who waa Injured, t.'hteaa punted to KhmI'h 4.1-yard line and Eant downed In hla track. Aahby made three yard inrougn nne. ti. uevine maKing a pretty tar'Kie. Airf uiiougn railed to gain inrougn line, A eh by gained five yarda around rignt end. i Hirers man live vara through tackle for flrat down. Dunnegan made three yard through line. fclaaac added three more throuah line. Aehbv fxked paaa, and went through center for nine yarda. putting liaii on eaci itft-yard line. McCullough mode thre yarda around left nd. Johnaon made rive yuroit oir iti taiKie. Aenuy inane tnren yartih inrougn line ani a urai down, putting bau on Weat la-yard line Klaaaeer made a yurd through left tackle. Klanaiter hit the lame place for three yard. Mccuiiougn aoneu litre yarda through right tackle. Johnson, on ti'iarterhaCK amaan. matin two yarn. Rult relied h,rk and Kaat uenallzed fifteen yarda for holding. Play ended with bull on w st 21-yard tine. score; East 0, Weat U. Aahhy. on 28-yard line, attempted dron- Hl'k whlcli went to lert or goal post, Weet put the ball In play on 20-yard line, nieea puniea io Annoy on n.tiai Which? If you had to choose one of two pieces of machinery and you were going to operate the machine yourself; each did the work it was designed to do equally well, each turned out its product in equal quantity and equally well made, the quality of material in each was the same, and the price was the same on both, BUT ONE HAD FIFTY MORE PARTS THAN-THE OTHER, which one would you buy? When you answer this question you have sold yourself a Four Cylinder HUPMOBILE Central Iowa Motors Co. State Distributors Tenth and Locust Streets toss 4 a- yard line. Ahhv fumbled when tackled, but recovered the ball. Aahhy fnlW-d to gain inrougn leu tacaie ror mree yarn. lohnaoti mad two yard throuan lolt k l. J oh neon nun tod out of bound on Wett'a HO yard line. A Uevlri made two yarda around right end. A. Uevtne mad I hree varda through the line, lime tnken out for Waiter, wtjo waa Injured. Hyer HUbet I tilted for Martin. Redlingaharer made four yard around left end. Weat nei cb'd a yard to make f rat down, Devlne made nine yarda through left tarkl for flrat down, t'hleaa punted to Anhby who fumhled. Weat recovered the ball on Kaat' U0-ynrrt line. Korwnrrt ntnm t us vied hv aeveral nlav era and finally Intercepted by Yarn of Kant Utah, wtio waa downed on Raat'a 88 yard line. McCullough made five yards through left tttrkle. Play called back and Weat penalised five yarn ror oiisiue piay. c nieea puma io r. h k l n-yard line. NO return. Mct'ill-louah made three yarda around right end Kleaxaer made three yarda through the line. Kaat fumbled on the next piny and "hteaa recovered ball on Knut Sfi-yard line. A line plunge gained five yard and D. Devlne added four more. Hall called back nnd VVt pena lined fifteen ard for holdltiK. putting the ball on Kaat 'a 44-id line. Time out for johnann of Raxt HlKh. McCullough made a yard through left tackle. Aahby faked a forward paaa over right aide of line, hut In-(tend of panning, circled left end for fifteen yarda and a flrt down. Line plunge gained two yardn. Jolmaon, on a quarterback mnh. made five yarda through renter. Anhhv made aix vaida ahd a flrat down through right tackle. FMaanafr nit right tnrkte for flv yard Hall now on f-Mt R'J-yard line. Anhby went through left tackle for two yarda. McCuilouKh made two yard off right tackle for flrat down. Aahby made five around left end. Itall no on Vei'a 21-rd line. 4itiMH made nix yard and a flrat don through left tacklo. Cm ddaved phb Aahbv hit left tackle for f1e yarde. putting ball on Went 10-vard line. Johnson nidd four varda. (ianie over bn tl on v et h tt-yat d line. Hioro . final Weut o, Kaat 0. The lliieupa: KAHT 0. I Wrtttera t W Mvera . Yarn . . Thorpe Munger A rnslu" lunagi Johnson (c) ,Lt!I..T. .L.O.lUG. UO.tlj B 11 ; R O. K T (K T. n k. n r.. U it O 11. AHMiV I M 1 1. II Vlr.