The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 10, 1948 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 10, 1948
Page 7
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WHWSSDAY, MARCH 10,1948 Britons Are Told Of Need for Aid U.S. Must Providt Added Economic Help To S»oy Bankruptcy By Homer Jtnki U , n Ji!£J£,*" SU " e <""*l»n<lenl LONDON. March 10. <UP)_Ttic government served notice on thu Ji-M h "f 0 "' l Peste "l»y 'hat only additional aid (rom the United State* can save tlm country [rom national bankruptcy, wholesale unemployment anti a steadily rieclin- •*--.: standard of living, ^Tlie grim assessment of Britain's plight was contained in the government's "Economic Survey for IMS." It showed (or (he first time the full extent to which Britain Is depending on the European Recovery program. "If <xe are forced by the absence of external aid to balance our overseas payments before our reserve; are exhausted, we shall be obliged to make such drastic cuts in our dollar and gold purchases as will bring wholesale unemployment., distress and dislocation of our production, and will delay for years the prospect of a decent standard of living for our people." it said. Reserves Dwlnjclinjf The economic white paper di closed that Britain's financial reserves at the beginning of the year were about 2.12SO.OM.OOO. Without further American aid. it •aid, these reserves would be down to about $900.000,000 by Dec. 31, 1948. and would disappear altogether in 1949. The government reluctantly lowered its export target for IMS from an of BO per cent over 1938 to 50 per cent. The paper said food Imports from (ARK.T OOUHTBW XBW1 Woman Jewelry Store Operator Five Times Foils Bad Bandits *y N'EA Serrke NEW YORK, <NEA)-Th« odds are agamst anyone holding up Wama Selger's tiny Jewelry «hop. That doesn't mean It hasn't been tried—five holdups and one robbery no far, but Mama lo«t the decision In only one. Mama, who Is Mrs Sarah Selger, M, U take, her a day or two to recover from a holdup attempt. Take the latest one. Three youths wandered Into her shop and began looking around. Mama has in Instinct for holdups now. "1 can tell the United Slates liad been almost I wholly eliminated. The paper estimated 450,000 w< be unemployed at the end ol year as compared with 350000 in January. rljht »»'ay whether they're buyers, loolceri or crooks," she says! So she befall edging around the counter when ihe taw the trio. Sh« wasn't quite fa*t enough. One of thr boya pulled a bayonet and held It at her throat. Mama went Into a dylni swan faint and with her plrouetling fool kicked the switch that set off a burglar alarm siren outside her shop. The crooks went running In one direction, a cop came running from another, and captured one. Mama got a bump on her head from her faked faint, but she's satisfied. "They couldn't get this over mel I got too much experience from them." There was another time when the crawled quietly and cautiously behind her counter while two thugs were rifling It from Ihe other side, She managed to reach «n alarm clock, hurl it through the window and Jump out, The thieves not live and 10 year.!. Mama's turned down several suggestion.'; that she retire. "That would take away my life," she says "Nobody should support me I want my own cup ol coffee. I haven't had a good life but I take It «» 11 Is," When a salesman breeKd Into the shop the day after the last holdup and told Mama. "You're • a hero. You're famous." M«ma Mrs. Sarah Sf i«er: "I can Irll | smiled wanly at him. "1 could males fun with anybody, I bin not today." * I Then she slipped her jeweler's a scrappy 90 pounds, wishes the i glass Into the folds around her would-be stickup artists would • heavy-lidded eyes and went back to "pick on a woman their size." At I work. Draft Boards Reorganized Throughout US LOUISVILLE. Ky., Mar, 10. <UP) —Co). Solon r. RUSMII, Kentucky director ol the office of Selective Service Recordi, yesterday revealed that draft boards in the nation are being reorganiied to meet