-uH.U it ii ' n if . A Klsaaaer .". F H.I K H U WKHT O Heck fcl Hn nie Tilmoht ....... Mtnnlik .4 ..... . Srt nftra Chiesa , Kedltngehafer .... MrMu VTA v CunnlriKham D-vtne t)vln went to Otoupalik who brought Nebraska's total to 26. Corey made it 27. Latin got back into the game but had poor luck with his forward passes after the kickoff. He booted the ball fifty yarda to Caley and another series of smashes and passes, Dobsoh, Cook, Caley and Otoupalik doing the heavy work. Heed Intercepted a paBs on the Iowa 14-yard line, put Dobson picked out the next one, shot by Laun, and sprinted twenty yards for the last touchdown. Corey again kicked goal. Score: Iowa 17. Nebraska 34. The rest of the play was In the middle of the field. Brilliant Plays Feature Game, There were many brilliant features that stood out in the game in a manner to satisfy completely a number of men who were playing their last game of football. There were long runs, snappy clean tackles, breaks through tue line to block punts and some excellent blocking in the open field for Iowa. Nebraska's superiority lay in sharp shooting skill with the aerial route and flashing runs by Caley and Otoupalik. Otoupalik came back, according to the Nebraska men, in a fashion he has not shown during the last two years. Iowa's line is deserving of great credit that the score was not larger, The men behind the line were do ing their (mare when they had the ball, which was something less than nair tne time, Dut ine tine was i'i the same all the time. Fosdick re peatedly broke through the heavy Red wall to block punts or to throw runners for a loss. His work was the most spectacular shown by the Iowa forwards. Davis StArs for Iowa. Davis ran true to form and went over the ground in track season fashion when he got away for his sixty yard dash. He and Jenkins were, sure and swift tac.klers in the open field. Becker, Fosdick and Laun seemed to experience less difficulty with their opponents than did the left side of the line. Latin's kicks gave no opportunity for a return, but whett Von Lackum began bootinsr them down the center of the field he eot them high as well as far and the Iowa talers stood around the Nebraska backs to wait for the ball to come down among them. About 7.500 people saw the game played upon a dry field and under Ideal conditions. The lineup: fort to win. Roberts, who caught the kick off on his owu 6-yard line, ran back twenty-five yards be fore he was tackled. The Navy team appeared to have found new vigor. Flays off tackle and wen executed forward passes brought the ball to the Army's 25-yard line on an exchange of punts. Good stein then broke through, blocked a kick and made a touchdown, Rel fel kicking tbe goal. Army Line in Danger. The Army's goal line was again imperilled only to he saved Dy a forty yard run by Oliphant. The Army star was watched more closely, however, by his opponents in the last two periods and made no other spectacular runs. on Helm berg, who substituted for Fisher in the final period, did the punting for the Navy, while he was in the game. and outdistanced his Army rivals. FlWf PERIOD. Oliphant caught thn kickoff on hi own a-yard line ana carried it to the Navy A yard line before he waa downed hv In. gram. Two more play carried the ball over, unpnani miasea tne goal. Score Army S. Navy 0. Oliphant after an exchang of klcka cored again witn a placement kick from me u-yaru mam. SK(OM) PRRIOD. In the aerond period Vldal acored touch, down lor Army, oliphant mlaslug the goal, ouuio; Aiiiiy lit, navy u, . TIUKU PERIOD, At the opening of the third period, the Navy rallied and kept the Army on the defensive. Vldal kicked off to Huberts, who caught the bull on the Navy' 5-yard line and ran It back twenty-five yarda. A aerie of hrllliantly executed forward paaaea inimn inrnifii will! nil nU'nungH OI puntB brought the ball to the Army' 25-yurd line. Here Ingram broke through and blocked Vldal'a attempt to punt on the Army i.'-yard line, snatching the ball ana carrying it across for tle first Nav core of the game. Reifel kicked the ron After an exchange of punts tho Army's goal waa again endangered when the cadet were penalized twenty-five yard? ior rouKiuiras. oture enu 01 perioa. Army 15, Navy 7. FOIRTH PERIOD. Th final period opened with the ball In the Army's possession on the Navy's 35-yard line. Hooerts Intercepted a forward rasa and ran twenty yards to the 45-ysrd Ine. Knberts then minted to the Armv'a n-yard IIiih. Vldal kicked from behind hla own Ko.l! line to midfictd. . Ttohorta caught the ball and on th next play made ten vara inrougn tucKie. After an at tempted forward paa the Army waa penalized twenty yarda and the ball was on th Army 15-yard line when Oliphant broke through for a forty yard run, bringing the ball Into the Navy territory. An exi-honge of punt left the ball on the Navy' 30-yard line. Final acore, Army IB, Navy 1. Corey NKHRASKA tc) Ko2i"nky . nierott Wilder . Hhaw ... Riddell . ook . . . , Caler . . . Otoupalik DoPHon IOWA Reed Trlplett (iruho Wyla nd OMdl . . . , . Hecker Ltun fc , Pavl Duncan ....... Hcott . . . . Jenkins lK.'L.K.. . L.T. UT, . .L.(1.I.0.. .R.'aiR'tV.". . R.T.JH.T . , ,J E.fR.B. . . R.K.IK. If . . .1. H.iUH.. . F. H.fK.H. . .w B.g.B. . Summary Touchdowns, llnvl. Von .ackum Dobson. Otoupalik 4 ; dropklck. Davirt; goal after touchdowns. Davis 2, "oreV 4. offlrlal -Referee. Birth of Karl ham; mnlro Hpfd of Mirhiran : head lfnenman. Hller of Illinois; field Judge. Griffith of Drake. Substitutions Mcnee ror Tnpieti, nun- ick for Jenkins; Jenkins for Hanntck on I.arkum for Laun. Laun for Von ,Hckuin. Jewell for McKee, Bowlshy for ewe . Hm th for Wv and. Mel iter for Don eon. Harden for Hetcer, Morris for KozltAy Dale fur Wilder. tin hat It ut Ion McCullough for Htrow-hridge, Martin for MrMmry, Tower for Tllmont for Tower. Kill for iV Dfvltt. U. Devlne for ttllla, Hera fur Martin. t iff trial Referee, Williams of Iowa; umpire. ilratiHtn of Michigan: head HnR. man, i;itnn of Urlnneli, fUld Judge, Rren-nan of A me. Tim of periods 12, 18 ' and 12 minute. NEBRASKA TRIMS SCRAPPY IOWANS BY AERIAL ROUTE roNTIM KK FROM VAOK ONK. I'Huaog were pmiiloypd to net flftoen yard., nnd Calpy got awny fur a tlilrty yard run but could not eludo Jenkins, who nulled him down where tho chalk registered five yards. Caley went four more yards and Cook missed a touchdown by six inches on the next play. Dob son fniK'd to gain and the honors ARMY ELEVEN WINS ANNUAL NAVY GAME CONTIM Kl FKOM PAfiK OMC They brought a goat as their mas cot. Just before the Army team an peared upon tho field the cadets, BtandlnK with heads uncovered, gave the West l'olnt cheer, at the end of which their two-Inch cannon roared a salute to the soldier players. v hen the Navy team rame into sight a few minutes later, their goat mascot greeted them with antics that were accepted by the Middy rooters as betokening good luck. Army Strong at Htart. Between the second and third Secretary Daniels and Secretary Baker, surrounded by officers high in their respective services, walked to the center of the field and greeted each other. In the Hudson river a fleet of sixteen battleships and lesser fighting craft dropped anchor to give their men and officers a chance to see the game, and 10,000 were granted shore leavo for this purpose. It was all Army In the first half of the game. Oliphant and Vldal were the Army's stars, keeping the ball In their opponents' territory all through the first two periods.. A well executed forward pass, Oer-hardt to Vldal, brought the second Army touchdown early In the second period. Oliphant fled to kick a goal for either touchdown. Navy Hraers In Third lVricxI. With the score 15 to 0 against them, the Middles returned to the field after the Intermission between the halves, to make a desperate ef-j ARMV- Hou.n Jone. KnlRht MrKan (c) Mparliim .. Butler Hchrafl.r -IS. ....L.E. L.R LT. I.T , .. .Utl. .U, . c.;: ... ...H (l H.r!.. ... R.T.I K.T. . . R. K. K !,rhardt Q M.IQ .13. . 