any emergency. He said the nation-wide program was being carried out under orders from Washington 'a* a nutter of prcpuredneu" should an emergency arise or Congress paw the Universal Military Training Bit!. MaJ. Sam Sicks, aaslsUnt to Col raipl Russell Russell, tald "we hav« been quietly planning for aeveral wrelcs Another emergency may come quicker thla time." Hicks said Gen. LouU «. Herahey, director of the Office of Selective Service Records, ordered that draft board* be reorganized. Colonel Ruuell auld plana were being formulated "on p»p«r" and llutt the draft boards could begin operating oi\ 34 hour*' notice. right away oilfiller they're buytn,] lookers, or crooks." Red-Dominated States in U. S. Terms Read Courier News Want Ads. Army Engineers Ask New Flood Control Allotment WASHINGTON. Mar 10. (UP)—! The corps of Army Engineers asked i the senate yesterday to restore 186.725,300 to appropriations for ; flood control projects for the year • starting July 1. j Lt. Gen. Raymond E. Wheeler told a senate appropriations subcommittee there is a compelling engineering need "to proceed at an opSimum rate of construction order to reduce final cost.s," ss Mississippi Senator Saddles Lynching Bill with Amendments WASHINGTON. March 10. (UP1 —Sen. James O. Enstland, D., Miss., opened the Southern attack on the. Senate's anti-lynchlng bill yesterday by demanding that It more persons, including those "commonly designated as gangsters or racketeers." 3. Mob violence be defined to in- be ap- ! elude Interference by three or more I . l ","tT VI7 Ti'f """If % plied to race riots, gangster killings I persons with the "right lo work" , , cr '* te " " tri(e * nd dt: and picket line violence. during a labor dispute. America. Peace Officer*. HU or refute* to make diligent effort*" to solve a crime shall be subject to a maximum penalty of five years imprisonment and a 15,000 fine after llirrp months. The governmental subdivision Involved would be liable for civil damages of 17.000 to 110,00(1 in persons Injured by such crimes. Southern foes of .Ihe anil-lynch- ing bill have argued that It would extend federal law enforcement powers Into the Jurisdiction of lo- rnl peace officers. Eflstland apparently wanted to show that If the federal police power should be extended for lynching cases lhal It should be extended for other types. Eastltmri cited past race riots in Detroit Hiid New York City In arguing for his amendments. He said ihe |>eople want for President a "man who can unite America In the force of a common foe" and will not sacrifice this unity "to appease pressure groups to get a few votes." Both the Democratic and Republican parties, he said, would "do well I to drop" the civil rights ~ .scord KN.AND 23,930000 CZECHOSLOVAKIA 1)047000 HUNGAKY ROMANIA 1564*153 YUGOSLAVIA UIOo'oOO •ULGARIA 7.020 ttl ALIANIA 1,00X124 TOTAL...: ... 14 7% 140 with It. Th« tu*et« wer* docked with !lM« of «J1 nationi and the Red Cross. •*cU CourUr Hem Want Adi. According to », Zrujliah actaefeU, (hut Interfere »rfttt cable M •lertrie»l cunml the earth Ilk* Unless funds cut out b v the house subcommittee, are restored, he said, the final cost P™Po sc d that: He also proposed that negligent peace officers who fall to solve j crimes within three months be I subject to criminal penalties. | Enstlnnd's proposals were Mibcnit- fa j ted to the Senile In four amend- (R i ments to the antl-l.vnching bill now pending before a Senate judiciary His amendments during . Mual ms p, ue . .. W( . hRV( . „„,„,,,,,,,„, , fshlnf , (he troubled waters to get votes," he A peace officer who "neplccUlsaid. sidewalks and shouted 'HJ, Devi He neither waved hU h»L nor a* will rise because ot the slower rate I *• Government subdivisions reef progress toward completion. sponsible for law enforcement and The house allowed $386,532,000 ' 'heir officers and epmloyes eb made for Hood control work, it reduced liahle (or damages of between $2000 amounts to be made available for the program originally laid out by the Army