1'lncs L.1T II..H. . Vl.lal K H. R H. . oliphant KH i'"D.. NAVI T. Flah.r ......... Clark, Oilman Good.itHn Rrlfel ..... Ward fc-i Ju.'.kNun Wrlch.l Perry Inaram Kotierta MINNESOTA ELEVEN Powerful Gopher Machine Smothers Siagg's Proteges Under Big Score. PASSING GAME FEATURES Trap and Field Forward Passes Play Important Part in Minnesota's Overwhelming Victory. Ncore bv oerloda: Army ft ft 0 015 Navy 0 0 7 07 Huhatltutlnns Army, Ford for Place, Hlrat for Knight, Kahn for Aleachain ; Navy, Orr for Welr-hel. Daahlell for Perr, Schaffe for Ward, Devls for Dashlrll, Butler for Davis, Martin for Butler, Von Hehnherg for Flaher, V helan for Orr. HummRry Touchdowns, Oliphant, Vldal, Ooodftetn; miased goal from touchdowns, Oliphant 2; goal from placement. Oliphant; goal from touchdown, !teifl. Officials Referee, W. H. Langford of Trinity; umpire. F. W. Murphy of Urown ; field judge, J. A. Kvane of Williams; head linesman, Curl Marshall of Harvard. FLIES TO SEE CONTEST Makes Trip l'rom Hugliiaw to Ann Arbor by Aeroplane. ANN ARBOR. Nov. 25. "Red" McKee, catcher for the Detroit Americans, has a brother who is an aviator. The latter, whoBe name Is Frank, recently tuned up his aero plane at Saginaw and decided to sail over to Ann Arbor to watch a Michigan football game. He not only made the trip and saw the game, but entertained the crowd with daring feats between periods. CORNELL WINS BIO RACE John Overton of Yale Wins Indi vid mil Honors. NEW HAVEN, Conn., Nov. 25. Cornell won tho Intercollegiate cross-country run on the new West-rock course here today. John Overton, the Yale captain, won the In dividual championship, covering the course In 35 minutes 30 4-5 seconds. Announces RilUaixl Schedule. This week's schedule for the printers' and newspaper men's straight rail handicap billiard tournament follows: Monday Dr.nn.n ftKl v.. tUirrla (MM. T,!'!y Mortarlty (,!.) a, Vtal (IIMM. W.,ln.!,,lay Kennedy (0o v.. Miliar m. Thuradav wheeler fno) v.. I'nwnall (M). Friday (HID va. Nlnhola SO). FRIDAY'S RESULTS firlnnell If). Cornell ft. ronton S:t, low H leyn A. Wione Normal 14, linen Im(m H. Uarrenslmr Normal f. Uathe!! In dia n ft. liHhen High S4, .jewel i. .ainrraD 13. tmc 1H High 4. V. CHICAGO, Nov. 25. Minnesota overwhelmed Chicago, 49 to 0, in the final football frame of the sea son here today. The powerful Min nesota eleven riDnen no Chicago 8 line for successive five and ten-yard gains and varied its attack by tossing forward passes for thirty and forty-yard advances. 1 here was not a department in the game In whlcli Chicago was on even terms with the Gophers. FIRST PKKIOD. Mlnneeota'a nnwprful atiaek erurnnlad the Chttaso defense In the flrat uerlod. Short line plunges worked the ball down the field and Wyman and Baston carried it over. Xoar the close of the period Wyman hurled a forward paaa thirty-five yards to Uaaton, who waa downed with the whistle on Chicago's 28-yard mark. SKCONU rKRIOD. Minnesota crin tinned in nlle un nolnta In tho aecond: period. Baston acored the t hlrd touchdown from the n-vard line early In the period, and Flynn made the (ii m one on a torwara pas irom w yman, who threw the hall thlrtv varde. Flynn ran twenty more. Maver kicked both goals. After the next kickoff Chi-cagr ran the bail to mid field and tried rorwara pansea which went wide and Minnesota' attack after the Bunt went to the 16-yard line before It waa stopped. THIRD PKKIOI. Minnesota's attack .bewildered the Ma roons in the third period. Forcing the nome mam io punt, tne uopnera rippea big holes in the line, going from their own ft-yard line to the center in nx plays. There a triple paea, by Lo ng to .Hanson to Wyman, gained fifty yards, ald on the next play Wise went over. iy.rafka re- , placed Wise and scored the next toin-h- ilnwn after a run of seventy yards. Mayer kicked both goals. Minnesota had the j ball on Us 20-vard line when the nerlod ended. FOI RTIf PERIOD. Chirago fumble gave Minnesota an- ' other chance early in the last period, I orWftrd ynit. and two dlvfa through 1 BY PETER P. CABVKY. There waa a time when the Interstate Association for the Encouragement of Trapxhootlnp gave many thousands or ' dollars tn 'Bh to the trapshooters of ttiat country to compete for. Last year the association decided to give clubs that worked with them the full value of money awarded" in trophies or half In trophiea and half In cash but not all In cash. It is auid they contemplate going even further In 1917 JO give only trophies. The 1 idea la to get avuty from the professional apirit entirely. There was a time when a great many clubs would only accept cash, hut that rtuv him rone bv. This Bast vonr several hundred clubs asked only for trophies. uun ciudb nave jearnru inavi nv ibuow i ivhrt ilwuva Wants "HWPBDl" Of WATltl tn shoot for canh prizes Isn't the fellow who la tne nacKuoue oi me nuo. ine mn and women who are glad Kfl shoot for trophies, and cherish them when they win them, are the people that make trapshoot- j ing and all other sports. The day of the "pot hunter" In trapshooting la fast near Ink an end. tackle yielding Hanson the seventh touch down. Mayer kicked goal ae usual. Chicago made one flash after the next kick-off. Graham receiving a forward pan and racing to the (.iophers' 25-yard line. Long intercepted the next paaa and the chance to score faded. t AUGUSTINE NOW CAPTAIN Fullback Star Kleoted to Lead Grin-nell Footballers. GRINNELL, la., Nov. 25. Special: Harry "Mike" Augustine, junior and fullback on this year's championship eleven, was last night elected to lead the 1917 football team. The choice is a popular one among students and alumni. PLAY AT WEST STADIUM Hillside Athletics to Tackle Hawk- eyes. The Hillside Athletic club of West Des Moines will meet tlia South Side Stars at the- West High "t stadium this afternoon at 2:30 o'clock. The Hillside team, as tie result of its 0 to 0 score witn. the strong Hawkeye eleven, 1b the favorite in the game with the stars. MOB AN' TO MEET FULTON Heavyweight Contenders Matched for New York llout. NEW YORK, Nov. 25. Frank Moran and Fred Fulton were matched here Friday for a ten-round heavyweight bout at St. Paul, Minn., on Dec. 22. Moran was guaranteed $5,000, witb a privilege of 35 per cent, and If either man scores a knockout he will get $1,000 additional. "The Big Daylight l You'll be thankful if you have one of these Kirschbaum Overcoats Next Thursday Sturdy, all wool fabrics that are full of warmth stylishly tailored in the season's best models. Whether you pay us $15, $17.50, $20 or $25 you will get big value for your money. t Why not come up Monday or Tuesday and see our overcoat line-up. ' Kirkwood & Richard t Sl W. Corner Sixth and Locust Entrance 316 Sixth Avenue Starf Easily mroWcafhor Our submerged reitV electrical heating f r""i ml irJ5jV element, in carou-rctor float chamber, heats the gasoline in half a minute and requires no more current than your head- lights. " Fits any !:.. A Eft THOMPSON MFC. CO. DesMoines-Iowa .1 .j r I'HO.NE WALXIT :JHO 310 SECOND STREET 1 I I - f ' ? 1 r

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