Engineers and added a few projects on its own initiative. Wheeler also urged restoration ot {44.617,000 to the funds for maintenance and improvement of river and harbor works. The Home allowed 5151,831,300. and $10,000 for injury., damage death resulting from race riots. The Jsutice Department, would be charged itwh bringing suits In Fed; era! Court In behalf of those In] jured. ...... I 2. Lynching be defined to Include | murder or other felony resulting fro munlawful violence by one or Here Now ! The Amazing New NORGE That •"" ITSELF Every Night! QOOD NEWS, Mr,. America! Norgr, and only Norgc. J,Jr,,l, •lirlj, auiortmicillv, everj- nii;lir al miHniKhl, while you're asleep: Say pood-hye 10 fuss and muss ... no more worrying about exposed foml. Vei, ice cubes and frozen foods remain ,,M r frozen in ihe „„/,,/ (;„„, oulc freezer! Meat remains fresh in the Coliipatk —no need to remove ir! All you t(o isempty the Haculcfro »t your convenience . . . the ex;) [lan.lle. non-spill c.iniainer lh«t col- lecis Ihe defrost waier. Thishjifidiomceleeirrc clock, mounted ni\ ihe refrigerator do or.turnj Inc mechanism oft it midnight, switches tt on after the conin* of froit hi! meltetT DefroM water j, c , r . ricdiiivimr. !!,<.„„„. »!>ill!lintlefri»ier container, conveniently mealed and eagtly rr- mnvahle fnr emnirina: at your convenience. Deftoit water neref cnlkcit in tht CnTd- pjck , . . so there's no need to remove jour m e•1 s. Giant Side FreC7er keeps tee cubes froreo. See The New $etf-D-f roster Exclusively NORGE - at the seven European .unions recently laken over by 'ooin^uni.u w«r« transplanted to the U. 3, they would extend from UM Great jjLke. almost to the Gulf of Mexico. They would cover nearly six entire Mates and ov.r- lap on 10 more, m.vt shows the total population hy country. New York Welcomes Ex-Premier of Ireland NEW YORK, Mnr. 10. lur>—T),r: Irish of New York turned out yesterday to welcome home lull, sciiol- j ally-looking Eamo De Vnlera who for 16 ycnrs was Premier of irc- Innd. I The crowd cheered and ticker Inpe .sp'rnlcd down as DC Valern ivns swept nlone lower nrondwny In ' an open cnr in a hero's pnradc (rom the Battery to City Hull. Dp Valera, seated beside Police Commissioner Arthur Wnllnnder with his hat Is his hand, tawed anrt smiled to thaw who pushed to the front of the crowds on the A CARTC>N OF GOOD COOKING Grondmo wiH tell you tfiot houv*cleoning was one chore she haled-and Grandpa dreaded. But nSof was b«for« •l«ctrkity had taken so much work out of housework. • Now, with cheap, dependable electric service ready to lend a hand-or a dozen hands- housecleaning has been stripped of much of its drudgery. Housecfeoning —and housekeeping, as well. * For thfe cost of a couple of candy bars a day. the housewife has a dozen helper* ot K»r elbow. Today, electricity washes, ceokt, MW« and cleans, preserves her food, lighti W hem* end entertains her. • Never before has electricity don* so much to make life easier and more comfortable. Y»t tK« average family today is still getting twice at much electric service for its money as it got 20 y»»ar» ogo. What other item in the budget doM M much for so little? • Lisien lo Ihe ElecUic Hour-th« HOUR OF CHARM, Sunday*, 1:30 T. M., CST, C'Bfc Ark-Mo. Power Co. MOTORISTS NOTICE! Hove Your Body and Paint Work Done at T. 1. SEAY MOTOR CO. JUNIOR CLIFTON IS NOW IN CHARGE OF OUR PAINT AND BODY REPAIR DIPT. G«t Our Estimate On All Work T. I. SEAY MOTOR COMPANY 121 Riini Main EASTERTIME AT WARDS MEANS QUALITY AT DOWN-TO-EARTH PRICES Newtmiking two-way collar dre*s shirt «5««W«» for rlres* or sport. Assorted" col- •wi is woven or printed cottonJ.llM-HH. I.9S CTis|>ly tailored tlacVs h» Ivearj twill W*«T« gabardine, 40% wool (balano* •otton). Blu«, T««, browa. 10-18. 4.9t • Jr. boj»* pbarrline slacks.; i;: Jr. boys' (ire,«* shirt with long fl irgular length tails, Sanforized (shrink- tvge 1%). Blue, tan, green stripe*. 4-10. 1.79 ASK AtOUT WAKDS MONTHLY PAYMCNT HAM

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